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How do I pay my IRS tax due with a check or money order?

If you owe additional taxes when you file your return, select the option I will mail a check when asked how you want to pay. This question will come up when you go through the File section.

  • Your check or money order should be made out to United States Treasury.
  • Make sure these 4 items are on the front the check or money order:
    1. Social Security number
    2. Taxpayer's name
    3. Your mailing address
    4. Daytime phone number
  • Mail the check or money order to the IRS, along with Form 1040-V, postmarked by the April 18, 2017 tax filing deadline to avoid the late payment penalty.

The address to mail your payment will be on your Form 1040-V, or you can get it off the IRS 1040-V instructions (page 2).

Tip: Even if you selected the check payment option, you can always make an electronic payment to the IRS instead of sending a check.