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Where's my refund status change!

The orange status bars are gone and now it just says Refund is still being processed, a date will be given when available!!   What is going on???!!!

Anyone else having this issue?  Does it mean we are under review?  ..

  • So called IRS today and nothing!  They said they cannot even see anything until 21 days out.  IRS website STILL says, refund being processed , a date will be provided when available.   Still NO orange status bars.. have no idea what is going on.. At the mercy of the IRS and waiting...
  • I'm getting something only have one bar and recording still says they receive my return and is being process been like that is jan 27
  • I to was in the same boat this year filed with turbotax on 1/20 accepted 1/27. My orange bars dissappeared 1/28. Called IRS nothing! Contacted a IRS ADVOCATE and he explained that I was fine with my return just in a back log. Anyway my status changed and updated on 2/8 and my bars are back with a MESSAGE Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 13, 2014.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 18, 2014, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.

Hey hopieragen,

I'd be happy to assist you.

I understand that you have a question about the IRS "Where's My Refund" link yesterday it was down until about 7pm and was working till early this morning but is now down again.

So it could be just because that link isn't working which you can still call the IRS hotline and get a Direct Deposit date by clicking on the link provided below:


Hope this helps.

Thank you for being the best part of TurboTax.


  • whats going on getting very frustrated with this system everyone is getting a date and been accepted since 27 and still no change this is crazy everyone that applied after me and still gts a date I'm not
  • Same here. I filled early with Turbo Tax and got accepted on the 26th. Now I am still "Processing" and it has been over 10 days. People who have filed after me already have their money coming and I am really disappointed. Nothing has changed with my filling status in the past four years. I’m not too happy right now.
  • me also...I filed jan 19th, accepted 1-26 and still nothing....Im getting worried....wonder if anyone else excepted 1/26 is having this problem...Maybe our pile from 1/26 got set somewhere...its hard to say, but PLEASE HURRY UP!!!
  • I think there is a problem and that Turbo Tax in not telling us. It's only for people who were accpeted the 26th-28th that are having this issue. Please tell me who my mother filed and was accpeted yeaterday and today she already got her DDD but yet mine has been "Processing" for 12 days now. That means someone screwed up big time.
  • I am in the same situation, accepted 1/26 and sitting at 1 bar for over a week now with no ddd.  I think it would be nice if turbo tax would at least post an update on the status of our returns.  Since they did go ahead and release them early and not with everyone else, we should be informed of why our returns (because of the early acceptance) are not being handled in the same manner as everyone else.
  • I differently agree with you wish there is way to speak to turbo tax about this
  • same here mine got accepted on the 26th and still nothing my mother in law did hers on the 31st and got hers today..i wonder whats going on and I try calling the irs but all I get is an automated system..i wonder what is going on
  • It's not just the 26th.  Mine was accepted on the 25th and I'm in the same [removed] boat.
  • Mine was accepted on 1/31 and had the status bar and now it''s gone! I was kind of worried but at least Im not the only one and if their having technical difficulties that makes me feel better!
  • Thousands of us who were "Accepted" on the 26th are clearly having a problem and Turbo Tax is not giving us any answers. All we are getting from TT is that once it leaves TT system it is in the IRS’s hands. Well I called the IRS yesterday and they are saying it could have been an issue with the tax preparers getting the correct information over to the IRS. That yes, we are right, it is NOT usual for taxes to be processing for 13+ days and still have no word. I was so happy that I was able to get an IRS agent on the line that was willing to help me. Now, we want answers from Turbo Tax. WHAT HAPPENED OR WHAT IS GOING ON. Time to fess up Turbo Tax.
  • I am also in the same boat however I spoke with a Tax advocate today and he informed me ( by actually) looking at my return and telling me that i have no errors, offsets, or red flags. and that the day the IRS accepted my return ( 1/27) they recieve THOUSANDS  of returns and it turned into a back log. He also informed me that education credits ( which I have ) have nothing to do with the message I am getting as well as the bars disappearing. He informed me that it is in fact still processing and that there is a WEEK delay with MY return and I most likely will see a change by next friday 1/14  or sooner and a DD will follow soon after and to check with the bank.
  • I too spoke to tax advocate also and they told me the same thing so i am going to be patient and see what happens by next friday
  • I did mine 2/4. The orange is bar is gone today that showed being processed? It doesn't even show that I will receive it in 21 days like it did yesterday? I am confused, I have never had this to happen before. I paid almost 100 bucks to get my taxes done, and I have not received any updates from Turbo Tax since it was accepted!
  • i had same problem it too over week before they approve me i was in processing since jan 27 just be patient
  • Has anyone had a change that was accepted on the 26th?  Mine is still processing..
  • yes i was accepted jan 27 finally had the second bar approve and has dd of feb 12
  • I to was in the same boat this year filed with turbotax on 1/20 accepted 1/27. My orange bars dissappeared 1/28. Called IRS nothing! Contacted a IRS ADVOCATE and he explained that I was fine with my return just in a back log. Anyway my status changed and updated on 2/8 and my bars are back with a MESSAGE Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 13, 2014.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 18, 2014, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
  • I feel better....a little
  • OMG.. Thought I was tripping but now I know Turbotax screwed a lot of us this year. My return was accepted Jan. 29th and the bars disappeared Saturday only giving a generic message. Good luck with getting any information out of the IRS and Turbotax is pissing me off with the quoted responses to the problem they created. I’ve used Turbotax faithfully for 5 years and this will be the last time. Very disappointed! It’s my money and I need it NOW!
  • Amen businesslady08... I feel the same way
  • I was told that it was an actual IRS error and turbotax users aren't the only people who were affected. This came from the IRS, I finally called my tax advocate who was able to get me my direct deposit date. My refund showed processed and sent to my bank and then went back to processing. Apparently the IRS did this to a lot of people and they never actually even processed the returns.
  • Well that's odd becywhen I called tax advocate she gave me the wait 21 days speech. Yesterday, IRS told me I was in review but WMR doesn't say anything like that! This is so frustrating
  • Hi Desiree,
    Did you ever get a DD date
  • shesings- did you talk to the advocate or the customer service? I talked to customer service and they told me they couldnt tell me anything until 2/21 but when I sent a request to the taxpayers advocate they called me back and told me they are able to access a different system that the general customer service cannot. They were able to give me my direct deposit date.
  • I just spoke to tax advocate and she refused to go in my account. She said to call back on the 21st!! She was rude and wouldn't let me ask my question! I'm so frustrated!!
  • How do you contact a taxpayer advocate? Never had this issue before. Is it a line you call rare they someone you hire or how does that work? Im so anxious and ready for a sure date!! Lol
  • Or are they** Sorry!
  • Thank You for being the best part of TurboTax my [removed] . What the hell is going on with our returns??????? TurboTax has really screwed things up. Neva again.
  • So I just got some very interesting info.
     If the account has a TC 971, AC 052 posted, normal processing time will increase by two cycles as this action causes the return to re-sequence for two cycles. If the account has a TC 971, AC 152 posted, normal processing time will increase by one cycle as this action causes the return to re-sequence for one cycle. If the taxpayer asks why the processing time was increased tell them the return was randomly selected for additional review. Do not mention IVO (previously AMTAP), CI, etc.
  • The IRS reps have been told to tell people they are in "review" insead of telling the truth which is a lot of people who filed early were in a system that crashed so we have been resequenced. Fingers crossed!! I heard our date will end up being 2/24. I hope not because I got major bills due next week but the 24th is better than April which is what some are being told!
  • So what is one "cycle"? A week?
  • Yes. A cycle is one week.
  • When I spoke to the advocate she told me that the general customer service really cant view anything. But she did tell me that it showed my refund was set to be sent on 2/18 and I shouldn't get it any later than 2/21. When I check wheres my refund it went from refund sent to back to processing but I dont get any error code when I check it. There isnt even the normal bar status.
  • I was told though to keep checking every day because it might go out sooner.
  • So what date did wmr give you initially?
  • Initially I was given the 2/6 date and it even stated it was sent to my bank. I called after a few days when it was not received. On 2/10 my status went back to: we have received your refund and it is in progress. The tax advocate gave me a date even though wmr doesnt show it and the customer service cant check anything.
  • Here is the link to find your local advoate http://www.irs.gov/uac/Contact-a-Local-Taxpayer-Advocate    I filled out the form I found online at the IRS check this link http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f911.pdf  and faxed it to my local office. I had a call within the hour, just make sure you explain on there that they are causing your family a financial hardship and why. I was told by my advocate that they will hold onto my request and if I dont have my refund by 2/21 to call her back.
  • I called an advocate on Tuesday and she was beyond rude! She wouldn't even let me ask my question! She kept saying you need to wait 21 days!
    I called because IRS rep told me I was under a 45 day review. I freaked out because my last day of work is 2/28 and unemployment doesn't kick in right away so I need that money to pay my rent and take care of my kids. I'm a single mom with NO financial support from my ex. I just broke down in tears and hung up on her. I really don't understand people like that!!
    Anyway, I hear what happened to u is happening a lot to people. :(
  • Im not sure what area you live in maybe there is another advocate office you can call? The lady I got was so nice and the advocates dont work for the IRS so they are supposed to be there to help. I had the option of calling Los Angeles County or Laguna Nigel and Laguna was a little closer to me and I figured LA would be horrible haha.

    But complete the form and find a different office and fax it there. Put all of that on the form they are supposed to be our help to fight the IRS not make it harder.
  • Thanks. Yeah I live in orange county. I called The 1877 #. I bet I was speaking to someone in the LA office!! LOL
  • Hi Shesings,
     what going on with your taxes? Any good news, nothing has changed for me.
  • Still no info on WMR. So I called tax advocate and she told me it would be direct deposited on 2/20. I'll believe it when I see it. Next year I'm filing in April! Probably get it the next day! LOL
  • I just received my transcript and got a cycle code of 20140705 which should be 2/20, so maybe your advocate was correct. Finally!
  • Hey thanks for the updates. Hey shesings that is great news!!!! maybe that is a good sign for all of the Jan. 28ers

OMG.. Thought I was tripping but now I know Turbotax screwed a lot of us this year. My return was accepted Jan. 29th and the bars disappeared Saturday only giving a generic message. Good luck with getting any information out of the IRS and Turbotax is pissing me off with the quoted responses to the problem they created. I’ve used Turbotax faithfully for 5 years and this will be the last time. Very disappointed! It’s my money and I need it NOW! Bottom of Form


  • Turbo tax did mess up this year this has never happened n it sucks we submit it early so we can be with the first batch but now we just get set back...all we can do is wait..
  • I want my money too..
  • I feel the same way never usin they [removed] again it's almost some [removed] and they don't even help
  • I agree
  • no for real ,it not turbo tax once you filed and got accept ,it was than out of turbo tax hands,i got accept on 1/31 and its stilll processing,i file my daughter last week she has got approved as of today with a date for the 20th,i was able to order transcript and i also got my state,its the irs and there delays and also  we are confusing the system,wait a couple of days before you check the wmr

So called IRS today and They said they cannot even see anything until 21 days out.  IRS website Still says, refund being processed , a date will be provided when available.  Orange status bars have NOT returned.. have no idea what is going on.. At the mercy of the IRS and waiting...

  • I spoke with a Tax advocate today and he informed me ( by actually) looking at my return and telling me that i have no errors, offsets, or red flags. and that the day the IRS accepted my return ( 1/27) they recieve THOUSANDS  of returns and it turned into a back log. He also informed me that education credits ( which I have ) have nothing to do with the message I am getting as well as the bars disappearing. He informed me that it is in fact still processing and that there is a WEEK delay with MY return and I most likely will see a change by next friday 1/14  or sooner and a DD will follow soon after and to check with the bank.
  • Thanks Rita28.
  • My return was accepted on 1/26 and I received my direct deposit this morning. Hope everyone else did too.
  • I too was accepted on jan 27 my refund was finally approved got a dd date for feb 12 I hope everyone got there's
  • I to was in the same boat this year filed with turbotax on 1/20 accepted 1/27. My orange bars dissappeared 1/28. Called IRS nothing! Contacted a IRS ADVOCATE and he explained that I was fine with my return just in a back log. Anyway my status changed and updated on 2/8 and my bars are back with a MESSAGE Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 13, 2014.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 18, 2014, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
  • Still nothing here :( Accepted 1/26, no DDD, no transcripts, no WMR bars. This sucks.
  • I was accepted 1/31 bars disappeared on 2/6 and reappeared on 2/9 saying a DD was scheduled for 2/13.
  • Accepted 1/29 no ddd. My friend accepted 2/2 her ddd is 2/12. My sister accepted 2/3 her ddd is 2/12 same with my cousin and boyfriend. None of them used tt!!! I think Turbo Tax is the problem!
  • I think the same thing shesings cuz I filed 1/30 accepted 1/31 no bars since Saturday and yet to have a ddd
  • It is them I will NEVER use them again my sis used hrb excepted on the 3rd with a dd for 2/12 this is bs n don't bother calling them they are full of [removed]
  • I KNOW that's right! They will lose business!
  • now I know why I used HRB previous years
  • I got approved it says the Made changes and are mailing the check? I asked for dd. and the estimated mail date changes ever morning. Has anyone else experienced this
  • Same here....any improvement yet?
  • I'm so [removed] off I can't stand it.  I filed the 17th, was accepted the 25th, and still haven't moved past the first bar.  I'm really getting sick and tired of seeing others who filed after me already spending theirs when I can't even find out when I will ever see mine.
  • I feel u 100% Then when u call IRS they basically tell you you're lying when you tell them of all the people who have received their refund before you! Or worse is they pull some dumb [removed] excuse that makes no [removed]  sense out of their [removed] !! I'm [removed] ! Had to borrow money just to go to work this morning! The IRS is playing with people's lives and not giving honest accurate info! This is driving me nuts!!!
  • Did you have direct deposit?
  • I spoke to someone yesterday who told me that even though I filed on the 27th - it wasn;t accepted until the 4th! and that is why my orange status bars went missing. Have no idea what is going on... Cannot get an answer....
  • I was told mine was accepted on 1/29 then 1/30 then 1/31 by 3 different IRS agents! They are ALL FULL OF [removed]!
  • mine is supposed to be put on a netspend card if they ever will get around to it!   Grrrr and now I'm locked out of wmr for 22 more hours cause I've checked so often!  FML
  • I'm having mine deposited on my NetSpend too! Right! When they stop playing with our money! I'm sooooooo frustrated!!
  • Just checked wmr  and it up and running, but i still don't have but one bar. This makes 14 days without a DD date. help!!!!!
  • I am also having direct deposit on my netspend, just like you said when they stop playing these mind games
  • I think that when Turbo Tax told us that we were accepted on these certain days is just BULLS!!!!!!!. I keep losing the status bar and getting it back and I also think that for us that filed before the 31st is just in a world of sh----t. People that have been accepted above the 28th are getting approved and getting DD dates, Hell I can't even order my transcripts.
  • I hear u! I didn't have any issues last year BUT the year before I did file with TT and I remember my money was not there when WMR said it would be! I'm NEVER filing with turbo tax again!!!!
  • Have you gotten any good news about ur refund?
  • OK!!! now my status bar has left the building again!!!!
  • Nope!! Nothing!! I hate this! Keep posted on your progress!
  • Hi shesings,
     I was hoping and praying that there would be some change this morning, Nothing!! although the status bar is showing again with no progress. What about you, any good news?
  • Nope. Nothing at all. :(
  • Same here. Still waiting. This is pissing me offfffffffff!
  • I guess we just have to be patient, patience as some one says; " Is a Virtue" What ever that means?

  • Yeah, I know how you feel!! especially when folks have filed after us are getting their refunds and I am still stuck on the first bar and not able to get my refund transcript. Hang in there!!!!!!
  • Being patient isn't the problem.... It's the NOT knowing that is killing me!
  • If they would just give us a freaking due date so that I know everything is ok, I would be fine.  I wouldn't care waiting if I knew for fact I was getting my money.
  • Exactly missy.... I have had no bars for almost a week now... No answers
  • Well it's Thursday morning and still ain't heard, seen, or been told [removed]!  Has anyone had any luck with contacting a Tax Advocate?  I spoke with the regular IRS and all they would tell me is that they didn't see any holds on my account.  Then I got the 21 day spiel again.  The passed the spending bill last night which is supposed to help pay the income tax returns so when are they going to get to it?   Anyone have any good news this morning?
  • Mine has not changed either... Total and utter bs ... Never has it been this long and had no answers
  • No luck, once again. So frustrated!
  • I know the definitely update on Saturday and I believe Sunday. Hopefully something by then. This is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS
  • Wow! Called the irs 3 times. No one would look up the account because it hasn't been 21 days yet. One lady claim the irs didn't start accepting return until January 31,2014. And I filed January 22 accepted Jan 28 through tt. This is some total b$$ls$#t.
  • Not me! Haven't heard anything!! If we haven't heard anything by Thursday we should ALL call at the same time and cause a ruckus!!! This is unbelievable!
  • This is utterly unbelievable! If ya read other threads there's people that got theirs that filed after us... They want no phone calls but this seems to be givin more calls then anything! TURBOTAX WORKERS WE WANT ANSWERS NOW THIS IS BS...
  • Yes turbotax we want answers, this is happening to a lot of us and don't give us that BS answer to check WMR and all the other BS links you've posted - we've all googled this to death and you're not helping us at all
  • i cant even get ahold of an irs agent anymore now it just says in an automated message that my refund is being processed and i originally got a ddd of 2/6 it is now 2/20 and i dont even have one bar on the wmr  can anyone help
  • I filed on 2/4. TT shows that 92 % who filed by the 4th have got their refund?
  • Hope for everyone, it looks like the glitch may have been a direct deposit issue. I just got my refund in the mail today even though I sent my return with direct deposit info. I double checked my account and routing and everything I sent was correct. When I check WMR it says my return is in process! It still has not changed even though I have a check now.
  • And the check was sent out on the cycle date that my transcript stated.
  • That's crazy!  Glad u got it!  What was your cycle date?
  • And did you transcript show the 846 code that the refund was issued?
  • I checked my transcript and I dont see any code like that, just the cycle date. I had 2 pieces of mail from the IRS today, one was a letter that stated my bank would not honor my deposit and that I would receive a paper check in 3-4 weeks, and that letter was dated March 3,2014!!!!Dated for a date that hasnt even happened yet. And the 2nd was my refund, went straight to the bank and they stated that they never got a request to deposit and that info I gave out to the IRS was correct. My cycle date was 20140601- which would have been a date of 2/18/14 and that is when they mailed my check out.
  • And Wheres My Refund? thats a joke, says my process was received and is being processed! And Ive already cashed the check, hopefully everyone can get answers tomorrow, since the IRS keeps quoting 21 days and that would be today so theyll open up the system tomorrow.
  • mjdmuratalla  you are the 2nd person tonight that has said that exact same thing!!  what the hell is going on?  "They" say that when you go online and check your transcript, if it has code 846 w/the refund amount (at bottom of transcript) that it means your refund was issued.
  • Can anyone tell me what the request and response date mean at the top of the transcript? Mine was for today2/20?
  • The date you requested the transcript and the date the its responded. I guess
  • That's what I got out of mines
  • Mine was accepted Feb 1st still nothing but crabs can't turbo tax do anything to help or answer questions cause IRS just a run around its Feb 21st nothing yet my family all did theres and friend and some were very difficult they got theres right away just want to know what the B.S my money
  • So i checked my transcript online today and it has code 846 refund issued 3/10/14 - so something is processing and at least I have a tentative date now - STILL nothing on WMR, no bars just generic message
  • Where is the 846 code at? Mine shows a processing date of 2/24/14? But I did not see an 846 anywhere.
  • The 846 is usually the last number on bottom left under all of the other codes, 846 means refund issued,
  • I also had the same issue, I filed on Jan 30th, approved on Jan 30th with a refund date of Feb 20th.  I called this morning and they stated they just received my return today, which is Jan 21st. She stated for some people who filed early it kicked our returns back and somehow there system didn't get updated on those returns. I was [removed], but she stated nothing was wrong with my return and that I should have an update on the system this weekend.
  • Does anyone know what the error code 122 stands for. I received that code when trying to order my transcript.
  • I had no status update on WMR, no 846 code on my transcript, a processing date of 20140601, and got my refund via DD this morning. I think things are rather random over there at the IRS to say the least!    Shorty, I tried to look up what the 122 error code is, the IRS site has something for it but it is really difficult to translate what they are talking about! I just hope you and everyone still waiting will not have to wait much longer with these nuts!
  • what in the world LOL very crazy dj082167 but am glad you got it!!
  • I was just on the phone for over hour and half talked to two people one being an "account specialist" got two different answers one sais two weeks one said 45 days but both did say if got no letters that's a good thing
  • thanks deb!  I hope yours shows up very very soon!
  • Was there a processing date on the transcript? Mine shows 20140605 with a processing date if 2/24
  • thanks dj082167, I'm totally confused now. I just called them about my transcript, and I asked her about my refund again. She told me I needed to send in a copy of my E-file that I filed with turbotax because they couldn't post my refund because of missing documents...I'm like what and then tells me I will have to wait 6 to 8 weeks before I get my refund... So over [removed] IRS and there BS this year.
  • taxes2103, that is exactly the same as on my transcript, except this AM (after talking to them yesterday) code 846 is on transcript and says refund issued - who the heck knows, maybe I will wake up tomorrow with my refund, doubt it but never know
  • I'm so irritated with this! I will never use TT again!
  • Looks like everyone has resolved their tax issue.No one has updated lately
  • not me still says the same still processing date will be available when done B.S. since Feb 1st
  • Can you guys order your transcripts and do you have a bunch of codes on your transcripts?
  • I checked wmr on Saturday and mine is supposed to be deposited by 2/26. Also u can order them or view them online either one.
  • That's great@taxes2013. Still waiting here as well. Still no transcripts available. Well the account one was blank. And return still unavailable. Processing since Jan 28. No nothing. My relative was processing orange bar disappeared for about a week. With status still processing. Then she received a letter stating that her 2013 overpayment has been applied to taxes owed in 2011 Called the offset number and they said she had no debts. Really? I Guess!
  • so ordered my transcript and says no taxes on file what is this about they say processing so they received them
  • same with me so what is this all about do we have to worry and who is screwing up sick of it
  • Well just hung up from the its and they stated that my return is unprocessible. Huh? Really are you kidding me? It was accepted on February 2 2014. I have to wait up to 8 weeks for it to become processible. Nothing I need to do on my part they say. Wtf TT has messed up my return. Never again
  • that sound B.S how not processable now but can later
  • Exactly! I'm going to call again to see if I get a different answer like some most taxpayers. This my first time hearing this bs
  • How can my return be una
    ble to process
  • I am so mad no one will help not the IRS not advocate and even turbo tax what the hell its my money can anyone answer this
  • Turbo tax needs to step up and talk to us honestly too
  • Right! Your 21 days up? I myself and 2 others I know have no orange bars. The IRS told me when I called that my return is not processible and their trying to make it processible. 1 friend of mines has no bar just the processing message and they sent her a letter saying they took her return for taxes owed in 2011.Another friend has no orange bar and was told that he has to verify some information on the return. So with orange bars being missing I take that as an issue with the return. All filed TT.
  • WTF
  • If you have the time I would continue to call the irs to se if you come across someone to help you. This is horrible
  • darion you haven't had any changes????  My bars FINALLY updated with a DD of 2/26, only after hounding them!!
  • @deb.null yayyyyyyy finally woo happy for you. No luck here. Bout to contact the tax advocate this is totally ridiculous.No Nothing ughhhh very frustrating
  • We will see if it actually happens!!!  What has the IRS been telling you darion??  Can you order transcripts etc yet??
  • Was told under review
  • Ughhhhhhhh
  • Mine was accepted Feb 1st and is March 4th still says processing and date will be available when available so nothing yet over 21 days sick of waiting nothing in mail either wth
  • I have a dd march 12 thank god my return was finnaly approved
  • Still nothing Brittany what date did they accept yours
  • Mine was Feb 1 and still processing
  • The 28th
  • mine was Feb 1st hope soon
  • glad Brittney you are going to get yours did you get thru to IRS and say anything to you
  • After I verified my identity 5 days later my bars reappeared saying approved with a dd of tomorrow
  • I never received anything to verify anything so what the heck
  • I got a letter today and verify. Hope get soon
  • That's good u should check back with the site in at least 5 data after u verify u should be getting a dd
  • Verified last Tuesday and still don't have a date for deposit what the hell pissing me off did you call and verify or on website
Was just able to order my return transcripts with a cycle code of 20140705, which is said to be either DDD of Wednesday 2/19 or Thursday 2/20
  • found this on another forum for those who are finally receiving transcripts:

    Reference for those of you that are processed : Add 4 business days onto your cycle day for DDD
    Sample=20140605 is Thursday+4 business days=Wednesday 2/12 as your anticipated DDD
    20140602 = monday 2/3
    20140603 = tuesday 2/4
    20140604 = wednesday 2/5
    20140605 = thursday 2/6
    20140701 = friday 2/7

    20140702= monday 2/10
    20140703= tuesday 2/11
    20140704= wednesday 2/12
    20140705= thursday 2/13
    20140706= friday 2/14

    Dont forget, ADD FOUR BUSINESS DAYS! My cycles 20140705, so hoping for refund by 2/19!!
  • The 20th is for 20140705
  • How do u get those numbers? Like 20140705? Where are they located?
  • It's about [removed] time!!! I am happy to report I FINALLY have a DDD! I'm officially part of club 2/20!!! *Doing the cabbage patch* oh yeah oh yeah!!! LOL
  • taxes2103 irs.com/gettranscripts ... if you can view your 2013 transcript ..  make sure allow pop ups for irs site.. on the pages that pop up of your tax return it will have a code number
  • Mine is 20140605? So what is the date for that?
  • As I have been reading should have been the 12th
  • Hey ! that's great news, I am truly happy for you, shesings
  • It shows mine processing on 2/24/14.
  • When you say processing, what do you mean? Has it been approved and you have DD date for 2/24/14
  • It shows that on the transcript.
  • Good luck taxes2103!!! At least you were able to get your transcripts, I have been stuck on the first bar since the 28th and still can't order my transcripts
  • Hey guys you can get your transcript immediately online. You just need to create a login at the link below


    Also as I have done some research the cycle dates are a week off. My date was 20140601 which would mean that my check would deposit on the first day of the 6th cycle in 2014 which is 2/10/14, I was told that it is actually 2/17/14 for me and due to the holiday it will deposit the next day.

    When it asks you which type of transcript you need just say it is for school. It will automatically open it in a pop up pdf.
  • thank you!  in pure IRS fashion i jumped through all the hoops to sign up and was informed there was a technical issue and to try later.  sighhhh!  hopefully i can get some good news tomorrow with this thank you!
  • I got the same technical response when I tried from my phone but tried from a pc 10 minutes later and was able to sign in.
  • This whole situation should be illegal, we received falsified acceptance dates when irs wasn't even accepting returns. No one is really trying to help because we're all getting the runaround. This is my last time using TT and this is far from over even when I finally get my $. I'm beyond [removed] at this point!!
  • I have the same 20140601 cycle date as you, MJD, so that should be 2-18?  i am hoping but we shall see!
  • I don't understand these dates what is 20140605?
  • I know its confusing I had to google it. So here is how it goes. 2014/06/05 so that is the year 2014, the cycle 6 and the 5th day of the week. The cycles started a week late so that would be next week and the 5th day would be the 20th. 2/20/2014. Hope this helps.
  • I also dont get why everyone is mad at Turbo Tax, they dont process taxes the IRS does. Once it is submitted they are done, I found other forums on this where people who used H&R Block are having the same problem. It looks like they got so many returns accepted early this year it was just one more thing our government couldnt handle.
  • Thanks!!
  • MJD when you go onto WMR does it give you the generic message "your return has been received and is being processed"? Mine does so curious on your end since we have the same cycle date. I can't imagine getting my refund on Tuesday if there is no status update for me at this point...

The 1-800 number is down also, due to technical difficulties.


    same problem and everyone else I know got theres or a date and they were after me


    • When I check it on turbo tax it shows before the 25th. Then on the irs transcript it shows processing the 24th. So I have no clue the orange bar is not back on the wmr yet. Also I have friend who used free tax USA filed on the first and got hers the 10th! I will never use Tt again! I called customer service and he was a waste of space, told I would receive an email from him of what we talked about! Nothing yet!
    • My 21 days are up this Thursday. Still no DD,still processing orange status bar disappeared for almost 2 weeks. Can't order transcripts can't get answers from the its til after 21 days. Filed January 22 accepted January 28. Simple 1040ez. Now WTF IS GOING ON?? !!!
    • Same scenario we have.  I would just like answers that's all.  Please keep us posted if you get a date or your bars come back at this point since no one will help or inform us all we can do is rely on what happens to others in our situation
    • Same here
    • I will post updates if anything changes and if I can get any answers from the IRS cause this is just beyond ridiculous.
    • Yes some answers would be real nice. Instead of us just left being clueless to what's going on with our returns. And TT is no help at all.  My second year using them.Filed Feb 9 last year received my refund in 10 days no problem.i bet next year won't be using TT. "I DONT HAVE THE WAITING TO DO".
    • Still nothing.
    • Still nothing
    • I did find out today that if you filed thru TT you can go to https://cisc.sbtpg.com/ and check there to see if TT Bank has received your refund to issue.
    • Anyone status change?
    • Nope I'm beyond mad!
    • Nope nothing no answers no changes grr
    • This doesn't make any since at all. I'm bout to make a few calls to see if I can get any answers.
    • Good luck and please let us know!!!
    • Sorry so late getting back to update. I haven't been able to get any information at all today. Told to call back tomorrow by Two different irs reps really? Oh I can't wait til in the morning.
    Filed and accepted on 1 Feb and my status is still processing. This is ridiculous all my co-workers that filed a week after me with sources other than TurboTax have received their funds. It's been 17 days what's the deal?
    • Going on day 21 for me on Thursday. Still NOTHING
    • Have u checked your transcript yet?
    • Yes going on day 21 for me too - my transcript has last weeks cycle code on it so I don't even know what the deal is.
    • Is there a processing date on there? Also when u long into TT does it show u a date as of when u should get it by?
    • My processing date on my transcript says 2.24.14 - TT says i should receive by 2.21.14
    • I have a cycle code from last week like Deb does, but I don't have a processing date on mine. I assume it would be labeled as "processing date" and not worded differently?
    • Still can't order transcript. Was able to order account transcript over a week ago by mail. And on tt it said I would of received refund by 2/21
    • No DD on tt would be on 2/20 not 2/21
    • turnerb089 thats the same scenario I'm in.  dj082167 I can't get any answers from anyone :(
    • Mine says the same thing turnerb089 but it is highly unlikely
    • I called TT today. The girl I talked to was nice. She couldn't tell much but she said I should have mine by 27th. Although the system shows before 25th. I paid almost 100 bucks to get them done. I am getting a refund for that. Her supervisor approved it right away which I found odd!  We will see I guess! She also gave me the bank number where the money will come from. I do believe that a lot of other people have got their money because there is not many posting now. I told her that I had never had this happen before!
    • What number did you call?
    • 866 888 2402
    • Ok here's an update on mines. I received my account transcripts in the mail today. Just got them. Only to find out that. Its totally blank stating Return Not Present for this account and the code explanation of transaction says No Tax Return Filed. No cycle no date no amount. Reallllllly are you kidding me???
    • And I had a total of 5 account transcripts stating the same thing which is nothing. Dated 2/6,2/8,2/8,2/11 and 2/12. Wonder why so many. So in other words I take it my return hasn't even been looked at. WTH is going on??
    • Ok 24 min wait on TT - I am so [removed] off at TT, the first guy I talked to at TT wasted 10 mins of my time only to transfer me for the 24 min wait
    • See they playin too much.
    • So I got thru to Turbo Tax who told me my return was accepted 1/28 and to call the IRS - are you effin kidding me?  I'm about to punch someone in the throat
    • Wowwww!  deb.null this is really crazy. Beyond crazy at that. And the irs will not give us any information until after our expected DD. I feel TurboTax is to blame. I have 3 relatives that filed TurboTax  as well and they are still waiting. Status bar disappeared and only the still processing message. Really TurboTax??
    • I think it is a TT issue too.  I literally talked to 3 different people at TT support and each gave me 3 different acceptance dates!!  One said it was accepted 1/21 and I didn't even upload it to TT until 1/27!  They kept saying it can take up to 21 days and I said uhh according to your records it's been 21 days that's when they told me to call IRS or check WMR website I finally just hung up
    • Ridiculous AF. I have 2 acceptance dates one say Jan 22 and the other Jan 28. Yes TurboTax messed up big time
    • It's no wonder the IRS is holding up all of our returns and I'm sure that's why TT is so "ok" w refunding us all.  They didn't bat an eye when I asked for my filing fees to be refunded they obliged!  Just think all of us in this boat paid TT between $20-$70 and if we all ask for refunds that's a lot of revenue for them to loose or not dispute
    • Smh! At this point I'll have to wait until Friday to contact the IRS cause my account transcript show as if I hadn't even filed 2013 taxes. I'm going to keep looking for answers because I want my refund.
    • Hopefully we here something this week. From what I've researched so far. DDD are giving on Thursday Saturday and Sunday.
    • U can go to irs.com/gettranscripts and make a log in account and view transcripts that way instead of ordering them. Cannot be used on devices ... Computer friendly. If you have a 2013* then your taxes are still being processed. I would still click and open it as I did. It said I did not file and a 1800 number I called it she tried to tell me that no transcripts were ready. No faster then I got off with irs I could view my transcript and next day had my ddd. Good luck .. FYI there's also answers & questions on Facebook ... Turbotax
    • Did u ever get your refund?
    • Mine literally JUST posted to SBTPG ten minutes ago, just waiting for it to hit my bank :D FINALLY!!! Filed 1/15, accepted 1/25,  ordered transcripts 2/12, approved 2/13, funds sent 2/19! Good luck all!
    • What is SBTPG?  I don't have anything all same
    • Hasn't hit the my bank yet taxes2013, has sbbt...
      Sbbt is the bank TT uses to take funds or transfer funds
    • Cisc.sbtpg.com
    • Starting to think the return transcript being able to be ordered is not as a good sign as some thought I was able to order mine return one last Friday and still have nothing no bars no update no anything this sucks
    • Still nothing on my end - been able to order my transcript for past week, still no bars, no dates, no anything, cycle code of last week on transcript, no error codes etc.  I'm at the point where I am over it - I've exhausted all avenues calling IRS and TT and nothing.
    • I am in the same exact boat as you Deb, I am going to call the IRS tomorrow and I am sure get more runaround
    • This is 21 days for me and still nothing.
    • I am sitting here on hold, waiting for an agent and hoping I can get somekind of feed back about my refund. Some info is better than none
    • this is how i got thru:
      1 for english
      2 for quest about personal taxes
      1 for payment
      4 all other questions
      2 all other questions
      it will then connect you - then enter your SSN and press 1 to confirm you entered an SSN and 1 again to confirm what you entered then press 2, wait time now is about 15 mins (not too bad!)  When they came on I said that i had a question regarding taxes i owed from 2010 b/c my refund this year is being held (complete lie about 2010 taxes LOL) she looked and said there were no back taxes BUT she did see that the return was held up in their system for an "unknown" reason and she would release it and it would automatically process no later than 2/24 and the refund should come by 3/3 at the latest and if we don't have it by then to call back on 3/10 AND she told me that WMR will NOT update now for me.
    • Thank you deb.null for that information. Is that for all of us or do we have to do a similar phone call? I talk to an agent,but she wouldn't give me any information until she said after 21 days. She also told me that returns didn't start processing until the 31st of Jan. I told her my was accepted the 28th and she said that wasn't true, it was the 31st, so my 21 days are not up yet
    • den.null you are silly. Taxes you owed in 2010 lol funny but this ish is real. Good news for you hopefully you will get it like she said. This is a bunch of bull. And thanks for that information. Still nothing over here
    • deb.null I also got the same information yesterday when I called the irs, some bs about them being held for an unknown reason. The rep also stated that my information didn't come through correct so they have to fix it in their system and it could take up to 9 weeks! Ugh
    • 9 wks???????????? WOW!!!!!
    • They didn't tell me 6-8 wks they said it would re-process on 2/24 and should be there by 3/3 and if not call back.  the guy also said WMR would not update fur us so who knows guess i will wake up someday and have my return in my account?!
    • One person posted that theirs was all jacked up and they had WMR say still processing, had all of her DD info and a check for her refund showed up in her mail today!!
    • i talked to them a lil while ago and they said that it says i do have a return but theres no date and to keep checking the wmr. it looks like everyone that talks to someone gets an completely different answer so i dont know whos telling the truth here.....i waited on hold for 35 mins just to have an ignorant person on the line who didnt care what i was saying he just said im transfering you to the automated system and just hung up on me so i had to call back and wait another half hour just for him to tell me that there is no date....super frustrating
    • Aren't they sweet? I know I get that warm and fuzzy feeling when they pick up.

    if they don't have mine turbo will be paying me big time

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