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Account transcript code 971 and 570? Does anyone know what those two codes mean

  • I also have a negative account balance.  Furthermore, I have a lot of codes.  Code 150 for $2,199   Code 806 for -$18,615     Code 896 for $120    Code 826 for $1,501.43    Code 971 Noticed issued      Code 570  both for  $0.00  and with dates of 03-03-2014.    Cycle of 20140705.   Please help me understand.  Thanks
  • Read my answers in detail under this forum and forum code 570 it will explain it all (:
  • @broken mine is exactly like yours minus the amounts code 826 is an offset owed code 971 is a notification letter of where that offset went, but 570 is tricky... from my research it means they froze the refunds credit, I believe while they are checking for other offsets but like I said 570 is tricky. I hope 570 goes away tonight and they obliged by the cycle date! Let me know if you see changes. Tax timeline accepted 1\28 wmr no updates bars gone tax topic 152, refund amt still there.
  • I have the code 570 but not the 971. Lost bars on 2/14 on the WMR but NO codes on the WMR site, and nothing further.. But called IRS and they said a notice was sent out on the 5th about needing more time, but I haven't gotten anything in the mail and the guy said that IF they needed more information it would be in the letter, but he also said something about CP and 1035 or 35 or 30 something, I didn't really catch it but he wasn't sure too much either..
  • Also I have a cycle code of 20140604, filed 1/20 accepted 1/27
  • And I have a processing date of 02/24 on my transcript
  • My son had 971 and 570 and this morning wmr updated to approved and they are mailing a check. No dd. but what a relief!
  • Patsfan1917..do they mail check, after you receive the code 570?
  • I have codes 150 tax refund  filied . .... code 806,766,896 refund  applied to non irs debt. that's Obama  care... 971 notice  issued   $0.00,,,,and code 570 additional  account  action pending   $0.00... I'm confused  does anyone  know what this means? Thanks
  • Imagrownwoman.sf did you ever hear anything else? Mine is just like yours
  • Did you find anything out? Mine is just like yours
  • I called every day but finally got my refund in June after filing in Jan. It was terrible. Assume itwill be the same this year as well
  • i have the code 971, what exactly does that code mean? Im an 05er so i update every Friday.

Is there an amount in your 971 column?

  • $0.00

    Can't get back in to see it now, but this is what it said earlier.
  • Beth, Im right there with you! I filed 1/25 and was accepted 1/28...nothing as far as updates on WWR except 1 bar. 971 will say notice sent and yes from last year it meant a letter in the mail or a refund delay as they were under review. However, the 971 is a miscellaneous code that can mean many things so its hard to tell. I would just watch your account transcript page and view it online and look for updates. You want and need to see that 570 code be released somehow with another code. Ideally a 571. that will say additional account action completed. Is yours the 570 before or after the 971?
    Is it still the same online? 0.00 are good by the way...across from either of those.
    They could just have a refund freeze on there to buy them more time in processing as I have heard the irs reps have told several that they were delayed a week and a few even 2. If they go past the 21 days they HAVE to notify you either online on WWR or by mail.
  • I can't log into it this morning. For some reason, I can't get into the site most of the time. Yesterday, I was able to at a different computer. I may try that again later today.

    The 971 was first, then the 570. Both with $0.00.

    Thank you, you've given me a glimmer of hope, but still sort of worried. Will be watching my mail and the account transcript (at least as much as I can, if i can log in.)

    One more question- Is your Return Transcript complete. Can you order it? Mine has been complete for a couple of days. Not sure if that even matters since I have the 971/570 codes. Also, my cycle number is 20140605. Again, don't know if that matters.
  • really doesn't matter if you can or cant order your return transcript. You should be able to if the * is gone online from the 2013. You can also print the Record of account for 2013 and the record of account is the compiling of your return plus your account transcript. At the bottom of the page on that same site is an income and verification choice selection I think its called if my memory serves me right today for 2013. Click on it and see if yours is complete or if it comes up blank with just "no return on file".. If it does let me know that could explain your codes.
  • Mine says no record of return filed on the wage and income transcript but the other two are complete
  • trewit, what is your cycle code , what does your WWR say, has it changed at all , do you have 971 then 570 in that order both with 0.00 is your dates by them 03-03?
  • Do you mean Wage and Income Transcript? It's the last choice. It does show "No Return on File." I don't understand it because I can see the 2013 information on the other ones (Return Transcript, Account Transcript. Record of Account Transcript.)

    Also, all the codes I have are-

  • Sorry, I had my browser opened and answered this before I refreshed and saw other answers....
  • Beth, not sure if you got your refund yet, just wanted to let you know that I received that same thing for my 2011 taxes and it was because the 766 was really a credit to my account.  received an extra 952.00 that year.
  • How awesome if TT ALONG WITH IRS!! gave us a extra $952 just for dealing with this mess!!!
  • can someone tell me about my codes please.. 150,806,766,768,810,811,971,846,420
  • 846 code is a Refund split, refund 1 issued/420 code is  The return has been assigned in the Examination or Appeals Division.
  • ok thank you arethablount... before the 420 code it was 424 it changed.. I hope thats a good thing
  • Me too.Have any idea what it means yet?
  • 424, is an audit.

Hello guys my original Direct deposit date was 02/06 I got a 570 and yesterday 02/25 my transcript updated to 571 action completed and 846 refund issued meaning they released the freeze. So it took about 4 week delay to get my refund.

  • @angelamichellepe -- I SO wish that would happen to me! That was my original deposit date too, and on the 02/14 my bars disappeared... but I don't know when my 570 code appeared.. when I called I was told that some people are randomly selected for review.. and that it's suppose to take up to 5 weeks from the 1/31 for an update :(
  • Angelamichellepe..you only had one 570, and no 971?

I have both of these, too. Worried.

I was so happy yesterday because I could order my return transcript, but then today still no DDD on WMR. So I started looking over the account transcripts and that's where I saw the 971 and 570. From everything I've read online, the 971 just means they've sent a letter and the 570 means the refund is frozen for some reason. 

Oh, boy. From the highest of highs yesterday, to the lowest today. Just not sure what to do. 

  • my codes are: 150, 806, 768, 826, 971.....help!!!!
  • and cycle date says....20140605
  • my codes are 150,806,766,768,570, and 971 cycle 20140605..date 02/24/2013 0.00
  • lizabeth4777 I have the same thing.  Did you find anything out?
  • I have codes 150, 766, 570, 768 in that order. ???
  • Did yall ever get your refund? I have same codes as lizabeth4777
  • I did get a refund, however I filed in January and didn't get it until June. It took forever. It was terrible and I never received any communication until June and I called every day
  • @brittany_mitchel THANK YOU VERY MUCH for posting You Did finally receive your dd & how long it took. So Many people have had this 4464c issue but Never come back and say if they did or did not get it & You did which  gives me hope. I filed 02/03/2015 accepted 02/04/2015 & got a 4464c letter dated xxx/xx/xxxx so now I'm just waiting to hear from the IRS. Seeing it took basically 6 months for you. I'm not even bother calling them (the letter told me only to call if 60 days past and I haven't heard anything.) Again Thank You So Much
  • I also received a 4464c letter on 1/28 filed and accpeted on 1/20. I have not heard any movement since. I called after my 60 day eneded which was 3/30 they told me to call back on 4/9. I called back on 4/9 and  I received a message saying call back they have a high call volume. Today I chkecked my transcritps and it finally updated to a 424 code.. I had tw 570 codes for over 55 days so even though the 424 code says account being examined at least somebody has it now... I just need some answers. Hopefully I get good news soon or at least a letter telling me what to do.
  • @vbrumby Definitely keep us posted on what happens. & I bet everything irons out in your favor soon! Especially since your 60 days have been up.

I have been reading this form for about two weeks now because I was trying to understand exactly what was going on with my tax refund that I filed on Feb 9th 2014. Every time I checked the "Where's my refund?" on the irs.gov site, I continually got a message saying that I have to wait 24 hours after my refund is processed in order to get a status update. The site said they have no information about my refund. I was confused because Turbotax said that my refund had been accepted by the Irs... so I questioned, why hadn't they processed my refund. I've read stories on this site about people having to wait long periods of time for their refund because of a code 971 and 570 on their refunds. So, I went on the irs site, found my transcripts for 2013 and viewed them online. Lo and Behold I was a 971 and a 570 person, and there was indeed a hold on my taxes. I was so worried, but decided to let it go. Well, I'm proud to report, My 570 status has changed to a 571 and my refund will be processed on 3/10/2014 and will be DD on 5/17/2014. The reason for my hold is that I receive a 1099 and I owe some money (which is no surprise, because I owe every year) but this is the first time my money was held. No to mention, I received a letter in the mail about two days ago stating that I owe a few hundred and that they deducted the few hundred from my refund. So, if u get a 1099 this could be the reason for your tax hold... and NO WORRIES... as long as the amount u owe doesn't exceed the return that it due. Tootles! xoxoxox :)

  • You got a dd date of 5/17/2014, more than 2 months away!!

Trewit, and everyone that's income and wage verification page for 2013 is blank with the "no return filed".

There seems to be a good handful of those that have this common connection  and also have code 971 , followed by code 570. Or just 570 by itself , and even some 570 then 971 club lol!

It almost appears to me that we are in a batch that was pulled for further review and or are in proessing delays. If your cycle date comes and goes and no money comes in post it here so we can track this consistency to help each other! As movement on one can signify movement on others. Posting when you filed and were accepted and your cycle date is also VERY helpful as it tells us if this is mainly impacting the early filers. It appears that the IRS system may have had a glitch in processing or inputting some of the tax payers income, w-2, 1099 income etc that would have shown also or should be showing on our 2013 income and wage verification sheets since it clearly is visible on our 2013 actual return etc...One person on this forum already has received a W3 request from the IRS that is sent to their employer for them to complete and then send back to the IRS and to the Social Security Administration. I have never had this request sent to myself before but expect to receive the same. If you receive one it means you probably if you look at your present account transcript page for 2013 probably have a -R freeze on your refund holding it from release until the further action is completed. Please let us know if this is you too , as if it is a group of us and we are all in the same acceptance window then that tells me that we are probably part of a "batch or group that was pulled for further review or processing and we wont see our WWR update or a notice on WWR until the 21 days have expired. However, look for a letter to come in the mail once the 21 days have expired. it is usually a 4115C  , a CP05 or a letter 4464C.  

  • Filed 1/30, Accepted 1/31, Cycle 20140605
    WMR says still processing with the tax topic 152
    I have codes 150, 806, 766, 971 and 570 in that order. Both 971 and 570 have $0.00.
  • mine is EXACTLY like yours minus the 766 (which is a credit to your account code) that's a normal code and no concern there, the 0.00 is good that its zeros and normal
    my WWR says processing one bar, no change with the tax topic 152.
    I truly am going with HOPE and on the faith of the Lord himself HE WILL PROVIDE , I checked my mail just now and still nothing. So one thing that is good is no CODE ON WWR or a take action notice. And they haven't changed it to "a deposit date will be provided when we have more information " or something like that lol...that one last year when people got it everyone I saw had a processing delay ....so that meant pray you get it in the 21 days and you didn't get a notice that you were getting a letter in the mail saying they needed more time to review it. I wouldn't check it everyday I would check it maybe twice a week. Check WWR once a day and wait your 21 days the best advice I can give!
  • One more thing that *may* be relevant, at the top where it has my account balance and it's a negative, it is not the same as my refund. This leads me to believe that I did something wrong, made an error or something,b ut if that's the case, why can't they just fix it? I'm probably just analyzing too much.. lol
  • I only have code 971 with 0.00 next to it what does that mean i have a cycle date of 20140506 but no money yet
  • I have the same thing. Just a 971 but my entire transcript is blank. It says 971 notice sent, then under date it days 2/24/2014  then 0.00. Anybody know?
  • Jessica 971 is a code that was probably placed by the IVO involvement govt security measures its a computer generated code. What matters is what follows your 971 for me to tell you if its a concern. Whats your cycle date> Is this your transcript as of today>
  • BETH???? your total account balance (should be a negative) at the top SHOULD MATCH your refund amount. If not is it more or less? For kicks an giggles try entering THAT amount into WWR with all your same info and see if you get a current status?
  • Jessica if most of your transcript is still blank it isn't a concern at this point it means you are still processing. You want to watch what follows that 971 though only check it once a day it wont update more than that and many times it wont update for several days
  • motherof2boys, sounds like you are still processing too .
  • Okay, going to try it.

    I was wondering if maybe I figured something wrong and that's why it was different. And it's less than I had figured. Just makes me nervous, like they think I did it on purpose or something. I don't know, getting paranoid. lol

    Checking WMR now...
  • It didn't work....couldn't identify me based on that amount.
  • ok , then that tells me that its probably NOT saying you did a math error etc.... the system should have kicked it out to begin with and never accepted it if that was the case. Do you have any credits ? If so it may be trying to hold a credit and issue you just the difference? Or it could be an offset...You can find that out quickly by calling the offset line and enter your social security numbers on you and spouse.
  • Beth , if its NOT an offset then they simply are not done processing your return if you haven't gone past the 21 days if that number top isn't matching. So NO CODE ON WWR IS GOOD >....still thinking you will be ok
  • After my 971 it says notice issued. I don't have a crazy cycle date like some have. Such as 20040608 (for example). Under date it says 2/24/2014 and after that says 0.00. Hopefully that's a good sign. The 2/24 is 20 days after I filed.
  • Jessica that is a good sign they simply are not done processing your return you are fine
  • And yes it's as of today. :)
  • Beth, call 1-800-829-0582 ext 352 or same 800 number with ext 633 also works. Don't call the holds number I gave you unless you have I guess any outstanding taxes from any years past as an IRS rep just told someone on here "they the holds department" wouldn't have it unless of that. If that rep was honest.
  • Jessica , just still processing its all good so far!
  • Neither husband nor I have offsets, I checked those. The 971 sort of worries me but the 570 is very scary. Trying not to let it bother me.... I'm at work now and can't call the number, may try later.

    I'm not sure where I saw it as I'm work now but I found a manual earlier telling IRS representatives how to talk to people on the phone depending on what taxpayer's answers were, etc. May be why different people are getting different answers.
  • Oh that's interesting!
  • Did it give you any insight as to what anything REALLY means?
  • Beth I was reviewed last year. Like BIG review. I will look at my codes from last years transcript when I get home and see if I have a 570 code. Maybe that will help you?
  • Yes, Jesseca, that would be GREAT. I'm really concerned, but have just accepted the fact that I may not get my money. I was really looking to my return transcript earlier and I think I see the problem, although like Garrett has said, they may not be finished processing my return.

    There are discrepancies on the lines about education credits. Education Credit says one thing, then Education Credit per computer says another amount.

    Then Total Tax liability TP (taxpayer) figures- One amount, Total TAx Liability per Comptuer, a different amount.

    Then finally, Bal Due/Over Pymt using TP figure per computer- one amount
    Bal Due/Over Pymt using computer figures- a different amount.

    In all cases, the difference is the same $1110 (amount changed....). So it looks like they're saying I claimed too much in education credits. Whether I made a mistake, turbo tax did, or what, I don't know but if it's an error why don't they just fix it and proceed from there?


    Jesseca- How long did the process take last year and why were you reviewed? Do you know? Also, did your WMR ever give you a "being reviewed" code? If you recall....

    Thanks for any information....
  • GREAT info Jessica yes please let us know Beth and I are almost in same boat
  • Beth , your BIG review was it initially when you filed or later? Was your tax refund delayed? Did they ever tell you why you were being reviewed....ever get a letter and have to supply docs? I know last year they scrutinized education and most credits like crazy for many! I just got lucky I didn't have either.
  • I had the big review. I filed early. Was accepted 1/30/13. Got a 4464c letter within a week. The irs would not tell me anything except to wait 60 days and then call if I don hear anything. Well...I didn't. They verified y wages with my employer in March but I heard nothing. Finally I got a tax advocate at the mid April. Because I couldn't get one until the 60 days were up. She had me resend my return. Which she said was being looked at for federal tax withheld/income ratio, and there was a military form that was somehow filed blank. Still not sure what that was all about. She said everything looked fine and I should see a ddd within a few days. Never happened. I called back and she said that they then wanted me to prove that I lived where I said I lived  and that once they look at one thing sometimes they look through everything. So I sent in bank statements, check stubs, everything I could. Then they wanted me to prove that my daughter lives with me which is difficult because she doesn't get mail. So I sent in a ton of statements from doctors and the school and whoever I could get. I finally got my refund in June. I thought there was no way it would happen again this year but now I'm not so sure. :/
  • Jessica, The wage verification etc....almost sounds like one of the steps they would initiate if from possibly IVO indicator "triggers"  a 971 via a specific Julian code......coming from in my opinion their FLAWED  "identity theft/tax fraud " software systems that are put in place to protects fraudulent and erroneous refunds from being issued if an indicator trips like a "suspicion" code...based on ratios or however these days they figure their so called flags...I think it is very flawed against the early filing tax payers! It was last year and it looks like it is repeating itself this year! THAT is my concern the most! I think everyone could handle a week or two delay or go to the threshold of the 21 days fine or barely over. But take someone money for months and months I don't get....when the communication as to WHY it has happened and HOW to FIX IT is so unclear most the time! Did you even know that they were sending anything to your employer or trying to verify that?
  • Well in the 4464c letter it says they may contact anyone to verify information about me. And to not do anything. Just to wait 60 days. A lot of people got those letters last year. We had hoped it was a glitch but it was not. After seeing the 570  code at the end of my account transcript dated in September, I have a feeling it's all going to happen again. I feel picked on at this point.
  • Filed 1/22 said accepted 1/28  WMR still saying Refund Still Being Processed  ...finally was able to order transcripts yesterday  cycle 20140605 with 570 followed by 971 both with 0.00 and 2/24 dates Anyone know what this means?
  • All I know is 570, means freeze on refund & 971 means mailed letter
  • @ Sweetaliv. My 570 has just been released and refund issued 03/10. Just as I predicted and that's with an offset. @Sweetaliv, you'll get yours. Trust me you will. I took no action on mine with the last code 570. If there's one thing I know about IRS, they don't mess around. If they owe you refund it's gonna be given to you. I never call them. I let the comp prog or manual input correct itself. They usually dont bother contacting tax payers if they have an issue. They contact employers to verfiy claims. I had a big offset in 2008 since hubby made so much then and I'm having to pay taxes instead of getting refund and yet, never once have to contact them or get notice to contact them. They did all the verifications. Good luck and cheers on your coming refund!
  • Paliligayahin_ka...thats good to hear, so happy for you...As of today, I'm not calling anymore, woke up with another 570, lol. One good thing the date hasn't changed by either 579, 3/10/14. I hope it is coming soon!
  • Is anyone else having problem logging into the IRS website and can't order transcript?
  • Filed 1/20. Accepted 1/27. Had one bar until 2/13. Morning of 2/14. Bars disappeared. No codes on the WMR just says still processing.
    My codes are 150 02/24/2014 $X,XXX.00, 766 04/15/2014 $X,XXX.00, 570 02/24/2014 $0.00, 768 04/15/2014 $X,XXX.00.
    Called the IRS today the man didn't want to look into it, but did. Said that on the 5th a letter was sent out informing me that more time was needed. Haven't received it. I asked if they needed more information and he said if they did the letter would say that. But he said something about a CP or 35 or 1035 or 30 something, but wasn't clear on it or what it meant.
  • He did say something could change today though.
  • I have a cycle code of 20140604
  • Palilogayahin_ka...Just got slapped with a 971, now!
  • Here's an update that may help some. Initially filed and accepted on the 31st. During the 21days, two code 570's and one 971. Transcript had a 3/3/14 date for letter to be sent(971).After the 21 days and nothing, I contacted the IRS fraud department, put in any ext and they transferred me to a live person. The live person looked at my information, put me on hold a few times,spoke to her supervisor a few times, and then told me the direct deposit wouldn't go through and I needed to send in my W-2. I wasn't sure what one had to do with the other. However, I sent the W-2 on Monday certified mail. Yesterday, I received a letter that stated, my check will be mailed within 3-4 weeks. There wasn't an explanation of anything else. YOUR CHECK WILL BE MAILED in bold cap letters.
  • Collinsin..when did they receive the certified mail? Reason being I'm thinking your check was already being mailed, fir you ti get a letter from the IRS thst fast.
  • I believe you are correct. The request for the W-2 was something that was stated just so they couldn't say, "we don't know." The letter and me speaking to the rep must have crossed. I should not have sent anything. However, I was between a rock and a hard place.
  • Soo how long did it take to get your refund because mines say the same thing????
  • I filed 1/20 still haven't gotten mine

garrett19581   I do not have 570 and the 971 does have $0.  The date is 2-24

  • Trewit EXCELLANT!!!! Then you should get yours just fine...might be delayed a bit but as long as you are within the 21 days ...don't panic. If you pass your cycle code and no money but are within your 21 days from 1/31 don't fret...it will come!
  • I have the same thing.  Filed 2/4. It's really not a big deal?
  • 971 on my transcript, $0.00 and 2/24/14, filed 01/30/2014, accepted 02/02/2014. 1 bar on WMR.....??
  • Filed 1/31 accepted 2/1 EIC and educ. credits. I too have 971 code no amount or any other codes and a 2/24. Does the 2/24 mean that's the end of my 21 days? My refund is not much.
  • My Federal and State return were both accepted  on 1/31. On Turbo Tax, it stated my expected refund delivery is before 02/21.

    Upon checking on the IRS transcripts, I noticed some several codes indicated and here's what it looks like :


    CODE   EXPLANATION OF TRANSACTION       CYCLE                      DATE               Amount

    150       Tax return filed                                           20140705                 03-03-2014     $0.00


    806        W-2 Withholding                                                                         04-15-2014     $******

    766       Credit to your Account                                                               04-15-2014      $******

    971       Notice Issued                                                                              03-03-2014       $0.00

    971       Notice Issued                                                                              03-03-2014       $0.00

    570      Additional account action pending                                          03-03-2014       $0.00

    Can somebody please give input and any information you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  • can someone tell me about my codes please.. 150,806,766,768,810,811,971,846,420

    the 846 was just my partial refund
  • @pnaygoddess My transcripts code look identical to yours minus the 766 code.  I have a 826 code in place of it showing an offset owed from previous tax 2011.  But I think the 971 notice is letting you know the increase but I don't know why the extra 971 followed by 570.  So weird.  I looked all over.  cycle date 20140705 filed 01/24 accepted 1/18- WMR showing still processing no bars- refund amt is still there and tax code 152.  Someone anyone that has experienced this in the past, pls shed some light!
  • I need Help!! I have codes 150/806/766/768..then these 2..((570/971)). Can any one reassure me that's its ok??.. Is this normal? the amount beside both of these 2 main codes I stress are zero. At the top of my transcript its got a negative balance f my refund amount. Is that good? My cycle date is 20140601. can anyone please explain this please? Thanks

I too am a 570/971 person, with no Income/Wage verification for 2013.   Both codes have zero dollars aligned against and my cycle date was 20140605 with zero changes as of this morning. 

  • Welcome to the club. Not a fun one to be in, hopefully we'll all be resolved soon!
  • Everyone lets welcome Katjudge our newest member! lol....(already beginning to lose it ...sorry) So Kat are you a 971 code first then a 570 or are you the 570 first then the 971?
    zeros are good by the way .
  • Katjudge, I also wouldn't worry at this point about the wage info being blank I think we have put that concern to bed that we have IRS documentation that It is common that the current year wage info may not be available , but previous years would be. So see....you got one bit of good news today to nolonger worry about (:
  • Here are my codes from the account transcript from last year when I was reviewed

    570   Additional action pending

    420.    Exam of return

    300. Additional tax assessed by exam (not sure what that was for!)

    971. Notice issued

    846.  Refund issued

    Then I have

    570.  Additional action pending dates 9-30-13

    Totally not sure what that's about. Probably why I have the 971 code, but I never received any notices.
  • Also, I never had any codes on WMR. Eventually my bars just went away.
  • Yep! There was that 420 Exam code I was talking about earlier. That code is a DEMON code! YUCK! So your 570 code came first then then971 code after correct? Then another 570 code again ????? That's definetly a new one not seen that before on twice and it being last and no release code after it ?????? Very weird???? Or were those not in that order or I am mis reading something maybe ...That 420 made my eye twitch lol
  • No it's written in that order. It's weird that there is additional 570 code from September and I never received a letter or anything. I don't get it. Probably why my return is not moving.
  • That first 570, was that the first code you have? No 150 or anything else? Also, do you know how much time was between the 570 and the 420?

    Good to know that you got your letter within a week, still no letter here. ugh.... Hate the waiting and not knowing, but I guess it's out of my hands at this point.
  • I also have the 570 code with additional account action with a date of 2/24/2014 $0.00....I am lost and want to know why this is showing up. My cycle date was 20140605.
  • Beth, Jwrey, Jessica everyone holy cow PLEASE go to the thread I started I think its titled Account transcript code 971 and 570 ....Stevenson is a 1121'er...He posted the most amaxing update he found I think on facebook that a real IRS rep told someone that will CHILLAX YOUR BONES !!!! It will explain all the backlog, the no answers all the flood of 570 freeze codes and notices etc....
    PLEASE read then go have a well deserved drink we ALL deserve it God love you guys!!!
  • garrett19581, can you provide a link to the thread you mentioned?
  • Told you wrong my bad:
    Its Anyone know what code 570 is.....
  • Its on this forum go to the search bar at top and type Anyone know what code 570 is ....scroll clear to almost the bottom for todays date and the poster was
  • That is good info. I don't want to call them, but do you think I should to find out why that 570 was placed at the bottom of my 2012 account transcript? I'm just so confused now and feel like I don't fall into anyone's category since I had already gotten my refund for that year , and was then issued the 570 code. And now the 971 on my new account transcript is the only code and everything on the whole transcript is still 0.00. My return transcript still says I haven't filed. The offset line says I don't owe. I seriously am not sure what to think.
  • Hello- Yes, up in the middle of the night and decided to check my Account transcript... and GOOD NEWS for me... I think!! I glanced at the top as it opened and my account balance said zero, as opposed to the negative number. Then I scrolled down and after my 570 I have a 571 (Additional account action completed)  and a 846 (Refund issued.) The dates next to both of these is 3/3/14. WWR has not updated as of five minutes ago, but as of now, not stressing over that.

    This isn't perfect news, as my refund is less than what I thought it was going to be and yes, I did need that entire amount, but I honestly had myself convinced that I was never going to see any of the money or that I was going to have to go through this long, drawn out process. I'm not sure, but it seems to me that my whole mess was triggered by something I (or turbo tax) figured wrong, etc, during the education credit portion of the return. My 971 notice sent is probably a letter explaining what, although I don't have it yet.

    Everyone, KEEP THE FAITH... who knows what will happen with you. Don't assume the worst. Bless you all and best of luck!
  • OMG! Beth! That's great! And I have the same thing this morning! At least with the refund issued code and the date of 3/3. Our returns must be together or something. Do you or anyone else know what the date means? Is that the actual date out refund will be sent or no? I'm just so happy to see the change and the words "refund issued".
  • Is your cycle date 20140705? I think that is 2/19 maybe? I do not know for sure though. I haven't been paying much attention to cycle dates.
  • Garrett, I have 570 first and then 971.  The dates for the two codes are 2/24 but the refund amount is a debit as expected for the amount expected.
  • katjudge look at your account transcript as of today anything new? Is it still a large credit balance with a - before your refund amount or  has it zeroed out 0.00
  • I can order my return transcripts as of just now. So this is a good sign.
  • MIKEY!!!!!....STEVSON!!!!!!! BETH!!!!! SAMANTHA!!!! LAZlusa! LISAlopez! STACEYSILVA, JORDANAMARRI, ADAUG00402, Katjudge, Jessica,  Trewit, and anyone else with the 971 code and 570 .....CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT TRANSCRIPT NOW!!!!
    It is 1:38 Indiana time here snowing again so over it! I prayed so much so hard for all of us that I think I need knee pads! Good news..Beth I saw your account transcript updated EXACTLY as I said it would need to from a 570 hold freeze to a 571 release and then you will or would see an 846 refund issued. MINE JUST UPDATED !
    As expected my cycle date remained unchanged as they missed when it should have DD for a cycle date of 20140701 would have been 2/13....I know I wont see it today as no DD are completed on Fridays (just paper checks)
    I have no idea if this update was "last nights update " meaning if WWR would normally be updating right a Thursday night update into fri am will give you a DD date for the following week on Tuesday 2/18. However since I didn't see this "overnight update naturally on WWR giving me any DD date now that refund has been approved and issued I can only assume this would be the Friday night update -into sat am ....so those of you that this happens to expect a DD date of WED 2/19!!!! THANK YOU LORD FOR ANSWERING SOME OF OUR PRAYERS AND PLEASE HELP TO COMPLETE AND FINISH MY PEEPS TOO!!!!
  • Beth, you noticed yours early this am so I would expect your DD to be Tuesday 2/18!!!
  • Can't get into my Transcript! Called IRS same blah blah can't access account verbiage, she finally checked said my past due taxes got paid out of refund but could not give me any dates and even more awesome claims to not kmow anything about the early acceptance for
     TT issue!! Love your positivity!!! ((( hugs ))
  • Staceysilva , awwwwww thanks sweetie! hugs back at ya! If ANYTHING got paid out of your account from your refund monies that will be coded as an offset code and that is prob your 971 code is your notice that will just say hey fyi we reduced your refund by xxx because of YYYYY and are sending you the remaining balance . You should be able to see a 571 code releasing that after they paid the offset and then refund issued with a 846.
    I would watch for your funds on 2/18 earliest and 2/19 for a DD. But it is also common that they issue a paper check and don't do a DD in some cases (actually I have seen many) and that has personally happened to me on one year. So based on your cycle date they could have issued that paper check today so watch your mail. It takes only 2-3 business days to get to you not including Monday as it is a federal holiday and usps wont run
  • Hope your'e right, garrett... that would be awesome!!! By the way, I'm in Indiana, too. Talk about coincidence! lol Will keep you all posted regarding my DDD- that I hope to get soon!
  • I've called like 85 thousand times today! Guess the hold up is also a change if status from joint to head of household. " the computer is doing its thing" dang you all using stones or what! Ugh!
  • Yay Garett !!! I just checked and no change.  I just realized I didn't include a 1099 for 10.66.  Perhaps that's my issue and they are trying to deduct the 4.00 in missed taxes. Sigh.
  • Beth an Garrett I am in michigan. I wonder if it's regional.
  • could be! They're discriminating against MidWesterners. lol
  • Haha. Yup.
  • i have a 570/971 code both are zero and I have a -3400 for refund so what does this mean cycle code 20140705
  • IRS code meanings. This is the link: http://auditdetective.com/Transaction_Code_Definitions.html#codeDef400
  • ok just got off the phone with  the IRS accounts Dept i have a 570/970 code she checked my account said everytrhing is fine i should get my  refund in 5 days
  • Garrett, I have 570 first and then 971.  The dates for the two codes are 2/24 but the refund amount is a debit as expected for the amount expected. This is my first time filing joint. What number do I call to ask about the codes on my transcript.
  • My WMR has finally updated. The bars are back and it says Refund Approved, although it does say that the amount of refund has changed. (I already had figured that out!). It says I can call with questions. Refund Sent is not yet filled in, but I'm hoping soon.
  • Beth,
    My WMR finally says SOMETHING NEW! HOLY [removed] THINK IT WILL SNOW LMAO!!!
    NO, seriously mine updated to say Your tax refund is scheduled to be mailed blah blah blah... message and gives me the date. Obviously for many that were pulled for any manual processing it isn't uncommon I guess that even if you requested a DD they are mailing your check.... (geez...worried about ID theft, security fraud messures but they mail your refund instead of a more secure DD???? makes sense to me boys!!! NOT!!! lol!)
    Just wanted to update everyone! I honestly am JUST THANKFUL it is APPROVED and next we just watch for the SENT to update once its sent . Mine isn't to be mailed till next Friday (which is normal as Paper checks by IRS are only cut on Fridays and lucky if mailed that day but ALL go out the following Monday)FYI for any of you that this effects
  • Kristi, No need to call my dear I had the same codes...you just haven't finished processing just yet! Mine was the EXACT same way and I filed 1/25 accepted 1/28 and just got my update to "0.00 my account and it say code 571, additional account info completed, followed by code 846 refund issued (both happened back to back on mine and updated on my account transcript yesterday) > then today my WMR updated to say refund approved and is being mailed on xxx. So its normal , youre fine . Do not call until your 21 days are up it will not help you!!!
  • Lorilynn, correct my dear your codes same as many you are FINE just not completed final stage of processing to lift your hold code of 570. IT WILL update to code 571 which releases the hold and then a refund issued code of 846.
  • Ok.. .i had checked earlier on the phone app and apparently couldn't see all the information. Just looked online and it gives a deposit date of 2/20!  (Says should receive by 2/25)

    And there was a computation error on an education credit. Not sure how Turbo Tax let that happen.... and I still wish it was the higher amount, but at this point thankful for something. If this is what we actually get deserve to get back, then that's just how it is.

    Kind of wonder why yours will be mailed, but so glad you're APPROVED!!
  • I have these codes intbis order150 806 766 768 570 n then 971n says notice isdused 3-10-14 can anyone help
  • Apocalixiss..the 570 is a hold in your refund
I have the same thing on my transcript ..help!!

    I have a 971/570 code on my account transcript  but I also have a return transcript and shows a 20150705 cycle. Will I get a refund this thursday?

    • I have the same thing and the same cycle I have no clue what it means.
    So I have a 150/806/570/971 code, got accepted 2/4...have been able to see my transcripts for a little under a week now...no status change on either transcripts or wmr...starting to get a little worried now...any idea what might be going on?


    • Ladies and gentleman! We have another club member! Welcome Noel!
    • Haha don't know how much I really want to be apart of the club lol...
    • Bottom line is computer glitches! I have learned a lot from this site and there are many in your boat.... Will let the pros do the decoding... I'm in Cali., others obviously in diff zones!
    • Yea, I've been reading a bunch of the comments on her and that's what I've been able to decipher too
    • oki have a 570/971 code no bars on wmr spoke with IRS this morning  and she said my account is fine  IF you have a notice in your WMR website to call the IRS then you need to worry  But she assured me  that its was just in  final processing  I hope that helps anyone  :)
    • It does, I still had the 152 code on wmr last I checked, apparently wmr is down right now so I'm hoping maybe I'm getting updated tonight...fingers crossed
    • my bars dissappeard and it says refund still processing  ddd with be given when available this has been a [removed] year for refunds im never going to file early again
    • I didn't even file early, so I'm just trying to figure out what it could possibly be, I was still stuck with one bar last I checked lorilynn
    • omg now the wmr website is unavailable uggggg [removed] IRS
    • its funny they are quick to take the $ from our paychecks but slow as molasses to give it back  geez
    • I think molasses goes much faster if ya ask me!!!
    • you got that right  LOL LOL
    • Let's see how long the wmr site is down now
    • it probably wont update until Tuesday Monday is a holiday
    • More than likely...but wishful thoughts I guess
    • me to  :)
    • Can't get transcript always says cant verify identity
    • I've been able to see mine for a few days now, but with no updates since...so I don't know how happy I  am that I can see it since it hasn't changed
    • I was accepted on Feb 2 and still have no movement on transcripts or wmr.  I have replied to this post a couple of times.  But after reading several other posts I am confused.  I have codes
      There is a different number in my 150 than my 826.  Is this typical for everyone else?  Or is the reason I am waiting for any changes on my wmr?
    • My Federal and State return were both accepted  on 1/31. On Turbo Tax, it stated my expected refund delivery is before 02/21.

      Upon checking on the IRS transcripts, I noticed some several codes indicated and here's what it looks like :


      CODE   EXPLANATION OF TRANSACTION       CYCLE                      DATE               Amount

      150       Tax return filed                                           20140705                 03-03-2014     $0.00


      806        W-2 Withholding                                                                         04-15-2014     $******

      766       Credit to your Account                                                               04-15-2014      $******

      971       Notice Issued                                                                              03-03-2014       $0.00

      971       Notice Issued                                                                              03-03-2014       $0.00

      570      Additional account action pending                                          03-03-2014       $0.00

      Can somebody please give input and any information you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
    • If you can access your transcript, look at all the previous years and you will notice codes also and on the day of your cycle, which already is indicated in your case 03-03-2014 will be the day you will see the automated computer change it and release your refund. All my transcripts were this way since 2008. The computer waits for your release date and it auto updates on the day the last code was generated. I have many 971s on my previous returns and never get any letter. I was audited once in 2010 and this audit only happened after april 15th. They don't audit prior as you anyone can be sending an ammended return and the 15th is the last day you can submit a return without filing an extension. I've also had 570s in some of my previous returns and updated on the day of my cycle. Hope this helps.
    • I was finally able to pull up my account transcript Finally,  so now I'm in need of clarity,  these are my codes:
      But I have a cycle date 20140803, so does this mean I will receive my refund on this date, will I receive a letter by then, I don't have a code 971, or does this letter come when, they actually send it. The code i really don't understand is the 766, & the cycle date, if you have a freeze. I don't owe anyone, I was told it's just for a manual review. Help please.
    • Your codes look good. Shouldnt be a problem. There should be a date beside that 570 and in my experience since 2008, it's when the refund gets issued.
    • paliligayhin_ka...3/10/2014 is the date beside the 570, but what does that mean, its also 00.00, beside it or is that the date i will get a letter
    • I mean it's the date when your status will change to refund release and then refund issued. The date beside your 570 code.. That date is the end date of the 21 days IRS deadline date to process your refund making it in the timeframe they had set.. That is usually your cycle date 20140803
    • Its always 00.00 til the computer updates.. That's how everyone transcripts looks til the processing has completed. Look at the top part of your transcript right before you see the code 150.  If there is a refund, you will see the actual amount there with a minus - sign.
    • paliligayhin_ka..I do see the minus sign at the top and all the minus signs by rest of the codes. Ok since its not done processing, my return account is inaccurate
    • can someone tell me about my codes please.. 150,806,766,768,810,811,971,846,420
      zeros after 150, 971,420
    • They catch every error now. Even if it's just $20 error would cause delay. I won't worry about it unless under MWR it states to call them, otherwise it should be fine. I'm surprised you dont have a code 971(notice sent)  explaining the inacuracy.
    • 846 is my partial refund they sent and held the rest
    • paliligayahin_ka..me too, i was sure i was going to see 971 code too, but it's not. i don't know if that makes a difference, or maybe they'll put it there when the actually send the letter, by the way thanks for explaining things to me
    • @ Sweetaliv ... You'll get your refund I know so. Been filing taxes for 25 years and never once they failed to send me refund or deduct my offset. It's just that the last 3 years, they've been really slow. Read below and you'll see what's been going on lately.
    • paliligayahin_ka..thank you so much, one last question, is that code next to the 570, my issue date?
    • Yes and the night before your cycle it should update to refund approved and refund sent. Also depends how long your bank process and post it. Should be instant but some credit union takes 2-4 days to post. Also if your TT fees are being deducted from your tax, then that's another day delay. Just hope not to get another delay code stating refund cancel  code, then notice sent, then another code finally giving another day to expect it. I've had a few times where it deposited a week before my cycle date and the transcript never upated and stayed at code 971 lol
    • So basically disregard the 20140803, or are they the same. I'm new to this, I've never had trouble b4
    • Well your cycle code is their deadline to complete processing your return. 9 out of 10 they meet the deadline but other times they don't and you'd be delayed a week or two or even a month. No way of telling.  Based on what I've been reading, people are now getting their returns smoothly. They had a rough start due to the new computer program glitch. A lot of the ones with Feb 6 refund cycle got pushed back. I'm one of them in the glitch batch but I expected delay on mine since I have an offset.
    • Thanks, that the first time anyone Has said that about the cycle code. And you're right that would be my 21st day, wow, lol
    • I had a 570 then a 971. I got my notice in the mail yesterday eventhough the notice date is 2-24-14.  The reason for my 570 and 971 is that I did not file an income tax return in 2011.  They are holding my 2013 return until they determine if I owe taxes from 2011.  I just did my 2011 and it looks like they actually owe me 1800 so I will be waiting longer, but getting more money eventually.  BOTTOM LINE: Everyone's situation is unique.  I almost made myself crazy looking at my transcripts, looking up tax codes, reading blogs like this one, etc.  You can't predict these things.  The IRS will send your money when they decide to and if they don't want to send it, you will get a letter in the mail.
    • Hehe! I help file my 3 grown up kids and have seen different scenarios.. But not once they didnt get their taxes as well as everyone I know.. Just like I said.. It's been crazy fhe last 3 years.. Every return is unique. I feel sorry for the ones who had made plans like wedding, vacations etc based on thinking they can get their refund within 10 days.. Those times are gone.. No more refund expected dates posted like it used to..the gov't took that out. Sigh*
    • Yep, Erin is right!!
    • I know I'll get it when they send it. I was just curious about the codes,  reason being they've never been on any return I previously filed & I know every year is different. I too feel bad for the ones who has made planes. But as my grandmother use to say, don't count money you don't have, lol, lucky I didn't count this year
    • :-) good for you!
    • my 570 code was released on  02/17/14 error was that  they  said i paid 1250 to them  UM no  Big mistake  So she lifted the hold  NOW how long till I get my refund  ????
    • Lorilynn..how did you get ur hold lifted?
    • Lorilynn..look on your account transcript to see, if code has been lifted
    • I called the irs said I got a notice never did and she lifted it it was a math error
    • Oh, irs wont tell me what my 570 means till Friday
    • paliligayahin_ka I have code 971 and a date beside that (2/24/2014) is this when i should see an update i've been in this take action stage since the 2/8/2014. when i go back to my 2012 transcript i see that they gave me a code of 922 code of unreported income on 2/1/2014 i know i have a offset and i know it usually take a little longer i am just trying to see when could i see an update my 21 days will be tomorrow 2/21/2014 .

      P.S i filed 1/4/2014 accepted 1/24/2014.
    • @motherof2Boyz . In my experience, since your 21 days is going to be tomorrow, the latest they need to update it is tonight and the computer knows this. It's all done by their comp program. In the past, an offset usually takes only an extra week or two for someone to manually correct it, releasing your refund. Times have changed for the last 3 years. I've had a refund that was delayed for 6 weeks. I've heard some people last year that took 3 months +. Every tax return is unique and different. I do know this, as long as you have a pending refund and they owe you, you will definitely get it. The only question is when?
    • Whoever stated the hold on a 570 is released by or on the date printed next to it is INCORRECT!! It's now 3-13-14 and my date was 3-10-14. One w2, no kids/credits whatsoever. Irs simply said wait until 60 days from 4464c letter I recd dated 2-24-14. Can't even call back until then. So that'll be on 4-25-14,,,,f'in bs!! They need to verify my job for 60 days and they will NOT accept fax or call from my boss/owner. Ridiculous,,,next year I'm adjusting so I owe irs,,,and they'll get thier cash 4-14-15 at 11:55pm thru snail mail. PEOPLE WITH 570 PLEASE POST DAY U ACTUALLY SEE UR MONEY. That way we may be able to predict somewhat!
    • Mine had 971 and 570 and had a date pf 3-10-14 but i received my refund on 2-23-14. The 570 changed a week before I received the refund to 571.
    • the date next to the freeze is not the issue date. My date was over a month ago, theres a 45 day hold after that date and then they update the system and it should give you DDD

    I need Help!! I have codes 150/806/766/768..then these 2..((570/971)). Can any one reassure me that's its ok??.. Is this normal? the amount beside both of these 2 main codes I stress are zero. At the top of my transcript its got a negative balance f my refund amount. Is that good? My cycle date is 20140601. can anyone please explain this please? Thanks

    • I need help too! I decided to order my transcripts because it has been over four weeks, and still no refund. I have codes 460 (Extension - I did not file an extension for 2011 or 2012), and the other codes are 140, 598 and 971 for both of those years. I never received any notices, but I also see that they have my ex husband's address on my transcripts? When I tried ordering them using my current address, it said the information I provided did not match their records, so I used an older address, being where my ex and I lived, and he still does. What does all this mean, and the amounts next to each code are $0.00. There was also a bad debt added to my 2011 transcript - cancellation of debt that was issued by 1099 - C to me which I never received but was provided to the IRS. I don't even know who the Company is or what in the world it is for. I had no idea I would find out all this mess that I was unaware of before. Also, it shows I did not file a return for 2014. I did, which is what prompted me to order my transcripts in the first place. =/
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