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TurboTax FAQ
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How does the Refund Bonus offer work?

Before you prepare to send your returns in the File section of TurboTax, you can choose to use part of your federal refund to purchase an Amazon.com Gift Card and get your bonus:

  1. Before e-filing, choose any increment of $100 from your federal tax refund to purchase an Amazon.com Gift Card. The remainder will be deposited to your bank account.
  2. E-file your return.
  3. Wait for the IRS to accept your e-filed return.
  4. One day before the IRS deposits your tax refund, you’ll get an email from Intuit TurboTax to let you know you'll be receiving your Amazon gift card code soon.
  5. The IRS then deposits your tax refund to your bank account.
  6. Once your refund is available/funded, Amazon will email your Amazon.com Gift Card claim code within 1-2 business days.
    • Note: Saturdays and Sundays do not count as "business days."
  7. Click the Redeem Now button in the email (or copy/paste the Claim Code) to load the amount to your Amazon account.
  8. Finally (the best part!) shop at Amazon.com and choose from millions of items storewide.

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