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2014 Federal refund STILL processing??

I'm going out of my mind here...I filed 1/05, accepted 1/24 and as of 1/31 have been stuck on one bar and I'm still unable to order transcripts. Is anyone else having this problem? I'm beginning to lose hope that I'm even going to get a return. I appreciate any insight! Thanks :)
  • My refund is still processing n I was accepted on 2/2/14.. I was able to order a transcript

I understand your frustration, most of the early filers received their updates this weekend. Mine was filed on 01/30 and accepted on 01/31 and I'm still processing as of today. I can't get my transcript info either.....don't lose hope maybe we'll see a change sometime this week. I can't afford to lose hope. I'll keep you posted. Good luck

  • Thank you butterfly28 :)
  • Hang in there. Mine stayed on the first bar for the longest, then yesterday it went to two!
  • im still on the first bar..no date no nothing cant even order transcripts
  • I also filed 1/30 and accepted 1/31 and still processing. An issue with those dates perhaps?
  • I'm starting to wonder that myself
  • Still no change for me. Glad to see things are moving for some of us though.......
  • me too accepted on the 31 no transcript record of me filing or dd still processing,feel like just giving up,got an eviction notice yesterday,but i got my state,thats crazy how could they send my state but when i apply online to view my transcript it shows no record
  • I hope you get it soon @jesuslovesyou. It is hard to do day to day activities knowing you have an eviction notice.
  • Don't give up. It will update and you'll get it in enough time to stop that eviction. Stay faithful
  • @jesuslovesyou hate to hear that about your situation. Don't give up everything with workout.He will never put more on us than we can bare. Claim that refund will be there in time to put a stop to the eviction. Update us when you know something. I will do the same. This waiting game sucks
  • My refund still says it is processing, but no code below.  I also cannot order my transcripts online.  It says something about Identity Theft and I have to call the 800 number.  I can't even request it by mail.  Does anyone know what that means?
  • ljaak.soltero  SAME HERE exept could order just the account transcript by mail....Too many people are getting the call 800 number identity theft thing when they cant get transcript online ...a few called in I saw and were told it was a glitch in the system.
  • idk I am getting the same message. I've called that number and spoke to 2 different people and they are of no help except to say that there is a flag on my account. They did verify no ID theft&they pulled it for " one reason or another" and to wait 21 days. I'm so confused because I have such a simple return. W-2 and child tax credit for 1 child, nothing else.Please let me know if you hear anything and I will do the same. Good Luck!
  • garrett19581- still nothing for me.  i called yesterday and spoke to the rudest irs rep ever.  he kept talking over me and not understanding my question at all.  he wouldn't even shut up to listen to what i was looking for.  he said someone filed a tax return last year 2013 using my info but with a different address.  i never got any notices about it at all.  i think he's lying too.  i checked this morning and still nothing.  still not getting an updated status on my refund.  tomorrow makes it 21 days.  my boyfriend filed a week after i did and he is already getting his refund.  they sent his out today dd.  this is frustrating.
  • I have called 3x and gotten a different reason each time why this is happening and last guy I spoke to warned me that it could take up to 8 weeks to process. He was nice enough at least and told me not to request a transcript because that could have put a fraud alert in my file because I was requesting something that wasn't there yet and supposedly that could flag your return. Hope you have some good news soon. if I get any updates I'll let you know.
I am having the same problem. I had one bar and said processing then poof nothing. It's been sitting there saying processing now for days. My mom filed hers on the 5th and her return is already pending in her account. Guess sometimes earlier isn't always better

    i'm in the same boat! filed on the 8th of Jan. today is Feb 21st & still nothing :(

    • I was FINALLY able to order my transcript today so I'm hoping that means
    • Something ....[removed] phone wouldn't let me finish my sentence!
    • K...i filed on the 31 and i hace has the "still processing" bar since 18 days ago. I calles 7 days ago and am agent told me my return was on hold fue to identity theft. He Said because i tried to order my transcripts and entered Dr instead of Drive. Hub? Xi calles today and the agent told me i hace DD for 2/26. Go figure!
    • I'm praying that I will have an update over the wknd now that I was able to order mine :(
    • i think the day turbo tax says irs accepted you was not the day irs accepted you turbo tax said i was accepted on 2/1 but irs agent says was not accepted till 2/6
    • kdrum was there any onfo or was it all zeros mine was all zeros for liek a week in a half then the info appeared with my cycle date and the code 846 at the bottom that means refund issued those are good thing but if you see all zeros dont anik i had that for a while

    If you haven't received your return now, and have filed early, you are being audited by the IRS. This is what the IRS does every year for early filers. The try to track those who may be using last paychecks to file or cheat on their taxes. I would advise you to call the IRS and ask for an update. They will probably tell you to wait until the IRS sends you a letter in the mail. If no letter comes within 60 days, they will tell you to call back. Good luck! 

    • This is what my aunt (whom is currently in chair on the executive board) told me. This information is from her personally. Think what you want but this is the information that was shared with me. I don't care wither way, was just trying to be helpful.
    • my transcript updated and my refund is being released after my employment was verified. I filed on the 30th of Jan excepted on the 31st. my return went to review which could have taken until july if I didnt get a tax advocate. she made things speed up. some people file early like myself who look forward all year to that money. its my forced savings account that catched me up after a long cold winter, not everyone that files early is a thief or a cheat. sorry if i got touchy about it, I have been on here for two months trying to figure out whats going on with my refund. I work all year have extra taken out and cant wait till i can file. I have filed the same time every year for my whole life and Im not a young person by any means, this is the first time i got reviewed. so i did not get audited I got reviewed two differnt things. seeings you know someone that might have some sort of voice with that branch of government, maybe you could suggest to her that the people that are answering the phones, for us poor souls just wondering what could be going on with our return maybe those people could be a bit more informed and treat us the way they would like to be treated, there are some really mean reps working those phone lines, and rude and for the most part should be working not with the public. I learned more this year about the process and could answer questions better than most of those ignorant asses they have working the phone lines, they might as well out source it all to india like everything else in this county!
    • That's good that u received your money I'm still waiting an I filed February 21 they say there was a problem uploading my return an it's gonna take 6-8 wks so I'm jus waiting patiently

    I'm fed up getting the same response from Turbo Tax.  I have also received an email stating that they are going to charge me for the service whether or not I get my refund by the expected date. I filed January 27th and February 17 was my expected refund date. My status on the IRS website has not changed in that time and the phone number provided does not allow an option to speak to an actual person. I.am extremely frustrated by the lack of information given by Turbo Tax and the IRS. Does anyone have any information as to why they are not giving us actual answers? I'm so sick of the canned responses!!


      Hello Kdrum83,

      Thank you for contacting TurboTax today! I understand that you are inquiring about your refund that is still processing. Last year, 9 out of 10 taxpayers received their federal tax refund in less than 21 days, and we expect the same this year.

      You can visit http://www.irs.gov/Refunds to check the status of your return. 

      I hope this answers all your questions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

      Have a great day!

      • I'm so sick of seeing this generic unhelpful message. It's a slap to those that have been waiting since filing early. Truthfully I think it's a problem with TT. FIRST AND LAST time filing with TT. This is unacceptable. Everyone i know has received their return, the common denominator is they didn't use TT.
      • I used taxact, having the same problem AND Louisiana department of revenue said they didn't receive my tax returns either
      • This is just so frustrating all my friends have they refunds!! They got them on Friday. As of today I am still at one bar!!!!!!!!
      • Same here....still one bar!! Both my brother and my boyfriend filed after me and BOTH have already gotten their refunds!
      • The entire system is a joke. I can't even check my transcripts now. The phone line is busy when I call. And the website keeps telling me I am putting in the wrong info, and that my input doesn't match their records when I know for a fact it's the same log in information I used yesterday. This is freaking ridiculous and I am completely over this headache. There is NO reason I should be stuck waiting on my own [removed] money like this. And of course I am still at ONE BAR on WMR.
      • I am really considering filing again. My states website is telling me that they haven't even received a return for this tax season. So how is it possible that it was received if there is no data proving it was.
      • That will duplicate your filing and then it will be a big problem, it is better if we wait. I m in the same boat.
      • This is by far the worse tax season everrrr!! Nobody can tell us a single thing. They leave us to watch other people spend n enjoy they refunds while we wait and watch one barrrrrr!!!!
      • TT is a joke!!!
      • Toyachic24: lol , that is a good one thank you for that smile. I feel the same.
      • I am in the same boat as you guys, I filed early and accepted on 1/24. I am still at one bar. It's ridiculous! Everyone that filed after 1/31 has already been paid it seems like. They put all of us on the bottom of the pile! There is no benefit to filing early. Same thing happened last year, I didn't get my return until April! However I don't blame TT, its not them its the IRS!
      • My return was accepted on 2/2 so I didn't file early. I don't understand. My friends filed Early and the have gotten they money n almost broke. And I am still on one bar!!!!!!
      • I was finally able to get my 2013 transcripts tonight so I am hoping to have a DDD by tomorrow. Thank God. This has been a torturous few weeks.
      • Still no change for me. Glad to see things are moving for some of us though.......
      • this it dumb wmr is still on 1 bar for me and filed on the 2/3
      • Still waiting guys.. no change for me. Still processing as of 02/13/2014. I filed 01/16 and return was accepted by the IRS 01/25.
      • Same here....still processing. I called yesterday and the lady said as long as it says processing on WMR then not to worry...YEA OK!!
      • still the samething
      • Mine bars disappeared today, What does that mean? I was accepted on 1/25
      • Mine disappeared too! Accepted 1/24
      • Mine dissapeared 12 days ago and stll waiting. Welcome to the club
      • All my bars disappeared today. Says a refund date will be provided when available.
      • Filed 01/16 and accepted 01/25
      • Filed and accepted on 1/31...bars disappeared on 2/7.....was able to order transcripts on 2/14, wmr updated this morning with DDD of 2/20..good luck
      • My DDD was the 18th! I got my deposit just a while ago it came early! So guys they are working cause I was in the same boat as you all! I was stuck on one bar for a while! I got my deposit n the bar still on two bars so that thing is not accurate at all!
      • Finally, they've approved my refund. I have a DDD of 02/20. I thank God! I filed the 30th accepted on the 31st. The waiting is tough but hang in there it will come.
      • Yes, I also checked mine on WMR and it also has a direct deposit of 02/20 but my transcript read 02/19. I am glad and thankful either way. Everyone hang in there. Your DD is coming. Remember I was accepted 1/19 and now I am finally have my DD.
      • Have you received your refund I was accepted the same day??
      • No :( my bars are gone and it says processing and a DD will be given when available
      • me to I called the irs and was told mine was selected for review could be additional two weeks to process freaking out
      • my bars disapeared this morning, and says dd will be given when available, the lady told me mine as in review i should have seen a letter by now and I have nothing. one lady said they were processing the other lady told me its being reviewed :(
      • Be encouraged because I had the exact same thing it an error,so after they fix it,they will return back to processing,its nothing you did,its the system,thats what the nice lady told me dis morning,that my returns is fine,it happened when there system crash,yes we got to wait two weeks for our refund,it like we starting over,so we mighr as well be patient,hope this helps
      • why did the first lady say mine was processing, then second lady told me it was under review and I had to wait two addl weeks..shes freaking me out like i being audited or I made a mistake..did your bar disaprear this morning to??
      • when the heck are they going to fix it did she tell you
      • No mine have been gone since the 13th :(
      • can you look t you transcripts or did you try and call them..when you do if you hit 0 a couple times a ive person comes on
      • @tgp, they tell you something dif. each time you call. Last year i filed early, didnt see my return until April! I called and called and each time I got a dif. answered..."its getting reviewed"
      • Sorry submitted before finishing my comment....anyway they would say "its getting reviewed" or "nothings wrong you will have it in 2-4 weeks", that continued for months and I finally recieved the refund after a few months of that. Who knows whats really wrong, I have the same problem this year as well.
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