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"Where's my Refund" bar graph disappeared and still no DDD

"Where's my Refund" bar graph disappeared shortly after my return showed as being "processed" by the IRS. The WMR website states that "we have received your tax return and it is being processed". I was accepted on 1/31/14.... Is this normal? 2/21/14 will be 21 days. I wonder if I will get it before that date without being given a DDD? Has anyone received their refund unexpectedly?

    Im in the same boat.. I spoke to someone this morning and she stated that the wmr and ordering transcripts system is down and not to worry.. if I dont recieve tomorrow to call ..
    • Well the bar is back. Now it says approved. No DDD though.  Glad I see a change!
    • I wonder how long it will take to get it to move to "refund sent" now, if it took 22 days to get it approved lol
    • I never lost the bar but it has been on the first stage "received and processing" for 18 days now. Im starting to think Ill never get approved or a DDD.
    • so what was your final outcome
    • I filed 5 return 4 of them lost the bar today I checked and one got the bar back other 3 are the same all filed 1-8/1-12

    My transcript is showing all 0.00's.  Can't order the return at all.  My orange bars are totally gone, no one with IRS will give me any direct answers.  My status is showing "Still Processing, with give DD date when available" 

    I have no idea what is going on.  I filed my return on 02/03, accepted the same day.  Please help me to understand this.

    • I'm in the same boat, I did call on the 13th and was told that I had to verify my identity, which I did on the same day and still nothing!
    • Same here no bars... No Ddd... And no help by irs
    • marokaz2004 I haven't heard anything about verifying my identity.  Is there a number to call to do this?  Whatever I need to do in order for them to release my taxes.
    • Mt taxes were accepted on 02/01/2014.  Had one bar with tax topic 152, could not order transcripts, bars went away on 02/06/2014 with message stated that my taxes were received and a DDD would be provided when available.  Called IRS on 02/12/2014 and was told that I needed to call a different number to verify information, she also stated that I should be receiving a letter soon.  She was nice enough to provide the phone number for me.  I called and answered questions from 2012 tax return and the rep stated that I should have an update by March 3rd?!?!?! I called 1800-829-0582 ex0633
    • thanks for the information
    • marokaz2004 did you mean 633 because they are asking for 3 digit extension.
    • Marokaz2004 do I need to pull my taxes from last year?  What kind of questions do they ask?
    • yes, sorry 633.  and yes, pull your taxes from last year, they asked for my AGI from my tax return last year, and my dependent's DOB that I listed on last year's return, and my employers name from last year
    • okay, got all of that for them. I am going to call today.  Thanks for your help.
    • good luck, let me know what they say?
    • See I was the same as all you but Friday at like 11pm I could order return transcripts by mail when I couldn't before that. And a few days before I called and woman said well they may be able to clear it without contacting me and asked if I had same employer I said yes and she told me then it shouldn't be an issue and prob be delayed two weeks which would put it at the March 3rd time frame so the fact I ordered return transcripts by mail that ill be ok right ?
    • refund delays?
       The IRS is currently stating this is a system wide computer update which affects all tax returns filed before January 26th, regardless of who filed, how they filed, or which type of software they use. What this means to the tax payer is that contacting your accountant of software provider won’t do anything to speed up your return, since this is on the IRS side of the house.

      As of right now, the delays are only affecting tax payers who filed their tax returns before January 26, 2012. Taxpayers who filed their returns on or after January 26th should still receive their tax return according to the IRS refund schedule
    • Where did you find this information John?  That would ease a lot of people's minds
    • I agree.... Where did he get this information. Then he states it as if we are already past the 26th. Sounds like bs to me!
    • I saw a link in another post but it linked to an article from 2012 so that isn't relevant to 2015
    • my bad got email from friend didn't even read the date just looking for reason for bars dissappearing
    • No hard feelings John, we're all just a bit edgy and freaking out
    • I know I was freakin out when I saw the email glad you guys caught the date lol
    • I did find this on Facebook last night
      "Where's My Refund Status Bars Disappeared

      We have gotten many comments and messages regarding the IRS Where’s My Refund Tool having your orange status bar disappearing. This has to do with the where’s my refund site having too much traffic and lagging. This is causing images not to display and information about your federal tax return to not show up. This has happened every year since the tool was first available. This has nothing to do with you being flagged or your return being denied. Status Bars Disappeared for many american's who filed early."
    • Also someone who filed with TaxAct posted a picture of her acceptance letter here  and that clearly says the WMR tool won't have personalized info until Jan 31st

      Really makes you wonder why there is not one clear answer....

    I am in the same boat and the IRS will tell me nothing except if I do not have it Monday to call another person said some people were caught in a 2 week delay and add two weeks from the 20th and she said march 3rd not sure who is right when the irs gives no answers or different had no problems last year

    • Me too. Was excepted on 2/3. My wmr says the same thing and I am not able to order my transcript.  I have already received my state refund a week a go. I cant get any info. I feel like I am going crazy. I have a large refund and got remarried last year. I am getting nervous.
    • I was accepted before 01/31, no bars, in the same boat.  IRS will not tell you anything at all.  I have no idea what is going on.
    • I meant 02/03 and accepted the same day, was thinking about my daughters return.
    • I was told the same thing that I was caught in d 2 weeks delay to just keep checking wmr daily. I was accepted in d 29th
    • Same situation! Accepted on January 31 and nothing. No bars or dd. today makes 21 days for me! Any suggestions! My fiancé filed his after me and got his two weeks ago! So frustrating!
    • YEP! SUCKS!!!
    • Call in... I have a Ddd date of February 26th... But it's not showing on the WMR site... And at first I cud only see my transcripts after I called in and the next day I cud see my whole return...
    • What number you called
    • I've called all day was on hold over an hour. Eventually gave up. The one time I got through they said they didn't know and transferred me which put me back on hold!! Never found anything out. Who did you call?
    • 1877-777-4778 tax advocate... For people suffering or about to suffer an economic hardship... They will connect u wit the irs... I think it's a lil quicker  the longest I've waited was 35 mins but it's worth it... I wud hav waited an hour if I had to...
    • 438638... did you have the 2 570 codes on your transcript?
    • wait is over finally got my bars back and a DD of Feb 26th thannks irs for all the wrong info march 3...march 10th......
    • This phone number what do they do differently then the other number
    • @ kris192. I know u feel relieved. I got to view my transcript on yesterday so hopefully I will get something in d morning
    • I got to view mine last night woke woke up this am with ddd
    • @kris192. I know u were happy I hope I wake up in d morning with one.
    • I hope everyone does! i know how frustrating it is especially when you are depending on that money
    • 20140805 code was able to order return transcripts on irs2go was ablentonview yesterday
    • Was able to view my transcripts 3 days ago. Still no bars or DDD..
    • @kris do u have a 570 code on ur transcript
    • No I didn't have any 570 codes..
    • Anyone else file on 2/6/14? I filed and it was received the same day but I still have not been approved. WMR is still on the first bar. Transcripts still all 000 and no DDD. It has been 18 days. If I am to get a refund within 21 days of my filling day as promised should things has progressed further than this by now? In 4 years of using TT Ive never waited this long for my refund. Usually comes in about a week of filing.
    • I file 2/6/2014 and accepted the same day but dwmn the lin I got a notice saying you'll get ur refund with in 6weeks as long if u dnt owe other tax or  debt but I call that num on my notices and gat a detail of my tax account and it said federal tax credit withholding xxxx was a applied and earn income credit xxxx was of apllied and for the tax year 2013 you have a credit balances xxxxas of april 15th 2014 I guess that mean ill get my refund
    • How long did it take for your bar to come back? I know this post is old ,but I am going through the same thing in 2015
    • @humbled1568 I have no bars and my refund amount disappeared are u having the same issue
    • yes..
    • many, many people are and are unable to access their transcripts online.  Another forum question on here has pointed to this answer from an IRS rep: advised they are not processed yet and not to worry about bars that their systems have not fully updated yet and they are now starting to process returns he said to watch for updates soon.  And that was posted just an hour ago here:  There are a great deal of us going through this so try not to worry or join in the worry at that link.  Good luck to each of you.
    • refund delays?
       The IRS is currently stating this is a system wide computer update which affects all tax returns filed before January 26th, regardless of who filed, how they filed, or which type of software they use. What this means to the tax payer is that contacting your accountant of software provider won’t do anything to speed up your return, since this is on the IRS side of the house.

      As of right now, the delays are only affecting tax payers who filed their tax returns before January 26, 2012. Taxpayers who filed their returns on or after January 26th should still receive their tax return according to the IRS refund schedule

    If i owe the irs would that slow up the rest of my refund? filed 20th accepted 21st of february.Thanks

    • When I owed the IRS, the amount was deducted from my refund, and I received the remaining balance within 21 days of filing.
    • i was offset twice the first time they took all of my refund last year they took 1300 i still got my refund within 2 weeks of filing
    • i file the 26th got my refund the 12th
    • Thanks all!! My transcripts still arent available
    • I spoke with a rep from the irs 30 min ago,she said that i dodged the bullet this year because they are just processing what i owe so itll come out next year if i dont pay it
    • I almost did a flip,lol. I owe close to 4,000.
    • Fyi,People are saying they are getting refund dates for 1/30/2015,updated this morning. Lots of them filed the exact time i did.
    Who is affected by the tax refund delays?

    The IRS is currently stating this is a system wide computer update which affects all taxreturns filed before January 26th, regardless of who filed, how they filed, or which type of software they use. What this means to the tax payer is that contacting your accountant of software provider won’t do anything to speed up your return, since this is on the IRS side of the house.

    As of right now, the delays are only affecting tax payers who filed their tax returns before January 26, 2012. Taxpayers who filed their returns on or after January 26th should still receive their tax return according to the IRS refund schedule.

    • The IRS refund schedule that you mentioned is not correct for my case. I was accepted on January 31st and I still do not have my refund or even a direct deposit date. It states on this schedule that I should have received it on February 12th.
    • Yeah I don't think the schedules right but I'm sure the statement has some validity to it. You check sabtabarbra tax group website see if ur returns been deposited in it
    • You may have been accepted on Jan 31 because that's when they started processing however if you filed before the 26th like I did then we are being delayed for some reason I filed on Jan 18th never again I know that hopefully we will get an update tonight my fingers are crossed
    • I wish all the refunds would come but I do feel a little better knowing its not just me and something I did wrong on my taxes, was worried I was the only one this was happening year no filing early for me!
    • I didn't. I actually filed on Jan 30th and it was accepted the next day on Jan 31st.
    • Kris192 oh no it's not just you there is a website called igotmyrefund with people expressing the same concern it's just so not fair there is a big update tonite between 3-6 am my 21 days are up on Friday if I hear nothing I will be calling exactly at 7 I feel like they should be able to tell us something before then to ease or mind I'm hearing those affected might not see a refund until March 3 which I doubt because they have to pay interest if so and we all know the irs is not trying to pay out more
    • I did the free file so I don't think the refund goes through the santa barber tax group.  Yes, I do feel better (a little) knowing it is just not me. Hopefully when we wake up tomorrow ALL of us with have an update with a DDD!!! Sending good thoughts our way! :)
    • kyerrica2014: Good to know about the update happening tonight :)
    • Amberosia02 no problem I just know how stressful it is so any info I get I will keep you guys posted
    • We have no bars, no ddd and no one will tell you anything.  It's something seriously wrong with this picture.
    • Did you all check the online ACCOUNT transcript? It should have your tax information. Not the RETURN transcript. If the return transcript has 2013*, then your return has not been processed yet. When the * is gone, THEN check your acct transcript. It should have various codes on the side like: 150( meaning the have actually received your your tax report; 806( showing your reported wages,etc). If you see a 570 code that mean there is a refund freeze on your acct and they will send you a letter if they need to( code 971) The 846 code is what you should interested with. That is the REFUND code. IRS accepted my return on  2/1/2014. I could not see anything on my acct until THIS morning.I still have no DDD since I now have received the 570 code. My 21 days are also up this Friday.
    • I have never heard of the account transcript. How do I look at that?
    • There are many people who have seen that code and still got their dd so idk it would let me view mines online is I had to order mines in mail I was also told that the account transcript means nothing it's the return transcript that means the most and amberosia02 go to and click link that says view transcript
    • Thank you. Doing that now :)
    • Okay so I did not have a * next to anything on my account transcript.... The codes that I see are Code 150, and shows a date of 2.24.2014 and then Code 806 for the withholdings with a date of 4.15.2014... Not sure what the 4.15.2014 date is all about?
    • Idk about the 415 date but u should be receiving a dd on 2/24 the 150 code means under review but a lot of folks had that code and still got refund so hopefully it will reflect on WMR tonight u should check out they are very helpful people are sharing their experience a lot more on there and good luck with everything
    • Everyone will have the 150 code! That just means that IRS did receive your taxes and is now inputting it into the system. The account transcript only will have only have detailed information once the * is removed from your RETURN transcript. Up until that point, your acct transcript would have only showed 0.00 on all lines and the Return 2013 * will state that a non-filing verification letter was proof about IRS not having a file done at that moment! Remember the code you want to see is the 846 (Refund) code. And the Freeze on your acct code is 570.
    • Thank you!
    • Your Welcome Honey Bunny!!
    • Toni I was able to order account transcript by phone only online keep saying info does not match so if I do have a cycle code but still can't order return one should I still go by cycle code I have heard of folks who could not order either one and WMR never updated but still got refund
    • Kyerrica, you need to see the online transcript!! The first one that I was able to order was by mail. That will not do you any good because you want too SEE what's going on while you are being processed. Remember, if you still have the * linked to the RETURN transcript, your ACCOUNT transcript will only show you 0.00. They Both kind of work hand in hand. On these threads look up a guy by the name of 2Wheel Life // " IRS Where's my Refund,Transcript and all that Jazz!! He is a Turbo Tax community person such as ourselves. Watch it and it should out a Lot!!
    • This is bs lol still no update maybe it's too soon but this sucks
    • I still dont have an update however my 570 code has 03/10/2014 on it so I am assuming thats when my refund will be released
    • where did you find that code?
    • Still nothing new to report! UGHHH :( I was really hoping for a DDD this morning!
    • Nothing here either......don't know what the deal is this year the past 5 yrs have not had one problem....
    • No update no deposit just trying to think what are they going to say to all of us tomorrow or Monday morning. "Still processing"
    • Everything I've worked hard for is dwindling away. 20 days have past,no ones going to extend anytime to me now. Dear diary fml.
    • You know who's fault this is real housewives of new jersey Joe judice and his wife
    • Has anyone else been told they were caught in a '2 week delay' and could be march 3rd?
    • I filed and was accepted on the 2/3. Woke up this morning and had two orange bars with a direct deposit date of 2/24
      Waited forever with the status showing processing.
    • I was told March 10th
    • @ kris192 I was told that this morning and I was accepted on d 29th. I was told it will probably b next week before I get anything because of d 21 days was up today
    • Just got off phone with irs they said that I was accepted the 28th of Jan and that the system accepted mine early but they did not start processing until feb 1st and really accepting 31st that mine are delayed and I will have a refund by the first wk of march no errors on return just a delay.....
    • Kris192 do you still have your orange bars?  Mine are totally gone, just tried calling them and they told me to call back Saturday, they wouldn't look at my account at all.
    • call them back and tell them that your bars are gone and there was an error code, but you can't remember the code because when you went back to check it it was gone along with everything else.  I don't like lying but they do it all the time!
    • Will do...IRS is something else.  I have never experienced this before ever.
    • Bars have been gone all week, man was actually helpful looked at everything told me no errors no red flags just BC it sed into system early got delayed looking forward to 1st of march a little longer n I will have them next year def not filing early . all. One has been saying is still processing a refund date will be shown when available so if you filed early my guess is nothing till march
    • Just called IRS back again got a different Rep a little nicer, she stated that she does not see anything wrong with my return, they are just so backlog.  Told me to keep checking WMR, that I should have an update soon.  Will keep everyone updated.
    • I filed was accepted 1/31 finally decided to call the IRS.  She was very nice.  She said my return was accepted 2/3 and it had been re sequenced it could be another weeks.  She said 1/30 and 1/31 filers are having problems.
    • Dabrene what # did u call I can't get through to a live person
    • How do you you see this
    • What number did you call
    • 2 than 0 twice.
    • I can see my account transcripts with a date of March 10th... Hope I get it before then....
    • Good luck....had to order account through mail n it updates everyday so the one I get probably will be out of date do u kno if I can still view online if it's coming in mail
    • Yea u shud be able to still view them online...
    • wow no Money
    • @7 I'm caLling  this is day 21!!!
    • Yeah I got d same date. Seeing just a little progress. I will b glad when my bars come back
    • Got the same date on my account trans. March 3rd sounded better ( what was told by irs yesterday) but I feel better seeing something....maybe we will all get lucky and get them a little earlier
    • How do you see your transcript
    • Go to And look for the order transcripts link
    • go to account trans when into the transcript system that's the only one that has any info the return trans will have a * next to it and if so it will say there is no info on you filing like mine did but the acct one had lots of info with a refund date of march 10
    • htownfemale...what did they say if you had a chance to call
    • They gave me a number to call for identity fraud. What does this mean
    • they have to verify your identity and release your hold
    • Ok I called nd she said I should get something in dats mail on anything I claimed. Are they gonna want a w2 orwho I claimed
    • that I dont know sorry
    • If anyone have any updates of what is going on, please share.
    • Well after being on hold a half hour I was told I was under review which would delay me two weeks she them transferred to account specialist who I now have another 15-30 min wait. But the first woman asked me if I received a letter which I hadn't and she said that's a good sign but couldn't say more. So hopefully I'm not on hold too long waiting for account specialist. I was able to order by mail return transcripts at Friday and was actuallytold last week I would get it March 3rd and it seems pike those who got transcripts today are getting it March 10th so would make sense
    • Kyerrika2004 I called 800 829 0582 Kinda frustrating though she said it could be 2 more weeks.
    • I was only on hold 6min
    • Yes I'm holding now been 20 mins and I tired ordering transcript online said info was wrong was only able to order both by phone smh this is frustrating to say the least
    • I've been on the phone for an hour and 25 minutes. Waited a half hour to get first person who told me around first week of March then transferred me to an account specialist then waited on hold for 45 mins who is now looking at my account while im....wait for it....ON just tell may have to wait 45 days. And had no reason why. But since I got no letters that's a good thing but yet I was able to order my transcripts last Friday.
    • What does you all transcript have on it.  What codes are on them?
    • Searching: "Was told I was under review no letter or error codes on wmr. Just said still processing. E file accepted januar 24 irs saying they didn start processing untill Feb 4. Anyone have this issue? Talked to 3 different irs agents 1 said I need to wait 2 weeks for re processing. One said there was no w2 onfile yet. Is this just a rub around cause it was accepted early ? "
    • Well after month of trying to access them online I finally got in clicked on said download started but file not here. Then it locked me out but both were there with no * next to it so try again tomorrow from computer
    • I found an IrS article online about resequencing...  other words they are reviewing for fraud. It can take 2-23 days to release
    • Has anyone been able to get their transcripts mine say n/a but when I do wages and income it states for 2014 no return filed yet wmr says processing
    • In their FAQ it says that it can take 3 weeks for your transcripts to be available
    • As of today I can see my account and return transcripts for 2014
    • still nothing wtf
    • 3 return without bar got refunds for 1/30/15
    • Still no bars or direct deposit.
    • i cant get my transcript it says my information is already in system then i try to get my account user name put in my email but never get an email help?
    • and how did they find out if tthey have no bars?
    • Well I never lost the bar .. I filed 5 returns for family and my sister lost her bar she check her account tran yesterday and it was there this morning she got a refund date of the 1/30/15 mine never lost the bar and I filed mine first was accpected on the 1/12/15 and I am still waiting I checked my account tran and still nothing so I no I got 2more day mini
    • Ok easy download irs2go mobile app go to tax records and do it that way if u get a error message that's a no if u get a message saying 5-10 days then u will get a refund date tomorrow

    I received the State Tax (NY) on the 18th of February. I was accepted on 2/03. First time in 7 years that I got my state before my Federal. Its been way passed the 21 days for Federal. So I will be calling tomorrow. Because everything was fine with my state got the exact amount that was told on TT. I get we received your tax return and it is still being processed. And I have no bars. I will keep you guys updated 

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