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    Unfortunately not necessarily. I called last year and was told I had no offsets but owed back federal taxes. They deducted those and gave me the smidgen remaining. Waiting to see what kind of surprises they have in store for me this year.  

    • patsfan1917   Was that your only option, because I have an offset from back taxes and was wondering if I can make an arrangment to avoid only receiving a smidgen of my refund because I am financially in need of the$$$. Please respond
    • Unfortunately for me that was my only option. They will automatically take what you owe and give you the remaining balance. If you have a state refund coming watch that one too. They took my state last year and it was not needed. Due to a move I did not receive the offset notice and realized this year federal owed me that state money back. To my surprise when I checked online transcripts it says they are sending me that state refund back this year as well. I wish you luck. I know how frustrating this is. I am still paying off back state taxes this year but will finally be done owing. My issue all stemmed from an audit in 2010 and it has taken the last 3 years to straighten it out. Good Luck.
    • Thanks, I never received the offset letter because my residence has changed since last year. On the IRS.gov site my refund shows that the back taxes has been taken it. I have no clue for what other than it was my 2011 return, which is when I started doing my own taxes through turbotax.I hate this happened to me, but I appreciate you sharing your experience.
    • Go online and look at your transcripts for those years. You will see what they applied. That's how I found my credit for overpayment. They don't show it on 2013 but it showed on the account transcript from 2010. Check all your transcripts for the past 3 years and you should find it.
    • @patsfan1917 how long of a delay did owing federal cause you?
    • none whatsoever. I had an offset last year and no delay either. hope this helps you.
    • what is the tax offset phone number, to check if I'm on it?
    • 800) 304-3107
    • keep in mind mine did not show up as I had a FEDERAL tax debt. Others will show. hth
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