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Anyone know what code 570 means on account transcript?

  • It means your not going to get your money for a long time. I have the same code. Probably a code generated by not filing taxes in the past couple years.
  • What was the amount next to 570?
  • You have the same code too this year? Is your code on WWR or just on your account transcript page? Do you have any other codes on your account transcript page? I have always filed every year and the last 11 years always used TT. Don't owe anything on the offset number under my or my spouses social security number. So I just don't get it???? What does your WWR say? I was a 1/28 acceptance date and filed on 1/25. Thanks also Jeff for your time in answering me! It feels a little better not being alone in this , but if that is what it truly means then I am so sorry for you too. WE worked hard for this money and needed it...not later, but now.
  • Code is on acct transcript page.  Amount next to my code 570 is 0.00
  • me too ! Exactly the same!!! On my account transcript. codes at the bottom its like this :
    CODE:     Explanation of transaction          Transactions          Date         Amount
    150         tax return filed.                               cycle 20140701   03-03-14   $ 0.00
    806         W2 or 1099 withholding                 04/15/2014                           -$EXACT AMT refund due
    971        Notice issued                                 03-03-2014                             $0.00
    570    Additional Account action pending     03-03-2014                             $0.00
  • I'm guessing as long as it says 0.00 I wouldn't worry.......but by all means all i'm doing is guessing Lol.  I have that 3/3/14 next to my cycle too, i wonder what that is?
  • Mikey and Jeff,
    I gave the detail of my Account transcript above , compare it to yours and if you can share what you have that would be great. Maybe we can help each other find some resolution to this. If there are any other people out there with these same codes or similar or even other codes if they could post here too that would be great too . Do you guys have a cycle date too ? I don't even know why that's there or what it even means in that column . Clearly it isn't under any refund issued column /:
  • I also have my Return transcript also
  • I have 6 codes with amounts next to each including 570- 0.00, when added up they amount to my refund amount.  The fact yours doesn't have any amounts yet simply can be because yours has not been processed yet, just a guess.
  • Mikey I do find it very ironic and weird that you and my "future date" is the same....03/03/2014 .
    The positive (if there is any in having these codes lol ) is "Consistency in the CRAP possibly" because: No 2 returns are alike ( TRUE) ... Thus, if a date that is coordinated with any type of a  refund hold or refund delay (code 570) then I would assume if it was RETURN SPECIFIC it would have individual dates. Do you have a cycle code too like I did? Mine was 20140701. Is yours the same there too?
  • Ya my cycle date is 20140701 Before that march date on my transcripts I mentioned it states "Return due date or Received date (whichever is later) Processing date Apr. 15, 2014  Mar. 03, 2014"
  • EXACT SAME AS MINE WORD FOR WORD! We having the same processing date and cycle dates and same 570 code It could all be a refund delay (lets pray) of only until 3/03 and the notice they are sending is a processing delay. Thus, why they had to place a refund hold code of 570. Until it goes through further reviews or something! I would be money ours was some that were selected for further review resulting in the delay. I was accepted 1/28. When was yours?
  • The only place my refund amount is even listed is across from code 806 (w-2 or 1099 withholding). Then it has a  -  before the refund amount like this -xxxxx...
    do you have a code 971 anywhere? I wonder what that one means???
  • I have this code in my transcript as well
  • I'm part of the dreaded "24 club" Jan 24th accepted
  • Angela , I filed 1/25 accepted 1/28. code 971 and code 570 on  my account transcript. Do you have a cycle date? Does your 570 say "additional account action pending"  then a future date of 03-03-2014 or maybe another date?  I have never had a WWR update past the first bar, so never a refund approved or a DD date. I haven't seen that code. That code I think everyone got that was supposed to DD on the 6th and didn't. Do you have code 971 anywhere. Mine says notice issued by that code with a future date of 3-03-2014 then $0.00
  • Garrett19581: the cycle date 20140701 means you should be having a refund date this week. As for the 971 code means "miscellaneous transaction" per IRS manual!! keep checking wmr or bank acctThis was my updated transcript today. The 570 is a new code that was not there  on my last transcript
  • If you guys have the 570 code and the cycle date of 20140701 you should receive an update on wmr . Your refund should be sent out by Thursday. Per IRS cycle code manual!!!
  • @llea I hope that's the case!  That would be AWESOME
  • llea1 I HOPE I PRAY you are right. I don't have the refund code though anywhere on mine the 846 is it? So to understand you because this has me so stressed I was in tears most of today as I had been told the 570 code was a refund hold/delay and until they removed that hold I never would get my money. I also heard its a hold for further review...It has me about sick and all I can do is pray and pray and talk to others like you that know more than me and it can give me hope. To understand you...did you get a 570 code on your account transcript too and the 971 ? the 570 is my last code and it says, additional account action pending date 03-03-14 amount 0.00
    But like I said I do have cycle date 20140701 listed right under the transactions column at the bottom beside a date of 03-03-2014 . My processing date says 03-03-14 too ?????
  • I'm in the same situation except my cycle date is 20140605
  • And as for the code.. Doing the research this morning that code seems to mean a freeze has been put on the return. What does that mean?
  • Look for a cp 05 letter in the mail soon
  • Well I have my transcript from LAST YEAR....with code 570... in my situation I received a partial of my Refund April last year and other half was being offset which i was forward to Jan 28th this year 2014...called to confirm offset balance.. was told they never received payment from offset...It was sent back to irs!!!!!!!!! So.....i contact them and was told refund was frozen no reason given...was told they had to send a request to release it to another dept and I have to give it 30 if I were some of you I will call right away if your concerned ~ it seems my
    return was sent back to Irs December 2013 idea why it would be im still waiting for last year's return..smh
  • I have a code 570 with no amount next to it, then after it a code 971. Since the code 570 comes first THEN a code 971, should I expect my refund to be put into my account on 2/12 per my cycle of 20140605?
  • ryan, on your transcript is there a - before your refund amount. Like is there a credit balance on your account (like a negative number)? What words are by your code 971 and 570? And what dates?
  • Lex, do you have both those codes or just one? What dates are by the 570? And does your account have a - negative balance by your refund amount or anything like that?
  • Anyone with these codes have cycle date 20140701?
  • Garrett, thanks for responding. Yes, there is a minus sign next to my refund amount listed as a credit amount. Next to 570 it says "additional account action pending" with 2-24-2014 next to it. The code 971 says "notice issued" with the same date next to it. I had an issue with my 2011 tax return not being filed, but got that cleared up last week and they told me that the refund is no longer subject to being held, so since the code 971 is on there now, should I expect that it's been cleared up?
  • Detricmutti, So do you have the 570 code this year too or was this just a last year thing to clarify? What is your cycle date? Does your account transcript show either of these codes or still a negative -balance infront of your refund amount as if you have a credit on the account and its stuck and like not processed for refund and zerod out. Has anyone called the irs and got any info on these 570 codes if they will drop off or be released like they are not done completely with the processing of these ????
  • My transcript account balance has a minus sign next to amount which I know means credit balance.  Code 570 says Additional Account action pending with a 0.00 amount.  Code 150 says "Tax return filed Cycle 20140701 Date 03/03/2014.  Rest of my codes are my credits

    All codes included are 150, 806, 766, 766. 768 & 570

    Anyone have any idea how to read this?
  • Mikeyloaiza, well if there is ANY "comfort in the crap" I would say we both have the exact same cycle date and maybe a cycle date at all is something rather than nothing ??? I also have 0.00 and the EXACT same verbage that says Additional Account action pending next to the dreaded 570. What I would like to know is if anyones transcripts have changed to either add this 570 from the last couple days or to remove it.... I don't know anything about what it means to have a credit balance and how or if that effects it doing anything further to process to your actual refund? Do you.
  • I've read the cycle date means you have a refund coming, but I'm not 100% sure that's true. It may mean that's when you were supposed to get the refund, but the 570 could hold it up. I just wish I knew a bit more as to whether or not having the 971 on there means it's cleared and the refund is coming. That's what I've gathered is that the 971 means it's complete and refund on the way. If you don't have the 971 on your transcript, that could mean it's definitely held up. Mikey and Garrett, do either of you have the code 971 on yours?
  • @garrett19581 All I know for sure is when I look at my tax account transcript it says
    "Any minus sign shown below signifies a credit amount" (center page under my address)
  • @ryanw25 No 971 code for me
  • According to the IRS pocket Manuel for processing codes 971 means miscellaneous code so that one maybe could mean something or nothing. 570 is the big one that means refund or account freeze until they remove that one from there. So to me Im worried that a cycle code doesn't mean that your refund will come on that date at all if it still has the 570 code on the account transcript as the last code! My code 971 is BEFORE the 570 and that's what concerns me. It just says 971 notice sent. 971 is just a miscellaneous code per the IRS pocket manual and to me that could mean a lot of different things ....the code 570 is the problem from what I am hearing. I have even heard look for a CP05 letter in the mail. I don't know what that means or where they got that info. its in one of the threads above. If anyone get to talk to a rep about this please post here and let us know too if anything on your account transcript changes from day to day. Have any of you heard of anyone getting a code 570 this year then still get their refund?
  • See, my 971 code is AFTER the 570 code, and I know I've already gotten everything cleared up with the IRS as far as the 570 code goes. I may just call and have them look into it.
  • Mikeyloaiza, Mine has the exact same verbage at the center of my page too. ---Any minus sign shown below signifies a credit amount. And your last code on that page is 570 still ?
  • Yes last code 570
  • On the phone with the IRS currently and they told me the code 570 is indeed them holding the refund for something. She wouldn't specify any one thing in general because it could be many reasons as to why they're holding it.
  • HOLY CRAP!!! How do we get it removed!!!! What did you say when you called
  • I believe this is true after some research, 570 is a hold.  CRAP
  • I was told it was for a previous year not being filed with the IRS. They've told me you need to file that return, it takes up to 10 days for it to get on their system, and could take 12-15 weeks for it to be processed. In other words, there is a very real chance we won't see a refund for 3-4 months. Sorry for the crap news guys, better call the IRS and find out if that's the case. A direct number they gave me to that department is 866-897-3315. They may or may not be able to answer your questions, but it's the one number I have that leads directly to a real person.
  • I've filed every year since I was 18.  This doesn't make any sense, I'll call them though.
  • It could be for something completely different in your case. I filed my 2011 taxes (which is what they're saying they don't have from me), have all the records of everything yet they're telling me I need to re-file. I'd suggest you call and find out what the hold is for.
  • Ya, I called that number & she had no idea why I had that code.  She said if I haven't received anything in the mail not to worry (Easier said then done!)
  • Ok , Im up to batt and calling next. Ryan, if you can go onto and view your 2012 account and return transcripts, then THAT is proof you filed right ???? Wouldn't that be all you would need to fix that. I also wouldn't wait! I would call yet another rep and see what THEY tell you. Also I would call Tax Advocate Service 1-877-777-4778 and see if they can help you get your hold released due to economic hardship! Let us know how it goes! Good luck and GOD BLESS YOU!
  • I called this number and got right through ,1800) 829-0582 Extension 633
  • @garrett19581 @ryanw25  BAD NEWS, So according to the rep I just spoke to, that March date is when we will see a letter generated & mailed out letting us know what exactly code 570 means.  Until then there is not much we can do but wait for the letter, fix the problem & resolve it.  So this puts to rest the popular myth of if you can order/view your tax return/account transcripts you have a refund following shortly.  BUMMED!
  • Ok mikeyloaiza thanks so much calling here shortly as soon as I can get private. I do know I have heard we should see a code 571 entered after a code 570 , and a code 571 releases the hold. Then it can q for a DD date or refund approval and processing.  It could be that one processing department places the hold on the refund or account to prevent the system from generating a refund too early before it has completed all the processing/review stages they need it to before it would go to normal refund...Example : they had a ton of people get that early DD date of 6th and heck even some got notice it was refund approved and on its way then it never showed and on their transcripts they had to place holds, cancel refunds etc and those checks wont reprocess until they key them again accurately then they should. I could see them placing 570 holds on accounts to prevent that from repeating again especially if we too are early filers and we hadn't completed all the steps of processing ....
  • I
  • I'm awaiting account transcript from 2013.... by mail is only one I could order....570 code is from last year's return 2012... I also have a negative amount with the code 766 which states basically my Refund came back to irs from an cycle hopefully the 30 days I was told to wait will have a check or additional info...also my transcript states "any minus sign shown below signifies a credit amount" I have a few negative amounts..
  • ok! Thanks for the clarification! Did the bottom code last year say 570 Additonal account action pending then 0.00     Any other code AFTER the 570? Like code 571 saying additional account action completed. It may or may not have depending on how quickly you received that transcript.
  • Isnt this just great? So we are all pretty sure we've been frozen, but none of us know why as of yet. The 570ers I mean. What does this mean for the TT fees?(assuming one had it deducted from their refund). How long will it take to correct whatever error the IRS thinks we committed? How long to get our money?, will it still be a dd? How is it legal or ethical for the IRS to hold someones EIC, since it is specifically intended for ones children?
  • derrick, does your transcript have a cycle code on it on the bottom anywhere like this 20140701 or anything similar . What codes do you have and what verbage is by them and what dates and in what order. I posted mine above. scroll up and view and compare if its helpful.
  • GUYS AND GALS Computer acting up and I cant copy and paste and I left a LONG DETAILED thread on another post under transcripts and refunds PLEASE READ THERE IS HOPE!!!!!
    Also IF ANY OF YOU ON HERE get your $ especially Lex I think your cycle date is this week meaning you could see your money wed 2/12 to match your cycle date as long as your hold was removed in time with a code 571 and a refund 846. Curious to know Lex what your account transcript says today ???? if you can view it online. Mine still not changed but Im still holding hope based on me matching actual received refunds against transcript DATES and CODES from 2012-2009!!!!
  • Sorry been at work.. Mine still had the 570 and no 571. Tried calling yesterday and got the run around. They said they weren't sure why the hold was there but that I should be expecting a letter soon. Doesn't make any sense.
  • I had this happen last year and surprisingly got my refund in November. Everything was cleared up which is why this doesn't make any sense to me at all.
  • OOOOOOOUUUCCHH!!! Yes we are all f%&%$%$ ducks if that 570 code its released with a code 571 because that is 100 percent a refund freeze. If you call your common response is they don't know why the hold is there but your should be receiving a letter soon. They are referring to a CP05 or 4464C letter . One makes you wait 6o days before calling the IRS back and the other 45 days...
    Last year some with holds were told to expect a letter and nothing ever came, and they got their refunds but their refunds were delayed.
     Others got the dreaded letter that basically is they have to REVIEW your return further and need more processing time blah blah blah... Many it said to send nothing in and just wait. Others had to send stuff in. Some had the code removed with a 571 and got their refunds that matched their cycle dates.
     The only pattern I saw was if they had Educational credits or credits of any kind on their return and were early filers many 570 freezes , were not lifted , followed with these letters and waited months for their refunds. Lex did you have any credits last year when this happened? I would assume you were an early filer also last year when this happened?
  • No last year I filed on April 10th. But yes I had eic and child credits. I eventually got my refund, but again like I said it was November before I got it. Best thing now is to wait for the letter then call. I know how badly it sucks, but it's the only way to get a straight answer.
  • I got the code 571 in November. Which would be just over 6 months from my processing date. It was a welcome surprise, but now it's just a headache. If I got my refund last year obviously the errors had been corrected. Why do it to me again?!
  • I wish I knew that! NOONE deserves to go through what you did credits are not! Don't give people the freakin credits if you are going to penalize us for it ! Did you involve a tax advocate? I wonder if they help or not if we do truly go past our cycle date then we know what that means are 570 wasn't released and we have to fight like hell to get our own money WE earned and worked hard for not them!
  • I personally have no credits at all this year, was accepted 1/28 stuck on one bar and my WWR hasn't updated past the first bar with the 152 generic refund code. I wouldn't even be so stressed if I didn't have so much knowledge about codes and what they REALLY mean on those transcripts LOL!
  • Sorry Ive been at work. Yes my cycle is 20140605. 570 pending further info(or some such), 971 Notice sent-2/24/14
  • derrick that cycle date posting if your refund was and will be sent without delay would be
    in the 6th cycle week which is from Thursday 2/6-Wed 2/12  and 05 is Wednesday. Meaning a timely refund would be sent on Wednesday 2/12/2014!!!! PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU GET IT ONTIME! If not you could be just delayed a week then it would send out next Wednesday. and WWR if it updates would give you a delay notice etc..
  • I'm doubtin' it at this point. But I'll keep you posted.
  • Im there with ya...because I have both the same codes.... But I did find those 2 codes on 2 of my prior tax years. Yes, one I got barely on the 21st day on 2/27. the other the week before. Heck one year had 2 back to back 971 ??? so like WTH???? So, THATS my hope and why Im going to give them their 21 days before losing my mind lol!
  • I got a package in the mail today from the irs with w3 forms.  It said fill out and send back.  What's a w3 form??  This has to be the delay.
  • YEP I bet so.... we must be in a delay/review batch of buy them some more time. What do they say on them ???? A w3 ??? gonna have to look that one up myself WTH????
  • Ok, just read what it might be.  Apparently a W3 is suppose to be sent to my employer to verify income, so it definitely is a review, the problem is they sent it to me!  SMH, and the delay continues
  • Mikey, want me to look it up for ya?
  • Ya if you can please, see if I'm on the right track of what it is.  Thanks!  Ps, I'm shocked how fast I got it.  It says it has a deadline of Feb 28th to get back to them, which is the social security office which I did not know is part of the IRS (has both names on forms)
  • will do ! stand by...
  • Its a Transmittal of Wage and tax statements , send that to employer and to social security administration. with W2, Photocopies not acceptable.
  • Mikey, curious....if you go to your account transcripts there is a wage verification and transmittal I think its called and it shows all your filing years separately... What does it show for 2013??? MINE is blank???? How the freak can that be when I chose via turbo tax to UPLOAD the docs directly from the employers once you enter the employers EIN number? They have the info printed on the return itself Im viewing it!!! it makes ZERO sense! So does it look like they are just verifying income via employers and to social security etc??? Or are they wanting more crap?
  • I was one of the ones who had a DDD of 2/6 and just got code for 570. I have no offsets (I checked) I hoping it's what you said about the early filers because I got accepted before the 1/31
  • @Garrett " wage verification and transmittal" You're not gonna believe this but mine says "no record of return filed for 2013", I quit LOL
  • Mikey, LMAO !!!! Me too !!! I'll get the same thing.... But these are easy fixes if that's all they need. Plus it appears they are time sensitive which I like (:
    I find it odd that we are in the same cycle code and I filed 1/25 accepted 1/28 and uploaded my info directly from the employers EIN that THEY file with the irs and like da they had to get it because its printed at the top of the return transcript.... So if they have that...and its the same employer had for 8 years, no changes.....don't get it?????
  • i too have the same 570 code at the bottom of my transcript. i was a ddd of 2/6 and of course got caught in the glitch 1121. i do have a 3/3/14 but wit a cycle code 20140601

    150 Tax return filed 20140601 02-24-2014 $
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2014 -$x,xxx.00
    846 Refund issued 02-24-2014 $
    841 Refund cancelled 02-24-2014 -$x,xxx.00
    570 Additional account action pending 03-03-2014 $0.00
  • Robin, is your 570 still there now can you view it online? Curious, if you can view online is your wage and income verification I think its called that you can view online on the same page as the transcripts (it will show you all years to choose from choose 2013) is yours pretty much blank and says "no return filed".....
  • @garrett what does "time sensitive" mean when it comes to our refund?
  • SOOOOOO FREAKIN TRUE and I HEARD THAT.... so do we play nice you think, wait the 21 days and see what gives or involve a TA ? Or you think that's pouring gas on the flames?
  • Mikey, actually you don't have to wait anymore period! You know know what gives so I would call their butts tomorrow and find out whats really up and get that form back to them asap.
  • 570 is a refund freeze or hold code. It is a code though that says additional account action pending. It does trigger just that further account action. You want to see though that refund be released and re-issued. You guys with the 1121 code are in I would assume a completely separate situation altogether I would hope. I would think you would see that release with a code 571 that says additional account action completed and then your refund re-ussued. Or since your refund was cancelled they naturally have to resend it and that will take another code to trigger a new generation of a new DD or check. So you guys will probably see your money before you even see the code change (:
  • Yes Garrett they are blank
  • you think soo??? im so worried about all these codes. i learned my lesson..never file early ever again and never use hrb. people keep saying its an audit but i know that audits are not done until after tax season??
  • @mahlikstevenson, my transcript look exactly like yours.
  • did you have the 1121 code? ddd 2/6??
  • yes i had both and still have the I'm thinking this is something they are doing for the 2/6 that didn't get deposited
  • i hope so..there have been a few people on other blogs with the 2/6 date receiving new dates. i just hope i dont get delayed 6 months. guess ill just give it the 21 days and go from there.
  • 1121' guys had a code to cancel your refunds to my understanding because they had skipped key steps in the processing stages before truly having your refunds approved the right way..So thus, why they had to cancel them. it was a computer glitch so they call it. Ironically computers are only as good as the humans that run them and they don't key themselves so their glitch I frankly don't comprehend myself. The 570 code is a refund HOLD that is probably allowing them from the time they cancelled your refund to truly process your returns fully before reissuing your check . In English its probably a review. Naturally if they made such a horrible mistake they would need to review their paper this time before turning it into the teacher so to speak. I still think you will see your refunds appear and reissue within the 21 days . If not you I would think you would have a new update on WWR telling you that you have further action to take etc or receive a letter in the mail. But understand they are the IRS they make the rules we have to play by it nomatter what.
  • MIkey!!!!!
    Robins income verification 2013 form is blank too !!! And he was one of the 2/6 DD now the 1121.
    Im thinking there is a GOOD CHANCE we were all in the same batch at one point or are now.
    I find it interesting we are all 570 and missing a key thing ....its something we all need to watch and watch our DD , our transcripts for any change in codes give them their 21 days to do their job and to fix all this and wait it out as hard as that may be.
  • I have no problem waiting as long as it comes..I have always filed early and never ran into any I'm guessing it's just an error on their side. Thanks for the info guys!
  • As far as an audit.... for those of you above worrying it is an audit. YOU HAVE TAXPAYER RIGHTS and one right is YOU CANNOT AUDIT a return that ISNT DUE YET BY LAW UNTIL 04/15!!!!
    You have the right to have made any human error and have the right to review your return yourself and to make certain you did not, recheck your math your figures etc...and if you find an error to the good or bad you have the right to AMEND your tax return by 4/15 without a penalty. Thus, yes you can be reviewed right now but not audited for this return. Any prior years yes. But they can audit anyone at any time for that.
  • thanks alot!!! lol i been up for days drinking coffee and stressing!! now i can get some rest!!
  • Robin , EXACTLY! Myself also. Always filed within the first few weeks and (everyone please knock on wood) know how the rest of the sentence
  • Its not an audit. It can be a review by law at this timeframe but not an audit. They would have never accepted your return otherwise. Plus you cant audit for that year until the tax season is compete and the required filing date has past.
  • You are most welcome! God Bless you and your refund too nomatter wheres shes at right now and may she speedily find it to papas and mamas hands pronto  (:
  • No, I was not one of the 1121'ers. You guys are going to be just fine. They almost are committed to have to take you guys to prom so to speak lol! They bought the whole outfit and the tickets....and pretty much drove you there! They have to make yours right. They actually issued drafts that had to be cancelled a tax advocate would have a hayday with your cases!
  • Lmao. Ive learned more here in 1 of other blogs there had to br 100 different answers or Ideas.
  • Garrett19581, do you know the difference between a REVIEW and an AUDIT? Accepted 1/30 according to TT, still processing, able to order Account transcripts only since Friday by mail over the phone... cannot view them online keep gettting locked out. So confusing this year.
  • Well I'm back. Update DD and no wmr update. Also, my review date is earlier than most I've seen on here. But still nothing in the mail. I've been at the same job for 3 yrs, so I don't think mine will be the employer verification. I'm totally confused as to what might have held my refund. This waiting game really sucks!!!
  • derrick, keep us posted. Can you view your account transcripts online today for 2013? Do you still have same codes? Is it 570 then a 971 AFTER that one saying notice sent? Can you view your income and wage vericication form online for 2013? Ours that are in the exact same boat as you CANT see it at all, its blank and says "no return filed" .....which makes NO sense ! That's why we figured everyone that has that blank will get the W3 request that comes via mail as Mikey above got in the mail yesterday. Im expecting to get the exact same thing. Robin also form is blank and hes even a 1121'er (different situation too ) and he now has the 570 code too!
  • I called (3 different reps) so see what the deal was, all of em said the same thing which was they had no record of a w3 being sent out to me and if anything was wrong I would get a letter clearly stating what the issue was.  I quit....LOL
  • Mikey, man they are really messed up this year!!! If I was in your position( and Im 99 percent I am) I would watch my cycle date come and go by with no money, we prob wont see any update to WWR and to me until we get a take action notice or a code on WWR that is one good thing maybe?  Are they still sticking to the hold being on your account and they don't know why it is there ? Well for all 3 to tell you that if anything was wrong you would get a letter , that statement we know is a fact you would. So I guess you haven't then eventhough we know you did ???? WTH???? Maybe our income sheet being blank is why theres a delay but by the grace of God then maybe there just might be hope it wont be for an income verification review hold. To me Im kind of glad they don't know why you got that... I would love for all this to be nothing more than a 570 -R freeze because they are only behind on processing and they don't want the accounts to refund ahead of the processing being complete like it did for the 1121's....Who knows anymore. Im about to quit right along with you. Im busting my ass researching this stuff and find documented facts and let people know it and most appreciate it and others get snippy for you trying to help????? At least someone is extending a hand to try to help you people!!!!! Geez lol!!!
  • I filed 1/13 accepted 1/26, nothing heard from. Was able to check transcripts on 2/10 and had the 570, then 971 w 3/3/14 date. Called the irs and the woman said those dates are conouter generated and there was nothing wrong with my return. I dont know but this is ridiculous
  • @garrett ya really messed up!  They said there is definitely a hold on my refund but could not tell me why Lol -_-
  • Whitehurst2014,
    Well she is right they are computer generated ... But that 570 being an -R freeze right from their pocket manuel is one scary sob lol! I don't care personally who generates these codes Mr IRS and Im sure Mikey, Robin and Lex and Derrek and Rodriguez (sorry if I left anyone out lol) my brain is MUSH....and myself don't care why its there just as long as YOU PLEASE REMOVE IT AND RELEASE OUR MONEY PLEASE SOON and YOU follow that ugly sucker with a pretty 571 saying action completed or that pretty 846 refund code or hell take another 971 I don't care just make it trigger the refund ....because a 570 and nothing else sure isn't getting us any closer to seeing our monies....(: But I must say your call to the IRS has given me some more hope! Let s hope its real what they told you. It is WONDERFUL that she told you that nothing is wrong with your return ((:
    Sending prayers your way !!!! God Speed that return and refund!! Thanks for sharing the GOOD NEWS!!
  • this is what i gathered from another forum. seems this happened last year to early filers. doesnt show an end result. just shows they went through the same crap we are
  • WOW!!!!!!! VERY interesting!!!! Thanks.... I noticed that it said they use code 971 also as one of the ID THEFT indicator codes... So their stupid "identity theft" systems flagged over 99 percent of early filers last year wtf??????? I thought they fixed this crap from last year!!!!
  • yea idk how the irs gets away with this s**t but let us not pay our taxes by 4/15 lol. this is ridiculous!! i gave up already..
  • NOPE DONT GIVE UP! I read most of those threads!!! Did you see and read the attachment someone posted on there they had it open on those screens that had the info about the IRS ID theft indicators and the 5 codes the IRS specifically uses for these? One was 971!
  • i dont have a 971 i just have the 570 after the 841 refund. there is suppose to be a big update tonight and a few smaller updates up to sat night. i pray and hope that i get a 571 code lol. i just got my state this morning. how do you get state before federal??!! lol
  • You have that 971 code and so do I and so do many. is a miscellaneous code that can be used for many things but in black and white it said it is one of the 5 ID theft indicators they use. And if I read it correctly it then triggers one of 5 other "take action codes" ....I am trying to find out what those 5 codes are. That makes sense to the -R freeze 570! If the system truly thinks a potential identity theft person has used your social to get your refund they haven't had the time or taken the time to compare it to ANY of your past returns, your address nothing... I could see one of the 5 codes it could trigger as a -R freeze code. They would freeze or hold that refund from dispersing until they could review the file or verify your identity!
  • I hope it was true also! I tried pulling up my transcripts again and it said they couldnt confirm my identity. Stupid. Someone told me to call the tax advocate hotline?
  • YOURE GOING TO GET YOUR CODE AND GET YOUR MONEY TRUST ME!!! it may take the 21 days to fix it and get it to you but It will come ! You were a 1121 that's right!
  • Whitehurst2014- I wouldn't call a tax advocate until your 21 days are up I don't think they can help you until then. Then after your 21 days are up I would give another call or two to the IRS yourself if you still have the 570 freeze code and nothing releasing it after that you can view as of that date I would call and tell them you needed to call in to verify your identity to get your old released. if that wont work then HELL YES by ALL means call a tax Advocate!
  • Thankfully my 21 days are up the 20th! I am so never ever filing early again. There is no reason I should have a hold. My husband is the only income and has been with the same company for 5 years, haven't had anything change at all. I didn't know people had these same problems last year either! We got ours within 2 days of acceptance last year. This stuff is just ridiculous and stressful.
  • yea your right. let me not get so down lol. just wish the irs would stop f***ing over the people who pay there salary!! crazy thing is i read about early filers and i still filed early thinking it wouldnt happen to me.
  • And on the transcripts we got an additional $31 credited to us? Could that be why it got frozen?
  • Whitehurst, yes that could be.
  • Stevenson, I agree completely!
  • Stevenson, ME TOO! My state wouldn't accept and wouldn't accept and I was starting to get really concerned I mean it took till the 6th to get accepted that has never happened before either. I found out yesterday it DD tomorrow....Like WOW ! If they can pull that off that fast come on big boys step up to the plate your getting shown up by State!
  • Hi everyone. Haven't checked my transcripts today. Got no wmr update and nothing in the mail today. My cycle code was for today, so I'm havin a pity party. :)
  • Derrick_ collett  Someone asked me earlier if I knew the difference between an audit and a review. Sure I do! A review you will need to have a stiff drink, and an audit you need them to leave you the BOTTLE! Think I might b e changing my position on that answer Im right there with you! Mine is for tomorrow and I have been doing this long enough that I don't even have to look lol to know that answer
  • I even talk to my WWR computer screen once a day when I pull it up, today I am ashamed to say I even flipped it the bird! Losing all my class at this point lol!
  • @garrett so my wife was curious about what her tax account transcript looked like (filed separately) and you guessed it 846 841 570 03/03/2014
  • WTHELLLLLLL?????? Is that a refund code 846, then a refund cancel code 841 then the dreaded 570??? There isn't going to be enough LIQUOR!!!!!!
  • Garrett I am right there with not even getting audited and im having the bottle hahaha. I click on wmr and turn away from the screen before it shows me the results! Then I slowly turn around and see 1121!!!! I get more made every time like I never seen it before lmfao!!!
  • @mike i have the same exact codes your wife has..guessing shes a 1121?? the good thing about the 1121 is you are going to be put back into rotation. im being told if it kicks another error then we will be waiting up to 60 days-_- the funny thing is the irs already knew of this and still didnt correct it! it just got worse!
  • ****new update from irs ***
  • Mikey, I did find out a fun fact from Stevenson today above on an AWESOME trail of last years hell he found for the "early filers" ....Fun fact after my read it seems I found one use for the miscellaneous 971 "notice sent" code. It is used also as a TC 971 > If I digested correctly what I read that appeared to be directly off an IRS publication it said 971 is a computer generated code that is used as a "trigger" to the identity theft safeguard system or whatever they are calling that these days, and automatically will trigger one of 5 other "take action" codes. HMMMMM a light bulb went on.....1) we are mostly all early filers...2) We were prob their test runs on there systems and last year their identity theft prevention systems flagged most of all early filers as potential identity theft/ tax credit fraud alerts etc...which generated the 971 then triggered one of 5 codes from there.
    You thinking what Im thinking???
  • And Stevenson didn't and doesn't have the 971 but he is one of the early filers that is the 1121. So I thinking he and your wife might be in that same group since she has a code 846 refund cancelled to she must be a 1121 too. We are all early filers and I think they stopped those refunds because the computer glitch as they call it didn't run them through all the processing /identity theft stages since I don't think I have seen a 1121 with a 971 code. So that could be their delay in getting those checks re issued. Wanting to run them through the identity theft portion either again???? Now of course this is just a thought than went through my mind that I cant seem to shut off is all so wanted to share.
  • i AGREE GARRETT!!!!! SOUNDS LIKE WE FOUND OUR PROBLEM LOL. now i wish there was a faster way to fix it. 1st i lose my job then my vehicle then my unemployment!!! now im waiting for my TAX REFUND!?!?! how much more  can an average citizen take???
  • i AGREE GARRETT!!!!! SOUNDS LIKE WE FOUND OUR PROBLEM LOL. now i wish there was a faster way to fix it. 1st i lose my job then my vehicle then my unemployment!!! now im waiting for my TAX REFUND!?!?! how much more  can an average citizen take???
  • Stevenson, I think you guys are still ahead of the game because you were processed and refunded once . Im thinking they will reissue those once all the identity theft/ safeguard steps are ran . I think that might be why some have been issued and some have not. If it was just a glitch as they said and just had to reissue that same "batch" would or should stay in tact I would think and everyone would either see or not see their money around the same time...otherwise the only way it makes sense it they want to review those or rerun those in whatever missed step it was?????? who knows next we'll be writing conspiracy theories lol!
  • sorry for the few typos above my eyes are crossing over days of this ):
  • hopefully we are included in one of the few updates that's happening this week. suppose to be one tonight and im hoping it does something to ease my mind. and i dont think anyone here is grading papers lol =)
  • mahlikstevenson & garett YES my wife is a 1121, pass the bottle please
  • PASS A REALLY BIG BOTTLE PLEASE!!!!!! and a straw too because I want to not be able to lift my arm at about day 21!
  • HAHAHA theres enough for everybody!! jameson!! im sure we all will be fixed soon. its just so nerve wrecking not knowing when. if they dont fix it i will be applying for a job at the irs department and will be fixing my own taxes lol !! AND YOURS=)
  • I don't know if y'all seen this hope this helps put some of you guys minds at ease...BREATHE LOL :-)
  • yea i seen it..but its hard to believe the irs. when this has been a problem for years. but i will have no choice lol -_-
  • Mine looks like this

    code                      cycle                      date                   amount
    150                   20140703             03/03/2014              0.00
    766               credit to your acc      04/15/2014         -Refund amount (which is additional child tax credit)
    570               additional account action pending 03/03/2014     0.0
    768                Earned income credit   04/15/2014         -Refund amount(eic)
    766                 credit to your account   04/15/2014         -Tax preparer fee
  • I was wondering that maybe Im only getting a partial refund which is my eic and the preparers fee and they are holding for some reason my additional child tax credit. I do not have a 971 code. By my experience with IRS code 971 means they mailed out a letter because last year I had to prove that I was head of household.
  • @lisa there is an update tonight. if you see a 571 after your 766 you will be getting your refund with the next batch. im not sure if they are reviewing all eic but i know they did last year due to alot of fraud. this is what i learned in the last few days from searching every forum.
  • @mahlikstevenson Well I will have my fingers crossed because last year it was really stressful. I know I was reviewed last year and proved to them that I was Head of household and that I had the right to file EIC. They told me all head of household have to prove once that they are HOH and that they will not be reviewed again, so I don't understand why they would hold my refund again, but we will see.  Thanks!
  • Last Year I received my refund after 7 months of filing my taxes but based on my transcript from last year I have totally different codes this year I have the 570 code only.
  • @lisa im sorry i over looked your code 150..did you have positive amount next to that code?
  • Hello again everyone. The update for today dd again, no wmr update. Also, I now can't access my transcripts because it says it has, "locked my account because the info I entered does not match my most recent tax return". Which is totally insane since I had access to the transcripts last week, using the exact same info. Sorry guys and gals wish I had better news. Maybe a letter will come in the mail today, but as of yet nothing. I really need this money and I am getting really frustrated with this whole process. Good luck all, I hope your having better luck in moving things along.
  • Same for me! Filed 1/18, accepted 1/26, cycle date for today, code 971 and 570 on transcript with no update on wmr, still just processing! In reading previous posts, I checked our wages for 2013 on the transcript page and it says no return has been filed:( ..Is it possible the wage transcript is not filled out until my return has completely processed? I am thinking all of us early people are getting screwed!!
  • Stevenson! awww thanks... I'll join you! still no update for me either ...CHIN UP ....need this money bad here too....KEEP THE FAITH 21 days isn't up yet and I don't think u will get a letter either honestly
  • Samantha , anything is possible as far as the transcripts go as to them continuing to add info in. Too many people don't have anything uploaded to that income sheet for me to assume it has to be we are still in the reviews department.
  • samantha, so your account transcript has not added those codes or changed at all?
  • Derrek! That may be something! They might just be updating something on your transcripts!!!! Otherwise I have no clue why that is happening ???? I will try to get into mine to see if its a sight issue again or if maybe my guess above could be!
  • lisa , to claify you have codes PAST the 570?
  • clarify my bad!
  • I don't have a 1121 so I'm not in that group.
    But I am a 971/570  sucks
  • Garrett, my last two codes are 971 and 570 in that order and it's been that way since I've been able to view my transcript. No change whatsoever on anything!
  • Well I called this morning regarding my code 570 and the lady said that they are simply not finished processing our tax returns that I should not pay attention to that code and that unless we get a 4 digit code on wmr they don't have any info that I have to wait the 21 days.
  • samantha me too !!! 971 is a miscellaneous code that can be used for I mean a ton of different things. It will say notice sent. That doesn't necessarily mean that notice is a letter that is coming to you. I read yesterday on IRS docs that 971 is also used by the identity theft/tax fraud security measures system and can be computer generated by that and it triggers 1 of 5 different "action' codes. 570 is an action code by it saying "account action pending" . Normally that 570 wouldn't be a stress factor if it wasn't for the fact that the dreaded 570 is a -R freeze which freezes the refund from dispersing until a code 571 or similar code lifts it. Some code lifts do take 4 entire business days though to pass before a lift code can even be entered in the IVO system. I cant say if that is the case here as I don't work for them. My 4 days wont come and go until tomorrow and that's only if someone jumped on that file after I saw it inputted on the weekend.
  • We should just all harass the IRS. I mean, this is bull. Somebody has to know somethiwh. When i talked to them she said everything looked good, yet i still see no change and now i can't get into my transcripts again either. Wtffffffff
  • I wonder how long it takes to get the letter I had a new baby that's the only change on my return. I have all of her stuff birth certificates medical card shot records and I'm going to get the school record for my oldest  I want to get the letter and FAX everything in next day  and I'm also going to contact a tax  advocate. I'm going to harass the advocate and the IRS with daily faxes including photos of me and my children   because they can cross check my two returns themselves and also confirm anyone's identity your the government your telling me you can't call or go into a database to pull a birth certificate it would take you 5 seconds the same amount of time it takes me to FAX but it's going to take you 5 months to process this crap
  • lmpowell, read my update to samantha above if you are a 971 followed by a 570!
  • @garrett19581 code 570 does not necessarily means there is a freeze on your refund. Last year I went through a review because I had to prove I was head of household. After they received my tax return which is code 766 and code 768 they put a refund freeze which is code 810 then a 971 which was when they sent me a letter. but this was last year this year I just have a code 570.
  • What can a tax advocate do? I am assuming they are there to help, but when would one turn to them for help?
  • I am reading this in the IRS manual. Maybe this can ease something.

    A TC 810 or TC 570 indicates refunds are stopped/frozen. 810 or 570 is used if an examination of the taxpayer's return is in process or the previous examination was not closed. If a taxpayer does not claim the same items on a subsequent return, the refund will be released in most cases.
  • whitehurst2014 yes I know code 810 was when they froze my refund due to a review to prove I was head of household. Which was last year and they told me they were not going to review my return again. But this year I have a code 570.
  • To clarify guys. THERE ARE NUMEROUS FREEZE CODES refer to IRS manuel ... (10-01-2013) Code 570 is an -R Freeze code.
    It is usually in combination with code 971 if there is IVO involvement. (in English the IVO involvement means their Identity theft/tax fraud security computer measures "the computer") flagged the return with a Julian/DLN number of like all 8888888) if that happens they will 1) take no action to release the 570 -R Freeze code and send letter 4464C or 4115 (Wage and Withholding verification request to employer) ....also sometimes they will send a CP05 notice instead of the 4464C/ or 4115 .
    We don't get to see our Julian numbers or any IVO involvement or even know of find out half of what I have shared on this forum until we get with our tax preparer or a tax advocate or we get a letter etc...
    it is a -B Freeze code.
  • 810 and 820 sorry above...
  • Samantha , a tax advocate is your voice to the IRS and can help lift freeze codes / release returns if a financial hardship is proven and present. They can find out answers also as to why you have no refund /why you have no answers (:
  • at this point all we can do is wait until the 21 days are up other wise we are just going crazy for our refund.
  • yea most if not all the 1121 people will be having a 570 hold on there return so the system doesnt reprocess us and give a new false ddd.
  • and if you cant access your transcripts it usually is from them updating. from what i see on other forums. i also do not have an update but they said the biggest update will be saturday night=)
  • Stevenson correct....what the 1121 should truly see if it does what I think its going to is this:
    If you cancel a refund check or a check of any kind it had to be keyed to issue, and keyed to cancel and redeposit the funds BACK INTO YOU GUYS ACCOUNTS> Meaning your tax return tax transcript account. you have to have a - before the number or a negative balance to get a refund check , thus the system cant recognize to give you anything until it zeros back out and shows to them that credit to rekey the new check re-quest ...make sense.....???
  • @garrett sounds like you work for the irs =p
  • HAAAAAAAAA !!!!! I wish I did (only for the part that I would have given the courtesy of a freakin update to all you people being SO DISRESPECTED for ZERO UPDATES!!! )Then I would have entered code 571 after 571 action completed so much the 5 the 7 and 1 would have broken on my computer keyboard to release that to the refund department lol! Then after that I quit lol!
  • well said Lisa! At least you got to talk to a rep that "didn't poop on your pop tart" and say anything bad. I LOVE what they said to you as long as they were telling you the truth. Only time will tell that. Prayer is good! Pray and keep your faith. They cant take that away from us!!!
  • hahaha that would be a great mission!! i just read on anther topic on this site that if your 1121 and you keep calling they will put your file to the back of the line!!??? i hope thats not true!! your right they cant take our faith away!!!
  • Has anyone figured out what the date beside the code 570 actually means? I am in the same boat!
  • Abby, that date is a generic filled in date based on "their 21 day deadline" from when they think their deadline is....
  • Oh for crying out loud!!!! I PRAY an IRS rep didn't unprofessionally tell them that! That is discriminatory, so by law if that was proven that is profiling and against tax payers rights and is then unlawful and could be pursued in a court of law unless of course it is against the IRS because you cant sue the IRS lol!
  • oh wonderful. Thanks, I tried to read through the comments above to get the answer, but there were a lot! This is just one big waiting game.
  • However ALL IRS reps Have an ID number and are required to provide this ID number when answering the phone. If you did not catch their ID number or they said it too fast you are allowed to respectfully ask for their name (only required to give you their last name nothing more for their protection) . That ID number is given to help the tax payer and document whom you talk to and when you should always document that number and the date you called and what was said. So if you have to call back later you can provide this info to the next rep etc....if it helps them or you refer to information regarding your tax situation. It is truly unprofessional for a rep to state such things. Freedom of speech of course allows them to say as they please and us the same. However, we are not employed by the IRS they are . I would hope those kind of things would be addressed in a letter in writing to your appropriate political officials.
  • I have spoken with several IRS agents and also a very good friend who recently retired from the IRS and the 570 freeze code can mean a lot of things  The 570 freeze code is because your return is going through further review outside of the normal process..If the 570 code is followed by a code of 971 notice sent that means you will be receiving a notice requesting more information or some other action on your part. One of the reasons you may see this sequence is previous year of unfiled taxes.
  • I have a 971 code before my 570 code...
  • Samantha, I KNEW I was going to hear from you darling after THAT post (: God love you!!!
    That's a different situation completely in the course of events. It is the two same codes but because no 2 returns are exactly alike one code in a different place than another or visa versa could make a completely different outcome alltogether. He is right the 570 can be placed there for many reasons , same as the no two tax returns are alike. Making each tax situation unique by its own right.
     A 971 can trigger an "action code" from the IVO system that is from their own manual. 570 is a refund hold or freeze but it too is code that requires further action of some sort on the account. That is why it states, further action pending. Pending means YET TO COME> Sadly, what none of know is WHEN THAT IS. I wish I did and it would put us all at peace. The not knowing is what is killing us.

    The positive that I took from Johns AWESOME and VERY HELPFUL RESPONSE (JOHN YOURE AWESOME!!!) ....the positive and hope and faith that I myself have pulled from it is this:
    Maybe those of us then that have the 971 first then the 570 that there is hope that they can complete and find what they need in the normal processing timeframe of the 21 days from when the IRS is telling many of us when we call of new dates of 2/3, 2/1, 2/6 etc.... if you talk to a rep and they say no, we didn't start processing your return or receive your return till .......Do as I am doing is the best advice I can give, ADJUST your 21 day count from that new date they gave you. No sense in arguing with them about it, its isnt that reps fault, It wont gain you anything and could possibly only hurt your situation as they are the ones processing your returns...understand?
  • John, thanks so very much for this info youre AWESOME! That info helps many of us know even more info to know what to either expect and try to find some sense of peace with it or it might give some of us more hope that things will work out for us within the 21 days and that our refunds will come without delay.
  • it is quite possible then that they did not really start processing when the computer said they did? That would make sense to me...being flooded with early returns!
  • Wow garret  the sarcasm here is dripping.  The fact of the matter is there only way to know what the 570 means and that is to get a hold of an agent that can look into things and give you more info or if you have a 971 notice sent... wait until you get the notice. IF you don't have a 971 code try and call and see if you can get more info. .  Everything you read here is largely speculation, unfortunately about all any of us can do is try and be patient and be wait.
  • God I hope so, you guys are giving me some hope here. I ve been really down since this happened and this place has been the only place thats made me feel any better. Whether it was good news, bad news, or just speculations. Being able to share my expirience with all of you has been very therapeutic. I hope you all feel the same. Everyone keep everyone posted. Together we are many and they cant ignore us forever!!! Can they?
  • I am really hoping too! I just find it odd we have the same cycle dates and same codes with the same future dates! Maybe it is just a glitch and we are all freaking over nothing lol. I hope.
  • I feel the same derrick!!!! I waa just saying how this was the best forum ive been on ever.  Compared to everyone there is angry hahaha cant we all just get along?!?!?!
  • Whitehurst wouldn't that be great!!! I'd love nothing more than to have made a bigger deal out of this than was needed! Even with all the hair pulling and binge drinking ;)
  • John,
    "Wow garrett the sarcasm here is dripping????" My statement back to you was genuine. If you misread something else in it than was there I m not sure. Based on your response I can only assume you did and that was never my intent. It was a genuine compliment to you as it was written. Your info was MOST helpful and we thank you very much! Haven't seen you on here ever before or seen any of your questions or comments prior to this. Are you also one of us that has similar codes or are an early filer?
  • Garret,
    Thanks so much for you kind words !  I did mis-read and I apologies. Yes I too am one of those. In my case in 2008 I failed to report an IRA early distribution, and I had to refile 2008 taxes with the appropriate forms. I am being told that i should see my refund in 6 of 12 weeks after they receive my returns.  I will keep this group informed as this process progresses for me. I know this is very frustrating but the best we can do is try and remain calm and follow the process. Remember these people are swamped !  This is the IRS's busiest time of the year
  • I'm curious is ANY with cycle date of 20140701 have had dd??
  • John I agree FRUSTRATING!!! I just found out that WWR only updates for DD dates on certain days and only at night. Why am I having to find this out now from a TT employee ??????
  • Samantha , I am going to post an important message that I just found out from a TT employee on the main answer site below so everyone can see it please view it!
  • the cycle date is year=2014 week=7th day=01 then you add 4days to that and you should get a ddd. Reference for those of you that are processed : Add 4 business days onto your cycle day for DDD
    Sample=20140605 is Thursday+4 business days=Wednesday 2/12 as your anticipated DDD
    20140602 = monday 2/3
    20140603 = tuesday 2/4
    20140604 = wednesday 2/5
    20140605 = thursday 2/6
    20140701 = friday 2/7

    20140702= monday 2/10
    20140703= tuesday 2/11
    20140704= wednesday 2/12
    20140705= thursday 2/13
    20140706= friday 2/14
  • I to was apart of the dreaded 971 followed by the 570 couldn't understand why or couldn't get an answer from irs as to why just had to wait out the 21 days I have been stressing I was finally able to log back into online transcripts and had GREAT news 571 action complete with date 3-3-2014 and followed by 843 3-3-2014 I never received a letter or a change on wmr.. hopefully this is the same for many more ..
  • Tatumlean54 Did you have 1121 error code on WMR?
  • Tatumlean54 Did you have 1121 error code on WMR?
  • no wmr never even changed for me from the first bar from what I have read on other sights guess its not updating very often at all
  • Oh Ok I have the code 570 but I have the 1121 reference code on the WMR so I wont be getting my hopes up lol
  • how long did you have the 570 code for??
  • I was able to get online and see my transcripts on the 10th and then last night I was able to get back online and it showed it had changed so just a couple days .. seems like there is a lot of people having these kinda a issues this year and not knowing why or cant get an answer to it ..
  • thanks=) i hope i update with the next update. i dont have the 971 code thos just the 570 plus i have 1121 error.
  • have you been able to view your transcripts
  • 2//14 refund issued! You guys will get it soon!!!14
  • yea been able to view as soon as i had the ddd of 2/6. the 2/24 process date changed to 3/3 on wed since then nothing else. im probably going to call today. i was trying to give them the 21days but im getting to anxious -_-
  • i got a 846 code on my transcript with a date of 3/3/14. Cycle date 20140605. No WMR update.

    Whitehurst- what was your cycle date?
  • Cycle date was 20140701.
  • Valerie!!! That is the refund code my dear your refund has been approved . Your WWR prob wont update convinced its broken and needs some serious service lol!
    Expect your DD on 2/18 as well, or 2/19 at the latest... as 20140605 is PAST your cycle date for when that should have been issued.
  • Stevenson is it still not updated like as of last 30 minutes?
  • thanks, garrett. give me my money already IRS! i have a birthday party to plan lol.
  • @garrett its still not updated as of now lol i just got off of it about 29 sec ago lol . im hoping it updates tonight
  • YEAH!!! again EXACTLY as I have been telling everyone you need to see a code 571 to release a hold then you are GOOD TO GO! Ideally you will see the 846 refund code and it will say refund issued across from it. Disregard the 3-3-2014 dates those are autofilled and was "their timer" so to speak of them to issue or approve before that date without it being considered "delayed"
  • Valerie, your welcome and my pleasure (: and AMEN!
  • Garrett, any update for you ?!
  • Stevenson, yeah pretty sure the 1121 are the same as the 971/570 and 570/971 and 570 in general . Those are weekly updates not daily my gut tells me unless they are approaching their deadline of the 21 day.....My gut based upon my personal knowledge and experiences are the ONLY thing that is going off of though...I based that strictly on a separate log I was keeping on each of you and watching and documenting each of your cycle dates , who was in cycle date week 06, the 1121 club, cycle week 7, etc.....They appear to be updating back and forth from both cycle week 06 and cycle week 7 on the account transcript page and with refund releases and approvals ....which tells me its still random and Im sure it is because MOST of us took longer because I have confirmed part of our returns were pulled for a manual screening before they will be or are approved and released the refund. Manual is based upon who has your return and how lengthly or complex your return is and how fast that rep can verify or not verify the info they need to release you from that 570 to a 571. Doesn't matter at this point ANYONE whether you are a 1121, 971/570 or a 570/971 or just credit codes 766 etc...then the 570..... EVERYONE NEEDS ONE SIMPLE NUMBER TO GET YOUR FREFUND A 571 -addional account action completed.
    THAT , triggers the 846 Refund code to be released to give you one of 2 things: your DD date, or you see your money hit your account A or B there is no C (unless you want to count C being a paper check cut and those are ordered on Wed each week and ONLY PROCESSED and mailed out on Fridays!
  • so basically im kinda waiting for the 971 then from there a 571. if it goes the way it did for most of the 570 people? i have no debts and i file every year. i did lose my job in june, so i had about half of what i made in 2012. not sure if that makes a difference.
  • Stevenson , nope you don't need the 971 at all.....all you need and care about is your refund release code a 571. Then that triggers the refund code of 846 Refund Issued. YOUR FOCUS IS THE REFUND HOLD RELEASE of code 571 and NOTHING else .
  • Samantha, yes mam!
    WWR still change
    But I could care less I have already broken up with WWR days ago lol!
    My IRS 2 GO app still unchanged.
    What changed is the "HOLY GRAIL" the account transcript!
    It changed an hour ago for me , cycle date remain unchanged at 20140701 but what I was expecting and looking for by the GRACE OF THE LORD HIMSELF gave me my 571 refund hold release code of "additional account action completed.
    That triggers the refund code automatically for them to approve and issue the refund.
    I also have the code 846 refund issued now too (future date of 3/3/2014
    That isn't your DD date. My DD date will either be 2/18 or 2/19 depending on when this transcript and refund was actually approved if it was last night it will be 2/18 , if it is for tonights update as things update ALL day today...then it will be 2/19.
  • Awesome news!!!! Mine updated some time through the night! As long as it's next week on dd, I vow not to check wmr a billion times...I'll just let it surprise me on what day it's gunna deposit! It'll be like Christmas :)
  • Then I would bet the farm you will see DDD on 2/18 YIPPPPEEEEE
  • woo hoo for updates!
  • I feel like I dodged a bullet
  • @garret congratulations!!!
  • LaziusLa too ....I know the insides and outsides of this crap and it still wasn't giving me the personal resolution I needed until I started to see the Beths 971/570 and the 570/971 and 570 in general start to release today....I have 5 of the 971/570 accounts logged as refund released today. Im still watching 14 more of my closest peeps! I know if I don't see Mikeys , stevensons, derreks, Stacy or Jessicas  issued and released by Sunday am I just might go rouge lol!
  • I was accepted on 1/27 sat at one bar for ever woke up today to no bars and I have the dreaded 570 code ... No 971 just the. 570. I have called three times twice they said I'm fine just processing crap and once something is wrong wait for a letter... So confused . At least I'm not alone after reading this thread. Also I have had the 570 code for a few days. My cycle date was 20140605 now there is a date of 2/24.
  • Soldyou,
    Letter???? You wont get a letter !!!! You and hundreds of others have the 570 refund freeze or hold. This is because they are very backlogged at the IRS and unless you receive a code on WWR that asks you to call YOU ARE FINE and just processing. They had some glitches that required some returns to have to have some of the steps completed manually! That will slow anything down! Watch your account transcript within the next week for a 571 release code. Once that happens you are out of the woods, you are fine it will trigger the refund issued code of 846 and then you will either see WWR update to a DD date or you will see your money in your account/.
  • My cycle is 20140703 also just had a 570 code no 971 and just like sold you the wmr orange bar was at one and this morning there were no bars just said my refund was being processed and a refund date would be provided when available I tried to check my transcript online but it locked me out lol
  • I filed 1/31....accepted 1/31 tho the irs says 2/3.... No updates, nothing till this morning....I could finally view transcripts. I have 971/570....I freaked out and called irs...she told me it was no big deal, just that I would have to be mailed a check cause my refund was too big for DD...which I have a hard time believing since they did it last year!!! She couldn't give me a date just said it was still processing. My cycle is 20140705..... Any thoughts Garrett??
  • Thank you Garrett !!! Im hoping so no oil heat with three kids is no fun !!!
  • Indiac how freaking big is your refund? Mine is a lil over 10,000 i really hope they dont mail a freaking check! Last year mine was direct deposited too, i dont get it!
  • Here, here... Got that dreaded 971/570 code as well. Spoke to a kind lady at the IRS who looked up my info and it appears it is getting a second look-over for fraud. I was also told the refund would be sent as a check via snail mail (due to the amt) OR I would receive a letter requesting more info within a certain time frame.
  • Well I just got off the 1121 FB page and a lot of people with 1121 has gotten code 846 (refund issued) in the last hour on their transcripts..sadly I am not one of them still 570.. their WMR hasn't changed and it is saying 03-10-2014 next to hit..Did any of you guys get another 846
  • I still have 570 too so sad. I'm a 1121
  • Madis , it will come. Watch your transcripts for a release code of 571 additional account action completed, then the 846 Refund Issued will come right after. Paper checks are issued on Fridays and WWR when it updates should tell you if you have a DD and when it was sent or will also update to "a refund has been issued for xxxxx and sent by mail on ....if you do not receive your refund by xxxx date contact us at we are unable to take any account action until then....
  • 3/10 would hop a week from 3/3 because that tells me they possibly may fall into the next cycle date of week 08...that starts on THURSDAY 2/20...HMMMMM I wonder if they are going to cut paper checks for them????? If they did it would fall into next cycle week 08- Of next Friday as that is the date they do paper checks....but Im just thinking out loud right now....
  • Angela, watch your transcript page just check at end of day once a day is best. Watch for that 846 code. It will come keep the faith I promise!
  • Garrett19581 I was able to view my transcript online on Wednesday but it keeps giving me error that it can not verify my info than after 3 tries it locks me out for 24 hours is there a particular way to enter the info?
  • Because remember guys they only do DD 4 times a week and NEVER on weekends and NEVER on Fridays (Fridays they issue paper checks and mail on Fridays) They DD on MOndays (BUT NOT FEDERAL HOLIDAYS LIKE THIS MONDAY PESIDENTS DAY)....Tuesdays, WEDnesday and Thursday are the only DD dates they do
  • I just have the 570 code and my cycle is 20140703 but I have not been able to see it again.
  • my 3/3 updated too 3/10 still have the 570 freeze
  • I got a direct depositdate for the 20th a 9271 code they increased my refund
  • Filed 2/4. Accepted 2/4. 971 code. Ordered transcripts yesterday. Cycle code 20140705. Ddd today of 2/20!
  • I wanted to update everyone. Checked WMR this morning and it says refund sent, DDD of 2/20 (to be received by 2/24). My refund is $600 less than TT said it would be and I will get a notice mailed dated 2/17.

    Just so you don't have to scroll up and read my original issues: I had a 570 and 971 code when I ordered my transcript a few days ago. I kept checking and yesterday I got another 971 code that said action item completed. And an 846 refund code with a date of 2/24. Cycle dated 20130605. WMR never updated until this morning. I filed on 1/24 and got "accepted" on 1/28 according to TT. IRS actually approved my return on 2/4.

    So my advice is to wait the 21 days, and then call IRS. I checked my transcript for 3 days straight to check updates. And made myself crazy I the process!
  • Ok Garrett, wmr updated and is now telling me a check is scheduled to be mailed by feb 24th and we should receive it by march 24th. If we do not receive it we must wait to call after 3.24 as they cannot help me until then! WTH?! I was dd, last year my refund was 3k more so I'm not sure what the problem is!
  • Mine too Samantha :(
  • I wonder if they could not verify your bank account.
  • Surely they could, it's the same account we used for the past 5 years :( I hope to god we get it, reason I want dd is we have a hard time getting mail at our house!
  • Was hoping someone could help give me an idea of what this may mean! Was accepted on 1/31 and have been at 1 bar with tt 152 ever since. Was able to view account transcript very early yesterday morn, but no return, but then later in the morn could view the return transcript also. My info is as such: cycle 20140705 with the 3/3 date and codes in this order: 150 return filed, 766 credit to account, 570 addl action pending with 0.00 as amount, then last code of 768 earned income credit with my eic amount.
    Does anyone know what this means, having a code come after the 570? Thank you in advance! Im trying so very hard not to completely flip out!
  • Samantha, Whitehurst ,
    ME TOO! EXACT SAME WORD FOR WORD> f you call they will tell you nothing was wrong but because your check is too large for a DD under their current guidelines for 2014 they are mailing you a check! The IRS only cuts and prints refund checks on FRIDAYS. So  we normally would have received a DD date if they were not shifting things BACK a day as it now appears for the following Wed which should have been in a perfect world 2/19...That is the accurate DD date for a WMR DD update overnight on a FRI-SAT overnight update. Since we know Friday we could view our refund had been approved because of the refund issued code and the 846. They don't do ANY DD on Fridays as a rule , only rare exceptions. The federal holiday appears to have pushed DD dates all BACK a cycle day! Thus, why everyone who got a WMR DD update last night got 2/20 DD dates instead of the accurate 2/19.....):
    Then on top of that there seems to be a good chunk of people being told that their refund is too large for a DD this year so they are manually cutting check. They cant cut it any sooner than 2/21 for all of us that were approved. In many cases they DO MAIL IT on that Friday , as in years past mine came via the Cincinnati Service Center and I received it the following Monday. So that tells me it takes with no delays coming from that service center to Indiana 2 mail days. I see they have also "cushioned their mailing date " this year by a business day and are giving peeps that are having mailed checks the following Monday as their "refund sent mailed date" which in our cases is 2/24....Start watching for it on 2/26....2/27/ and 2/28.....
  • My refund is over 10K thus why I think its being done. Several that called the IRS were told if you are over 10K its mailed this year.... I don't buy that a bit .....Im curious do any of you fall above this...
  • Jenleever, WELCOME TO OUR GROUP! (-B
    CHILLAX its going to be ok....WE can say that with confidence because we have all been in this hellville right there with you since 1/25-1/31 acceptance dates...many were 1/28...
    Read my detailed explanations and you will see what has to happen to a 570 code and it WILL just give it about 5 business days to resolve itself from the day you first saw the 570 code. You need to see a code 571 to release it (it WILL come ) then a 846 refund issued. Prepare yourself though if your refund is over 10K they seem to want to mail those refund checks now to you instead of a DD as we requested.... Real safe IRS seriously ?????
  • Garrett19581..Do you happen to know what 4464c is & a cp05.. Thats the letters that are going to be mailed to me, uGH!!!I'm still unable to view my transcript online, account was suppose to be mailed. So I'm in limbo,  waiting for 2 letters, to find out any answers. On the bright side, the letters are still pending, as of 2/15, but letters were put into the system on 2/11.
  • @garrett i guess i have a few more business days lmfao =) im no longer worried due to so many 1121ers getting fixed=)
  • Mine is over 10k as well, actually third year in a row and I've never had it not dd. did they change that this year? I wish we at least had a tracking number on it!! Makes me uneasy, not to mention the fact we now have to wait on it to clear! Not that I blame the banks for doing that...I know the government pissed paying their premiums for obamacare to blue cross and tons of ppl got cancelled in January. They don't have the best track record with money!
  • Missed not pissed lol
  • Hi garrett i have a code 806 and 570. I didn't get a code 971. My cycle numbers are 20140801 what would be my deposit date? I hd spoken to someone at the IRS and she said i have a code which means its a 2week delay with my refund. She said it as nothing wrong with my refund just a delay.
  • Sam and whitehust ,
    They had to just make this rule this year or pull it out their bootie lol because I have had larger and never an issue ! He who has the gold makes the rules lol so I guess we don't have another option ! Just glad it's coming !
  • Mark ,
    No worries you are fine you don't want or need a 971 that means notice sent and they can keep those lol ! They are just behind and that's mostly it . Your cycle code is week 8 so that just started so you are good to go just prob will take the full 21 days to get your money ! You watch for your release code of 571 and that 846 refund code then you will get your date approx 24 hours after that ! God bless and Godspeed those refunds IRS !!!! Sharpen those pencils lol
  • @gattett did you have the 971 code. If so did you get a notice.

    I have 150 806 971 570. 20140703
  • Sweetliv , those are just. Processing delay letters . NOTHINH to worry about . I am doubtful you will see either one period .. They have been known to tell ya about anything to get you off the phone and delay you calling back and love to say delay with a letter coming . My best advice is to listen to a Katie perry song " roar " will get anyone's spirit up (-;  " "you held me down but I got up ... Already brushin off the dust ...hear

    Let them hear your ROAR girl !
  • What is 1121 and how would I know if I have this?  And how often does the account transcripts update?
  • So week 8 would be deposited around Feb 28th? Or possibly before?
  • 2wheelifer..about to watch it
  • Garrett19581..finally able to set up an account & view online transcripts:). To my dismay ACCOUNT IS STILL BLANK,  no codes, no nothing!!! So my question is, if I was under review,  would it show anything on my account transcript,  or not until its done, hummm.BLANK, BLANK AND MORE BLANKS
  • My guess would be if your still blank, there's no way your in review, the minute your return is uploaded to start processing the account transcript is available.
  • Kxracer85..thanks, I was thinking the same thing..Hummm do you think the IRS, lied to little old me, lol,...But thanks for answering
  • Sweetliv, I had the same thin last year. I was mailed the 4464c. A lot of people were last year. Those that also received the cp05 seemed to get things resolved   Fairly quickly. The 4464c letter will say something to the effect of - we may contact your employer, etc. to verify information you have provided us. There is no need for you to take action. The process may take up to 60 days. We will contact you if we need more info from you.
    Garrett is right. Some people last year were told tht they would receive letters but didn't. And some just needed to verify identity. Did so over the phone and there refund was released. So even if you do get a letter, it's not necessarily a big deal. So don't panic.
  • Jessca1..well thank you, I don't think I'm panicking, any longer. I just want the letter,  to do what I got to do to get it over with. Its just the anticipation of the not knowing.
  • Where do I find the codes ?? I
    Don't see any
  • Now my bars are missing on WMR still codes 150, 806 and 507. Did anyone get new updates?
  • Officially totally confused. Had all 2013 transcripts available as of last week. Over the weekend my wage and income transcript went completely blank and now says record not filed. (Clearly incorrect) and my account transcript has codes 971 and 570. WMR has been stuck on the same 'processing' bar since I was accepted by the irs on 2/3. I called last week to check on the status, I was told there are no issues and only contact them after 21 days if I haven't received an update on the wmr tool. Any suggestions??
  • My fiance has codes 570 and 971. On Saturday he received a notice that are holding his refund until he files 2008 and 2010 taxes. I mailed them in this morning. Any idea how long this process takes??
  • Mark I have the exact same thing.. my bars disappeared this morning
  • Mislish..did the notice have a special code
  • sweetaliv, no special code. Just the 570 and 971. I checked his WMR this morning and all of his bars are gone now.

Where you in the 1121 error code batch. I got this 570 code on my transcript  today.

DID EVERYONE READ Mahlikstevenson link post he shared with us that he found on facebook? PLEASE read! it will help give you peace if you are an EARLY FILER , HAVE A a 971 notice sent of a 570 of any kind and are an early filer it would apply..... ESPECIALLY if you are a 1121 That IRS rep was very helpful with the info shared!

God works in mysterious ways my peeps and I'm thanking him now for answering one of my prayers! It was some answers and some peace , acceptance and solice to all of this for not only myself for all of you!

Stevenson cant thank you enough for sharing that! That explains why all the early filers that are left are seeing themselves by-passed, people filing after them just flying right through and not only have we not be processed , have a DD date and a refund but we didn't have solid answers to hold onto! Now we do! Now it makes more sense> I wont repeat myself anymore but if you haven't please read my lengthy post above I added after STEVENSON WAS DA BOMB LOL! ....



  • You welcome!!! Enjoy the stress free night and wake up with an update tomorrow hahaha! !
  • Yeah I read it but I did not file early I filed 1/31 accepted the next day cycle 20140605 code 971/570 no 1121 for me hopefully I Receive a letter in the mail soon so I can clear this up last year some people didn't see refunds until june-nov it's pretty scary
  • Link please
  • Does anyone know on the account transcripts , says, "any minus sighs signifies a credit amount" is that the refund amount owed?


I just found out some VERY IMPORTANT INFO wanted to share for anyone that did not know this:

WWR updates every night HOWEVER, These nightly updates are only for approvals and DDD on certain days only.

Overnights: Wednesday into Thursday am: Thursday into Fri am; Friday into Sat am; and Sat into Sun am.


The overnight WED update will give you a DDD for the following Monday

The overnight THURSDAY update will give you a DDD for the following Tuesday

The overnight FRIDAY update will give you a DDD for the following Wednesday

The overnight Saturday update will give you a DDD for the following Thursday.

THERE ARE NO FRIDAY DD , they do issue paper checks on Friday and do not issue DDD for Fridays! (though they 'MAY" send a DD on Friday to ensure a bank credits it by Monday)

Note also : the IRS does send their DD by those dates , although your bank of institution might hold them for up to 3 days.

  • Stevenson this is like one big AA meeting too lol! LMAO you make me smile and always make my day a little brighter (:
  • Good information... the WED TO THUR update gave out DDD for 2/18 TUE instead of MON because of the federal holiday on MON... Wonder how this will effect the updates for the rest of this week might be a day off then. Any idea if codes on WMR update daily if there was a problem with your return?
  • YES! I am glad you asked .... My return wasn't really accepted on 1/28 like TT says ..According to the govt when they accepted it was like on 2/3 and I didn't start processing till around then either. So don't be alarmed if you call and they correct you on your true day 1 of 21 processing date. They will tell you if you get an honest one that they did have some computer issues initially. So long story short the call will quiet your jets a bit if you call and reach someone because you will prob be told the same thing you are just processing! And also I was told that because of the initial computer issues that some will go past the 21 days to process as they have a huge backlog they are working through to get everyone processed.
  • @garrett GLAD I CAN MAKE YOUR DAY BRIGHTER=) NOW HOW ABOUT YOU COME HELP ME SHOVEL THIS FOOT OF SNOW WE GOT HERE IN NY LOL!! man if it snows one more day im going to check myself into a mental hospital!!
  • GET AN Attaching SUITE IM gonna need a room too! hell, book a floor! We will call it the 1121, 971, 570 floor for the disturbed. I think Disturbed covers it at this point!
  • @ all you guys also with the wage and income transcript section this information is not available online for 60-90 days maybe even longer per the IRS because this is the information your employer sends into the government. So if it says no record don't be alarmed!
  • @ all you guys also on the code 570 this is a system generated code the irs has a huge back log and trying to get everyone processed in 21 days I am in the same boat but I'm here hundreds of people are in the same boat. I think we will all get our refunds  if there is an issue WMR will generate a specific code!
  • at this point its a waiting game for all of us
  • tysonlacy , thanks for the info that helps a lot ! Lots of scared peeps on here! Its APPRECIATED
  • @garrett19581 any additional information or updates today? other than whats been posted?
  • APPECIATED like x10 x10000000000!!!! Thanks!
  • OMG LOST IT OFFICIALLY NOW I CANT SPELL LMAO  "Appeciated WTH " my bad so sorry .....sounded silly lol!
    Tysonlacy and you deserved it spelled accurately APPRECIATED!!! ((-8
  • Yeah man found out from a TT employee and confirmed from an IRS rep that DD dates are only updated on WWR 4 nights a week WED-Sat. I posted exactly what I found word for word the way I found it on the main answer forum on two threads
  • Also, a few people have called  the IRS and being told they are in review and they may or may not get a letter etc...and that give it the 21 days and if they don't get it then call back. I wish they wouldn't tell them that when they cant even verify for sure it cant be cleared up within the 21 days since that ALSO was told to them! Several have been told today on a few threads today they didn't "receive" their return or accept it to process until like 2/3-2/4 and these people were days before that. So naturally the confusion on when the 21 days starts. Explaining to those go by the date the IRS rep gave you then, adjust your 21 day count from them give them that time.
  • hahaha yea we might need a few hospitals for everyone. there are also 2 types of updates. weekly and daily. i think im the weekly one im not sure.
  • if you scroll down to comments 1-50 on this link you will found lots more people talking about the 570 and 971 codes. how some with 570 and 971 together missed filing one year. and most the 1121 got 570.
  • Garrett, just thinking out loud... That 3/3 date on transcript, if we were in fact accepted later than we were lead to believe...could that date actually have some significance (like maybe the actual 21st day)?? Just speculation but seems like it has some importance and not just a random date thrown in there.
  • From what I was told by the irs, that march date we all have is the actual date the letter will get sent out letting us know the problem, verification, or whatever our individual case may be
  • Dang! Wishful thinking I guess! I just was looking at previous year transcripts and they all processed quickly but have diff dates for basic codes vs refund sent date!
  • This is what i gathered from another forum. not saying this is the problem but most of the 1121ers are saying this:

    Hey I got this from the 1121 group on fb so I just wanted to share bc my son has this code on wmr: I have some GREAT NEWS. To clear up any madness and frustration I finally got a answer........ okay I called after seeing everyone posting different stories. So I got a super nice lady I talked to for over a hour and she explained everything n I mean everything. .... okay so those of you who was told theres a letter n wait 60 days or under review was a LIE. This is what happened. On feb 6th. Batch number 0601 got pushed through the processing by the computer there are 3 steps to processing returns there is a check computer check n a validation before getting approved we all skipped the validation process and was pulled for manual validation which takes up to 21days because its a human checkin to make sure there are no errors. The glitch was on the 7th and that caused us to have our refunds frozen til they get thru the validation we will all get approved the same time unless theres more info needed and its sent to a reviewer for additional documents needed and u will reveive a letter after the 21days. Our 21 days is up on the 21st she said that our jan 31 date is our acceptance date that hasnt changed. If we do not see a ddd date for the 21st or 24th to expect a letter. Or call and they will tell you exactly what u need. Our error code used to mean manual review in process and allow 60 days to review bla bla bla but that was the other glitch the system has as well. Us early filers were guinea pigs to the new system and we arenthe reason they found the glitch to begin with. There were a large number that GOT lucky and received there money and the irs couldn't stop it in time. Ours was in the second phase wen the irs put a P Freeze on our batch to finish the process manually. And this year the validation is done manually now because of identity theft Now to all of us who see 2/24 on our transcript she said that os the refund date and the posting date that they have to b done by. So if we do not receive a update on wmr or ddd in accounts to call the 24th and they will tell you the next step you have to take. She was very pleasant. She looked in the computer and she said mine is processing still and we all have the same code which was just put there to let the rep know we are the batch that got 1121 codes it is a code for a 60 day review but not in our case. So fyi those of u who were told about a letter there is no letter they cant send one out til after the 21 day date because its still validating. I hope this helps. Im at ease. So we should have our refunds by the 24th unless theres a problem. Irs reps were told not to look up info until 21days and were told to give us a get by story because all were not aware of the p freeze 1121 cause they thought it would b fixed but nope they took that computer software out of the process. Until the bugs are fixed and they cant fix it in the busiest time of year.
  • Samantha! WOW great minds do think alike! I thought the exact same thing..and I actually have some personal documentation  to back it up! I couldn't order transcripts till Saturday am over the phone. Still not received fyi, but not shocked. I don't need them because Sunday I was able to print my account transcript and return transcript in its entirety up code 150, code 806, code 971, then code 570....and the movement since! When I first printed my transcripts just a few days prior when I could access online they were blank at that point and said "no return on file" but when they started filling in they had 2/24 generic future dates...that would have initially placed me in a cycle code 06 not an 07 as I am now if I truly was accepted on 1/28 and ran right away. If I had to repeat anything it would bump me a week. I now have a 3-3 future date. THAT matches what the IRS reps are telling people about their starting dates.  So I have now restarted my count 21 days backwards from 3/3 and boy will that blow your mind!!!
  • Mikey, I know but my date did hop before all my codes hit. In threads last year I read where what Mikey was told was true that same fun fact was repeated to others last year. But many of those "others never got letters" and sadly many did too....So you really don't know until you have a WWR code change or a letter in hand. There systems have been known to have a trigger indicator that is supposed to send a notice and no notice is ever sent, received and in review during extra processing time and even during the 21 days can release and move on....There are a lot of common denominators but the devil in the room is that every tax situation is different so one could get a letter to do nothing just that they need more time to process your return ....those are a lot of times worked out with only a small delay as that is just from a processing backlog , another person could get an update on WWR instead of the review , one nothing on WWR but still get a competly different letter...
    So you have to deal with it the best YOU need to for YOUR best household situation. If that means you do research , you check your transcripts, you give it your 21 days, you keep your faith , you pray , you look for hope and by Gosh not going to give up that hope until my WWR says something different as in a code or words "HEY Garrett YOU REALLY ARE IN REVIEW LOL "or I have a letter in my hands then do that....That right there is the way I am PERSONALLY choosing to stear my ship lol! You steer that sucker straight into those rough waves HEAD HELD HIGH that you will make it through WILL work itself out!
  • @mahlikstevenson great info thanks! When I called a lady kind of told me that but a shorter version. She just said not to pay attention to that code that they simply were not finished processing.  That if there was a particular problem then WMR would show a 4 digit code.
  • STEVENS YOU DA' BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fireworks BOOM BOOM SHAKE THE ROOM!
    LOVE YOUR POST to the 1121'ers and others read it even if you are not a 1121 it applies to us too if they have to run now ANY crap manually for some of the steps for ANY batches it backs up the whole dang thing!!!!! (in the busiest time of the year OMG!!!!!!!!! ) Please take this for the angel that IRS rep was in sharing that ....the beauty is in her details!!!! ) probably means you are one of the lucky ones peeps if you get your money now WITHIN the 21 days....
    AFTER reading that post DONT call the IRS anymore now that we know I feel awful for giving numbers to anyone that asked (my bad...I didn't know).....The calls at this point knowing this is going to waste more of your time and theirs!
     If you are in the 21 days...CHILLAX!!!! If they are having to MANUALLY do ANYTHING that a computer normally did for them ONTOP of normal stuff the last thing I want them to do is have to answer the phones, or tick them off....dang!!!!!
    I would like to see my refund before summer please seriously lol!
     Everyone jump off of here , relax...Have a much deserved chillaxing drink or bath or whatever you do to relax other than this and realize it IS COMING!!!!!
    That info should calm you ALOT and give you some MUCH NEEDED PEACE!!!
    That explains the volumn of FREEZE and hold codes and notice sent... They are having to apply the brakes to stop the 1121 senario from repeating itself while still fixing those poor souls and also fixing our held files .
    Please lets not try to grade their paper anymore until their timed test is over (the 21 days) .....If you don't get your refund by the 24th as it states for those in cycle week 6 and honestly knowing this my BEST advice is those of you in cycle week 7 shoot for a by 3/3 to be conservative. Then call. Then get somemore answers. Heck throw tomatoes at me for suggesting this ....Us fretting after knowing that wonderful news isn't fixing a thing!!!
  • np I was just as excited when I seen that!!! I just couldn't wait to let you guys/gals read it:) im really hoping that we will see an update this weekend with a ddd or next week. Im praying to god we get our money before our 21days
  • GUYS!!! Account transcript has codes 571 and 846 this morning and wmr has No bars!
  • @sam CONGRATS!!!!! dont worry about wmr i heard a lot of people saying they received there money with no wmr update! hope you get it soon.
  • I checked WMR this morning and it has no bars it just said your tax return still being processed a refund date will be provided when available. Does anyone else have this?
  • I will keep y'all updated!! @lisa, check ur transcript and see if u have the 571 and 846 codes! (846 is refund issued!!!)
  • @samantha I'm trying but they tell me there is an error with verifying my information but I'm putting exactly what I have on my return and I don't want to keep trying because they lock me out. So I guess I will just wait.
  • @samantha were you one of the ones with a 570 code too?
  • @lias if you moved recently you must use old address. alot of people where not able t see transcripts because they recently moved and used new address witch is not in the system yet. im not sure it this applies to you.
  • Mikey I had the dreaded 971 and 570! That 3/3 date I had is the date listed by my new 846 refund issued
  • AWESOME!  Congrats @Samantha There's hope after all!  LOL
  • YAY I now have 570/571/846 WOOOHOOOOOO and my refund is even more then I thought
  • There is!!! Hoping for a dd this weekend!
  • Lisa that is a good sign if you could view them before that means something is going on with your transcript presently.....patience it will come
  • I still have the same cycle date 20140605 with 03/03/2014 is that the DDD or should I be looking for a wmr  update over the weekend
  • @laziusla since you have the 846 you dont have to worry about cycle now it will update. congrats on the 571 release!!!
  • Hopefully on the next transcript update everyone gets a 846
  • scroll down through comments. seems somebody had a 971 and 570 code called the irs and they said they mailed her a check because it was to large to deposit.
  • @mahlik I will try to use old address and yes I changed my address on this years return. Thanks!
    @garrett yes I was able to view it before but not now. I will try one more time to see my transcript online one more time if not I will just wait impatiently lol! Yes usually the code 846 and the date after it means the day your refund will get sent to the bank I saw it on my transcript on past refunds.
  • I tried again to check my transcript online And got locked out lol I guess I'll just wait!
  • my transcripts are not working either. im guessing everyone is trying to view at the same time or its just updating.
  • ditto. i can't view my transcripts either. maybe we should all hold off because apparently we're crashing the system lol.
  • Patience everyone let todays updates to the systems happen please (:
  • I got my refund like 2 weeks before the date it shows on my 2012 account transcript  hopefully it's the same this year.  so most of us seeing progress now are not apart of the 1121 crowd?
  • MIKEY!!!!!!!! there is TRULY hope! Take that w3 and wipe your bootie with it lol yours should be next! Your codes are exactly like mine and sams and beths and our account transcript JUST updated..beth was 971/570....cycle 20140605 , sams was 20140605 and was a 971/570, and mine is cycle code 20140701 and was a 971/570. Laz was a 570 only, also a cycle of 20140605, adaug00402 called a rep and he has codes 971/570 and was told he is set for a DD by 2/21. Pulling for you or Im going to go rouge on them lol!
  • Wiping as we speak!  Haha jk congrats on the update everyone, hope I'm next!
  • YOU ARE I FEEL IT!!!! PLEASE let me know when you do so I can quit being a worry wort about it (:
  • No , sadly for the 1121 none of the progress today has been for any of them. But their manual flagged processes that got skipped that they are now doing by hand started a few days behind because they actually have to show from an accounting standpoint those refund checks on the transcripts were issued, then a cancel code, then a freeze...
    Then the unfreeze combined with the reissuance of those checks. They I assume will have to manually request or input those refunds after they check them manually for offsets.
  • @garrett ok so I got change, sounds bad I's code 971 "Notice issued"  Anyone else get this??  I'm so confused LOL....PS I also read if you requested your transcripts before you were done processing you would get this code (got transcripts in mail today).  It's Code "971 Noticed Issued 3/10/2014"

I was in the 1121 batch and just got the 570 code today. Do you know what it means?

  • 570 is a refund hold freeze code if you are referring to what you may be viewing on the bottom of your account transcript page?
  • I too have this code on my return, what does the refund hold freeze mean?
  • what are all your last 2 codes? what is your cycle date?
  • my cycle date is 20140605 and i have this 570 code to. what does this mean?
  • I have the same thing, Valerieocanas. It means you should've received you're refund on 2/6 and there is a freeze on your refund. Other than than, most of us are still baffled as to what's happened.
  • refund hold
  • Ok guys for those of you who are in the situation that you have a 570 freeze then  971 notice, Mine was due to a problem with a previous return year. I mailed the documents to ammend my 2008 return Wednesday 2/12.  This morning 2/14 WMR has changed to a simple statement your refund tax is being processed. A date will be provided when available
  • how do you know what to send? I have the same codes 570/971 and am freaking out.....i may not get my return until june????
  • unless your WWR has updated with a CODE you do not have to take ANY action.
    The IRS WILL notify you if they need anything inorder to process your return from what they have . If you do not have a code on WWR DO NOT PANIC OR STRESS YOU ARE FINE!!!
    They are undergoing severe backlogs and processing delays! I myself had both these same codes and 5 people on here just today with those same codes have had their refunds released from the 570 refund hold and then it issued the code 846 below it that says refund issued! WHO TOLD YOU JUNE!!!!!!!! That is so wrong that infuriates me!!! that they scared you like that!!!!
  • I know that last year the wmr statement changed to the -your refund is processing, a date will be provided when available - statement when it had come close or past the 21 day mark for a lot of people. Some got their refunds pretty quickly, even with reviews. Some did not, but don't assume the worst! A lot of times people thought they were screwed, but then suddenly had their money. Yesterday I was freaking out because I saw the 570 code on my 2012 return transcript. AFTER my refund had been issued.
    But then this morning I had the refund code and an update like Garrett and Beth. So sometimes what we think is a big deal really isn't.
  • Just wanted to throw an update out there for ya Garrett. Since I found out it was the 2011 tax return missing that was my problem, I got it faxed into them on February 11 and they told me it'd be 12-15 weeks before anything would end up happening. Today, I pop open my account transcript for 2011, still in the stagnant status as if they hadn't received it yet. I then take a look at my 2013 transcript and what do I see? Code 571 followed by code 846 "Refund Sent" not even a week after I sent in the 2011 return!!! I've got a DDD of 2/20 for my 2013 return and everything is resolved. There is hope, keep fighting the good fight everyone!
  • If I have codes 570 and 971 on my transcript but I have already received my state refund does that mean I will get my federal as well or is it still going to have a freeze?
  • I only have 570 as my last code
  • I have only 570 too, but I was pulled for ID Verifiacation. UGH is that why. My refund was released per the IRS agent in the ID department. I also have a cycle 20140705
  • Oh so what's going on now
  • I have 570 code and nothing else with a cycle code 20140801
  • Christy what number did you call? How did you find out it was for verification?
  • lisa_lopez96  sorry for the delay! I couldn't deal with this anymore yesterday. What I did was call the offset number 866-897-3315 and asked if I had an offset on my account. I knew I didn't but it would force them to look at my account. She told me I didn't have an offset but there was an issue with my refund. She transferred me. The guy I got was extreamly rude and said he couldn't check my account until the 21st. I demanded he look since I was transferred by the IRS who verified there was an issue. After he looked he said that I was pulled for ID Verification and to call 1-800-830-5084. I did that and was asked a series of questions. She said she would release my return and it would be 4-6 weeks before I get my money. Im guessing that's why I have code 570. I would try that, at least its a start. I cant wait for tomorrow so I can call and get some answers. I feel like its Christmas Eve and Im waiting for Santa :)
Does anyone know what 4464c means & CP05?
  • 4464c is a review. Did you get this letter?
  • i was told i was getting that letter, do you happen no review for what?
  • Sweetliv ,
    That and a cp05 are processing delay letters is all doubt you will ever see one .
  • They also can use 4464 for a basic or manual review if they are buying themselves some time they did that alot last year ! Usually the letter will say that there is no further action needed on your part just will take a little longer processing is all . If your 21 days come and go and they haven't completed the manual portion of the review they can send that letter . Just watch your codes doubtful u will receive a thing !
  • Garrett19581..prolly why the agent said today a letter has been pending since the 11th, & still hasnt gone out..I hope  don't receive one & just get it over with..this year has been a headache for me!!
  • Is anyone else having trouble viewing their transcript online? I have been trying for the past 3 days and it keeps giving me the same error code. My cycle date is 20140703 I only had the 570 code
  • I st ill haven't received the account transcript & for some reason I cannot get online. I think it has something to do with my address cuz I can order account transcript over the phone, but if I try to do it online it keeps saying my information is not correct!!plus the IRS agent told me today that the website is down and they don't know when it's going to comeback up
  • Sweetaliv yea that's probably what it is that the website is down cause I was able to view my transcript online on 2/12 but after that it keeps saying information is incorrect so I guess I will just wait to see if my refund shows up or for the 21 days are up
  • I've been reading the comments on this thread. I've been trying to figure out what possible reason, I could have had two pending letters, a 4464c & a CPO5,  I'm thinking my problem lies with me not filing taxes for 08/09. But I'm not for sure, reason being, when the agent's inquired about 08/09, I explained to them  I was a stay at home mothe.. I asked the agent. "Was something wrong" , "Did someone use my social for employment". Of course the answer was no.  but now that I'm thinking,  why would they ask me that. The IRS don't ask questions for no reason, hummmmmmm!! I think I have a mystery. Lol
  • My account transcript is BLANK, NO CODES, just my name. Do they even document your account if they are reviewing, sending a letter. Or is it blank,  reason being they haven't even started on my return? Any input
  • Sweetliv they asked me about if I had possibly not filed a return in a past year when I was trying to figure out the reason for my 4464c letter. She told me if I hadn't, it could be a reason it was flagged. So maybe that is true. I'm not really sure.
  • Jesseca1...let me ask you a quick question, do you think you can be in review,  with a blank account transcript?
  • yes I was and still am in review and I had a blank transcript
  • @aaron47 if you have a 570 code and a cycle date then yours are not blank. Mine is blank, as in no codes no cycle dates and says no tax return filled at the bottom of the transcript, Yours was prob not blank at some point but now that your in review some info has been taken off your transcript
  • I just talked to the IRS and I was told code 570 is to look for additional liability. For example, if you are behind on your student loan, child support, liens of any kind. According to the lady I spoke with you are selected randomly. The 3/5/14 date I have is when the review should be completed. Basically I can expect my refund mid-March. What a bunch of crap. Im beyond mad. I was accepted on 1/24!!!!!!!!!
  • mine was blank for weeks and I called the irs and they told me I was in review. finally was able to view transcript yesterday and it confirmed what she said so yes you can be in review even though you can't view your transcript
  • account is totally blank, nothing but my name & yours like that
  • yes mine was like that can you not read?
  • Aaron47..I can read VERY (profanity removed) WELL!!! YOUR COMMENT HAD NOT POSTED WHEN I WROTE MINE, (profanity removed)!! NOW THE QUESTION IS CAN YOU READ!!!
  • We will get notified when the feel like it and we will get our money when they get to it. There is nothing we can do until we get a letter.
  • Sorry everyone for my comment!!!
  • LOL you can't say sorry to them for your comment when you leave it up lmao grow up darling. :) everyone knows your not.
  • You may not even receive a letter -- according to two separate representatives in which I spoke with this morning said mine with codes 570 & 971 was just pulled randomly for an additional review and it will delay the DD 2 weeks.  Other than that, there was nothing on my end that I needed to do or provide to them.
  • They told me that also, they also told me it could take 60 - 90 days, another time they told me it could take up to 30 days, another time they told me I would receive a letter and another time they told me I wouldn't lol I don't think they know what is going on lol
  • I wasn't apologizing to you, I meant what I said..I was apologizing to everyone else for having to read it. You can't say grow up when you posted the rude comment first!!
  • I know you weren't lmao you still can't read. I was saying how are you going to apologize to people when you didn't take it down. lmao (profanity removed)
  • Reason being I didn't want to take it down, I was only directing it to you, & I wanted it to stay up for your stupid (profanity removed)to be able to read it!! I see you enjoyed it!!!:)
  • Loved it but you still look stupid saying sorry about something that you have control over lol
  • Honeslty the only person here that looks stupid is you arron47, on another thread you posted that you had transcripts, codes, and a cycle date, so either way you look dumb for coming on here with false info.
  • Your absolutely right ,I did have control over it!!! I'm not going to entertain  you any longer!!!!, You have yourself a good day.I have other things to do then go back and forwards with a person that is corresponding via internet.
  • I do have them now, my god you people don't read.
  • If you read what I posted I said I have them now. For a long time I did not have them. I only had my name and social. Please read before commenting. You look stupid also.
  • How is this helping people?  I'm being bombarded with ridiculous emails from ALL of you involved in this thread not just one specific person.  If you're interested in just immature banter, get on Facebook; otherwise, share valuable information to help the people asking questions on here.
  • and please read carefully :)
  • You stated that you were in review while your transcripts were blank. look I can read. not true, you went into review either at the same time or after your transcripts were view able. Its simple really common sense stuff here, the min that your return is uploaded into the computer and starts processing, the first thing that happens is your account transcript is generated. So there for its impossible to be in review without a transcript.  I guess I needed to put that into dumbass terms so you could see it correctly
  • You still can't read you idiot. I said "mine was blank for weeks and I called the irs and they told me I was in review. finally was able to view transcript yesterday and it confirmed what she said so yes you can be in review even though you can't view your transcript". So here you can see I said mine was blank even though I was in review. I called the irs and was told this. My transcript was not avail for another 9 days after that. Common sense babe xoxo
  • Last year I was told I was in review even received a 4464C letter, was able to view My transcripts the whole time, account and return. months went by and I called once a day and received at least 20 different answers until low and behold I actually got someone that told me the truth, they told me that my return was one of thousands that got caught in a computer that crashed during processing and the IRS wouldn't be able to fix that computer and finish our returns until after tax season. I finally got my return the end of JULY. Bottom line here is, you cant always believe what some rep tells you, According to them transcripts aren't available until 4-15. Also the IRS computer system automatically generates a 4464c letter when your return takes longer than normal to process. So what I'm getting at here is unless your transcript has a code or you receive a letter that stats your in review then your not in review at that moment, yes you might go into review but you might not. Its simple enough to figure out really, I don't care what a rep tells you, you return could be lost in the system and not even processing and they might just say review because they don't see it in normal processing and assume it to be in review and tell you that to get you off the phone. You have no idea, the info you find on your transcript is really all you have and some of us don't have transcripts like myself and I was accepted Jan 28th.
  • Kxracer85..I  was told today, I'm in processing & it won't be much longer.. we will see, lol
  • Sweeraliv - We you under review?
  • Sweeraliv - We you under review?
  • I honestly think the IRS was slammed and had computer issues this year again like last year, and the reps don't really know whats going on so there telling people different things. I've been told that reps can only see basic info like processing, not processing or processed. but that also a review looks like processing but has been over a certain amount of time, and that's why some reps say review when your not actually in review. I'm by no means a expert on taxes but I just cant see the IRS reviewing this many people, they don't have the man power or time to review hundreds of thousands of returns. I truly feel the people that have had no updates or that have had blank transcripts this whole time, either haven't started processing or the computer that there in had a issue's of some sort during the initial steps of processing. I just want a update regardless. hopefully we all get some sort of answer soon
  • Christy..I have no idea,  said it was a manual review
  • Im at a loss. First I was pulled for ID Verification. Then I have the 570 code. I called twice today and go completely different answers. I just want to know whats actually going on.
  • Thats the same thing I said, just give me an update, then I'll , know what to expect, & the reps always says,if there's a problem wmr will let you know. Can you please give me a different line, lol
  • Good luck with getting the correct information,  from the agent.  You might be able to put something together,  by each rep,  they probably each tell you a little bit of truth
  • Kxracer85...I called the IRS, I'm confused rep said she don't know why I was told that,  I was Under review,  reason being they don't like to give out information until after the 21 days, cuz it changes daily,  lol.
  • Im sorry if this has been asked and I missed it, but I do not have the 971 code. I do have 570, is that good or bad or does it even matter at this point
  • Christy...I have no idea, I don't have any codes
Everyone receiving a 570 code -- I contacted the IRS this morning and spoke to two separate IRS representatives that gave me the same information regarding my 570 and 971 codes.  They both said there was no action on my account that I needed to do on my end.  It was just one 'randomly pulled' for further review based solely on the amount.  She told me the 3/3 date is a generic date that is automatically put out by the computer systems.  She did however say having those codes would push my DDD back 2 weeks.  She said if there is no code on the WMR OR if there is no error message on the WMR, then you can assume you're safe, just pulled for a further random review.  Good luck
  • I submitted everything 1/29, accepted 1/31 and haven't moved on the WMR bar at all.  All transcripts were available until Saturday when Wage and Income totally disappeared and codes 570 and 971 showed up on my Return Transcript.  When I contacted the IRS it was simply randomly selected for further review and there was nothing I needed to do on my part.  If you contact them and ask to please speak with someone regarding your codes, they will look it up for you on the individual tax line.
Funds from your tax returns should be abailable immediately, they do not get held. I worked as a personal banker.
  • Does anyone know on the account transcripts , says, "any minus sighs signifies a credit amount" is that the refund amount owed?
  • yes that means they owe you

I have codes 570 and 971 on my account transcript.  When my husband and I filed our taxes last year I had not filed mine because we moved and I had not gotten my w2's but we filed joint return. My intention was to file and amendment when I got them. I had completely forgotten about it until this all happened and I started looking more into my previous returns.  But it is my understanding that you have 3 years to file an amendment.  So would that have something to do with having these codes and am I going to have to file the amendment now before I receive my refund now?

  • If you didn't file a w2 on your part, BUT filed jointly with your husband- most of the time they will automatically add the amounts reported to them from your employer and adjust accordingly for that tax year. If they need you to amend they will tell you so via a letter. So you have a tax return on file (because you filed jointly) though it may be innacurate. When The 570 code is issued for the reason of non filing of previous years, it's because there's no record of ANY return filed. But in all likeliehood, in your case you probably got generated a 570 code by the system because you underreported income on a previous year- so they will review it and validate what you reported this year to make sure you didn't do it again. Like I said, most of the time, they automatically adjust your return when you underreport and send you a bill in the mail, or the option to appeal with proof you didn't have that income.
Any 2/7 filers?
Filed and accepted 2/7
Had one bar for 24 hours now generic processing message

    As of 3 am this morning (2-16) my bars on wmr have disappeared.  Just says still processing a date will be provided when available.  I have codes 570 and 971.  Zeros are out from those codes.  What is the next step?  Do the bars usually come back and then have a date?  Never had this happen before.  Irs told me Friday my return looked fine with no errors just still processing.  Do I need to be worried?

    • I wish I could see what codes I have, that way I would have some idead..It might have something to do with not filing, I was asked by 2 different reps why I didn't file 08/09. & my refund is in a freeze
    • I try to answer that as best as I can in my video. Check it out- Topic is WMR, DDD's and Transcripts.................
    • 2wheelLifer..I watch your video last night, and it made since to me, hopefully I can see my codes online. But until I do, .do you know anything about codes cp05 & 4464c
    • cp05 is a letter letting you know they are reviewing your return. That's the letter they send when they don't need anything from you. If they review and decide they need more info they will send a CP05A which requests more info. I got both of those letters last year, and my refund was issued before I even got them in the mail.
    • 2wheelLifer@ is 4464c a letter stating review too? That's probably why my letters have been pending since the 11th.
    • Call the refund hold department on Tuesday when it opens back up. The wait isn't as long  to get through to them (I was on hold for about a minute the other day before I got to talk to somebody). They will be able to tell you if their department was the one to issue the freeze on your refund- (you previously indicated in comments you didn't have a 08/09 returns on file with the IRS) if it was the refund hold department then it's due to unfiled tax returns in previous years and they will tell you you have to file them/ wait for the letters they issue.  But at least you'll know.  1-866-897-3315
    • 2wheelLifer..thanks for the Info will call & see what they tell me..Can't file 08/09, if I never worked, lol, I was probably telling the wrong agents that.
    • When I view my Account transcript it is blank, Filled Jan 24th accepted Jan 28th. It is my opinion that upon being accepted something went wrong or there's a massive back log. The fact that my transcript is blank tells me I've have yet to start processing.
    • Kxracer85..That's what I was told, that even though I could order an account transcript it would be blank.  How is everyone, getting online, it let me online one time, then every time I try after that it says having technical difficulties. Or my password is incorrect
    • It took me about a week to be able to actually create an account. I had to put my previous address in as I moved at the end of the year and the IRS hasn't updated yet. Also make sure your not creating an account under a guest or temporary account. I did that the first time and then couldn't log back in, and had to remake an account. Last year I was lost in the system and didn't receive my refund until the end of July, but last year I could Order and view both my transcripts. These year is def different and very strange.
    • Kxracer85, I finally got in, past all the security question, even did my user id.. but guess what, now its saying.INFORMATION YOU ENTERED DOES NOT MATCH OUR RECORDS,Unauthorized, ok here's the funny part, got the site to email my user name,  just in case, I didn't put it in right, had the exact same username as me, lmbo
    • Here's another funny, my online has my old address,  but the mail & phone options have my new address, now thats funny
    • a look at my account transcript,  & its blank, nota, zilch. So I'm thinking they haven't even looked at my return, or is that part of the review process?
    • Ok I am in the same situation with the 150 766 570 768 boat and endless nights of searching and reading all these scare tactics on here I Finally got an answer for everyone with this problem. Its ok you can sleep now. Heres a link for you all without a 971 i guess. my cycle is 20140705 too.
    • yea!
    • @capasweetheart Thank you for the link, but I honestly don't understand what it means. Can you please help? I have only the 570 code. I was also pulled for ID Verification but took care of it last Tuesday. Im so confused. I have a cycle date of 20140705. Will I be getting my money this Wednesday even with the code?
    • Has any one who has had code 570 received their refund
    • I have the exact same codes in the same order 150, 766, 570, 768 and the same date 20140705. I viewed the link and Im not real sure I understand what it is saying, lol! What I have wondered is if the 768 code coming after the 570 acts as a release? How did you know you were pulled for Id Verificiation? Were you notified somehow?
    • @?jenleever73 did 768 just appear or have you always had it? I read somewhere that the release code is 571. Who knows.
      The only reason I knew I needed to be ID Verified was because last Monday my orange bar on WMR disappeared. So I called and they told me I needed to call the ID number
    • I have had 1 bar the tt152 since being accepted on 1/31. Could not view my transcripts until this past friday and had the * next to the 2013 Return Transcript. Friday morning I was able to access both transcripts. I think all codes have been there since the time I was able to view the transcript on Friday morning. I dont know, Im so frustrated! Ive never had any problem with getting my refund, last year had it in my account 8 days after I filed! But, my wmr has been the same since 1/31 when got accepted.
    • How often should I check my transcript ?
    • Those of you with a refund cancel code of 841 your bank return it because they felt it was a questionale direct deposit
    • For those f you with 971 codes with 570...please read it says take no action to release refund

      TC 570 with TC 971 AC 134 (DLN with all 7s)

          Take no action to release the -R Freeze.

          A Letter 4464C, Questionable Refund 3rd Party Notification Letter, or
          CP 05 notice, Information Regarding Your Refund, generated to the taxpayer.

          If there is a Z Freeze on the account, follow procedures in IRM, -Z Freeze.

          If a Letter 4464C or CP 05 notice has been sent, follow procedures in IRM, -R Freeze Modules With Integrity & Verification Operation (IVO)Involvement (Letter 4464C or Letter 4115C).
    • TC 570 with TC 971 AC 199 (DLN with all 8s)

          Take no action to release the -R Freeze.

          A CP 05A, Information Regarding Your Refund - Refund Being Held Pending More Thorough Review, generated to the taxpayer, or
          Letter 4115C, Wage and Withholding Verification Request, was sent to the taxpayer. Follow procedures in IRM, -R Freeze Modules With Integrity & Verification Operation (IVO)Involvement (Letter 4464C or Letter 4115C).

      TC 570 with TC 971 AC 151 (indicates multiple TIN filing condition)

          A DUPTIN 36F transcript has generated to Brookhaven Service Center (BSC) AM.

          Refer to IRM, Multiple Uses of Taxpayer Identification Numbers - CP 36F (DUPTIN Filing Condition), for more information and IRM, Telephone Inquires Regarding CP 36F/TRNS36F
    • Pretty much you want to have the 570 code with no other code...971 means they have sent out a letter meaning the IRS may take 45-50 days to resolve issues. I have a 570 code...getting no answers but I have contacted the advocate about helping me still pay bills and get things done. They are willing to help if they see you wont be getting your money, but still no definite explanation.
    • I only have 570 not 971. Is it the same for me? Are they open today?
    • Determine why the freeze was set. Take the following action to resolve a -R Freeze:
      IF THEN
      Freeze is due to a payment Research to find out where the payment belongs.
      Payment was intended for another period Transfer the payment to the correct module. Refer to IRM 21.5.8, Credit Transfers.
      Payment belongs on module, but tax is not yet assessed Review AMDIS or check for TC 922. Do not release the freeze.
      Taxpayer made payment in error, creating overpayment that should be refunded Input TC 290 for .00 to release the freeze.
      The freeze is set due to questionable refund criteria Research CC RTVUE for CCC (CC CD: Field on RTVUE) "3" , refer to IRM, Refund Schemes for questionable criteria.

          If a Letter 4464C or Letter 4115C was the last letter sent or there is a TC 972 AC 121 with a CCC3, follow procedures in IRM, -R Freeze Modules With Integrity & Verification Operation (IVO) Involvement (Letter 4464C or Letter 4115C).

          If there is a Z Freeze on the account, follow procedures in IRM, -Z Freeze.

      Freeze is set due to information missing from the IMF or BMF return

      If requesting a copy of the return or schedules, ask the taxpayer to write "Copy" on the return.

          Research CC RTVUE for CCC (CC CD: Field on RTVUE) "3" (also match lines on the first page of return to schedules attached) and CC TXMOD for a history item or case control indicating a missing signature or other element.

          Determine what is missing through research and probing.

          Taxpayer may have been contacted via Letter 12C, Individual Return Incomplete for Processing: Form 1040. ENMOD will display the selective paragraphs input on the letter.

          If the inquiry can be resolved by the taxpayer faxing the missing information, take appropriate actions to release the freeze after receipt of the faxed information. Refer to IRM, I- Freeze, under missing signature only and IRS has processed the return, for procedures on accepting faxed signature.

          If the account cannot be resolved once the missing information is received, prepare a Form 4442, inquiry Referral, and forward to the Campus AM paper function within your directorate with the information attached. Refer to Exhibit 21.1.7-1, Campus Address, for addresses to the Campuses.


          If there is an open control on the account, refer Form 4442 to the employee who has the open control with the faxed information.

          Adjust the account as necessary. Update the Return Processable Date (RPD) with the new documents received date.

          If a missing signature was obtained, follow procedures in IRM (3)(a), Computer Condition Code (CCC) 3 or U- Coded Returns, to update the Assessment Statute Expiration Date (ASED)

          Route the faxed information to the Image Control Team (ICT) to be scanned or attach to the original return using a TC 290 .00.

          Call sites without access to ICT

          use Form 9856, Attachment Alert, or similar document (Form 10023, Form 10054) to attach the information to the return.

          If the issue cannot be resolved and you identify a –R Freeze, CCC "3" , case while staffing the AM toll-free telephone line, provide the address of the Campus AM paper function to the taxpayer to submit the requested documentation.

          Input the necessary documentation on the account to show the taxpayer will be mailing in the information.

      Freeze is set due to a missing or incomplete Form 1310, Statement of Person Claiming Refund Due a Deceased Taxpayer

          Request a completed/signed copy of Form 1310 or certificate showing court appointment, be sent or faxed. Refer to IRM Documentary Evidence for procedures on identifying a correctly completed Form 1310.

          When Form 1310 is received, release the refund by inputting a TC 290 .00. Update the RPD with the received date of the Form 1310.

          If no Form 1310 is received, refer to IRM (6) and (11), Resolving Returned Refunds (Unexpired Checks) for procedures concerning the credit.


      A manual refund may be necessary. Refer to IRM, Deceased Taxpayers.
      Control base is closed and TC 840/TC 571 has been input Freeze will automatically release when the transaction posts.
      TC 290 was input, with blocking series 98 or 99 Claim was disallowed and Letter 105C, Claim Disallowed, was issued.
      TDI is present on the account

          Refer to IRM, How to Identify Delinquent Return Refund Hold, for additional information. Once it is determined the Toll-Free contact is a Delinquent Return Refund Hold, do not address the case in any way. Advise the taxpayer to call 1-866-897-3315. This is the number provided on the CP 63, Refund Hold Notification, they will, or have, received.

          There is no indication the refund is part of the TDI Refund hold program (does not contain the criteria in IRM, How to Identify Delinquent Return Refund Hold), explain no refund can be issued until taxpayer complies more fully. Inform the taxpayer they can obtain a copy of the forms by going to or offer to mail the information to them.

          Further questions about the TDI issue should be referred to the appropriate function.

          Refer to IRM 5.19.2, Return Delinquency, for more information on TDIs.

          Refer to IRM, Accounts Management Correspondence and Claims, for more information on delinquent return refund hold issues.


      If taxpayer is claiming a hardship, do not address in any way, follow TAS procedures in IRM, Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) Guidelines.
      The freeze is set due to an injured spouse claim filed with the original return ( the TC 150 DLN has blocking series 92)

          Advise the taxpayer to allow 11 weeks for Electronic Filing (ELF) returns and 14 weeks for paper return processing, from the date the original return was received, for the injured spouse claim to be worked (unless extended time frame of 18 weeks for e-file and 20 weeks for paper are in effect, research SERP Alerts).

          Use the Julian date on TXMOD

          Refer to IRM, Injured Spouse Inquiries, for additional information.


      If Form 8379 was filed for any filing status other than Married Filing Joint (FS 2), release the refund with a TC 571.
      TC 570 with TC 971 AC 134 (DLN with all 7's) is input when a taxpayers refund is held for review. A Letter 4464C, Questionable Refund 3rd Party Notification Letter, or CP 05 notice, Information Regarding Your Refund, is sent to the taxpayer.
      This -R Freeze will release systemically after eleven cycles if no follow-up action is taken.

          Take no action to release the –R Freeze.

          If there is a Z Freeze on the account, follow procedures in IRM, -Z Freeze

          If there is a Letter 4464C or CP 05 Notice, sent requesting additional processing time, follow procedures in IRM, -R Freeze Modules With Integrity & Verification Operation (IVO) Involvement (Letter 4464C or Letter 4115C )


      If the account shows a second TC 971 AC 134, the refund hold has been extended by 11 cycles from the posting of the second TC 971 AC 134.
      TC 570 with TC 971 AC 199 (DLN with all 8's) is input if IVO determines the case requires additional review and documentation. A CP 05A notice, Information Regarding Your Refund - Refund Being Held Pending More Thorough Review is generated to the taxpayer or Letter 4115C, Wage and Withholding Verification Request, is sent to the taxpayer.

          Take no action to release the –R Freeze.

          Follow procedures in IRM, -R Freeze Modules With Integrity & Verification Operation (IVO) Involvement (Letter 4464C or Letter 4115C )

      TC 570 with TC 971 AC 151

          Take no action to release the -R Freeze.

          Refer to IRM, Multiple Uses of Taxpayer Identification Numbers - CP 36F (DUPTIN Filing Condition), for more information.

      Automated Questionable Credit Program (AQC) has input a TC 971 AC 134, Rule 7, a Letter 4800C or Letter 3219C and TXMOD shows DDb ARAP any rule 7s All correspondence including the Form 4442 inquiries pertaining to these cases should be faxed to: Marcia Blane @ fax number 770-455-2099
    • When I read the link it was basically stating there is no need to worry about much and they place freezes sometimes to make sure you recieve what your suppose to or even so they imput information. It could mean alot of different things but if it doesnt have the 971 then you should be ok they just had to fix info and it will soon be released. Hope it helped.