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E-file rejection error IL1040-10500-3: Secondary Taxpayer Drivers License signature fields must be exactly as shown

Your e-filed Illinois state return is rejected with this error:

IL1040-10500-3: If Form IL1040 'Filing Status' is equal to Married Filing Joint, all of the following Secondary Taxpayer Drivers License signature fields must be exactly as shown on the Illinois Drivers License or State ID.

Each must be valid on IL DOR's production file -- Secondary Signature, IL State Driver's License or ID, DL Or State ID Number, DL Or State ID First Name, DL Or State ID Middle Name, DL Or State ID Last Name, DL Or State ID Suffix, and DL Or State ID Weight.

This rejection occurs when the driver's license or state ID info on the Illinois e-file agreement doesn't match what's on file with the Illinois Department of Revenue for the second person (spouse) listed on a jointly-filed return.


You can either correct the spouse's Illinois driver's license/state ID information, or use a different signature verification method on your Illinois return (click here and follow the instructions in the Try This First section for the spouse).

Note: If the spouse didn't file an Illinois return in 2014 and 2015, his or her Illinois driver's license/state ID is the only signature verification method available to them. If they don't have this, you'll be filing a paper return this year. Next year, however, you should be able to e-file.

What if my spouse's info is correct, but we keep getting rejected?

If you've tried signing your Illinois return with information you know is correct, but you still keep getting rejected, you'll need to file a paper return.

The Illinois e-file servers will continue rejecting your return because your data doesn't match what they have on file.

Regrettably, we are unable to assist you further, as the problem lies with government agencies' data that we have no control over.

After mailing your return, we suggest you follow up with the Illinois Department of Revenue and request that they correct their records so you can e-file next year.