code 570 cycle date 20140801

My transcript code 570 has 0.00 next to it. I called the IRS and the man said its still processing. Anyone have this issue? I filed 01/19 accepted 01/26. orange bars went completely away.

  • I did... Accepted on 1/24. Last Monday my orange bar went missing. I called and had to complete ID Verification. I was able to see both my transcripts online Friday, 2/14. I thought that was a good sign, however I still don't have an orange bar or a ddd. I looked on my account transcripts and Im showing code 570 as well. I called twice today. First lady said I was under review for liability. When I asked what that meant she said the IRS is checking to make sure I don't owe back child support, student loan in default or liens. She said to give it 15 days. I called back again and the next lady said she had no information why I was under review or when I would have my refund. Ugh I am so confused
  • I called and they asked my previous employer for 2012 and I told them but the man said its still under review
  • Me too. They asked who I worked for in 2012 and 2011, my kids birthdays and a few other general questions. That was last Tuesday. She said it was released and now Im under review. I don't get it. Did your orange bar come back? and are you only getting 570 or do you have 971 as well? I have 570 only besides the other standard codes
  • no my orange bar is gone... I have just the 570 and the other standard codes
  • I cant tell if having the 971 code is a good thing or not??? Most people who have 570 also have 971. I want to cry.
  • I have 971 and 570. I called today. The 570 was because they couldn't Direct deposit my return for se reason. The 971 is the letter to let me know this. She said that I should recieve my refund check within 2 weeks of the date on the letter( that I haven't received )  I filled on the jan 31 and they attempted to direct de
  • Deposit it on feb 11
  • I was told the same thing that my 570 was for a offset and tht the two 971's were the notice about my offset and about getting a check instead of dd but she did tell me u did go under review at the beginning but I wasn't under anymore she that u would receive a check in 2 weeks but my question is is the check coming to me or going through turbo bc I owe them fees so I'm kind of confused as well
  • Christy so I called today exactly like you told me to so I asked if I had an offset and they transferred me to the hold department. So the rep that I spoke to said that there is a hold on my refund which is code 570 that it was put on my return as of 02/08 and they have up to 60 days to release my refund. That he does not know why they have hold on it that it could be many reasons but that is under review. He also said they have not sent a notice which is code 971 but that I should wait those 60 days if I don't receive a letter requesting additional info they can eventually release my refund any day. So now its just a waiting game. I have heard that they put those codes 570 because they are too backed up and they are just trying to buy time because their 21 days are almost up.
  • Lisa... I called yesterday and talked to a lady about 43 minutes. She said most early filer returns were pulled because they were not read and they miss a step in the check and balances portion of processing. All of those returns have to be manually reviewed. One way to clear it up faster is to go through ID Verification. That number is 1-800-830-5084. Call them and tell them you have a hold on your refund and ask if they need to go through the verification process to get it released. Im so frustrated. I cant even deal with it. Im not even going to check anymore. I don't have the 971 code either and the lady last night said that it was ok.
  • how long did they give you after you did the verification process
  • If we get a 971 code does that mean its been released. Sorry for all my grammar errors. I type to fast.
  • Shauntrell can you see your account transcripts on line
  • yes I can see mine but I see the 570 code and the other standard codes for EIC and normal stuff and then the dreaded 570
  • What is your date next to the 570 code
  • 03/10/2014
  • Ok so code 570 means that your under review I have code 150, 606, 766, 768, an 570 in that order cycle # 20140801 what does that means? Anybody please help
  • I was told that is the date you will be released. Again this is all from the lady I talked to last night. She seemed like she knew what she was talking about. Have you gone through the ID Verification yet
  • I am fine with that date lol I just wanted a date. I am about to call right now for the id veriification
  • I don't have all those codes so Im not sure?
  • Will you let me know what they tell you?
  • I talked to verification and they said they didnt need to verify my information! UGH!!
  • I'm so sick of this whole thing.
  • ME TOO :(
  • antrelle  basically 150 is that they received your return and the the other codes are the amounts you claimed like the eic and child credits those are the amounts we are suppose to receive and the 570 is a hold code which means our returns are going to take longer to process than the 21 days they have. IRS is really backed up and they are manually reviewing the returns so it will take longer. If you guys see a 571 that means your refund hold has been released and the 846 means refund is being issued and it should have a date next to it. I was told that as long as you don't see a 4 digit error code on where is my refund we should be fine even though it will take loger than they had expected to release our refund.
  • I know ladies its so hard and frustrating dealing with them because each time you call they tell you something different. I dealt with them last year for 7 months. Until I got my refund mid year. Unless you guys receive a letter requesting additional information it can take them up to 60 days for them to release our refunds. That's what I was told this morning so it could be next week next month or until April 8th. At this point as much as I need my refund all I can do is wait and be patient. I would call every week to see if there are any new updates because they update their systems only wednesay thru Sunday and that's only if you will receive your refund within the next week if not the more accurate way is to check the transcript. If any of you ladies see a 571 release code and 846 refund issued than you have hit the jackpot LOL
  • I call the irs and still no answer, ask what does a 570 mean he said it just code that they use.
  • it means there is a hold on your refund and its under review if they need additional information to verify they will send a letter if you a see a code 571 it means they have released that hold and they will issue your refund. They told me it could take up to 60 days to have it released.
  • Complete BS that we have to wait for our money because of their computer issues. IF they weren't ready they shouldn't have accepted them....Its beyond ridiculous!!!
  • one person said by the 20th and other its on hold. who right or wrong. because I seen people say that got the same code and got a refund date. my wife bars are gone to but she cant order a transcript.
  • Acepted 1/24 bars still gone had irs fax transcipts yesterday said nuthing about holds even with 570 code n i called turbo tax to verify wat the 20140801 ddd was and he said funds will b released today should have deposits no later than mon and unless its a 4 digit code not to worry about the 3 digit codes people have ben getting their deposits without wmr updating hope money cums soon

What a bunch of crap. The only thing we know is these codes 1121,570,931,101,69, or  whatever is just delay. They dont have our money yet, the question is will they ever? Sucks 4 all of us, for that im truly sorry. Turbo tax hasent helped at all keep that in mind next year  

  • obrut otog, fkr.... This is isnt a Turbi Tax issue. I filed with Tax Act and others in the same situation filed with HR Block and Jackson Hewitt so it is not just a turbo tax issue it is with the IRS. I am in the same boat. I was accepted 01/26/2014 and still dont have a date however my transcript says 570 0.00 03/10/2014 which I assuming thats when I am going to get y funds released, Maybe prior to then however thats the date I am looking forward too.
  • that would be 21 days and it should drop..
  • my 21 days is tomorrow... they told me to allow 2 additional weeks :(
  • my account transcript, has 570, but next to it is 3/10/2014, is that good or bad?
  • it is the release date for the hold if nothing else is needed from you. My aunt had a 570 0.00 02/24/2014 and her WMR updated last night with a DDD of 02/24/14 the IRS told her yesterday that is the release date for the hold and it proved to be right this time lol
  • Who told you 2 weeks
  • Thank you for the info. That makes me feel better. Did she also have 971?
  • Shauntrellperry..thats what I was told also & that it could be before that date.
  • So does everyone have a date next to 570 & shauntrellperry, did your aunt also have code 971.
  • she had a code 971 and there was a letter letting her know they had to take 500.00 for something in 2011 that was incorrect... the IRS rep told me yesterday to allow the additional 2 weeks there were no issues and I did not have the 971 code just the 570
  • sweetaliv I hope its before that date! :(
  • Me too, but it would be better then waiting till July,  lol. I don't have code 971 either,
  • Has anyone checked their account transcripts today? I still have 570
  • I checked mine today and it still says 570 with 03/10/2014 date and 0.00
  • Yes Christy, I have. Still the same codes. I'm currently on the phone with the irs, I'll let you know what they say. I'm gonna demand a answer.
  • Christy, do you have a date next to your 570?
  • Keep us posted
  • sweetaliv I have 3-3-14. Are you still not able to see yours
  • I can see my now, I hv 3/10/14, I was told the date besided the 570 is a release date
  • Oh that's good. I was told the same thing. Its a long wait but at least there is hope. I will be happy when its over. Im so glad I have people to talk to about it. It makes me feel better
  • Me too, I'm just hoping its before then, but I'll take that date, lol
  • well finally I was able to view my transcript online today and I also still have the 570 code  I don't have a 971 and the date next to 570 is 03/03/2014.
  • same as mine
  • Just hung up with the irs. I had to do the verification thing on my account which was one reason. The other, they wouldn't tell me, just said they couldn't access my account until Friday. But there is a hold on there, they did inform me that it wasn't do to prior years taxes. So now I'm worried!
  • ?melissa_20046  any update from your conversation with the IRS?
  • SORRY Melissa I was typing at the same time as you lol
  • Melissa I had to do the ID verification also. When were you accepted?
  • I tried to do the verification thing they said I didnt need to hmph I wonder why
  • I was accepted January 30 or 31. It seems it was a day or two before the season opened.
  • What is the ID Verification number??
  • 18008305084
  • Thx carl.potter20
    I feel so hopeless about this refund.. I just don't understand anything that has to do with this tax season I was excepted the 26 still processing is the only thing I have seen for over a week now my transcript has the 570 code with 0.00 my cycle number is 20140801 Its getting closer and closer to the 21st and still no update I called offset nothing is holding it there I called irs and its nothing they can tell me about my account until the 21st I see the people on here are going threw some kind of verification and their money are being released what can I do to get that kind of attention from a representative? very stressed out :(
  • I cant do the verification so dont take EVERYONES word on it! I am just saying because I tried that too but the verification department didnt need to verify my information so its just a waiting game with me ... My aunt had a hold 570 also and didnt have to verify anything either and her refund was approved over night
  • i have a cycle number of 20140803 and a code of 570 with the date 3-17-2014 with $0.00 what does that mean?
  • i have a cycle number of 20140803 and a code at the bottom that says 570 with a date of 3-10-2014 with $0.00 beside it. What does that mean
  • EVERYONE stop stressing over the Code things. As long as u have a date your fine... Only code really important is the 20140801 n so forth those pay dates.
  • I think the codes do matter because alot of us had dates for 20140601 and still haven't received anything.
  • This Tax year SUCKS!!!! So DAMN COMPLICATED UGH!!!!!!
  • Well my daughter was accepted 26th n still have nothing her bars disappeared last Thursday n haven't returned yet...
  • yes the codes do matter My aunts cycle was 20140605 but the date next to 570 0.00 02/24/2014 her WMR updated last night with a DDD 02/24/2014
    my bar disappeared last Thursday as well
  • Did your aunt have the 971 code as well?
  • yes she had the 971 and I dont
  • Does anyone know if the processing date stands for anything? My cycle was 20140601 but my processing date is 2/24 but my 570 code has a date of 3/3 and the 971 has a date of 3/10. Please Help.!!! I was a 1121'er as well.
  • what date did she have by 971 if you don't mind me asking.
  • i was told on the phone by the irs that those codes doesnt mean anything and the $0.00 means u owes them nothing and the cycle numbers doesnt mean anything but when i call again and spoke with someone he said the cycle is the year and next number means the week u should receive it and the day. Its so confusing i dint know who are lien and who telling the truth. But he said as long as u check the wmr and no bars there that means they working on yours and its been processed then and u should receive a date shortly. They said as long as u checking wmr and u doesnt get a error or a reference number u is ok.
  • her date by the 971 was 02/24/2014
  • That kind of makes sense. 20140601 If I count from the 31st my 6th week would be march and the 01 could stand for monday which might be why I have the 3/10/2014 next to my 971. Lol WISHFUL THINKING!!
  • Umm the code does matter. People who have the 570 code with a cycle date will not get their dd on that date. That cycle date is for the release of the hold. The date next to the 570 code is when you should get your ddd. Please don't say it doesn't matter. People on here are upset and wanting the correct information
  • We will all see something soon. BETTER LATE THEN NEVER
  • We all want good news... But NONE OF US WORK FOR THE IRS.... N that's y it's so many stories.... Hell for that matter IRS EMPLOYEES DONT REALLY HAVE THE ANSWERS EITHER.
  • It's all computerized unless the have MANUAL REVIEWS. That's when the humans come in.
  • what is the difference between dd and ddd
  • DD= direct deposit  DDD= direct deposit date
  • I am ever so glad I am not alone in this.
    I filed on 1/21, released "early" on 1/29 because the IRS is so awesome, and then BAM, a 570 holding me down. My cycle is 20140801 and my "release" date is 3/10/14.
    Thank you to all who have posted and shared this information. To know a little more is better than not knowing anything.
  • According to Turbo tax my return was excepted Jan 13 then as it got close to time for my refund I went to  wmr and received a 1121 code it said that for weeks, now it just says processing I've never in 15 years of filing have had and issue but honestly this is the first time I've ever used turbo tax so I don't know what to think.
  • daisy this situation is not isolated to just Turbo Tax I myself used Tax Act and family used Jackson Hewitt and HR Block
  • i have cycle date of 20140801 3-10-2014 $1,528.00 code 570: 3-13-2014 $0. but my refund is supposed to be $6826 with electric credit. Does this mean Im NOT getting my $6826 but $1,528. Please advise...
  • I just looked on mine. I am getting back $6462 but mine reads
    150 - $1,504.00
    806 - ($4,470.00)
    768 - ($3,496.00)
    570 - $00.00

    If you add your (negative numbers) together and subtract code 150 that is your refund. Make sense
  • @Christy: I did was you said I 806 (-8,354) + cod e150 (1,528) + 6826 which is my predicted refund. But does your says 570 additional account action pending $0.00?
  • C still in the same predicament as I am
  • my code says 570 " additional account action pending " 3-10-2014 $0.00 , what does that mean? I did math w @Christy and it refund amount is correct.. anyone have ideas ...
  • Yes I have 570 with $0 as well. Did you file early? 570 is a freeze on your funds. Your cycle date of  20140801 is the day the hold will be released (im not sure what day that is) and supposedly  3-10-2014 (next to the 570 code) is the you should get a ddd. I was told today it can take up to 4-6 weeks.
  • My cycle date was yesterday and my hold was lifted and my return was sent back to processing. Im just waiting for 3-3 to see if I get a date. Also I was told when the you have code 571 or 846 you will get your dd soon.
  • sweetaliv can you see your transcripts yet? I know it sucks
  • It was accepted on 1-28th. does that mean I will get ddd by 3-10 or I will get it lifted? little confuse.. do I keep pulling transcripts to see changes?
  • ?carboxygrp I was also told if you 570 code was $0 that its a good thing :)
  • Christy..Yeah I can see them as of yesterday,  got 571 code too. Humm I wonder if you right, cuz my original dd date is 25th(per transcript) , but the date next to 570 is 3/10/14 & wmr, is still same ole saying
  • Carboxygrp your cycle date of  20140801 is Feb 21, 2014. Therefore your release date "should" be Friday. The date next to code 570 (3-10-14) is the date you "should" get your direct deposit date. The guy told me this morning it could go past the date on the transcript by 4-6 weeks.
  • Sweetaliv you have 571? I think that's good. What was the date on you transcript
  • Typo 570, lol
  • Oh I was smiling for you for a second there. I really hate this time of year. Its to much stress. What date do you have next to your 570?
  • 3/10/14..funny thing is I hv no idea why I'm on freeze, don't owe any agency,  file all yrs, no id verification,  just stupid ole manual review hold, lol..Yes it is to much stress for whats ours
  • @Christy: you mentioned something about "freeze" on funds.. I was worried but you said 570 with 0.00 is GOOD thing? is that from other posts or experiences.. did you get your ddd or funds yet? ... thank you for all info..
  • @sweetliv. how do you know you have a freeze? I have 570 w date 3-10-2014 w 0.00 .. Christy said that is good thing..
  • Reason being 570, is frozen funds, at least that's what I thought
  • does not sound good to me.. any one has thoughts on this.. "frozen" never sounds good.. lol
  • Carboxygrp you should call this number... 1-800-829-1040 press 1214 tell them you were able to view your account transcripts and you have code 570. Ask them if you need to go through ID verification to have the hold removed. I was told if 570 is $0 than it was a good sign. When you see your account transcripts updated with 571 or 846 you are getting your money. 85,000 early filers were submitted through processing and had a step missed. All of those people were pulled for manual review. Some of us had to call the ID verification line and some didn't. Im not sure why. Its a huge mess. The lady I talked to Monday advised me to not file before 1/31
  • sweetaliv you filed early right?
  • 570 is the code for "your funds are on hold"
  • @Christy ; should I call or just wait bc mine 570 has 0.00? do I need to send them anything for id verification or just answer questions
  • I would call....only because I had no idea I needed to go through the verification process until I called. I have the ID number if you want to just call and ask them instead of holding for ever. They asked me questions about where I worked in the past, 2012 AIG, my kids birthday, address....stuff like that. They released mine the same day but it still took over a week to be put back in processing
  • You might not have to do it. I have 570 with $0 and I had too. Im not sure why people are picked, I think its random
  • give it to me and I will call now.. may as well..
  • Christy, yes I did. A rep also advise me not to file early. Give it a wk or 2, was what I was told about filing. I think mine got pulled to check to see why I didn't file in 08/09, but I wasn't working those years. 2 reps asked me that the week of the 10th. Called holds dept this morning just to make sure they got the memo.  The rep told me, I'll remove your hold, then came back and said your hold is not from the holds dept. Its a different dept, that does reviews. To be handling our money, the IRS reps haven't the slightest clue, on how to deal with us. Always a different story from each rep I talked to, IT DOESN'T MATTER IF I  GET TRANSFER, OR CALL BACK TO BACK, NEVER GET A CLEAR or THE SAME ANSWER. maybe  should be a IRS rep, I know how to handle yall, lmao
  • 1-800-830-5084
  • Christy, did you ever get the code 971
  • No did you?
  • carboxygp did you call
  • @Christy, I called the number and the lady wont open my file bc she said I didn't need to be there or specialize area. if I don't see 4 digit code then Im ok.. not sure what the hell that meant..
    gonna call the 1040 line.. I update u in bit..
  • Christy..nope, that's what confuses me, I don't have did you know you needed id verification?
  • Who knows. I didn't have a 4 digit code either.. My orange bar went missing so that's why I called
  • I still have my bars, nothing has changed for me, prolly tomorrow when I check it'll be different,  since it'll be my 21st day
  • Last Monday my orange bar went missing. So I called the offset number to see if I had an offset. The lady said I didn’t but there was an issue with my return. She transferred me. The man I talked to when transferred told me I needed to verify my ID and gave me the number to call.
  • Its just crazy!
  • that's the problem. That girl on page 1121 570 971 telling. People. To call and she gonna haveu confused if. They don't ask don't send one cycle delayed
  • Remember. Review. And audit are two different. Things review. Is for errors. Audit is fraud
  • Arethahill21..thanks for the info
  • Welp guys, my bars have officially left, now, I have 2 codes 570 on my transcript, ugh!!! I will be glad when   this headache is over, trying to decipher these codes, is driving me bonkers! !
  • I have two 570 codes as well and I am a 1121 er my wmr never changed from 1121 and do have 0 dollars beside both. I have 570,971,570 with a new date of 03/10/ besdie the second 570 the first one has 3/3 beside it. I think what it's telling us is it will take longer that's all. I was accepted on 1/24/14 in the first batch.
  • ^^, I have the same dates beside both of my codes,  I still don't have any 971, so I'm totally clueless.
  • I just looked and have a 2nd 570 code on my transcripts now its dated 03/10/14. Really ? Am I ever getting my refund ?
  • Dawnnie727..That's the way I feel too..was your first 570, a different date?
  • @Sweetaliv, Me too!! TWO 570 and bars are now gone!! Never lost my bars before and Two 570s? WTH?!!! I will be calling their asses THIS morning! Same 3/10/2014 date beside both 570 codes
  • i have 2nd 570 also guys along with code 150 and 806 idk what to do now
  • yes the first 570 was dated 2/24/14 the new one is 03/10/14. I was accepted on 01/27/14 but never processed. I'm starting to notice a trend lol
  • ToniD1..please let me Know what the rep said, I'm beyond tired of talking to Them
  • both of my 570 codes have a date 3/10/2014
  • Dawnnie727, humm I wonder if the change the dates next to the 570 code, when it gets time for some action. I was under the impression that the date next to the 570, was when we would receive our money at the latest,  ugh!!!!!
  • btw my cycle was 20140605
  • I'm really starting to wonder. I called the tax advocate # and opened a claim, they will be calling me Monday (fingers crossed) see what they have to say. I don't owe back taxes and have filed the same way for years, so I don't get what the hold up is.
  • Marquiewatson..the 806 & 150, are good codes.  150 is letting you know tax refund file & 806 Is just your w2.
  • cycle code is 2014803. I thought the tax advocate,  couldn't get involved,  until after 30 days. Also I don't believe that the reps can't look into your account until the 21st day, is bs. Reason being if they couldn't look into your account, how did they know on the 11th, that my refund was under review. Nothing showed on wmr & I was only able to view my transcripts wed..
  • They let me open a claim, I called on wed, which was 2 days from my original 21 days
  • They gave me a claim #, fingers crossed this isn't a game to them
  • Oh ok, hope you get some answers for US, you see how I stated us, lol
  • I'm calling IRS now
  • what number do i call its been 21 days now i want my money
  • 8008291040, just talked to a rep, can't call until the 21st day has passed
  • I just rechecked my transcripts and now i have two lines that say 570 with a date of 3/10
    (cycle 20140801 filed 1/21, processed 1/29) this is So strange. My friends and family are getting great joy rubbing it in that they have received their refund already, weeks after I input mine in.
  • I wonder why we are getting 570 code twice!!!
  • i know your pain bobiscool its been 21 days i demand a answear i have 2 570 codes and other code 150 and 806
  • Marquiewatson..I hope you get an answer,  cuz the rep told me can't give me an answer till after the 21st day
  • try to call 877-777-4778 thats for the tax advocate, there is also a # for them on one of the threads in here
  • Got a 2nd 570 code now no updates no bars but still showing amount. How do I call irs and bypass the automated system? Ext? Or options?
  • ^
  • I think just push 0
  • marquiewatson, your 150 code is  that you filed your taxes. The 806 is your w2 or 1099. The other code 570 is the important one, the one stating the reason for the "hold" on your refund.
  • I still only have one 570 code. I wonder what it means!
  • I also have a second 570 code with the March 10th date as well.
  • Christy..hummm I wonder too!!
  • So irritated now!!! Previous days it was we can't do anything until the 21st day now their saying til after the 21st day! I'm beyond pissed!
  • ^
  • Okay so I have been looking at my previous return transcripts and on all of those my "accrued interest" "accrued penalty" "processing date" and the date i received my refund all were all the same.!! Where as this year my accrued interest and penalty date are 3/10 and my processing is 2/24. Could that processing date mean anything cause it hasn't changed since the first time I looked??
  • I called irs again. they said its under review. he doesn't know. may get a letter.. im so confused now..
  • k, just got a call from the tax advocate, they are holding my taxes to verity my employment and wages. lol i guess w2's are not vaild anymore. I just faxed everything over fingers crossed i'll have an answer soon
  • what did you have to fax over? did you get 570 code too
  • i sent them copies of my w'2 plus verification of my employment. i had 2 570 codes on my transcripts
  • the tax advocate # i called was 877-777-4778. good luck ! i will keep you all posted
  • ready for this ? My w2s are not good enough proof of employment ! I now need a letter from my hr dept with a contact name & phone # so they can call to verify
  • I'm getting a cp045a letter not sure what that means
  • Oh wow!! That can take like forever!! Who needs this info- The advocate or IRS directly? @ Dawnnie727
  • it was the advocate
  • Loos like I'm getting a letter but no letter yet. Stupid code 570
  • I so confuses because so many are say different thing and don't what believe. First the 570 code 20140801 was when they was releasing the hold. And 03/10/2014 is when get the refund is that not true now
  • I get so many answers for the code and such. Not sure what to do yet
  • did you get them to tell you what your 570 was
  • carboxgrp.. at least they"re giving you something to work with
  • It be nice to get to get same answers then a million different ones frm irs
  • but my company doesn't do those forms, what they give doesn't work for the advocate, so i have to wait for the review to be done in 45 days =(
  • i don't understand how w2s are not a good form of verification . lol
  • We should NOT have filed early. Accepted before 1/31? We were the guinea pigs that got caught in the manual audit. My friend didn't even have a W2 and I KNOW there was an error on his because he claimed more tax withheld and guess what? He HAS his refund.
  • So Lisa we got audit? What that means?
  • i has 2 570 codes and a processing date of 3-10-2014 what does that mean? and my cycle date is 20140803
  • It means we are all fucked the irs ain't giving us shit... I promise this year I'm not gettn taxes took out my check and I'm not paying them shit
  • parrish.shaun545..have a little faith, there has been people who have gotten the code & got dd dates for this coming week
  • I'm jus saying man the don't put 570 codes when the taking they dam taxes out of our check but when it's time to get our money they gotta go thru all this bs when it's our money that they took from us
  • parrish.shaun545.I totally agree!!I think we're all frustrated.
  • I promise this my last year filing
  • still no updates and same boat with the 2nd 570 code with the 3/10 date... Spoke to irs rep Friday and just craziness told me I had a letter sent on the 8th and no letter and transcipt doesn't show letter code.... Not sure what to believe. If manual review they have to go through all of us in same boat seems like a lot of manual reviews .... Sigh I hope we know something in the next week!
  • Christy how did you no you need a id verification
  • I'm beyond frustrated filed 1/15 accepted 1/26 my wmr bar dissapeared a week and a half ago, I was able to view my return transcript 20140801 and still nothing last year i got my refund back in 7 days this year it has been damn near a whole freakin month never again
  • Shondekmack..did you have any codes at the bottom of your account transcript?
  • I have a code of 20140801 and 570 what happen to next no refund date
  • far as I know transcript cycles are out of the windows, when theres  570
  • there are no codes on the bottom of my transcript but still says processing is there a number to call that you get a person not just a check your refund recording
  • Daisymaepeanut...,800 8291040, 1 for English,  then 2142, enter your ss, & don't press nothing else after that & it'll contact you to a live person. Let us know what the rep says, please.
  • Thanks so much for the ex number I'm currently on hold, it said for faster service call back Wed. or Thurs. but I'm waiting I'll let you know what they say!
  • I'm glad to receive any extra info.
  • According to them it was released last Friday and who ever turbo tax used to process my payments is holding my money and hasn't released it yet!!! WTF!!!!
  • Is there a number to contact turbo tax!!!!
  • and if I don't get any info from them I'm to call back and they will trace my return and he said there is a major glitch in the wheres my refund to ignore it!
  • @daisy.. did you have a code 570 "action pending' 0.00  3-10-2014 on transcript too? now its been ddd or did it changed then removed..
  • daisymaepeanut..i'm not sure tt tax number, but you should call the SBTG bank, I think thats the bank that issues the refund.
  • well my husband just went to the bank and its there wth!!! I'm not complaining but what a run around
  • I called and they said a letter sent to explain that my is under review.. and nothing is needed from me.. has anyone ACTUALLY GOT A LETTER..
  • carboxygrp..there was a person on last night thread, she said she got a letter, on the 21st, & the date next to her 971 was 3/03/14
  • I was told I was under review n should receive a letterr n hasnt gotten one yet. Yesterday I had 2 570 with action pending with 3-10-2014 following by $0.00. I dont know whats going on..
  • So.........its been 24 days for me today. I checked my transcripts yesterday and there are two 570 codes with the date of 3-10-2014 and my cycle code is 20140801. Called the IRS at 7am today and she stated I would be receiving a letter in the mail stating I'm under further review, and they didn't need any information from me Although when I called Friday the representative told me I was just under review and no letter was scheduled to go out!! She said today it could take up to 60 days and not to call back til then! So I call the.  I RS right back and the second representative said no letter was scheduled to go out!!?? Any thoughts...............
  • I'm the 20140801 cycle with 2 570 codes w 3/10/14 date.
    I just called IRS and talked with Karen. Sweet lady. She said my account is "flagged for review" and that I will be getting a letter. She said she doesn't see why my account has been flagged, as all my returns have been basically the same for the past few years, and there isn't any different claims or identity theft claims on my account.
    I asked her how much long after i get the letter to get my return. She then stated that my account hasn't even been noted that I have been sent a letter.
    She then advised me to check back again next week.
  • I just talked with H and R block and after reviewing  my tax forms there is nothing about my claim that would need further review. I have no past debt that would offset my taxes...........H and R block feels that since I was in the 1/31 date these codes are just there to buy time for the IRS.........
  • They told me the same thing. Last week they said I was just under letter was schedule n now I call this morning they saying a letter is been sent out for further review.. this is so frustrated.  I just want my refund. I get so many different answers
  • I feel the same frustrating!!!!!!!  I feel like every time I call its something different!!!!! Did they say how long your refund would be held up........
  • Did your refund date up date on the wrm site
  • They say from the date thats gonna be on the letter up to 60 days. Im like wth... thats too long.. I have 2 570 codes with a date of 3-10-2014 followed by $0.00 with a cycle date of 20140803.
  • No update. Still saying tax is still been processing and a refund date will be available soon. Thats all..
  • I wonder if I can use this excuse on paying the people I owe.
    "I'm sorry, your account is under review, I mailed you a letter"

    And there is nothing we can do about this, except wait.
  • The IRS representative also said to continue to check WMR for a refund date.........
  • Same for me on WMR......still processing and a refund date will be provided when available
  • And no change to my transcript..............
  • I'm currently on the phone with this woman. She's so rude. And she act like she don't want to do her job.
  • Latishacrate, They'll tell you anything to get you off of the phone. I was told  3 different  things this morning,  only thing they all had in common,  was I was under manual review, & don't see a letter is going out. All their time frame was different
  • This lady didn't say I was under review. She said check the wmf night. It should be something we can do.
  • I had the date of 2-24-14 next to 570 and the cycle code 20140605 filed 1/23 accepted 1/26 no bars..... just called and they said I was pulled for additional review and they will be sending a letter, she also said that the irs has 11 weeks from 1/21 to process that... so I just hope to see it sooner than later.
  • Latishacrate..sorry misunderstood you..when will your 22nd day be?
  • what is going on with the irs
  • Well there goes THAT "release date next to 570" theory out the window!!!!@ jmed200184. That crap sucks!! F**k a manual review. Give us own Damn Money!! So freaking over our multitude of despair and dash out hopes. Seriously.
  • Jmeed20084..And no 971 is on your transcript?
  • Ok!! Thanks for letting me share! Lol. Now back to my thesis paper.
  • Nope just 150, 766, 570, 768 she couldn't understand why I have another review
  • Ikr Toni D1 it's just terrible!
  • Just ridiculous!!!
  • Spoke to a women at the irs who sounded very incompetent. Stated that my account is under review. Asked her why it was under review. She couldn't give me a reason why. Also told me that I should be getting a letter from the irs in the mail.  I checked my account with the irs and I don't owe them any  money so I'm completely lost. It didn't even take me this long to receive my refund last year. I'm so tired of the different information or should I say lack of information being provided to the tax payers.
  • FYI : WMR still says processing and I checked my tax transcript and it has two 570 codes and it has a date of 03/10/2014.
  • I have been reading a lot this wkend regarding all of our tax issues.......a lot of post state that the number next to the 570 code is when they received there refund......sure hope this the case for all of us that are over the 21 days!!!! I've also read if you can order or view your account transcripts your refund is coming soon or so that's been the case with the all that I've read.....
  • I've been able to view my tax transcript up untill today and it's not allowing me to view it. Is anybody else having this issue. I am wayyy passed the 21 day deadline
  • Currently on hold for the next representative......will update as soon as I can.
  • I posted earlier my experience that when I call this morning they said the same thing that everyone is saying above that it was under review and that I should be receiving a letter in the mail.  When?..... She did sound so incompetent, shit they need to hire us who actually are going through they bullshit!  So maybe they can see how that shit feel.  I'm so mad right about now, they holding my money hostage! LOL
  • kathianatitus.. I can view mines.
  • So once again I just got off the phone with the IRS this time my rep was a guy.  He was so rude and condescending that it was just pitiful.  He told me that I had to call back tomorrow that today was my 21st day and that he could not give out any information due to strict policies.  Isn't that a bi***!
  • Please let us know if you find out any new information...Thanks
  • @kathianatitus have you called the IRS yet to see what they say about your refund?
  • Does anyone know anyone that had the date next to the 570 code on their transcript if they  actually got their refund on that date, the date next to the cycle number is the same date as the date next to the code 570. After looking at my 2012 transcript the date next the cycle number is when I received my refund.
  • just spoke with IRS rep as I was accepted early but was just able to see my transcript today and I have codes 150, 806 and 570. she indicated they are verifying wages and with holdings and the return will be processed on 3/10 and I could expect a return anywhere from 14-45 days after that date. no letter sent and nothing else needed from me. anyone else have this issue?
  • I was just able to view my transcripts on Saturday for the first time, I have 2 570 codes with the date of 3/10/2014 and I'm suppose to receive a letter in the mail.
  • Okay so I was accepted on 1/31 had a DDD for 2/6. Became a 1121'er 2 days later. Cycle code was 20140601. No Offsets. Have been calling since the week of 2/6 seeing that's when I got the 1121 code. I have been told I would receive a letter ((CPO5)) or something like that which states nothing needs to be done give them 45 days. Never received that letter and I'm wayyyy past my 21 days. Spoke to a nice rep today who basically told me that they don't know anything but what we know from the transcripts. Their screens are exactly that screen with a few modifications. He said THEY ARE basic customer service rep's. Bad news is like some else stated the 45 days 60 for others doesn't start until the date on the letter! I'm so fed up at this point I don't know what else to do.
  • bratayja I'm getting the same run around from the irs...when I call..
  • Talked to a live person on Friday she said my refund was processing and give it til March 10th... also I was accepted on 01/29 and she said accepted on 02/03....
    Called today a guy said mines is under review a letter will be sent out....and it should be about my wages or depen....Bullshit!!!!
  • My rep also stated that the date next to the 570 code which for me was 2/24/2014 was the day they would be officially sending my letter??? Not officially sure if she was telling the truth seeing as she took 15 mins to even try to find something wrong which she never did, just said that I may have a letter & look for it by the end of the week. She wasn't sure if it was for wage verification,  dependents or what! I only have 1 code 570 which she couldn't understand either she said I shouldn't be in review still with 1 code 570 and put a flag on my refund  I hope it helps! I'll keep you posted...
  • Jmed200284, I'm confused so you should be in review with a 570, & how did she put a flag in your refund
  • I called and 45 days from 3/10 letter for income verification
  • My 22 days was last Saturday. And the person I spoke to told me to check the system nightly. But if I'm under review that's going take weeks.
  • Idgaf what the irs people telling us it's no way in hell this many people is under review... They should jus tell us the truth our system got fucked up so we sending everybody 570 codes whose refunds didn't process on time.... I wasn't born yesterday and I never heard of this shit happening before.... I bet in a couple of months it's gone be on the news about how the irs system was fucked up during the 2014 tax season
  • Sweetaliv she put the flag up because she couldn't understand why the date was 2/24/2014 next to the 570 code and if they needed further review past that date and why I didn't have a new 570 posted with a date if it needed further review. Not really a red flag just a marker on mine to be sent for review faster she said it seemed like mine had been looked over and nothing further was needed..I'm like whatever this was my first time calling and she was nice and very helpful it was just hard for her to even understand what the hold up was.
  • one i might not be that bright even though i have two years in college but these mf the irs got working for them is the most anything ms they sound stupid i know they look stupid as f##k i think they went to the local walfare building and did a mass hire because they cant talk the suck there teeth and get mad when you are asking about you f###ing account are you serious and this tt is not doing anything to help this us this is some straight they sound like rejects
  • then if you ask to many questions they put you on hold I think we need to call secret services because this is money theft and this is what they do ..and sombody really fu#$ed up.
  • all they do is read from a piece of paper and if you ask a question that is not on the paper they put you on hold and then come back with some bull crap.. wait a min i going to get a number from the irs to call and not this call center.. I ask her dummy a$s did she sleep during training class because you dont know anything she hung up on me ...who cares I can not deal with a dummy people at all no tolerance at all ..
  • this link let you chat
  • link that the irs will call you...US Internal Revenue System (IRS) Calls You Instead google this
  • Phone Number
    800-829-1040   Talk to a Human
    Choose English, Press two for Personal Taxes, and then push 0 and interrupt with 0 until it transfers you.
  • Phone Number
    800-829-3903 call now  
    When Dialing
    Choose English, Press two for Personal Taxes, and then push 0 and interrupt the voice until it transfers you.
  • Need to call late or earlier : Taxpayers with specific personal account questions should contact the Philadelphia International Taxpayer Service Call Center by phone or fax. The Philadelphia Call Center is operational Monday through Friday, from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (Eastern time):
    Tel: 267-941-1000 (not toll-free) press 4 then 1
    Fax: 267-941-1055
  • Jmed200284..oh ok, gotcha. So if it has to have further review,  they are suppose to change the date on the 570. Did she ever say a notice has been sent to you?
  • Yea she said she wasn't sure but look out for 1 since I did have that 570 code since the date next to it was yesterday she did it would've had to be sent out by the date next to it. Sweetaliv
  • Some people have 2 570 codes with the date 3/10 so I'm guessing they have to ship out those letters before that date, unless that was some bull she told me. Lol. Like Arethahill21 said they just read the same account transcript they see and put you on hold to try to find something and don't and just say this a letter blah blah
  • I was just told the same thing so when I ask question about my taxes she said "have a good day" and hung up on me that's some bullshit.
  • I hate the irs
  • I believe now it's just people receiving over $5000 who are being screwed I don't think they have the $ to pay us lol
  • jmed200284- I am not getting back that much money. Not even half of that.
    I think it's the people who filed early, before 1/31 who are having the issues.
  • This rep just told me one 570 with action code 199 was for cpo5 letter and the other 570 action code 134 was a letter sent 4464c was for a thorough review...i said are u serious child please and i hung up i am  sending a form in to request for the funds to be
  • and they will have  30 days to provide a response to this new request?
  • How did you get them to tell you the action codes?? I'm going to call and try to find out about my 570 codes....
  • And where do I get the form to request funds to be released???
  • me too!
  • Claim for Refund and Request for Abatement Form
    form 843   sorry stepped away...
  • when and if you go over the code with them ask them what is the action code under the 721 the code when they sent a letter see the 721 is miscellaneous followed by a action code all the time. thats how they know what notice was sent and if you have two 570 then it was two 721 and two letters will be sent out however they are not to be sent out no time soon so they can buy time
  • Im not bit more thinking about tt tell them to bill you
  • did anyone download tt and receive there return
  • My friend got a letter
  • What was in the letter did they say benjaminesmth?
  • What did it say
  • Great info!
  • For her to send her W2 information
  • No I was talking about arethahill21 info, lol
  • i got a nice lady on today. she said my letter will tell there is delay. nothing to do on my part. she was very pleasant and explained that I was in manual review. it could be be from credits to w2. but for me to do nothing til 3-30. she also gave me a better line to call 800-829-0922
  • She has to send in her w2 from
  • Oh OK Ben She should be great after that I hope
  • I got an 150, 806 and 570 code. Code 570 says $0.00 and a 3/3/14 date
    What does this mean?? Anybody please help!! i filed since 1/31/4 Got accepted on 1/31/14 and still waiting.
  • Has anyone transcript changed?
  • Nope I have been waiting for my transcript to change but that hasn't happened yet so.........
  • no :(
  • Maybe on Monday, someone with a 3/3 date will check their transcripts and they changed with a refund code, and there will be hope for the rest of us.
  • So how often should I check for a change of the codes on my transcript? Do they update them daily? Does anybody know?
  • Also can I check either one, the account transcript or the record of account transcript? Does it matter?
  • Beasty1323, check your account transcript,  & yes they can change daily,  mine changed on the 19th, 20th, then this morning
  • And the date of 03-03-2014 next to my 570 code and my 150 code, we think that is the date when they will be all done processing, or that is the date they will give me my Ddd?
  • Beasty1323..I'm unsure, reason being I was told this morning that the date by the 570. doesn't mean anything to us, but you never no, they're not really truthful about anything.
  • I will never file early again this is horrible but im in the same boat as everyone else @beastly1323 mine is the same way wish someone could just give us answer but I have  friend at h and r block I will hit her up and see what she can tell me
  • All of us with code 570 will get a letter my friend just got her today
  • At this point I'm so damn fed up with this mess all I can do is move on with my life and when my refund come i'll be here, and next year I'm not gonna file early I'll wait and see what will go on
  • I seen my transcript earlier went back it asked for my username I don't remember setting one up so what wld my username be ugh so over this shit
  • @sweetaliv what wld the username be for my transcript and where is it again on the irs website I cant find it where I thought I did before
  • Archer97_kd, your username is what you set up. Click on the button forgot user name & they'll email it to you .If you didn't set up one, you only login as a guest. So you hv to either do guess or create an account.
  • Benjaminesmth..did she have a 971,or just 570
  • I don't know she can't get back on the website
  • Benjaminesmth..oh ok, I'm suppose to be getting a letter too.
  • Can someone tell us what the letter said? This is crazy
  • Carboxgrp..I will once I receive mine, the rep read me a generic one. Not everyone will get the same letter
  • Thanks for the updates.
  • I was also one of the early filers I only have one 570 code. The date next to my 570 code is 03/03/2014. My cycle week was 20140703. When I have spoken to the irs they have given me all kinds of stories. As of today there are still no changes.  I spoke to a rep 2 days ago and she said that the date next to the 570 is when they will start processing and if they don't need any more documents it can take up to 45 days. So it can be anywhere from March 4th up to April 18 to get my refund.
  • Lets all hold hands and storm into the irs. I say long beach office. Whos with me? Peacefully. We need to unite.
  • The system was down last night. So everybody should check there account. Someone I know money is in her account and the system said it was still processing.
  • I was only able to get into my transcripts once on 2/22 after that locked out I do t understand why anyone know ?
  • I got on my transcripts once lastnight I just tried and it said to try again in 24 hrs said I was locked out also but im sure the irs seen everybody figuring out whats going on and locked us out just to be buttholes lol who knows this is so stupid
  • I hate to have to say it cuz ims fu#@in pissed spoke to a really nice man from the irs and he informed me anyone accepted before the 31st had a step missed in the three step verification which was wages now were all going to have to send income verifications to them n will take 45 days from the day they recieve it if there givin u the run around call and ask about wage verification as opposed to id verification the irs test run screwed us
  • is there a faster way to do wage verif or send in w2 or whatever they ask for
  • btw.. i got my letter today. just states they are reviewing my return and nothing for me to do but to wait 60 days from letter to call them...
  • Got my letter this weekend also, just a wait and see game now.
  • Damianbarker..what exactly did your letter say. I'm supposed to be getting on, stating I don't have to do anything.  Also is there a date on your letter,  letting you know when they will be done
  • Its under review I don't have to do anything, then the 570 code and a date of 3/10
  • Althes1..I'm confused,  did you also receive a letter?
  • Yes I did.
  • I filed 2/7 and I have the freeze also do you think it's also for wage verification as well
  • Got mine too income verfy 45. Days from 3/10
  • Can. This be an audit also I was told they can't audit you until after 15 of Aoril for this years tax season due to being able to amend your return.  Is this true
  • 45 days from 3/10 to get a refund or is it to be looked at omg this is crazy  do you have to send in w2? Dosnt your company send that in also
  • 45 days  to get a refund ? Or to review it ? You have to send in w2? They can verify it they see you pay taxes omg
  • My letter just says they need 60 days. Nothing to do.
  • Can they be N audit ? I
  • I need to amend my return it wasn't accepted yet why do I do
  • I went through the exact same thing. After my information was verified and released on 2/24/14...I was told by the irs that you should give them 6-8 weeks to release your funds. I was able to view my transcript tonight,  and I now have a cycle date of 20140905 with 846 Refund issued code! I filed on 01/29 accepted on 01/30.
  • What did you have to verify
  • School verification,  wage information. That's it. Just glad to know that once it's verified and released,  that it doesn't take 6-8 weeks to issue ddd.
  • Ok. Good what was your date next to the code mine is march 10 so is it correct to what your said? I still can't get into my transcripts says locked out since the 22
  • Mines was 03102014
  • They said do nothing they have to do it. I have my w2's they wouldn't take them. They have to verify it with your employer. It can take up to 45 days from the 10th to recieve your refund.
  • One last question promise lol when did you actually file and when did you receive your letter? I haven't  received a letter yet  and still can't  get Into. Transcripts
  • I filed 1/24/14
  • My letter said they should be finished by 4/24/14, but I hope it doesn't take that long.
  • Damianbarker..when did you receive your letter, & did you ever get  971 code?
  • Got it last weekend, no 971 just 570. So just wait and see.
  • I filed 2/14, never had a date with wmr, noticed earlier this week I had 971 and 570 code with cycle date 20140805, got up this morning to check wmr, still processing. Checked transcript again and now code 571 and 846 (refund issued). Never received a letter but taxes are on the way!
  • I still can't even view mine online try everyday and it can't verify me
  • Scarecrow427 make sure you are putting the ss # of who is listed first on taxes. Mine said the same thing and then I put my husbands social in and it worked.
  • Still no letter for me, and my transcripts have not changed beyond the two 570 codes.
    I guess i should call again. Does anyone have a phone number to talk to someone good??
  • Damianbaker..I got a 971 & I am waiting for my dreaded letter. So I guess it is true you can still get a letter with no 971.
  •, your 21 days isn't even up. I'm glad you haven't been waiting as long as us early filers.
  • I was so afraid mine would be on freeze forever. I have no idea how long it will take to get refund now that code 846 has been issued. Next to it is date 3/19 so maybe then? I hope you all get yours soon!!
  • Did you ever get a letter ? And is wheres my refund updated yet ?
  • Also when did you file your taxes
  • jenswartz95 have your status changed on the wmf.
  • Filed on 2/14, accepted same day. Never received a letter! I had the 971 code 2yrs ago also and never got a letter until I received my taxes and it was from TT. I believe it was via email. My deposit that year still came as a DD and was not delayed. This is the 1st year I have checked my transcript. Oh and I still have no update from WMR, still says processing.
  • Did you check sbbt see if they received your money fir deposit
  • I wound double check with irs    But they make it more frustrating. They give you diff stories when you call
  • What. Was tbe date next to your 971
  • Next to 971 was 3/10. I checked with SBBT and still nothing from them. I'm hoping since my transcript just changed overnight it's not updated anywhere else yet...
  • I was accepted 1/24 I have codes 150 ,766,768,570 ,570,971 I'm on the phone as I type with IRS lets hope I can get some answers.
  • Well. When you hang up with irs please let us know what was said
  • What is your deposit date
  • Well that was a waste they are full of shit. They said my 570 code is a freeze but couldn't tell me why said I would have to wait for my notice that's dated 3/17/14 makes no since to me . I'm so sucking passed I want my money !
  • They got me so mad I cant even type my tablet want let me say fuckin pissed without or force I'd like to force my fist in there mouth.
  • If any knows how I can find out the details of a hold please let me know.
  • Date next to refund issued says 3/17
  • amyj- it's not a "freeze" per se. The 570 code is additional account action pending. The same code most of us have. Some have called & were told they needed their w2's mailed in. There are others like me, who have the 570 code and several IRS people have said they don't know what is up with the codes.
    All we know is that we are not alone in this, and to keep calling and checking.
  • This could be that there looking fir oeopke to aduit and maybe that's why others are taking longer then others
  • I was accepted on 1/31. 2-570 codes on transcript and no 971 code! I did receive a letter today saying I didnt need to do anything but that it was a thorough review and could take up to 60 days. I have been able to view transcripts since Saturday, WMR still saying processing!!! This situation is out of control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dc24jg do you have an 846 code on your transcript?
  • Jenswartz95 No I dont-i have 150 806 766 and 2-570's.....
  • Through review omg they can find something they don't like this is last year I use turbo tax
  • Anyone get a letter that had a date of 3/10 after codes? I still csbt get into my trabscripts
  • My letter was codes at all.....
  • Was this letter 4464c
  • My transcript have the date of 3/10/2014 after the 250 codes but no 971 code and I got a letter today....
  • Yes-4464C
  • Dc24jg..did the 4464c have a date on it. Was just wondering, if  it gives you a time frame.
  • What do code 250 mean.
  • What is a 44c letter indicate
  • I spoke to a lady from the irs today. And she said I will receive a letter 4464c but I haven't received it yet. And I should receive my refund before 3/10/2014.
  • What is that letter mean  sksin is Wmr updated yet for uou ?
  • Latishacrate..I couldn't find a code 250
  • The letter was dated 2/24/2014......
  • WMR has no bars-just says still processing....
  • Hopefully this is coming to a end. She also said she didn't see any red flags. So we have to wait.
  • Can anyone get on trabscripts. I'm still locked out it's been a week I Ashed irs how to fix it they have no clue
  • I was able to check my transcripts
  • Also I have an  806 code but then a 150 and 570 that both have a date of 3/3, which is Monday. If anything happens Monday i will let u know
  • And you said you got a letter
  • Checked WMR and my orange bars are back, received and approved are orange. Also I have a reference # and an extension and asked me to call, says they changed my refund amt. I can still get on my transcripts and according to those I am getting more back!!
  • Well at least you got that...still sitting on a big pile of nothing from the irs....
  • Now. They are mailing it no d d that's on though anyone else this happen to
  • Jenswartz95, congrats!!
  • Thanks sweetaliv, will feel better once I actually get the return! Lol
  • Congrats jenswartz95!
  • Still no changes for me today......:(
  • jenswartz95 Congrats. That give me hope that mine will be coming soon.
  • I received my letter from the IRS and it's pretty much a generic letter stating that they selected my return to do a review on and nothing else is needed from me at this time and that they will contact me if they need further information . I have he two 570 codes with a 3/10 date
  • never had a 971, on your transcript
  • I hope you all get yours soon!
  • @sweetliv I never had a 971 code
  • I received a letter without a 971 code on my transcripts too....
  • Does anyone think these letters are to prolong our refunds?
  • I have a 971 & haven't received a letter, as of yet
  • just got my letter, just says they are reviewing and there's noting to do. I already have the tax advocate working on getting my refund released. I told my husband that if I try to file early again next year to break my fingers ! lol. Good luck everyone
  • Was this the 4464c letter.
  • Well finally got into my transcripts (by the way try using your middle initial with first name. That was my issue finally figured out.) I like a lot of others have two 570s with 3/10/ still sucks.
  • People with 3-3-14 dates please keep us 3-10 people posted last time I checked transcripts I only had 1 570 but was told letter will be coming they don't know when.
  • I got a 3/3. I will let u know. Good or bad news.
  • I viewed my transcripts this morning was the first time since last week I was able to and nothing had changed on them I still had one 570 the date beside it was 3/10/2014 so will just wait and see if thts when they release my funds I was in another thread on tt and someone said the date beside the code 570 was the date they take the hold  off on your funds but idk but good job everyone on keeping all of us updated this is crazy bullshit we are all going thru and its nice to have ppl coming on here daily and keeping everyone posted
  • Still waiting on my letter. My state tax refund posted to my account they didn't have a problem with anything I think the IRS is just full of shit.
  • no cp05
  • Ok Everyone, I filed my taxes and was accepted on 01/30/2014 I had an expected refund date of Feb 20th. When I did not receive my refund I was not completely concerned because the IRS i assumed was on a delay due to the bad weather. On Feb 22 I called just to be sure and they stated my account was in "Review" it was going through the "Integrity" department. I wasn't alarmed because I had 1 w-2 and a child to claim so I did not worry. I called again on Feb 26th and after being on hold for 1 hour and on the phone with the rep for about an hr I was told that tree was a letter being sent to me. I decided to look at my account transcript and I seen the following:
    2 CODES 570
    NO 571
    AND NO 971

    I have been waiting for this "Letter" they supposedly sent me and it has not come.
    Next to the 2 570's there is a date of 03/10/2013 and $0.00
    I also have a cycle code of 20140803

    Can someone help me out here?
    Does anyone know who to contact to verify my identity or verify my income, etc....
    I just want to get it done early so I don't have to deal with it later. I need my money. Thx
  • For the ones who have the 3/3 date which is tomorrow please give us an update by noon tomorrow I'm really sick of playing guess ans check with these 57 codes and so on.......
  • I have a date of 3/3. I'm gonna start checking stuff out at midnight and, then as soon as I wake up. And I will keep checking all day until I see something, if I see something, that is. I will keep you guys updated every step of the way.
  • Thnx
  • Beasty1323..whats your As of Date?
  • Well it's officially midnight, officially 3/3. The date on my transcript. I just checked wmr. No change. Still no bars, still a 152.
    I checked my transcript. No change. I still got a 150 with the date 3/3 next to it. An 806 and a 570 with a date of 3/3. I even checked my bank, no deposits have been made.,
  • Sweetaliv, My "as of date" is 3/10
  • Beasty1323, from what I read on another site, that's the date you need  watch. To see if it changes. But hey that's what was said the for the date next to the 570.
  • No change for me either!!
  • I have 570 on my transcripts as well & never had the 971 code. I received a letter today stating my refund is under review. That they do not need any information from me , but if they due latter on, I'll receive another letter. I've called & talked to 3 different reps. & all three have given be different answers. In my opinion it's just a stall tacktic & our returns are the early filers that jammed the system. Filed 1/15 accepted 1/25
    Had cycle code 20140801.
  • I was told I was getting a letter too but v still nothing
  • i got my letter today and its the same as everyone else who has gotten a letter its just saying they r reviewing my taxes and if I haven't gotten a refund in 60 days then call them and im a firm believer this letter is sent out to k
    try and keep us from calling them and bothering them they think it will put our mind at ease and in reality they r just behind and taking long to get us our refunds since I was doing taxes since I was 18 I have never in my life had this problem so id say this is the irs screw up and we will eventually get our money yeah it sux I had a lot of plans on catching up with bills ith my income tax and now im barely getting by but that's my fault but the irs could have went to the ews media and put any questions we all have to rest but this is the government what did we expect but I hope this is all over soon for all of us its very stressful and I don't think any of us deserves to be put thru this by the irs but we are not alone just everyone keep posting on here I kno seeing all of you talk about this has helped me sleep at night I will continue to pray for all of us that this is resolved soon and next year im not going to file until febuary lol have agreat day everyone god bless
  • Has anyone received their refund who had a DD of 3/3 after receiving the generic letter?
  • I received my letter today stating d same thing as everybody else.i think it's just a stall because they r so far behind. We probably want get our money until next month or d end f this month I was sure hoping it was at least by next week. I will keep everybody posted if I have any change.
  • cycle 2014801 w two 570 codes and a 3/10 date. I got my 4464c letter yesterday.
  • Cycle code 20140801 w/ two 570  and 971 I still haven't received a letter. Has anyone had any changes? I was able to view my transcripts up in til sat now I can't view any of them. Very confused.
  • I got a DD day of the march 5. my WMR bar came back today. I filed on 1/30 accepted on 2/02. Never received the 570 but I am receiving a letter.
  • Ambcrg-what is your date next to your cycle code on your transcript??
  • 03/03/2014
  • Ok great!! My is 3/10/2014- gives me some hope.......Thanks
  • ambcrg if u don't mind me asking y r u receiving a letter?
  • Mines is 3-10 too fingers crossed.  Anybody else with 3-3-14 get a dd?
  • I had a 3/3/14 no dd as of today and I received my letter on Saturday. My return still shows processing! I am so sick of this mess
  • I spoke with a rep today from d irs and was told that the letter we r receiving is just a complimentary letter lettin us know that our return is taking longer. He also stated that they just started reviewing early filers. And it's just a waiting game. I never received the 971 code just 570.
  • My taxes have been deposited today! Still no letter!
  • So happy you got your cash finally good news  I am hoping the rest of us will follow soon. Are you the first to get refund with these codes?
  • beasty1323  Any good news???
  • Jenswartz- did you have a 570 code? If so what was your date next to it and where u a early  filer?
  • Brittanya1313,i i remember correctly she didn't have a 570 code
  • I'm not sure if anybody else has received their refund yet with these codes. WMR still says approved, orange bars are there but does not say money has been sent yet.
  • Oh ok thanks Sweet. :(
  • I was not an early filer. I filed 2/14 and yes I had a 971 and 570 code. My cycle date was 20140805. I received a 571 last fri. Still no letter. Dd was today. My date next to cycle date was 3/10/2014. I hope everybody else's comes quick!
  • I am receiving a letter, but have not got it as of yet. But there is hope I did received my refund today. I will keep you guys update about the letter. I did talk to the IRS, Thew took 520 for past taxes from 2003. But the rep explained to me that is was ,do to my ex. and I will need to file the form to get the money back.
  • jenswartz95 did your transcripts show the code 846 refund issued or did you have to call the rep to get a direct deposit date?
  • Yes it did show 846. Next to that code was date 3/17/14.
  • Ambcrg. Did you have 570 and where u an early filer? If so what was ur date nxt to 570?
  • I am as frustrated as everyone else!  I am an early filer, accepted on 1/27.  I pulled my transcript on 2/20 as I wasn't seeing anything changing on WMR and found this group!  I had the 570 codes with the 3/10/2014 date beside as well.  Nothing else was listed regarding a letter being sent or anything.  I called the IRS on the following Monday and was told the 570 meant it was pulled and could take 60 days.  Still wondering what the March 10th date meant on the transcript, I called again only to have the woman tell me I am reading too much into the transcript and that it is still being processed!  She told me that we have too much technology these days and if we had called 4 years ago we would have been told that it is still being processed and that would be the end of it!  She was quite rude about it!  I could really use the extra money for medical reasons and I am beyond pissed!  I saw that someone else said about being told that the 3/3 date they had as being the date it is to be released!  I am wanting definite answers and want to know who their source is because it seems that we are all just getting the run around.  I received a letter yesterday regarding the return being pulled for review and I truly believe at this point that the original person I spoke to who told me that, had it sent to cover her ass!  I am so frustrated!  Please help!
  • The dates next to 570 code such as 03/03/2014 or 03/10/2017 are the dates that penalties & interest apply. They are not processing dates. The irs is hoping to have us all processed by then cause they do not want to pay interest for holding our money. My brother in law is an audit agent for the irs & he broke down my transcripts for me. I filed 1/15 & accepted on 1/25. It's just a waiting game. We just have to wait for them to process us. Let this be a lesion & never file early again. I know I'm not
  • Christinaj531 , thank you for your response!  I so hope your brother-in-law is correct and that they do pay the refunds out by that date.  Yes, it would be nice to get a little more but at this point, I just want the money that is to be refunded to me.  I know I am not the only one who is overly anxious on getting their refunds.  Trust me, I have learned my lesson and will wait until mid to late February next year to file!  It's a shame that those of us who filed early are the ones that are being delayed the longest!  It makes me feel like I am being punished just like those who don't file until after the deadline!
  • Christinaj531..I'm so confused,  I thought you said before that your brother-in-law worked for the IRS & the date  next to the 570 was a refund date.  Forgive me if I'm wrong, or I could have the wrong person.
  • No never said it was a refund date. But was told the irs hopes to have u processed by then. Your transcripts should show that.( as of 3/10/14 peniltys & interest) mine does. But I always pay for the audit protection that turbo tax offers. To day I called then & they told me not to worry they are going to handles this for me. I hope we all get our refunds soon. It's not right for the irs to punish I'd for filing early
  • I see it on mines, my date is March 17th. With a 570 dated 3-10-2014.  So is there an update tomorrow anyone? I keep reading this on different forums.
  • No change for me today!  Beyond over this crap!  I will not be filing early next year that is for sure!  I did my best friend's taxes on Monday, 3/3 and she got her direct deposit date of 3/10 this morning on WMR.  I never even got that far with my WMR!  So irritated but tired of feeling the frustration!  At a point that I have to say I have done without this long I will just continue to do without!
  • I haven't had any changes but I did notice 1 thing, next to ACCRUED INTEREST 0.00 & ACCRUED PENALTY 0.00 The dates changed from February 24, 2014 to March 24, 2014 ant body know what this is about? I still haven't received any letter yet I was told on the 24th it would've been sent that day. Nothing has changed still have only 1 570 dated Feb 24th and no 971s. I'm tired of this.
  • I would like to know what it means too, my As Of Date changed, from 17th to 24th
  • My date has changed from March 10th to March 24th. If these MF'ers don't unleash the hold on 'MY' I know something. And I received a payment due email from Turbo Tax. How about you get it from the IRS.
  • I 'm so pissed off, I forgot to put the word MONEY in my last text.
  • Same here Toni...Beyond pissed! It is over the top getting old
  • Okay?!!! @ Christy. To me, if they keep changing the Accrued date, they will never be liable to pay interest or a penalty date, thus allowing them to slow snail jerk our refund as long as they want.
  • Sweetaliv I read on the Facebook page I got my refund that the As of date is more important the date next to the 570 code because that's the date by when they should release the refund so since I guess they are backed up or they need more info the dates are getting pushed further.
  • As of date has changed again to March 31,2014 from March 10, then to March 24th.
  • My as of date has changed to march 31 as well:(
  • My as of date changed as well, but its another 21 days from my original as of date the 10th
  • Yes which sucks ... But I did talk to a rep yesterday and he said they had my refund on hold to verify my withholdings ... He said It could take 60 days but it may not ... I filed Jan 22 accepted on the 29th ... This has just been a headache I said I wasn't calling back and I am going to just check once a day and hope one day there is an update showing it's on the way !!
  • Just found this over at I got my refund, it was posted at 8 AM this morning. Lets hope this is the truth!!! "This is my latest up date (remember I can not give names) (cousin is intern for a congressmen) If you received a cp05 and filed before 02/03 your return processed up missed the income verification portion of processing. If you received the standard 4464c your processing was just stopped to fix the system. Reprocessing is happening now. Most early filers should have a refund before 03/24".
  • Kxracer85..I do believe that steps in the return process got messed up. I just personally think its going to take longer to fix. Especially since the Irs won't even tell people what they need to do to fix it. Unless they have a tax advocate
  • I agree with you, I've heard its affected like 250k people, absolutely crazy. Ill never file early again.
  • Kxracer I am hoping beyond hope that what you found is right. I got the 4464c letter.
  • Has anyone with letter 4464c gotten a tax advocate? If so did you have to send anything? If that's true above then they should not need anything from those, right? I am wondering because I got that letter & called yesterday to get an advocate, they are supposed to call me back Wednesday. I filed 1/28 accepted 1/29. As of date also changed to 3/24. Maybe 3/10 they will start back processing & that's when we should see something by?? Makes sense if the above comment is true???
  • It's just like we're starting over with our 21 days!
  • If thats all I can do another 21, lol
  • Lol. I say the same thing! But only if that's all! I haven't commented on any of these but I have read everyday! I see positive things but usually thing that contradict that later. I've deffinatly gotten false hope off of reading some post. But after my 35 days passed I just have up & didn't worry about it quite as much. Until now, seeings as how we are about to be evicted & no power! This couldn't of happened at a worse time!
  • Well I'll take that. 21 more days is nothing. I got 4464c but nothing since. Haven't asked for anything
  • Jormaihsmom2011...I wouldn't call it direct contradicting,  I would call it a lot of guessing ,wishful thinking and trying to decipher codes on our own. We(I) know everyone's 570 means something different. I'm sure since you have been reading the threads you already know you can contact a tax advocate. I hope your advocate, works swiftly,  for you.
  • UPDATE. I have the 570 (3/10) $0.00 & 971 (3/10) been got my letter on the 24th of Feb & was dated 3/10. Wasn't able to view my TC about a wk now and check it this morning and I have a new code (424) 3/06  $0.00 which means(Examination of tax return, long story short (AUDIT).
  • Bmbmarshall5..did you have 401k
  • No.
  • Is that what it means? I also found this & I felt better after reading it: If the transcript includes a Transaction Code 420, this indicates that a return (Forms 1120, 1120X or 1139 for corporations) has been referred to the Examination unit in the Service Center where the return or claim was processed. Transaction Code 424 also indicates that the return has been referred to Examination but generally in the field. The Taxpayer should expect to receive correspondence opening the field examination if the Account Transcript includes Transaction Code 424. If Transaction Code 420R, 421, 424R or 425 is reflected in the account, the particular examination (service center or field) has been closed. Companies with audited financial statements should consider obtaining the Account Transcript at year end to identify overpayments, underpayments, assessed penalties and assessed interest that may be relevant to their tax provision or balance sheet. The Account Transcript is delivered through the automated Transcript Delivery System (TDS) after the PPS makes an electronic order for the transcript.
  • Surprisingly I was able to view mine again today my as of date is now 3/31 but my processing date is 3/10. So I am hoping it goes thru processing like it would normally. Unless daylight savings time sets them back weeks lol.
  • When I got my letter on the 24th of Feb, it was only letting me knw that they had made changes to my return and If I was ok with the changes to do nothing and I would receive my refund in 4-6 wks. That's all.
  • None of my changed. 570 (3/10) 971(3/10) but a new code (424)3/06. Since my dates haven't changed i'm ready to find out what's gonna happen tmw when the 10th get here. I will keep everyone posted.
  • Scarecrow427.I'm glad you finally go back in.
  • Problem is I probably won't again for another two weeks. I am still having to register as a guest it will not let me create an account. And I have only been able to get in really late at night or like today at 5am.
  • Scarecrow427..Lol, I couldn't even register as a guest. I was surprised it let me set up an account. Sometimes  I wish I didn't have access to the transcript. Seeing them everyday,  just drives me NUTTS. Always trying to figure out something,  UGH
  • The last 2times I was able to view my TC was always on the weekend on Sat or Sunday in the morning & can never view it on the week days.
  • Bmbmarshall5, I couldn't view my transcript for the first 15 days after I filed, but now I have no problem getting in.
  • Did any get any good news with date 3/10/2014 cause I didn't smh
  • Well I am going on the hope that since my transcript says processing date of today that it will go thru the normal processing starting today so hopefully Wednesday  it will update
  • P_Andrea222 why don't you try waiting until about 7PM to check your transcript instead of in the morning. Not to be mean I am waiting just like you. But the IRS is not updating transcripts overnight. The 03/10/2014 says processing. So odds are nothing will be done to it today. I am waiting just like everyone for the same stupid code.
  • Wow i was actually able to finally create an account to check transcripts. Its a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!! well on mine it says filed and account action pending with todays date so again im hoping that wed or thurs. ill hear something.
  • and the fact that the as of date for interest is 21 days from today it makes me think it will just go thru their normal processing like it should of when i originally filed. One of the many answers i got from a rep was it was just sent to the end of the line basically and wouldnt start the process til first or second week of march. But it was one of MANY answers i got. I only got the generic delay letter and no wmr codes but 152. and they havent asked for anything
  • Well I'm on the phone with the irs we deserve answer an no bullshit I don't care how long it take ima get my damn answer.
  • p_andrea22.. get them!!!!!
  • I'm am I know she mad we been on the 36 minutes as of now I want all my question answerd.
  • how many 570s did you have
  • I got two of them she told me that they system crash an she can't tell me anything eels I should call back 2marrw I didn't believe they system crash at all I'm pissed off I be call 2marrwa in the a.m
  • I got a date of 4/15 on my transcript to get my refund anybody else?
  • Robertlovesnatal does it say refund issued and did you have a 570 code before?

well my cycle code is 20140703 I filed on January 30 and when I saw my transcript I also have that code which means your refund has a hold for many reasons. I heard that is mainly because they are backed up and they are trying to buy time. I called this morning and they told me that as of February 8 there was a hold on my refund and that they have 60 days until April 8th to release my refund it could be sooner code 971 means they have sent a letter which in my case they have not sent one. HE just said that if they need info they will send me a letter but that they have 60 days.

  • I was told from an irs agent thst the codes dont mean anything that their just codes they use when proccesing returns, but i dont trust that bs this is not normal for them to take this long proccessing returns
  • I just talked to a rep and she said my return is still processing she does not see any issues but please allow 2 more weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was very nice though and I appreciated her checking my account.
  • in a different thread there is a whole answer from someone that actually received clear explanation as to what happened there was error with their computer system because all returns go thru a 3 step process and the computer skipped a step so they had to pull out all the returns and view them manually so on all those returns they put a hold until they review them manually. So as now they are just giving everybody different bs to buy time because they are coming close to the 21 day deadline.
  • smh
  • if any one is able to see their transcript online 570 is the hold code  and 571 is the release of the hold. Code 846 is refund issued.
  • more than likely thats what it is I am hoping... I am a firm believer in "It will come when its MOST needed" EVENTHOUGH I know need it NOW lol (trying to make light of a horrible situation)
  • I only have the 570
  • shauntre I kind of get frustrated but then again is the IRS we are dealing with last year due to a review to prove I was head of household and I received my refund until July LOL so I wouldn't be surprised. Supposely the ones with just the 570 code are just put on hold until they can get to approve our return manually.  That unless you see a 4 digit error code on Where's my refund we are ok. So as of now we just have to wait.
  • yes the lady said as long as I dont see any code with Take Action then I should be fine
  • 971 means (year & quarter) tax return processed to wrong identifying number or tax period
  • Ivegot codes 150 806 766 570 768 supponsely sent a letter feb 24th to inform me im under 60 day review im way over the 21 dqy period but I also have my transcripts in hand refund date march 24th restartn process march 10th it will be lifted once they manually go over it
  • Havent receved my letter neither

Taxes recieved on 12-Feb / Bars disappeared on 27-Feb / Ordered transcript and had only one 570 code with 17-Mar date beside it / Recieved hold letter on 3-Mar (dated 28-Feb) / was no longer able to order transcript as of 28-Feb / Now able to order transcript as of today (10-Mar); now have two 570 codes which contain dates 17-Mar and 24-Mar next to it.....Does anyone know why I have two 570 codes now? I understand that 570 means a hold but with two codes does that mean I have to be on hold even longer or another issue was found? I am so confused right now....please help if you have any creditable insight. Thanks is advance!!!

  • By what I see sometimes they update our transcripts sometimes they don't I only have one 570 code and I'm still waiting for my return the only thing that changed for me is my as of date on top of the transcript it was originally 3/10 then it changed to 3/24 and then to 3/31.  They supposedly sent me a letter CP05A which I never received asking to prove my income.  After I send them the docs to wait up to 45 days for them to approve it and release my refund.
  • My as of date changed as well...exactly as yours. I am so confused!!!
  • I still have a 3/10/14 next to my 570 code. Could someone help please
  • ok, I filed 01/25 was accpted 1/27 and had 2 570 codes on my transcripts. called the tax advocate and today 3/12 my refund was deposited !
    Good luck everyone
  • Yaaaay! Dawnnie! I'm so happy for you! Whoop whoop! Look at you!
  • What was your dates next to your 570 codes?
  • @ dawnnie727 - Did you have any changes on your transcript today? I too was accepted on 1/27 and the only change I had was last week when they changed the date by the Interest & Penalties from 3/21 to 3/31.  My 570 codes still have the same date of 3/10.  Please let me know cause I really do need the extra money now more than ever!
  • You know, I agree with the tax advocates and all, but what I don't agree with is having to actually have a eviction or a disconnect to be able to get one! I have a 2 year old and a 7 month old, how am I supposed to wait until I have NO power and no where to stay! I feel like the ones with the advocate are making it take longer for others. I am by no means complaining, I am just stating my aggravation! I just really dont understand any of this! I tried and tried to get an advocate, explaing my situation and that I cant wait until I dont have anything to get one! UGHHH!
    I read on a forum that those of us who got that letter were only stopped to fix the problem and those receiving the other letters have to send stuff in! I do not know how true this is, seeings as how things change every day sometimes multiple times! I just dont understand why we can't get an answer? I wonder if we actually worked for the IRS if we could process our own return? Lol.
    Please no one with an advocate take offense to what I said, because I too tried to get one! I just don't understand their requirements. Its like saying...You have to be down to nothing before we can help you!
  • That is what they are saying . I tried to get one but was unable to as well. My dates next to the 570 is 3/10 and I also have had no change other than the as of date ! This is so aggravating .
  • Hey I'm on this other forum, and people including myself with "as of date" 3-31-2014 and 570 dated should see an update Fri or Saturday or maybe next week. I haven't received no letters of anything. No 971 (notice sent) code, even they can still send info without that code being up there. Some people transcripts upgrade daily or weekly so definitely check Friday or Saturday.  Maybe call the bank too cause wmr don't update everyday with ddd. It can be false check out
  • This is starting to get on my last nerv we got stuff to do kids to feed an bills to pay I hate the irs they doing us wrong.. They don't tell us nothing we want to hear I'm bout to call them again...
  • Well let me know, I have my fingers crossed for something this weekend.  My fiance filed last Thursday and got his today. Bummmmmmer
  • I too tried to get an advocate, I even had a case number, but once they found out I wasn't in trouble of a disconnect, they dropped me. For those who got advocates i'm glad yall are getting yalls money. I JUST WANT MY MONEY ;(
  • They saying  wait until weekend to look at transcript she said the sent a letter out last month on the 20 th still ain't get it smdh I told them I didn't get it an it's not on my transcript she said well I don't know wat to tell you I'm pissed forreal
  • Who is they? Are you referring to the irs? (Jerks)
     Can you view your transcripts?  I'm hearing the same thing, to wait until the weekend to check transcript for an update. So I hope
  • Yo channel 2 news in chicago is saying the irs is saying are refunds are delayed cause identity theft gtf outta here we all need to get a petition going to sue the irs 4 these delays im loseing my job unreliable vehicle need new 4real oh yea everybone with the 570 no 971 youtube transcripts irs myths and all that other jazz good info 4real
  • 3 10 2014 nextto my 570 spoke to irs today under 60 day review no additional info needed yet I also found the irs hand guide to 570 on irs .gov search punch in 570 there are 1000 different 570 freeze s 4real every excuse thy gave me is in there as well glitch in system oh 60 day review oh need more time to process all bullshit im loseing my job and wonder why usa is in an economy crisis blame obama wrong blame the department of treasurey thts why thetes no money being spent in America cause the irs is freezing are hard earned money imagine if we all signed a petition and sent it to our governments think thn the irs would stop playing with are refunds I think they, ll think twice about playing with our refunds
  • Smdh yes the irs
  • How do I watch it on youtube what do I look up
  • Google search in youtube transcripts and irs myths and all that jazz p_andrea222
  • Called irs verification number thts not the hold up this 570 is a bitch said the computer only tells thm im under 60 day review thts it bunch of bullshit thn he asked have u mov3d lately I mailed form 8822 to California mskes no sense at all 4real
  • I just got off d phone with them and they told me d same 60 day bs.
  • Im on the phone with them now an he lookin up my 570 now
  • Keep us updated please! @p_andrea222
  • I have been reading this a lot but comment but we're in the same situation...I filed Jan 29 Accepted Jan 30..Bars went missing for about 3 week on Feb 22..On March 7 I pulled my transcript had a 570 code dated for March 31 and a as of date for March 31 also date beside cycle code 20141105 March 31....On today I have a code 846 dated for April 7 but my bars haven't came back yet..
  • Typo never commented
  • @dinahtaylor32 you will receive your refund on the 7th of April!! Congrats! Did you have a 570 code on your transtript before today?
  • Oh my gosh...the 846 code is the code to release the funds so you are definitely in a great place now!!! I'm so happy for you. Unfortunately I am still in the same boat and I haven't been able to get my transcript for over a week now. I'm hoping that someday soon I will be able to retrieve my transcript and the 846 code is also on mine. Again congrats!!!
I was accepted 1/29, bars missing and finally able to get online to look at account and refund transcripts  and account transcripts shows code of 150 followed by cycle code of 20140801 date 3/10 then codes  806 and the tax withholding minus dollar amount followed with date 4/15/2014 then 706 credit to account and minus dollar amount THEN the code of 570 followed by 3/10/2014 with 0.00 amount... What does the 570 code mean with 0.00 amount? Sigh....
  • It means your refund is on hold for some reAson but most likely because they are backed up and can not meet the 21 day deadline.
  • with MY return I spoke with the IRS yesterday and they said that 03/10/2014 dte is the release date for the hold. Basically like PP said its because they are backed up due to glitches in their systems
  • Means pulled for manual review
  • I have 570 on my transcripts as well & never had the 971 code. I received a letter today stating my refund is under review. That they do not need any information from me , but if they due latter on, I'll receive another letter. I've called & talked to 3 different reps. & all three have given be different answers. In my opinion it's just a stall tacktic & our returns are the early filers that jammed the system. Filed 1/15 accepted 1/25
    Had cycle code 20140801.
  • I got my letter today and it says i dont have to do anything and just wait at least 60 days. If they need something they will contact me. My 570 date was 3/3/14 no refund just the stupid letter 4464c
  • I filled and got accepted on 1/31/14 :( :(
  • I have date 3/10/14 that's just a date when they have to pay interest for holding our returns
  • same here letter was in the mail...its crazy that everyone on here is getting the same letter smh
  • Do the date 3/10/2014 mean we get are return that day. An they did this last year an I got 12.00 interest.
  • long was it before you got your return last year
  • really ANDREA?  how long after did you get your refund?
    also I was told a letter was coming out today too, she didn't say which letter but she said I have to wait 30 days from today to call and 60 days from when I receive the letter. I honestly think that they are trying to get us to stop calling. She also stated when I get the letter it will let me know what to do. so idk. I called this morning and she just said im under review and didn't say nothing else so im just going to wait.
    Accepted Febuary 5th
    As of date- March 17th
    570 date- March 10th
  • I got it June 5 an I was pissed i had a 570 with date 4/15/13 last year an didn't get it to June I hope this don't happen again I got 2 570 with date 3/10/2014 I hope it come I'm prying the it's guy said I had a 3 week hold an my 3 weeks up on the 10th I wonder can they hold it again
  • p_andrea222..what was your 570  for last year and do you know why you have one again this year?
  • Last year it was 4/15/13 this year it 3/10/14 an he never real said he said I was a early filer that's it
  • I just was wonder can they change my 3/10/14 date again an hold it longer
  • p_anderea222..the IRS never told you why this happen last year, and again this year. So is it true once you go into review you stay in revieiw for 3 years? I mean every year you file your taxes will be delayed?
  • no that's not true, I was reviewed in 2008 but not 2010 or 2011, last year 2012 was a glitch, and I still believe 2013 is a glitch again
  • I believe it's a glitch again too
  • I sure hope that those of us that have the 570 codes with date 3/10/2013 we see a DDD very soon!!!! So.........frustrating!! Its been 35 days since I was accepted!!!!
  • I just wonder if those that had the 3/3/2013 have got their refunds or at least a DDD......
  • I wanna know that also dc24jg
  • p_andrea222.....and everyone else please update with any changes to WMR or transcripts and I will most definitely do the same! Hoping this nightmare is almost over for us all...............
  • Hi guys updating! I had a 3/3/14 date in my 570 and no DDD my status is still "processing" and my bars have been gone for 3 weeks already! How frustrating
  • Hi guys updating! I had a 3/3/14 date in my 570 and no DDD my status is still "processing" and my bars have been gone for 3 weeks already! How frustrating
  • Well last year I also went under examination but it was because I had to prove I was head of household which I did and I received my return until the 8th of June to be exact and I was paid like $32 of interest.  I have no idea what it could be this year. But last year my hold code was different.
  • Frankly I think WMR is not going to show your update until well after you actually receive your refund after this 570 debacle. I filed the 01/27 and was accepted 01/29. And I have one 570 on mine with the 03/10 date which I have determined means literally nothing. I received a letter on 02/27 with 4 issues that could be potential reason for my delay. It states they may need to contact others which I would assume mean employers. For what I am not certain. But this is literally killed my perception of the government. They take your money all year long and to finally get pennies on the dollars they take, they hold them from you. I would hope you guys get it straight and get your refunds eventually. I give up. I have read and read articles and every piece of information of TC 570 I could find. The only advice I can share is that it is a multilayer tax code with several meanings. So please don't contrast and compare your 570 experience as they may certainly not be the same from person to person. No sense in false hope from someone who has a different tax situation than you. Goodluck
  • OK, so I was informed by the advocate that my review is done and today there is an 846 release code dated 03/24/14 on my transcripts !
  • Congrats to you :)
  • So I got  a new date on my transcript the "as of date" changed from March 10th to March 24th, what does this mean?
  • did mine from the 17th to the 24th.
  • dawnnie727.....did you have a 570 on your transcript and what was the date beside it
  • mine also changed to march 24th
  • Ok still have 3-10-2014 next to my 570 codes. But near the top buy the interest section it used to have 3-10-2014 but now has 3-24-2014.
  • that is what mine says too
  • Mine changed as well from 3-10 to 3-24
  • I don't understand how they just change it when they want to maybe the date by our 570 is the day we will have the hold removed then the date by the interest section is the date we will have our money or atleast a ddd
  • My son in law finailly got a ddd for the 5th wmf says approved and sent, well guess what no money on his card as of yet smh the irs is realy playing with peoples emotions here,they are full of s**t
  • So my transcript changed as well.  Honestly - I don't know what to think anymore because when I first joined, I was told that the date beside the 570 code is the date the IRS will want to pay out refunds otherwise the interest and penalties will start being added.  Now I am not sure what it all means and it's really getting agrivating since none of us know the answers and when we call in to the IRS, we get ignorant responses!  What kills me is that if they were in the same situation as we are they would want answers as well!
  • If anyone does truly get an answer on what is happening, get new changes or if they have gotten a direct deposit date, please let us know!
  • the date was 03/10/14
  • call the tax advocate that is what they are there for, it worked for me.
  • For anyone that has spoken to a Tax Advocate - how long did it take to actually have information from them?  Is it something that happens right away or do you have to wait a few days to hear back from them?  I have never had to do anything like this before!  I have always had my refund on time!
  • dawnnie727....what was your situation? had you received a letter or were you told you were under a review? what did the tax advocate actually tell you? sorry for all the questions just a stressed out tax payer
  • Rec'd a letter and was told under review.  Haven't talked to an advocate - more less wondering what to expect when I do call.  I have no solid answers from the IRS and am now at 35 days since filing.  Like everyone else I got the 570 code with 3/10 date next to it and this morning the date beside the interest/ penalties area of the transcript now shows a 3/24 date.   I have never been held up on my taxes like this before!
  • how do you talk to a tax advocate? I have never had an issue with my taxes.
  • when I called the irs they just told me I was under review and I would receive a letter and I did but ive read several comments that people have been told they were getting a letter or they were under review and have still got a ddd I filed 1/30 and accepted 2/2 and nothing....ive got 2 570s with the date 3/10/2014 no 971
  • just read on the irs website as of feb 27th they have processed and sent ot refunds to 98% of the people who had filed taxes wtf I guess we are that 2%
  • I have the exact same issues. I called the irs earlier. He told me that my tax return will be issued by April 10. I mentioned the April 10 date on my account transcript.  He did not want to discuss it. I read somewhere on here that they have to manuel process by this date because the computer made a mistake. I think they are stalling us because they think it will take longer because of the number of people this happened to. So frustrated this has never happened to me before.
  • I Mention the March 10, 2014 date.
  • Very fustrating!!!! Is all I can say
  • you asked about the march 10 date and he wouldn't say anything? where did they come up with the april 10th date?
  • My date changed to 3/10 to 3/24. Beyond over it
  • its just another lonely no refund day
  • I looked up my local advocate and she was very helpful. i was under verificaion review and she was able to help speed the process up for my by about a month. I will keep you posted on when I get my refund, but as of today the release date is 03/24/14
  • the advocate has to look into your review and will be in touch within a week. Be careful of some of the stories on here, not all true
  • The irs told me that my return will be fixed and i should have received it by April 15, 2014. Sorry for the mix up of the dates earlier. Any one that orders an account transcript will see codes and other dates. My  transcript has a March 10, 2014 date on it. By doing research. I know that this is the date your refund is suppose to be finished by. They are going to be done by hand which is manuely. The dates keep changing because they have so many to complete. I asked the rep today about the March 10 date. He told me to hold on he was going to transfer me to the individual return account. I asked him why and he said they could better help me. He put me on hold for about ten minutes. Instead of being transferred he came back and said that i should wait until the April 15 date. He even sounded nervous. I think they get in trouble if they dont tell you that date.
  • Lomrt,... so the As Of Date will keep changing until, they get done with manual processing. What about the ones who's date hasn't changed?
  • If it hasnt changed then it will be processed by that date.
  • My as of date has changed again!!
    First it was march 10
    Then last week March 17
    Earlier this week it was changed to march 24th
    Now today it got changed to the 31st
  • Wtf?!?!?!?!
  • Wow beasty 1323 thats just ridiculous. The ones with the 570 code on their account transcript has been screwed around this year.
  • That's me, I got a 570.
  • I filed and was accepted on January 31. I couldn't look at my transcripts till after the 21 days. The wmr site has no bars just the stupid 152 thing. I got three codes 150 806 and 570. The 150 and the 570 both say 3/3. Like I said my "as of" date has changed a bunch. It is 3/31 now.
  • Oh!! To top it off... I got a bill from turbotax!!!! Friggin awesome!
  • Just checked mine again, It changed to 3-31 also, thats so strange it changed twice in one day, had been 3-10 up until this morning
  • Soooo.... What exactly do we  do with this info now? What the f does it mean? Oh that's right, it don't mean anything!!!!! And all we can do now is nothing!!!!!! It just means hurry up and wait!!!!!! And wait!!!!!!!!! And wait!!!!! Like a-holes!!!!
  • It's sad that they're holding on to our money!! I in the same situation your are in, I have recived the same letter you have. I give up!! This is really sad!
  • Any updates on transcript?  I heard on another forum people are getting the 846 code, which means a release. ..
  • I just checked my transcripts, no new codes. The only change is the penalty date, from 3/10 to 3/31. I can only assume that they are starting to process my tax return and crossing my fingers on getting the refund soon.
  • Sorry been so frustrated and stopped reading but now my 3/10 date next to my 570 code has passed and as of date has changed to 3/31 and as of today 3/15 no bars no updates no transcript code changes ugh sigh and all the above crazy!!!!!!! Anyone get updates? Trying to hang in there
  • So now the as of date is when  I should receive my refund.
Did they tell u winure 60 days started mine started feb 24rh may 3rd is win im sup
supposed to call the irs  back if I dont have myrefund bye thn .I spoke with idefacation irs people   
Said me moving is my hold up.i doubt it 4real there trying to steal as many refunds as possible in my opinion
  • Mines is d 24th I asked her could she tell me what was being reviewed and she told me no to just wait 60 days. This really sucks I got accepted on January 29
  • Call the tax advocate because irs dates are wrong I efiled jan 31st the tax advocate figured the60 days 4 me this is bullshit that were powerless over are tax refunds I swear they giveme a different excuse every time I call the irs think im just throwing thetowel in because I cqnt take no more of the bullshitlyes anymore
  • I don't think I'm calling anybody anymore. If I get it I will if not oh well, screw d irs
  • If uhave an facebook account and a 570 join the 570 page on Facebook
  • Ok
Ok just a quick question for you guys.. Every one who is waiting, with just a 570 code with no explanation, Do you guys have health Insurance or/and benefits with a FIA case?
  • No obama care no insurance jmed
  • Wats fia jmed thought u did not need health insurance to this year
  • Who here is giveing up on there refund im throwing the towel in irs fuck u ill go back to self employment and never report sht ever again
  • It was just interesting that the health care deadline is the 31st, and my friend went to get free insurance today from FIA (family independence agency) that is a state agency where you get food stamps/ bridge cards, medical assistance,  and other things for low income families.  She is also waiting, accepted Jan 26 with 1 570 code no 971 and no letter yet. She has gotten free health insurance b4 and had no ?s About her taxes when filling out the app. Now it asks for tax info and dependents I think they are trying to get people without health care because if you don't get it by the 31st it will be against the law not to have it..... I don't know just a thought
  • I have a 570 and I have healthcare which is not through any free agency or obama care
  • @katdaddy420 I am close to it... Stopped checking posts but now since my 3/10 570 code date has passed I am back to being frustrated!!!! And upset and stressed.... Ugh ugh ugh I refuse to call again after 2 calls when I hit the 21 day mark and generic wait by 3/10 to 4464c letter and that is it... Just so frustrating want to close the book for last year tax season... I have changed my withholding from zero to 4. Boosted my checks 800 for month so I will take my money and hold and will deal with bill at the end of the year. And file the day of 4/15/15!!!!
  • Fltaxmom claim ure dependents all year it will increase ure chrck by a lil .im claming me and my son for now on , I was suppose to get a letter telling me im  under 60 day review. I spoke to tax advocate he did th 60 day count may 3rd im given up I refuse to due there homework for thm .
  • Ill file 4 16 2015 srnse im gonea have to pay thm anyways
  • did anybody get a 4/15 date on their transcript to recieve refund by? I filed 1/25 and I have 2 570's last one was March 10 and got the letter that I'm being reviewed  but it said I didn't need to send anything in. I called the automated number and it also told me I will receive my money on that date.
  • 4/15 is the generic date also.... The last day to file. Everyone has that date on their transcript
  • What's the automated number
  • 4/15/2014 isn't the last day they can send you ur money it's been 3 year in a row for me an I been getting my taxes in June they say 60 days but it always longer sometime an I been get interest every year smdh I need my money
  • Not last day to send money it's the official last day of filing traces unless u get an extension.... I have friends who still wait n for last year tax money bcuz of being audited... So it's up to them to send n release.
  • how much interest did you get for them sending your return so late?
  • First year $32.00 second year 62.00 last year 12.00. An I don't know this year
  • I am going to call on friday, see whats happening to mine.
  • Has anyone heard anything different?  It's been quiet on here and curious!  I have not and the last time I called they seemed upset that I called 3 times to find out what was going on and just keep getting the same answer!
  • Well I think a lot just have up on here. It has been almost two months. Only so many times you can say "nothing new again" or "they told me to wait for a letter" or something like that but don't worry there are a lot still in same situation.
  • nothing new still :(
  • nothing new for me either. Today marks 60 days since I filed.
  • OK - I seen and heard reports that the IRS is saying that they owe $760 mil in refunds from 2010 for people who did not file!  I am appalled as I am one of many that were put on hold and still waiting for my refund for this year!  What the Hell?  If they can pay all those from 2010 - then why the HELL am I still freaking waiting?????  SO UPSET!
  • Lbrooks722. Where did you read this at?
  • I live in PA and they were talking about it on their news report but also when I was going in to check on the status I saw the article below.  I also see that Time has an article too!

    IRS: $760 million in 2010 refunds unclaimed

    USA TODAY ?- by Gregory Korte ?
  • I just read that smdh an they got us waiting
  • Day 63.... and still waiting....
Nah i make damn n3ar 28000 a year dont qualify for public aid here in chicago but I could get health coverage threw the job its not a crime not to have health insurance irs will tax u next year 4 it
    My as of date has changed  yet again smh to April 07, 2014
    This is just plain ridiculous now... I filed 01/16/14
    • Me either! I filed the exact same day as you. My as of date has not changed from 3/31 and still have not seen my refund. I finally broke down and got a TA. Not for hardship but because it's taking too long. If you get any news let me know and I will do the same.
    • My as of is still March 31st
    • I finally have an 846 with the date 4-16. I had requested an advocate because it was taking too long at the beginning of the month. All I sent her was my income verification. I checked today and the code is there
    • how do you get a tax advocate im getting one asap
    • Shakirawalker, did you talk to her after she told you to send in your income?
    • She called me to say that she had received it but after that I called in for an update and could not reach her so I then called the 1040 number and the person told me that there was a note that her next time to contact  me will be March 31st. When I called her line it says that she is on vacation until then. .

      All I had to do was have my employer fax in everything from my W2 and then wait.

      I obtained an advocate by calling 1-877-777-4778
    • Also*** the dates by my 570s were 3-10. It wasn't until yesterday that a 571 appeared but it has the nerve to have a 3-10 by it. The IRS is only updating when they feel like it.
    • my accrued interest as of date also went from 3-31 (2nd change) to now April 14th the date of my 846 code
    • I can not get a ta until my 60days has passed may3rd is my 60.i efiled 1 31 my as of date is 3 31 as well .was told feb 25th notice was mailed 60 day review never received this letter .I refuse to due the irs homework let thm hold my refund ill take all tht intereste no jk .not calling ta or the irs all thy due for me is piss me offf
    • No@ katdaddy. Your 60 days are up April 25th from Feb 25th.
    • Toni d1 irs does not count sat or sundays they have good friday off next month as well.i just spoke to the irs may3rd is my 60 1000% if I due not have my refund by then contact if they need additional info theyll mail me the paperwork asking wat thy need so far no 2nd notice has bin mailed .then again I never received my 60 day review neither, but irs phone answer, r assured me no 2nd notice has bin mailed out and may3rd is my 60 guranteed
    • I guess I'm not the only one they told,"u have to wait your 60 days for a TA." This is REFUND HOSTAGE. Lol. This crazy as shit.
    • How long does it take after you give the TA your income verification for your refund to come? I did not have hardship but have been waiting and decided to have the TA to handle my issue. All the IRS needed was a letter from my employer stating my wages and withholdings. I was told this on Friday 3/21 from the IRS. On Monday 3/24, my TA called (first time speaking with her) and told me the exact same thing, I faxed all my information (w2's last pay stubs, letter from employer) to my TA and she said she will get it over to the IRS as soon as possible. She then proceeded to tell me that she will "follow up" with me on April 21st.....WHAT??? REALLY??? She then proceeded to tell me that hopefully everything will be settled by June 13th. Has anyone that has used an advocate had these crazy dates? Are you still waiting or are they just giving crazy dates for "just in case" purposes?
    • I got my taxes June 6 for two year in a row smdh it look like another damn year for me I hate this shit!!!
    • @ p_andrea222 did you have to send anything in to them in order to get your refund? Or did they ever tell you why they held your refund for that long?
      I don't understand why my " as of date " keeps changing.. I filed January 15 smh still no refund but have been given 100 different excuses
    •'re another one who I thought got there refund by now.
    • I'm still waiting as well. On the 10th my As of Date changed to 3/31. My codes still have 3/10. I been stop calling them. Just waiting to see if my As of Date gone change again comes Monday.
    • yall just keep trickling in. I have a TA & I still don't have any progress. She's suppose to call me back on the 8th.
    • Christinaj531 they never told me an I never sent anything in everybody I know going throw the same thing this is sad....
    • This is sad and it isn't fair! I'm sick of this!
    • No haven't got mine yet. Just haven't had anything new to add to the sit. My às of date went from 3/10/14 to 3/27/14 to 3/31/14 to now 4/7/14 I don't understand why it keeps changing.& I'm at the point now to where I don't beleive anything they tell me cause I was told a LONG time ago, I was going to get my refund
    • Mine still didn't change still have date 3/10/14 if I didn't have bills I would give up bit I do soooo I need my money ASAP I HATE THE I.R.S
    • My As Of Date just went from 3/31 to 4/14
    • Mine to wtf
    • Mine also but now I have another code.. The 424 code is gone n now a 420 transcript code with date 3/21... Anyone know what that code means?
    • Mine still hasn't change I'm so mad I think 420 an 421 is something with audit but I could be wrong hold on I look it up
    • 421 is audit 420 is identity
    • My TA gave me the same call back  date of the 8th I finally got a TA Monday,  but this process is still slow!
    • Well it went from 424 to a 420... I'm so confused. I'm gonna call now n see what happened...
    • Gwbranchgwb. .did the 424,come off of your transcript. You can no longer see it
    • Yes! Does that mean anything?
    • I have no idea, I didn't think once they put a code on your transcript they could remove it. I thought the code would always be there,  until a reversal code was put after it
    • I still have 2   570's and my as of date 3/31. Hoping and praying for a good change on Monday.
    • Same here!!!Nothing has changed. Now what does that mean? Hell if I know. Only thing that I do know is I am mentally exhausted with this BS.
    • There stealing are refunds u all every year thy stealrefunds  people frm last year are steal wIting 4 refunds
    • ToniD1..your still here too, wow! !!  I am mentally exhausted too, & I have a TA.
    • Tgp. Are you still here too?
    • I'm still here 2. I have gave up. If I get that's fine and if I don't it's ok 2,lol
    • Well NO it's not ok. SORRY! Ymister83 hell we all work to damn hard for that little money. I want n need mines.
    • Im with ymister83 if I get it kool if not ill continue to work and pay my bills.i did change my dependents on my w2 ill owe thm next yeR .
    • @ Sweet, I am like a ghost! I show up in verbal apparitions from time to time. Lol I am the ghost of Refund's Wrath. Lol
    • ToniD1, well ghost can you sneak into headquarters & issue us our refund please.  I won't tell, lmao
    • Sweet, I'm already there!! Damn those 'EXORCIST' doors, there like Ft. Knox! Lol
    • Lol
    • Wen dose transcript update??
    • i read they update anytime
    • Yo I'm waiting till Monday. To chk transcript have a feeling I'll get my refund in June or July this iPhone loads this pg better thn my samsung tab3 wtf forreal
    • We'll my as of date changed last night around 8 to APRIL 21 I'm not going to check anymore until next Friday
    • Ymister83 wat was you're orignal date 3 31 ???
    • As of date 3 31 have not looked at transcripts in 2 weeks don't care no more as long as I I'm not audited I can give a fuck about my refund no jk I will continue to work and pay my bills no bs
    • katdaddy420 yes it was 3 31
    • So it changed to 4 wat mine transcripts bin had 4 15 next to to of my codes given thm till may3rd
    • My transcript have not updated since I got them hate the fuckin irs taken there good ass time ima call Monday if my shit ain't updated...!
    • I read on  another site, if your transcript update to 4/21, your right on schedule, if your transcript don't update you're behind. Also As Of  Date, don't mean anything.  If it up dates that good,  if it doesn't,   It doesn't mean your not going to get your refund (I know contradiction). People have got there refund. & there Transcript had updated,  the same day,or not at all, go figure
    • What website is that on.
    • What's the name of the website
    • I went to my transcript it let me log in but not view it same thing happen to my sister anyone no why??
    • That's weird. I haven't had problems viewing my transcript,  since the 19th of February.
    • Will my as of date is 2marrwa I hope I see a update crossing my fingers
    • My as of date is tommorow as we'll have not looked at transcripts in awhile though I'm saying fuck it irs will never here frm me again I refuse to pay taxes anymore I will not file ever again
    • If u have a Facebook account join 570 pg and I got my refund pg on facebook
    • Same happened with me for a while p_ Andrea I could log in but couldn't see my transcripts, but later it came back with no changes..smh
    • Mine did it to Iam going check 2marrwa an if it don't change I'm calling them 2 marrwa
    • Anyone with updates
    • Midnight last night I got a 846 refund issued code. Date next to it is 4/21 had a at and as of date is 4/21
    • Congratulations,  I'm still waiting:{
    • Nothing 4 me
    • Thank u sweetaliv now all I need to know is when I will get my refund. How long does it usually take after u get the 846 code.
    • From what I read, a day or 2
    • No updates for me like I said will continue to work and pay my bills fuck  da irs
    • filed 1/22, processed 1/28. I have two 570 codes , i got a letter 4464c on 2/25. My as of date is still 3/31/14.
    • So I just checked my transcripts and I finally have a 571 and and 846. I check daily so this update was done sometime after 10pm yesterday because that was the last time I checked . I filed 1/22 accepted 1/29 and lost my bars on 2/14 I received an 4464c on 2/25 and I did not have a ta or send anything in. Just wanted to update everyone on the status . Hopefully all the rest of the early filers get a 571 and refund release as well this morning ...
    • Oh the date next to it is 4/21
    • Congrat to you!!!!!! I have  TA for 3 weeks now & i still don't have my refund, lol
    • That's awesome for you toy456. Looks like we were very similar in filing, but alas, my transcript hasn't changed.
    • Hopefully you get updates soon ...since they finally are getting the wages in to verify ..
    • I was accepted on 1/28.  Still waiting and no changes!  Why put dates on transcripts only to either change them or not have anything done by that date!  This is all so frustrating and just plain rediculous The IRS worries about the people who didn't bother to file in previous years and have all this money for them, but they can't focus on those of us who have filed and have been stuck waiting!  I am so tired of this!
    • We all are VERY TIRED!!!
    • I'll drink kool-aid to THAT!!!! SMDH. No changes.
    • toy456 so happy for you! Did your as of date change the same day you got 846?
    • I still have 2 of the 570 codes. & my as of date is still 4/7......
    • Roberlovesnatal yes it changed today ...yesterday it was 4/14 but it changed to 4/21 when I got the 846
    • Anyone get new updates
    • I still have 1 150, 806, and 1 570, my as of date changed from 3/31/2014 to 4/4/2014
    • What is going on same as last year, and I didn't get a refund until June 23rd, the last 2 years only?
    • No change to mine at all I'm stressed
    • No transcript update in over a month now no wages or tips added. Shit is retarded for real irs on sum bullshit this year no jk I read yesterday a person is gettn there. Refund from 2012 4 21 2014 sht is crazy if I fall in that category I will never file taxes again every year I get my refund in April not this year fuc da irs
    • I with u on dat one fuck them
    • Pandrea that's waz up fuck da irs stealing and prolonging motherfucers refunds
    • Sweetaliv any word from your TA? I got a message from mine last Friday that she had to reschedule my call for the 17th smh, because she won't be there for a week, this is getting crazy!
    • Yup,I had to fax her an amended tax return. She's supposed to call back on the 29th, lmao,  crazy
    • Wow the only thing change on my transcript is my as of date what the hell is a as of date any fuckin way I wish I was with irs none of us would be waiting for real i woulda put it right through
    • I agree!!
    • Finally received a 846 code dated for 4/28 but above that there Is a 290 code with the same date and $0.00 next to it any one know what this means?
    • 290 Additional tax assessed Additional Tax Assessment
      Additional tax as a result of an adjustment to a
      module which contains a TC 150 transaction. TC
      290 with zero amount or TC 29X with a Priority
      Code 1 will post to a —Lfreeze module.
      Generates assessment of interest if applicable (TC
      196). Releases the following freezes: O—
      Reactivated Account, —A Duplicate Return, —K
      Refund Hold, W—470 hold, —R 570 hold, —F
      Advanced Payment, —X Manual Refund,P—
      841/720, —G Math Error, —J Math Error/TDA, R—
      RPS, B— Subsequent Payment, —Q WPT, 680 Hold
      (See Freeze Code Section for specific conditions).
      TC 290 with zero amount blocked 96X indicates a
      taxpayer penalty abatement request was
      considered and rejected. Reversal is TC 290
      blocked 97X. Can be used for Civil Penalty
      assessments on MFT 30, 55, and 13. IMF:
      Additionally releases 680 hold and freezes for
      Invalid SSN or Account Reactivation. Needs
      reason and source codes. May need priority
      and/or hold codes.
    • I read this info earlier and was informed that this was from 2012 and that this year it's just additional assessment but that was because I Have a TA. HOPEFULLY this is true and that 846 code didn't just get put up there for nothing
    • My Ta told me it was an audit