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Why is my refund still being processed?

I filled my taxes on the 3rd of Feb. and I got my state taxes back with in a week from that. I still havnt recived my federal taxes yet. Turbo tax says i should get it by the 24th. I tried to see what the IRS website says and they say it is still being processed. So was just wondering why it is taking this long to process my return? Thanks.


    IRS says that something like 98% of the returns are processed within three weeks from the time accepted -- there is no guarantee -- and besides there is nothing one can do . If the return gets kicked out for some reason then manual intervention is required  and that takes time. It has nothing to do with TurboTax --  and if your state is like California , it runs in parallel to the IRS and you catually may get your state refund earlier than the  Federal  refund.  Best advice ( even if you don't like it ) is to wait  and wait. If after  five weeks , you still don't see any change in WMR  status, then by all means call the  IRS.


      Please visit www.irs.gov and look for "Where is My Refund" -- this is most up to date information about the processing of your return ( it is updated regularly).  You will need filing status, SSN and the amount you expect in refunds

      • Yes ive done that and all it says is its still being processed. ..
      • Mine says the same thing. I have already received state refund and my 21 days is up on Monday
      • These answer that TT super users or workers put is funny. Same generic answer. Everyone is different and no I would wait 5 weeks to call that's just ridiculous suggestion. 3 weeks if you don't get it call cause some times letters don't get sent and sometimes the wmr has glitches and doesn't update properly.  I never received a letter last year and come to find out I was under 1121 code for extra review. But the arm didn't update it for a week after I called. They put 21 days and tell you to call in 21 days. And I saw another tt worker who tried to tell some one the irs doesn't promise a refund in 21 days that they have 21 days to accept it. She is an idiot! It even states on the IRS website. TT I don't expect you to know what is truly going on with my return once it's in the hands of irs but you shoukd get better people to answer in your name. Cause I've always used this to do my tax and never have I seen issues like this year. I'll probably just use tax act or something else next year.
      • So who should I call the irs people or turbo tax???
      • IRS turbo tax can't do anything once irs has it they are just a program.
      • That was a snappy answer. .
      • I just got my state today!
      • Look, I was personally involved  in studying and suggesting hanges to the WMR site as part of the TaxPayer Advocacy Panel.  I know how it works and the chnages thatIRS has made to improve the service.  21 days  came fromr  budgetary target  and the statistics over all f 2012, 2013  that almost 98% are processed  within 21 days. That is why I quoted 21 days.   And this date is from the time IRS accepts the return for processing i.e. after it has passed all the business rules test. There may still  be delays for issuance of the refund because once the return has gone to the masterfile it is in the refunds processing group who now  have to deal with offsets ( claims  against the refund ) before the refund can be issued.
      • Lol
      • bekkiboo32 -- I do not believe that is nice. We are giving our personal time  to help others so please do not do this --"LOL" indeed
      • I didn't ask for your time sir or ma'am I was answering someone with my experience just as you do! You do not know all and so if you were apart of a panel. Things mess up there are glitches. So wether the irs has made improvements doesn't mean there still are jot mistakes. So that being said the only way to know for sure is to wait the said 21 days then call the irs like we have been instructed to do. But if you feel there could be a problem call sooner. That is what they are there for. If I didn't call after 2 weeks last year I would never of known there was a delay in my refund why because of a glitch in wmr nor did I get a letter! Enough said and I'm sorry if you don't think I'm being nice I'm giving my opinion and experience! And I've seen many of you super users and tt employees get very rude with people as well.
      • My e-file was accepted Jan 24th and I still don't have my refund. Today was supposed to be the end of my 21 days. So frustrated.
      • Mine still says processing too.
      • Thanks for everyone giving there input..
      • Just called the IRS, and the lady there said she couldn't give me any info until the 24th, since technically they didn't start "officially" accepting returns until the 31st. Meanwhile, I sat on hold for 15 minutes.
      • I called and finally got through to a live human being after the system hung up on me 3 times in a row, I finally figured out a trick to get through to a representative, so, my experience with their IVR was frustrating and I feel it's shady not to have an intuitive option to speak with a representative.  Once I explained I was part of the original batch with a DDD of 02-06-2014 and that I don't have any bars anymore and am now, still showing "In Process" I was quickly transferred by an operator to some "advance" queue where I waited on hold for 35 minutes only to have a woman collect all my personal information, place me on hold for another 15 minutes and hang up on me.   Their incompetence is epic and if they were a private company they'd go out of business quickly and be facing a plethora of law-suits.  The government passed truth in lending to protect customers, we need similar transparency and accountability  when it comes to government agencies and their customer service reps that get away with wasting your time, placing you on ridiculously long holds and hanging up on you.  I called back and spoke with an older sounding woman who told me that I should call back tomorrow 02/21/2014 because "there's a new rule" that they can't look up anyone's individual return until tomorrow because that would be the first day of the 21 day window.  It seems they're making up things to say as they go along, simply inexcusable.  Still no answer, no DDD, transcripts show multiple entries for
        The IRS accepted your federal refund on January 21
        846 Refund issued 02-24-2014
        841 Refund Canceled 02-24-2014
        971 Notice issued 03-03-2014
        846 Refund issued 03-03-2014
        As of 02/20/2014
        No DDD and WMR still shows processing.
      • ...
      • Mine too and my refund date is Monday the 24th and im still in processing what's going on with that.
      • I was finally able to see my account transcript this morning and the date on it for me is 26th.
      • Mine is today and I still don't have my refunds. When it say in been processed what do that mean.
      • Mine was 2/21/14 - still processing today on 2/24/14 - What the heck is going on???
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