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Where can I find my 2017 (current-year) AGI?

You might be asked for your 2017 AGI if you're applying for a scholarship or loan. Below, we'll show you where you can find it.

Looking for last-year's AGI so you can e-file? Go here instead.

How to find your 2017 AGI

The exact location of your 2017 AGI (adjusted gross income) depends on which 1040 form you filed:

  • 1040EZ – look on line 4
  • 1040A – look on line 21
  • 1040 (long form) – look on line 37
  • 1040NR – look on line 36

Finding this number is easy if you already filed your 2017 return and printed a copy for your records. In fact, your lender will probably want to see a copy of your return so they can verify your AGI.

But if you forgot to print a copy after filing, we have some links below that can help.

Tip: You won't find your 2017 AGI on your W-2 or 1099 form. Nor should you pull your AGI if you're still working on your federal return, as this number will likely fluctuate as you add or remove income or expenses.