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why is my nys return saying it needs further review

my federal return was accepted but the state still says its pending but when I go into NYS where's my refund it says it needs further review??? may take 90 days


    Give it a few days and the message you received about review will probably change to "your return is being processed and it may take up to 4 weeks."  NYS did the same thing to me last year.  Last year NYS accepted my return before TT even sent me the email saying it was accepted.  This year I didn't get the under review message.  I got the 4 week message and now I have the final stages of processing and they will give a refund date as soon as it is available.

    What you should do is sign up for the account on the NYS website and you will be sent emails when your DD date is available and you can also see if your return was accepted and approved.


      MIne is saying the same thing. Shows pending on turbo tax though. Now I am nervous.

      • mines still said processing checked my email it said it was accepted.. go to nys website and I'm under 90 day review.. smh
      • Good news is you're not the only one... I just about had an anxiety attack during dinner bc I checked my status & got the 90 day review as well.  I called my friend who filed taxes same day, she has the same message.  I researched threads from last year to find that several people also had the same message but after about a week or so the message changed to "final stages of processing".  Ive never had a "review" message before so I'm nervous as well, but after seeing I am not the only one, I feel a little better hoping its just an early message everyone is getting.  Plan to call tomorrow morning to make sure!  Good luck :)
      • I see we are not alone. That makes me feel a bit better.  I've been researching past years on this also.  Wish I never checked my status..now I won't sleep tonight until I talk to someone lol.  90 day review is such a scary thing to read. Fingers crossed it's a generic message :)
      • I will be awake as well lol I am sick to my stomach thinking about an audit or delay!  Have baby coming next month I need this extra money!
      • I was freaking as well I hope it's just a generic message it happened to me last year it then gave me a deposit date within a couple of days.
      • just checked mine says still pending on TT but on nys site says we received your return and its in final stages of processing..could take up to 2 weeks is this good or bad..my boyfriends says needed further review 90 days..filed and accepted both on feb 2..
      • I have it too. As a previous comment said it seemed to be a standard message last year I got accepted early this am and saw this message.. I did not see it yesterday
      • Mine finally changed this morning to.. We are almost finished processing your return. Once your refund is approved, the issue date will be available. Oh thank goodness I was really starting to panic.
      • when did you first get that status? as of yesterday I still had: we have no info and then today the 90 day
      • .Monday it had no info, Tuesday it said the review 90 day message.  This morning it changed to final stages.  So it does look like a generic message.
      • ok so hopefully tomorrow it will be final stages then. thank you!
      • Fingers crossed for you :)
      • I get the 90 day msg too. What state are u guys in?
      • New York
      • I got the 90 day review too hope it changes soon
      • I am in new york state as well, with the 90 message, yesterday nothing, today 90 day message. I was going crazy because my fed was accepted on 01/24 and people who were accepted after me go ddd of 02/06 and mine is still pending i wa worried there was a problem with both. so feel a little better to hear others have the same issue with their state not just me. Thanks everyone for posting.
      • I have the same 90 day review msg on NYS site. I e-filed w turbo on monday. Never chkd state site till today and its 90 day review msg. Turbo still has it listed as pending today. Im confused?? I hope this is just standard. Im starting to panic. Lol
      • Mine says the same thing smh hope its not an audit
      • I got the same message last year and after a week or so it changed to final processing.  This year I have the same message again.  I don't know how true it is but I was told that most ALL returns that claim an EIC or Child Tax Credit say further review initially.  Those are automatically flagged to be looked at by a human, it doesn't mean you are being audited.
      • I have had my status for approximately 3 days I did my daughter's taxes she also has a son and after hers were submitted hers went to processing two to four weeks so who knows the state is ridiculous!!!
      • Hi I have all the same dates as you mine was accepted from federal on 1/24 as well and I was just wondering if your status for the state has changed yet.
      • When I checked my state return today I have the final stages.  A DD date will be given as soon as it is available.
      • I had the 90 day review status & called nys she told me that it's just a "general stage" in processing and doesn't necessarily mean I would be under review. She said it should change soon. I was nervous but she was right, the next day it went to received & processing, yesterday it said final stages of processing and just now when I checked it it says they are almost finished & I will have a DD soon. Hope this helps! It should change soon & you are most likely not under review
      • This all happened within 5 days so just try and be patient! :)
      • For what it's worth, I just got off the phone with the NY State Dept of Taxation. I told the representative that I checked the status of my Tax refund on the NY state refund site and that for the past two days since it was accepted it's said "Requires further review, can take up to 90 days." She cut me off (politely) saying the following: "All that message means is that your refund is processing. I don't know WHY they are using that language this year instead of just saying that it's processing because "further review" tends to frighten people." (YES! HELLO!!) She went on to say she's received dozens and dozens of calls this week with people asking about this and she said to just allow it a few days and the message will eventually change to a message about final stages or DD date. She said everyone is getting that message when their taxes are first accepted and it can last a few hours or up to a week, but it's causing a lot of confusion and panic and she hopes next year that it goes back to a standard processing message. I called at 11:20am this morning, 2/7/14. I hope that eases some worry and I hope my status (and everyone's status on here) changes soon to reflect a DD date instead of this "further review" message.
      • I have this too, any date yet?
      • I just received a ddd of February 18th..
      • When did u file and get accepted Tonya?
      • Mine has been on this since last Wednesday... I hope it changes too. How long has people been on the 90 days before it switched over please .. thanks!
      • @swimmer35, same as you--I've had this message since last Wednesday. It just changed this morning to "We received your return and it's in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks." I had called NYS Taxation on Friday and the woman there told me the standard processing message in the early stages was the 90 day message. Why? Who knows what genius came up with that. But having had that message from last Wednesday, 2/5 thru this morning, 2/11 at 7am, it is nice to see just now that it finally changed. Hang in there--hope you get the update today as well.
      • I filed on the 28th and accepted on the Feb 4th...
      • Thanks @jazzman31 I hope I See it tomorrow .. as of this am it its he 90 days - it is very ridiculous that it is the standard message. When I called the other day the person would not acknowledge that it was. Just said that most with child credits get that. and just incase keep checking the mail.
         TonyaA - how long did you have the 90 day message?
      • @Swimmer, i only had the 90 day message for one day...
      • about a week, then it changed to 2-4 weeks and this morning it says they are almost done with return and I should hear soon about my refund
      • Thanks! I am still 90 - I was accepted the 5th so hopefully tomorrow I change
      • @Swimmer35 - mine is going the same route as kate726's. Nearly a week of the 90, followed by 2-4 weeks yesterday and this morning saying they're almost done and I should hear about my refund soon. Unlike the Fed "Where's my Refund" the NY one is updated several times a day and you don't get locked out for checking too often, so keep looking for updates throughout the day. I had the 90 day message from last Wednesday through yesterday morning at 7am. When I checked again at 10:30 it had updated. When I called the NY State Tax dept. they told me the 90 day message is (for some very odd reason) the first processing message that everyone gets and it could last a few hours or a week or more. I hope you get an update soon. Who needs this stress?!?!
      • I also still have the 90 day as of today - I was accepted on the 3rd. called nys automated number and it stated my info
        is incorrect, like i dont know my ssn and refund amount... SMH!!
      • still no change 90 day. hope it changes soon. the nys automated number is now caught up..it states 90 day message.
      • well thats good - mine still says the 90 day also..
      • accepted on 5th and have 90 day review too. Have educational credits and EIC hoping there are no issues. Its been awhile now and have not seen any changes in status.
      • I also have eic I called yesterday and all they could say.. Processing .. I am hoping the same thing
      • Mines is saying 90 days . Hopefully it will change soon
      • mine has been saying 90 days for a month now with no change. I even called and all they told me was the same thing i read online .. Totally absurd.
      • Did you get the return or was it an audit after that message?
      • Mine finally changed the other day and then yesterday or the day before it change to we are almost finished processing once it is approved the deposit date will be available.
      • Right but me says the same I'm wondering if this is gonna be an audit after as some people got this same message and then it tells them they'll receive a letter
      • Kate did u receive your return or an audit because that's the message I have now so I'm curious?
      • Mines is been saying the ninety days review since last week . Do you think it's going to change soon?
      • It should change soon mine had the 90-day message for over a month I called New York State and they said mine had no signs of an audit and they're just very behind and if you were being audited that you would have already been notified, also I know a couple people that had the same message and then within a couple days gotta deposit date.
      • Ok thank you so much Joanne. I feel a little better.
      • Just got my deposit date for 3/18/2014
      • At moe was yours saying the ninety day message to. And for how long
      • Has anyone called about the almost done message? Pissing me at this point.
      • I called yesterday and I got - it could take 2 weeks -but I have also seen where people said it changed within the week. I got that message last thurs..
      • Thanks
      • @ nadine.josephs yes i had the 90 day message also for about 2 weeks maybe longer. Then it changed to the final stages it can take 2 - 4 weeks i had this message for about 3 days and finally it changed to we are almost finished processing once it is
        Approved the deposit date will be available. I had this message for a week and got my date of the 3/18/2014
      • Cool
      • @ moe thank you so much. Hopefully it will change soon.
      • You welcome, it will just give it some time.
      • I hope mine changes at the end of this week.. :D that would make the final message a week
      • Has anyone message change from that ninety message this week . Because mines has been like that since last week . I wish it would change and have a refund date already.
      • Did anyone's message change from the 90 days?
      • mine did 11 days ago and i am stuck in final stages
      • @ swimmer  how long was the 90 day message  for you. Please let me know so I can breathe
      • 32 days.
      • Wow that's long was it from the time that you submit your return.
      • Because my return was sent on the 18 of feb. but got my federal on march 4
      • Im still at almost finished 7 days now smh .idk
      • At Jillian 7 days for federal or state
      • @Nadine.josephs
        State return been at "we are almost finished processing your return "
        7 days ow
      • Ok. But did u have the 90 day message  to. If so how long. Thank you
      • It was from the day it was accepted from nys
      • So you did have the ninety day message. Ok. Then it change
      • @Nadine.Josephs
        Yes 90 day message was first for a month it stayed there.
      • @ butler Jillian. So did u ever find out why that message was there and are they going to give you the entire refund amount.
      • I have no clue I'm hoping to know something tomorrow, when I call I get the same answer from the reps "its almost done " honestly I'm done too.lol but ask Moe I see he's went through the whole 3 step process n waiting for did today hopefully he'll let us know if he got everything. Ok
      • ddd I meant nadine
      • Ok thank u
      • Audited Nadine
      • Who got audited Jillian?  Are they giving u your refund or not?
      • I finally got my date of 4/1
      • Yayy me too just checked when i saw ur update...thanks!
      • At Sam are they issuing your state check too?
      • I am happy for you also are they giving u the entire refund
      • Yeah after a long wait...filed 1/31.. 90day msg for 30 somethin days
      • Ddd 4/1
      • i also have a direct deposit date for april 1st ....
      • Me too April 1st  woo ho!!!!!!!!
      • Hopefully I will be next. Maybe my message will change from the 90 day to processing.
      • april first for me too
      • Wow u guys are lucky at collazo how long we're u getting the 90 day message for
      • Nadine - my 90 day message was for 32 days
      • i got a dd of april 2nd.good luck every one
      • My message change on Saturday to final stage of processing. Is that good??
      • If you read through everyone's comments it is a good thing. The 10 day correspondence is the bad one. Next comes date
      • i was getting it for like 34 days then 2-4 weeks for about 3 days then i was at almost finished for 12 days now i got the april first ddd
      • Final stage of processing waiting on approval date
      • Ment to say almost finish processing as soon as it's approve they will have a date does anyone know how long after that they give u a date?
      • Mine was about a week
      • Now it's saying initial stage of processing. What is really going on. I hope a day comes next
      • What does initial stage of processing mean?
      • initial means they might have went back to the start :(  i know others had that message i hope it changes fast for u
      • Did they end up getting there refund
      • Did anyone get there state refund check
      • Well i have some good news after almost three months got a ddd4/24/2014

      my nys return says its almost done processing and that I am anticipating a refund direct depot date.   now my IRS return on the other hand hasnt moved, ive been "processing" since the 29th :(

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