what is tax topic 152?does that mean im getting my refund soon?

what is tax topic 152? does that mean i will be getting my refund soon?

  • NO IT SURE DONT MEAN THAT, I filed 5 peoples on same day including mine and they have their refund back but mine has a 152 and I have not received mine it is still sitting on one bar...?? Means something is wrong I assume.
  • @mhp Try to Order your transcripts
  • I had tax topic 152 for like 4 days and got a Ddd for 2/12 my guess is you all get yours in the next batch
  • It wont let me order for 2013 just 12 &11
  • It's safe to say they haven't finished processing your 2013 return yet.
  • What does it mean if your bars are gone but it still says processing?
  • if i filed an injured spouse does anyone know how long I will have to wait i efiled and was accepted on the 30th and still no dd?

Hi francisjoel14207,

Thank You for using Turbo Tax.  I see you have a question on Tax topic 152.  This is your option for receiving you refund,either by direct deposit, paper check or U.S. Saving Bonds.

If you e-file a complete and accurate tax return, your refund should be issued within 21 days of the received date. This time frame does not include mail and IRS handling time for paper returns. A complete and accurate paper tax return refund will usually be issued within six to eight weeks from the date it is received.

For more information on your refund, go to this link.


Thank You,


  • ok well everybody is saying that the topic 152 means it is either done or almost done processing. is that true? and my return hass been in processing for almost a week now. why hasnt it been approved yet?
  • Hi francisjoel14207,  If you go to the link I provided, you can click on "Where's my refund" and you should be able to find something out.  Thank You,  TurboTaxJaneM.
  • i have sereval times. it still just keeps saying im in processing. it has had the same one bar for a week almost.
  • I read on another post someone who knows someone who used to work for the irs said that when that pops up it means you will be in the next batch of refunds.....Not sure how true that is but it is helping me to get through today without feeling super anxious LOL Mine popped up yesterday morning and I filed 1/29 accepted 1/30 now with tax topic 152 :)
  • I got the same today, filed and accepted on Jan 31. I thought I screwed up my routing number or account number. Now I am locked out of WMR. I am also reading many are getting the same message. Hopefully the money is coming.. I am reading so many us need it.
  • Can you order your transcipts??
  • I didn't, but I may try to order them? It seems like I got the same topic 152 last year too? I got my refund in like 7 or 8 days last year.
  • I do it all, EIC, child tax credit and never had an issue. I checked my DD info to make sure I entered it correctly.
  • yea we have that too....the only year I had a delay was because we had a small offset....and last year I was delayed but there was nothing wrong with my return and I am pretty sure the Tax Topic 152 message shows up every year
  • I did 2
  • but did they give u a ddd
  • Topic 152 shows up when the IRS has begun processing your return.  Until a DDD is on WMR they are still processing it.  I e-filed 2/1 and my return was accepted on the same day, then Topic 152 showed up on Wednesday, it went away on Thursday afternoon, my DDD of 2/10 showed up that same day and I received my money this morning.
  • When you say transcripts do you mean account or return ones. I can only order my account ones. The return transcript one does not work for any year.
  • For the return. I'm trying to see if my refund was processed by the irs yet.
  • Well I guess mine isn't yet either. I have had the tax topic for 6 days now. I was accepted on the 29th. Still says processing. I am so confused.
  • I no someone that was accepted on the 26th and only have the topic and no DDD. I'm really confused on how people that file on the 1st already have a DDD or even gotten their return back.
  • The IRS rarely makes sense.  All I can think of is that maybe the forms they filed aren't being processed yet so they haven't started working on those returns.
  • Did any of u file Injured or Innocent Spouse forms with your returns? I do Injured and I get this response every year. For me it means my return has been sent to the appropriate IRS dept where they are processing my particular return,
  • I had tax topic 152 for about a week.  As soon as I ordered my return transcripts I got a dd the next day which was yesterday
  • I have EIC and Child tax. I'm not seeing anything for 2013 or 2014 when I try to order my transcript. I hope to have DD in the morning, if not I give up. This is to stressful
  • I feel the same. I have checked again this morning and still the same. I have tried to order transcripts for 2009 and up, however I can't get anything. There has to be something wrong with this system. I should be able to get transcripts for the prior years. This is very frustrating.
  • not sure what having former year transcripts has to do with filing, topic 152, or when return will come through. Help!
  • this is some bs
  • i file on the 1/30/14 and still in the first bar and today is 2/11/14
  • i filed the 29th and have been in processing every since. still no ddd. my boyfriend filed the same day and three days ago got a ddd of 2/13
  • I have friends how have been accepted since the 26 and still no DDD. I'm hoping everyone get a DDD soon.
  • I've had tax topic 152 since the 3rd of Feb (filed 31st of Jan and was accepted on the 1st of Feb) and it is still in process. I was able to get In contact with a live irs representative who was very polite and research my return.  Basically he stated there was a problem and it had to get sent to another c team
  • I'm sorry.... it had to get sent to another team for further review or a closer look. He said everything is resolved and I should have My refund by next week. .Just  giving you guys some hope and possibilities as to what could be going on.
  • So my understanding of tax topic 152  is yes its a General message that a lot of people get but not everyone gets it. It's a topic they place there if it needs more review by a specialized team.
  • Thanks
  • I can tell you i filed early got accepted on the 29th. I had the tax topic also. It finally gave me a DD date today of the 14th. If you can order your 2013 transcript, you are good to go. I wasn't able to order mine until 2 days ago and now i have my date.
  • Well I finally was able to request my 2013 return transcripts so hopefully I'll have a DDD Soon! Hope everyone's come soon as well :)
  • Urge the IRS to provide more timely and informing status details of an individuals tax return processing.
  • how do you order ranscripts

Topic 152 is purely informational.  It shows up when the IRS has pulled your return and it's in progress.  When they've finished, your status will change to approved and an estimated direct deposit date will populate on WMR.  

If 21 days has passed and your status has not changed and you haven't received your refund, your return could possibly be in review.  You will more than likely receive correspondence from the IRS informing you what needs to be done if they're auditing you or info letting you know your refund is being offset. If you think you owe money you can find out by calling Financial Management Services, they handle offsets for the IRS in regards to student loans, child support and other various reasons.  Their number is 1-800-304-3107.

I efiled through jackson hewitt with direct deposit on 1/22. Tax topic 152 is there, only one bar (processing), does not show a received date, did not receive an email stating my return was received. My personal opinion everyone who has this topic is still at one bar, has not received a refund much less a dd. At this point
I am just prepping for feb 22nd to hollar and scream. Frustrated....
  • I have tax topic 152 was able to order my transcript and should get my ddd tomorrow......
  • Did u get em online
  • I hope you do get your ddd tomorrow, it may give me hope.
  • Yes first I had to order it through the mail option because the online was giving me error codes then a litlle while later I was able to log in and view the transcript :)
  • Where do you go online to view them?
  • Kelbellz, PLEASE let us know if you get your DD tomorrow. :) It will give me hope as well.
  • I filed on the 1/31/2014 I also have 152 message and status bar is still the same -
  • Topic 152 showed up on WMR on Wednesday, it went away on Thursday and said my refund would be sent to my account by 2/10/2014.  This morning my refund is in my bank account.  My return was accepted on 2/1.
  • Jackson Hewitt was deceptive telling you a direct deposit date of 1/22.  The IRS did not even open e-file for everyone until 1/31. Although you filed early, that doesn't mean that the IRS would process your return early, they process according to the forms we use when we file our returns.  EIC gets held up nearly every year because there is a ton of fraud associated with Earned Income Credit, educational credits and injured spouse forms also appear to hold things up.
  • I was accepted early on 1/26. I had tt 152 for about a week. I ordered my transcripts yesterday I checked just now and I finally do have a dd of 2/12. Yes finally
  • i was just now finally able to order my return transcripts. does that mean i will get a ddd soon?
  • where can I find my transcripts?
  • I did get my dd 2/12 :)
  • go to irs.gov and you will see a link for Get my transcript....but I know the site has been down...i tried again this am to view mine just to see if it is up and working and got the message my info was incorrect but I hadn't put anything in yet LOL
  • when going to their website do I have to search for transcript? Or is there a link that will send me to mines?
  • There should be a link when you log in to WMR.
  • Thanks for your help. When I go to WMR where should it be? after I check my status or before? I'm having a issue locating it.
  • You're welcome.  I actually don't see mine anymore on WMR.  I found this IRS site, www.IRS.Gov/Individuals/Get-Transcript.  You can order them online or have them mailed.
  • Thank you, I guess mine are still processing. They are not available...boo
  • Thanks! I have nothing for 2014 so I guess my return haven't been processed.
  • Sorry guys, hoping your returns are processed quickly next week! Happy to help.
  • I finally have a DDD for the 13
  • What does the transcript have to do with direct deposit? Is this just a Jackson Hewitt thing?
  • I think its an adress thing???
  • A transcript is a breakdown of your return, there's return transcripts and account transcripts.  You'd need to do more research on irs.gov website for more information.  It doesn't have anything to do with addresses.  Also, transcripts are eventually available for everyone who files returns, not just Jackson Hewitt.
  • I simply downloaded my return in a Pdf file. Do that every year, so you can access in the future if necessary
  • I was finally able to order my transcript for 2013. Hopefullytthat means they are done processing and my refund will be here soon. Thanks
  • I just tried to order my 2013 and it says I haven't even filed, which I have. Even IRS site says it has been received. What??
  • The IRS must not be finished processing your return.  Once it is done you should be able to order your 2013 transcripts.  They can't make a transcript available to you until it has been completed.
  • i have efiled for the past 3 years and every time i try to order my transcripts for any year it says the info does not match their records,but i know i put my info in correctly. does anybody know why it keeps saying this?
  • This really seems like a question for the IRS.  I don't think anyone here would be able to answer without being able to see the IRS' system.
  • Finally a ddd of 2/12
  • From my research and my own experience with tax topic 152. If you have tt152 and still have a bar status thats a good sign if you have a tt152 with no bars and a message stating "your refund is still being processed a refund date will be provided when available" it usually means a delay of some sort usually review. Tt152 is just what it says a refund is related to your tax situation and a refund will be issued. Offsets are handled by treasury department they handle all irs refunds thats when offsets are taken only after irs approves refund.
  • I usually get that messege too, One day it will be a bar saying it's processing, the next will be "no info can be provided at this time, see TT 152". I don't stress. I have been filing Injured Spouse for 6 years, and I just assume it goes to some dept to verify Injured Spouse is not responsible for offset. Have always had my return under two months. No stress. I will arrive.
  • Urge the IRS to provide more timely and informing status details of an individuals tax return processing.
  • Anyone have a update? I filed 2/6 was accepted on 2/7  my status is on one bar same thing for weeks until last week I seen topic 152. No ddd no approved, not one new status update. I checked the bank and the santa barbra bank website nothing but turbo tax fees in there
  • Tax topic 152 basically means your return needs more review and has been sent to a special team to for further review. It everything is accurate and correct you will receive your refund within 21 days of them accepting your return. I filed Jan 31st and accepted Feb 1st. I also received tax topic 152 which was there almost 2 weeks. I called and spoke with irs rep who explained why it was taking a little more time to receive my refund and it was what I've stated in the beginning.  I received my refund Feb 20th so it was almost at the 21 day mark but within the 21 days.  Hopefully you'll see progress this week.
  • Its been more than 21 days for me. I was accepted on the 28 of Jan. Even tho they didn't start till da 31st. I also have code 152... No letter was sent or anything. What should I do....
  • Thank you
  • Asgib23 that is just stating that you chose direct deposit or paper check but it's nothing wrong that code is just stating that
  • Check to see if you can order your return transcript on the IRS site. You'll have to create an acct. That will give u an idea of whether or not it's been processed. I believe there is also a code in there that will tell you what direct deposit cycle you will be in. To anyone else, am I correct about that?
  • Filed on 01/31 accepted the same day.  WMR is showing no orange bars, it is now showing this message. I no longer have the Tax Topic 152 that has also disappeared.

    Your tax return is still being processed.
    A refund date will be provided when available.
  • swhitlow has your transcrpit changed mine still looks the same. have the code 570 with date of 2-24-14. the cycle code was 20140605 and it is my first year efiling the injured spouse form and WMR is no help. I filed on the 30th any info would be helpful.
  • I can see my transcripts, and I also have code 570 but my date  for that is March 10th. I'm assuming that is the date they will approve the  injured spouse form and then my return will be on it's way. If yours has a date of 2/24/14 they have probably already cleared it or adjusted your return. Keep checking that code. Let me know when you get your return if you don't mind. They seem to be moving injured spouse returns quicker this year. Oh and I filed on Fed. 4th..
  • I will let you know I am hopeful that it will be next week sometime. 570 is the last code I have right now  still have no bars on WMR. I am begining to think that WMR is worthless. I filed on the 30 and was accepted on the 31st so maybe by the end of next week I will have some money.
  • still no word have you heard anything everything still looks the same and no update on WMR
  • No change for me either, My 3/10 date for processing my injured spouse form is still there.
  • And WMR will be useless until they process your injured spouse form.
  • what codes do you have all I have is 105, 806, 766, 768, 570. Is there another code I should have?

I filed on 1/30. Received topic 152 on 2/2. On 2/8 I received my ddd for 2/12.

Well I have the same code filed jan 31st accepted and receved feb 3rd .no refund yet I spoke to the irs today they gave me 3 scenarios. One mychange inaddress may have messed up my refund .my refund is under further review may need to mail additional information. And there was a glitch jan 31st in there system.i  think I should of bin emailed along time ago if I have to mail in additional information .im praying its just my debt card not lineing up with my refund.cause if I have to mail additional information it will really set back my refund.in the process of moveing lost a few boxes sumwere.good luck to all who has this 152 tax topic sounds like tne irs is trying to push are refunds back farthere to me
  • I tried ordering my transcripts like everyone on here say to do, after downloading them they don't open up  upon reading what TT152 its means nothing bad but based on everyone hasadifferent asanswer. There  being dis-honestdis-honest because like you said where is the emails or notes allowing people to fix the problem why wait so long people need there money.
  • Order transcripts by mail.irs today told me they may need additional information for my refund.or may change in address form 8822. I  had tonfill out today.i think tje irs doesnt have a clue there damn selfs I swear there backed up 4real .saying anything to get u off the phone .I spoke to2 different irs employees today 3 diffrent scenarios
  • Tax topic 152 simply means your refund has been accepted and is in the proper spot it needs to be reviewed. If yoy have any additional sticky tax situations like I do (Injured Spouse return), it takes additional time to process. I suppose for some of you, the message may be a delay in the system. Don't forget that the ACA and other recent changes to 2013 taxes have slowed down this year's returns. Try not to stress, It will get to you.
  • have you heard anything yet i also file an injured spouse?
  • Yes. I went to see if my return transcript was available and it is, which mean it is being processed with an expected refund ate the week of Match 10th. The "Where's My Refund tool on IRS site only says it is being processed and refund date will be available soon.
  • you can tell that from the transcript it looks like mine has not changed I filed on the 30th. my release date on my transcript record was yesterday
  • Where are u seeing a release date? If u can see your 2013 transcript at a is great news. Means tour are in process.
  • They said my transcript is unavailable. What does this mean
  • I can download mines but it will not open in the programs I have tried on my tablet. Maybe there working on yours
  • Do  you have access to a friend's desktop or laptop?  Try that
  • On my transcript rocord beside the 570 code was a date of 2-24-14 i was told that was a release of the hold WMR still no bars wondered if anyone might know what that means the cycle number was 20140605.
  • No codes but 152 tax topic bars ate gone will receive refund date win done processing. Spoke to tax advocate yestetday im under 60 day review.makes no sense I have no offsets or child support owed.tax advocate said irs mailed me a letter feb 24th  2014.still waiting for this letter.im under review im a 1%er as the tax advocate said.if I dont get a second notice I should have my refund before may 3rd.and if I dont have a refund by then contact the irs.if they give me the runaround contact tax advocate again.fingures  crossed tht ill have a refund b4 march is over.if ure over the 21 days call tax advocate there pretty honest and they'll pull ure refund up 4real and give us a clue to what is going on.accepted and receved jan 31st 2014 its now march 5th .
  • What's da number
  • swhitlow any word today? My transcript as of date has changed to 3-31 not sure what that means.
  • So did mine. I suppose processing is slower.
  • any news from anyone?

I was accepted on the 28th.  Today is Feb.14th... have been at one bar at WMR with the 152.  Transcripts *2013 saying I haven't filed taxes this year.   I understand that it a process and I am still in line, ut why do others who have filed dyas after get their refunds. Mine was very simple and not complicated.   I will hang in. Sure it will happen but eletronic is not any faster the paper. Why pay a company like Turbo Tax to send them in?  

  • I was received on the 28th of Jan as well. Today for the first time I was able to get my transcripts. Im praying that our return will get here next week!
  • I was accepted on the 29th and was able to order my transcripts 3 days ago and i recieved my return today DD.
  • Oh wow! I hope mine comes that fast! We are military and our return helps our debt we get throughout the year. :/

iv been waiting since the 28th. was able to order my return transcripts yesterday and finally got approved today!got a ddd for 2/13

  • I have a friend who filed before me. She has been accepted since the 28th and still have no DDD. I filed on the 5th and have a DDD for the 13. I think the people that filed early is getting pushed back.
  • How can I get a transcript
  • Go on IRS site and order it online. You'll have to create an acct.

Well folks


      Well Finally - no more *2013 I can see my transcripts. Progress.  Happy that the process is moving. 

        Where do u see the DD date on transcript?
          It means they haven't processed it yet. Check back every day. Better indicator of when you'll get your refund than the "Where's my Refund" option on the IRS site.
            No change as of yetyoutube irs transcripts and all that other jazz ton of answers from 2 wheel cycle
              No change as of yetyoutube irs transcripts and all that other jazz ton of answers from 2 wheel cycle
                • this has nothing to do with tax topic 152 at all
                • I wonder why the IRS does this? I guess they like thousands calling them about Topic 152, from what am reading, it is not a deal at all.
                • LOL maybe we are all on a candid camera somewhere and they are laughing at us freaking out over this ;)
                • LOL Kellbellz!
                • I've heard others have ddd 2/10...nothing on mine yet..I also seen topic 152...but I do owe:(
                • I saw somewhere  on a tax act blog that some people who were accepted early got "resequenced" because of how many people got accepted early they needed to push some people back. I got accepted on the 26th and I'm still on 1 bar and being processed. i was able to oerd my transcripts via mail but cant get through online because I keep getting an error message. It is only if you can order online that they have been processed or does it not matter.
                  I know it would be easier to sit and have patience, and trust me I'm praying for patience but I'm seriously counting on this coming through within the next week or so
                • if you can order them at all then you are good to go.....I had to order mine by mail this morning but eventually was able to pull it up online too......I got this code 20140605 and someone said that means deposit should be next wed.....:)
                • Hi Kelbellz,  Here is a link for finding out agout your refund.
                • Thanks Jane LOL......
                • I was able to order my transcripts for 2013 on the phone. The do ask you to put the year in over the phone and when I put "2013" they still went through. When I got online to try to get them, again I was getting the error message that wouldn't let me get past even putting in my info. So I clicked on the mail and input for 2013 again and it said that I already mail ordered those transcripts. Does that mean that mine are processed and the transcript is available? Or is it that since they won't come to me for 5-10 days, they are figuring I'll be processed by then?
                  Also: can someone walk me through the steps to try to get transcripts online? I feel like I may be doing something wrong.
                • Once u order to have them mailed wait a few hours u then should be able to get them online that's what happened with mine I just kept on checking it and it finally let me order online
                • That made me LOL too, Kellbellz... I thought, "is she for real?".
                • Was able to order my transcripts Friday afternoon. Checked WMR today and have a DDD of 2/12/14
                • Why did u have to order a "transcript" Never had to do that and get tax topic 152 every year due to Injured Spouse filing
                • Tax Topic 152 is general information the IRS attaches to WMR when you go to look at your refund status.  I've found it does this when they're working on your return.  Tax Topic 152 usually goes away when your DDD is added to WMR.
                • You don't have to order a transcript, it's just a good indicator of when you should be getting a DD Date. If you log on to irs.gov and try to order your 2013 tax return transcripts and you are able to do so, it means your return has been processed and you should be getting a DD Date very soon there after.
                • I think its an address thing
                • No, it's not an address thing.
                • But if you order transcripts u verify something in system? Address?
                • Thanks for the info..
                • It is an address thing irs rep told me. I called because it kept telling me my info was wrong turns out if your address dont match you cant get transcript also a good indicator they are not done and if previous address is different from past and it won't even let you view account transcripts that means its not done and updated with new address on present return
                • if i filed an injured spouse does anyone know how long I will have to wait i efiled and was accepted on the 30th and still no dd?
                • I've been filing Injured Spouse for 10 years. last 5 electronically. It typically takes 6-8 weeks after your return is received.
                • thank you so much I filed on the 30th so your info is very helpful.
                • Go to your turbo tax and download your PDF . They placed my AGI in my Taxable wages box. I have been using turbo tax for the last five years as well. Married filing joint with college and  kids. I have never took longer than 2 weeks. This is why I kept using them, but this is my first time receiving this message. They messed my taxes up. Fact not opinion I'm calling today.
                • Check yours to let me know if it is the same. My sister is also going through the same issue. Ill check hers and post later.
                • Mine is fine.
                • Ordered my transcripts by mail win u can ordet ure transcripts it means ure still being processed .youtube irs transcripts and other questions. ? 2wheels explain s the whole process. Im locked out of my online transcripts but I no it willl be ok I made 6000 more thn last year .and I beat I dont receive tht peace of mail I maybe gettn.bin fileing the same sht 4 6years incept this year I have a w2 and my sons schooling on my refund. Patence is da key
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