TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ
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When transferring, what information carries over to my return?

When you transfer from last year's tax data file, these items transfer over:

  • Name, address, and filing status
  • Social Security number
  • Dependents
  • Bank information for direct deposit of tax refunds
  • Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)
  • Self-select PIN, if you successfully e-filed your 2014 return 
  • Employer's name and address
  • Form 1099 payer information (banks, stocks, mutual funds, retirement accounts, etc.)
  • Deduction descriptions such as medical expenses and the names of charities
  • Tax refunds that you applied to your 2015 tax liability
  • Schedule C, including ending inventory
    • Important: Click here for the proper way remove a Schedule C business that transferred over.
  • Schedule F, including ending inventory
  • Schedule E 
  • Business-use information
  • Contribution, credit, state, and local tax carryover amounts
  • Capital loss and passive loss carryovers
  • Partnerships, S corporations, estates, or trusts that you have an interest in
  • Depreciable items such as cars, equipment, and buildings

 Note: Keep in mind,  a .tax file from a previous year will not transfer if the file is password protected.