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Who else is TC 20140801 with two 570's? No refund yet

Who else is TC 20140801 with two 570's? No refund yet as of 02/21/2014.

WMR has not shown anything different for probably 2 weeks now. Just "Being processed"

My current codes as of today:






Add your frustrations!

  • I have the same two 570 codes but my cycle date is 20140803.. with march 10 on my 570 code.. no bars on wmr and no 4 digit codes. I was accepted on 2/2
  • I also have the March 10th date next to the 570's with a $0.00 next to that. You ending in "03" means you will be next week, well thats what they claim. I am now on my 21st day with no sign of anything. Even my bank has said no incoming deposit is showing
  • https://cisc.sbtpg.com says "The IRS did not deposit funds to your account as originally expected. The IRS usually makes refund deposits within 9 to 16 days, but your deposit was not received within that period of time. At times the IRS will delay a refund deposit by one week, so you may check back at this site seven days from now. If no deposit is made by then, you should contact the IRS." :/
  • My cycle was 20140601 and received my 2nd 570 code this morning with a 3/10 date as well.
  • @nene05- Your cycle was 0601 and you still do not have a DDD or anything? Your cycle should have got theirs by now :o
  • Yes, there is a lot of us who still haven't gotten anything.
  • So you are two weeks over now?
  • It will be 21 days on Tuesday the 25th for me.  I was accepted on the 5th.  I have one 570 code with $0. I also have an 896 code that says "refund applied to non irs debt 150.00". The 570 and 896 codes have dates of march 10th on them.  No codes on war, just processing.
  • *wmr
  • My wife was accepted on the 3rd and had her refund in the bank on the 6th.... so not sure what the hell happened after those people went through...
  • Yes. Everyone who was accepted on 1/31 seems to have an issue.
  • Awesome. Great info!  Thank you!
  • You're most welcome, Chris!

    I'm hoping when I speak with the IRS on Monday that my theory will be proved true:
    The cycle date of 2/24 and the 570 date of 3/10 is a two week window for the manual review and issuing of a direct deposit (a.k.a. DD).  To me this looks like nothing more than a scheduling thing.  If I had millions of files to manually go through, I'd want to pace myself as well.  True it's maddening for us, but imagine what it must be like for the folks at the IRS.  I don't envy them, which is why I always treat them with the utmost courtesy when working with them.  Having done tech support for years, both in-person and over the phone, I know how people can wear you down.

    I hope your refund goes through quickly, Chris, and that you have a lovely weekend!
  • You have a great weekend too! I will keep you updated if i receive any new info as well :)
  • Me too
  • Mine also. I have the same exact codes
  • Any updates yet anyone?
  • Any updates???? Chris I have the exAct same codes with a cycle code of 20140803. Still says processing on irs.gov and no ddd. Bank also says no pending deposits either, no letter and no can't get a human on the line to save my life. HELP!!!!!
  • Hi guys I just received a letter today and there was no indication that i was to receive one based on my transcripts. The letter is dated 2/25 and they have 60 days from the date
  • Shakirawalker..thats what someone else said,they received a letter & no 971 on there transcript.  I myself have a 971,but no letter yet. I was told the letter I will be receiving requires me to do nothing.
  • Thats what they told me
  • same here no 971 on my transcript just one 570 with 3-10-2014 beside it
  • Nothing New,  I do know from working at IRS for a few years that the date next to the 570 or 570's (3-10-14) means that something must be done before then or those 570's will reverse themselves with a 571 and our refunds will be issued, unless they extend that date for longer, either way there should be some kind of action the day after the 10th if not before.  So we gotta wait 4 more days,,ughh
  • Jaynysnoppy3...Hope so, but knowing the IRS, they'll extended the date. I've also read some people still have 3/3 next to 570 & nothing had been done. No change to the date, no reversal cod. I still have no progress.
  • Sweet..3-3 was Monday, it may not update until it cycles over this weekend.  Hopefully, If they get good news then we should be next,, This waiting game really stinks. I still did not get any letters.
  • jaynysnoop3..I REALLY HOPE SO!!!!I don't know why I subject myself to calling the IRS, each and every time I call I get totally different answers. UGH!!!!!Today I was told I'm definitely getting a CP-05, Instead of a CP-05A., when yesterday I was told by 4  reps 2 for the CP-05 in the am and the last two CP-05A. Seems like each time I call they flip flop between the two. I can look at it this way it's one or the other, at least they got that right, LMAO, I think! I was also told that my letter was mailed last week, told this morning that the letter hasn't even been mailed yet, and I should receive it before the 17th. I even asked the Rep today was he seasonal or works for the IRS. He stated he works for the IRS, he got me. Reason being seasonal still works for the IRS, ha, ha jokes on me :). SO READ MY WORDS, I WILL NOT, REPEAT WILL NOT BE CALLING THE IRS UNTIL, AFTER I RECEIVE WHICHEVER LETTER I'M SUPPOSE TO BE GETTING. Oh by the way the other Reps who told me I was getting a CP-05A was jumping the gun, In the last IRS reps words, I'm still laughing.
     By the way when the rep asked for my Information, to access my account, I told him don't tell me anything pertaining to my review or any letter that I'm getting on my account, I simply wanted to know if my review was closed or opened. Once again they can't follow simple directions. If I had wanted to know, I would of got the run around.
  • I told myself I wasn't going to call anymore either because the more bullsh!t I get told the more I get annoyed.. but if I owed them a quarter they would be taking my car or some other property.. iii wish everybody luck on getting their money soon..
  • Update... So I got my letter yesterday.. a CP 05 which is computer generated... Says I don't need to do anything and my return being reviewed.. Downfall is on 2nd page it says they have till May 1st to complete review and Ill either get my refund or another letter... This total BS
  • Any update you guy must have your refunds
  • no i do not.. i have a 570 code dated for 3/24 but nothing has changed as far as WMR or my account transcripts. Still no deposit. Not expecting my money till may..which will be good because that's just in time for summer vacation
  • I see that the 3/3 are moving also the 3/10 should update this week unless you r hit with another 570 stank ass
  • Good news. Fingers crossed...
  • Still no refund for me and I have a TA!!
  • I'm in the 2 570's dated 3/10 as well...4464c dated 2/25 n no other info as of today.
  • Any updates 570 dated 3/24 my as of date is still 3/31 is this good or bad
  • Anyone have any updates?
    My 4464C Letter makes 60 days today & still no money!!!
    Just got off the phone with IRS & guess what, they still full of s%#+.
    I've been unemployed for Months now & I can sure use this money!!
  • Anyone have any updates?
    My 4464C Letter makes 60 days today & still no money!!!
    Just got off the phone with IRS & guess what, they still full of s%#+.
    I've been unemployed for Months now & I can sure use this money!!
  • Nothing here today either.. what kind of stuff did the irs say?
I check this morning the same exact code. Cylce code 20140801 two 570 codes date 3/10/2014. My couisn did not recieve his rrfund either he has the 570 twice also. This is justconfusing
  • Some of the IRS sites are saying that they have been delayed a week... no reason why but it seems the 570 codes are to buy them more time
  • Same situation, was accepted on the 28th of January and just got a second 570 this morning, only had one yesterday.
  • I too have the same situation I am assuming my DDD will be 03/10/2014
  • I have the same situation and called this morning.  The lady told me that there was a  hold and I should receive a letter bur code not see a code or what the letter was for.  At this point I am buying that explanation.  There are way to many of us with the same CD of 20140801 and two 570 as of this morning.  I hope for the best that it clears up in tonight's cycle and we all get our refunds. fingers crossed!
  • I also have cycle 20140803 with 2 tc 570 codes. a date of 3-10-14 also. Ughhhhh
  • just wondering i have 570 then a 810 which is also a freeze then a 811 funds released
  • ^^I'm not for sure, reason being, I thought a 571 had to follow a 570. I do know a 810, then 811 release funds.
  • Nothing New,  I do know from working at IRS for a few years that the date next to the 570 or 570's (3-10-14) means that something must be done before then or those 570's will reverse themselves with a 571 and our refunds will be issued, unless they extend that date for longer, either way there should be some kind of action the day after the 10th if not before.  So we gotta wait 4 more days,,ughh
  • Update... So I got my letter yesterday.. a CP 05 which is computer generated... Says I don't need to do anything and my return being reviewed.. Downfall is on 2nd page it says they have till May 1st to complete review and Ill either get my refund or another letter... This total BS
  • Jaynysnoppy3..at least you got some kind of date. What was the date  your Cp 05?
  • Its dated 3-17-14 which is actually the date next to my 971 on my transcript..Lol
  • Its dated 3-17-14 which is actually the date next to my 971 on my transcript..Lol
  • Jaynysnoppy3...3/17 is the date next to my 971 too, but I haven't gotten my letter as of today. So I'm guessing my 45 days will be May the 1st too.
  • Yup,, Im sure yours is the same too..:(
  • jaynysnoopy3, I finally got my notice. Guess what it was only a CP-05 & not a CP-05A. See you can never count on the IRS reps telling you the truth. My review is also suppose to be over by the 1st of May, but we will see.
  • @jaynysnoopy I got the 4464c letter saying the IRS has 60 days.  When I spoke with an agent, he said it was to verify income.  I told the agent I could fax my W2s, but was told the IRS needed to contact my employer.  To date (3/11/2014) no one at the IRS has contacted my employer.
  • No update for me ,, but just checked my BF's unpostable return and now I can see it on transcripts and it has a 846-refund issued with a cycle of 20141105 and date of 3-31-14. Nothing on wmr yet though.. Any ideas when he will get it???
  • He will get it any day now. My 846 had 03/31/14 on it as well and my refund was deposited in my account this morning
  • No update for me either @jaynysnoopy3.

    I'm glad to hear you got your refund @Effie6!  According to my employer, there has still been no contact from the IRS as 3/13/14.  I'm hoping your Tax Advocate was correct @Effie6, and that the SSA data tapes are what's holding me up.  It would make sense since no one has contacted my employer.

So an update on me, Ive had the 2 570 codes since around 2/14 but had to wait until monday to get an answer. I was flagged for income and employment verification. which requires nothing more than a letter from your employer, a copy of your w-2 and a few end of year paystubs to to back all that up. I got a tax advocate because this is causing a legit hardship was able to fax to my advocate and since I efiled/have direct deposit set up she told me she will enter it into the system and it should be 3 buisness days plus bank processing to get it. Knowing my bank this should only take about 3-5 business days total, maybe 6.

So, my advice is if you can prove a legit hardship go through the advocate it makes things a lot easier and quicker. and make sure you have all your information, and dont be afraid to be a pain in the butt to get it.


    An update for me... IRS sent the money!!!!! so all is resolved. Now just waiting for Turbo Taxes bank to send it... so Ill get it maybe tomorrow or Wed.

    • Good for you. Refresh what was your situation?
    • Congrats @ Sqboden!! I still haven't gotten a letter or a code update. My two 570's date is today's date. 3/10/2014.
    • Tony D1, same here. I got a letter, but it said no additional information was needed. Called, IRS said hold would fall off by 3/10 (today), and still code hasnt fallen off. Becoming very frustrating!
    • Well I'd give it thru tonight autumn hopefully they update overnight I'm in the same boat as you actually there are so many people in this boat it's more like a cruise ship
    • Autumn.Miracle- I am hoping so for all OUR sake. Like Scarecrow states, we will find out in the morning.
    • ToniD1 & scarecrow427..I'm to scared to look, tell me, tell me.
    • I can't login. Got the error message.
    • On todays episode of "As the IRS turns" Jim's accountant Andrea came to tell him she had nothing new to tell him. He was still "under review". And could be for 60 days. There was a letter with no code or a code with no letter and he didn't know what any of that meant. But as Andrea told him neither did the IRS.  Jim saw no end in site.  So he stepped out  the ledge staring at the street below as Andrea processed her love for Jim. Tune in tomorrow for another exciting episode of "As the IRS turns"
    • Scarecrow427..You're funny as shi*. I will tune in tomorrow
    • Lol
    • Any update please my 570 is dated 3/24 I only have on u guys must have your money no
    • Oops one 570 dated 3/24 Monday
    • Nothing new for me
    Hey everyone with income verification or 2 570 codes, I have some news! My former employer still thinks I am being audited so they wanted to call and personally tell me that they checked online and that the SSA has transmitted my W2/W3 info to the IRS. What that may mean for you is that the SSA is catching up after being delayed by the shutdown, and according to the TA the automatching of what tax payers submitted vs what employers submitted is beginning, so you may not have to go through manual review if your employer submitted the W2 info in Jan or Feb and your amounts match up! It may be any day now for a lot of you! Just wanted to update.
    • Ahhhhhhhh here is to good news and hoping! *cheers*
    • is there a certain number we(taxpayers) can call to check for ourselves?
    • I don't thinks so but I'll email and ask. I think it's something they see on their end because they need confirmation it's been processed before a certain date in order to be compliant. I will check though, may take a bit.
    • This is great news @Effie6, and thank you for not forgetting about us!  I know my issue is due to income verification; the IRS agent said exactly that on the phone.  To date (3/14/14), my employer has not received any contact from the IRS.  Perhaps the IRS is waiting for the SSA data tapes to process before taking the time to reach out.  It makes sense considering they're short on manpower.
    • Got a cp12 letter reducing my refund but still no refund march 10 date next to 971 code has came and went ! So frustrated I need this refund and the irs is inconsiderate of the fact that some of us depend on our refunds   Has Anyone with a cp12 gotten a refund ?
    • Cheddarsays..what I've notice people who, have an offset, owe the government,  or refund reduce gets there refund quicker then people with 570 & 971. You'l probably get a  date, this week.
    • I hope so I'm starting to give up and I've been stretching my saving keeping my bills at bay so hopefully your right because I will be right on time but who knows with the irs
    • Cheddarsays, can you check your transcript
    • Yes but nothing has changed since they first issued them out to me sweetaliv
    • Can you see them online?
    • Yes
    Filed: 1/31
    Accepted: 2/1
    Cycle: 20140803 (I read this as 2/24)
    Transcript codes: 150, 806, 766, 786, 570 (3/10), 570 (3/10)

    The second 570 was slapped on just today (2/21).  Where's my Refund (a.k.a. WMR) only shows processing.  I have no four digit code.

    Today I called the IRS at 1-800-829-1040, which resulted in an automated system only.  I had to call a tax advocate at 1-877-777-4778 to get transferred to an IRS representative who could help me.  The gentleman I spoke with was a bit gruff, but still professional.  (Dude's got a rough job, so I wasn't offended.)  He told me the rumors were true about the computer glitch for the early filers like me.  Their servers were inundated with millions of requests.  He told me to call back on Monday, because I hadn't reached the 21 day window yet, and someone would look into my file to see if more information was needed.

    I'll keep everyone posted.
    • I am in the same boat and I called this morning and she basically said to not expect it anytime soon.
    • @shakirawalker Thank you for your post! Did the IRS agent give any sort of time frame?  Two weeks to sixty days perhaps?  This seems to be what I'm hearing.  Why there is such a discrepancy I'm not sure.
    • They are so quick to take our money but so slow to give it back LOL MURICA!
    • I have the 20140803 with the two 570 codes with the 3-10-2014 dates as well and the agent said last week said it could take an extra one-two weeks then today I called and the nonchalant agent said it could take up to 11 weeks and that he didn't see a notice being sent to me. I think this is just them buying them time and even though it said I was accepted on 1-29 the agent informed me that it really wasn't accepted until 02-05. Its to many people with the same exact issue to have everyone under review I just think its delays and this is there way of buying time and to keep from people calling in.
    • It's not too many when you think about it.  There's maybe 20-30 people on these threads out of tens of thousands of claims coming in, if not millions. They could be taking a closer look this  year.
    • Have you visited the 1121 group on Facebook, or visited igotmyrefund.com?  There are a ton of people with issues.  Even Tax Girl at Forbes reported on the delays.  There are thousands of people with issues unfortunately.
    • Well that's good for all of us then.  I am alright with a bit of delay.  Anything with IRS and words like freeze or hold is scary, lol.
    • she said maybe by the date beside it, which was 03/10/2014
    • @shakirawalker Thanks for the update!  I wondered about that date myself.  I read a report that stated the IRS uses the 570 freeze as an inventory control tool.  In other words, the 570 is to buy time.  The report is here: http://www.taxpayeradvocate.irs.gov/userfiles/file/Full-Report/Most-Serious-Problems-Refund-Processing-Delays.pdf
    • Same exact bots as everyone !!
    • Boat
    • What's the 1121 group
    • Hey guys.  Hang in there.  I was accepted on the 5th.  570 code and the whole routine.  Just saw my 846 refund code on my transcript this morning.  Be patient, they're just backed up it seems.
    • Thanks for updating Mbarone76 and giving me that ease of mind that these codes are just buying them more time hopefully we are next!!
    • Any new updates anyone?
    • Any 20140801 get there refund?
    • No refund here! But I know that cycle code 20140801 was last night.  I don't think it was for a refund but to generate it for the dd date to come.
    • The cycle code is usually the ddd, since today is a sunday hopefully tomorrow there's a deposit.
    • @mbarone...Curious,,do you remember the date you had next to your 570 when you had it??
    • He had March 10th, I read from above. Gives us a lot of hope
    • Hey guys,  got my ddd just now.  2-27.
    • oh ok, I have march 10th also cycle 20140803. what was his cycle date??
    • that's great mbarone...let us know when you actually get it,,gives us hope...
    • What was your cycle code Mbarone?
    • 20140801 had a 3-10 next to my 570 code.
    • Some people with same cycle and date didn't update today.. Hopefully tomorrow will be different. at least theres some hope
    • jaynysnoop3 I don't know if I even have a 570 code because cant get back into my transcripts last I know I had codes 846 for refund issued and then recode for refund cancelled all 3 -10-2014 and then on top the refund filed code for 3-10-2014.  Was supposed to dd on the 21st woke up on the 20th with error code 1121.  IRS told me manual review from filing earlier.  And 2 more weeks.  But on the 20th after all of this my cycle code was 20140801.
    • Oh and they said my WMR screen might not even update and change to bars or anything from the 1121.  Is that true?
    • @ SNOWFALKE,, from what im seeing the 1121 filers are having issues.  Refunds issued and then cancelled,, But from reading facebook chats people who were stuck in that 1121 club got DD dates this morning of 2/24 and most got their money yesterday.  So hang in there.  They had some kind of glitch with the 1121 early filers.
    • Thank you everyone for updating I feel like so hopeful now I two have the two 570 codes with the 3-10-2014 beside it and my cycle code is 20140803 I think the same as yours jaynysnoopy3 so should we see an update on tomorrow or Tuesday?
    • @ miss.. Our cycle is for Monday so hopefully by Tuesday morning we should see something.  I know some people that had 20140801 which was thurs had updates and dd dates this morning but some didn't.  Keeping fingers crossed.  Will keep everyone updated..
    • Thank you and I will too!!
    • heres a link to news about the 1121 issues for those that have that error code..http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?section=news/consumer&id=9435584
    • Mbarone76 did wmr update for you or did u see it on your transcript only
    • Hi jaynysnoopy
    • My cycle code is 20140801 do you guys think I should have updated last night
    • @fant.. Some people did update and some didn't.  Do you have any 1121 errors?? or a 971 on your transcript??
    • I believe for those that are in week 8 like us we should get some kind of news this week..
    • I have no 1121 errors or 971 codes
    • me neither,, just 150,806,570,570
    • if you look at top of your return transcript it says cycle posted,,mine is 20140803,, which means even though you can see your return transcript it hasn't actually posted yet.  I think for some will be Monday should see something im hoping
    • Is anyone else now getting a no record of return filed for wages and income transcript? I had one last week now this. Seen someone say this happens before you get your refund but my transcript is still at 2nd 570 code.
    • @Nene,, I cant see W&I transcript either,, But from working at the IRS those wont show up until about april or may.. Not to worry.  Your employers have to send in your income info to the IRS and it takes months to update in their system. Has nothing to do with your return.. Don't worry
    • Thanks! I'm so stressed about this seeing that I'm still from the 20140601 batch which was 2/6/2014!! My processing date has 2/24 though so maybe Monday? I'm headed to the nearest liquor store and I don't even drink lol any suggestions!
    • Fantasque62, my wmr has updated to approved with a 2-27 dd
    • I'm 20140801. No update it refund code :(
    • Oh OK thanks
    • I jus tried to view my transcripts and it says it couldn't verify my identity I saw them Friday and no 971 jus 150,806,766,766,570,570 with dates of 3/10/2014
    • I just don't understand!!! I'm so worried.
    • IMF Daily Processing

      1.IMF processing will be daily except on weekends. Some transactions post to IMF on a daily basis as opposed to during the weekly cycle.

      2. IMF Cycle Date is a daily cycle designated by an eight digit number indicating the year, the two digit cycle number and the two digit number indicating the day of the week (YYYYWWDD). The following values for DD are defined:

      A.01 = Friday

      B.02 = Monday

      C.03 = Tuesday

      D.04 = Wednesday

      E.05 = Thursday
    • @jaynysnoop you & I have the same date. Have you heard anything as of yet?
    • Nothing new as of today. Wmr is the same. Tax transcripts the same. :/
    • I'm finally caught up from the weekend's messages.  I wanted to thank everyone for posting their knowledge and experiences here, especially @jaynysnoopy!

      Folks, I have pulled my transcript once again.  There is no change.  This follows the pattern @jaynysnoopy laid out in an earlier post.  Like @jaynysnoopy, I don't expect anything to happen until either Tuesday (2/25) or Wednesday (2/26) at the earliest.  It's for that reason I've decided not to call the IRS until Friday (2/28).

      I hope everything works out for everyone like it did for @Mbarone76.  Keep posting your experiences please.  They're keeping me calm in this time of stress ;-)

    • I just got off the phone using the 1040 phone # with a nice gentleman from irs & like the others my taxes are under review that's what the code 570 stands for. He says with the identity theft they are randomly selecting folks taxes to review. He mentioned a letter was mailed out to me stating that my taxes are under review. He says an additional letter will be sent out if additional information is needed. My 21st day is 2mrw so thank The Lord I called today as I would've been panicking if nothing was in my bank account. Although, he couldn't give any further details I must say that the rep name Donald did the best he could with explaining to me what's going on.
      Anxiety was whooping me this morning but after speaking with the rep, I feel some sort of relief & now I can work on my school assignment.
      If you have a 570 don't expect your refund to be issued on the 21st day.
      There's nothing we really can do at this point, it's a waiting game as to when they release funds to you. I hope my information was helpful to someone out there who's pretty much experiencing what we're all going through on this forum.
      I'll be praying for each of you!
    • Just an update folks:
      I checked my transcripts today, and there was no change.  Once again, what @jaynysnoopy3 said would happen has come to pass.  My cycle date of 20140803 is today (2/25).  I'll check again tomorrow to see if there are any updates.  

      FYI: Some folks have been told by the IRS, that on their cycle date, their holds have been released (though it's not reflected on their transcripts).  This is gives me hope.  If you get your hold released, do please post it here!  Cheers! :-)
    • any update guys would be greatly appreciate
    • Not for me :(
    • nothing to report yet.. will update tomorrow hopefully with good news..
    • UPDATE...woke up this morning to a 971 on my account transcript, dated 3/17. So it looks like I wont be getting my refund till Around May. One rep told me it was a Cpo5A & another told me, it was just saying they need more time to review.
    • No upate for me :( I havent called the IRS since the 20th I will call around the 10th since thats the date by both of my 570 codes... Hoopefully I hear something.. Anything before then
    • I also have a 971 now that says notice issued next to it.... Could be a letter just saying our refund is delayed.
    • 971 date also 3-17
    • No update for me either. No 971 code. Still the two 570 ones.
    • I still have two 570s on my transcripts.  No 971 code.  I am calling the IRS to see if they need to verify my ID and income.  I didn't file with my PIN this year.  I used last year's AGI instead.  That could be problem number one.  Second problem is that I'm having the refund sent to a new bank account.  (I had the same bank account for many years.)  Last problem, which isn't a problem per se, is that I finally found a job in 2013.  Lots of changes for me over the last year.  I'm sure it threw the IRS for a loop.

      I'm going to give the IRS a shot at giving me a straight answer.  I really think my delay is because of all the new stuff in my life.  To speed things along I have ready to fax them:
      My last four paystubs
      My W2
      My driver's license
      My Social Security card
      My child's Social Security card
      My child's birth certificate
      My divorce decree (to prove I have full custody)

      Oh, one more thing.  To get to a live rep dial: 1-800-829-1040 and press 1, 2, 1, 4, 2, enter your SSN, verify the SSN was entered correctly by pressing 1, and then just hold...

      I'll let everyone know how my call goes.
    • @kbklv, Please let us know what they say...
    • Jaynysnoppy3..I was told mine was a CP-05, stating I don't have to do anything,  that there just reviewing my taxes.
    • Hello, @jaynysnoopy3 and all fellow 570 club members!

      I just got off the phone with a super-super-nice gentleman at the IRS (ID 17185033).  He said that I am under review to verify my wages, and that the review has nothing to do with my prior years' returns.  A letter was sent on (2/24) to indicate there is nothing to do on my part for the review.  The IRS needs to contact my employer (I only have one) to verify my W2.  The review can take up to 60 days, and if I see no movement, I need to call the IRS back so they can nudge the review department into action.

      The nice gentleman said the dates next to the 570 mean nothing.  I will be sending this information to Tax Girl at Forbes to help her with her investigation into the mysterious 570s.  

      I'm so lost now.
    • that sounds bizzare...
    • @sweet... Here is list of cp letters.. CP 05 is just a letter stating review.  A cp 05a would be a verification of income needed.
    • No update for me everything is stil the same
    • Kb klv .  I was also told this morning the date next to the 570 means nothing too, well at least to us. I was also Told I don't need to do anything on my part.  I was hoping the date next to the 570 meant something in pertaining to my refund. But from what  I gather it doesn't,  at least in my case.
    • @jaynysnoopy3 Talk to me, what does this all mean?  I asked the agent if the 570s had to do with my BK in 2013, or the flub H&R Block did back in 2005 where they forgot to add my kid to my return. He said, "No, it has nothing to do with the BK or your prior years' returns."  He did mention that the 60 days was a bit odd.  He did state that he had seen plenty of these before though, and that it meant the IRS needed to contact my employer to verify my wages as reported.  I offered to fax my last four pay stubs and my W2 to them, but he declined stating, "We need to get this information from your employer."  I know that my employer uses Quickbooks to process payroll.  Perhaps something got flubbed whilst submitting the information via Quickbooks?

      @sweetaliv So you've been told the same thing?  No action is needed on your part, and it's just a random review for income verification?
    • Yes I was told the same thing,  as of now. But tomorrow who knows! !
    • @kbklv...I got a 971 (notice sent) on my transcript this morning.. If it is a CP 05 letter then its a letter stating they have 45 days to review your return, Income and all that jazz.. If you didn't get a 971 yet you still might.  I think this all just Inventory and delay tactics because their new system screwed up royaly...
    • its not 60 days, but up to 45 days,, doesn't mean will take that long but you have to allow 45 days.  This really stinks. This has put me and im sure a lot of you in a bad place financially especially when you count on your refund as part of your salary in a way..
    • my bf was accepted on 2-5-14 and had 1 bar on wmr and lost the bar yesterday morning with the generic still processing message. His transcripts still have the * so they are blank. As of this morning still same for him.. Im hoping he don't fall into same boat as us once his * goes away..
    • At least his money would help us until mine ever comes through....UGHH
    • I heard on Weds nights is a big update night for wmr so hopefully we will see something or at least my BF ... Keep ya posted
    • @jaynysnoopy3 I'm sorry this is happening to you and to everyone else who's a part of our unmerry little club.

      I'm not certain what to do at this point, but your posts help me keep from crying too much. I've literally lost sleep over this because I've never had a problem with the IRS.  The only exception was back in 2005 when H&R Block flubbed my return which resulted in an easy-to-fix audit.  (The worst part of that audit was the fact that H&R Block couldn't find the mistake.  I had to *show* them where it happened.  Sheesh.)

      I'm guessing my 971 code will appear at some point.  I'm also guessing I'm a daily updater since I had two updates in a span of three days.  I'll check tomorrow for more updates.  I did see your post about the TC570 with a 971, and how it results in an extra cycle.  I hope that's the case for us, and nothing more.

      Keep smiling for me @jaynysnoopy3.
    • I haven't been posting but have been reading up on everyone. I filed on 01/09/2014 was accepted on the 01/24. Bars on wmr went away on 02/14 still saying processing and a DDD soon. Then I come here and reading about codes ( for the first time) got me thingking, so on 02/21 I was able to view my account and I had 570 (3/10/14) $0.00 and 971 (3/10/14) notice issued. Well, I got the noticed in the mail with the date 03/10/14(on top) on 02/24(Monday) and got my transcript on 02/22 (Sat.) But I haven't been able to login again to view my account again to see if my codes have changed, it just keep saying that it can't ID my info and that I've been lock out & to try back in 24hrs it's been saying that for 4days now. The 971 was a notice to let me knw that they had made changes to my return and the correct amount I would be getting.
    • I also have the 20140801.
    • Bmbmarshall5..did they put a date on the 971, letting you know when you will receive your money?
    • I don't have the 971 but I do have the 570 with a 0 amount( 3-10-2014) also. when i go on wmr it just still says processing with tax topic 152
    • sweetaliv; yes they did it was 03/10/14. The 971 notice that I got had the same date(03/10/14) as well but I got it on the 24th.
    • Last year I had the 570 (03/04/13) and I got my refund a week b4 that. I hope it's the same way this year and I didn't have the 971 last year but they still made changes to my refurn, then I got less but this year with there changes I'm getting more.
    • Still same here... Nothings changed yet...UGHHHHH
    • I am so glad I'm not the only person in this boat. . Thank you guys for the updates! **positive thinking** I've been reading everyone's posts the past couple weeks.. my situation is filed Jan 14th and accepted early Jan 29th. Bars gone for 2 weeks, double 570 and no other updates. I haven't contacted the IRS yet because I wasn't able to find a way to talk to a real person. It's aggravating that they delay our returns without an immediate notification. One would think as soon as our account has a delay that a letter is immediately generated. This would at least prevent so many of us having to call them to find out what's going on.
    • Slwaters2008..call 8008291040 press 1,2,1,4,2, enter ss number, & don't press anything else
    • Sweetaliv.. Thank you! I called and was told by a rep that basically my return is being held. She couldn't give any reason but stated she did not see where a letter was sent out so she stated I should get an update within 2 weeks or to call back. She said if a letter is sent the hold would normally be for 45 day. She said the Where's My Refund tool would not update with new information.. so I believe it may not show anything at all.. so ill be looking for a deposit or letter in the mail/showing on my transcript.. or else I'll call back in 2 weeks.
    • My friend & I figured this whole thing out. She works for a tax office. For all of us that have the 570 it's because we have been constantly checking the "where's my refund" site. And I think that they think we're doing fraud because irs is keeping tabs as to the amount of times individual are checking the site. You see for those that are commiting fraud are constantly checking the website as well as the innocent people that worked hard for their money. My friend says that she advise all her clients not to check the "where's my refund" site & those that listened to her received their money pretty quickly & those that didn't well...having the same issues we're all having!
      So in the future guys, stay away from the "where's my refund" site or you'll be right here next year asking if anyone haven't received their refund yet.
      Unfortunately, us innocent folks are caught in this crossfire between irs & the criminals & it's so unfortunate that are monies are being held because irs is investigating if who we say we are.
      Hope that this makes a lot more sense as it did for my friend & I.
    • My friend & I figured this whole thing out. She works for a tax office. For all of us that have the 570 it's because we have been constantly checking the "where's my refund" site. And I think that they think we're doing fraud because irs is keeping tabs as to the amount of times individual are checking the site. You see for those that are commiting fraud are constantly checking the website as well as the innocent people that worked hard for their money. My friend says that she advise all her clients not to check the "where's my refund" site & those that listened to her received their money pretty quickly & those that didn't well...having the same issues we're all having!
      So in the future guys, stay away from the "where's my refund" site or you'll be right here next year asking if anyone haven't received their refund yet.
      Unfortunately, us innocent folks are caught in this crossfire between irs & the criminals & it's so unfortunate that are monies are being held because irs is investigating if who we say we are.
      Hope that this makes a lot more sense as it did for my friend & I.
    • MrsStubbs; The IRS are ones who keep telling us to keep checking wmr. That maybe the reason why some people are having to have there employer & ID info checked. I knw I've been calling & checking wmr & trying to my account everyday but im lock out of that for some reason. They need to hurry the hell up & give us our damn money, sorry. LOL
    • I've resorted to whipping out my Ruby Red Slippers and chanting "there's nothing like my tax return" ... seems like it's going to be as much help as the IRS is giving. I'll tap them a couple times extra for all of you! Anyone have any updates? Or anything else heard from the irs?
    • LOL. I called couldn't talk to anyone. I'm just going to wait the 4 to 6 wk like the notice said cause I've lost sleep over this and I'm tired. I'm done with calling & checking wmr just gone wait it out.
    • Nothing New,  I do know from working at IRS for a few years that the date next to the 570 or 570's (3-10-14) means that something must be done before then or those 570's will reverse themselves with a 571 and our refunds will be issued, unless they extend that date for longer, either way there should be some kind of action the day after the 10th if not before.  So we gotta wait 4 more days,,ughh
    • Update... So I got my letter yesterday.. a CP 05 which is computer generated... Says I don't need to do anything and my return being reviewed.. Downfall is on 2nd page it says they have till May 1st to complete review and Ill either get my refund or another letter... This total BS
    • @jaynysnoopy I got the 4464c letter saying the IRS has 60 days.  When I spoke with an agent, he said it was to verify income.  I told the agent I could fax my W2s, but was told the IRS needed to contact my employer.  To date (3/11/2014) no one at the IRS has contacted my employer.
    • @jaynysnoopy3 ; the date next to my 570 code was yesterday(3/10/2014), any idea how long it takes to reverse itself?

    I have the sames codes with the exception of the 766 code, so on the phone with the IRS today and they said I had to verify my income and work information basically because I filed online and could have lied about my information, not that that was the case but that it was randomly selected. Now I'm tryng to expedite this with the tax advocate. Any ideas on how long this will take?

    • Don't get to scared by one rep. They all say something different. You could call back right now and get a different answer. Advocates don't speed it up much. Probably 90% of people file online, so that statement from the rep was pretty ignorant...
    • mine is the same too...ughh
    • Hopefully by the end of today or 2mrw we may hear something. My 21st day is actually 2mrw.
    • My 21st day was 5 days ago :(
    • Im not scared by what the rep said its just a round about reason for a random pull for verification, I didnt do anything shady so I'm not worried about being verified.According to the advocate I can expect about 7-10 days on a hardship request. vs the 45 days the IRS told me, I'm just not sure how helpful they will really be, but so far they gave me more information than anyone else, and told me what I needed for once my Case number was assigned to an actual advocate, so at least I can be prepared in a few days when the time comes.
    • What was the # you used to contact them?
    • Chris did you contact irs since you're well over your 21st day?
    • This is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!
    • Going to call here in about 5 min. Will update when done :)
    • sqboden..what that tax advocate number?
    • I got a hold of the IRS through the 1040 line. I forget what number I hit to get a live person, just that it was fairly straight forward. Yes I'm over the 21 days. after talking to the rep, who was somewhat helpful she was able to read the letter that was due to be sent on the 3/10 date then I asked about the advocate and that it was a hardship situation. She set up the case as a "Priority 1" meaning quick access to the advocates office.Called my local advocate and got the info i needed to gather up the paperwork they will need, they then told me to wait until they contacted me back (about 3 days) when a rep was assigned to my case. after that they will rush it through as quickly as possible (I can fax info to the advocate and they can get it directly to IRS) and that it should be within 10 business days after that, depending on how complete the information is and how quickly I send it.

      I know this will not hold true for everyone but for me and others in my situation the advocate will ask for verification of your hardships (excessive bills, legal costs, eviction notices, etc.) as well as your last 4 paystubs from 2013 a letter of verification on letter head from employer stating dates of employment, and earnings, and a copy of w-2. I only have one so it wont be too difficult to gather this up, but if you have multiple then you have to get this for each job.
    • Chris..please do. Why do I feel like I'm the only one who hasn't gotten a reason why I have 570s
    • sweetaliv, you wont get any info until you are over 21 days from acceptance (hint all early filers were accepted on the 31st not the date TT gives you)... I was accepted on the 31st so my 22nd day was actually Saturday, so today was the first day I could get information.
    • Tax advocate: 1-877-777-4778
    • They will refer you to your local office based on zip code
    • Has anyone been having trouble getting into there transcripts i have not been able to get in for 3 days i have the 570 codes cycle 20140801 and 03/10/2014 dates ?
    • I'm locked out becuase they can't verify my Identity... I was attempting to save it as a pdf to my computer
    • Just got off the phone and they asked me identity questions, which I answered all correctly. BUT he said, I apologize but we cannot verify this account over the phone. He told me I had to go to the local irs office and show my ID....UGHHHHHHH
    • Chris what # did you call to get a hold of someone?
    • ID verification: 800 830 5084 answered right away
    • its the 1040 lin hit numbers 1-2-00 to get a rep.. tell them its about the transcripts not verifying correctly  they will transfer you to the "transcripts dept." im on hold with them now
    • basically he told me there is no hold on the transcripts that he can release, but nothing new since the last 570 code... he did say that the 3/10/14 date on there is when I can expect  to get the letter from them telling me what I need... but I took care of that with the advocate
    • Sqboden did you have a 971 code?
    • Not yet, but I will shortly, that code just means they will send a letter, I already know whats going on so I'm trying to beat them to it.
    • I just got off the phone using the 1040 phone # with a nice gentleman from irs & like the others my taxes are under review that's what the code 570 stands for. He says with the identity theft they are randomly selecting folks taxes to review. He mentioned a letter was mailed out to me stating that my taxes are under review. He says an additional letter will be sent out if additional information is needed. My 21st day is 2mrw so thank The Lord I called today as I would've been panicking if nothing was in my bank account. Although, he couldn't give any further details I must say that the rep name Donald did the best he could with explaining to me what's going on.
      Anxiety was whooping me this morning but after speaking with the rep, I feel some sort of relief & now I can work on my school assignment.
      If you have a 570 don't expect your refund to be issued on the 21st day.
      There's nothing we really can do at this point, it's a waiting game as to when they release funds to you. I hope my information was helpful to someone out there who's pretty much experiencing what we're all going through on this forum.
      I'll be praying for each of you!
    • No Change yet....UGHHH
    • No change yet
    • My friend & I figured this whole thing out. She works for a tax office. For all of us that have the 570 it's because we have been constantly checking the "where's my refund" site. And I think that they think we're doing fraud because irs is keeping tabs as to the amount of times individual are checking the site. You see for those that are commiting fraud are constantly checking the website as well as the innocent people that worked hard for their money. My friend says that she advise all her clients not to check the "where's my refund" site & those that listened to her received their money pretty quickly & those that didn't well...having the same issues we're all having!
      So in the future guys, stay away from the "where's my refund" site or you'll be right here next year asking if anyone haven't received their refund yet.
      Unfortunately, us innocent folks are caught in this crossfire between irs & the criminals & it's so unfortunate that are monies are being held because irs is investigating if who we say we are.
      Hope that this makes a lot more sense as it did for my friend & I.
    • Your theory doesn't really hold up for me, I checked it a total of 4 times and on the 3rd my bars were gone. I've only checked transcripts since
    • Nothing New,  I do know from working at IRS for a few years that the date next to the 570 or 570's (3-10-14) means that something must be done before then or those 570's will reverse themselves with a 571 and our refunds will be issued, unless they extend that date for longer, either way there should be some kind of action the day after the 10th if not before.  So we gotta wait 4 more days,,ughh
    • Update... So I got my letter yesterday.. a CP 05 which is computer generated... Says I don't need to do anything and my return being reviewed.. Downfall is on 2nd page it says they have till May 1st to complete review and Ill either get my refund or another letter... This total BS
    Has anyone gotten an update on their refund status.. or even received it yet? Updates can help us all not flood the IRS with calls.. and for myself personally, it's reliving to discuss everyone's situation..

    I've still not received my refund.. Still says processing with no bars. No letters have been sent according to my Transcripts.. just two hold codes. From my conversation with someone from the IRS I was told the hold would last for 2 weeks max.. so to expect to get my refund within that time from.. EXCEPT if I end up getting a letter sent..

    I find it very sad that letters or a notification wasn't sent in regards of the hold with an explanation. My two weeks will be up this friday... so I hope I'll get an update before having to call back. The rep stated my status would not update on the Where's My Refund tool.. so at this point I may be waiting for the refund. Still checking my transcript daily though!
    • I myself have a 971 code on my transcript,  but haven't received a letter as if yet.
    • I have 2 570 codes still on mine. Had to raise hell and keep calling back to get an answer as to why. just a simple w2 verification for me. Got a tax advocate so I could speed it up and faxed her the verification. Checked to and it looks like my refund processed but is still on hold. waiting to her back from my advocate. my date also changed from 3/10 to 4/15 no idea what thats about either.
    • Sqboden, what date? Your date by your 570, or your As Of Date?
    • no my as of date was today (when i pulled the transcript. my 570 date has stayed at 3/10 but the dates for 806,766 and 768 are all dated 4/15
    • Sqboden..I think everyones dates are 4/15 except for the 570s & As of Date. Welp there goes that theory about the  As of Date
    • What type of things are considered a hardship? And did you just have to fax the advocate proof of the hardship?
    • Slwaters2008, eviction, disconnect notice, repossession & foreclosure.  I have no idea, I think your tax advocate will tell you what to do. 8778774778
    • What Slwaters said... yes you can fax that to them.

      Just spoke to my Advocate and she gave the IRS until today to answer, the IRS told her they needed more time so now I'm waiting until the 7th to get an answer. Fuck them, They don't give me more time when taking out the money in the first place. worthless, thieving piece of shit organization.
    • Sqboden, lmao, you're right. How long have you had your advocate?
    • 2 1/2 weeks
    • I wish I knew what my 570 are. I can't get an answer? What makes me mad is   I know they know why.
    • Sqboden..is  that time frame consider ,long, when involving a tax advocate?  I know I'm not eligible for one at this time, but never know I read it could drag on for months.
    • When I was originally told by them that it would be 3 days to get an answer is long. Ideally the Advocate's office will expedite cases based on hardship created by the excessive wait period. (The bigger the hardship the faster if gets done.) However the IRS can still choose to take their sweet time in processing it claiming they are backed up.
    • Sqboden, I'm glad you'll get a answer soon. I'm still in limbo
    • Given the IRS' ability to put things off I have my doubts Ill have an answer by then.
    • Sqboden, if its consider a hardship, do they send something to whatever dept the hardship its coming from to let them know,  there money is coming from? So you won't be ass out
    • This is what mine states

      Refund due or Return received               April 15 2014
      Processing date.                                        March 10 2014

            Tax return filed                            Cycle                    Date                   Amount
          76209-424-10906-4                 20140801            3/10/2014            $0.00                        
      766     credit to account                                              4/15/2014           $xxxx.00

      768      Earned income credit                                      4/15/2014          $xxxx.00

      570      Additional account pending                          3/10/2014            $0.00

      570      Additional account pending                           3/10/2014            $0.00

      971      Notice issued                                                     3/17/2024           $0.00

      As of Saturday I can't view transcripts and as of this morning no letter has came. Does anyone have any changes or help info something?
    • Amyj. Mine 570s and 971 looks like yours,  I can still view transcript
    • same codes for me and dates,, no letter yet,, this is all BS..
    • my bf's return accepted on 10th of feb and went unpostable but they cant tell me why and said to allow 2 more weeks,, These are purley delay tactics and is not fair..
    • Jaynysnoopy3, whats unpostable?
    • basically its when he filed it was accepted but when their system went to post it , his return got stuck and dint post.  which is why he cant see his transcripts,(blank) with a * next to 2013.  Sometimes identity issues causes this.  There is a IRS website where you can confirm identity and he did that and it said now they will continue processing his return.  We shall see.  They didn't say his was an identity issue because when he called they didn't say why it was unpostable but from reading other people with same issue last year He jumped a step instead of waiting for a letter from them weeks from now..As far as mine goes I have the 570 issues like a lot of people and don't know why...UGHHH
    • I received my letter today. Not notice on my transcript of the letter either. It's dated for Feb 25th.. and says income verification and that I should get more information or my return within 60 days. I actually was evicted and living with a friend now.. but I no longer have my letter I don't think... so I don't think I'd have a way to prove it to an advocate..
    • Slwaters2008, what was your letter, meaning the type? Was it a CP-05, 4464c, or a different letter number?
    • Well updates for me guys I got a letter yesterday stating they're reviewing my refund, nothing is need from me at this point just a waiting. Smh it's dated 2/25 and 60 days before an answer.
    • That's the letter I got ! I called the Tax advocate and they opened a claim for me.
    • Sweetaliv, It says 4464C
    • Slwaters2008..I don't think that's that bad, from what I've been reading a lot of people, who didn't have a 971 on there transcript are getting those.
    • Sweetaliv, Well that's good at least lol. Thank you for the information.. it confuses my why it takes so long for this process.. seems very outdated.
    • Slwaters2008. I think I'm getting a CP-05, from what I read, thats a computer Paragraph (I think computer generated), but hell I really don't know
    • It seems as if we all finally got the mysterious letter yesterday. It's mind boggling how we're all experiencing the same thing and our letters read the exact same thing.
      My heart truly goes out for you all especially the ones that got evicted and going through extreme hardship. It's just unfair what we're going through. This was a learning experience for me as to not to depend on a money until it's actually in my hands.
      I cannot wait for the day we can put this behind us. In the future I will NOT be filing my taxes early!!!!
    • Sweeraliv.. what will that type of letter say? And yes.. no more filing early here...
    • Hey everyone I have no 971 on my transcript either but I received the 4464c letter today. No more filing early for me either.
    • Slwaters2008....shit I don't know, all it says is I need not do anything, per IRS
    • I think everyone who has only 570 &  no 971 is receiving 4464c letters,  I'm suppose to be getting a CP-05, I have a 971, but I haven't gotten my letter yet.
    • Does anyone know if they are going to have to verify each piece of information out just specifically income and traces paid from w2?
    • *or *taxes ... apparently my spelling is as unreliable as the irs tonight
    • Your letter doesn't state what they need to review. Don't judge me,Iol I haven't gotten my letter yet
    • I have both 570 and 971 and i just received 4464c letter too
    • See I told ya, I didn't know what I was talking about, lmao. There goes my other theory, darn!!!
    • Lol no qualms!! I wonder if they are really reviewing all of these refunds, or just stalling
    • Who knows.. doesn't make much sense to me either way..
    • Lol, you're right it don't make sense, but hey who are we, we're just the taxpayers, lmbo
    • It's definitely just a stalling tactic....I refuse to believe all these ppl coincidently messed up their taxes which resulted in letters stating the exact same thing (codes and everything) and wereceived these letters yesterday. No way Am I filing early next year.
    • Exactly I agree!!! If you would do a web search. oh my, you will see so many people that have received that letter on yesterday. It's unbelievable
    • I think their new tax fraud system horribly failed and the employees or should I say telemarketers they have answering the phones are feeding us BS because they (THE GOVERNMENT) aren't ready to say they..
    • slwaters2008.. I finally found out the difference between 4464c and CP-05 . 4464c is 60 days and CP-05 is 45 days.
    • http://www.taxpayeradvocate.irs.gov/userfiles/file/Full-Report/Most-Serious-Problems-Refund-Processing-Delays.pdf
      I found this very interesting. Kind of confirms most of our thoughts and assumptions
    • Sweetaliv. . And of course I'd get one saying 60 days haha
    • It really does amaze me, that when you call for information  other then your refund info (which they don't like to give out info anyways), they still can't explain, or don't want to explain a simple question, UGH!!!! I know its more of a difference then the time frame.
    • I take it you called and they couldn't give you any type of answer?
    • i called and spoke with a nice woman she said that letter 4464c letters is basically a delay letter
    • Have any of you read the link I just posted? It's was from the tax payer advocate department, Basically says the the IRS is putting TC 570 on returns because they want to delay the returns. "In FY 2012, AMTAP imposed a hard freeze "570" on more than 142,000 returns because it could not complete the verification within the allotted time, not because the returns show “badges of fraud” or are otherwise suspect. In other words, AMTAP is using a hard freeze normally designated for accounts in which potentially fraudulent activity has been verified,  as an inventory management tool without sufficient analysis of relative risk
    • Yes I've read it from another source
    • Guess that is the hold up
    • Fraud as in identity theft or people putting false employer information? Id be happy to bring my last paycheck stub and my w2 to an irs office for verification. If they would tell us if they are waiting for verification from our employers I could easily ensure my information was sent as quickly as possible. But again, we don't get told anything accept our refund is delayed to be reviewed and to expect something in 60 days. I called them again earlier and at least gave the lady a nice laugh. I jokingly was like we are about to sent sent a billion dollars in aide to another country.. and this is my money I'm trying to get back lol. See the issue I'm having with this? =)
    • Well it seems as if they wanted something else then we would get a notice. From doing research people who had to turn in more info, had already got a letter at first hand. I called IRS and was told that as long as I have a cp05 letter then it's good only if I had a cp05 A then I would have had to send in documents. So I think for some of us it's just a waiting game. Also I called another time and a agent told me that is something really wrong then they would've been notified me of it and asked for more information. I know how you feel because look like if you did have a problem then they should ask of it instead of making us wait
    • Can yall believe I'm on hold with the refund dept{at least that's the dept I was told}
    • How did that go Sweetaliv?
    • slwaters2008..How do you think, lmbo..It was the worst call I've ever had. Was told previously I was getting a  CP-05, but instead I'm  getting a CP-05A. Got to mail stuff in, but wouldn't tell me where to mail it to. The letter will tell me  that. Only good thing is as soon as I mail the stuff in my 45 days start from the time they receive it, and the place where I'm mailing the info is right down the street, from me, but I'm not allowed to take it to the local office. It's got to go to the processing center.  So now I have to make copies of everything to mail them in. So come on letter I need you Now, not tomorrow, but NOW!!!!!
    • Wow... gesh! So would that be the case only if you didn't receive the letter I received already? How did you end up getting routed to that dept that told you that information?
    • And also what type of stuff do you have to mail? Just your w2?
    • I got the letter yesterday too, but thankfully I had a heads up on what was required... it seems many, of the early filers got pegged for w2 verification. I wonder if it wasn't a glitch or if for some reason a certain percent of all early filers got tagged.

      @slwaters2008 you need to send them 3 things 1) your w-2 or W-2 depending on how many you had this year 2) a letter from you r employer (HR dept. maybe) stating dates of employment throughout the year and your earnings for the year. 3) copies of pay-stubs for at least the month of December. I personally gave them a copy of all of my earnings throughout the year, which included final year to date earnings. my W-2 and the letter from my HR dept backing up the documents.

      I sent all this to my tax advocate last thursday (fax), just got notified they have released my hold and I'm back in normal processing, and should be getting my money within a week
    • I am going to try contacting the advocate number tomorrow to see if I can qualify for their help. Fingers crossed. .
    • Sqboden...you got CP-05A too. I don't qualify for a tax advocate
    • all this is crazy and yet to think I was the only one with this problem. I filed 2/5/24 and accepted about 20minutes later thinking I would receive my refund in or about 21 days, gave the irs beniifit of the doubt and even calculated 21 business days.. as of today NOTHING and im extremely pissed like wth is really going on, like the irs ran out od money or something. WMR say 'a refund date will be provided when available' no bars, only 152 code. two irs reps said I will receive a letter in the mail. irs transcripts came and I have a cycle date of 20140805 and a account transfer date of 4-15-2014. its all crazy and makes no sense, and by the way they said they letter will say' you have a hold on your refund for review and there is no need for you to do anything else but be patient' like really if the irs was a person I would be in jail.
    • I agree with you.. I don't see why we would need to be experiencing as far as a hardship as eviction or for closure in order to get them to work faster lol.
    • Nothing New,  I do know from working at IRS for a few years that the date next to the 570 or 570's (3-10-14) means that something must be done before then or those 570's will reverse themselves with a 571 and our refunds will be issued, unless they extend that date for longer, either way there should be some kind of action the day after the 10th if not before.  So we gotta wait 4 more days,,ughh
    • P.s. A CP letter does mean computer generated..
    • Totally with you on that slwaters, I told my advocate how sadistic it all is to make people wait until they are in a real bind before doing what should have been done in the first place.
    • It's absolutely ridiculous.
    • slwaters2008..UPDATE today I'm not getting a CP-05A, I'm just a getting a CP-05. Not to self: a new day get new answers, humm call same day still get different answers, I CAN NOT WIN!!!!!
    • I was told that I should receive my refund by 3/14. We'll see how accurate that turns out being, I guess
    • EFFIE6..how did you find out your was wages? Or you just sent in In without knowing?
    • I was laid off by my employer Jan 1 so I qualified for an advocate. She told me that at least 70% of these holds, particularly the 570 were due to income verification an they were waiting on the ssa to process the reported income tapes. Another 10-15% are due to a tax software provider for businesses. I thought I was in the glitch category, but my stuff was correct so she checked. She said the Integrity department just needed w2 and last paystub of  the year.
    • how do I get a tax advocate...?
    • i just tried to check my transcripts again and it says they cant verify my identity.. like get real you just mailed a copy to my house last week..
    • I called an 800 number originally and one called me back within 3 days or so. I'll see if I still have, right now I only have her direct line
    • Oh ok. I don't qualify for a tax advocate,  yet! MAN!!!!!!
    • ok thanks..
    • it may be worth your while to march your butt into your local tax office and maybe hand them a copy of last paystub and w2. The holdup for most of us is the IRS can't verify wages because the Social Security Admin started processing the data late. IDK if it would work, but the advocate said turning it in directly eliminated the wait for verification
    • She also said if that is not enough, then they simply call the employer to verify it
    • I tried all that.. they said its nothing I can do but wait..
    • i get a new answer everyday, im sure their training to be seasonal irs rep is to just 'do what they got to do and say what they got to say to get us off the phone'
    • Effie6 I tried that, going to the local office, as it makes the most sense, and it should be the most efficient way to resolve it.. Problem is you are dealing with the government so things do not have to be efficient or make sense, I was told at the local office they are not set up to do that so you have to either mail it in or get an advocate.
    • My tax situation is totally different,  then everyone's..I'm self employed have been for 4 years. I don't do my own taxes,  I have an outside company do them, for me. I keep all records of payment & all receipts. So I'm really at a stand still.
    • Sweetaliv.. that's crazy!  Where would we be able to fax that w2 and information to?
    • Slwaters2008..I have no idea!! I did inquire about faxing, & they told me different departments have different rules. So I'm at a stand still.
    • Well I received a generic 4464c letter today dated 2-25-2014, crazy that it takes the IRS 12 days to mail a letter. I still fell like its a auto generated letter. only code 570 on transcripts
    • Kxtacer85..I want us all to get our MONEY, NOW!!! My letter is dated 3/9. I hope I get it soon, my 45 days don't start until its received by them.
    • It's a waiting game that's for sure. But at least we have eachother =)
    • So I just checked my transcripts and my as of date went from 3-10-2014 to 3-24-2104. This is so frustrating
    • Kxracer85..Oh my, I need to check mine
    • Kxracer. Mine to changed from 3/17 to 3/24. I wonder what that as of date means.
    • I'd love to say that mine changed but government seems to have issues verifying who I am. Only got into them one time in month and a half. Not sure if I've said it before but this sucks....oh wait I have said that. A LOT.
    • Scarecrow427..it took me about 2 weeks to get in.
    • Yea it took me about the same and was able to get in. Then never since. I'm starting to think they don't like me very much. It's almost as if the government doesn't care about me. I know crazy right? Lol
    • Scarecrow427..lol, the government doesn't care, about any of us. As long as we pay our taxes
    • It's funny tho because if I owed them they would be beating down my door and I'm sure then they WOULD be able to  "verify my identity at that time". But not when I'm owed. They are like "yea sorry we got no clue who you are even though you are 32 and been paying taxes for 16 years and even bought your parents house when they moved so  you have had the same address your entire life but do try again tomorrow we might know then who you are but probably not".... lol of course I'm  paraphrasing but that's all I hear in my head.
    • lmbo.. I just got off the phone AGAIN and yet I got a new/same answer.. you were pulled for review don't know why.. so I pulled their cards and told him what every other rep told me and he said well I see in your notes that you called and hung up.. like really im not going to wait on hold for 30 minutes then hang up, im sure I hurt his feelings but oh well.. there is no way this many people is up for random review.. and the funny part is I asked what is code 766 and he said well im sure you owe back child support.. im 25 with two boys age 5 and 8 months that LIVE with me been living with ME and their dad their whole life so if you know something that I don't know please tell me
    • my as of date also changed to 3-24-14.
    • Jaynysnoopy3..do you have the slightest idea why the As of Date keeps changing?
    • Same here with the 24th. I'm not sure of any significance however with this date. No updated as far as codes go however.. Still just two 570s.
    • I think its just because our returns are frozen with the 570's and have not completely processed yet. The as of date will change every 2 weeks or cycle to compute new info like if there was interest or something.  But no amounts have changed on mine.
    • Update... So I got my letter yesterday.. a CP 05 which is computer generated... Says I don't need to do anything and my return being reviewed.. Downfall is on 2nd page it says they have till May 1st to complete review and Ill either get my refund or another letter... This total BS
    • Y
    Well imma jump in on this thread...just a little info..filed 2/2/14 2wks later bars left in hasn't been back...codes: 150(4/15),806(4/15),786(4/15),766(4/15),570(3/10 today),570(3/10) received letter last wk sayin refund has a freeze but not giving a reason why...called irs today 3/10 and theyre just sayin what the letter said and if I dont hear anything within 60 days to give them a call back!! Transcript has no letter issued code and overall im a deer caught in headlights!  I read on here that if nothing is done by the date thats nxt to the 570 then it will reverse to release freeze code...well how accurate is that and does anyone else have any light they can shed on this matter?! We are all on the same boat...
    • Hello, Same boat here files and accepted on 2/1/14, saw one bar, then a week later it was gone. I called after the 21 days, they stated to wait. I waited, then I was able to order transcripts looking like this:
      150 Cycle 20140805 date 3/10/14 then amount
      806 4/15/14 (a negative amount)
      570 3/10/14 ( no amount)

      Return date 4/15/14
      Processing date 3/10/14
      No one can give me answers either. All i want to know is what is the 3/10/14 date next to processing. Does that mean that is the date they will be reprocessing?
    • From what I've gathered from the IRS, TT forums like this, and a few other websites, is that the 3/10/14 date is when the 570 hold code is supposed to fall off if they dont find anything wrong with your refund and information, and shortly after WWR will give you a DDD. .. But here it is 3/10/14, 7pm Eastern Standard Time, and still, hold has not fallen off. Becoming frustrated!
    • Here it is 2am and nothing 570 codes have not dropped no update on wmr nor my bank account....WTF IS GOING ON??!!!
    • Unfortunately, we've been caught up in some mess with the IRS where tons of us haven't received our refund as of yet. Although, like many others we made plans as to how we were to spend our monies once we received it but as you can possibly see, it's currently isnt the case.
      I stop worrying about the refund weeks ago because it is completely out of our hands & the IRS is going to release those funds whenever they feel like it (that's the way our government works).
      Quit worrying & frustrating yourselves about the refund that will eventually come whenever it decides to show up. The more you worry, the longer it's gonna take to arrive!! Just continue living your lives like how you were living pre income tax & not let this cause you to get high blood pressure & send you to a early grave. Eventually, the money will be release when? We don't know just stop over exhausting yourself & what will be will eventually be!!
      The best to you All!!
    • True talk Mrs Stubbs
    • ally agree  it will come, just wished it was sooner rather then later, I don't stress about it, anymore especially since my 21 days have long pass, but I do love reading these threads, calling the IRS, just to listen to every rep contradict themselves, about my return and commenting on theses threads. Calling the IRS is entertaining To me, (don't judge I get bord), their just so ridiculous. Like I've stated ,my refund this year can wait, but i still want to know why my money hasn't showed up in my bank.
    • Wow that was some good information! !! Thanks, I'm glad you saw progress.
    • no problem, sweetaliv, I figured that since she was pretty forthcoming and efficient, I'd take advantage of getting some valid information to share with the forums so people could stop trying to decipher cycle dates/copy pasting manuals/ etc. I know it sucks to wait, so I didn't want to be one of those who had the problem solved and just vanished without providing some insight to those who were still waiting. The only thing I am not 100% on is that my 846 code has 03/31/14 after it, but she said to expect it around 03/14, so there is discrepancy there. I'm not sure if they changed it, or if it'd deposited earlier than it says. Do you know the date of you last year's DDD? If so, could you please check to see if it matches your 846 code? I was in the education credits cluster last year so I don't recall mine.
    • I haven't had an 846, I'm still stuck, I didn't qualify for an tax advocate. The information you receive is fundamental.
    • I cant get ahold of anyone with IRS. my hold code still has yesterdays date on it. Can someone tell me how to get ahold of an advocate? & The "As of" date, means nothing because mine from previos years said "As of April 22nd 20xx" and previous years ive gotten my refund between feb 20th and march 3rd. But I've never had a 570 code on it either. First year.
    • effie6, so i decided to call an advocate, lets see how this goes, I don't have an cut off notice, but i do have a delinquent water bill, I don't know if that will  work
    • @sweetaliv I didn't need one, I sent my layoff letter on my own, she only asked me for my w2 and last paystub. I think the only one who really asks is the intake person who assigns you the advocate? At least that was my experience.

      @autumn.miracle Do you know any thing about the 846 code dates? I'm not concerned with my as of, just a little put of by the 3/31/2014 beside my 846. Here is a TA hotline: (877) 777-4778
    • no. I dont have the 846 code. only "bad" code I have it 570, which I was told would fall off by the date next to it (03/10/2014, yesterday). My as of date this year is 3/31/2014, but I dont know if thats significant this year, or what because a week ago by as of date was 03/10/2014, then it changed yesterday.. I've noticed everyone who has gotten a TA, has been able to quickly get that 570 hold code to fall off, hoping the same happens for me. I filed feb 4th, got accepted feb 5th. This has never happened before when I've filed with H&R block in previous years. Going to continue filing with them. No more Turbo Tax for me, this was my first year filing with TT, and now im scared to do it again!
    • there are also people who got their returns weeks ago and their transcript and WMR still says processing. Something is going on with the IRS this year..
    • Oh no, I meant for last years. Mine was caught up for education credits for 2012, so I don't know when I got my DDD. I'm trying to see if people who remember when they got it last year noticed if it was the same date as their deposits or a few weeks earlier
    • yep they have increased their automated screening procedures and created a hell of a backlog for themselves
    • I had education credits last year as well, and got mine return March 4th, which happens to also be the "processing start date" on my transcript for last year..
    • Sweetaliv did you get an advocate with just having a delq water bill?  Did you have  fax proof
    • Slwater2008, I almost had one, got case number,  but once I spoke to advocate,  it was a no go. Reason being it didn't delinquent and might be shut off. If it says delinquent and going to be shut off,  you're good. I also guess it all depends on the rep. I've seen where some say, delinquent & if not pay you will be shut off no other notice will be given. That will work too
    • It's frustrating to me that you have to wait until you are right on the edge of the cliff before getting help.
    • I don't have notices... However I do work for a private student loan company.. and a requirement for my employment is that I don't have delquent student loans or I'll risk losing my job. My loans just went back into repayment which is what I am planning to use the money on.
    • So no updates on these 570 codes? 2days pass the 10th and nothing....am I the only one?!
    • Nope.. Nothing happened =(
    • My "As of Date" changed from 3/10 to 3/31.  My two 570 codes remain.  I received my 4464c letter, and an IRS agent did state that the hold was for income verification.  I offered to send the IRS my W2 and last four paystubs, but the IRS agent declined, stating the IRS needed the information from my employer.  To date (3/14/14), no one from the IRS has contacted my employer.

      Forum member @Effie6 stated that her Tax Advocate believes the delay comes from the SSA processing its data tapes late.   This could explain the need for income verification on such a massive scale.
    Okay this is coming directly from my tax advocate who has been working for the irs for over 2 decades "this year is the worst filing year I have ever seen in my career. New regulations called for enhanced computer automated fraud checks. The problem is those filters are ao sensitive that it is throwing people filing regular returns into the review line. Another issue is the automated systems are catching so many, there is not enough man power to go through all of them in a timely manner, so another computer system is in place to auto-match the withholding and w2/1099 to a held return. A majority of people are awaiting the auto match to occur otherwise they are at the mercy of awaiting manual review. Luckily for you you, you have me, they have updated your codes to 571 and 846, which means you will be receiving a refund shortly"
    Me: what should I tell others
    Her: "tell them what I've explained (see above) but please leave my badge and name out of it. Also, tell them they are not alone, I am receiving 4-6 new files a day alone, and I know my coworkers are as well."
    Me: what could have prevented this?
    Her: "the fraud checks work in stages, amount of refund compared to previous years, withholding increases, early filing, EIC, kid tax, self employment and education credits, the more you have, the more likely you will be delayed. If you file later (end of Feb), you will likely not be affected next year because the early filing flag will not tag, and the credits filter will be adjusted by then. It is always tightened or loosened by end feb to ensure a smooth filing season and to make sure there are not too many false flags"
    Me: thank you
    • how did you get ahold of an advocate? I need to get ahold of someone who can actually tell me whats going on. Seems like once someone talks to an advocate, the hold code drops off.
    • @effie6, that's some really good info, thanks for posting. Did your TA tell you how long this process could take? I feel like last year something really similar happened, I just hope this year they have a faster solution
    • Hi @kxracer85, she did tell me, but I don't know if you want to hear it... She said those who were pegged for identity would have likely received their letters by now, so that leaves employment and/or withholding verification. Without an advocate, she said that the refund would be completely dependent on when the SSA sends over the "tapes" of employer submitted data, and then about a week or so from there for the automated system to match what was reported by the taxpayer with what was reported by the employer. She said that is often right before the deadline, however this year, the government shutdown delayed the SSA processing, and they did not start until mid month, so it would be closer to the end of April or beginning of May just to receive the "tapes"
    • I received a letter, but it stated no additional information was needed that they just pegged me to verify the return amount matched up with the credits I claimed and my employment and that the 570 hold code would fall off on the specified date (which was yesterday), and i would get a WMR DDD shortly after. Wonder what the hold up is on mine.
    • If I had to guess, I'd say that your employer's w3 information was not transmitted yet. That is the biggest delay this tax season
    • So then that means that they are really reviewing the w2s. While others are. Thinking that it's just a stalling stactic.
    • @l_dalle, yes it does appear to be that way. I know for a fact they called my former employer because HR called to give me a heads up as they thought I was being audited. Them just receiving my w2 and December paystubs were not enough, they needed employer generated verification. In my case it was a call, for another user it was a letter on company letter head verifying the info, and so on.
    • did you receive a letter Effie6, and if so which letter, 5 years ago I was indeed reviewed, and they sent me the cp05a letter requesting additional info, as the company I worked for filled late and they had to verify income. I received my refund after everything was verified. Last year I was in a really similar situation as this year, I got a 4464c letter but then never received another letter, finally got the truth from a rep in late June that put a referral in for me, and I received refund about 30 days after that. I was told that there were computer crashes because the system was overloaded with early filers, and those returns couldn't be processed until after tax season. Letter 4464c is auto generated when a return is taking longer than expected to process. Personally I feel the people waiting on W2 info,  they would have received Cp05a letters, just a guess.
    • I received just a general letter, no action or request for information. Mine came 2/24 I believe. It didn't say anything other than they'd contact me if they needed anything. It wasn't until I got an advocate that they even knew what they needed because they are so backlogged due to the new software flagging everyone and their mother, they didn't have time to look at my return until she forced the issue
    • I went to the junk drawer, the letter I received was a Feb. 25, 2014 LTR 4464C that was addressed Dear Taxpayer, and stated they were doing a thourough review. So it seems this year, those of us who are or were waiting on w2 verification were just given general letters and will likely get the Cp05a letters if the wages aren't retreived from the SSA soon. That would be my guess.
    • Yea I got the same letter dated the same, I don't qualify for a TA, I really hope I don't have to wait until July again
    • @effie6 I posted this link a few days ago, its sounds alot like what your TA said, and was what happened last year to everyone that was delayed. Wasn't sure if you've seen it or not.
    • No, I didn't see that, but it seems to make sense. Thanks for sharing
    • Check this out Guys!! An EX IRS agent telling you about the IRS. http://youtu.be/s1UT2Ms5E2k It  is in two parts
    • Effie6.Everyone says a tax advocate only helps you if you're in financial trouble. I wasn't in financial trouble , I was just delinquent on a water bill, that I usually don't pay it until it gets to $75 dollars, anyways.  Maybe the reason being it stated,  This bill is delinquent, and may be shut off if it's not  pay by March 27th. Guess it's no logical  reason how they do things. Also wanted to ask you do they look over your problem first before they contact you. My advocate stated  I needed to mail in wages too.
    • Sweetaliv,  were you successful in getting an advocate I take it?
    • slwaters2008..I think I was, lol, she called today and I sent her my information
    • They didn't look over anything of mine. I called, a lady took the intake information and a couple of days later an advocate called me. I missed her first call (on a tuesday) so she left a message say "in reviewing you're account, your refund is being held for income verification. That's all I can see with it. Please fax your W2, if you have it, and you last paystub at your earliest convenience", and so I did. She called later and said she was sending it over (on a Wednesday) and the IRS called my former employer on that Thursday. Friday the hold was released, but it didn't update until Monday 03/10 and I was refunded via DD on 03/14. I did send extra stuff because people here said it was a good idea, but as far as actual requested docs, it was just the W2 and paystub, if I had it.
    • Thats how mine went, I didn't fax over anything to the reps. They took down my information, told me one would be calling friday. I called back the same day and told them to close my account. Long story short, they didn't close it, & a rep called me this morning. I spoke with her and all she needed was my income, I asked her," did she want me to fax over anything else", she said, "no we have everything else" and she'll call me back by the 31st. I guess I'll just chill until then.
    • Sweetaliv.. did you have to send proof of your past due bill before they sent you to an advocate?
    • I'm wondering if I should get a tax advocate. 3 weeks ago I was injured at work pretty badly and I'm going to need surgery on my knee as a result this week. Workers comp takes weeks to pay and as of right now I have no income. I live with my father and help him pay property taxes and insurance to stay so I'm not getting evicted but I do have many bills due including books I need in order to attend a class I need to graduate. What should I do?
    • Trying calling Monday morning
    • Another day....Another day saying this sucks....so....this sucks....still.....I wonder if ill get my 2014 refund before I get 2013
    • Refund? What refund? ... =(
    • slwaters2008..No, I was surprised she didn't ask for me to send her anything.  If she did I would be up the creek without a fuc*in paddle. She just asked me to send in me income. Suppose to call me back on the 31st. She did say something about April or May 17th. I'm going to call her back, on the 24, to make sure she received my documents & to ask her about that date
    • As in that's when she expected you to get the refund? ?
    • Slwaters2008..I'm not sure. When she called I was in the middle of something.  All I really heard is income & those dates. That's why I'm going to give her a week and call back. I really couldn't talk when she called, but I was afraid if I didn't , it may take another 5 to 7 days for a return call
    • Sweetaliv. . Ah okay! I suppose I'll try calling Wednesday morning to get an advocate myself to hopefully get the ball rolling. Keep us updated plz :)
    • I finally got the cpo5 notice  but have had no change to any thing  I want to know what the dates mean or do they really have a hat their drawing them from.
    • Amyj. Whats your date on the back. My date is by May 1st. I was told more then likely once you get the cpo5, you'l probably get cp05a, once it gets close to the end of your review date
    • What type of notice is cpo5?
    • Slwaters2008..A under review notice, stating there are things they need check, ir verify.  Whats your review date?
    • I've never received that type of letter. The only one I've received was the one from a few weeks ago just saying it was being reviewed and to expect something in the next 60 days.
    • Sleaters2008..oh ok, you was just wondering.
    • Exactly!
    • Update: called today they need wage income verification wish they would have told me that in the first place. Said they could take up to 45 days but I've seen where it won't take that long
    • Saraharen54..did you receive a letter, or she just happened to tell you.
    • She told me a letter went out but I didn't get it yet I'm glad I called I wasn't expecting an update at all and I wouldn't have known had I not called I wanted to get an advocate because I'm out for surgery for god knows how long and I don't have any money
    • My transcripts never updated either I've been waiting since 1/31
    • Did she at least gv you an address to mail your documents?
    • Yes she did I wish I would have gotten a fax number instead but they are going certified mail today I suggest everyone to call today because I was initially told that they did not require anything of me but that changed sometime last week
    • Well good for you. Hope you get a dd date soon
    • Did you call the advocate number or did you  to check the status?
    • I called and advocate but didn't qualify
    • Sorry about that, guess its a waiting game now for all of us.
    • So I called the tax advocate hotline, and although I didn't qualify for an advocate they did look to see why I am being reviewed. The lady seemed confused and kept placing me on hold but stated that it's for income verification. She said I don't need to send anything in because they are waiting for verification from some reporting agency. She really was confusing me because she said that it looks like my income was underestimated from what they show as my w2. But then she said something about 2012. Which didn't make any sense.. and when I asked her if it was something to do with a previous return she said no and kinda got rude so I stopped asking and just listened. But she said there wasn't any steps I needed to take, that they will verify the information when it gets reported. I'm not sure what the problem would be though, the numbers I double checked were correct. Kinda more confused now than before I called.
    • Slwaters2008. I'm pretty sure that's what it is, Income verification. By the way I'm confused too, :)
    • Hopefully we will get more answers soon..
    • Answers? From the government? Ha!!! I got a better chance of Santa coming down to tell me why I didn't get that transformers action figure as a kid. He sure didn't mind eating all the cookies that year.
    • Lol I didn't get Optimus Prime that year either.. great. Now I don't have a transformer or my tax return. At least now I know what ill buy first when/if I ever get it!
    • Slwaters2008. .we'll get our money soon :)
    • Fingers crossed =) haha
    • Slwaters I know right I spent all day wanting a damn transformer...but not the new ones it would have to be the ones from the 80s...and yes people I know I'm talking about toys...but at this point is there really anything we can say that we haven't already read or said for ourselves. I'm just posting this hoping to make this thread even longer maybe we can win a Guinness world record for longest community thread  ..got to entertain myself somehow...
    • @scarecrow.. Hahahahahaha!!!
    • @scarecrow.. love it! Did anyone see on the news how the irs is warning how many millions of dollars they have from unclaimed taxes that they are telling people to file for? I'm just over here like oh I filed early and I'm still waiting for my share of the pie. And no one can tell me exactly where my pie is or a straight answer on what's taking it so long for me to get said pie. Mmmm pie. <3
    • Now I want pie.
    • Hmmmm pie....now we want transformers and pie...oh and I know I can't wait for turbotax to take out their fees straight from my account tomorrow. I mean I am rollin in the money that I just post here everyday because I want a friend...and pie....and toys...oh yeah and of course OUR MONEY....Well at least my money y'all are on your own hahaha
    • Oh and I'm sure after turbotax takes it tomorrow sbbt is still gonna end up taking it out on their end well so ill end up on their community site trying to get that money back from them. I'm sure I'll "get a letter" ..... pie....
    • Lol.. are you talking about your fee for filing with TT? Are they not going to wait until you receive the refund before they charge you for it?
    • Nope got an email saying that they are taking it out of account tomm but I don't get that since technically the transaction is not complete how do I know if they screwed up sending my info to irs and that is why it hasn't been approved. Man.....this sucks....still waiting on my pie if any single ladies out there want to bring me some. I mean they if I am gonna be paying 100 bucks for tt to do nothing more really than be a calculator then I'm gonna start using this site as the most  expensive dating site in history. Maybe can set a world record for that
    • Hey I'm right there with you! Can't get our refund, or transformers... might as well try for a lady! Anyone know how to make a good sandwich??
    • They took the filing fee this morning. TT never gave us any help in this issue, seems like next year I may be looking at tax cut or H&R block to file my taxes.
    • Yea wasn't that a nice way to wake up. Guess I missed that small print....Well at least they are getting their money and I guess it was good I just happened to have a deposit yesterday.
    • Do all tax companies have this policy?
    • still no change just checked wmr code tax topic 152 no change for my as of date either still mar 31st idk what to do
    • No change either 570 code was 3/10 n of course that came n went....smh
    • No change or updates here either. No new letters or notifications of any kind. . The only letter I received stated should get my return within 60 days if i remember correctly.  That was dated Feb 20th if I remember right. Anyone have any reason to believe we won't get our money within the 60 day window? I believe it would be by the 24th of april. 1 month away.
    • I suspect april 24th also, I got an updated transcript and one of the line items stated 4-15-14.
    • No change for me.  Still two 570 codes.  No 971 code for my 4464c letter (a.k.a. the 60 day letter).  The "As of Date" is still at March 31, 2014.  No one has contacted my employer as of yet (3/24).  I'm hoping once the SSA data tapes are processed, my 570s will turn into a 571 and 846! :-)
    • Any idea on how long those data tapes may take?
    • Any updates this morning.
    • Nothing new here unfortunately.
    • Nothing this way
    • I have had no change in weeks got the  standard letter we will contact you if we need anything. Well they need to contact my bank account with MY MONEY.
    • I second the motion!!
    • My wmr finally updated to my return has been received and being processed.
    • @ Amyj- Hahahaha. No SHIT!!! So over the BS
    • Damianbarker updated to what...u mind enlightening us on ur refund situation?
    • On wmr it says return received, and its processing.
    • So that has to be a big plus, my guess they got the info from SSA and its going through the regular processing for a tax return.
    • Does yours show the bars? Mine has always had the received and processing statement on it since the removal of the bars.
    • I never had the bars, I had the 1120 screen so this is a major update for me.
    • I still have no bars just the still processing note
    • Well guys, I have a TA, & still nothing has changed for me. I still got 3/31 as of Date 3/10 570 and last but not LEAST  NO FUCK*N MONEY
    • I hear that lol. It would be nice if we at least we're getting interest.
    • Ikr ..... it's a down right shame!
    • I received mine this morning. I am so happy I almost cried. paid a bunch of bills and will now book my vacation trip for this summer. I will really need that to unwind.
    • Damianbarker..congrats!!! What was your status?
    • Did you have an advocate?
    • I had a 570 on 3/3/14 I had filed 1/24/14 then it updated to  570 on 3/10 and then just yesterday it changed to processing return received and by chance I looked at sbtpg that same night and it said return received. I had no advocate,I had called once, when I got my transcript and saw the 570, followed by the letters. Good luck to everyone else lets hope you get them before april 15th. Next year I am filing the day they start processing not a minute earlier.
    • What letter did you receive? Congrats!
    • The same one we all got, being manually reviewed you don't have to send anything.
    • Ok well have something new finally. They added a 424 I and 971 to my transcripts. As of date has changed as well so I'm sure ill be getting something from them soon.
    • Great news! Ahhh all these changes and I'm just over here with nothing new =(
    • Yea well I said it was new didn't say was a good thing.lol  424 I think was return examination and the 971 notice issued which means something wasn't right with return. So yea it's new just not really .
    • Scarecrow427. .what did your As of Date change to & what's the date next to your 424. I've been reading a lot of people are getting 424, this year
    • I think it said March 27th but don't remember at the Moment. Ill check a little later but as of date changed to 4/14 like most others.
    • I have read post, which people have  posted that they  have a 424, it seems like it was always dated with a date that had past, or the same date they looked at there transcript
    • I was just going thru my return again item by item and believe I know what happened it had to do with the transfer of info from last year. More on that later im gonna  amend it and see what happens. What else I got to lose.
    • That's all you can do
    • So while looking through my last year's return and transcripts I realized during my return last year I forgot to include a w2 information for a job I worked about 20 hours  at. I didn't even remember it as it was in the very beginning of the year before I started a new full time job. I didn't receive the w2 in the mail so I didn't think about it until I just saw it. That job would have been during 2012 tax season. So I'm thinking that may be what's holding mine up? Any ideas or suggestions?
    • I don't think that would hold you up,but you can call 800-897-3315
    • What number is that for?
    • To check to see if there holding your taxes for 2012
    • Anyone check their wage and income transcript? Mine doesn't have any info yet for 2013...
    • Mine doesn't either
    • Sweetaliv, I called that number but it was like  spam line telling me i won some cruise bs. Haha
    • As of today (3/31) I have no changes to my transcript.  Still only two 570s with a date of 3/10 and an "As of" date of 3/31 remain.  No 971 code even though I received a 4464c letter.  I'm terrified of waking up tomorrow and finding a 424.  I'll update tomorrow.
    • My wage transcript just got posted today! I filed Feb 4th! Hopefully this is a good sign!
    • my wage transcripts posted today too and i filed on 2/9/2014...is this suppose to mean something?
    • Yes. You filed during the same time frame as me, which was the beginning of the open season, and most high refund amounts in that time frame, skipped the income verification process and the wage transcripts didnt get sent to IRS, without wage transcripts, the IRS is unable to process your return. You wage transcript being posted, means you should get a DDD soon. At least thats what IRS rep told me.
    • Thanks for the info @autumn.miracle!  I too noticed today that my wage transcript showed up.  I'm cautiously excited for my DDD.  I'm so scared to wake up tomorrow to a 424 code.
    • What's a 424?
    • Mine also updated I didn't have anything under wage and income before 424 is an audit code
    • Ohhhhhhh snap. Fingers crossed!
    • No updates on my transcript here. As of date still 3/31 and no additional codes beyond the 2 570s.
    • Me too @slwaters2008!  I'm not sure if that's good or bad?

      :nervous gulp:

      Next year I'm retaining the services of a tax attorney to file my taxes, even though I'm a simple 1040A.  Seems like nothing is simple anymore.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and me @slwaters2008 to join the 846 club soon!
    • @kbklv my hopes for us to get that 846 will keep my fingers crossed all day!!
    • Anyone have anything today? (4/1/14)
    • @autumn.miracle I still have the same info on my transcripts as yesterday, including the "As of" date of 3/31.  Good news is my wage information finally appeared :-)
    • Okay, now I'm totally lost.  It's April 2nd, and I still have an "As of" date of 3/31 with two 570s and no 971 (even though a 4464c letter was received on 2/25).  I did have to send in a form 8822 last week because I recently moved.  Good heavens, I hope that didn't throw another wrench into the system.

      Guess I shouldn't complain, I've been praying not to see a 424 show up on my transcripts.  Looks like God is giving me exactly what I've been asking for!
    • Haha!  Well if it makes you feel better I've gotten the same letter and exact same codes. No updates yet..
    • We're in this together @slwaters2008!  I'm praying for both of us.  No 42X codes; only a 571 + 846!
    • My "as of" date, changed to April 21st a couple days ago, changed to 4/21 the same day my wage transcript was made available. 4/21 is when the IRS and TA told me I should be recieving my refund. Now to hope and pray! Still no other codes, just a 570.
    • Still no updates here for me this morning. I'm pretty sure 4/21 is 60 days from when I received my letter so hopefully it'll happen by then.
    • @slwaters2008 It's now April 3rd, and I still have an "As of" date of 3/31 with two 570s and no 971 (even though a 4464c letter was received on 2/25).  My letter was dated 2/25, so I'll have to wait until 4/25.  I'm praying you and I both don't have to wait that long for our 571 + 846.
    • @autumn.miracle I'm hoping you get your refund sooner!
    • Slwaters2008, oh man I'm sorry it was 866-897-3315, my fault. Well atleast I didn't give you a sex number, like I did someone else, lmbo
    • Autum.miracle, atleast you've got a date. Hope they're telling you the truth. My TA hasn't given me a date, & since I have a TA I can't talk to the IRS.
    • @sweetaliv haha well thankfuly i didnt call a sex hotline. id call a number to get answers about why im not receiving money. . and would end up paying alot haha. imagine my surprise when someone would answer the phone. "you want to do what to my what?. i guess the irs has been improving their customer service.
    • Lol, ikr..still no $$$$ for you. Any progress?
    • Nope no changes here =(
    • Me either & what's so FUNNY TO ME I HAVE A FU**IN TA. Now that's hilarious!!. I figure, when it does come I'll need it just as bad as I needed  on my cycle date. I just really, really, really hope I have it before June. I would really, really like to go to Maryland for my nephew graduation. At first I was cool as long as I had it before Memorial Day, but please,please IRS give it to me  by June 7th. Say  a little pray for me. :{ (that's a song)
    • Can you think of any reason why we wouldn't have it by the 60 days it stated on the letter we had received in February?
    • I didn't get the same letter as you. I got a CP05, I got 45 days. I haven't gotten any new codes on my transcripts, so I guess that's good.
    • What's a difference between the two letters? Besides a 5 day difference haha
    • i got a 971amended return sent back to originator...does anyone know what that means
    • Slwaters2008..I haven't figured that out, I think the 4464c is 60 days, Cpo5, is 45 days. 4464c is a generic letter, & CPO5, is addressed to you.
    • Well heres an update for me....I can finally c my wage transcript!  Ok now is that any progress to me getting my money lol
    • Update:
      My "As of" date now shows 4/28 with two 570s and no 971.  As you know, my wage info appeared 3/31.  I did have to mail in an address change form (form 8822) a few weeks back.  My new address finally showed up today on my transcripts.  I'm hoping that the address change was the final piece to the puzzle.
    • No updates here. Still as of date of 3/31 and still two 570s. Anyone else have any updates or conversations with irs?
    • Same here! But the 4464C letter I received back on Feb. 25 states 60 days from that date, I should here from them (irs). Well, in 2 weeks lets see what happens. *sigh
    • @slwaters2008, @MrsStubbs  We're in this together!  We'll be okay.  I'm keeping the faith, because that's all I have left at this point.  Faith in God that this will all work out.
    • @kbklv thank you for the kind thoughts! I'm a Buddhist so a positive conclusion for us all will be meditated on =). Surely it's a good thing to have multiple approaches to positive outcomes =)
    • Agreed slwaters2008! And for the record, I'm Baha'i ;-)
    • I finally updated today, As of  Date, 4/28, WITH A 424 ATTACHED!!!
    • Must be nice, still no update here lol.
    • hey sweet what does 424 mean? and can anyone help me get a better number to contact the IRS. The past two people i talk to no offense were idiots and did not provide any help!
    • I have the same update as sweetaliv what does it mean im terrified
    • This website gives you the definition of the codes..
    • Still no updates for me. What will be the time line for you now sweetaliv with your 424?
    • Slwaters2008. .I have no idea, I wasn't told a time line. I'm going to call  TA on the 21st (if I can wait that long), that will be 2 wks after,  she told me to amend my return.
    • How does one go about amending the return? I ask because checking my wage transcripts I found an $800 w2 from a small part time job I held at the beginning of last year. I had thought it was from the year prior and never received the w2. Would that be why it's being held? It's weird because they will owe me more money.
    • Slwaters2008..download form 1040x, off of IRS website. That could be whats holding you up. I read on the IRS website, 10 facts about amendments,  & it said you don't have to amended for missing w2s, the IRS will do it. I think it just takes longer. If your going to amend , you should do it tomorrow.
    • Im still following along with yall, filed n accepted 1/31 4464 received 2/25, no updates on my transcripts...
    • Update: Nothing's changed.
      "As of" date: 4/28.  Two 570s with a date of 3/10.  4464c letter received on 2/25, but no 971 appears on my RoA.  I submitted a form 8822 to update the IRS with my new address, and the information was entered.

      Regarding the 42X codes...it seems the only folks who have them are the ones with TAs.  Am I understanding this correctly?
    • Thats what I'm seeing too, but I did read on another thread someone had it with no TA
    • @sweetaliv Well there goes that theory.  Thanks for letting me know.  I'm terrified of what's going on because this has never happened to me before, save the 2005 audit I had thanks to H&R Block(heads).  I've reviewed my return over-and-over again, and I can't find the mistake. :-(
    • You're probably alright!! The lady who prepared my taxes, messed me all up, so i know why i got the 424
    • Well I checked today, and finally my last W-2 is being shown on the Irs website. Since the penalty and accrued interest should start, I am assuming by tomorrow's date, movement like scattered herds should commence. I read on another site that there is still quite a large amount of 1121'ers getting their loose ends taken care now and they will have an extra 60.00 in their refund for interest since they won't receive it for 30 days. I hope we get ours back before then.
    • @sweetaliv  I'm sorry to hear that a person you trusted to do things right, got it all wrong.  Life is stressful enough; you don't need this too.   For my situation, regardless of how it turns out, next year I'm having a tax attorney do my taxes.  No more Turbo Tax or H&R Block.  I'm finished with automated software.
    • @sweetaliv did your ta tell you when to expect your mistake to be fixed and when to expect the refund? It wasn't a w2 issue was it? I called and they told me that they will change my information with the w2 that was sent so it wouldn't be necessary to send anything else in. If we were being audited when would we know?
    • Kbklv.thank you. The funny thing is I was afraid to do my own Taxes, thinking I was going to mess them up,  lol
    • Slwaters2008...I don't think she did. She's suppose to call me by the end of the month. No I didn't have a w2 issue,  I'm SE. Only reason why I know I'm being audited is my TA told me & i got 424 on transcript. Do you think your being audited?
    • I have no idea.. I don't have the 424 or anything and haven't been notified via mail or anything. I'd not be a very entertaining person to audit haha just not sure why it was getting reviewed. Unless it's the w2 I missed but I read mixed things about that. Some say it would cause it to be manually reviewed and some say it would only be if I entered something correctly on a w2 but not if I missed one. I can't seem to get a straight answer.
    • I'm still here. Filed 01/09/14, accepted 01/24, codes 570 (3/10-$0.00), 970 (03/10- $0.00), received notice on 02/24 (letting me no they made changes to return), code 424(03/06-$0.00), then code 420 (03/07-$0.00). Haven't been able to view my tc in 2 wks and today I got this big ass white packet from the IRS and there's a form in there I have file out about my income, send a copy of 1099 T from school info, my childrens info, HOH info ( copy of bills, my lease, my ID, etc....) , a copy of my state return. P.S. to everyone with the 424 & 420 u might be getting a packet soon and they give u 30 days to return all the stuff. All I need 2 do now is to print my state return from turbo tax.
    • No change for me either...
    • Sure would be nice if they would let us know if they need anything sooner rather than later...I didnt qualify for a ta but ugh...so frustrating I had a realtor that was holding a house for me now thats a bust...thanks irs...
    • Bmbmarshall5. .I didn't know you were still on this train with us, you haven't posted  awhile. Sorry you're still with us...Good God, wow they ask for everything besides your DNA!!! You're the first person who has (honestly) said they got a packet for a 424. If you don't mind me asking,  what put you in audit?  I know why I got the 424 code (per my TA), but she hasn't mentioned that I needed to send anything in as of yet. Also how soon did your 420 show up, I still haven't gotten that yet ,just the 424 .
    • Well way to go now I have a code 420 on my transcript....just know it cant b good
    • Still no new codes here. This wait is frustrating. >. <
    • Jennifersamuel20..sorry to hear that. Did you have  TA?
    • Nope no ta
    • Update:
      Today I received my 571 and 846 codes on my transcripts.  Glory to God in the highest!  I will continue to pray for all those still affected.
    • sweetaliv. I don't knw what happen but I woke up this morning and I remember that I paid for that Turbo Tax Audit thing and I'm going to give them a call b4 I mail anything. I had got my 424 on 03/06 and it changed to 420 on 03/07. I can't post everyday cause life still goes on with 3 kids.
    • Bmbmarshall5..I understand, life must go on. I've been checking my transcript everyday, waiting for the 424.  Just want to get this whole mess over with. I'm tired!! You've had you 420, for over a month, and your just getting a package,  telling you what you need to mail in, wow.  Its going to be a long Spring!!
    • sweetaliv. The info that they are asking for is very basic, nothing big that I would have to go out my way to get. They're asking for items that I keep around the house: prove I'm head of household , school stuff for my kids(showing that they lived with me the whole year of 2013 (guessing for that EIC credit) & my 1099 from my school. They could've sent this shit sooner, always waiting til the last minute and the bad part about it, I will have to give them/wait another 30 day b4 I check on the info I send in. Still can't view my Transcript.
    • Oh man, whew, I hope you get it soon. I dread looking at my transcript, cause I know 420 is coming.
    • Another day of no change here...*shrug*
    • Well I sent my ta a letter from my employer on 3/17 because i'm self employed he just sent it to the irs 2 weeks ago still have heard nothing and can't view my transcripts I give seems like I'm never going to get my money
    • Don't feel bad my TA sent my info to the IRS on 18th of March, I also got a 424 & still no refund (SE)
    • Everyone is getting all these codes and letters. . And I'm just over here huddled in a corner with no changes beyond the 570s. Tax refund? What's that?
    • Slwaters2008..I've read people who are just linger,  have called & the reps put in a referral.
    • Sweetaliv.. what kind of referral are you talking about?
    • Slwaters2008....I'm not sure, I guess,  maybe a referral to why you haven't received your refund, has  been over 60days?
    • Ah gottcha. . I think my 60 days from Feb 25th will be on April 25th.. so next week. If they don't put any other codes or anything are they suppose to release the hold on that date?
    • Shit if I know!! I've read where people thought the IRS was suppose to release on certain dates,  (but hey they thought they knew everything, NON IRS EMPLOYEES, lmao). If you want I can call my TA & ask her
    • And again...NO Changes.
    • well heard from my ta today the irs still haven't released my refund so he emailed them and he will call next thursday if he doesn't hear anything by then. So here i still wait and am loosing everything in the process this is crazy.
    • Sweetaliv,  if you speak with her could you check if I would qualify for a ta if I don't get any communication before the 25th? The letter said I can expect my refund within 60 from the issue of the letter unless I receive communication otherwise. Haha love the employee comment! I've learned to not have expectations about any date.. but surely that one would be correct.
    • Tk... I'm really sorry to hear about your struggles =( please keep us updated! You will be in my thoughts!
    • I filed 1/30. Got code 570 a week or two later. Got the stupid letter, called the IRS and the guy told me I should hear back from the IRS or have my refund by 4/15. When the 15th came and went I called again, this time they told me I'd hear from them or have my refund by 4/25. Thats 4 days from now, I'll post back if anything happens. I haven't heard anything so I'm hoping they will release my refund.

      Has anyone's refund not be released after the 60 day window? The guy at the IRS I spoke with last told me if nothing changed by the 25th to call again and he'll be able to tell me something. I don't understand why he can tell me on the 25th but not the 15th.

      Oh what a wonderful country we live in. Our forefathers got to be rolling in their graves.
    • I believe everyone who received a 60 day window received it from Feb 25th. So all of our dates should be on the 25th. I too am in the same situation as you are. If we don't get it by the 25th then it's likely we are being audited from when I've read. Did your letter have a code on your transcript?  Mine didnt.. just two 570s. If we receive another letter I'm better it'll arrive on the 25th or near it.
    • What do you mean did my letter have a code on my transcript?

      My codes are 150, 806, 766 and 570... And only one of each. And I'm not going to bother listing all the different dates on the thing, they all came and went so clearly they mean nothing. Not sure why they bother listing dates on the thing.

      I checked previous year's transcripts. This isn't the first time I had a 570 code. My returns have never been complicated either. Just W2s and tuition payments (for '11 and '12).

      This year I had one W2, school loans, tuition, and work expenses (tools). I went to school at a Lincoln Tech campus in 2011 and 2012, until I realized I was more or less robbed and stopped attending before I wasted more money. However, I stilled owed money for tuition. I'm still paying tuition now, my last payment is next month. But Lincoln Tech didn't bother to send me the form to claim my tuition payments on my taxes, but I paid tuition so I of coarse claimed it.  Another way they've screwed me, I can list a few other ways too.

      So I checked my wage and income transcript and sure enough... They not only didn't send me the form to claim my tuition on my taxes, but they didn't bother to report it to the IRS either. I've seriously considered suiting that damn school.

      So I'm assuming that's my issue. But still, it wasn't much money. So I'm surprised it would raise any red flags. We'll see. I'm not holding my breath. And still no updates on WMR or my transcript, and nothing yet in mail.
    • Gave myself a break from daily checking over the holiday weekend but Im back and still...no changes.
    • Another day...and nothing new...damn them...
    • Its the 25th, still haven't heard anything and no changes, I called the IRS... They told me they were gonna send a "referral" to the department that has my return and that I would hear from them in 30-45 days. They also told me if I didn't hear from them in that time frame to call back.

      After I flipped out they told me that my return was randomly selected for manual review.
    • That's crap... apparently they need to select less returns to review if their time frames are wait this many days and call.. then you call and they give another time frame. I haven't called yet.. may wait until next week. Keep my blood pressure down until then lol
    • Slwaters2008...you still haven't gotten your $$$$$$
    • Nope... yourself?
    • Hell Naw!!!!!, I think my 7 year old will be graduating from high school.
    • I hear you. My dad passed away yesterday so I'm not gonna call the irs this week.. don't think I would be able to contain myself over the phone if I got upset lol. I've still not gotten any letters and don't have any codes beyond the 2 570s.
    • Sorry for your loss.
    • @gmannikus -- I just got the same answer as you...blah blah blah referral...check again in 30-45 days...all this after being on the phone  an hour and a half...
    • I was also told to continue checking the WMR site. Supposedly, more often then not, a return is approved within 2 weeks of them sending a "referral."  I'm not holding my breath.
    • My transcript shows refund issued... As of today. 846 issued.  Finally good news
    • Good at least someone has good news...nothing here so far.
    • Yeah however it's not updated on the app or the site.. only on the transcript. I have no idea how long after it shows on the transcript before I'll get the direct deposit
    • Hey slwaters2008, did any of the IRS agents you speak with tell you that they were sending a referral for you? And if so, how long ago was that? And congratulations on finally getting your refund approved. When did you file and when was it accepted?
    • I never called them so there was no referral sent at all. I filed mid January and it was accepted early.. I believe Jan 29th. Had 2 570s and received the letter stating wait 60 days.. just changed on the 29th. Still wmr isn't updated and still says processing.. hopefully that will change soon.ill update once the refund is sent (or at least when I get access to it). I have no idea on the time line after the 846 is on the transcript.
    • Slwaters2008. .I'm sorry to hear about your father :(.   I'm glad you finally got your 846. Still not a dang ole thing for me. Again I'm sorry
    • Thank you. WMR updated today to approved, DD should be by 5/5. I hope everyone gets the ball rolling on all of yours!
    • Thanks..save me some of that money, lol
    • Just checked my Transcript, I now have codes 571 and 846... Refund Issued! Still no update on WMR. Best of luck to everyone still waiting.
    • Congrats,  I'm still waiting#!#
    • WMR updated on Saturday (the day after my transcript updated) saying my refund was approved with Thursday 5/7 as the day my refund will be sent to my bank for direct deposit by. Good luck everyone still waiting, it really sucks having to wait like this.

    I take it everyone has gotten their money. No one is posting anymore, I'm still waiting for mine guess i may have it by next year.

    • Haven't gotten mine yet no new news
    • Haven't gotten mine either! !!
    • Just wanted to let everyone know that i recieved mine..filed feb 9th but did not recieve until sunday night 5/18/2014 DD. Also for anyone who did amended returns i got mine back fairly quick too. I love getting refund checks in the mail :) good luck to everyone
    • I got mine on May 7th like I was supposed to. Call the IRS and complain. When I did the last time after waiting the 90 days, the agent I spoke with sent in a "referral" and a week later my transcript updated.
    • Congrats to both of you. Found out on  22nd I'm not getting a refund, after waiting since the 4th of February,  but happy for those that do:)
    • wow sweet sorry i still havent heard anything why arent u getting a refund tho?
    • this year is insane after waiting since Jan 31 with excuse after excuse and after getting a referral still no answer for me and now the actual irs is telling me to get a tax advocate.....even they dont fucking know why no one is doing anything with my return...I have been patient but this is fucking bullshit at this point....
    • I am still waiting on my refund..really sucks!!!
    • sweetaliv: How did you find out you not getting a refund?  also did you transcripts change when you found out this??
    • Sweetaliv!!! What happened????
    • sweetaliv:    How did you find out you not getting a refund?  also did you transcripts change when you found out this??
    • . After I couldn't notarized statements for all my Schedule C income, then the IRS sent me a letter stating they didn't owe me. But get this, they gave me credit for my ETC & child Tax credit,  but that's void, cuz I can't get notarized letters, lmao, funny right. The only reason why i couldn't is I no longer live in the same state that I did in 2013. So after fighting since 2/4, I just went on & signed the paper. It was to much of  headache.  After sending them in everything they ask for,  then they wanted notarized statements. Mind you as soon as my TA,told me what the IRS wanted,  each time I sent it to her within the hour.

    How did you find out you not getting a refund?  also did you transcripts change when you found out this??

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      4. Be a good listener. When people post very general questions, take a second to try to understand what they're really looking for. Then, provide a response that guides them to the best possible outcome.
      5. Be encouraging and positive. Look for ways to eliminate uncertainty by anticipating people's concerns. Make it apparent that we really like helping them achieve positive outcomes.

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