TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ
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Why am I still receiving multiple TurboTax Advantage emails after enrollment?

There are some notices we need to send to everybody enrolled in TTA. Typically these are for legal reasons, such as, to inform you of when your credit card will be charged.

Even though you may have already made updates to your account we just want to make sure you have your account setting up to date at the time we prepare, process, and ship your product. Rest assured, your updates have been recorded correctly.

If you're receiving multiple copies of the TurboTax Advantage emails or are receiving the same copy at different email addresses, it's possible you're enrolled in multiple accounts.

To find out if you have more than one TurboTax account associated with your email address, click here and enter your email.

If you do have multiple TurboTax accounts, sign in to TurboTax Advantage using the other User ID/password combinations. You can then cancel any extraneous accounts.

Note: Some TurboTax emails and letters are unrelated to the TurboTax Advantage program. Also, we may send CDs to customers with expired subscriptions.