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TurboTax FAQ
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How can I protect the tax files on my computer?

Protect the sensitive information in your tax data files and tax-related PDF files with the following (the more, the merrier):

  • If you're on Windows XP, upgrade to Vista or higher, as Microsoft has stopped patching XP
  • Download and install the latest updates for Windows or Mac
  • Keep your firewall on at all times
  • Install and run virus- and spyware-protection software (and make sure to keep it updated)
  • Store your files in a folder where they cannot be shared
  • Password-protect your tax file
  • Use PDF encryption software to protect PDF copies of your return
  • Never email your tax or PDF files

Another option is to move your tax and tax-related PDF files off your computer and onto a storage device which you can then store in a secure location.