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How does the amazon gift card work?

Do we recieve the full tax refund in our account and then buy the gift card with the code or does the money go directly from the IRS to amazon somehow? How can I verify that amazon portion was even applied. I havent recieved anything stating I opted for the gift card.

  • I've received my refund, but no information on the gift card. :(
  • I received our full refund amount even though we selected to get a gift card w part AND we got an email saying we would get our amazon claim code shortly so I'm a little confused on how this is working as well.
  • I haven't checked yet to see if I've received the refund part, but I 'did' receive an email from TT about the gift card ... to start checking my Amazon account tomorrow to see if the gift card is there.  I guess that's what I'll do.

Hi idejavul, I would be happy to help you understanding how amazon gift cards work.

How It Works

Before you prepare to send your returns in the File section of TurboTax, you can choose to use part of your federal refund to purchase an Amazon.com Gift Card and get your bonus in just 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose any increment of $100 from your federal tax refund to purchase an Amazon.com Gift Card. The remainder of your refund will be deposited to your bank account.
  2. TurboTax will automatically give you an extra 5% or 10% on your e-gift card.
  3. As soon as your refund is available, we’ll email you your Amazon.com Gift Card claim code. There are NO fees and your gift card never expires.
Really good information about the program with Amazon can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/TurboTax-Center-Software/b?ie=UTF8&node=3003491

I hope this answers your question. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do.

  • But where does the money go?  Does the refund money go to Intuit first, then they deposit into my account or does Intuit get authorization to be partially paid directly from the IRS? Also, who has access to what data?  The statements prior to "click agree" are not clear enough.
  • That information is available later on in the process before you file. The money goes to an associated bank and they buy the gift cards (and add the bonus) and then send you the rest.
  • So, it's the bank in Santa Barbara that is providing the 5% and/or 10% 'add on' amount?  I was wondering who, or where, the bonus amount was coming from and what do 'they' get out of it?
  • I can see that SBBT has sent the amount that I did not put on an amazon gift card to my bank, but I have not received any emails about the amazon gift card. Do you have any idea when those would go out? Thanks.
  • Wish I could help you, but this is 'my' first time with this too.  Just knowing that they have to go through the process of contacting Amazon and issuing the gift card, it would seem that it'd take an additional day or so, but I really don't know.  If I may ask, when did you submit (e-file) your Federal return?
  • All I remember is it was sometime mid January.
  • Wow, and last year, it only took mine a week.
  • I received an e-mail from Turbo Tax on Feb 7th that I should receive my refund and amazon gift card in 24-48 hours. I received my refund in my bank account that day. I have yet to receive any information about the amazon gift card 5 days later. Starting to get very concerned
  • Yeah, I received my email stating that the balance of my refund was sent to my bank, which it was.  It also said that I should be receiving an additional email from Amazon giving me the gift card code, but I haven't received it yet.  I went to TurboTax's website and they said that Amazon would be issuing it ... went to Amazon and they said that TurboTax would be issuing it .... sounds like a tennis game!!  All I know is that if the amount going to the gift card somehow gets 'lost', I'll blame BOTH of them!  Next year, I will NOT be doing this again!
  • I was just reading a Disclosure Statement that I had to agree to when I applied for the Amazon Gift Card.  It states:

    To complete your purchase of Amazon.com Gift Card(s) we need to send your name, email address
    and refund amount to Sunrise Banks N.A. of St. Paul, Minnesota (’BANK’) and to Santa Barbara Tax
    Products Group (’SBTPG’). They will process your request and forward your name and email address
    to ACI Gift Cards, Inc., a subsidiary of Amazon.com, Inc. (’ACI’). ACI will email the Amazon.com Gift
    Card(s) to you at the email address you have provided.

    So, according to that, a subsidiary of Amazon 'does' email the gift card code.
  • Wtf are you serious? So I have to go through some big mailing process just to get it!? Is there anyway to get that refund money back as just regular cash?
  • Depends on how bad you want it.  I 'did' finally get mine.  Someone at Amazon gave me an email address ... wecare@intuit.com, I think ... and I let them know that I was not AT ALL pleased with not knowing where my money was.  I 'will'  say this ... next year, I will NOT be using that option again .... too nerve-racking!
  • Thanks so much I emailed them, but like wtf... Can we get some moderator input here? Where are the turbo tax people with real answers not just copy paste info [removed]
  • If that email address doesn't work, just go to Amazon and get on one of their chat lines.  Tell them that you need the email address for TurboTax to find out about the gift card and that the email address begins with 'wecare'.
  • I received my gift card a few days after my refund (federal) was deposited. It works perfectly. I'm about to buy new bedding after this. Super easy to redeem too, just click a button and it saves to your amazon account.
  • Got mine too!  Now, I can buy the wire I need for my chicken yard.  Mine worked perfectly and was easy to redeem ... once I got it.  It was just VERY nerve-racking after hearing all the ones that were saying theirs were so late.  I really don't know if I'll be doing that next year.  If TurboTax doesn't stop messing up on my state tax part, I may be with another tax software anyway.
  • bumping this to the top.  been 12+ days without my Gift Card at this point.  It's plain and simple thievery
  • Have you tried emailing TurboTax at 'wecare@intuit.com'??  Have you tried either calling or going into a chat session with TurboTax?
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