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I checked my status this morning and it went from refund sent to TAKE ACTION ..reference 1121...i have called several times today and im totally lost ..they are telling me that im being delayed ..but not telling me why...i feel as if im being audited ..i just dont know and im not getting any answers that i understand ...i really need help here...i thought i was suppose to have someone from turbo tax to help me out with trying to make sense of it all PLEASE HELP IM CONFUSED 


I thought TurboTax was supposed to be there to help to but I cant seem to get a live person. I paid $ for there services, I did not use the free edition and I still cant get there help. What the heck. I am in the same boat as you with the 1121 code and I have no IDEA whats going on. I am kind of freaking out!!!!!!!

  • I totally understand how you are feeling sb_sunburns8679 ....i went from refund sent and DD date 2-6 -14 to DD 2-7-14 now this....i just feel its more to the delay ...i keep trying to make sense of it but i cant ..the Reps are all saying the same thing to me ...if im under review i just need someone that can help me understand this process and the time frame i need to be expecting to wait ..im sick of them say just wait three weeks then if its still not DD then call back ....thats insane ...
  • Others have posted earlier today that some of us who filed early were a "test batch" and the irs made a mistake in posting our DD date that is why we received the ref 1121 this morning. From what I've read online most of us should be receiving next friday
  • i hope so! I am in the exact same boat.  I was suppose to get it 2/6/14  and it went from sent to 1121????
  • same here!!! hope next week I get my refund!!
  • just curious where everyone is from,  are we all coming from the same state or???   I'm in utah, maybe we are some kind of "test batch"?
  • I'm in California
  • I'm in Florida. I don't think there's any correlation, just random.
  • Hmm. Nevada. And I am under the impression that while the IRS  does post dd to NEW refund recipients 6 days a week (dark Sundays), for those
  • Of us stuck in 1121 limbo who were ALREADY dd recipients (until the IRS  yanked it back like Lucy with Charlie Browns football) dd ONLY TWICE a week, early in am on Mondays and Thursdays. So by Fri 14th seems feasible, but please Lord, mayhap even earlier in the week?
  • Has anyone checked their account transcripts online? I downloaded mines and I have all these codes and dates. It looks like it's basically saying the larger amount of my refund which is my eic won't be refunded until 4/15/2014!! Wth
  • Jovan, I ordered my transcripts last week but they are being mailed to me. Was not aware of an online option; please advise where to access? Thanks!
  • @kjbw75 Just go to irs.gov and you'll see tax transcripts and it gives you an option to view online.
  • Yep, derp . I kinda figured that out shortly after my post, lol. Thank u and Sorry.. Obviously the stress of no refund is affecting my ability to think clearly heh. :)
  • Lol it's ok we're all stressing..
  • Anyone have any updates?
  • no update but I found this answer on another site.......                   

    The IRS code 1121 means that your current tax return is currently under a review. Essentially, this means that you’re being audited on the 1st level, reviewing your tax return/information for accuracy. If anything is wrong they will send you another letter to prepare all of your tax returns for a specific amount of time, otherwise your refund will be processed. They have a period of 7-weeks to either send you an additional notice or issuing your tax refund.
  • I am in Ocean Park, WA.
  • I seen the weird dates on my transcripts as well but prior year transcripts say the same thing and I didn't have to wait till 4/15. I don't think thats what it means
  • I also got an email from turbo audit or whatever it is when you pay for it threw turbo tax from the ceo saying they would be here to help threw until the end.   So I hate to say it but I think we are being audited on the 1rst level?
  • From what I've been reading, there's hundreds of people who have this reference  so there  no worries of being audited
  • I don't think so. There are 1000`s of us and we all have an early acceptance date and the same ddd. Its a computer glitch. I think there are way to many for an audit.We were test ddummies for their new system, it failed and now WE are paying the price :(. It sucks but it is what it is.
  • crossing my fingers that your right!(:  Did anyone else who paid for taxaudit get an email  from:"Mark Olander, CEO - TaxAudit.com"?
  • to kjbw75  yes mine also got "yanked back"  my status had said refund sent late on the 6th or by the 7th
  • any new updates or info anyone has found?
  • I'm from NC
  • @MysticExperienc- yes when I first  filed my taxes and I paid for it but thsts the only one I got! Did you get another one?
  • Is this the one your talking about?:

    We're here to help. 

    If you get audited we're here 
    to help. But why not try to
    avoid getting audited in the 
    first place?

    Check out our Will It Fly
    videos for great tips on what 
    you can and can't deduct on
    your taxes.

    And visit our TaxAudit.com Blog
    for the latest audit tips
    and tax information.Audits Happen.
    Be prepared.
  • Well I got a live person from turbo tax and she was totally rude! Told me that I would have to call the irs that all they would do support for is tech issues with their program. Well I will not be using turbo tax next year if this is the help I get! They are not the only tax program out there! What a farce! They charge this outrageous amount and then offer no help at all!
  • Yes I did...
  • I'm in Louisiana so I dont think it has anything to do with where we are from. More than likely has to do with filing early.
  • 1121 please read http://www.irs.gov/uac/Newsroom/Filing-Season-Update
  • I think we should all file a lawsuit for misleading us. I will not use Turbotax again

1121 code changed to

Refund Status Results

We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

Please Note:

For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day

anyone else get this?  or even maybe get there refund who had 1131 deposit date of the 6th?

yeah I am hoping this is good news!

  • I got the same thing today. My status went from 1121 to exactly what you've posted above. I'm. In the same boat as you are as far as being given an initial DD date of 2/6. I'm praying that I get my refund by the end of this week. I think it's good news. I'll call the IRS tomorrow. Hopefully they can give me straight and consistent answers this time around.
  • I got the same thing today. My status went from 1121 to exactly what you've posted above. I'm. In the same boat as you are as far as being given an initial DD date of 2/6. I'm praying that I get my refund by the end of this week. I think it's good news. I'll call the IRS tomorrow. Hopefully they can give me straight and consistent answers this time around.
  • Well guys, this is only based off of MHO and last years refund data for me personally, but I think refund will hit SBB sometime on Friday 21st and be available in my bank account sometime on Monday the 24th. Mainly because of the transcript updated 846 date of March 10th; Last years tax transcripts showed an 846 refund issued date of March 11th (Monday) and I received it on February 25th (also Monday) BUT SBB had it by Friday February 22nd. This is for my personal info tho: TT file and fee from refund, blah blah. Those of u with Netspend, for example, are sure to get yours on the 21st, Id wager. (And in fact, since I opted for the Amazon card, I figure an extra day or two past the 24th may even apply, for me.) Please remember, this is just my best "conguessture" ;), but I think its well thought out and only time will tell I suppose.
  • I hope your right! my daughters birthday is the 25th and that would so be helpful!!  Good luck to all of us I guess.  Please update if any of you receive yours and I will too!

Seriously, I've used TurboTax since 2004 every year to do my taxes and this is the first year I've had issues and needed help and as far as I can tell all I'm getting is some [removed] around placating responses. They know people are pissed, but there is apparently nothing they can do about it. At this point I would figure the IRS and TurboTax have developed a decent working relationship and TurboTax should be able to get some [removed] answers and let us know what is going on instead of supporting this IRS crap. I'm sick of seeing this stupid copy and paste response from the TurboTax employee explaining what a reference 1121 means. In this case a reference 1121 is a generic placation and not what it normally means so don't tell me what it means when that is not what applies to my situation.

I believe the truth is that the government doesn't have the money to pay at the moment because there are more hands sticking out waiting for a refund than there are people paying their tax bill right now. I think we're in for a long tax season where refunds are heavily delayed. I've heard of people getting refunds, but it's all small numbers. If you're getting $200 back you probably already got it, but if you're expecting $10k then you're going to be waiting a long [removed] time because they can pay 50 people their $200 return for the amount it would cost them to pay you yours. 

I want to know the lowest number that someone was expecting back that got an 1121 reference number. Mine is over $10k so I'm not surprised at all and I'm guessing they will look for every possible tiny error in order to reject/delay all refunds as long as possible. If the debt ceiling is raised this will likely get resolved much much sooner, but it's possible that they won't raise it high enough to be able to pay people back until people send in their owed tax by April 15th. This has really screwed me over this year and when I'm in the office next on Wednesday I'm changing my W-4 from zero allowances to seven. No more interest free loans from me to Uncle Sam. I used to use my tax return as a forced savings plan, but if the mechanism for this savings plan is unreliable and does not pay me when my money is due I am no longer going to do business with them. Good luck all.

  • I am just curious if the vantage point of one week later has availed anybody who commented here with optimistic hopes of an early refund, of a new and dramatically altered understanding of the situation, like I now have? Due to the IRS accepting thousands of early pre-1/31 returns in order to run an unadvertised "test batch" through their new system, literally THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of taxpayers who were originally accepted by the IRS before 1/31 (in my case, 1/26) and like me, were given a direct deposit date on Where's My Refund of 2/6/14, are STILL as of 2/11/2014 stuck here in the powerless against the IRS hell, amidst the confusing and contradictory disinformation of no tax refund limbo, with the frightening to behold dreaded updated WMR status freeze known as Code 1121, which advises we poor souls to Take Action! BUT which would be more accurate if it advised "Inexplicable Code ????: You Will NOT Be ABLE To Take ANY Action At All, Whatsoever, And Whatever Action We Advise You To Take Here Will Not Accomplish Anything More For You Than Fostering The Growth Of Many More Questions Than You Previously Had, And Quite Possibly As A Bonus May Just Scare The Pants Off Of You Even More, Which Will Be In Addition To Quite Likely Pissing You Off In Ever Exponentially Increasing Amounts Only Rivaled In Size By Clusters Of Accompanying Headaches As A Bonus!" Hey, the IRS accepted my return EARLY, Wow GREAT, how LUCKY am I??? Not so much.  Really, thank you Turbo Tax for LYING to me in order to (I assume) coerce business by locking in my tax return, which I admittedly did file early on January 13th, but ONLY after the 10th email or so from you offering to provide me with the peace of mind and comfort of "getting your taxes done and out of the way so you can have one less thing to worry about"; you flat out encouraged me and thousands of fools like me to file early, with the caveat and reassurance that the IRS not only would not be accepting returns until January 31st, but that you Turbo Tax  would be safely hanging onto our returns and NOT submitting them until then. Your exact words were in fact, "Don't Worry, your return will still be in the front of the line". Sure TurboTax, but thanks to you, the IRS yanked me from my penultimate position in said line, just as my refund was in fact received on February 7th, then immediately canceled and returned, and subsequently banished me not only all the way to the back of the refund, but with rumblings for the possibility of restricting me from making any further progress for months. Awesome, Happy 2014! I didn't need that apartment or car or food anyway, really, that debt ceiling thing is probably WAY more important, too.
  • Scuse me, Eric J Price, tension breaker--had to be done. Well,  I do feel marginally better and to answer your question, just barely 5g.
  • amen! love it and could not have said it better myself!
  • Turbo tax has lost a lot of business over this I'll be doing my taxes elsewhere everyone else I know did there taxes other places and have got there money already
  • 1121 please read http://www.irs.gov/uac/Newsroom/Filing-Season-Update

I am only getting $2700 back, much less than prior years.

    I am having the same problem and this is the first year it has happened. I was supposed to get my refund on the 6th and when I checked on the 7th I had the same reference code as y'all. When I spoke to the IRS all they said was there had been a "glitch" in the system and my return had to be reviewed again. If I haven't heard anything from the in 3 weeks then call them back. I checked yesterday and it said my refund had been approved and my refund will be sent to my bank on the 12th. I got up this morning to see if my refund had been deposited and I'm back to the "take action reference code 1121" so I'm assuming I'm not getting my money today. When I did research on the reference code it basicly means our refund has been frozen for whatever reason and it's more than likely going to be awhile before we get it. Based on people's comments from previous years it could take 3-5 months before we get our refund. It also has something to do with filing early which I don't plan on doing again next year if it's going to lead to this.
    • For the past few years there has been issues with the early filers. I filed on 2/2 and received my refund this morning. Next year my advice is to file after the IRS start accepting refunds..............Good Luck!
    • Well TT was supposed to hold my refund till the 31st not send it before the IRS officially opened for business! But I won't make this mistake again.
    • @reneedawn I know it could be frustrating...I hope you hear some good news soon...Have a good day!
    • Husbands on the phone with irs now about 1121 code... Will post update!!
    • Ha all she said was wait until the 22nd and call back... Thanks for the help irs glad u have such great answers
    • My BFF filed 02/07 approved 02/08 have a ddd of 02/14..I agree with candygirl should wait to file late next time. But Im praying for YALL Still waiting!
    • Turbotax said they would hold the returns until the 31st we only filed early because they sent 6 emails urging me to file and get it out of the way and then they reassured me my taxes would be held until the 31st. They should of atleast gave us the option to be the irs lab rats.
    • ok this is a new irs group that had deposits for 2-6 but woke up to code 1121 please post updates and status no trolls or BS on msg board you experience an facts only please https://www.facebook.com/groups/club1121/
    • 1121 please read http://www.irs.gov/uac/Newsroom/Filing-Season-Update
    • i got a new status today, I am in the 1121 group also and my new status says....

      Refund Status Results

      We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

      Please Note:

      For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day
       anyone else get this or their refund yet???
    • Yes I did just after midnight mine says the same thing as yours....woo hoo  sure hope this  means something better than the 1121 message.
    • Awesome!  I hope so too!
    • Good luck to you mystic and to the rest of us.. I think this may be the news we were looking for. Yay
    • Same here
    • I don't think it's a coincidence that Obama signed the legislation for the suspending of the debt ceiling until March of 2015 on Friday and us seeing some traction on this issue. I think we got screwed from the get go not because of some glitch, but because the Treasury Secretary decided that meeting the obligations to pay back some refunds on the 6th was less important than keeping some cash around in case things went the way they did back in October.
    • anyone get theirs yet?  mine still says being processed but tt says 92% with the same acceptance date have received their refund?
    • Haven't gotten mine either. Guess I'm supposed to believe I'm in the 8% that hasn't gotten their refund yet.
    • Yea Mine says 93% which makes me made really i see tons of ppl on here so we are part of the 7%
    • I still have not received mine either. Stuck on "We have received your tax return and it is being processed."
    • I'm being audited. I got my letter today. I have to prove everything, I've filed the same way for years and now I have to prove it. Uggh this sucks! I can prove everything its just the fact that I have to go through this dreaded process. And of course my taxes will now be delayed even longer because, the irs has 30 days to review my info. Lucky Me!!
      I hope you all are having better news than me. Good luck everyone!
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