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Any Updates for transcripts or DDD? 2/5/2014

I was able to order transcripts for my mother today!!! Return accepted 1/31... No DDD for her yet!! Seems like it will update within the next couple of days.. My return was accepted 1/29 can't order transcripts no DDD!!!

    Where do you go to order a transcript?

    • Well I have the Irs2Go app and you can order it in the it's.gov website
    • Here's my story ! I filed on the 17th and got rejected twice on the 27th ! I filed again and and I was accepted in the 29th ! I received the tax topic 152 yesterday 2/4/14 and today 2/5/14 I was able to order my refund transcript and then later I was able to order my account transcript ! I checked Wmr after 12 and it was nothing but I just checked and it said refund approved and my DDD is 2/10 yaaaayyyyyy !!!!! Good luck everyone
    Here's my story ! I filed on the 17th and got rejected twice on the 27th ! I filed again and and I was accepted in the 29th ! I received the tax topic 152 yesterday 2/4/14 and today 2/5/14 I was able to order my refund transcript and then later I was able to order my account transcript ! I checked Wmr after 12 and it was nothing but I just checked and it said refund approved and my DDD is 2/10 yaaaayyyyyy !!!!! Good luck everyone
    • YEAH miller.crystal19!!! (:
      Happy for you! I was accepted 1/28 and have had the tax topic 152 since the weekend and still no update for a DD date on WWR> I did try to order my return transcript over the phone and still cant ): However it DID allow me to order my account transcript ( which Im afraid means nothing) ...Do you know ??? I'm just praying and praying and keeping my fingers crossed for an update soon! I need the money to pay bills , not to blow or spend.... Thus, why so stressed...
    • Garret19581 When did you order your account transcript ?
    • just now. It would let me order the account transcript (pressing 1) over the phone , but not the return transcript still ):
    • Did you try online ?
    • The transcript thing is not working for me right now!  :(
    • Sinnboo22 trust me it's frustrating not being able to do what others are saying their able to do but just be patient cause I was just in the same boat Tuesday and I was able to do it ! Did you get the tax topic 152 on WMr yet ?
    • thanks!  Yes i've had the tax topic since last week! LOL  I'm (im)patiently waiting!
    • Lol you'll be able to do it
    • I've had the topic 152 for 5 days and I still can't order transcripts
    • It wont let me order return transcript online. It shows 2013* , then if you ask for account transcript it has 2013 , is future dated for 2/24/14 and says " NO tax return filed!
      So now Im panicked because HOW can that say that ?? When Turbo tax says it was accepted 1/28 and I have had the 152 code for several days now and it says they have received my return and it is being processed. I think Im going to try to call? Should I ? Has anyone had this happen to you too ? What is the number to speak to a real person?
    • I am in the same boat garrett19581
    • awwww ashquack I am sooo sorry! It's good to have someone in the same boat, but that's selfish of me to feel that at all... So I genuinely say I know how this feels and I am very sorry. I promise to update this thread with ANY new updates I get on my federal or state , but don't hold your breath lol!
    • I also DID try to call and that was a no way street. The rep was unhelpful, didn't tell me a thing except that the reason it won't let me order transcripts for 2013 and says that is because your return isn't processed yet. I know though she did not get this from reviewing or even looking at my account as when she said that I asked her oh is that what it says, and she said "no I can even pull up your account and see anything until after it is done processing and it has been the 21 days. I did let her know how freaked out I was that it said "no return filed" on the return transcript page after you clicked on the 2013* , and she stated that's normal and for me not to panic or worry its just still processing and to remember that they just STARTED PROCESSING ALL RETURNS on 1/31. Not before, irregardless of what we have heard , been told or what is on my accepted date of the 1/28 for turbotax. That just meant "the so called agency" may have accepted it then, however the IRS doesn't start PROCESSING ANY returns till 1/31.
    • Mine says the same thing when I got to order my transcripts, but I figured that while my return is processing, it won't show up.
    • I was accepted 1/29 was able too order my trandscrpt last night then this morning WMR said DDD of 2/10
    • Me too I'm so happy for us randyangie2004
    • Same here, i was able to order my Account transcript this morning but Refund Transcript still have * next to 2013
    • My transcripts keep saying there's an error when i'm trying to log in.  its making me reactivate my acct. but still staying error.  
      accepted 1/26/14, NO DD yet.
    • I was just able to order my 2013 return transcripts! Accepted on 1/28. I am hearing the IRS will update there system with a new bath of DDD on sat or mon!
    I also was accepted on the 29th and I checked lastnight and was still on one bar and couldn't order transcripts and also had tax topic 152 . However I was just able to order my transcript but wasn't able to before . I can't see anything on WMR because I'm locked out ! So hopefully when I check after midnight I'll have 2 bars with a DDD !!!!
    • I was also accepted 1/29and was just able too order a transcript.  Im going too check my WMR in the morning.....said it updates over night not after midnight......hoping for a DDD also
    • Where did you order transcripts from?
    • Randyangie2004 which transcript did you get or did you get both ?
    • i ordered return transcript first then account
    • I am trying to order a transcript and it states that my request cannot be completed and to call the 18009089946 number but it stays busy....what does that mean?
    • Precious1988 yea be patient this too happened to me !
    • @Miller thanks for the reponse...i will wait just thought something happened.
    MSJDOSS do you  .  Know what time you were accepted on the 31st?
    • I filed on 1/31 @ 6:37 am PST and was accepted 1/31 @ 4:46pm PST.  I don't have a DDD yet
    • I saw where the chart says it has to be accepted by 11:00 am. Wonder if that has anything to do with ddd this is frustrating
    • I saw that too and it is very frustrating.  I guess we're supposed to assume if we were accepted after 11 am that we'll be in the next group of dd....who knows with the IRS.  I just wish we could all get a straight forward accurate answer.
    • I agree! I was really hoping for this week! Then again you have some people saying they were accepted earlier than 31st and still no ddd, so I guess its just a waiting game
    • I did the TT free file this year so I can't check SBBT to see if they have any information like last year.  I would think not having the fees to pay I would get mine a little faster :)
    • do i want to order a return transcript or a record of account transcript?
    • I tried both and couldn't order either one
    • I just saw another post where someone filed 1/30 and was accepted 2/2 with a ddd of 2/6!!
    • I can get my return transcript  for 2013 but not my record of account transcript for 2013..so frustrating
    • Filed 1/31/14 accepted 1/31/14 no ddd but can order transcripts finally
    • Filed 1/27/14
      Accepted 1/29/14
      No DDD either but I got the tax topic on WMR yesterday and I was able to order my transcript
    • Which transcript will it let you order Kimorimom09?
    • Both
    • It's inly one transcript that we have to order and it's the Refund transcript right @kimorimom09
    • Only*
    • I dont know i just ordered both to see if it would work miller.crystal19
    • Mudmama01 accepted on 2/2 and have direct deposit date for this week??????????
    • Oh ok cause I can only order one I'm getting the same message as before
    • where do you see a ddd on turbo tax? Anyone file and accept on 2/3 get a ddd yet?
    • Well i guess i will get a ddd next week sometime
    • I filed on 1/23 accepted on 1/28 still no deposit date. I have had tax topic 152 for 5 days, and still cannot order transcripts. I filed my sisters taxes on 1/30 she was accepted the same day, and received a dd of 2/6. Next year I am waiting until opening day to file!
    • i was accepted 1/24 and am not able to order transcripts either. i did boyfriends 1/31 and was just able to order his. this is crap!!!
    • I was just able to order my other transcript , but I need to change my account info and sbbt won't let me !!!
    • Here's my story ! I filed on the 17th and got rejected twice on the 27th ! I filed again and and I was accepted in the 29th ! I received the tax topic 152 yesterday 2/4/14 and today 2/5/14 I was able to order my refund transcript and then later I was able to order my account transcript ! I checked Wmr after 12 and it was nothing but I just checked and it said refund approved and my DDD is 2/10 yaaaayyyyyy !!!!! Good luck everyone
    • anyone NOT GET A DDD YET???
    • Filed the 31st, accepted the 31st, today, wmr is at two bars and ddd is the 10th.
    • I filed 31st, accepted the 31st and I just checked wmr,...still only 1 bar
    • i filed Jan 7,accepted the 26th and STILL NO DD and one bar.  Yay for a new DD date Robync1
    • I too, filed 1/25, accepted 1/28 . WWR has had the tax topic 152 for 5 days now and no further update. The phone line and WWR identical.... No DD date, nothing. Cant order return transcript either....
    • Filed the 27th accepted the 29th received my state taxes yesterday but still no update on federal still one bar no DDD? Still can't order transcript.. Anyone else
    • Same situation filed 30th accepted 30th no dd n cant order transcript.....so nerve wrecking
    • I can see my account transcript and it has a tracking number and it says "as of Feb. 24, 2014"
    • Same here KIRIZARRY. Filed 1/23 accepted 1/28. Nothing. No transcripts. No DDD. WMR is on one bar. I filed Married filing jointly. Child tax credit x2. and education credit. :(
    • I did too file jointly. I am really getting upset. I filed the 20th accepted the 27th and still no DDD, still processing, and can only get account transcripts
    • Updates do occur on weekends.I checked on Saturday morning, afternoon and 10pm. I checked once more before going to sleep at 1am and it was updated with a mailing date before February 18 with the second bar updated.
    Filed and accepted 1/31 and this morning had a ddd of 2/10

      I live in Philadelphia, PA and I filed on 2/3/2014 and got accepted the same day like 1 hour later. I filed Child and Dependent Care Credit , Earned Income Tax Credit and Head of household, etc. I just checked the IRS2 go app on my phone and I now have a ddd of 2/11/2014. I hope this helps in some way-

      • WTH!!! This is really pissing me off now. I was accepted on the 27th and I am still processing and I can't order no transcripts except my account transcripts. I never waited this long for my taxes.
      • Last year because of everything I filed the IRS took extra long to look over my taxes 2 times over that thats why it may have took a week more then everybody's else
      • 1/29 accepted... Still no DDD date and everyone taxes I have done after 2/1 has a DDD of 2/10.... I'm about to call the IRS
      • Same here, Accepted 1/28 i was able to order my Account transcript this morning but Refund Transcript still have * next to 2013 Anyone know what that mean? Maybe tomorrow Refund transcript would be available?
      • Aluster83 to my knowledge the *means it's not available!
      • I know that @msjdoss i was wondering what it mean to be able to order Account Transcript but not Refund Transcript?
      • filed 1/29, accepted 1/30 wasnt able to do anything until this morning and that was order an account transcript....i have a bunch of codes...mine says 150 for tax return filed with a date of 2/24/14 ammt 0 and then 3 other codes which are 806, 766, & 766 with 4/15/14 date and 3 ammts which add up to my refund ammt. This is too difficult to understand but I hope I'm not waiting on feb 24th to come for it to be processed. There is another area I noticed that says return due date april 15 and processing date feb 24....man I hope they process sooner!!
      • @mrnmrspo mines say the same thing except my last code is 846... But everything else says the same!!!! I pray this is almost it!!
      • MSJDOSS  any luck from the irs call cause mine to reads the same thing on account transcript.
      • nothing for me I can only get account transcript and it has nothing on it ....I cant even get the return transcript
      • I still cant get into transcripts at all. After I log in I get an error. Is that happening to anyone else?
      • having the same problem. can view account transcript online but it is completely blank and states "No return filed for taxpayer"...am also unable to view return transcript
      • I am not able to get into my transcripts. keeps giving me a -9900 code or something !
      • If you are seeing the "no return filed" that just means that you haven't been processed yet. It should happen soon!
      • I have a dd for 2/10 and Sbbt shows they received my refund ! I'm just waiting for my bank yaaaayyyy !!! Good luck everyone
      • KIRIZARRY09 yes... I went back 2 the site and was able to order return transcripts!!! I pray for a date in the am!
      • This is what I keep getting when trying to order my transcripts:  ERROR: The information you entered does not match our records. Please close your browser or try again later. This is after making me re-activate my profile !
      • I was able to see an acct transcript yesterday and about 30 min ago I am able to get return transcripts
      • Precious1988 you'll have a DDD in the morning
      • I was able to order a return transcript today but wmr say that my return is recieved? Anyone having this problem?
      • I was able to order a return transcript today but wmr say that my return is recieved? Anyone having this problem? Also, did anyone receive a email stating that your return was approved?
      • It hasn't updated yet. Once is updates you should receive you DDD, which will probably be for 2/13
      • It updates after 3 a.m
      • Thanks guys. I'll check n see wat it say in the morning
      • I was able to order transcript by phone yesterday am about 9 am ...the return transcript but its 4:53 am here now and WWR still hasn't updated yet for mine? Anyone having this problem? I thought it updated between 12-3 am or do you have to go by PST (which its only 1:53 there now, whereas its 4:53 here now)
      • I checked wmr at 2 something this morning.  Mine is approved n my dd is 2.13.14
      • It updates anytime. I moved to the second bar between 11pm and 1am Saturday night. I checked just before 11p.m. and nothing. Then again at 1am and I had a mailng date of before 2/18...
      • mine said ddd 2-11 i got nothing although i can order return transcript
      • It could take 24 hours to see your money. Go to www.irs.gov and click on trying to order your transcripts....Try to create a login and VIEW your 2013 ACCOUNT TRANSCRIPT and give me your cycle code and all codes you have in the bottom in order and I would be glad to help you!!! I have completed HOURS and HOURS of research and have found many things that have not only helped myself but others too!
      • Brittany what is your cycle code? Do you have your account transcripts?
      • Idk. It wont let me log on. It say their experiencing technical difficulties

      i filed on the 4th accepted on the 4th refund ddd was 2-11-14 i got nothing i orderedtranscripts today  any body else nopt get theres with the same ddd

      • on Sunday morning I finally moved to the second bar!  My DDD is 2/12/14.  I think the IRS just picks and chooses who's returns they do when.  My friend barely got accepted 1/6/14 and her DDD was 2/11/14 and she got her money!  yahooooo!   :)
      • YEAH Sinnboo22!!!!! ((O:
      • I was filed on 2/2 and was accepted on 2/2.  It says processing on WMR.  I did order my transcripts today.  Does that mean i will get a DDD soon?
      • Probably tomorrow.

      I still have no refund. Filed 2/1 and thought it was accepted that date as IRS website said it was and so did TurboTax but when I called today, they said it was accepted 2/3. No DD date, no nothing. Just waiting waiting waiting... :(


        I filed on 1/21 , had the return accepted on 1/27. as of today, 2/20, i have no bars, no ddd, I AM able to order transcripts but so sign of change in sight. There are no topic 152's, no topic 869's, not able to get live help from the hotline, and theres no irs office in the city where i live. Any thoughts? im all out of ideas


          @theandremira - Did you get any updates yet?


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