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Any updates on the 1121ers?

Anybody with the 1121 code have any updates? Last night I was able to view my transcript and I saw how my refund was SENT then CANCELLED :( Now this morning I can't view transcripts at all it says " The information you entered does not match our records. Please verify your information and try again." What's going oooonnnnnn???? Ugh! How could WMR originally say SENT the later say 1121 call with ext 362 or whatever. :( ANY GOOD NEWS? ANYONE??? I bank with HigherOne no refund yet... Please someone shed light. Also GA taxes aren't here .. blah

Also when I called IRS yesterday they said it was some Identity Theft Info processing.. The other guy I spoke too said it just needs extra processing. Confusing confusing confusing. HELP :(

  • I had the same problem with this code 1121. It's a common thread everyone that was suppose to receive their return was Feb 6th was effected. The IRS told me that they had a problem with THEIR sytem that cross checks the returns for errors. Example the W2, dependants etc. The alarm was to protect them from making a mistake and they had to pull the entire batch once they found out. Now they have to review evryones return again that put theirs in early. More than likely the IRS did not have all their updates put in and started the first batch and this caused the error. I had my retun done by Jan 5th and accepted by the 26th or 27th. I have a feeling that most people fell into this catagory. We just got put in another batch for returns and I bet we will get the return within 2 weeks. The guy at the IRS was vague but honest and said they had to review all these returns again for accuracy and that it should be within 3 weeks.
  • Wish I shared your optimism - but good luck to us all.
  • Here is a link on the irs.gov site this was just posted today  http://www.irs.gov/uac/Newsroom/Filing-Season-Update
    it is a very vague a very downplayed response to the 1121 code by the IRS
  • It may be downplayed and small but it means a ton to me knowing that the problem has been acknowledged. I was afraid we were lost in the mix and no one was even noticing the error. A tiny bit of official reassurance is better than nothing, IMO!
  • I agree with you apyle  it's just so frustrating that it took so long to get a response from the IRS and when they do it really isn't anymore helpful or informative than the IRS reps anyways hope it was somewhat helpful and good luck to all
  • I agree too. My return will get me back on my feet and a place to live. Although it was unfortunate it happen to me for a reason. I am very gratful for a roof over my head and a hot meal thanks to friends. I learned who my real friends are. #realfriendsrhardtofind
  • 1121 Updates from IRS
  • IRS has issued Millions of dollars in refunds and are off to a good  start!!!  That is what this link says.  Be patient.  Wait.  Not necessarily an audit.  If we need more information, we will ask for it, usually by mail.  If this isn't PR Crap, I will eat my refund if I ever see it!!!  Get the call center here in this country - give only one script for the operators so we don't get more than one line of crap!!!  Bottom line, people - IRS phone operators don't know anymore than we do.  Thay are given a script when these things come up and the very least they could do is to use the same one at every call center.  I am so tired - tired - tired.  Not living in ,my car or off the kindness of friends -but many of you are.  I just want my DD so I can license my car - buy tires, renew my daughters license - you know, the little things in life!!!  Everyday, we are having to drive on bald tires with an expired license and oh, the car has no tags!!!  Maybe I will increase my deductions so I have the money to use throughout the year and not find myself on bald tires!!! No insurance - no tags.  My fault - I had high hopes yet again, but with the Federal Government going broke last October, I really shouldn't be surprised about this mess now.  I still think that 10% of the people are doing 90% of the work and 90% of the people are doing 10% of the work.  Take these numbers, add it to the "new processes" that have had a year to work on, undue the lack of consistency, stop trying to make a mess and go after the little guy with EITC or other such credits and concentrate on the corporations with tax shelters, hidden agendas worth much more money fraud than the poor working stiffs that just want what they are entitled to.  IRS set up EITC and such programs and then dare you to use them!!!  What is that all about???  Sorry, took my last valium and half a Xanax last night - just needed to vent.  Sorry.
  • its weird some other people who were accepted on the 24th didn't get an error code just simply stuck there
  • I still have the 1121 code but I did get my state check today
  • my transcripts just updated to 846 refund sent  March 10,2014 not sure if that is good or bad I still have 1121 take action on wmr and my wages and salary transcripts show no record of return filled but all the other transcripts now show that the refund was reissued. I guess we will see what this means
  • where do i get a transcript form
  • My transcript updated today to 846 refund sent 3/10/14 also. Hoping the update tonight takes the 1121 code off the WMR
  • I had the 1121 code after 2/6 DDD and I just now checked irs where's my refund and now it changed and says irs has received my refund and it is being processed. i still can't see my transcripts but irs updated on where's my refund.
  • My 1121 code is gone also
  • So do we have to wait 21 days from today or when we filed
  • My 1121 code changed to "being processed" Saturday after being stuck on "Take Action" since 2/6.   I pulled up my transcript again and the deposit date changed from 2/24 to 3/10.
  • still on 1121, asked for my transcript by mail, was locked out online.
  • Just called, still on 1121 and still in their review queue.
    Been the same return for the past 10 years.
    Well guess I won't be getting anything this friday, hoepfully by 3/10.
  • My 1121 is gone and it said it was received and being processed. Its has not changed since Saturday.
  • Mine either but when i contacted the irs earlier they said i was receiving my dd on Friday the 21st people with refund date 2\6 then cancled got code 1121 and now message sayin received and processed should have money Friday finally good news i hope it is the same for the rest of u code 1121 people
  • mine still says the same 1121
  • i still have the 1121 also.
  • triciaanglero....what number did u call for the irs ..i cant get no information about my refund...
  • still on 1121 just checked
  • Hello all..  The 1121 Code is now gone as of Sunday. I have been checking the WMR and it says processing and I check it twice a day.  I checked this morning and again same message. Its been received and processing.  So I got extremely frustrated and called IRS.  Got a real [removed] on the phone who wouldn't listen to me till I explained I was one who got an error code. After 30 minutes on hold I find out that it supposed to be deposited tomorrow. But in the same breath he told me if its not then it should be on later then the 26th. That if its not there by the 26th to call back then. The WMR does not show this.  So I guess at this point it is just a waiting game.
  • accr123123...can u please tell me what number u called cause i cant get them on the phone and im getting frustrated myself ..this is crazy...and thank you for the information
  • The number I called was 1-800-829-1040  I did not check my refund through that number. I think I selected personal Taxes and then they transferred me to an attendant.  Good Luck
  • ok thank you so much..
  • im on hold now..thanks again..
  • nwilliams310, any good news?
  • accr123123...no the  lady i spoke  with  just said wait for the 21 days ...i dont get it..
  • Ok called irs around 3 hrs ago and the ladylooked at my acct and said she saw my orioriginal date was 2/6. She apologized and said I should have my refund within the next week. Just checked sbbt and lord and behold my money was received and sent to bank. So hoping the rest of you with original ddd of 2/6 get yours too!
  • checked sbtp and nothing for me yet, I hope I get it tomorrow.
  • i finally have seen progress!! Thank goodness.
  • just talked to SBBT as well. I called earlier and nothing and as of 6:30pm Eastern time IT IS THERE!!!!!!! I cant believe it!!!! IM ECSTATIC. they said they have released it to my bank and it ahould post in 1-2 days. I had yo ask the lady to repeat herself. I pray everyone has the same outcome and that tomorrow you see your direct deposit. I will let everyone know as well. But the IRS definitely released it and they confirmed they have it. I am an original 1121'er, i filed early and had an original  dd or 2/6!!!!!!
  • I talked to the IRS this afternoon MY REFUND IS BEING ISSUED TOMORROW..So HAPPY, finally some GOOD NEWS!!! I'm a 1121'er also with a DD of 2/6/14!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHH
  • Good for you please keep us updated when its received.
  • Just received account alert from my bank and my federal refund is there so really good news and good luck to all
  • congrats
  • so basically the 14 days two extra weeks like the IRS says.  I just reiceved code 1121 today when I had dd date since last sataurday for tomorrow the 21st. They told me Im not being audit just manual review or something.
  • thanks
  • The IRS site still says processing for me but when I checked the SBBT site it shows my direct deposit was sent and I should see it within the next day or two through my bank. Hopefully all the 1121ers see theirs too! Good Luck Everyone and thanks for the updates! Keep us posted!
  • I used netspend this year and got my dd at 8;30 tonight. Whoop whoop
  • My funds were deposited about 9 pm cst to my net spend account. I was an original 1121er. Hope everyone else sees theirs soon.
  • Hello 1121ers....I had the DD date 0f 2/6 and finally got my refund today!!!!  Looks like things are back on track, good luck to all!!!!
  • That is the same for me i have a net spend card and got my deposite to this morning
  • Just got the letter saying they are reviewing as we all know. Weird its dated 3/10, so it seems my deposit will drop on 3/14.

Hey, I don't personally have an update as my situation is the same as when I woke up yesterday morning. FYI, I also have yet to receive my GA state refund but they're slow as all get out.

In regards to the 1211 reference code, the folks at the 'I Got My Refund' Facebook page posted this yesterday:

What IGMR has turned up on 1121 from reliable source(s):

Statement: Earlier in the week, a processing system issue wasn't working correctly, so EVERYONE'S returns went back through processing for review. There were some returns that got through without this extra review and posted. Those returns were identified and the refunds were pulled back. This action generated the 841 code. (cancelled refund) The 1121 code is a refund freeze. Those returns will go back into processing to get that extra review, and then the refunds will go out. Calling the IRS for a new date will not help. They will give you the basic 21-day message. There is no time estimate given, but it could be up to a week. However, generally, it is only a few days. If you requested a DD, you will still get it. The 1121 code does not mean a check will automatically be generated.

You can find the full thread with comments here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=489382227838213&set=a.473131479463288.1073741825.17738861903...

I hope this helps or at least gives you a little peace, it certainly made me feel a bit better!

  • I talked to sbbt and was told yesterday that my ddd was no later than 2/16 so... who knows.
  • I was told 2/18
  • OK, so did you guys have the 1121 code? And you already have a new DDD?
  • I also spoke with sbbt and the rep said my expected refund date is 2/14... So hopefully we all get lucky
  • Are you calling today? What's the number if so?
  • Yes I called today and its 18779087228
  • I called and the date they have is a generic date from the day you were accepted. Not an actual date given by the IRS.
  • Will the transcripts site let you guys login with your account password?  Or is it down for everyone?
  • okay I checked my transcripts and it says 20140601 also a date of 02-24-2014, but is says cancelled below that......any idea what this means....please respond
  • Same as mine
  • mine too same thing  on transcripts
  • Ok I am able to view my transcript and I don't see any like code 843 I don't see it anywhere where exactly should I look '
  • Where do you go to view transcript
  • 1121 update from IRS http://www.irs.gov/uac/Newsroom/Filing-Season-Update
  • I got mine too in sbbt tonight
My 1121 has changed to processing
  • my 1121 has also changed to being processed
  • good luck
  • just talked to SBBT as well. I called earlier and nothing and as of 6:30pm Eastern time IT IS THERE!!!!!!! I cant believe it!!!! IM ECSTATIC. they said they have released it to my bank and it ahould post in 1-2 days. I had yo ask the lady to repeat herself. I pray everyone has the same outcome and that tomorrow you see your direct deposit. I will let everyone know as well. But the IRS definitely released it and they confirmed they have it. I am an original 1121'er, i filed early and had an original  dd or 2/6!!!!!!
  • Thank you so much for posting.. I just checked the SBBT and it states that it was sent today and I should wait 1-2 days as well... Maybe this nightmare is over... We shall see.   God Bless everyone!
  • Everyone keeps talking about SBBT what is this?
  • Santa Barbara Band and Trust.
  • Bank
  • ok thank you! =) do they have everyones info or just people who bank with them?
  • Only if you used turbotax and electes to have your fees taken out of your refund. Other than that it would go straight to your bank. I think other tax places use them as well so you could check. Its very easy.  And i am so happy for everyone. The min. My funds are posted to my bank account i will make aure to update everyone as well. Blessings to all. Heres to a less stressful weekend and week ahead.
  • Im so glad! My refund is finally at SBBT!!!!

Here is why everyone is getting different answers- 1121 code is a P-Freeze, if you read down the page you will find what they are instructed to tell callers inquiring about the 1121 code (under P-Freeze) it also states if refund was delayed due to IRS we are entitled to interest 


  • Wow but I doubt we get any interest...they think we can't read to know this!!! Smh
  • I got interest on it once. 9 months was 11 dollars........
  • Smh
  • well im going to want my 30 cents!
  • Lmao
  • Lol.
  • Hello I got mine this year, but had this happen to me last, Had a deposit date of 01/29/2013,and got the code 1121, it did take about 2 weeks and I got a letter it said mine was being reviewed and they would let me know. Did get my refund about the 2nd week of March no answers why it happen just my refund.
  • This is not mine. I stole it from another forum.
  • that was prolly a real review.. not the irs mess up this is...
  • 1121 Update from IRShttp://www.irs.gov/uac/Newsroom/Filing-Season-Update
  • got code 1121 now its saying being processed check your tax records I should have mine on the 24
  • good luck
Update 1121ers WMR  has and is updating us.. shouldn't be long now whoot whoot....
  • I seen a change to WMR just after midnight and yes indeed it's looking promising YAY woo hoo
  • My WMR has not yet changed, my transcript now says 570 Additional Account action Pending
  • Code 570 means you will be receiving a letter in the mail about your refund
  • Did you get code 570?
  • Got the same code, hoping its just delayed, and I see it 3/14 at the latest.
I got an update this morning 02/16/14 after having 1121code wmr now says we have received your refund and it is being processed. Yay
  • me to finally...
  • Hopefully we will get our refunds by Friday. That would be nice
  • My transcript changed but i still have the 1121 code
  • Well atleast you know they r working on your return. Hopefully your 1121 code will go away soon
  • My 1121 code went away today but my transcript was changed yesterday so hopefully they'll update yours tomorrow hopkinsd92
  • My 1121 code gone also already got my state hopefully my fed is this week
  • What did your transcript change to Hopkins?
  • Reissused date 3/10/14
  • Did you have 1121 code too
  • Thanks for all the positivity everyone :)
  • Yes i do @wellsa136
  • Well glad you got a ddd hope mine comes soon
  • So I can view my transcripts this morning a little confused though. It says code 150 tax return filed cycle number 20140601 date 2/24/14 then it says 846 refund issued 2/24/14
    841 refund cancelled 2/24/14
    846 refund issued 03/10/14 so does that mean my ddd is 03/10
  • still on 1121 hope it updates soon
  • just talked to SBBT as well. I called earlier and nothing and as of 6:30pm Eastern time IT IS THERE!!!!!!! I cant believe it!!!! IM ECSTATIC. they said they have released it to my bank and it ahould post in 1-2 days. I had yo ask the lady to repeat herself. I pray everyone has the same outcome and that tomorrow you see your direct deposit. I will let everyone know as well. But the IRS definitely released it and they confirmed they have it. I am an original 1121'er, i filed early and had an original  dd or 2/6!!!!!!
  • im so jelous, pls come i need u so bad return. Im a 41 year old man with tears coming down my face because my child may be homeless soon. Please come

Okay for anyone that views their transcript online.....

Look at your Wage and Income Transcript. Mine says "No record of return filed" This should have all of the income information from my 2013 return on it. This has me worried. Anyone else seeing this? Anyone know what it means? I've never done this whole transcript thing until this year.

    I'm in the exact same boat. I was able to view my transcripts yesterday as well and saw that there was a processing date of 2/24 as well as a cancel date of 2/24...no idea what that means and today I am getting the same message of irs cannot verify my info to view my transcripts. I just hope we all get our refunds soon! It's very frustrating that we can be held hostage like this.
    • I received the exactly same thing on my transcripts talia. My transcripts says (846) refund issued 02-24-2014, (841) refund cancelled 02-24-2014. It also says processing date Feb. 24 2014 which means to me that they haven't been reprocessed again, but when they do on Feb. 24 2014 my refund will be cancelled again. How can they have a processing date of 2-24 when my taxes were accepted Jan 28th DD of 2-06. I just don't understand my transcripts at all! I've called IRS several times with a million different answers to the 1121 code so it doesn't help to call them either. I guess I'll just wait and see. That's all I can do.
    • 1121 update from IRShttp://www.irs.gov/uac/Newsroom/Filing-Season-Update

    I keep telling myself year after year that I am not going to count on my taxes until I see them.  Again, I let myself down.  Filed 1/25, accepted 1/28 DD of 2/6 then 2/7 then the dredded 1121 code.  I am seeing a lot of people and posts saying 2/13 for us and those who never got an earlier DD than the 6th.  Will just hold my breath, pray and empty my Xanax bottle!!!!  Last year mine was expected the 3rd of Feb and finally arrived the 27th - so this is really nothing new.  Good luck all and sweet dreams!!


      yeah!!! my refund is there!!!


        It's now April 2, 2014 and I still have not received my refund. I filed electronically on January 31, 2014. When checking with the IRS regarding my refund I found a Reference No. 1121. I called the phone no. on the page with my info on it but did not stay on the line for the estimateded 30-60 minute wait for an IRS representative to take my call.....  How long have others who filed on or about January 31 had to wait for their refund?

          I have been getting the msg that my info does not match their records. This is the same address that I filed from for the last two years. The wmr still has the take action message. Why do they tell you to take action if they are not going to tell you anything useful when u call the number it tells you to! Wth! So according to the answers here everyone's that got the 1121 code has to be reviewed? Why? This is getting really aggravating and just stresses me out more than I was in 2/6! Ugh
          • a few hours ago I was actually able to FINALLY log back in to transcripts page (which had been giving me the same infuriating "info doesn't match our records" message ALL weekend long, and even tho it had been perfectly fine hours before)
          • And after all that, STILL no change in info ANYWHERE: Not on transcripts nor SBBT, nor WMR nor TT . WTF  FML  RBHAWWSSAMBMBOWAS
          • I can't even see my transcript. I get to where u put I'm your address and click continue and all it does is go back to the main page. All weekend I was getting the "doesn't match our records" msg. I'm getting so aggravated. This is ridiculous that so many people are having the same issue! There is even a facebook page now about it! Ugh
          • I'm with u: "RBHAWWSSAMBMBOWAS" is the latest tax season interweb jargon which (as all we trendy cool kids already know duh) stands for: "Repeatedly Bashing Head Against Wall While Simultaneously Sobbing And Miming Blowing My Brains Out With A Shotgun". Pass it on. ;)
          • Try sending forgotten username to email, resetting password and/or re-registering. At one point or another over this oh so very LOOONG  weekend, I'm afraid I'm guilty of doing ALL of those things, at LEASTonce each. And today finally accessible again, but who knows if that's relevant, however certainly did not hinder me in any way that I know of.
          • When I called for transcripts I received a message basically stating the IRS was having technical issues.
          • So I just got off the phone with them. Some returns skipped steps in processing. These returns need to be resequenced and processing can take the full three weeks from accepted and possibly an additional two weeks. They suggest the phone line for status updates as it will update throughout the day. Thanks IRS for bending me and my family over yet another year. On a side not lets see if state does the same as I now have a deposit day for that too.
          • For what its worth, I called and was told that my return was under review and that there were no technical issues, and that I should receive a letter in the mail. My transcript had the 2/6 dd date and was previously approved.
          • I finally decided to call the IRS this morning. Unbelievable! There is NO WAY that they can actually see the actual status of an individuals return. The first time I called, the lady said she would need to look into my account. She put me on hold for a few minutes then came back with, "Your account says there will be a letter sent to you stating we need additional information from you to process your return." I would be glad to post the full transcript of our conversation but the short of it is that my return will not be processed until they receive additional information and she has no idea what that additional information is. When I asked to speak with her supervisor she said she can't let me do that. I insisted numerous times to speak with a supervisor and in the end, she took down my # and said that she will put it on her supervisors desk....... After ending the call, I immediately called back and spoke with a different agent. She as well put my on hold to review my account. She came back to tell me that there was a computer glitch with their systems that produced the wrong DD dates and that I was a part of that batch. She also said that there are no red flags on my returns and that there is nothing showing a letter needs to be sent out. She assured me over and over again that there is nothing wrong with my return and I should receive my refund within the normal processing time. I also asked her about the WMR message of "Take Action" and if it will disappear now that I followed the instructions and called the number. She said that she would assume it will update but there is no way that the agents can trigger it to change. She said she will put a note on my account sating I called in regarding that WMR message and that she told me there was nothing I needed to do, ect.

            I also wanted to state that I think this has to be some sort of computer error. I was able to pull my 2013 transcripts which means that my taxes have been filed, accepted and processed by the IRS. At least that is what I have come to understand. All you have to do is google <IRS Data Retrieval & Tax Return Transcript Availability Chart> to come to this conclusion. My return shows a issue & cancel date of 2/24/14 which is clearly impossible since that date is in the future.
          • There is also a chart I found online showing 2014 refund schedule. Here is the link. http://www.easyincometaxfilingonline.com/tax-refund-schedule-dates/  It stated anyone that filed between Jan 28 and Feb 3,   2014 should see a DD on Feb 13, 2014. I hope that's true.It would seem much more realistic than 2/06.
          • Thanks for the update!
          • My hopes just went up again!!!  Will I ever learn?  But thanks for the link and I truly hope it is right this time.  Thanks for your efforts.
          • 1121 update from IRShttp://www.irs.gov/uac/Newsroom/Filing-Season-Update
          • NOPE, no money and it is the 13th!!!
          • yeah everything is the same here no updates on wmr still code 1121 and transcripts (wages and income) show they have no record of my return but account transcripts still show that refund was issued and cancelled on 02/24/2014? I guess the IRS is so amazing and fast they now have invented time travel lol it is all just a huge freaking joke and to boot Monday is a Federal holiday so do you really think those lazy asses are going to do much tomorrow so I guess it will be a long time before anything truly gets resolved.
          • I got my state check today but not my federal it still has the 1121 code
          • Congrats on getting your state back, what is really interesting to me is if I'm not mistaken your State return is all based off of your Fed return so if there are no problems with the state there should be no problems with your Fed return which makes all of the 1121 even more strange and suspicious
          • Same thing...Still the code 1121. Like yours DOCaz transcript shows deposit date 2-24-2014, and it was cancelled 2-24-2014. What does that mean? Are they going to cancel it again the 24th? I can't get anything out of the IRS. Loved the time travel comment!
          • Not really sure what it means at this point the only solid rules to this mess is that there really aren't any rules. I think I will go exempt for the rest of this year on my withholding taxes and when I owe the IRS next April 15 I will send them an I owe you with the code 1121 and let them try and collect.
          • hi so I seen this on facebook
            REPOST!! don't kill the messenger :)

            I have some GREAT NEWS. To clear up any madness and frustration I finally got a answer........ okay I called after seeing everyone posting different stories. So I got a super nice lady I talked to for over a hour and she explained everything n I mean everything. .... okay so those of you who was told theres a letter n wait 60 days or under review was a LIE. This is what happened. On feb 6th. Batch number 0601 got pushed through the processing by the computer there are 3 steps to processing returns there is a check computer check n a validation before getting approved we all skipped the validation process and was pulled for manual validation which takes up to 21days because its a human checkin to make sure there are no errors. The glitch was on the 7th and that caused us to have our refunds frozen til they get thru the validation we will all get approved the same time unless theres more info needed and its sent to a reviewer for additional documents needed and u will reveive a letter after the 21days. Our 21 days is up on the 21st she said that our jan 31 date is our acceptance date that hasnt changed. If we do not see a ddd date for the 21st or 24th to expect a letter. Or call and they will tell you exactly what u need. Our error code used to mean manual review in process and allow 60 days to review bla bla bla but that was the other glitch the system has as well. Us early filers were guinea pigs to the new system and we arenthe reason they found the glitch to begin with. There were a large number that GOT lucky and received there money and the irs couldn't stop it in time. Ours was in the second phase wen the irs put a P Freeze on our batch to finish the process manually. And this year the validation is done manually now because of identity theft
            Now to all of us who see 2/24 on our transcript she said that os the refund date and the posting date that they have to b done by. So if we do not receive a update on wmr or ddd in accounts to call the 24th and they will tell you the next step you have to take.
            She was very pleasant. She looked in the computer and she said mine is processing still and we all have the same code which was just put there to let the rep know we are the batch that got 1121 codes it is a code for a 60 day review but not in our case. So fyi those of u who were told about a letter there is no letter they cant send one out til after the 21 day date because its still validating. I hope this helps. Im at ease. So we should have our refunds by the 24th unless theres a problem. Irs reps were told not to look up info until 21days and were told to give us a get by story because all were not aware of the p freeze 1121 cause they thought it would b fixed but nope they took that computer software out of the process. Until the bugs are fixed and they cant fix it in the busiest time of year.
          • Yeah thats what I thought so maybe a good sign that my federal is soon to come  has anyone else received their state check also
          • I owed state this year, and it was withdrawn on friday so that maybe a good sign.

          "No record of return filed" means that the IRS does not acknowledge receipt of you filing your taxes.  

          • Well that's not good. All other aspects of my transcript (Return Transcript, Account Transcript and Account Summary) have all of my information on it and it is correct information.
          • @apyle: Apologies if this was previously discussed, but may I ask if u looked at ur "record of accounts (or whatever the most comprehensive combo choice transcript option is called) and if so, did u (like me and so many others) see the simultaneous 2/24 postings of 846 REFUND SENT/841 REFUND CANCELED noted on ur account info as well ? And cycle date 20140601 somewhere also? Just out of curiosity, thanks! I will have to check out the wage section u mentioned to see if I am lacking the same info there as you.
          • yes my transcripts are the same
          • @bessier18: Hi... Thanks for the info, but when u say ur transcripts are the same, did u mean like I described mine above, or did u mean as apyle noted in a few posts up from mine, "Look at your Wage and Income Transcript. Mine says "No record of return filed". ? Because that is actually what I am curious about, if his, which he states has that missing info on the Wage Transcript, is the same in the places I noted as mine and everyone else's. Because I am uncertain if MY transcripts lack that info as well, as I just printed out my account record thinking that would be complete, and since I am once more experiencing the same difficulty with "invalid login information" or whatever on the IRS transcript site, (just like over the infuriating weekend) and can now no longer yet again access my transcripts to verify what mine say or do not say. Thank you! :)
          • @kjbw75 The rest of my transcripts look just like everyone else that has 1121 code. I hadn't looked at the Wage and Income Transcript until yesterday. Of course like everyone else, I can't get into the transcript system today.
          • Oh and I'm a she! :)
          • Well apologies again, @apyle... I regret the error :). And hey, I do not believe you have any further need to fret over the whole  "No record of return filed", as I discovered that is what mine says, as well, BUT only on the last few years of filing which I have been self-employed, and had no W2's available on record of filing, that's all it means. (I hope ;) Pretty sure but no promises, though.
          • Read this update from IRS 1121ers http://www.irs.gov/uac/Newsroom/Filing-Season-Update
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