Why is form 8960 still not available?

Form 8960 was realeased by the IRS on 1/24/14 but Turbo Tax keeps delaying it's release every week, for another week! The only excuse that I've seen on here is that they are checking it for security issues. I'm calling BS on this as they have had access to the draft form for months! When is TT actually going to make this form available and stop extending the dates? And why should we keep waiting for this form when other providers already have it available? Very Frustrating!

  • Why is this delayed again?  I have a substantial refund and you are holding this up.  You should pre-advice us that your product will cause delays!!!
  • It is not as easy as jumping ship.  We have already filed our kids' taxes through TT so am uncomfortable moving ours especially since all the data has been completed except for this stupid form.  I have recommended TT for as long as they have existed and am appalled.  My son is doing his medical school FAFSA and apps for MD awards and aid require parental FAFSA as well.  He is freaking because the delay could cost him scholarship money.  Can you download the data from TT to another program or must we start over?

It was the 06 and then the 20th and now it's the 27th. i'm taking my business somewhere else too. 

  • Ditto that.  This has completely screwed-up filing the FAFSA for my daughters college choices.  I've never been so unhappy with TurboTax.

Good evening - i have some late-breaking information that might be helpful to some of you.  Please read below for the details:

Although the IRS has released Form 8960 as final, they haven't released the final instructions yet for this form. People with the following forms or schedules will have to wait: 

  • Schedules C, E, F and K-1's
  • Forms 4835 and 8814

Because these instructions affect your tax, we are holding off on allowing the form to be filed. As soon as the IRS releases them, we will update this form and you will be able to file your return. If you know you have a Form 8960 but none of the other forms, you can file your tax return starting late afternoon or evening on February 21.

  • Now that Intuit has reconsidered its ill-advised decision and will let some people file with Form 8960 after weeks of waiting, I wonder where the apology from senior management is for the poor decision-making and communication.  I also wonder where the compensation is for all who have had refunds delayed and have been inconvenienced by Intuit's poor decision-making.  More importantly, I still cannot file simply because I have a Schedule C, even though I do not have any K-1 income or any other income sources that have even a remote possibility of being impacted by any changes in the final instructions for Form 8960.  Stop making decisions for me!  Let me file my return.  Unlike Intuit, I know what I am doing!
  • To TurboTax: Why not allow customers to file based on draft instructions? One can always file an amended return if the final instructions end up affecting the tax return already filed.
  • Absolutely.  I have extenuating circumstances that are hardly unique (financial aid due date, requiring 2013 tax forms).  This wait-and-see is quite detrimental, with very negative consequences due to no action by Turbo Tax.  Restated:  the excess caution exhibited by TT poses more risk to customers.

I think there is a bit of unjustified rage happening in this thread - it is just a tax form folks. You're free to take your business elsewhere.

That said, I think I'm going to take my business elsewhere. I've been happily using TurboTax for 10 years, but honestly, tax prep is a commodity service unless you make seven figures and have all sorts of complex income. And if you're in that situation, you're not using TurboTax anyway, you're paying Deloitte $10k+ to do your return. 

TurboTax online was first to the game and had the best service. Now competitors have caught up (e.g. TaxACT), and offer the same service for 1/3 the price. It's just like any other industry - when the leader starts slacking, someone else comes along and does it better. TurboTax will either meet consumer needs, or it will cease to exist. No need to get cranky about it :)

  • just download the fiorm from the irs, fill it out, and put in place of the draft form you print from TT. This makes you have to file by mail, but thats the way I file to begin with. TT can kiss it.

Turbo Tax should let people know up front about this issue and not after they have taken your money for the product and you have entered all your tax information.  This seems like misleading, especially when the ads read that one can fed file asap.  That is not the case. 

  • They just changed the date for the third or fourth time.  Now it is 2/27 so when will they change it again?  Will we be able to file by 4/15?  I will because I am using someone else this year.
  • If you check, others are having the same problem with this form. BTW, it says above, "You can fed file asap" That means As Soon As Possible. It's not  possible yet (without having to refile), so this  is the case.
Commented earlier, but I'm so pissed and getting more pissed by the minute. The platitudes and BS email links to an explanatory article and the positive spin that it will only be a few days just fire people up. Whatever f'in moron in CS management suggested this strategy needs to have his/her head checked. I feel like a passenger sitting on a plane on the jetway when the pilot comes on the PA and says we should be moving soon. You KNOW it is a lie. However, unlike passengers literally stuck on the plane, we can jump ship anytime. An attempt at a legitimate explanation would be the only way to save your loyal customers at this point.

    Why did the date move from 2/20 to 2/27?


      Just download the form from the irs website (its available), fill it out, and put in place of the draft form you print from TT. This makes you have to file by mail, but thats the way I file to begin with. TT can kiss it.


        I run a project management office for a living. The whole time, it seems that we were waiting for a form from the IRS. After reading the responses here, it seems that the dependency is internal to Intuit. If that is teh case (correct me if I am wrong) this appears to be sheer incompetence of managing on-time project delivery from an intuit perspective. They have an entire year to prepare for a release of a new product.  Then after communicating a date to end-users and customers who are dependent on this software, the date slips, over and over again. IF the dependency was/is the IRS, then set expectations appropriately and understand what the likely risks are that may impact the date.  Irrespective of technical issues, having this date move 3 separate occasions is simply unacceptable to me.

          So TT, it's the IRS's fault?  I bet most people on here have very little interest income (ie checking interest, etc).  So why don't you release the Form 8960 with the draft instructions for all.  Just place a disclaimer to let people know it may change a bit.  This way we can  at least file.

            I've been a Turbotax customer for years, but, ever hopeful at first, I then grew tired with Turbotax's delays with Form 8960.  I re-did my taxes in Taxcut, and then (ta-da!) e-filed my tax return on 2/19 with no problems.  Thanks Taxcut!


              All… Your complaints, frustrations and anger are clearly heard and felt by all of us at TurboTax. We share your frustration. Again, we hear you and share your frustration!

              I posted 3 days ago about the reasons for the delay with Form 8960 and will give you an update as well as some background for those reading this for the first time.

              What’s Holding Up Form 8960?

              Although Form 8960 is “final”, the instructions for computing the tax on investment income have not been released by the IRS. In other words, we do not have official, final guidance on how to compute Form 8960. This is true of all tax software providers and tax preparers. We do have the basic guidelines, but we have also been told by the most senior IRS officials that the final instructions for Form 8960 will definitely change from the preliminary ones we have now. Again, the calculations for Form 8960 will change when the IRS releases the final instructions.

              What is TurboTax Doing?

              Because the calculations for Form 8960 will change, we have been reluctant to allow taxpayers to file a return that may result in an incorrect tax and require the filing of an amended return. While you may think you are not affected by Form 8960, TurboTax is holding it because some element in your return is definitely triggering Form 8960. That element may be small or immaterial, but it is a factor in computing Form 8960. Ultimately, that item may not have any effect on your return, but until final rules are issued, we don’t know.

              However, based on additional IRS guidance recently received, we enabled the filing of Form 8960 two days ago for the majority of filers affected by this form. However, some filers will still be precluded from filing Form 8960 if it appears that the pending IRS changes will affect your return.

              What Does the IRS Say?

              In response to our questions regarding Form 8960 final instructions, the IRS stated, "Unfortunately we do not have a timeframe.  We are working hard to finalize the instructions and we will post them as soon as possible." 

              What Can Filers Do Now?

              For most filers affected by Form 8960, download the latest TurboTax update to see if you can file. As noted above, a minority of filers will still have to wait until we get final instructions from the IRS. For those who believe they have to file now without regard to consequences, you can delete the items in your return that are triggering Form 8960 and file. But that also means you will have to file an amended return once Form 8960 is enabled for all filers. That is your choice and one that we are neither encouraging nor advocating.

              What is the Competition Doing?

              As of a couple of days ago, all the major tax software providers (and most CPAs) with the exception of one were not allowing the filing of Form 8960. Although we received verbal assurances from their agents that they were, the reality is that when we tested their software, the returns were in fact blocked. So what you may hear and experience from competitors are likely to be different.

              Questions and Final Word

              When we receive additional information on this topic, it will be posted here first. Please do not call our agents as they will not have any better answers or more recent information than what is posted here from us.

              Thank you for hanging in there and please know that we are doing everything humanly possible to get the final instructions from the IRS. We know you want your refund!

              Bob Meighan, VP TurboTax

              • Bob, see my comment and that of Snowball10 above.  Please explain why you are blocking us from filing when we have no investment income on Schedule C.  I'm sure one of your tax law specialists can confirm for you that under such circumstances (which apply to the vast majority of Schedule C filers), Schedule C has no interaction at all with Form 8960.  To hold us up is nonsensical and mean-spirited.  

                I am also surprised that you continue to avoid apologizing for Intuit's poor management and decision-making.  Intuit's reversal after several weeks of holding up all Form 8960 returns demonstrates that the company finally realized that holding up all of these returns was pointless, damaging to your customers, and bad for business.  Continuing to hold up my return and the returns of others simply because we are filing a Schedule C with no investment income reported on it perpetuates this pointless and damaging process for us.  Please respond directly to my questions.

                In your latest message, you state "Please do not call our agents as they will not have any better answers or more recent information than what is posted here from us."  I take it then that you are the only source of information on this issue moving forward.  So, please do not continue to blow me off.  Answer my questions!  Thank you.
              • Well stated, brerard.  Bob Meighan, you have two very important things to do now: 1) get it done NOW and, 2) tell us what Intuit will be doing to quell the backlash against your company that is, at this very moment, going viral.
              • Terrible, arrogant customer service!  The customer should have the option to file with the draft version of instructions for form 8960.  I switched to Turbo Tax from Taxcut last year and now I am scratching my head and asking why.
              • I am seeing there are lot of people already filing the taxes with this form.  If IRS is saying this,  we should be able to see this as a official IRS message because this is delaying the tax filing.  If IRS is the reason for delaying then they should be a postponement on the April date.  I think TT is late developing this form in their system and blaming IRS, which is legally wrong and misguiding the people.  This should be complaint to IRS.

              Its funny that people are mad a turbotax for not filing their return even though the final instructions from the IRS are not complete, when it would be pure negligence to actually file taxes on behalf of consumers prior to the release 


                Hi All,

                After having enough of TT delaying the form, I started shopping around and found that TaxAct had the forms available. I transferred my information over to TaxAct pretty easily by opening my TT info in one window and entering into TaxAct in another, all toll, it took about two hours. I'm a firm believer that the market will regulate it's self and substandard businesses will go by the way side, I practiced that belief today by giving my business to a TT competitor.

                PS-TaxAct was a fraction of the price of TT and my state and federal returns were accepted within 24 hours of e-filing.

                • Hi, You  are lucky because I tried TaxAct and I am getting the same thing that TurboTax said, I cant efile yet because the instructions for the form 8960 haven't been finalized yet.

                Although Form 8960 is available to print from the IRS website, the instructions for computing the form are NOT final. At this time, we only have draft instructions which the IRS has advised us WILL change. Once we have the finalized instructions, we will work to get the form finalized in the program as quickly as we can. We are not filing with the draft version of the instructions because the accuracy of our customer's tax returns is of utmost importance to us and we felt it would be irresponsible to finalize the form knowing the computation would likely change, thus requiring customers that already filed to have to amend their returns. Again, the IRS has announced that the final instructions will change from what are currently available.

                You can see the draft version of the Form 8960 Instructions here:

                You can see the availability dates for Form 8960 (and all the other forms) here:

                • Please share the link where the IRS notifies officially that the instructions are not finalized. If that is the case, it would be mindful to share this information with your customers upfront. I tried TaxAct but I get better state return with TT, so I am waiting so badly. I will try H&R block online next.
                • I included a link to the current instructions in my previous post. They very clearly say "do not use".
                • I have a friend who uses Turbo Tax he gets through the US Military - he was able to file WITH 8960 final already.  Why would that be so?  I appreciate the update in release to this afternoon.
                • why do TT staff say that the form will be ready on 2/27 when the link to the chart shows 2/22? The differing dates confuse me.
                • Based on recent guidance from the IRS, many filers who previously were unable to file Form 8960 now can. If you're using the software version of TurboTax, please update and try to file. For Online customers, just go back Online and try to file.
                • still says "Ready soon" as of 11:06 am PST on Feb 23...  ???
                • Your forms are not available yet

                  The forms you need to complete your return(s) are not available yet. You'll be able to file as soon as the forms are ready. Please check back later.
                • Did you run a "Program Update"? I did, and it was updated with Form 8960 and I was able to file.
                • I ran a "Check for updates" just now and I'm not getting anything.  I'm wondering if this is a feeble attempt at a dodge...

                Hi gttnshtty,

                I apologize for the delay, the IRS released the form not too long ago, TurboTax is working to get it implemented into the program. This form will be available 2/27 so there's not much wait left! 

                Here's a link of availability dates.


                I hope this helps you,

                TurboTax Alan

                • I agree.  FRUSTRATING!!  The site originally said it would be available 2/14, then delayed to 2/20, and now another delay to 2/27.  At least pick the correct date to begin with, so we know how long we have to just sit around and wait!
                • so what is the correct date? This has been put off again and again, and again. Now its the 27th? I'll believe it when i see it. This is all for a lousy $20 1099-INT i got from my checking account!
                • This is EMBARRASING Turbotax. Shame on you !!! This form was supposed to be available 2-3 wks ago.
                • I am absolutely irate with this issue.  I've never used anyone other than TT, but will be looking elsewhere next year.
                • They give the same BS response every time someone complains...must be an auto-response. The only alternative is to go elsewhere and re-enter all your data....smh. Today, right now, turbotax sucks!
                • This is SO frustrating. The date for 8960 being released has come and go several times now. Beyond the delay itself, what myself and many other users are finding annoying is the lack of clarity as to 'why' coupled the disconnects evident within TT/Intuit. For you to come on here and post that we should hold on tight for another few days because the date is now 2/27 is BEYOND infuriating. Had you actually had any context on the matter you would know that all over these forums your peers have said 'hold tight' for 2/6 then 2/14 then 2/20 and now 2/27. What a total lack of credibility. I understand that the root cause is the IRS delaying the instructions (not the form). You and TT are not doing yourself any favors by rehashing the same old stuff it is driving people crazy. I have finally seen a posting elsewhere on the forum today from Bob Meighan VP, TurboTax which made a lot of sense. a) you guys should have posted something like that earlier b) you should make your whole team aware of it. I called today for info and the person I spoke with had no knowledge of the issue, they just apologized and said they could only see what I saw. You have people jumping ship and posting a ton of negative feedback on here. Get out ahead of this and start posting logical consistent updates and you might manage to hold on to a few
                • Turbotax- I love your product.  Another delay will lose me as a customer.  Please fix it and release it before the 2/27 date if possible.  Thank you.
                • BIG FAILURE with Form 8960, TurboTax. After mismanaging customer expectations with your frequently changing form availability dates, I started looking at other tax products. I was able to file today using TaxAct for MUCH CHEAPER than your current products offerings; and zero hassle with Form 8960. Re-entering my 2013 tax data was well worth the effort knowing that my taxes are now filed!! You have inspired ZERO CONSUMER CONFIDENCE that you will actually honor the 2/27 delivery date for Form 8960. Hope the extra money you'll make from increased state filing fees is enough to make up for the repeat customers you are losing because of extremely poor management of customer expectations, and lack of consistent, reliable information.
                • Couldnt have said it better.  Going to TaxAct as we speak.
                • The big question is was your return amount the same or better with turbotax.  Changing tax companies is a drag but it does appear that they all have caught up at this point. Im interested in TaxAct or even H&R Block.
                • FAFSA held up because of this stupid glitch.  COME ON!!!!
                • Filling out TaxAct now too.  Just unaccaptable!!!!
                • evperry - refunds matched exactly to the penny in TaxAct and TT. Both returns accepted within an hour.
                • I thought the IRS was at fault.  Seems it is TT.  All of us applying for FAFSA and college board profile are being messed up.  I want my money back.
                • This delay is holding up $10K of refunds for our household, and causing extra work on FAFSA. I too have been a long-time TT user and will be investigating other options immediately. At this rate, I likely will get my refund through other service providers before TT gets the form released.
                • I've been using Turbo Tax for 10  years and I am jumping ship.  The Form delay is just the tip of the iceberg. Customer service is horrible.  Wait times are typically over 90 minutes.  The person who eventually picks up sounds like a volunteer senior citizen who has almost no tax knowledge whatsoever.  Frustrating on all fronts.  With so many complaint as I am seeing, it's only a matter of time before everyone moves on and  Turbo Tax goes  belly up.
                • Was your refund the same?
                • As a systems release manager, I have to say this was poorly executed.  Disconnects on launch dates shouldn't be customer-facing.  This is pretty bad given that it highlights competitive alternatives.  I didn't even consider TaxAct and I think I'll take a look.  Additionally, the perception will be that TT released an incomplete product, alerted the customer about delays after they'd inputted a large amount of info, and then banked on the fact that customers would be unwilling to spend all that time again to fill out a form for a competitor (instead opting to wait for the TT update).
                • Thanks for the tip regarding TaxAct guys.
                • Good news!  I went to TaxAct and did my taxes there and got an additional $632 in refund.  I'm dumping TT and going to Tax Act.  Bad news is that they are also held up by form 8960.  They give you the same message that TT does at the end.  So let's drop the complaining (I did it in an earlier post here) and go to TaxAct.  And then just wait, if you want to efile.

                I have been waiting for so long to file my taxes and they keep delaying finalizing form 8960 and they won't let me file my state tax return either, its so frustrating, i guess I am just going to switch to H&R block, what a waste of time on Turbo Tax. I am also worried about identity thieves filing taxes on my behalf if I continue to have delays in filing my taxes and also I am waiting on much needed refund. Will probably not return to turbo tax given there bull crap.


                  Let's go to route cause of why the instructions are not ready.  The ACA created the tax for "wealthy" individuals who were not paying "their fair share".  Do you really think the IRS is working their tail off to get the instructions done?  These instructions after an after thought to the impact of ACA which has and will be an unmitigated disaster.  Congrats on qualifying to pay this success penalty.  Now sit and wait for the instructions, cause the IRS is in no hurry to help the newly defined "wealthy".  Don't blame TT.  If you want to file yor return without the instructions go for it.  Your acting just like the elected officials that passed the ACA without reading it.

                  • You say, "If you want to file yor return without the instructions go for it."  Well, that's exactly what I want to do. I would file my return without the final instructions this minute if only TT would stop blocking me from doing so.  The form is final, and except for a very small minority of taxpayers with very special tax circumstances, the draft instructions are more than adequate.  I owe a whopping $6 in investment tax on Form 8960, but TT is unwilling to let me decide for myself whether it is o.k. for me to file my own return with this form included.  From your comments, you seem to hate the idea of a nanny state.  Yet, TT is the one playing the role of the nanny here.  Shouldn't I be able to file my own return?  I didn't hire TT as a preparer.  I bought their software so I could prepare my return myself and file it as I see fit!
                  • You cannot e-file.  If you refund is so massive and you are suffering a time value of money loss, print the return, get Form 8960 from irs.gov fill it out and mail the return.  TT is doing the responsible thing and preventing you from e-filing a return with a form for which the instructions have not been finalized.  Blame the IRS not TT.
                  • Well, you have an interesting perspective.  Here is something for you to consider, though. If TT is being "responsible" by preventing me from e-filing my return with Form 8960 (even though I paid for e-filing with the purchase of the software) , wouldn't that make TT "irresponsible" for letting other taxpayers file with this form?  Just like taxpayers without a Schedule C who are now allowed to Efile with Form 8960, the final instructions will have no bearing on my situation, because my sole proprietorship has no investment income.  

                    You may be on to something, though.  Ultimately, it may make sense for me either to print out what I can from Turbotax (and I guess override the field for the Form 8960 investment tax on Form 1040) and then download and fill out Form 8960 manually and mail my return in.  Another alternative is that I might file with TaxAct or one of the other TT competitors who recognize that their customers should be able to make their own decisions about their own taxes.  Frankly, I would have done this weeks ago if TT hadn't kept stringing me along with false availability dates for the form.  

                    I think IRS and TT both deserve blame here, but you of course entitled to your own opinions.  By the way, if you are looking for more income so that you can join the ranks of those owing a "success penalty", perhaps TT will hire you as its new spokesperson.  You sure seem passionate about TT!
                  • I won't be accepting any spokerperson opportunities from TT.  I understand their risk and exposure if they let millions of individuals file returns when the rule book hasn't been finalized yet.  Image the IRS slips something unexepcted into the filnal instructions that impacts how the income thresholds are determined or any other number of scenarios that causes people who filed before the instructions to owe additional tax.  How many seconds will it take before a law firm begins assemblying a class for a suit against TT?  I am owed a refund and would like to file today also, but am held up by this Form 8960 nightmare.  I think we out to be directing our outrage toward our local representatives to tell the IRS to get off ther arse and finalize the instrcutions so people can file their return.  Only in the government would this type behavior be tolerated.  Can you image telling your customers you are working on an amendment to your standard sales contract that will be out in late Feb 2014 that will be retroactively applied to all orders from 2013?
                  • To be very clear, the "available by" date on the turbotax website was a lie.  (In their speak it was an "estimate").  Had the been honest and upfront from the beginning ("availability unknown") we would have been having a different converstation right now.  In my opinion, this is a well thought out deception - designed to keep customers from flocking to a competitor who allows 8960 to be filed immediately.  Hanging a carrot just out of reach, but never too far away...  If you are not giving an "estimated" date using that language, but instead list "available on" you must take responsibility when the date passes and you don't release the form.  At that point, when you list a particular day, you put your company's name behind it.  Turbotax made a strategic move - constantly shifting back the "available by" date when it was never really known, then shifting blame on the moving date to the IRS, instead of admitting that the date was never "real" but just some arbitrary number selected so that huge numbers of employees wouldn't got to TaxACT.  "Oh, it's just a week away.  I'll wait.  I don't want to re-enter all my data."  Well, after 6 weeks of "just another week" people are fed up.  If they had told me a month ago "We don't really know" I would have long-ago filed with TaxACT.
                  • I assume they went with estimates provided to them by the IRS.  They fact remains that the IRS is the only entity that can finalize the filing instructions that impact your tax calculation.  Maybe TT needs a general disclaimer to remind folks like you that all tax forms, their instructions and clarifications are controlled by the federal government if they are not ready because the IRS is too busy planning their next line dance at their conferences we cannot do anything about that.  I assume that would make you feel better.  The ACA law that created this tax was signed March 2010 do think that's enough time to develop a one pahe form and the related instructions?  Well you be wrong cause the federal goverment is involved.
                  • The competitors already have it.  I could have filed a paper return several weeks ago.  This debacle shows all the outward signs of failed project management exacerbated by evasive customer communications, hoping to keep people hanging on because the solution is "just around the corner".  Intuit has taken a their problem and made it our problem.  pwalnuts, what is your job title at Intuit?
                  • Very frustrating over a one page form!
                  • TurboTax Employee:  I *need* to have a hard copy to IDOC for my child's financial aid by *3 March*.  I need *any* version, even one that can be amended later by mid week.  Also, will you pay my Express Mail charges?  How about if I miss the deadline due to you not making 8960 available and miss financial aid?  Will you defray the cost of education?  (I ask in jest...but not really.  This is serious, and the delay or even not having access to incomplete tax forms is unacceptable.)

                  Geez, turbo tax GET IT together.   I will NOT be wasting my money on your software again.   How hard can it be to load ONE form into the software?  Sounds like the whole Obamacare website glitch....nothing but excuses  Americans are fed up with computer software issues.  

                  • Going to another provider.  Turbo Tax is losing a lot of customers and you can count me as one of them (after using them for years they have lost a loyal customer).

                  Is there any part of the statement ... The final regulations have not been released by the IRS ..... that anybody here does not understand?????

                  I want my refund like everyone else, but not at the risk of having to file an amended return ... Grow up people

                  • Clearly you don't have an IDOC due by snail mail on Monday.  There are grown up concerns at stake.
                  • No I don't.  Those days are over for me.  But if I did, I would print out the forms, sign them and send.  Then later tonight or tomorrow I would transmit my efile on Turbo Tax.  Am I missing something more complicated?
                  • Ssrj:  the final regs are published.  Not the instructions.
                  • You are indeed missing things, but it's not your business.
                  • Eactly!

                  I am very confused.  My turbo tax return says I will be able to file by Feb 22, however, a response by a TT employee says Feb 27.  It seems that TT should remove all answers above from all of their staff and craft an official response.  Too many responses makes it confusing.

                  • Hi Derek - i totally understand the confusion over the dates.  Let me take you behind the scenes a bit and see if that helps. We made a decision late yesterday to push out a special system release this afternoon/evening to enable some of the customers in the situation I described in my earlier post to be able to file (if they don't have Schedules Schedules C, E, F and K-1's and Forms 4835 and 8814).  The teams worked last nite and the system is staged to update later today/tonite.  Desktop customers will need to check for updates later today and then update their software in order to be able to file.  For Online customers, i think it would be best to check later tonite and you will need to go to the point in the software where you saw the message previously and if you're one of the folks described above, you should be able to file.  The references to 2/27 availability date were out there because we still don't have final instructions for Form 8960 from the IRS on how to handle this form and the tax calculations associated with it.  The 2/27 was our best guess as to when we will receive final instructions, as we continue to wait for updates from the IRS.  I hope this information helps.  We are doing everything we can to enable some customers to file later today and will continue to keep you updated through this forum.
                  • What about schedule C-EZ?   Are we stuck waiting?  Your answer scares me because we were just told 2/27 *WAS* the date we would file and now we're hearing that it's merely a best guess and we may be stuck waiting?  I'd just assume file now and risk doing an amended return later.
                  • Hello - Schedule C-EZ is included in the list of forms that will have to wait for final instructions from the IRS on Form 8960. Let me try to explain why we won't allow you to file now:  customers who have one of the forms (Schedules C, E, F and K-1's and Forms 4835 and 8814, addition to Form 8960) cannot file their returns until we receive final instructions from the IRS on Form 5960.  The reason is that the instructions affect an individual's tax calculation, and we cannot send the return to the IRS without knowing what the tax is (and that is why we cannot allow you to file and amend later).  We simply cannot bypass that calculation step.  We are in touch with the IRS frequently, they are doing their best to finalize the instructions, and our best estimate, at this point, of when we will have that form available for you to file is 2/27.  That may change, however, based on updates from the IRS.  We'll do our best to keep you updated.  I know this is a very frustrating situation if you are waiting and we want you to know we understand, we take it to heart, and we are doing everything we can to help as many people file accurately, as soon as it's possible.
                  • TTKimB, I appreciate your efforts to help, but your explanation does not make sense and just further confuses the issue.  Most individuals who file a Schedule C will have no interest or dividend income to report for their business.  For these individuals, Schedule C has no impact at all on Form 8960.  This is not a calculation issue or an issue that needs to be clarified by final instruction from the IRS.  Just as it was a horrible decision for Intuit to hold up returns for people who do not report the above forms and schedules, it is a horrible decision to hold up all returns with Schedule C even when the sole proprietor did not have any interest or dividend income from his/her business.

                    The very fact that you have now changed your policy to allow at least some taxpayers to file with Form 8960 after weeks of waiting makes one question your claim that "we understand, we take it to heart, and we are doing everything we can to help as many people file accurately, as soon as it's possible".  If you truly did, you would have let these people file weeks ago, and you would not still be holding up Schedule C filers with no investment earnings from their businesses.  While it is great that you personally want to help, you seem not to be well informed about the law behind Form 8960, and you are spreading misinformation.  As I said, this only makes things worse!
                  • I owe a whopping $6 in net investment income tax from Form 8960.  The fact that I have a Schedule C is totally irrelevant to my Form 8960 as my business has no income from interest or dividends.  Yet you have been holding my return up for weeks with absolutely no justification.  Stop the madness and let me file already!!!
                  • @brerard:  Well written and completely accurate.  Words and actions of TT don't match.  I'm stuck with no dividends/interest schedule C and they won't let me file.  I have happily used the product for years, and swear I never will again.  Changing policies, arbitrary ones, constantly adjusting "estimated" dates of availability, not mentioning the delay until ALL the info has been entered instead of upfront, charging people to "lock in" a rate but then not allowing them to file, incompetent customer phone support, editing/deleting negative comments on the TT facebook page, and genuinely not seeming to care about customers will make many jump ship to lower priced competitors
                  • TurboTax Employee:  I *need* to have a hard copy to IDOC for my child's financial aid by *3 March*.  I need *any* version, even one that can be amended later by mid week.  Also, will you pay my Express Mail charges?  How about if I miss the deadline due to you not making 8960 available and miss financial aid?  Will you defray the cost of education?  (I ask in jest...but not really.  This is serious, and the delay or even not having access to incomplete tax forms is unacceptable.)
                  • May I presume that TT has no interest in addressing customer needs (since no one has cared to reply)?  I would be willing to file an amendment.  You have my data held hostage, so either you create this modest work for me (that is, potential for refiling) or significant (re-entering my tax data via a competitor).  To think, I used TT to save labor, but instead am relegated to typing to a comment board that generates pabulum from the company...or no response. I have a specific need and time pressure.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND?
                  • Hey, I'm in the same boat. so YES! I UNDERSTAND! Call your congressman, complain to them that the IRS have dropped the ball on this. Everyone else is in the same boat with this form's instructions. I already called them and got a bs response, so when I got the email to to the survey, I let them know how bad their service was.
                  • Also, you could file it without the Investment income, thus, not needing form 8960. then refile once it is available.
                  • I can access an accountant who will file...or I can file 2 with TT.  I thought TT was supposed to save time and money.   TT PLEASE REPLY & RESOLVE.
                  • Hi everyone - Bob and I have been monitoring your feedback over the past several days and we have set up a meeting this afternoon with our product team to share the details with the team.  I will post an update before the end of today.  Thanks and hang in there.  Kim
                  • Apparently the Form 8960 issue is resolved. I did a "Program Update" and TT program said I had nothing more I needed. It cleared my return and filed it 10 minutes ago.

                  Possibly the next morning?  I must print this out on Thursday night in order to make the financial aid (IDOC) deadline by two-day USPS.  This is cutting it uncomfortably close; moreover, I have a job, client meetings, etc.  So much for convenience.

                  TT, can I believe you on either Thursday night or at worst case Friday? (PLEASE REPLY.)  Another slip to another promise date would be a disaster to financial aid...and I don't now what recourse I would have.  If you could PLEASE release it sooner, like now or Tuesday, this would give me more time.  

                  "I" am not a singularity; there are many who are disconcerted about your policy, which takes choice away from the hands of consumers...and causes us to distrust any statement you make on this board.

                  • It seems the issue has been fixed,  I am not seeing the form message in my account at least, allowing me to file...
                  • I was able to file last night and my return was accepted by the IRS, so so far, no issues.

                  It's April 14 and my TT Premiere 2013 for Mac says that Form 8960 is not available/final.  I know this is wrong.  But I cannot e-file now because of whatever conflict is causing this.  Have no idea how to fix it, can't call anyone at TT, and I have 24 hours to figure this out.  Thanks, TT.

                  • Hi there - Form 8960 is definitely available - it has been since late March.

                    We you may be experiencing is that we have noted some updating issues with some MAC programs where you see a message to update when your machine is already up-to-date, and so it doesn't display the most recent forms update. So I'm listing below the detailed instructions for you to hopefully resolve.  Please follow the instructions closely - they are working to help customers resolve these issues.

                    If you are receiving a message that requires updates before e-filing when the your machine is already up-to-date. This article includes the steps to resolve this: https://ttlc.intuit.com/questions/1979090
                    If the steps above do not resolve the issue, the guidance is to perform a clean re-install and we've outlined the steps here: : https://ttlc.intuit.com/questions/1901210

                    Hope this helps you.  If not, please let me know and I'll work with our technical team to get you filed!
                  • Kim - followed the instructions in the clean reinstall and all worked fine after that.  Thanks.
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