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2013 turbo tax updates

I am running on OSX 10.9.1.

I have installed the Turbo Tax Home & Business version.

When I try to run the 121.7 MB update, it won't work. When it asks to relaunch I get an error message:

1. "Update Error! An error occurred while extracting the archive. Please try again later."

2. "Update Error! An error occurred while relaunching TurboTax 2013, but the new version will be available next time you run TurboTax 2013."

What's the deal here? I shut down the app and re-open and this keeps happening. 



yeah, same problem still occurs. this is maddening, to be frank. the "fix" you mentioned didn't work.

  • I am having the same problem.
  • Looks like Intuit did a bang up job making sure their software works on newer Macs.

Hello wj.schofield
We do apologize for the delay on the response. I see you are having troubles with updating the program. There are a few things we can try to get the issue resolved for you. First you should try restarting the computer. If that does not work follow the steps provided below.

Deleting your Preferences list (also called a plist) can help you resolve issues related to TurboTax for the Macintosh, including program crashes and problems downloading states and/or updates.

  1. Quit TurboTax.
  2. Then, use one of the following methods:
  • Method 1
    1. Click anywhere on your empty desktop and then make sure Finder is in your menu bar (top left, next to the apple icon).
    2. From the Go menu, select Home.
    3. Click the Library folder and then click the Preferences folder.
    4. Note: This folder may be hidden in Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). If so, select Go to Folder from the Go menu, type ~/Library in the text field, then click Go.
  • Method 2 
    1. Hold the Command button and tap the Tab button until you have selected the Finder.
    2. Hold the Option key when you click on the Go menu, and you will see it below Home.
    3. Open the Users folder and then open your [username] folder with the house icon.
    4. Finally, open the Library folder and then the Preferences folder.
  • Method 3 
    1. Open your hard drive by double-clicking the hard drive icon on your desktop.
    2. Open the Users folder and then open the folder with the house icon labelled with your [username].
    3. Finally, open the Library folder and then the Preferences folder.
  1. In the Preferences folder, locate the file (replace XX with the 2-digit tax year for the problematic program) and drag it to the Trash.
  2. Empty the trash and reopen TurboTax.

If you continue to have problems, uninstall (remove) TurboTax, repeat these steps, and then reinstall TurboTax.


I hope this information has been helpful. If you have any more issue please contact us again.
TurboTax Carissa

  • I have tried everything related to trying to fix this and nothing works. Uninstalled, reinstalled, same problem...Please help so I can use this software
  • hell no this is not helpful.  my return is completed and ready to file. I have never had turbo tax problems before.  I DO NOT WANT TO LEARN TO REPROGRAM COMPUTERS!  I WANT TO FILE MY RETURN.  THIS IS [removed] AND, AFTER 10 YEARS OF USING TURBO TAX.   I WILL NEVER BUY THIS CRAP AGAIN.
  • updates? for my 2013 return?  in 2014!  what [removed].  I will never get ripped off again!
  • i would be willing to bet everyone unable to download updates and unable to electronically file is due a refund!
  • i should not be surprised that "turbo tax" cut a deal with the IRS to help them hold on to us taxpayers money as long as they can...
  • can I get a refund of my 79 I paid for turbo tax.  I need it to pay H& R Block...and I am pissed off!
  • if you are reading this, do not buy turbo (IRS protectors) software.  not if you want to electronically file your returns.
  • i am sure we can thank the UN affordable health care legislation for using us taxpayers hard earned money as long as they can...

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