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Form 1040X Is Not Included In Return After Amending

There are several things that could have happened if the Form 1040X is not in the return after amending.

  • The amend process may not have been properly started before making changes to the return.
  • The 1040X was manually deleted from the return.

The 1040X is added to the return after selecting "Yes I need to amend a return I already filed" on  the "Have you filed a return?" interview screen.

If the 1040X was manually deleted from the return, it will not be correctly added back to  the return until one of the following workarounds are used to return to the "Have you files a return?" interview screen.

Interview Workaround:

If the 1040X is not included in the return please, undo any changes that have been made to the return and follow the workaround below.

The following steps will correctly add the 1040X to the return.

  1. Select the “Review” tab (Tab after “State Taxes”)
  2. Select “Continue” until reaching the screen with the “You did it! Your taxes are amended” screen (Do not worry about fixing errors or entering any information on these screens)
  3. Select “Federal Taxes” tab
  4. Select “Other Tax Situations” tab
  5. Scroll down to “Other Tax Forms” area
  6. Select “Update” for “Amend a Return
  7. On “We’ll help you change (amend) your return” screen select “Continue”
  8. The “Have You Already Filed This Return?” screen will now display

After answering "Yes I need to amend a return I already filed" on the "Have you filed a return?" interview screen the 1040X will now be correctly included in the return.

Desktop Only: Workaround

The following steps will regenerate the 1040X for Desktop Users only:

  1. Go to "Forms Mode"
  2. Select the blue "Open Form" box in the upper left corner
  3. Type 1040X in the search bar
  4. Select "Form 1040X:Amended Tax Return"
  5. The 1040X will now be displayed
  6. Check the "2016" Box
  7. Check "Box B Lines 1-31" in "Manual Selection of Lines Calculated Smart Worksheet"

The 1040X should now be generated correctly and the refund monitor should now be zero. 

If the refund monitor is not zero at this point it is due to changes have been made in the return for the amendment. In this case the amended refund or amount due will be displayed in the refund monitor.

Return to "Step by Step" to complete the amended return.