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Does anyone else have a cycle code of 20140702? Does anyone know what the DDD would be for that code?

  • 2/14/2014 is what that translates to
  • I have that same cycle code. And was also told it was 02/14/2012. I hope that is right. Wheres my refund has not updated for me yet and still only has one bar. So no DDD on there yet for me. I really hope we get our deposits that day!
  • YES!!! The WMR just updated with a DDD of 2/14/2014! I do have an offset, but in the past that never delayed my refund and I will have my fees taken out of my refund, but none of that has ever delayed it. When the WMR says its going to be there, I get it. FINALLY
  • Mines haven't updated yet
  • Sorry
    maybe it will soon
  • desiree yours and mine will update 2-morrow. They do the update for Monday deposits on Wednesday nights. I can almost bet we will get an update tomorrow and it will show 2/17 for us. I wish they would just go on and add us to the 2/14 due to the holiday I'm expecting it Tuesday the 18th depending on the banks.
  • Yes i wish i was getting mines on Valentine's day, i filed jan30 accepted jan30 ive never waited this long for a refund,  my sister filed 2/2 n got her $ 2/6
  • I couldn't figure that 1 out and she used Turbo tax
  • Now that I think about it, it's always been about 2weeks from the date that I file to get my refund. SO I am right on track and panicing for nothing lol
  • Lol everybody is panicing especially when the systems cant provide Accurate information lol im glad you got your date im next and then im off these forums until next year kmsl
  • I filled the 24th and accepted the 31st..so three weeks here and I am used to the normal two weeks as well. Ended up with a horrid tooth infection and now the infection is under control I need to have some work done so come on tax return lol
  • awww hope you get well im taking my 8k  and me and boys going too florida for a week we are in chicago this cold is crazy
  • Well enjoy your vacation :)
  • cgdesilva... were you able to order your transcripts?
  • desiree2190, that's awesome!
  • yeah I was able to order them yesterday at around 7pm
  • I was able to order mine 2/11 in the morning and then on 2/12 after 1am it was updated
I have the same code and came up with same date WMR is useless at this point. I have been researching this for a week. Now that we have a cycle date re!ember this, it is not set in stone and also, if u elected to have fees withdrawn from your return like I did the refund will first be sent to the bank turbo tax is using to collect their fee then transfered to your bank or card or however you are receiving your refund and remember Monday is presidents day. So let's all hope this goes smooth because I want my money!
  • i have 20140703
  • I have the same as well and it translates to 2/17/2014 however it will be a holiday so thinking 2/18/2014 for all us 20140703
  • Damn i was hoping for Friday 214 my wmr still says processing but i was able too pull my return transcript
  • How do we translate the cycle code? I hve 20140703
  • For example, I have 20140703 on my refund transcript.
    The number is not a date, but a code.

    This year is (2014) Next week is Cycle week (07) Deposit Date Code is (03),which falls on Monday.
    So if you have 20140703 on YOUR transcript, you can expect your refund next week (Cycle week 07) on Monday (Cycle day 03 see below) the 17th of February.

    In short, 20140703 = 2/17/14 - of course that is a holiday so maybe the 16th or 18th

    If you have a 201408XX code, see below and match the last two numbers with the date code below but expect YOUR refund Week AFTER next, which is cycle week 08.
    Week starts on a Thursday - Wednesday
    01= Thursday
    02= Friday
    03= Monday
    04= Tuesday
    05= Wednesday
    Hope this helps.
  • Thnks!!! Finally almost over!!
  • Well how did you get 7week? I counted the weeks it still doesn't add up
  • Either way im happy i got my return transcript and i know my 8k will be in my account soon
  • were in week 6 right now but that will end wednesday and thursday will start week 7, i got week 7 by counting the weeks in the year. This is how the government date codes these things, crazy is you ask me but I guess it works for them.
  • pretty much the dates go as follows:
    20140701- Would be 2/13
    20140702- would be 2/14
    20140703- would be 2/17
    20140704- would be 2/18
    20140705- would be 2/19
    then the numbers will switch to
    20140801- and that means 2/20
  • I also have the code 20140703 so hopefully we can get our money friday since Monday is a holiday
  • It will be Saturday not Friday
  • @desiree2190 do they deposit funds on saturday
  • @ddenese80 my grandmother works for Irs. She said it will be in account Saturday because of the holiday, also she said they send out funds today they go to bank so its up to your bank. I had my fees taken out so i wait on sbbt to release my $
  • @desiree2190 thats great news i had funds taken out as well so i have to wait also so hopefully my bars will be changed by tomorrow
  • truthfully I doubt we will see it until the 18th since 03 is a tuesday and 07 is the middle of 3rd/4th week of Feb
  • Nope the bank already has your funds depending on who you bank with because netspend release funds 2days early tonight wmr will be updated
  • I'm going through net spend but I had to have my fees taken out so my refund will go to SBBT first..I'm just worried cause I don't have the net spend card yet. I hope it shows up by friday at least.
  • Does anyone know anything about SBBT and how you can change your routing info to have it go to a different card since my net spend card has not yet arrived?? I tried doing it online and it won't let me but others were able to. Does anyone know if it would have something to do with married filing joint??
  • You have to call it's a form that you print n fax back
  • I have the same cycle code 20140703 and I have checked sbbt and it says the irs has not released funds yet
  • Hey if my ddd is feb 14, do you know when sbbt will receive it?
  • Thank you @desiree2190. Ill try to call
  • is anyone else going through netspend and still have not recieved their card?
  • well my account was updated today and it says 02/18 for a dd
  • I have that dd date too but when I checked sbbt it says irs has not released your funds yet
  • I had a DDD for 2/14 and received my refund today. but i still don't have that damn netspend card yet.
  • Did you call netspend
  • I think if you pay they over night cards
  • Me either by the morning they should have it im assuming
  • I have not called them yet I am waiting for todays mail to show up if its still not in there I am going to try calling.
  • Where are you located? You should at least call to see when they mailed it out
  • Im in denver, CO. I actually got it in the mail today. so all is good. I was kinda worried because I have read so many horror stories on here about the netspend card. I hope everyone else gets there refund in a timely matter or when the are supposed to. Good luck everyone.
  • Im glad you got it today
  • where are you guys seeing cycle codes from?????? please help
  • found it thanks
  • I have the cycle code of 20140703 and irs have released my funds to them and they said that it has been sent to my bank but my bank so they dont have it says it could take up to 48 hours to show up n my account
  • go too sbbt and see if they released your money, if you had fees taken out they will deduct your fees and then send it off to your bank
  • best bet that I found is go to turbotax on facebook if yall have it ((:

I have the same cycle code 20140702 and I from what I have read on other forums it means that 2/14/2014 should be the date. I am hoping that is correct and that i receive my deposit that day. I still have no update on wmr with a DDD it just says being processed and the one bar.... When did you file?

  • Mine just updated on the WMR. 2/14/2014 dd
  • I will probably get an update tomorrow
  • I hope so!
  • I have that cycle code and WMR updated this morning with a DDD of 2/14, so I checked my bank account and the money is pending in my account right now! Yea!
  • WMR Updated for me finally. I just checked this morning and it had too bars and a DDD of 2/14/2014 so I really hope everything goes smoothly for all of us!!
  • I had to have my fees taken out so I may be waiting a little longer but thats ok as long as I have updated information on what is going on!

IMF Cycle Date is a daily cycle designated by an eight digit number indicating the year, the two digit cycle number and the two digit number indicating the day of the week (YYYYWWDD). The following values for DD are defined:

  1. 01 = Friday

  2. 02 = Monday

  3. 03 = Tuesday

  4. 04 = Wednesday

  5. 05 = Thursday



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