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does turbotax compare filing married jointly vs married filing separate?


    I cannot believe that turbo tax cannot generate filing separate returns based on the data entered for a married filing jointly return.  Having to use separate logins and key in data that has already been entered is quite labor intensive and rather disappointing.  Instead, I will use the information supplied and assume that filing separately will probably not be beneficial. 

    • Another alternative to not do it totally twice, if you are using the online version, is to go through the process jointly and jot down the results then just go back to the initial screens and change it to separately and jot down the results.  I did that last year.  I believe I ended up having to do one spouse over again but I think it beats creating separate logins.  The result was that MFJ was a better option for us too though.

      Apparently the desktop version has this comparison feature but the online version does not.  I like the online convenience though.  But if you are interested, I pulled this info from another related thread...

      If you file online, you would have to prepare 3 separate tax returns to compare: one MFJ and two MFS for You and your wife.  Our desktop programs do offer a worksheet which, once MFJ return is prepared, splits the return into a "what-if" situations and MFS comparison.  The what-if worksheet is located in the Forms mode. Again, you must have a cd or a download installed on your computer.  
      1.Please click on "Forms" upper right hand corner,
      2. Click on "Open Form" in the upper left corner and
      3.Type "What-if".  You will see a What -if worksheet line below, select it and click on "open form".  
      4. Check the box "MFJ vs. MFS: perform married filing joint versus married filing separate comparison.

    Request to Intuit (TurboTax):

    I am a huge fan of your product, but it still needs more work and more user interface friendliness.

    On this issue can you make it easier to compare without having to do 3 returns? The What-If Worksheet is not that intuitive and if we decide to change to MJS it is a pain. There needs to be an option to carry information over and pick a spouse for MJS returns. Please make this a user friendly option next year 2015 to save us time!

    Thank You!  


      Your answer said:

      How to compare filing separately vs. filing jointly

      Using TurboTax Online

      1. Prepare a joint federal and state return but don't file.
      2. Then prepare two Married Filing Separately returns

      Please list the steps I use to open that second and third return.


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