Any updates on the 1121ers?

Anybody with the 1121 code have any updates? Last night I was able to view my transcript and I saw how my refund was SENT then CANCELLED :( Now this morning I can't view transcripts at all it says " The information you entered does not match our records. Please verify your information and try again." What's going oooonnnnnn???? Ugh! How could WMR originally say SENT the later say 1121 call with ext 362 or whatever. :( ANY GOOD NEWS? ANYONE??? I bank with HigherOne no refund yet... Please someone shed light. Also GA taxes aren't here .. blah

Also when I called IRS yesterday they said it was some Identity Theft Info processing.. The other guy I spoke too said it just needs extra processing. Confusing confusing confusing. HELP :(


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Hey, I don't personally have an update as my situation is the same as when I woke up yesterday morning. FYI, I also have yet to receive my GA state refund but they're slow as all get out.

In regards to the 1211 reference code, the folks at the 'I Got My Refund' Facebook page posted this yesterday:

What IGMR has turned up on 1121 from reliable source(s):

Statement: Earlier in the week, a processing system issue wasn't working correctly, so EVERYONE'S returns went back through processing for review. There were some returns that got through without this extra review and posted. Those returns were identified and the refunds were pulled back. This action generated the 841 code. (cancelled refund) The 1121 code is a refund freeze. Those returns will go back into processing to get that extra review, and then the refunds will go out. Calling the IRS for a new date will not help. They will give you the basic 21-day message. There is no time estimate given, but it could be up to a week. However, generally, it is only a few days. If you requested a DD, you will still get it. The 1121 code does not mean a check will automatically be generated.

You can find the full thread with comments here:

I hope this helps or at least gives you a little peace, it certainly made me feel a bit better!

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