My return was accepted on the 26th and still not approved/no DDD? Anyone else?


    don't feel bad you are not alone i was accepted the same day and nothing, i also did 7 other people returns and none of them received a DDD either.all of us were accepted before 1/31/14

    • okay, thank you! I feel better now
    • I don't its very stressfull
    • still not approved can't see a transcript only accepted total crap.  I love seeing how the irs has approved and given people dd dates, but nothing for me its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • I filed on 1/17 and was accepted 1/26. Still nothing and transcripts are unavailable. In all the years of getting my taxes done I've always received my refund in the same time frame...not this year!!! Not sure why all these people who were accepted days after the 26th have a ddd and we don't. I'm beyond frustrated at this point!!
    • yeah its very depressing without this refund me and my family lose everything I was laid off on Christmas just found another job so this refund unlike previous years is extremely important, and to have to wait like this and check every freakin hour is totally insane.  I tried calling the irs yesterday and all they say is check the website.  I feal helpless
    • so I constantly have to look at my surroundings wondering if it will all be gone in a couple of weeks.  While the Irs take their sweet time
    • I am in the same boat, so afraid something is wrong, but I know the IRS won't even talk to me about it until the 21 days has passed. BAH!
    • Sorry to hear that @craigs1.  I will pray that everything works out for you and your family.  I, too, was accepted early and have absolutely no updates. No transcript yet either. I am also depending on this money.  I have never, ever, checked blogs and been so crazy about my refund, but it's been a tough year for me and for a lot of other people too, and we are depending on this to get caught up on things. I understand the feelings of helplessness and frustration. What in the heck is going on?! How come people accepted after us have DDD and none for us? Only the IRS knows - and they're not telling!!
    • thanks appreciate that, I usually am not like this but the circumstances warrant it.  I can't stand not to have everything planned out, good or bad.
    • My state was finally accepted a few minutes ago...
    • It seems that those accepted on the 26th are held up.  I've seen a lot of people who were accepted on the 26th and have no updates.  People who filed after us are getting ddd.  I'm stressed and worried!
    • I to was accepted the 26th., and nothing, my girlfriend got a ddd of 2.6 and was accepted shortly after mine!
    • I know that has to be upsetting for you h.smrekar13
    • I was accepted 1/26, no DDD, when I called the IRS today she told me she saw a projected date of 2/13 on my account, so hopefully those of us who were accepted before opening will see our funds by the 13th
    • I still have no update, and also was approved on the 26th, if that's the case ^^^ I believe it may be done in batches.. ooh joy lol
    • Same here no update..accepted 1/26 and still processing....and a few others i did was accepted on the 28th and 30th all of which are still processing
    • Same here, accepted on the 26th, no DDD. Even called the IRS, got a typical employee that would not even look into my account. I hate the IRS.
    • I called to same thing they basically hung up on me
    • Well when I called I was told that she did not know what was going on, the system was kicking out codes that she never even heard of before. I tried to explain to her that I was still pulling up my last year refund information up into yesterday..
    • I was accepted on the 29th and mines still being processed.. no estimated ddd. :/
    • I got the same runaround with the IRS when I called them today about my refund. They told me they could not answer any refund questions till Jan. 21
    • Idk if this will make anyone feel better but I heard they only update ddd 2 times a week and should update either tonight or tomorrow since the first batch went out today.
    • they updated it last night
    • Did you get an update last night? I know I didn't! Still no DDD, still no transcripts, nothing!!
    • i also have no dd, no transcripts, nothing. still has that 152 at bottom of page. did any one get there money today
    • nothing changed for me it just shows the refund page was updated still not approved just like u
    • no transcripts, nothing on sbbt site , just dazed and confused
    • just tried wheres my refund and yet again today it is down
    • Everything is down as if now! Irs iPhone app, wmr, and 18008291954 is all down
    • yep all still down. my sister went to h and r block she is having same problem
    • it is back up says same thing
    • I have to say, I was upset to hear that a new batch of DDD went out and I wasn't included!! Don't get me wrong, I am very happy for those that received good news, but I am wondering what in the heck is the problem with mine!!  Some people that got a DDD of 2/10 today just filed on 2/2! I just don't understand....
    • i am also glade some people are getting there money it just seems that the same thing is hap again like last year the early fillers got kicked back and are having to wait i had a bad feeling when i sent mine early.  I would just like to have a answer as to why all of us that got excepted around the 26th are just stuck in limbo. do you have the 152 msg on wheres my refund also
    • Well I hope we get some answers soon because this is bs.  My sis got accepted on the 2nd and she got a ddd for the 10th. This totally sux
    • Should someone try calling again?
    • Does anyone know anything about offsets?  If my refund was being delayed because of an offset would it show tax topic 203 at the bottom instead of 152?  I don't know if I should be worried or not! I was accepted on 1/28, but still nothing. No transcripts or orange bars.  I thought I heard that if there's a problem the tax topic would update right away. Any truth to this? Any help is appreciated!! I am just sick of waiting and worrying! I just want to KNOW! Ya know?!

    This is crazy same thing happened last year to people who filed early i was going to wait but oh boy thought they had things fixed all i know is people filing now are getting dd dates in three or four days this is crazy they must of resent the early ones back like last year no way does it take all this time to get approved, and it seems like every body who got accepted early has that 152 on the page and we are in limbo.  They updated last night still nothing my sister did hers four days ago she has dd date of the 7th tt i want a refund of my money i paid this  is crazy and you would think tt would give  answer since it seems all the people who where accepted around the 26th are having the same issue   hope we get updated soon this just sucks

    • Same here.. accepted 26th no progress since.
    • I got screwed last year took well over a month! Uugghh!!
    • no wmr update yet, But I was able to order my account transcript for 2013, not my return transcript anyone have an idea if this means my returns been processed
    • same for me
    • I was also able to order a account transcript and the return transcript is not available. I cannot understand why they would even accept it early then make us wait. It is people who already have their tax refunds and filed only 4 days ago. I was prepared to wait until the 31st opening date when I got the email that it was accepted early. This is so stupid, why should we have the longest wait ughhh
    • I was also able to order a account transcript and the return transcript was not available.  What were those dates on the account transcript on the top right corner
    • I was able to order a account transcript too, no return transcript.  What is the dates in the top right corner anyone know
    • No dd again....depressing.
    • so no one knows what the account transcript is, and the dates in top right corner
    • Craig, out of curiousity were you able to order account transcripts before? I thought it was the return transcript that showed we were getting a refund? I can't see anything because it wouldn't let me set up an online account, mine has to come by regular mail.
    • I filed jan 13th accepted the 26th have no wmr update and today was the first time I could order an account transcript still unable to get a return one mine as well has to come via mail
    • this is now getting to be crazy I think tt better give up some answers what is going on. still nothing
    • i think you have to be able to order return transcripts mine not there i want my money back from tt never using them again.
    • so none of us that where accepted on or around the 26th has a dd yet
    • I was accepted on the DD date.
    • no I couldn't see my account transcript before today was first day
    • on the account transcript there is a code u can desifer the code by looking at wheres my transcript on here someone has a table up showing u how to read it correctly
    • everyone who got dd couldn't order return transcripts only account transcripts.  It will show u the code for the date on it.
    • did you figure out your code?
    • no but i could order account transcripts for 4 days now i was told you have to have the return transcript when you can order that one it means your refund is ready. Why wont turbo tax answer any question about why we have not received a dd yet.
    • well wheres my refund is down again.  so has anybody who was accepted around the 26th even gotten a dd yet. what about other people does any body know someone who got a deposit today
    • I just tried to order my return transcript and it is telling me my address does not match what they have on file i did change my address this year but wont let me look up anything now what is going on.
    • well I just looked at the account transcript from last year and compare the date and the code to when I received it and it match so I take it in that the account transcript is what it is what I've been told that it is
    • Makes no sense that you can order an account transcript but there is nothing for my return transcript.
    • and there is a chart that deciphers the code that they gave you with the date in itthe account transcript also showsthe taxes that were taken out that I owed my total refund amount
    • and the last person I talk to that got a DD date of 210 had an account transcript not a refund transcript and I was told you don't receive the refund transcript until after you receive your refund
    • so if you can order an account transcript whats the code on it and it should tell you when your DD date is
    • i could order the account transcript four days ago now when i try to look at transcript page it is telling me address on file does not match well i have only had two address.  I just don't see any body that was accepted around the 26th getting any dd when i look on turbotax it says before the 22 yesterday it said before the 20
    • i had to order by mail would not let me print it out that was four days ago now it is telling me that my address does not match what they have on file
    • i called 18009089946 and it let me order both types of transcripts over the phone but i cannot on the computer.  can others order transcripts today that where accepted around when we where.  what day does the irs make deposits i have heard daily and i have heard weekly
    • You could order a refund transcript today Rockbre? maybe that means progress!!!
    • Just orderd the return transcript this is good news! Accepted on 1.26
    • I too was able to order my return transcript over the phone just now!!! PROGRESS.
    • My account transcript was finally available today too, no return transcript though either.  I know what you're talking about craigs1, I saw that somewhere too, what that code means, but I can't find it again.  Any help??
    • wish i could of ordered them online i am going crazy. Did any body figure out the code that could get theirs online.
    • Found this everyone!!! Check out this line

      Now look at the Cycle Code at the bottom under Transactions (It starts with 2014)  Yeah!  Our money is coming!!!
    • Same here. Accepted on the 26th...still nothing...I didn't try the account transcript but the return transcript is still unavailable. Doesnt really make much sense that we all have to wait when we filed early but it seems to be moreso just the 26th acceptance date. Craziness. And still on the first bar since forever at wmr.
    • did you try calling on the phone to order transcripts 18009089946 i couldn't get on computer but could order on the phone. I still have just one bar says processing do you have the 152 on wmr page also
    • i just looked at the chart so that means they only deposit on mondays?  Thought some people got there money today?
    • Okay, sorry I got too excited and didn't give complete info..LOL..  The Cycle Code is on your transcript.  The chart with the codes is under this heading when you follow the link:  
      Exhibit 3.30.123-4  
      2014 IDRS On-Line Input

      Now people, we have to figure out what in the hell it means!! I'm thinking that based on the last two DDD the cycle code 20140605 DDD will be 2/13.  What do you guys think??
    • i am tired of tt not answering my questions they said they would hold returns till 31st they pushed them threw now they need to tell what happen
    • KareBare, I too believe we will get our deposit on 02/13/14....maybe tomorrow we will have a date on WMR.
    • I think when our things where sent early they got kicked back just like last year this is crazy so I really hope that we get a update tonight would be nice to see some kind of change. I heard they where maken deposits every day so is it daily or weekly
    • What do the cycle codes mean???
    • If you can order a return transcript your in good shape.
    • I was able to order account transcript but not return...
    • The last 2 numbers of the code are days of the week (01=Fri, 02=Mon, 03=Tues, 04=Wed, 05=Thurs) So if you have a code 20140605 that means the 6th cycle of 2014 on Thursday.  Because this year they didn't process the first 3 cycles the 6th cycle is really the next one up!  We should see our DDD by the 10th with an actual deposit on the 13th.
    • Everybody, call the above mentioned number to see if you can order return and acct transcripts. I was able to order both! Hope this means I will be getting refund soon
    • Yep.. if you can get the return transcripts your set for a ddd!
    • 18009089446 is the number. Just went online again and tried get my transcript mailed and it stated I have already requested over the phone. So call the number!
    • I really really hope we get our DDD in the next day or two.  I am just so happy to see some progress!  I know that I've been approved and I will be getting my full refund amount very soon! I'm sure all of us that have been waiting should be in this batch.  Good Luck Everyone!
    • Forgivenbygrace is correct call to get your transcript ordered, online is not keeping up.
    • oh i really hope so. it would really be nice to finally have the money so they are making deposits daily
    • just checked viewing transcript online, and it let me view my transcript online.  it wasn't available earlier today.  so something must have updated.  my cycle posted was 20140605.  I filed 1/22 got accepted 1/28. still have no ddd, but at least I can view the transcript.  hope everyone else has the same luck as I.  GOOD LUCK!
    • wmr updated over night finally got a ddd of 2.12
    • me too :-)  finally
    • yep me 2
    • Yes, mines finally updated last night to approved. ddd 2/12.  FINALLY!!!!
    • Took long enough...somebody messed up somewhere...ddd 2/12...
    • doesn't show on SBBT yet

    Same here, accepted on the 26th and no updates on wmr, sbbt, or turbotax. Not sure what is going on but its frustrating to see people who got accepted after us already receiving their returns.


      To everyone frustrated by the lack of information and updates from the IRS, who have been told they can't get any information because it hasn't been 21 days, sign the petition below and let the White House know you want to know what's going on with your refunds more than the current IRS status system tells you.

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