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Where is my Amazon Gift Card

My Tax return was accepted by the IRS on the 25th of January. I was told i would receive my gift code from TurboTax as soon as 24-48 hours after it was accepted. On the 30th of January i contacted an Agent and was told that you guys were very busy and it would be sent 24-48 hours after the 1st of February. I am now 72 hours past the 1st and still no email for you guys with a gift code nor a confirmation. I have tried calling and was asked by auto response for you to hold my spot and call me back within 30 minutes and received nothing and its 2 hours past that point. I'm getting a little bit weary that you guys cannot follow through with this. I am almost at the point of going else where for my 2014 tax return. so my main question is Where is my Amazon Gift Card? and I don't want to hear another 24-48 Hours.

  • Turbo tax I work for Amazon and this gift card is coming from you. We were told that if we got calls regarding the gift card to have the customer call turbo tax. I am not happy that there is such confusion with this gift card. I got one also and was very excited to use it today to get myself another kindle. I mean 10% extra on a gift card, plus my employee discount, that is a great deal for me, but I need my gift card. Hopefully you get this figured out asap and get everyone there gift card in a timely manner. Thank you. :)
  • Agreed.  I've been going back and forth with Turbo Tax and Amazon about this issue all day.  I just wish someone would accept responsibility for this situation and resolve it.
  • Just to let everyone know I looked into this at work, amazon, and we don't send any emails is what I'm told. if you go to the amazon website and look at turbotax product it specifically says this is a deal from turbotax that amazon has nothing to do with and if you have any problems please call turbotax. I will be interested to see who the email is really from once I hopefully get it. Then we will know who is really responsible for this.
  • I finally received mine late last night via email as promised.  The only way I was able to get it was after complaining to both Turbo Tax and Amazon about the situation.  Then, they both told me to send an email with my concern, full name and email address to: wecare@intuit.com  It was only after I did that, that I received the gift card.  Hope this info helps everyone else.
  • well i received my tax refund this morning as well as the email saying that i would get my code in 24 to 48 hours and it actually showed 2 hours ago. I do appreciate everyone posting what we needed to look for so that i didn't end up deleting it. I think TT listened and it was very clear when the email came who it was from and what it was.
  • Just wanted to let everyone know that Turbo tax must have heard us and I got my gift card today and my refund yesterday, yeah. The email comes from lltd warehouse, which you can see that in the fine print of the email they send you saying your gift card is on it's way. Hope everyone gets there gift card quickly. :)

well I have received my tax return as of yesterday and still no amazon gift code via email and I was told it was suppose to come at the same time as the email stated the 24/48hr and was told the same thing on the phone by the turbo tax representative I spoke with a day ago in regards to this. my thing is this why should I have to wait to spend my money for a incentive they are trying out. I paid bills and still waiting on amazon code....

I'm in the same boat.  My federal return and state return have both been deposited and no email from turbotax with anything. I'm way more than upset at this point. My husband and I have trusted turbotax for several years now and now they have lost my trust. Shame.
  • did you ever receive the gift card?
  • No gift card and when I called the turbo tax said I wound get one and they aren't responsible for the missing tax refund either.
  • You are posting on a 2 year old thread. However, funds are not added to the gift card until the IRS actually issues the refund.
  • Thanks for tesponse

Hello Robb.mcmanus.50c, I think I can help you with this.

To answer your question:

Once the federal refund is available from the IRS, you will receive an email from TurboTax informing you that you can expect to receive their Amazon e-Gift Card claim code within 24-28 hours.

Amazon will then email the e-Gift Card claim code to you 24-48 hours after SBTPG has received the tax refund from the IRS.

Hope this information was helpful!
Thank you for choosing TurboTax =)
TurboTax Isaiah J

  • This doesn't help us.  Please define "available.".  Is this when it has been dispersed or approved?  If it is when it has been approved, why have I (we) not received it yet?
  • It's after its been dispersed and the funds are considered "available" by the bank. (Ie. You can go to an AT and withdraw the cash)
  • I am sorry this is not true because if that is the case I would have received mines today and didn't when my return was received yesterday and I am spending it today so where is my amazon code.
  • Edited.
  • I also chose part of my refund to go on an Amazon card and I still have not received any emails from anyone regarding same even though the rest of my refund already hit my bank account.  I'm starting to get worried about this and not getting my money through this promotion.
  • Now Turbotax is saying is 24-48 hours after the funds are dispersed. And guess what, I just hit the 48 hour mark and still no giftcard! I'm getting annoyed at this point and plan on calling their custom service. All I can guess is that they meant business days, in which case they should update their advertising again!!

Im not a turbotax dude but it will most likely be sent to you AFTER the refund has been dispersed. Some people have their returns accepted but may not actually receive a return because of past due child support or other things...So I would expect it 24-48 hours after your refund is sent out. If they paid you first they would risk losing their money because of unforeseen circumstances that may be able to take someone's tax return (i.e. like past due child support). Have some patience


    I am too having this same issue. I have received my tax return and have not heard anything from amazon in regards to my gift card.. who do we contact in regards to this?

    • Don't know.
    • not helpful germa51551!!
    • Have you checked your "Spam" folder?
    • no I did not delete it, I just never received it. and yes, I checked my spam folder and it's not there either
    • Dear Turbo Tax employee, please ask Turbo Tax to send me the rest of my refund to my bank account since apparently this whole Amazon gift card thing looks like it was a scam.  I still haven't received the supposed gift card in my email as stated and it's been more than 72 hours since the rest of my refund hit my bank.  And, once again, no, I did not delete it and NO, it's not in my spam folder.  I just never received it.
    • did you ever receive the gift card?

    OMG! If I knew this would happen I should of never clicked on this Amazon Gift Card. I put $200 on this one. I better get mines or else I'll post this issue on Facebook and then no one will never sign up for any of their offers but just get their refund and ignore that offers.


    It has been 9 days since the balance of my Federal refund was deposited to my bank account and I was advised that I'd receive an e-mail with claim information withink 24 - 48 hours.  Since then I went to https://cisc.sbtpg.com/taxpayers/status/aspx (that's TPG Company, you can log in and see when they received your refund from the IRS and what they did with it.  If you speak to a customer service rep, he/she can confirm your name, filing status, tax figures and SSN!.  TPG's rep was very helpful but ultimately could only refer me to 800-506-6709 (that's Intuit).  Calling that number provides you acccess to TurboTax reps (ignore the request for a case number, if you haven't previously been provided one).  The automated response offers to call you back, instead of keeping you on hold, and that seems to work well.  The "techs" who answer have to elevate your question and the eventual answer that you'll receive is to write to WeCare@Intuit.com  Those folks have not acnowledged my request for three days.  My curent belief is that there is nothing that Amazon can do to help.  The SNAFU is between Intuit's receipt of the TPG information and Intuit's issuance of the claim e-mail.  I may be missing a step, I haven't gotten that far.  You might check your TurboTax account for correct name and e-mail informtation.  Despite having used the same e-mail address for all my TurboTax filing and billing purposes, they had an outdated address in my account information.  I'll let you know if I learn anything more.


    Did anyone read the included paperwork if you print out your return showing where Turbo Tax is sharing all of our personal information, tax return, social security numbers, etc with others for doing this? I do not feel they were transparent enough regarding this. It is not worth it to me to have all of my personal information shared. I feel violated.

      I accadently deleted my giftcard from my email how do I get it resent?
      • If you deleted your gift card then you should check your "trash" folder.
      • If the email truly came from amazon then you call them and them resend it to you otherwise you will have to call turbo tax. I'm curious if the email comes from  amazon, because amazon employees are repeatedly told it doesn't. I've seen the documents. Just glad to hear someone got there gift card.
      • I need to know how to get my amazon gift card claim code resent to me as well. Did anyone ever figure out how to get this done. I have the email stating the code would be coming to me, but nothing after that. If I accidentally deleted it (which I doubt I did) I need it resent. It was $500. Am I the only one who finds it next to impossible to get a turbo tax support phone number?
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