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The refund tracker says 0% have a received a refund?

NO TURBO TAX customer has received a refund?

  • I filed my Taxes and was Accepted on the 31 as of the 8th I haven't received my refund. The irs wheresmyrefund is still showing no date. Soon as I receive it or get information I will update this
  • Does yours say still processing?
  • Yes mine says still processing
  • Did you use turbo tax and do you know anyone who filed ethe same as you and they have their money
  • My aunt filed on the 28th and was just accepted yesterday.
  • I mean she was just approved yesterday
  • They make changes to your status on the weekends and mine were both accepted on the 31st. I hope its soon. I have no bar on my irs status just says processing.
  • How long after approved does it take?
  • I hope
    It's soon as well
  • Mine was accepted on the 26th and over the weekend the IRS website updated and I am now in approved status-states it is being dd by the 12th of Feb.
  • wow it took them that long. but thanks for responding i feel a little more at ease. bc its frustating to see people with the same filing date who has their taxes and i dont have mine.
  • Finally!! Accepted on the 28th..received a DD date of 02/12....just checked today...refund over 6K.
  • What time did you check I'm getting frustrated mine was accepted the 30 and still says processing. I have two kids its a simple return. Why is it taking so long.
  • My refund still says processing! No date as of yet!
  • This is ridiculous!
  • On the irs website its says still processing and I have no status bar why is this.
  • I did have a bar saying accepted then it changed to no bar anyone have this happen to them.
  • I was accepted on the 26th, but finally on this past Sat IRS website has me in approved status-states dd w/be tomorrow, 2/12-
  • No rentas I never seen that
  • We spoke to the irs and they said they are in the final stages of procesing our return that they will have almost all return done within the 21 days for people who efile. Smh. They encourage you to file early then scrutinize your taxes for doing it early. That's not fair. Feeeling sad no good valentine for me.;(
  • Does anyone know what time to check to see if your status is updated?
  • You have your refund yet rentas32
  • Do you have a due date yet
  • No still nothing starting to think I am never going to get mine this is ridiculous.
  • What day did you file
  • I filed jan 30 and was accepted on jan 31 my status says processing why is this happening.
  • Same here I was accepted feb 2nd and I haven't worked since dec 27th and I have a daughter so I understand truly how you may feels it's very exhausting trying to inquire about money you are looking forward to receiving
  • I just talked to a rep at the irs and she stated my refund wasn't accepted until feb 4th even though turbo tax said it was accepted on feb 2 so I'm now I'm really irritated
  • I was wondering did anyone get their federal yet? I still haven't and wmr still said processing I filed on jan 31 to call the irs yesterday and be told they received ot on feb 28 wtf. How is that I efiled on jan 31 and some how turbotax didn't sent it to the irs till the 28th a whole month after I filed. Now it say we have received your return and are processing your return. What does this mean. Should I get my money antime soon. Smh never turbo tax again and I want my money back.
  • I was told I was selected for review as well as other turbo tax customers so I will not be using them again

When you sign into TT and click  track my refund ...it asks if you received your fund..when you click "nope"..it takes you to a screen that gives you a timefram and at the top it says 0% have received their refund. 

I was wondering the same thing.

  • many have received rheirs. do not depend on turbo tax. go to irs.com website

We are thinking that there is a glitch in the program. 

  • I was accepted on the 31st and mine still says processing do I need to call have others who filed at that time received their refund? Getting frustrated.
  • Irs used to say accepted with the bar now there's no bar and says processing a refund date will be given when available. Does this mean I should get my refund soon or is this bad? Help never filed online before.
  • I've filed on line before but I'm frustrated as well
  • my dads was accepted the 31st & got his refund the 6th. my sons was accepted the 2nd & got his refund the 8th
  • So should I be worried there is something wrong. Its been twelve days since mine was accepted. Getting nervous.;(
  • Its been 9 days for mines...Ive just given up on a refund date showing on my wheres my refund
  • Yeah me too last year they delayed mine too. I don't know why we all pay our taxes and they make it easy on some people and the rest have to be stressed. A lot of people are getting their refund on the 12 th. I give up. Tried to track my state andvit says
  • I wonder when they actually update the system. My state says status unavailable through the online service I have to call does this mean theirs a problem.
  • It's been 10'days for me and I actually talked to a rep at the irs and he says he don't show anything wrong. The where's my refund site has yet to give me a DD date I'm
    Not checking it anymore I'm too frustrated to do so
  • rentas32...usually when it does that it means they are processing your return and usually within 24 hours it will appear again with bars and a DD.  I've used TT for the past few years and have always been accepted early, and received my refund pretty quick.  Same thing with this year, was accepted on 1/24 and but still no DD.  But in the past few years our DD never appeared on the IRS refund tracker, and it always said being processed even after we received our refund.
  • Have you went to the irs site Stacey bc I have and it still says processing but last year I got mine in 10 days but I wonder if we are last priority bc we did them ourselves
  • I checked the IRS site this morning and ours still say's it's processing.  The last few years we received our refund on the very first payout the irs did.  Last year we received our refund on Feb. 5.  It's not a matter of us doing them ourselves, it's just how they are processing them this year.  It states we should have our refund within 21 days of them receiving it, so the 14th would be 21 days since they received/accepted ours, but if they are going by when they started processing returns then it would be by 2/21.
  • Well if that's true my mother filed the 27th but won't get hers until the 12 however my best friend did the 2nd of feb and get hers today
  • Turbo tax's has not updated for me yet, but the IRS website seems to be updating (after a long wait period) I was accepted on the 26th, this past Sat was approved and states I will have a dd on 2/12-

im not understanding how friends i know that filed on feb 4. already have a date to when theres will be received.  i filed on feb 2nd and i still dont have a date on irs.gov.  so im still waiting for mine to be approved. does yours say approved yet?

  • same here i know people who have filed after me or on the same day as me and and has gotten their refund. its going to be 14 days on friday. but if i do receive it before then i will come back to the section and say i got it and how long it took me to receive it!!
  • You filed on the 2nd as well
  • I filed on the 29 was accepted on the 30...
  • Hey I got my state first and my federal still says processing.:  I got my state before my federal. Weird right.
  • Really when did they post it to your acct
  • When did they post it to your account smh I still have nothing waiting patiently though
  • Still no federal got my state Friday. Very weird.
  • At least you have something I still haven't received anything yet
  • So true Pinkey! So true! Something is better than NOTHING!
  • I'm grateful cause I was literally trying to borrow money Friday so it helped a lot. The 20 is 21 days s hope it comes this week.
  • I just don't get it bc this makes no sense but I hope we all have all refunds for federal by Friday in Jesus name bc I want and need mine
  • Toni do you have anything yet
  • No, and I feel like a person on drugs before a BIG paper! This crap really sucks. The 21st is my last day for the refund cycle, but I don't see a DDD as of now.
  • I am praying to for all of us its crazy I was accepted the 31 still nothing just says still processing. Why would I get my state and not my federal todays a holiday so maybe tomorrow.
  • Lmao tony I feel you On that and rentas32 I pray we all have it by Friday
  • I'm finally able to order transcripts with a cycle code 20140805
  • You still haven't gotten your returns bc I haven't either
  • No have not and I give up on checking cause it says still processing soni don't know I will never file early again.
  • Still no DDD. But now I have a 570 code; 5 actually on my acct. It means a hold with a 3/10/2014 date on it. My cycle code is 20140803.
  • Sorry guys, writing in the dark, I mean 2 code 570's.
  • How do u know or find the bank code mine was accepted on jan 31
  • So what do the codes mean and I was told I had a hold too up to march 11
  • It let me order my transcript but I don't have a refund smh
  • Rentas did you get your refund

Hello steveeck,

I am not sure where you are looking, but many Turbo Tax customers have received their refunds from the IRS, according to what we are being told. The refunds do not come from Turbo Tax, they come from the IRS.

I hope this helps answer your question.



  • It says 0% have received their refunds.  I know who issues the refunds.
  • I am sorry, what site are you seeing this information from please?
  • Turbo tax --when I check my status --there is a pie chart --says 0% of turbo tax customers have recueve a refund
  • Steveeeck, Let me check on the website and see if I receive the same error.
  • steveeck,  can you please forward me the link with the pie chart on it?   I would really appreciate it!
  • https://myturbotax.intuit.com/#refundTracker    Hit "No, Tell me more" and it says 0%
  • I think that is just the chart where it asks turbotax users if they have received their refunds yet. If no one says yes, then i'm guessing it would read 0%.
  • That may be it, however, I am still continuing to check in to it for you, if that is okay?
  • Ok just strange no one said they received a refund!
  • I agree !  We will figure it out!  :)
  • Okay steveeck!  We are not able to get into the pie chart you are seeing when you are logged in to TurboTax, it will not pull up for us.  I am told by management that the chart is not showing correctly.  There are many, many TT customers who have indeed received their refunds.  I wish that I could give you more information!  I hope this helps!  Have a great night!  Leesaj
  • It may be that people are not returning to the site to say they have received their refunds, but yes there are a lot of people who has received their refund. I was able to order my transcript so my dd is coming soon!
  • I Recieved my refund.. it did not let me in to say that I did
  • I received my refund but the chart still reads 0%.
  • Check the irs, where's my refund site-it is up to date--
I filed on the 31 and received my refund on the 7th.I have not been able to access the turbo tax refund tracker in the past couple of days.
    I filed on jan 30 and it was accepted on jan 31 and mine still says processing anyone receive a refund that filed on the 30 or 31?
    • I havent received mines either..filed on 30
    • Does your status say processing?
    • Is it possible to get your refund on a Monday?
    • We are only speaking of the refund not showing up on the refund tracker in Turbo Tax...... not about the actual refunds!!!   Sorry for any confusion.  :)
    • Filed and accepted on the 31st, still says being processed and no transcript of 2013 return as of 2/11/14.  Did Turbo  mess this up?
    • Wow I just can't believe this
    • Mine still says processing and I was accepted on the 31st. Why are some getting their refunds fast and people who filed early still are waiting
    • I am in same boat was accepted on the 30 been processing ever since I read somewhere that if you prefiled they are scrutinizing your return because a lot if fraudulent returns last year were turned in early so if anyone else has the same issue myself and other s have all I can day is be patient I have been researching this for days BC I know numerous people who have received a refund that filed after me
    • Do you have your refund yet
    • Did you get your refund I called the 800 number for the bank turbo tax uses and it says they received my dep. Now waiting for it to go in my netspend acct. Hopefully today. Call this number cause wmr still says approved. 1800-717-7228. Call and enter your imformation and it will tell you if they have received your check. Hope this helps.

    my refund was approved on jan 24 and I still have not received my refund it keeps saying we received and it is still being processed.  same thing happened last year

    • How long did it take you to get yours last year? Mines was approved on the 24th and is still processing last year I got it back faster
    • So did we.  Last year we were accepted on 1/24 also and received our refund 2/5.
    • I'm hoping it comes by Friday
    • When did you file
    • I filed on the 2nd so I think it will be on my card Friday which will be one of the best VDAY gifts ever LOL
    • I was accepted on the 31 and mine still says processing. Do they do deopsits everyday.
    • I talked to an irs rep I was told I wasn't actually accepted until the 28th even though TT said the 24th. He said it is updated daily
    • I filed on the 9th and it was accepted on the 28th
    • Did they say everything was ok with your return
    • Yea he said everything looked fine that there was no type of hold or offset he said it should be real soon that I hear something different so I'm just waiting
    • Well i called the irs and a lady was able to tell me that I have a pending DD of the 14.She told me to check on the 14 hopefully its in the account.but as far and wheremyrefund website i told her it wasnt showing it had got pasted refund accepted.so it will be only good news if i receive it on the 14 or if they give me and DD on the 14...
    • dont go by the tracker. check your bank daily. my sons was in his account for 3 days & didnt even know it cuz it still said it was processing,
    • Ok will do I spoke to the irs too they said the state was in the final stage of being processed I hope it comes fri that will be awesome
    • What's the number you guys used to actually talk to someone. I have been trying to get a live person and I have been unsuccessful
    • When did you file meisha.anise?
    • i filed on the 29 got accepted on the 31..as of today it showing a deposit date for the 14..
    • Which number did you call
    • Lol they finally updated it for you. I know you are happy
    • Does yours say approved on the IRS site yet meisha
    • Did they update for you rentas32
    • No still nothing feeling sad I have two small kids and bills why can't they do mine already was accepted on the 31. Smh
    • I'm still waiting hopefully it comes this week
    • I hope so as well. I just found out I was actually was accepted on the 4th not the 2nd. So dmgregory86 your 21 days is approaching
    • I no longer have bars it just says will get refund soon ugh
    • That is so crazy I would be irate how many days has it been 21
    • Not till the 21st day
    • Filed on the 25th, accepted on the 28th. I still haven't received my DD refund. I will never file early ever again. This is total [removed]. I'm seriously considering moving to Canada.
    • Do you all have your refund
    I have received my refund too wanted to update but won't let me
    Filed 1/30
    Accepted 1/31
    DDD 2/10
    DDR 2/08

      it says my refund was sent to my bank but its not in my account. i cant get to my banking router number page.


        troy harris jr when will I receive my return harry6909 4026512053

          I filed on the 5th and got my federal yesterday. Just waiting in state.
          • I filed on 5th also and irs site says still processing...turbotax estimate date is 2/25
          • This is crazy I can't believe this
          • And still nothing
          • Me neither
          • Well I talked to the IRS and they say I'm not getting mines till 60 fuckn days...so Iasked was it something I input wrong they said No its just there reviewing it I can't believe this I will never efile using turbotax again....Has anyone actually called irs to see what they say I want to kno. If I'm they only one
          • Well I talked to the IRS and they say I'm not getting mines till 60 fuckn days...so Iasked was it something I input wrong they said No its just there reviewing it I can't believe this I will never efile using turbotax again....Has anyone actually called irs to see what they say I want to kno. If I'm they only one
          • Well I talked to the IRS and they say I'm not getting mines till 60 fuckn days...so Iasked was it something I input wrong they said No its just there reviewing it I can't believe this I will never efile using turbotax again....Has anyone actually called irs to see what they say I want to kno. If I'm they only one
          • This is exactly what they told me so no turbo tax will not get my business after this year I will go to a tax preparer
          • Wow I feel u
          • Have you received a letter or anything yet
          • I received a letter dated the 24th of Feb
          • No letter they said when did I file I said jan 31 they said they didn't get till feb28 now my status says they received it so how long does it usually take after they recieve it.
          • Well finally after six weeks my refund status finally says approved and theirs a date so we will see.  But very happy hopefulyy I'll get it soon
          • That's great I still haven't received my federal yet but I have received my state which is so strange but I'm told that's done by two diff departments
          • What was you letter for dmegregory86
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