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Anyone start out with 1 570 code, end up with 2 570 codes and then get processed?

I filed 1/16, was accepted 1/24 (which I am learning now was really 1/31). I thought everything was fine, then noticed a 570 code without a 971 code. I left it be for a week and logged in again only to find 2 570 codes with 0.00 beside them. Cycle date 20140801 and March 10th.

1 rep said it was for early filing. Another said it was additional math reviews. 2 others said a letter was sent on the date I just so happened to have ordered a transcript by mail and to give it 60 days from that date before calling back.

What the heck is going on? Has anyone had this and actually been processed/refunded? While my refund is fairly large, my biggest concern is that my college will NOT process my financial aid while this is open because 570 to them indicate liability, and if they do not process it soon, I will be inelligible for summer courses and thus not graduate, as well as not being able to start my lined up job in August.

Please, anyone have some insight as to what is going on?
    I started out with one 570, then it went to two, last week , & when I awoke this morning I have a 971. So I'm pretty much in the same position as you. I don't know what to believe from the IRS reps. Every time you call you will get a different story.
    • Going through the same thing, I had to get a tax advocate.....
    • Carlostater22, I was told once you get a tax advocate,  the IRS, can no longer talk to you.
    • seetaliv, Wow i didnt know that because i called after i spoke with the irs if the advocate does nothing , i will go to my local tax office.
    • sweetaliv, How can they hold someones money hostage like this ??? The irs rep told me a letter was generated on the same date as th 570 too. pretty weird huh.considering i dont have the 971 code at all.
    • Carlostster22..Some people get a letter without ever getting the 971 code
    • has anyone actually made it through all of this an gotten a refund?
    • Effie6..I read on one thread, a person actually got a dd date. & another said she had the code for almost for weeks, before she got a dd date
    • That brings hope lol. I've been stalking threads but only have found bad news. A friend of mine from class had the same codes and got a letter talking his refund and saying he still owed $1k. I heard that about 40 mins ago and I'm just like "wtf". I don't make enough to cheat on taxes lol and my kids have been my kids for years with no issue, so I am not sure why they are holding.
    • I should add that he also had a 971 code which I do not
    • Thats what I have a 971 too, but I haven't gotten my letter yet.
    • Guess Its a waiting game
    • I'm noticing that users posting they have DDD's all had offsets for either student loans or tax debt, some had both. Great to know that those who legitimately don't owe anything are being passed over while those that have a reason to be held are getting paid. Hell, 3 of them even have later cycle dates than I do
    • Effie6..I totally agree!!! I'm just under review. But congrats to the ones who has gotten their money,
    • Ok so the date beside the 570 code is total bullshit the government doesn't mind taxing your money but when it comes time for them to give some back to us is like pulling teeth wtf!!! I'm getting so aggravated with this shit filed and accepted on 2/2 received state direct deposit no problem but then told me that they couldn't do direct deposit with federal got a cp53 letter so I called it's and they said I have to wait 45 days after the date on the letter which is 3-3-14 #fedup
    • Rgilor..Whats cp53 letter, I'm still waiting in my letter.
    • Actually on the "Dreaded 570" post, a girl went from 2/24 to 3/3 and now the date next to her 570 is 3/10. So apparently those dates are for a reason.
    • I have the 3-3-14 next to one 570 and 2-24-14 next to the other 570 so if it means something apparently it's nothing good lol
    • On 2011's tax return I had a 971 and 570, I received my money actually 7 days after the date next to the 570 code.
    • @sweetaliv the cp53 letter is just to tell you that they were unable to do direct deposit with your federal refund and they will be mailing you a paper check
    • rgilrol, Don't give up!!
    • Carolstater22 I appreciate that it's so hard to keep faith with this sometimes
    • What does accrued interest and accrued penalty mean my date next to that is march 10,2014
    • rgilrol...Is that your as of date also?
    • Call stater 22 yes what does that mean
    • Lol that was suppose to say carolstater22 damn iPhone
    • rgilrol.. I'm hoping something good because that would be 7 days after 3/3. Let's keep our fingers crossed. I have 2 570's with 3/10 by them and a as of date of 3/17
    • Rgilrol the agent I spoke with told me that the accrued interest was interest that the IRS will owe you after a certain date.  I asked about that last week. She didn't give me the date though, I'd assume after 4/15 because that's when we would start owing them if we owed
    • UPDATE as of 3/3/14 at 2PM EST

      Check your W2's, I involved a tax payer advocate and was told today that the problem is that my employer's software (along with many others) had a glitch that caused the w2's to reflect over witholding at about 10x the rate it should have been, and that was actually withheld. So, a lot of people, especially those with the 2 570 codes were given incorrect w2's and the IRS is contacting those employers to figure out where the difference went. In my case, the SSA already my w2 as given to me, so basically it looks like the IRS is reducing my refund by that amount and then it should process.  The software used was intuit based (just like turbotax is) so if that helps to narrow down your employers filing method, there ya go. If a second 570 code pops up, I was told that means that at the time it pops up, your w2 or 1099 has not been processed yet. Also, just an FYI, those did not start processing until Feb 11th 2014.  I'd venture to guess that those who have 2 are simply awaiting their w2/1099 to update so the checks and balances system can go forward.

      While the software issue may not be affecting you, it is extreamely likely that the issue of the SSA's delay in W2 processing is what is holding your income verification up
    • Got another letter in the mail telling me I'm under a review and it could take up to 60 days wtf so I called it's and they said that the irs does not have copy's of the 1099 or w2 we claimed and my w2 was from lottery winnings they took out almost 13,000 in taxes from my winnings so why don't they have copy's so as of now I don't have to send in anything unless I get another letter this is bullshit
    • because the SSA just started processing W2's on Feb 11th due to the shutdown. It will probably pop up soon. It is my understanding the SSA processes and transmits it to the IRS
    • Tk u that gives me a little hope
    • I turned my w2 and last paystub over yesterday and was told that I should expect a refund by 3/14 so yeah it looks like it was a case of them verifying wages that caused my 2 570 codes.
    • @effie6 did u get a 4464c letter
    • no, I only got the standard delay letter, it didn't even show up on my transcripts that one was sent. I knew before it came that it was w2 verification because of the advocate.
    • How did u find out u had to send your w2 and stuff in
    • I called the tax payer advocate. She said most of these 570 codes are just awaiting the social security administration to send over the data submitted by employers so they can check it, but sending it in directly eliminated the wait
    • Ok so what's the fax number or address you used so I can do the same
    • I couldn't even get an advocate to speak with me unless I had an eviction notice which I will have for April if I don't get my refund but by then it will be to late
    • rgilrol..That's why I haven't called a tax advocate. You don't have any disconnect notice? I heard they help with those notices too.
    • No not as of right now but like a dumb ass I was relying on this refund for many different things because I have never had a problem getting my refund until now and this is the first year that I used turbotax and u can rest assure I won't be using them again
    • rgilrol.. I hope it comes soon for us all. All i know is i have 45 days from March 17th, so I'm guessing around May
    • I can not believe that this is taking this long I wish they would just tell me what they need if anything and get the show on the road this is so frustrating everyone I know who did not file with turbotax has their money
    • Rgilrol....I'm in the same boat as you, I want my letter (bad) so I can go from there. Can't send nothing in, they seem to not know what's on my letter & what I need or don't need. All I know the sooner I get my stuff in the sooner I get my money, they have 45 days from the time they receive my info to process. Hurry, hurry, letter!!!
    • Well I got two letters the first one was a cp53 just to tell me they could not do direct deposit so they are mailing me a paper check then the second one was a 4464c just saying that I'm under a thorough review and it could take up to 60 days but they told me they didn't need any info from me as of right now
    • Rgilrol... .....I'm suppose to get a CP-05A. That's all I know, am I for sure, nope!! I just want to get it over with and give them what they need..
    • Did u get the two letters that I got as well? And how did u find out u were suppose to get the cp05a letter
    • I haven't gotten any letters as of today. I was told that I would be getting a CP-05A, that's the only letter I'm getting & its 45 days. Why are you getting a check & not dd?
    • I'm really not sure I have heard so many different story's maybe because it's over 10k or the glitch with turbo tax I don't know but they deposited my state with no problem
    • I feel you on the stories, soooo much is out there!!! All I want to do is get it over with. I wish I was getting 10k back!!! I'm having trouble with my couple grand.
    • I'm only getting that much back because my husband won a scratch off last year and they took out over 17k from a 50,000 scratcher
    • Rgilrol, Congrats,  we can't win crap:). That's a lot of taxes on 50gs, woo. Was yall surprise,  or you didn't believe him? I would be shocked, overwhelmed,  all at the same time. You've mad my day!!
    • Aww tks and no I didn't believe him he was on his way to pick our 6 yr up from school and he stopped to get her a treat and bought 1 red hot crossword scratch off and won he was so excited because we never shit either he literally works 24-7 doing roadside assistance we have been married for 17 yrs with 3 kids and I'm only 33 and I was a surrogant for my aunt so we have had a busy few yrs lol
    • That's a beautiful thing rgilrol!
    • Rgirol..see God does work in mysterious ways. Wow you're a wonderful person.  I always wanted to be a surrogate.  I don't know HOW THE BOTH OF YALL DID IT. You've been married for half my life. That shows a working man can come on top!
    • Tk u so much for your kind words and it was hard as far as being a surrogate goes but I was adopted when I was three weeks so for me it kind of puts a different perspective on things
    • What does it mean when the date beside accrued interest and accrued penalty on your account transcript changes
    • I have no idea,  wish I knew. Mine changed from 3/17th to 3/24
    • mine went from 3/10 to 3/24 frid Im at 3/31 today this seems bad like they keep pushing it off did your change again sweetaliv?
    • Tgp..hey mine changed too, to the 31st
    • Gwbranchgwb. Tk u very much I really appreciate that!!
    • Carolslater22 my as of date changed from 3-10-14 to 3-24-14 then 3-31-14 this morning what is this all about
    • Okay this is coming directly from my tax advocate who has been working for the irs for over 2 decades "this year is the worst filing year I have ever seen in my career. New regulations called for enhanced computer automated fraud checks. The problem is those filters are ao sensitive that it is throwing people filing regular returns into the review line. Another issue is the automated systems are catching so many, there is not enough man power to go through all of them in a timely manner, so another computer system is in place to auto-match the withholding and w2/1099 to a held return. A majority of people are awaiting the auto match to occur otherwise they are at the mercy of awaiting manual review. Luckily for you you, you have me, they have updated your codes to 571 and 846, which means you will be receiving a refund shortly"
      Me: what should I tell others
      Her: "tell them what I've explained (see above) but please leave my badge and name out of it. Also, tell them they are not alone, I am receiving 4-6 new files a day alone, and I know my coworkers are as well."
      Me: what could have prevented this?
      Her: "the fraud checks work in stages, amount of refund compared to previous years, withholding increases, early filing, EIC, kid tax, self employment and education credits, the more you have, the more likely you will be delayed. If you file later (end of Feb), you will likely not be affected next year because the early filing flag will not tag, and the credits filter will be adjusted by then. It is always tightened or loosened by end feb to ensure a smooth filing season and to make sure there are not too many false flags"
      Me: thank you
    • Don't worry about the date changes, mine changed to 3/31 but I got an 846 code as of Friday
    • ok so my TA said nothing is showing updated on mine yet..I have t wait and call how long were you dealing with an advocate. MIne said two weeks from when she got the paper work she requested which will be the 19th of March did you wait  two weeks. My lady barley speaks understandable english and she dosnt give me crap for answeres just wait till the 19th to call me bck!
    • Oh wow, that is terrible. I hate it when you can't understand the people you need to communicate with. Let's see, I called the very end of February, and received a call back on 03/03/14 at 1:34pm. She requested my W2 and last paystub. By Wednesday, she had sent it to the IRS and told me it shouldn't be too long. On Thursday, the IRS called my former employer to verify the wages and reporting (I only know this because HR wanted to give me a heads up, they thought I was being audited). As of Friday, internally (but not reflecting on the transcript) my hold was released. I know this because I have been checking it everyday. When I didn't see it, I thought maybe she was BSing me, so I called her yesterday again because she indicated I would likely receive the refund by 3/14. She said some updates are weekly and some are daily, depending on the department handling it, but told me to check again because she saw the release, so I did and there it was. So from receipt of documents to 846 being reflected it took 6 days. Does that help?
    • I sent all my stuff on the 5th of March she said they have till the 19th she is not budging with the dates...they wanted nothing to do with my W2..I had to get a letter fom my employer with my earnings and withholding got that to her..now I have to sit and wait..i am totally pissed off and I want my money!!!
    • What can I do to get a tax advocate??
    • call them and tell them that you have no heat left and you cant get it so you are using your stove to heat your house..you need to speed up the process and was told to contact the advocate number. I am sorry I dont have it mine goes straight to my lady which you do not want as she does not speak english to the best of my understanding :/
      she told me for the people without an advocate it couldtake months to get the refund..tell them your car is broken and you ned to fix it cause you cant get back and forth to work so you are gwtting rides
    • So I have to wait for a shut off notice to get a advocate so if I wait till it gets to that point it will be to far behind and I won't get my refund in time to pay it so it's a lose lose situation I HATE tax season this shit is absolutely ridiculous
    • i wouldnt wait ..i didnt have a shut off. I just told tthem I ran out of propane and had the stove to heat my house and my car was broken..and I was affraid the house would burn down as my stove was old but its very cold
    • @rgilrol I didn't have a shut off notice either. I think that is just something that the intake person asks.

      @tgp Wow they made you get a letter? Yours may end up being faster than mine then, because they had to call to verify the documents I turned in. I would assume since it's on letter head, you could skip that step
    • You are probably not that far behind me then. I turned my stuff over to the advocate on the 4th, she gave it to them on the 5th and according to the advocate my account was released on the 7th. My 846 popped up yesterday at about 4:30, and the date after my 571 was 3/10/14, which was my original as of date.
    • I dont know about that my lady is making me wait till the19th to call her....I sent all the stuff you know the letter ect...i dont know why I woulndt be all set at this point i just wannna cry. they wanted nothing to do with my W9 apparently you can make those up..and noone has actually called my work as far as I can tell... this pain ass suks!!!
    • it popped at at 430am or pm, she told me mine was still processing today when I called her
    • it popped up at around 4:30PM, and I know it was not there prior because I checked it before calling her. It popped up for her, and when I logged back in to the transcript, it was there.
    • hmmm i hope they do mine soon..you lucky duck!!
    • I'm going to call and try to get one today wish me luck
    • Tell them you cannot wait any longer..this is a forced savings for you and you depend on it every feb to catch up on the winter bills you have incurred..good luck and hopefully you get one that speaks the language! their a bunch if flippen robots and they suk!
    • Hey tgp, good news, I was just told that the manual refund that they are processing work daily, whereas the system generated one are weekly, so if your stuff does get done you shouldn't have to wait the few cycles IMF does. I will let you know if mine actually shows up this week
    • mine should come this week to :( my cycle date was 20140803 its not fair and im going to loose my sht real soon
    • I hear ya! Mine was 20140801 so I was pretty mad. I am upset I didn't call the TA sooner
    • Ok after you guys contacted TA how long did it take for the assigned advocate to call you back I called and they told me 3-5 business days and that if the advocate does get through to the irs that they may only issue a partial refund why is that?? I told them that my car has a hole in the radiator and the water pump went and that my husband does roadside assistance so that is our income and he said if they don't release the whole refund they may be able to release partial has this happened to anyone else?
    • call them back friday you should have one by then, I never heard of any thing of a partial payment maybe thats a new one for them or if you were talking to a regular rep they dont know a damb thing they make shit up their all a bunch of idiots.. call them friday and see if there is anything they need from you get it to them as soon as possible then stay on their ass good luck lady!
    • ps the tax advocates work at the tax office even though they say they are seperate they are not..just another lie they tell.
    • mine says she has worked with the IRS for 20 years, did yours say she wasn't an IRS employee? I thought she was separate at first, then she gave her badge #.
    • @tgp Alright then. Sorry you are upset. It wasn't my goal to "beat" anyone or rub it in. I just see dozens of people who got their 570's released and fell of the face of the earth with other askers trying to figure out what happened next, how long it took, what process was used and ultimately when they got their money, so I figured since I had nothing to do today aside from work on a midterm paper, I'd share updates, timeframes, processes used for verification, and even separate information I pumped out of the TA so people would stop making things up and guessing.

      I also noticed no one had any concrete info on the cause of the 570's so when I spoke with someone who was ther for years I thought it would be nice for others to know WHY their money was being held. I only asked about the badge # and if she said she was an employee because I was curious to see if they outsourced any of this to data verification firms or something since they've created a ton more work than they expected with their bs software. I always look for someone who is 1. in my situation and 2. try to find out what happened and how long it took after they resolved it. Unfortunately, very very few people ever say, and it drive me nuts. I had assumed others were the same way. My bad. I thought I was being helpful with it. I will refrain from posting anymore on 570 codes for this tax season so it doesn't come off as braggy as opposed to helpful. Good luck with your TA. Hope everyone get's their money soon

      @sweetaliv & rgilrol, they were pretty fast for me. I called the very end of Feb and had a TA by 3/3
    • Ok guys i called an advocate, I don't know it they can help me begin my water bill is delinquent, but not noice to shut off. i have a case number and a call is suppose to come friday. what yall think?
    • Effie6.. I think you was being helpful. It's not your fault that things work out for you faster then others. I'm glad to see that your're getting your money. I'm always happy for any information that you or others share with us. I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU ALL. You help me decided today what action I may take, so I thank you for that. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT JEALOUS PEOPLE, OR PEOPLE THAT TAKE WHAT YOU SAY THE WRONG WAY.
    • Effie6...Dont go... Im not mad or Jealouse or any of that, Im glad people are sharing their experiences here as how the hell else would we know. My lady is a dumb B that wont even give me a tad of info and I know she can. the lady that answered te phone the other day gave me more infor than my lady...Im asking do they need more infor whats taking so long..she said they have till the 19th to get back to her and thats what she goes with..she said she'd call me if she heard anything, I dont even think she has my number. I just so frustrated with all of them..and I am sorry if I came accoss the wrong way..you were lucy to get that advocate so please dont go ok..
    • @tgp Oh, I gotcha. Sorry, sometimes computer stuff comes off a little harsh, especially on stressful topics. I just didn't want to add to the stress of waiting by posting a bunch of updates if they weren't viewed as helpful. Do you know if she said she sent it? If she did, I truly think your stuff will come up in the next 24 hrs as cleared. You were a day after me, and the verification people seem to work quicker than the advocates when cases are sent to them. Mine didn't show up until 4:30PM, so maybe check tonight?

      @sweetaliv, I'm glad it's helping you out. You should hear back pretty quickly. If you have a copy of your w2 and last paystub, I'd have that ready, maybe even a letter from your employer verifying wages, as someone else said that is what they wanted. If you've got that, they are supposed to send it no later than 48 hrs after receipt and as I said above, the verifcation people are fast when you do all the verifying for them :) good luck
    • TGP..It's ok, we are all really stressed.  Lady from the tax advocate office just called me, I DO NOT QUALIFY, I'M JUST DELINQUENT, NOT IN JEOPARDY FOR SHUT OFF, boooo hoo, boo hoo, I'm crying. well it didn't hurt to try. I knew it was a long shot, but hell I wanted to try. It took her a whole 2 mintues to say, "SORRY WINCH, YOU'RE WASTING OUR TIME, " I'm down the dumps now :(
    • Oh crap. I wonder what would happen if you faxed your stuff to another person's advocate lol.. do you think they'd send it over? Don't forget to tell them that your transmission blew, your tires all burst and you ran out of heating oil or propane :) maybe that would help. They din't ask for proof of shut off or anything, did they ask you, tgp? I think it may be a screening tool
    • Just a few questions to anyone who would be willing to help I contacted the TA as I posted earlier he said he is going to put my info in and they will assign me an advocate who will contact me in 3-5 business days and to have a copy of the work order from my mechanic who will be doing the work on my car ok so I'll get that but should I also have my w2 ready and my husbands 1099 since he is self employed so I can fax it to her if she asks?? What else might they need and about how long did it take any of u to hear back from an advocate the guy told me that the advocate will go over the info he put on that I told him today and contact it's before she calls me is that true??
    • i think that might cause a big ruckas over there at the grand ole irs office they would think i was double filing or something, probably never get it
    • i didnt have to show anything..cant you call her back and tell heryour car is broken and you are getting rides to work,,i tild them my propane was gone and  was using the oven to heat my house
    • Rgilrol...I had to give them a letter on company letterhead with my earnings for 2013 and the federal withholding they took, start date, signed by  company official with their phone number.
    • My husband literally works 24-7 doing roadside assistance and we have one car and I told him that as long as the car sits in the driveway broke down he is out of work but apparently that wasn't important enough
    • Rgilrol call them friday they should have your advocate by then
    • K tks for the info I appreciate all the responses!!
    • Effie..i think we got in right under the wire an they are really being picky as who they take now phew to that anyway! but if you have no heat what do you show them a pic of the tank reading empty?? or your oven on 350 at 4AM
    • What's the TA #
      Here is something, I just got a call about from my TA. (I left a message fretting about the date after my 846), I had my hold officially lifted 03/10/14 and the DDD is 03/14/14 so the turn around you are looking at after it releases is 4 business days. As of today, my account is zeroed out.

      So to summarize for those with a TA:
      3 days to get one after placing a call
      2 days for the TA to provide W2's or whatever verification to IRS integrity office in GA
      2 days for the hold to be lifted (removed in system on 03/07, posted 03/10)
      4 days for a direct deposit.

      I did not get a DDD on WMR, the 846 date code is NOT your DDD when you get it (it looks like it's about 2 weeks later than DDD from what I am seeing on other people's threads), I still have no bars with tax topic 152.

      I hope that helps everyone and shows that once the integrity office does get the ball rolling, it rolls fast.

      Now my situation is resolved, funds have been ACH'd with a release date of 03/14 but since that doesn't help some of you I did a little digging. am not 100% on this but it looks like this is the place doing it http://www.irs.gov/uac/Wage-&-Investment-Division-At-a-Glance there are phone numbers and the address the TA gave me matches up here. Maybe that will help?
    • The bad part about it was I even had a case number.  Was suppose to be contacted by friday. I knew it was a long shot. I'll be alright,  I'm just glad you guys are seeing progress
    • Hey everyone with income verification or 2 570 codes, I have some news! My former employer still thinks I am being audited so they wanted to call and personally tell me that they checked online and that the SSA has transmitted my W2/W3 info to the IRS. What that may mean for you is that the SSA is catching up after being delayed by the shutdown, and according to the TA the automatching of what tax payers submitted vs what employers submitted is beginning, so you may not have to go through manual review if your employer submitted the W2 info in Jan or Feb and your amounts match up! It may be any day now for a lot of you! Just wanted to update.
    • I got my return call from the TA today!  (i have 2 570 codes, as of date changed to 3/31 on 3/10, received a letter to do nothing and wait 45 days and was never noted on my transcripts)  She verified that they need to verify my income due to too many fraudulent w-2's.  So they are requesting a letter from my employer on a letterhead stating my income, employment and with-holdings  I find this funny cause I have to obtain it and send it to her via fax, no email allowed (from my employer to her, the TA), which I could almost due myself since it is simply reiterating my W-2! But I won't do it myself of course.
      But to help expedite my refund, I have to include a termination notice of my electric bill (which I have my current bill stating a turn off date, my bills are always behind) and to boot I have a separation agreement from my employer because I was laid off 2/26 which is why i was prompted to call the TA as of 3/10.
      she ended it telling me that once she receives the documents they will then be a able to finish processing my taxes and expedite my refund with a speedy deposit.  
      Keep you all posted!!
    • Ok I have a question I filed my taxes and everything about my income was correct but I may have answered a question about my car depreciation wrong I didn't really understand it anyhow I just got a tax advocate yesterday and had to fax paperwork over she asked for proof of the depreciation I really don't know what that is but I sent copy's of my w2 my 1099 my contract showing the 6k I put down on my car copy's of tags tax and title and if I did a answer it wrong will I have to redo my taxes or will they just not count that plz someone respond to this question I have already waited so long
    • Did any of you Finally get your refund? & if so how long did it take? (i got a 4464c letter dated 02/18 & filed 02/03. My transcripts have two 570 codes dated 3/9 & 3/30 both with $0. What does that mean?

    sweetaliv how are you making out??

    • Awful, still no money, no change, just hanging around
    • Im kinda sad I was right behind Effie..but my lady wont give me any information till the 19th..Effie's process was pretty quick makes me think they are going to ask for more crap from me and she wont tell me. I wish I had a more experienced TA. If the process was the same id have an 846 by now or at least my TA could tell me. I didnt and I have nothing Im not calling her back till friday and of cource they have monday off!! I think maybe they gave you a TA then thy looked into your account and saw no issues so they didnt move forward with one maybe thats the case Sweetaliv.
    • Tgp.. you'll be alright, i know this maaaaan, lol
    • tgp..i still see chill!1, I'm not forsure if it is the same person, but on another thread
    • @tgp. have you checked your transcript? It just randomly pops up when it's released, and if she is not checking until the 19th. maybe you'll see it first
    • I checked this AM but i didnt want to get all pissed off again today so that was it. I also thought your lady knew yours was oked before it popped up mine woulda seen it and told me yesterday. She told me she would  call me when she heard from them, they have till he19th to respond. I was goin to wait till tomorrow cause I did look in the AM. Thanks for thinking of me..Im not so freaked out cause friday is payday and I bought a couple 2 doller tickets this am and won a hundred bucks under one lil ole number yahoooee gets me through till payday :)
    • she did, but it popped up somewhere between when I checked it at lunch (1:30ish) and when I was calling her around 4:30. Ohhh that is awesome! See, tgp, your luck is changing already! Any day now!
    • hope so...so now im going to check...
    • what day was your updated Effie..I think they do it on wed and sun nite was yours another day that
    • Effie just checked nothing : ( hey quick question..did they change your int and penality and processing dates on you..mine went from the 10th to the 24th then the next day to the 31st..i am seeing that these are the days people seem to get their dd date for one of the guys at my works said the 24th and it was the date next to his 846 code..so did you ever get moved to the 31st. I guess they will just change mine again if its not done yet or they need something else or whatever their lame ass excuse is....I wonder if the president is in review!
    • My dates also changed from the 10th, to the 24th to the 31st at the same time everyone else's did. My hold was removed internally on  3-7 but did not update on the transcript until between 1:30 and 4:30PM on a Monday. My WMR got bars back yesterday with a DDD of 03/14/14. My date next to my 846 is 03/31/14 but according to WMR, my refund has been sent. Still not showing up though in bank, but I wont be too worried until tomorrow. Does that help?
    • I think the processing date push back is an automatic thing because mine changed to the 31st while they were reviewing my stuff. I have also noticed by stalking the 846 code threads that DD's seem to be made about 2 weeks prior to the date next to the code unless a check was issued
    • I just called my lady..she said still no updates on my account..she also said they can push the date out again of not completed by the 19th..they do whatever they F they want and they dont give two fat craps about you. My lady is an ass she helps me in no way just tells me how busy she is and dosnt get anything done by answering the phone all day. if the SS info gets there can they just pull it up I do not see it on my transcript yet and I know my company has sent in for 2013
      as of a couple weeks ago.. I live in Ma so maybe they are quicker in your state. she does not go out of her way for at all I want a new TA :(
    • effie, i work witha guy that has the date of 3/24 next to his process and refund date but his money hit his account yesterday..yours is coming..however mine is in the black hole of hell somewhere
    • I live in PA so we're not really known for being fast lol. I do know that it's all submitted electronically online to a federal agency so it probably doesn't matter where the sender is from. I am so sorry that your lady is being like that, I would be absolutely livid! I'd get her badge # in case you need to file a complaint. The rule is that the IRS is supposed to review it within 48 hours of the TA sending it (at least according to my TA so it may or may not be accurate). What a B! With your friend, his also seems to line up with the around 2 weeks sooner than the 846 code so when you see it, just subtract 10-14 days. Did she tell you if your account was a weekly or daily updater? I think that may be the differentiating factor, seems like if she is giving you 3/19 deadlines, you may be a weekly updater still.
    • Oh my neice just moved to VA from PA she's selling her condo and staying in VA. my lady tells me nothing just makes me sweat on a daiy basis and im not a sweater lol...I think you should go to work for the IRS you are learning quite a bit. I believe the state you live in processes the returns mine is located in Anover MA..i have a bad feeling their going to make me wait longer than the 19th..also when the TA told you that the SS info has been sent and th matching has begun are they able to pull the info up even tho we cant see it on our transcripts?? you think I know mine has all been sent....Call your lady and have her help me :)
    • My employer is who told me the mine was transmitted but my TA had mentioned previously that this is what people were waiting on. I'm going to go into transcripts and see if mine is showing up in my wage report section. . I believe she said it was a  software that would be doing the comparing though. LOL if you can get me an email address or something ,I can send her # just don't tell her I gave it to you lol. Don't want her being all "and now your refund is recalled" which would be my luck
    • Oh bloody hell! I just went to see if it was showing up in wage reporting and it is not. I stupidly checked my transcript and now there is a TC 290 additional tax assessed with 00.00 after it, but still have the 846 and it was already sent. I tell ya, even when you think you are out of the woods, the IRS keeps bringing surprises for ya
    • whats TC 290 stand for did you look it up yet??
    • I'm looking, some places say it's a "refund allowed code", others say it's "a manual processing clearing", others say it is a forfiture of refunds not claimed in the past 3 years.. Ugh.. money is sent so that's good but still, just when I thought it was over.. they pull me back in. I have a call in to the TA just in case
    • Does anyone have a # to reach a TA.... I call n they keep telling me did u have a TA ASSIGNED TO U IF NOT U DONT NEED ONE. That's bs*
    • you need to talk to one of those representatives they will assign you A TA if they deem it emergency..make sure you tell them that your car is broken and you cant get to work..you count on this tax money to clear out the winter bills that have accumulated. tell hem your oil tank is empty and you have no heat so yo use the oven to stay warm..otheris they wil make you send them documatation of forclosure or whatever the case may be..if were them they would be making sure they got their cash..they just take ours all year only to give us a hard time when we want what we over paid back..good luck..the representative will get you a number or put it in the search for TA dept and a number will pop up for you..but tlike i said you have to talk to a ignorant rep before they even consider giving you one..
    • I got my return call from the TA today!  (i have 2 570 codes, as of date changed to 3/31 on 3/10, received a letter to do nothing and wait 45 days and was never noted on my transcripts)  She verified that they need to verify my income due to too many fraudulent w-2's.  So they are requesting a letter from my employer on a letterhead stating my income, employment and with-holdings  I find this funny cause I have to obtain it and send it to her via fax, no email allowed (from my employer to her, the TA), which I could almost due myself since it is simply reiterating my W-2! But I won't do it myself of course.
      But to help expedite my refund, I have to include a termination notice of my electric bill (which I have my current bill stating a turn off date, my bills are always behind) and to boot I have a separation agreement from my employer because I was laid off 2/26 which is why i was prompted to call the TA as of 3/10.
      she ended it telling me that once she receives the documents they will then be a able to finish processing my taxes and expedite my refund with a speedy deposit.  
      Keep you all posted!!
    • Definitely keep us posted
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