has anyone received their 2014 tax refund?

  • My dd was set for today the 6th when will i actually get it?
  • WHY do I NOT have a DDD? I filed 1/27/14 and it was accepted 1/29/14.... It has not moved from the first Bar !
  • I'm in the same situation. I got accepted 1/29 and still only one bar. Last few years I already had my money by this time.
  • Why only one bar....... This is so frustrating ! Why is alot of other people getting ddd that filed after me and i still have one bar !!!
  • I have not a clue. I filed 01/24,accepted 01/28 and not a thing on WMR except your return is being processed...
  • I agree have used turbo tax for four years no problems always a quick return now when i absolutly need it n was accepted early the 24th np money!! Very frustratedo
  • Frustrated stupid phone lol
  • Finally!!!! My ddd is 7/12.... My wife got hers today and it was set for the 10th. Go figure.
  • mine is set for the 12 maybe we'll get it on monday
  • Accept on 1/31 just got date 2/12 this morning
  • Nothing here yet, mine is still saying the same thing.. Processing.... grrrr.....
  • Just to let everyone know, finally I have a date. WMR says 2/12 and to contact them if I don't get it by the 17th. TT has not updated yet and still states 2/21st. I will update when the deposit actually hit my acct. Oh btw I had a acceptance date of 1/31.
  • Glad ya'll are finally getting dates! Hopefully mine will update tonight and I'll have a DDD tomorrow. Mine was accepted 01/28
  • yuuup yup got a date dd 2/12 ,,
  • Finally got my DDD of 02/13.
  • I still have nuthing excepted 1/24 still one bar
  • I honestly don't understand what is going on this season. Mine just updated this morning. I filed 01/24. Makes not a bit of sense to me, while some filers are receiving their refunds before people who filed earlier. My brothers got his refund on Friday, and we filed his on Monday the 3rd....
  • Finally got a ddd of 2/20 filed on 2/3
  • Accepted the 28th dd of 2/20 also

mine was filed on the 24th and accepted on the 28th. still says being processed. several people who filed after me and was accepted after me already got their dd date....not me

  • Mine says the same an mine was accepted on the 26rh. Still no date
  • check the irs website it gives you a better date on when you will get your refund
  • As of 10:00 a.m cst SBBT had received my refund and sent to bank. I bank with Navy Federal, about to call and see if my money is pending. Will update. Good Luck everyone. There is light at the end of the tunnel :)
  • Ditto, I filed the same day as you and was accepted the 28th as well. Mine is still saying be processed. :/
  • Mine says accepted 1/21 (and another place says 1/27) but WMR still says processing as of right now. :(  When you owe THEM they don't wait a minute.  They can add interest and penalties not allowed elsewhere by law.
  • Just to let everyone know, finally I have a date. WMR says 2/12 and to contact them if I don't get it by the 17th. TT has not updated yet and still states 2/21st. I will update when the deposit actually hit my acct. Oh btw I had a acceptance date of 1/31.
  • Felicia - So did you actually receive it? If so, when?

No, the first refunds will be sent out this week. My refund date is set for the 6th so I'm assuming it will reach my account by the 7th.

  • My ddd is also set for the 6th.
  • Where were your taxes accepted? Mine were just accepted on the 1st of Feb and i still have not received a date on Wheres my refund.
  • When did you file @jesseparsh
  • And what state
  • Last year my ddd said the 6th but on the 4th at about 1am my refund was deposited so im hoping for a repeat tonight
  • I filed the 23rd was accepted the 28th but still dont have a dd, still on first bar on wmr so not sure what is going on.
  • My wmr has not changed at all. I am really hoping to get my dd this week.
  • It's probably a number of things like EIC if you added school earnings or they just are in the process of reviewing your taxes
  • Does it still say accepted?
  • Yes
  • It should go to refund approved tonight it updates at 10pm check then
  • Thanks I will! Fingers crossed :-)
  • same here!
  • How did you gets dates of February the 6th? I go to "where's my refund" at gov website and I am still on 1st bar.
  • My taxes were completed on recieved and then allocated to agency on the 29th of jan
  • I filed 1/30 accepted 1/31 still no ddd. bmanuel how long does the website update. whats a god time to check tonight? and are taxes taking longer if you have school credit? I claimed same children as last year...would be nice if I got my taxes before my birth day 2/15
  • Yes when you use school information for anything it prolongs your refund by a few weeks because the irs has to contact your school and verify that the information is correct
  • Last year i filed and was accepted on the 27th this year i was accepted on the 29th...if you are accepted before the 31st you get that date as a ddd...
  • Your welcome
  • akayla, I don't remember when I filed, something like the 25th or something like that. I was accepted on the 28th and then I got my refund date on Sunday morning. And I'm in Ohio.
  • Reja, bmanuel is wrong, just because you have an education credit doesn't mean that it will be delayed. They are probably thinking of last year where the form 8863 wasn't ready until the 14th of Feb., this year is different and there are no delays for education credits.
  • "Where is everyone getting those dated from? (6th) Last year I got a notice stating my refund was accepted 1/30 and I got a deposit 2/6.... I am hoping for the same thing this year. Both this year and last yearmy estimated refund date was Feb20 - 22nd."
  • I.checked my wmr on Sunday and saw that the 6th was my deposit date
  • The 24th
  • I only have one bar on WMR. Does anyone else have this problem? Mine was accepted on the 26th?
  • same here... accepted on the 26th and still only one bar and I can't order transcripts.
  • I filed the 23rd and recieved a email saying irs accepted my federal on the 28th .The irs website didnt update until Sunday saying i was approved and it said my money will be deposited in my bank by the February 6th. If it is not in there by the 11th contact them.
  • I filed on the 23  and turbo tax said it was accepted on the28 and I check the wmr and still says processing its said the since last Friday. It only has 1 bar. Very strange.
  • Filed and accepted same dates as you and sitting in the same boat, not sure why so many others have a ddd that filed/were accepted after us but hoping it goes from one bar to three over night, wouldn't that be nice lol
  • Wmr wouldn't work this morning, tried again just now and I'm locked out till tomo!! Not cool considering first time I tried I only tried once and it said to try later...then I try and I'm locked out smh
  • I received the e-mail that Turbotax was able to have my return accepted early by the IRS but will not be processed until January 31, 2014.  I received that e-mail on January 29 and still have not received a DDD.  I thought anyone who filed before the 31st would receive them this week?
  • I thought the same thing so im not sure what's going on, turbo tax track my refund says I should get it by feb 20th and wmr says within 21days from acceptance ....not sure why others already have ddd of the 6th
  • I used school info. I filed on the 20th n the irs received it on 27th, and was accepted feb 1st. DD feb 6
  • Shinsu. You can also call the 1800 number.  That's actually how I got my ddd
  • Idk what's taking them so long to send it to santa barbara though. My ddd is thursday
  • What is the number?
  • If your date is Thursday (which is mine also) why would ask why it's taking so long when it's only Tuesday? People are insane about these tax returns. Calm down people, you're losing your minds and thinking irrationally about all this stuff.
  • The number is down felicia. And Jesse,  I'm not in need of the refund. However, with the threat of the debt ceiling expiring Friday of Congress doesn't raise it, I will feel at least comfortable to see my money released before Thursday. It doesn't have to be in my account by then, just as long as it's out of the governments.
  • *if
  • Tax return accepted 1/26/2014. Approved (second orange bar on wheres my refund) on Sunday, 2/2/2014; able to view my transcripts also for 2013 on 2/2/2014. Refund should be DD by 2/6/2014. No DD yet, tax return says 0% of filers have received their return yet.
  • Also I have an education credit, didn't slow down my processing. Filed single. Just some info for those with similar situations!
  • not in need of the cash, just wondering why last year my returns stated one date yet I got them a week after I filed. Now ppl are saying they have estimated dates of 2/6. Last year I only recieved an estimated date of three wks after I filed. Never did I recieve an exact date with an notice to contact the IRS if I didnt recieve them by a certain time.
  • I am in the same boat as most - We filed on the 29th, turbo tax said our return was accepted on the 30th and we still dont have a DD date yet and our WMR thing still is on the first bar also, hope other ppl are having this same problem :S.
  • we filed married filing jointly
  • The IRS only gave me a date by 2/6/2014 because my return as been accepted, processed and approved. Worst case scenario... they added at the bottom that if I do not receive my return by 2/11/2014 to call them. I'm assuming the first round of Direct Deposits will be Thursday and Friday, but that's just my guess. Someone on another post indicated that if you can order your 2013 transcripts from the IRS, your refund is not far behind.

    Not sure why it's different this year than last, but all we can do is go off of the information the IRS gives us so far. I would take a screen shot but the "wheres my refund" site is currently down. But I'm hoping y'all get an update soon! Best wishes!
  • How did you get a date already
  • everyone check your bank today between 12am-6am (feb5th) i bet it will be there, i bet $500 itll be there tonight lol jk but really i feel it coming tonight!
  • @alanah i hope sooo but i aint bettin.. got a ddd for feb 6th aswell
  • aww :( you are not betting :( lol ;)
  • @magata37, I guess its just luck of the draw? I don't know really I'm not an IRS expert but my return was approved on the 2nd along with millions of other people. I read on another post that refunds are sent to different processing branches across the nation which can affect when you get a refund, because some processing branches are faster than others. Good luck!
  • Also, lots of people say they get their direct deposit before the progress bar even changes on wheres my refund! So keep that in mind :) Another way to check whats going on its to go to the IRS website and search "transcripts", create a login and see if your 2013 records are available. If they are, then your refund isn't far behind apparently.
  • I wouldn't count on your money on or before the 6th, I'd guess the 7th. I always get my refund the day after the refund date. I guess others might find something different but my bank doesn't do it that way.
  • im in the same boat
  • i filed the 14 got accepted the 26 & dont have a ddd & when i go to the irs website it doesnt tell me nothing this is fustrating
  • I just checked my status and It is at the first bar. I checked my transcript and it will allow me to print and see the transcript . Does this mean everything is correct on my taxes and I should receive a refund soon? I ask this because I did use education credits and i see some above me commenting about this credit. I filed on the 30th and was excepted the 1st.
  • I recieved a email stating my returns were accepted but when I tried to get a transcript, it had a "letter of verification of non filing" wth is that? WMR states my returns are being processed im confused now
  • I tried to get my transcripts and mine said none available - very frustrating
  • did you get it
  • I got "verification of non-filing" when i looked for my transcript even though when i call it states my returns are beig processed.
  • being*
  • I filed on Thurs 1/30, an accepted on the same day. By Sat 2/1 I had the eds of 2/6.
  • DDD* of 2/6
  • Ddd of 2/6 no money yet and no update on sbbt. Hope it comes tomorrow
  • The verification of non filing simply means your return has not completed processing yet so the transcript is not available yet.  Check back in a few days.
  • Agree with amee. My 2013 transcripts looked like 2013*, the * means they are available simply because I have been accepted, but until they are actually approved and finished processing, they won't be worth anything to you essentially. But once I was approved (second orange bar) on 2/2/2014, the * went away and the transcripts were complete. Still no DD, I'll keep y'all posted.

    Once again, good luck!
  • The * means it hasnt been processed yet. If u clink on it and read the letter that comes up, it will state that to date, u hv not filed a 2013 return.
  • We filed on 1/16, IRS accepted on 1/30, when we check WMR it still shows only one bar. I just tried to order transcripts and it let me, yesterday it wouldn't. I'm thinking the IRS isn't updating the WMR like they should, that's why some people are having their refund to show up in their bank account even though the WMR status still shows it processing, just a guess. According to the refund cycle chart, we should have ours tomorrow, guess we'll see.
  • I'm confused because on tt it says the irs accepted my refund on Jan 24 but I didnt get the email until the 28th so im confused... Not sure what date is accurate
  • bholt, there is no such thing as a refund chart. And nobody has gotten their refunds yet, so to say that WMR is lagging would be wrong. WMR updates every night, so if they processed your returns during the day today you'd be able to order your transcript and WMR wouldn't be updated because it's not the time of day they update it. If you could order your transcript today than it's very likely you'll see your update tomorrow morning and may even make it into the batch that gets sent out tomorrow.
  • I was also excepted the 24th and when i talk to the irs today they said the 28th and still prossesing
  • I have my refund! My status was always two bars since Sunday and didn't change to sent...checked my bank account just now and it was there. Refunds are on the way for you all
  • When did you file?
  • I just got mine!!! WMR hasn't updated but my money is in my account! I had a DDD of 2-06
  • I have a ddd of the 6 th also but my bank does balances for end of day for the day before how do I check the sbbt site?
  • Too the person that got there refund, What state are you in?
  • Those of you who received it, anyone have their fees taken out by H&R Block?
  • I used turbo tax, no fees taken out. I also had it DD to my netspend card. Still havent recieved it... starting to worry...also no information on SBTG.....you think I will get it today? fingers are tightly crossed
  • im starting to worry to i filed 1/14 got accepted 1/26 havent recevied anythin i also have netspend & irs website says nothing & i dont have a ddd
  • What state are you in?
  • my DD is 2/6...have netspend but nothing yet!
  • I am in ohio
  • im in illinois
  • Ok so you paid for you're fees upfront because ordered anything like audit defense and didn't pay for it upfront you might want to google SBBT because they have it well the clearing house has it and are taking there precious time because up until the 6th thanks again TURBOTAX for you're choice in a third party clearing house is memorable literally won't make this mistake next time
  • *if.....*have sorry typo I am using my smartphone lol
  • Ugh the frustrations of me not receiving my refund on time is causing me to leave out word's *you
  • what is SBBT?
  • I got mine!!
  • Did you pay up front or go through SBBT?
  • Thats not true, i was accepted on the 29th and still in first bar.
  • I still haven't received my refund into my account ddd was 2/6 also I'm in California so hopefully soon. I'm using netspend
  • Yes, I am having the same issue. I was accepted on the 28th and I am still on the first bar
  • I am curious, those who have received their funds and had fees taken out, did  the SBBT ever update and show that the funds were available? i have a DDD of 2/6 as well and mine hasn't changed since day 1. I live in CA.
  • Same issue here. Accepted 1/27. As of Sunday, I have a ddd of 2/6, but SBBT has not recieved my refund from the IRS. Its 6:30 EST.l where I am. Anybody else having this issue?
  • To the ones that receives their refunds did you pay your fees up front or have them taken out of your return. I'm seeing a lot of people got theirs but I'm thinking they paid their fees or had no fees. Turbotax third party bank is the hold up for most including myself. Thanks TurboTax!
  • I paid my fee up front.
  • I paid my fees upfront, and my refund was in my bank account this morning.  It seems everyone that went through sbbt hasn't gotten theirs yet.
  • @Carrie.....I think your right. I've noticed those receiving their refunds paid upfront. I know IRS sent out refunds at 12:01 am PST. SBBT Is located in California, so im confused as too why the refund is not there.
  • I have DDD of 2/6, fees held out, I am in Ca  and no refund yet. So frustrating, next year i will pay up front!
  • No refund yet either.. I have a dd of 2/6.. Had fees taken out too.. Also in California..
  • I dont remember 2 years ago there being a problem with this whole deduct out of the refund...why now???
  • would SBBT start processing when the open???
  • I just looked up Santa Barbara Bank and Trust....they dont open up till 9 am (California time)..sO those us on the east coast have to wait till 12 pm. The IRS could have already sent the refund and not updated in their system, now is a matter of when SBBT feels like disbursement of the refund after they take out the fees. And if im correct, im thinkin some of us migjt get tomorrow from them, Monday 12 am the lastest.
  • They open @5 am during peak season, I have been trying to call them like everyone else, phone lines are backed up
  • what # u calling
  • 877-908-7228
  • same one I called.....
  • If you are unable to get thru and it tells you that they are closed, that is not true. I have been calling all week @5am with success. The phone lines are backed up since SBBT customers have not received their funds
  • what was u told?
  • I haven't been able to get thru to them this morning
  • How about i give you one even better the irs has already sent out the checks and people whom have used other tax systems have already received their refund tuesday morning at 12 am the catch was like you said they paid their fees if any upfront and went to walmart and got their card as opposed to ordering it from here TURBO TAX IS NOT LIKE IT use to be and therefore will see a decline in sales after this one as people are becoming more aware of SBBT and turbo tax (me included) if not changed (h&r block online here i come ) because SBBT sends you're check to another clearing house after they take out their fees I heard that str8 from the horses mouth (bull crap there holding the money) after I told her I have a DDD of the 6th that lady could not hide behind the 21 day irs window and you and other people have received their refund they can't lie and say that the irs sent the checks late so she had no choice but to tell the truth happy spending
  • so did she say how long that would take???? I used H&R block online last year... and I am now kicking myself for not using it this year!!!!!!!!
  • where is this refund cycle chart ppl are talking about?
  • As of 10:00 a.m cst SBBT had received my refund and sent to bank. I bank with Navy Federal, about to call and see if my money is pending. Will update. Good Luck everyone. There is light at the end of the tunnel :)
  • I filed 1/9/2014, accepted on 1/24/2014 and still no DD. I filed through TT and I have never had this issue. I just don't understand how folks that filed after me, got a DD before me.
  • @claudia, did you receive your funds yet?
  • @sherriberri.. I accidentally posted under my sister in laws name. Didn't realize she was still logged in. But no funds yet to Navy Federal. Spoke with Navy Federal and agent said could be later today around 2 pm cst. When I read about wire transfer to Nfcu from another instituion it said if it is received by 6:30 pm that it will release funds same day. Otherwise next day posting. Hope this helps.
  • When did you file ?? And your wmr one bar or two bars ?
  • Filed 1/15 Accepted 1/26 and WMR bar is on approved
  • Filed thru TT
  • UPDATE: Funds are now pending in my NFCU acct. Hopefully before days end the funds will be available. Looks like SBBT is moving rather quickly!
  • Its shows mine was sent to my bank by sbbt but when I call my bank and ask them if I have any pending deposits they tell me no anyone else have the same problem
  • Yes, same thing for me. My bank does not hold funds and SBBT states that my money has been sent to my bank. That isn't true, I think it says that to verify that it will be deposited tomorrow. We shall see.
  • same here with the Bank.
    I have a feeling sbbt has lost an incredible amount of credibility and customers after this years fiasco
  • Just got off the phone with sbbt they told me they recieved my refund and they sent it to my bank should be in within 24-48 hours hoping I recieve it tomorrow
  • Still on one bar accepted on 1/31  no ddd no fees coming out an we bank with nfcu also. ..all I got is still processing no date or nothing :( some people accepted after me even got dates as 2/10 already so confusing
  • Filed 1/28/14, accepted 1/29/14.  WMR DDD 2/6/14...still have 2nd orange bar REFUND APPROVED....bank with USAA and Navy Federal money was there this morning...filed with free edition, therefore no fees....Also friends accepted 2/2/14 and have DDD of 2/10/14
  • Its happening to me as well, except I am with H&R Block Bank, I spoke with a rep around 10 this morning, they said they received my refund from the IRS and deposited it into my bank after taking out the fees but when I called my bank couple hours ago they said there are no pending direct deposits. The only thing that gives me some hope is I get my work check direct deposited at midnight every other Friday and there was no pending deposit for that either, in 4 years it has always arrived by midnight.

    Last year I did the same exact thing, had fees taken out of refund through H&R Block and I got my refund 2 days early. I read that the IRS released refunds really late last night so they didn't have enough time to distribute and process all.
  • I filed on the 27th and I received an email about being accepted on the 29th, I still have no DD and its on the first bar. Last year I had my federal with in 9 days of filing and was accepted same day. I guess I'm just venting since I have no control.
  • I filed on the 27th and I received an email about being accepted on the 29th, I still have no DD and its on the first bar. Last year I had my federal with in 9 days of filing and was accepted same day. I guess I'm just venting since I have no control.
  • To everyone who is wondering just tryn to help out i called irs this evening after being hung up on mutiple times I asked what was going on with my taxes cuz i filed the 14 & got accepted the 26 only to find out they said they didnt recevie anyone who efiled with turbo tax till the 28 then they acccepted the money transaction a couple those on you who are still on the processing status bar on wmr website & have no ddd they havent been accepted & could be anywhere between now & 21 as i am still waiting & its not telling me nothing or saying anything the woman i talked to said not to call back till after the 21 if i havent recevied it & all she could tell me is to keep checkin the website & hotline then i called sbbt to find out how long they hold money after deducting the fees out & i was told 24-72 hours this has be coming very fustrating hope this helps those who are wondering that all they would tell me sorry i couldnt give me info
  • I am the same. I got accepted on the 29th and still on the first bar. No DDD date. Starting to worry. I have a pretty big refund this year and pretty simple return. 1 w2 and 2 dependants. I wish I knew what was going on.
  • B
  • I thought e filing with TurboTax was suppose to make things speed up. Last year was quick and easy, this year I haven't even moved from the first bar and no DDD uuugh so much for filing early.
  • Same here got my refund thru tt last year in 6 days from acveptence.accepted on the 24th still no ddd and only 1 bar my refund is bigger thisyear 10486 dont know if the amount mattets for prossrsing
  • don't think the amount matters. I did it the 24 and TT said it was accepted on the 28th and my and amount is almost be 8 G's. I still have no DD's yet
  • So TurboTax Users are going to be delayed? Next year I will Efile directly, This is a disappointment. Some of us with children need this return.
  • where did you hear the turbo tax users will be delayed. I really hope not I really need that refund
  • I don't think this has anything to do with Turbo Tax.  After reading other posts, it looks like the IRS is having issues and is solely responsible for all the delays.  And they just aren't owning up to it.
  • Read back about 6 comments, trinalynnrayoum's comment , she said she called IRS
  • So basically the irs lady told you turbo tax users really wasn't accepted on the date it says like me 1/31 ??  But when I call irs auto system it says processing so that makes me think they do have them! Im confused now...
  • Regardless of the answers my Federal is not here 11 days later. I guess I will be waiting until next week? uuugh I dont even have a DD ! sad sad sad.
  • Does wmr update on weekends?  Just curious
  • yes it does
  • I was accepted on Jan 31 and just got approved Jan 12 with a dd of the 18th. Hope this helps.
  • Sorry I meant got approved Feb 12th.
  • accepted on 1/29, only 1 bar used TT, so what you posted should apply to me but in this case it doesnt.
  • Have you received your refund yet. I also filed using a education tax credit.  I filed 2/ 7 and im still on one bar. My bff filed the same day as me and she received her refund today.
I just received my refund. My DDD was 2/6. The wmr site isn't reflecting my deposit sent, but its in my bank account!
  • Mine is supposed to come in any time now. 2:37 am est. It's still 2/5 pst so I'm hoping it posts in the next few hours
  • Im in the same boat. Im patiently waiting. do we neet to wait for pst? I am est as well dylan
  • I think it does make a difference. My bank doesn't update on EST, they update on PST, so while it's 2/6, it was still 2/5 over there. but now it's 5 am and still nothing. I called my bank, they said to wait until 6 am est before freaking out haha
  • What about netspend this carrier usually have your deposit quick idk what's going on because on wmr shows nothing being sent out.
  • I don't have my refund dd 6th accepted the 24th. Had fees taken out of refund. I have Chase bank. Anyone in the same boat.
  • Wmr still doesn't say mine was sent and I have a dd of today. I had the fees taken out also and still have no refund. I looked at the schedule qbd it doesn't look like any are going out this week.
  • I too am in the same boat, mine was supposed to be there this morning and isn't
  • @carrie_smith07 I am in the same boat :( checked my account this AM and no refund. I called yesterday to see if there was any pending deposits and only my CA refund was pending so that was deposited at 11:15pm last night but not my federal. I did file through H&R Block and have fees taken out of my refund for filling services and I got email from H&R block saying they got my refund now I have to wait for them to give it to my bank. Last year I did the same thing and got my refund 2 days early :/

I got my refund around 3:00am today, so to those of you that don't have yours yet, they should be coming.

  • Yay for you @tai.loughman, did you go through SBBT or did you pay upfront?
  • Does the wmr shows your being sent out
  • Yea did your wmr change? Bc I was accepted 1/31 at 817am and read that people who were accepted before 11am on 1/31 would have dd 2/6 well guess that was a lie bc im at one bar since 1/31 no ddd an still no money. ...but people after me whom got accepted already got their refund.
  • same problem here - Ive been accepted since 1/29 and still no DDD
  • @nikki.polk - Actually I was accepted on 1/29 and still stuck at one bar.  I wonder what's going on and why there are so many variations.
  • mine was accepted on the 28th and I also am stuck on one bar on the IRS where's my refund site. Not sure what going on
  • I have no clue what's going on ive called auto system all it says is processing and im still on 1 bar this morning. Iseen below people accepted after us already got dates for 2/10 just weird used free military edition to and seems like people who actually paid the tt fee got more info and refunds for 2/6
  • @nikki no I did the turbo tax online and paid and I'm stuck like u
  • We also used the free Military Edition, and are also stuck on the one bar, being processed, on WMR. We filed 01/24/14 was accepted 01/28/2014.
  • Ok meea thanks... at least I know its not just happening to people who filed the free thing. I read under another post someone saying irs didn't accept turbo tax users on the date it says....you have to read through the post to see it. But I don't know if its exactly right because if irs didn't accept it how can I call auto system an get the same message as processing. So apparently they did accept it..
  • Nikki The more I read to the posts. I don't think that it's not a TurboTax problem I think it's an IRS problem. It seems as if they're just behind on processing checks. I'm sure we'll get it sometime this week.
  • Yes fingers crossed. Never stressed about it until this year. Usually got mine within 8 days and guess just seeing people filing after an got ddd etc just got me worried more like where is mine!!! Lol but ill just check tomorrow.... does wmr update on weekends?
  • yes it does update on the weekend. Good luck
  • Just to let everyone know, finally I have a date. WMR says 2/12 and to contact them if I don't get it by the 17th. TT has not updated yet and still states 2/21st. I will update when the deposit actually hit my acct. Oh btw I had a acceptance date of 1/31.
  • Good. I got mine to :)
  • Finally!!! I got my refund! IT came in around 0500 CST. Congrats to the others that have gotten theirs! @meea10, I hope today is your day as well.
  • ME TOO!!!!
  • lol I got it too
  • Thank goodness!!!!!!! Now get your tires, and buy ya something you want, for all your frustrations!! HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!! :)
  • that's so funny that you remember that. Yes I'm on my way to get 40 tires before the storm hits the Jersey shore. It's expected they were going to get 12 to 16 inches of snow. But yes it's oh wonderful Wednesday
  • LOL, good for you, you got get your tire instillation on! My in-laws live in Jersey, and ya'll have gotten pounded. The rest of our family is in WV, and they too have gotten a horrid winter. I couldn't believe that 2 weeks ago, here in my part of FL, we had schools close for 3 days because of the nasty weather, we actually got a little bit of snow and ice..lol..

If yours tax prep fees are being deducted from your refund try this link and use the same info you would use at the WMR site  Tax Products Group website . This will let you know if the IRS has already sent your refund to the bank that's handling your tax prep fees and will also let you know when your remaining refund will be sent to your bank. I hope this helps but at least I know now to pay my fees upfront next time.

  • Thanks! This was awesome! They have my money so I should have it by tomorrow. Thanks again!
  • Why won't that site work for me
  • This site doesnt work for me either
  • Use the link on the bottom right of page

I filed mine and it was accepted on the 1/24, a lot of people are saying they have DD dates of the 6th already and theirs were accepted after mine............now I'm freaking out!! Mine still says "return is being processed" whatever that means. In anycase, like I said now I am freaking out that something is all messed up. I filed with Turbotax to avoid error :(

  • I'm also not seeing this progress bar everyone is talking about when I check WMR :/
  • My return was accepted on the 28th and it still says being processed. In past years I received my deposit before they updated the status to approve.
  • I'm concerned about mine too.  Mine hasn't been approved yet and it usually always gets approved before I get that.
  • Use this link - http://www.irs.gov/Refunds
  • use this one for state refund status - https://ttlc.intuit.com/questions/1899433-how-do-i-track-my-state-refund
  • Mine was also accepted a week ago and yet says still processing on the WMR website. Also freaking out..
  • Mine was accepted the 28 and no DD date....i also Checked 800 number treasury to make sure no offset. ..just in case. .lol 1800-304-3107.
  • I know I filed the 21st and was accepted the 27th and still have not received a DDD. I keep looking at the Wheres my refund to make sure the tax topic doesn't change to anything other than 152. The waiting game sucks. I am afraid to call the IRS because I have heard they are rude. lol I wonder what their system is on how to process them.
  • Accepted 1/31 one bar no ddd no fee coming out did try to call an automated systems says irs is experience technical difficulties call later or go online and cant order transcript either...
  • I was accepted 1/27. Still "processing". Last year I had my refund by now. Worried.
  • If you go on SBBT it give a message that the IRS is slightly delayed. Those who received a dd of 2/6/14 won't see it until 2/7..
  • Past 4 years I've gotten mine in exactly 7 to 8 days... still nothing just 1 bar
  • Same here excepted 24th still no ddd 1 bar and i was excepted last year the 21st ddd of the 31st and recieved it the 26th dont understand y its takin so long this year
  • same here accepted the 24th of January but still processing.....
  • me too
  • Same boat here. Filed the 24th accepted the 28th. We only have the "We have received your tax return and it is being processed, you should receive your return with in 21 days of acceptance", verbiage. And only on the first bar, on WMR..
  • I just had a friend who filed last week, was accepted on the 3rd and got her refund today!! WTF..........I'm now freaking out :(
  • WTF!!!!
  • My husband just called me and told me about one of his employees. She filed this passed weekend was accepted on Monday the 3rd and she got her direct deposit today. None of this makes any sense this year.
  • this is really very upsetting. I I filed on the 24th accepted on the 28th and I got nothing yet. what are the IRS processing checks in alphabetical order
  • So no point in filing early I GUESS! SMH
  • Meea, we have the exact same dates and the same situation per WMR.... If it's alphabetical, then we're still near the end at my my house..lol..
  • lol my last name starts with a D. :(
  • This whole thing is very frustrating. This is the first year we have used TT, as We have always used JH. My neighbor went to JH this year again, and we both filed the same day, our return was both accepted the same day, and neither of us has a DDD and we are both on the same first bar on WMR, stating still processing.
  • I filed on the 2nd and got my refund today..
  • @kimberly did u know u were getting it today
  • See, I don't understand this at all!
  • Just to let everyone know, finally I have a date. WMR says 2/12 and to contact them if I don't get it by the 17th. TT has not updated yet and still states 2/21st. I will update when the deposit actually hit my acct. Oh btw I had a acceptance date of 1/31.
  • I finally got my ddd last night for the 12th after being accepted the 27th. My wife was accepted 2nd and got her refund today. Hers was set for the 10th.... Weird.
  • mine was accepted on Jan 23 and still says that no second bar yet

Hello Davis,

I'm not seeing where any one has got there refund yet, also haven't heard of any one receiving one just yet. The IRS did just open Jan 31, 2013.

It depends on how you file and choose to get your refund paid to you.  E-filing with direct deposit is usually the quickest way. 

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Last year, 9 out of 10 taxpayers received their refunds within 21 days of acceptance by the IRS and the same is expected this year. 

I hope this helps,

Thanks Billie.

  • I wish!
  • What about tonight? Will they be sending some out tonight like netsend is?
  • Last year, 9 out of 10 taxpayers received their refunds within 21 days of acceptance by the IRS and the same is expected this year.

    I hope this helps,

    Thanks Billie.

  • I have netspend is it the same as having direct deposit
  • yes
  • Lol alanahsnow
  • No refund today it is 648am est. I had my fees taken out for TURBOTAX my dd is the 6th. So is it their third party bank that is holding my refund now. I think turbotax will lose a lot of customers after this year because of their third party bank. I'm one of them.
  • yes me too, this is the first year that i  didn't pay up front..
  • ^^X3  I will be going to be doing mine again on H&R Block online!
  • @Carrie_smith07 from personal experience it has nothing to do with turbotax bank its our personal banks that hold the deposit. The its said if funds haven't been received by the 11th contact your bank b/c each bank has its own rules. For instance if my deposit it 5,000 or more my bank will hold it for 5 days and I won't receive mine until the 11th.
  • Its having to do with SBBT.... there holding it and making it delay for most ppl... just got off the phone with them.... the bank I use, I recieve my pay check a day earlier then everyone else... adn I have had a few deposits over 7000 and there always there when the bank recieves it!
  • It's the third party bank. My bank doesn't hold no deposits especially if it's direct deposit I never had an issue in the past getting my refund on the date given from IRS I've had the same bank account for five years.  This bank has had a lot of complaints and I'm nerves now. The main complaint was that they were telling people their bank rejected the deposit and they sent a cashier check. It's a scam to get the interest off our money by holding it longer.
  • How about i give you one even better the irs has already sent out the checks and people whom have used other tax systems have already received their refund tuesday morning at 12 am the catch was like you said they paid their fees if any upfront and went to walmart and got their card as opposed to ordering it from here netspend is not like it use to be and therefore will see a decline in sales after this one as people are becoming more aware as well as SBBT and turbo tax if not changed because SBBT sends you're check to another clearing house after they take out their fees I heard that str8 from the horses mouth after I told her I have a DDD that lady could not hide behind the 21 day irs window and you and other people have received their refund they can't lie and say that the irs sent the checks late so she had no choice but to tell the truth happy spending
  • figures!
  • I'm confused...Does everyone get charged fees? And does everyone's return go through SBBT? When I filed, I filed for free and my receipt says "$0.00". And I choose DD through my bank account, not a card. So what are these fees that everyone is talking about?
  • If you filed your state taxes you would of been charger 27.99 and you could choose to have the amount taken out of your federal return which charged you another 29.99.
  • I wont be using turbotax again after this year. I have never had such a delay. I got my state back beginning of this week, wth is the hold up on my fed. Same Dependants, same job. Nothing has changed! Where is my money!!! The IRS is quick to take your money, but not quick on the return. I think that the government shutdown has alot to do with delay. I havent seen anyone on turbotax get their money back so far.

  • I agree have used turbo tax for four years no problems always a quick return now when i absolutly need it n was accepted early the 24th np money!! Very frustrated
  • Just to let everyone know, finally I have a date. WMR says 2/12 and to contact them if I don't get it by the 17th. TT has not updated yet and still states 2/21st. I will update when the deposit actually hit my acct. Oh btw I had a acceptance date of 1/31.

I just got my dd date of Feb 10th!

  • What was you accepted date
  • accepted 31st got due date today for Feb. 10th
  • same here accepted on the 31st and dd date Feb 10
  • accepted the 31st still no date
  • Accepted 31- no Dd for me
  • ppl have been saying the time of acceptance has something to do with it... they said if you were accepted by the 31 before 11am yo should have gotten a dd for the 6th. so if this is true then what should be the dd for ppl accepted after 11am?
  • I just checked again, my time was 1:06pm 1/31
  • accepted on the 28th and no dd date.
  • Mine were accepted on 2/1 and no dd date yet either.
  • Accepted 1/24 no ddd still one bar
  • Accepted 1/31 no ddd 1 bar an I see in post below people accepted like 2/4  already got dates
  • @FELICIA I read that 11am thing to and it isn't true I was accepted at 817am central time on 1/31 no ddd an at 1 bar still
  • I was accepted on 01/28, and we are still on the first bar on WMR, beine processed, this is so frustrating.
  • ok.. good to know ...... so its either the amount  of the refunds or its random
  • Who knows what it is... I filed my brothers for him over the weekend and he a DDD of the 10th, I was accepted the 28th, and I don't have any new information at all, still just says processing my return..
  • This bs i filed on the 3rd and people who filed the same day as me got it today or yesterday bs bs bs i havent even got an approval or ddd yet what is going on
  • Who knows. I about fell on the floor with my brother called and he had a DDD for Monday! And going to WMR is of no use. Guess the only option is to hurry up and wait.... The only other difference I noticed is that We used the Free Military Edition, my brother did not, he paid for his return out of pocket to TT. I don't know if that means anything or nothing at all, but I've noticed this trend while searching threw this site...
  • I called irs today and the lady would give me no info and was rude and hung up on me. ..i got accepted thru tt on 1/29/14 and im also still on the first bar..they could atleast let us know whats the hold up...
  • anyone hear anything yet. anyone who wasn't blocked on the IRS website
  • Nope nothing here. But my neighbor called JH and they told her that her refund is at the bank waiting for funds dispersal. She also has the same thing I do on the WMR site, only one bar and processing.
  • Yes  i filed on 2nd and got my refund today
  • really that great news for us! maybe we'll get our money too
  • Yes i hope u all yall money comes soon:)
  • Did your WMR update with a date kimberlysmjohso? Or has it been saying processing?
  • god please say yes
  • @Mrsschmitty Yes it did say a date it said Feb 10th
  • LOL Meea10, I just texted my brother to check his bank account for me and tell me if he has received his refund. I did his and it was accepted on the 3rd, WMR is telling him the 10th, so I am having him check, just for S&G..lol..
  • I got the date yesterday
  • @meea10 I hope so for u:)
  • Thanks for the info!! hopefully, ours will be there very soon!
  • but wait yours said the 10th but u got it today???? I have no luck
  • I have no luck either, meea.. Thinking ok, we are going to file early, get it all out of the way, so when season opens, ours will be first in que. Nope, didn't happen...
  • @meea10 Yes i couldn't believe I got it today because it said Feb 10th.
  • Thanks for the info. :)
  • @Mrsschmitty your welcome I hope ur money comes soon:)
  • Thanks, hun!! Me too, it will come soon enough, just need to stop thinking about it, but it's driving me batty why some people are not processing..lol..
  • wow lucky you Kim. Monday has to be our day Mrsscmitty. if not same time same place. bashing the IRS on this chat site. good luck guys
  • This sucks, I was all excited when I got my w2 and now all us early filers get screwed.
  • @Mrsschmitty I understand that's me im always stressing when is it coming lol so I feel you what day did u file??
  • @ meea10  watch yall money will be here Monday then yall can do ur happy dance:)
  • @kim your fingertips to gods ears. lol I hope so. I filed on the the 24th and I was accepted on 28th. but you've given hope thanks.
  • Sorry, had to make a Shoppette run. I also filed 01/24 accepted 01/28...
  • @meea10 I was accepted the 29th and I don't have anything either, it does feel like the early filers got dropped behind :(
  • Yes @meea, Monday has to be our day..lol..
  • that's what I get for trying to be beat the rush
  • My sentiments exactly meea.
  • @meea10 lol ur to funny and that's so sad because yall filed so early and still to refund that's so crazy. .
  • @ meea10 @Mrsschmitty yall money will be here Monday:)
  • I'm praying. My husband is annoying the heck outta me, about this friggen return. I'm a tax preparer, so he's used to having lots of info, and our money right on time. I had to have surgery, so have not returned to work yet this season, and I just went ahead and filed our return on TT for the first time, and didn't use my work software as I couldn't get out to my office. Oh well, I'm just used to having lots of information..lol...
  • Same here i actually filed in december excepted the 24th still 1 bar irs tild me today it 21 days from second bar n thats a lie my email and tt say 21 days from exceptenceim so frustrated
  • it is 4am in NJ. I finally got DDD of the 12th
  • Mesa same here!
  • woke up this morning got a DDD date of the 12th woo hoo finally. TT website still says accepted and I checked WMR site and it says Approved. Jeez so much for updating your TT website. It took 8 days last year to get it on the Netspend card and I got my money on a Sunday last year before the card here. The card got here the next day.
  • Updated finally wmr crawled up to 2 bars this morning ddd for 2/12....accepted 1/31
  • that great me too Nikki
  • Mine has not changed at all, still says processing.. WTH!
  • Same here grrrrr
  • @ mrsschmitty if u don't hear something today, you should call the irs on Monday. we all did it the same day
  • I'm going to, this is friggen crazy.
  • Just to let everyone know, finally I have a date. WMR says 2/12 and to contact them if I don't get it by the 17th. TT has not updated yet and still states 2/21st. I will update when the deposit actually hit my acct. Oh btw I had a acceptance date of 1/31.
  • I filed on 1-31 around noonish. I know my refund was accepted on 2-1 but I still don't have a DD date. No fees coming out... I'm frustrated.
  • Actually my refund hasn't even been accepted. It's still being processed!! Per WMR
  • I was accepted on 2/7 still one bar . No DDD or bank info. Can't even get transcript.

just got a message that it was actually sent Monday night the 3rd at midnight and will be in my account on Tuesday night at midnight or Wednesday night at midnight. mOst banks take two business days to post after receiving. just fyi

  • Who did you file with and did you you prepais filing fees or have them taken out of your return? Thanks :)
  • Turbo tax & yes out of the return
  • what was your estimated dd
  • I
  • I filed 1/30 and it was accepted 1/31 but my estimated date is 2/20
  • how did you get a message? which edition did you file with?
  • and also did you receive your refund yet?
  • no refund, i used the current edition of turbo tax for this season.
  • Also just want to say to everyone that the delivery dates depend on the method of delivery you used for recieving your returns.... I choose direct deposit
  • considering NO ONE until 2/6/14 will get their refunds, I think you are being phony.  I know.  I work with someone very close to the IRS.
  • If this helps anyone I received my state this morning, I live in Wisconsin, so federal will most likely be tomorrow.
  • I received my state Monday 2/3/2014 hoping I'll see my federal tomorrow. I was accepted 1/28/2014
  • I live in california
  • Attention!!! I just received my pending deposit from money network it will be deposited at 12 am so if your date was the 6th you WILL receive for DD good luck everyone! God bless
  • glad someone is finally getting somewhere on this!!!! Looking forward to tomorrow then.... :)
  • I just got mine. Woohoo!
  • Who is using netspend? I am and am expecting mine any time. But nothing yet.....getting worried
  • using the netspend card too and nothing yet, says should be here today. hope it is
  • how do you check to see if it will be here today if you have a netspend card?
  • Does anyone know when the irs sends out the dd the wmr says I'll get mine today but nothing yet and I am using nets pend as well
  • Keep dreaming netspend always does this bull crap around this time I just now got my payroll check and I usually get it at 12:30 pm and here it is 2:32 am central standard time wont make this mistake again either
  • I'm also using netspend and having the same problem. This is my 3rd year using netspend but I have never ran into this issue.
  • I got my refund last night. I'm in Texas and used turbotax. No fees taken out
  • Just to let everyone know, finally I have a date. WMR says 2/12 and to contact them if I don't get it by the 17th. TT has not updated yet and still states 2/21st. I will update when the deposit actually hit my acct. Oh btw I had a acceptance date of 1/31.
I'm on hold with sbbt now....
I spoke with (Peggy #712773) sbbt
I was told that as of now that they haven't received anything as of yet from the irs.. once they receive it they send it to your bank. Depending on your bank, it can take one to two days for it to hit your bank account. Keep in mind this is an ACH deposit, which some banks take longer than others.

If you are a netspend customer (as I am). Netspend will deposit as soon as they receive it. I have done this for several years. When they send my payroll check, I normally receive that after by 2pm. With that said, I am confident that we will receive our deposits today. Although it may not be until this afternoon/evening. Be patient, it is coming!!
  • Peggy is lying just got off the phone with IRS John said all who had a dd of 6th were sent out to either sbbt or personal bank accounts. They are holding our money they got it when IRS released funds at 1201am est.
  • O.M.G......Never EVER Again
  • turbo tax just lost ALOT of business!!!
  • Accepted on 1/31 at one bar still no ddd called my bank to see if deposit was pending thinking maybe they didn't update mwr and bank said no nothing and then called irs where u can check over the phone system and the automated message said due to technical difficulties irs isn't accepting phone calls to go online no fees were coming out simple return and no info....anyone elae tried calling?  Got that message
  • Hmmmm, what's really going on? I just called sbbt and they're saying their closed which is bs because  I just talked to them..... won't be using this service again
  • Mzteerious have you tried calling irs auto system?  Has your wmr changed any? Because I read some where if accepted on or before 1/31 11am deposit should be 2/6 which I was accepted 817am on 1/31. Some accept after me got deposit today but I still have no ddd an nothing new on wmr now so called phone system not working....grrrrrrr
  • I tried calling and got the same message? My ddd was today and I got nothing...
  • Obviously that was a lie being accepted before 11an
  • And  iwas just told by Dorthy, that the IRS sends it to a clearing house before SBBT gets it.... sounds like they dont have a clue whats going on!
  • I just checked sbbt website, and they have the refund now.

    nikki.polk, I hadn't checked the wmr site as  yet because I was on sbbt. Try checking them now to see. Good luck
  • This is all some bs people pay in all year and then gotta go through bs to get their money. Not that it's going to anything spectacular just a mountain of bills but geeessss give me a date or something!  I bet looking over these  other post people who did get today as a date and their money isn't there and having to deal with a 3rd party bank that sbbt thing bet now irs shut phones off or something this is crazy.
  • Yea just checked nothing one bar no date. ... but that's good at least you found yours!  I haven't checked with them sbbt thing because we did free military file thing so it wasn't supposed to be any fees for us.... idk
  • What is sbbt anyone?
  • Some bank if you look over other post you can find a lot talking about it and the website.  But I don't want to give you wrong info but from my understanding if you had turbo tax deduct the fee from your refund.  One irs sends it to tt bank first which is sbbt then their supposed to send it to your bank once they collect their fee. I had military free edition an didn't have a fee but still no ddd and no info on my return. ....
  • sbbt is crap!
  • I see other people saying their refund is at that sbbt bank... its basically adding another step in the process I would say pey the fee up front if you can to avoid the refund getting sent to several places...
  • My SBBT account was just FINALLY updated, please everyone check yours
  • @nikki.polk...You said you filed military with no fees. I filed free with no fees. Does the refund still go through SBBT or straight to our personal bank account?
  • Straight to your bank, I am not nikki but i know this answer :)
  • @sherriberri....Thank you!! :)
  • Yes its supposed go to your bank and skip that extra step at sbbt butI called my bank nothing is pending and they don't hold the refund they said.
  • where are you located sherriberri? does it matter what area we are in as far as when it will show on sbbt?
  • I also just seen someone that got accepted on 2/3 has a date for 2/10  thats so weird to me not to have a date
  • last year things seemed to run smoothly but this year I find myself unaware of where my refund is on my ddd :(
  • I checked the sbbt and no update so frustrating
  • I dont  know  but I believe this so called irs delay and starting filing season late this year have messed up a lot of things...
  • did anyone see the update alert on the sbbt site about the irs funding issues?
  • I just checked sbbt website an saw my refund was there!!!!
  • Said mite not get to my bank till Feb 7th
  • Finally!!!!! Sbbt says it was received. Has a ACH as the 6th so not sure if it will be tomorrow.
  • cmoyer80 where are you located,wondering if it matter as far as the funds hitting aat sbbt?
  • who all in here does sbbt show funds received for aand where are yall located?
  • I'm in NY and SBBT don't have nothing yet ughh this is sickening has anybody in NY that was suppose to get theit refund today gotten it
  • I did Jess, I'm in Michigan it states it won't get to my bank until tomorrow
  • Im in TN and so far I've got nothing.
  • Mine shows received I checked the iOS app. I'm in Florida I checked the website 30min ago and it was saying he hasn't been received. Keep checking
  • sbbt still showing nothing for me.I guess today isn't the day ill just see if tomorrow works out.
  • It's an IRS delay they releasing money all day if your DDD was for today
  • I just checked the SBBT and it states that if your DDD is 2/6/14, your funds will be posted to your account tomorrow due to a delay from the IRS. It says that the funds were sent one day later than expected. SBBT has already received my refund and it has not posted to my account yet. At least I have an answer and can breathe easy!
  • yes everyone is getting that pop up announcement and some peoples seem to be showing up at sbbt even still so fingers crossed for everyone.
  • My thing is the SBBT won't be sending the funds until tomorrow so Some of us on the east coast won't see our refunds in our banks until Monday.
  • I'm in PA
  • I bank with fifth third bank in Michigan. Sbbt has sent my refund to my bank but when i called there are no pending deposits. But my DD from work isnt pending either and they sent that from payroll today. My paycheck is always available around midnight. The same day as its sent to my bank. Since they are now claiming people with the INFAMOUS 2/6 date have to wait until 2/7, im hoping thats the case with tax refunds as well...
  • Mine was accepted on the 26th I believe. Supposed to have a DD day oh 2/6. Still nothing. Wmr only has one box highlighted!
  • Just to let everyone know, finally I have a date. WMR says 2/12 and to contact them if I don't get it by the 17th. TT has not updated yet and still states 2/21st. I will update when the deposit actually hit my acct. Oh btw I had a acceptance date of 1/31.
Anyone else get their DD date for 2/11? I got mine accepted 2/3 and WMR says today that my DDD is 2/11

    deposit date is feb 6 2014 should get funds in account by friday 


    My refund was supposed to be deposited today on the 6th. As of yet nothing yet.

    • Did you go through SBBT and pay up front or are you having your fees taken out from your refund?
    • I am having the fees taken out of my refund, and it will be directly deposited to my bank account.
    • Me too... Last year when my refund hit Sbbt, I had to wait till the next day for it to hit my bank... hoping this is not the case this year...  I just checked Sbbt and they have not received my refund yet...
    • As soon as funds are deposited to my bank, it usually is available right away. I get my paycheck a day earlier.
    • Wow, that's cool...  I only wish Bank of America was like that...
    • I also just checked SBBT and nothing has been deposited. I've lost hope for today.
    • I'm paying up front from now on cause my girlfriend has hers and I have nothing...she uses Bank of America and I use PNC
    • Same issue here. Losing hope in the IRS. I have a ddd of 2/6 but checked SBBT since I opted to have my fees taken out, and they have nothing either. I thought the IRS sent refunds to banks at 12:01 PST (3:01 EST my time)......?
    • ^^^ thats what i thought
    • I just called my bank and since my account closed yesterday (for inactivity) they recieved the deposit. I just have to wait till the ach department opens to reopen my accout. Hopefully they don't return the check
    • @aortegon32 did you pay your fees upfront?
    • No. I didn't I paid upfront.
    • This will be one for the books!!!!! GOOD JOB TURBO TAX!!!!
    • What's SBBT?
    • If I elected to have my fees taken out of my refund and have a DDD of 2/6, when should I expect me return? I checked today and nothing..I'm central time..it almost 9am.
    • It won't be today I elected to have my fees taken out and I have nothing. And my bank isn't holding it either they said there no schedule deposits sbbt are seriously screwing up and turbo tax. People who had a dd for the 10th got their money today.
    • https://ttlc.intuit.com/questions/2151460-anyone-receive-refund-with-sbbt

      Thats what a lady from turbo tax live chat gave me LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!
    • My wmr hasn't moved off one bar since accepted 1-31 and I called the bank no pending deposits called irs to check through automated system thinking that maybe wmr hasn't updated an the auto voice says due to technical difficulties irs can't receive phone calls to go online or try later. Anyone else tried calling?  I have no ddd only 1 bar simple return no fees coming out an people accepted after me got deposits today. Think I would feel better if i actually got a ddd but nothing...
    • I feel the same way nikki.polk. Accepted 01/28, one bar, and no DDD. So frustrating.....
    • Mrschmitty did you get a ddd. This morning my wmr went to 2 bars ddd for 2/12
    • accepted 1/26 still only 1 bar. why the discrepancies
    • The earlier you filed seems like were put to the back of the line. But finally got a DD 2/12
    • Nope, I didn't get anything at all @nikki.polk, so frustrating! I spoke with my brother and he got DD yesterday.. We filed his return on the 3rd, he was accepted same day, and got his refund yesterday! This is so irritating....I filed on the 24th, was accepted on the 28th.
    • Just to let everyone know, finally I have a date. WMR says 2/12 and to contact them if I don't get it by the 17th. TT has not updated yet and still states 2/21st. I will update when the deposit actually hit my acct. Oh btw I had a acceptance date of 1/31.

    Filed 1/28, accepted 1/29, approved 1/30, dd 2/6 but still no funds in my account. Having fees taken out by H&R Block for filing services out of my federal return, got email last night at 10pm saying "The IRS has notified us that your refund is ready to be transferred to H&R Block Bank.

    H&R Block Bank has initiated the process of depositing your Refund Deposit Account proceeds* into your bank account. This process is usually completed within two to three business days. However, it could take longer. "

     I called Chase and they said there are no pending deposit but they rep said it does not mean its not in the bank system. So I called H&R Block and they said they already sent my refund to my bank and that it will take my bank up to 2-3 days (if not longer) for them to process it. I guess when it comes from H&R Block Bank or Turbo Tax Bank, it takes longer vs. if it came directly from IRS. So if anyone had fees taken out by their filer than your refund will take longer to hit your bank account. Next year I am going to pre-pay the fees instead of having them taken out of my refund :(

    It sucks, last year I did the same as this year but got my refund 2 days early, this year its going to be late :(

      Hey it will come I got mine accepted on 1/26 and my DDD is the 2/6. I checked my account and my refund is there today 2/7, now I have to wait for state, which always take forever. Just be patient everyone it come.

        I had my taxes done Jan 18th, was accepted Jan 25th. Simple return. Still have nothing more on WMR other than accepted. Hope it's soon!

        • I too filed on 1/17, accepted 1/26 and no DDD.  I just talked to IRS and they told me if I filed before the 31st that even though we filed early it didn't mean we would get the refund any earlier because they had to go through the proper verification system and that didn't start until the 31st so in other words just because we were accepted early they had to wait until the 31st to begin the processing and not on the date we were actually accepted. I made the mistake of fling early because it didn't matter. So upsetting because I see so many that filed later and accepted later already getting their refunds and I can't even get a DDD.
        Does anybody know what it means when I check the wmr tool it no longer shows the bar with the different stages it just says "Your refund is still being processed. A refund Date will be provided when available"
        • I saw the same thing today. Don't think it means anything other than they are slow!! Lol
        • I was able to get a copy of my refund transcript for the first time today.  Does that mean I should be seeing my DDD?
        • That happened to me last year, when the bars dissappear on wmr site, your tax return is under reveiw which means ur gona be audited. Sucks i know i didnt get my refund for last year untill october
        I filled my taxes on February 2nd. Got accepted on the 2nd and approved on February 6th and said the money should be in my account by February 10th. .
        • I filled 30 accepted on 31 and approved today with dd of 2/10
        • Ooh so we have The same dd date..
        • Same filing and acceptance dates but still have 2/21 for return date
        • Why is ur date so far
        • idk why... but it was the same thing as last year, the estimated refund date was feb 20 and i got my returns on the 7th. i remember checking the site after i recieved them and still the date never changed..... i checked it a week after and still the same thing..., i realize they dont always update the sites... but i dont have anything yet this year.
        • that is why i started following this post, i didnt understand how ppl were getting dates so soon
        • Yes it don't understand either it makes no sense. My sister in law did her taxes on 2-1 and it's still processing. But did mines on the 2-2 and have a date for 2-10 this year is so different. .
        • Just to let everyone know, finally I have a date. WMR says 2/12 and to contact them if I don't get it by the 17th. TT has not updated yet and still states 2/21st. I will update when the deposit actually hit my acct. Oh btw I had a acceptance date of 1/31.
        • I was accepted 2/03 and processed until 2/08. I then got a refund approved date to deposit by of 02/12. I am praying it's there tomorrow!
        • That's pretty fast from what most of us have been waiting. I was accepted 01/28, and still waiting!  Hope you get yours tomorrow! Good luck :)
        • As did I!! Thank Goodness!!
        Not yet. It probably won't until the end of the week.
          Mine being deposited 8th

          I filed on 1/31 and it was accepted that night. Still being processed. I have 3 kids, one of which was born in February, so I don't know if that is what is taking so long. Otherwise besides claiming daycare and our work forms we have nothing else on our tax return. I wish it would come soon.

          • Just to let everyone know, finally I have a date. WMR says 2/12 and to contact them if I don't get it by the 17th. TT has not updated yet and still states 2/21st. I will update when the deposit actually hit my acct. Oh btw I had a acceptance date of 1/31.
          Was suppose to be deposited today and nothing yet im in NYC what's going on??
          • I'm in MN and I still have nothing and IRS phones are down.  My ddd was today
          • That's crazy I called the automated line and it still gave me a DDD for today
          • Me too sucks
          • I just checked the SBBT website Turbo Tax third party bank and they received my refund my bank should have it by 4pm being that I deal with a credit union and a message pop up that it was an IRS delay
          • good to hear some peoples are going thru maybe that says something.
          • misspowell80 how do you know it will be there by 4pm today? and what bank do you use?
          • Im glad I was off today... I have wasted a WHOLE day on the computer!!
          • I bank with Municipal credit union and any deposit is always credited to the account by 6pm the day before the actual deposit
          • It was stated that the IRS is having a delay with heavy traffic. If you were given a refund date of 2-6, the funds will be deposited into your acct the following day of 2/7. You can also go to sbtpg.com to see if the bank has the funds and if they're about to be released.
          • Its shows mine was sent to my bank by sbbt but when I call my bank and ask them if I have any pending deposits they tell me no anyone else have the same problem
          I had a DDD of 2/6 and I received my refund at about 8 this morning.  Simple Tax return, no fees.
            I have a DD date of 2/6, just spoke with SBBT, and my refund is in transaction to my bank from theirs, it should take 1 to 2 days. If you paid upfront, or filed yourself, you should get your funds today, if you had tax prep services deducted from your refund, youre just waiting for SSBT to release them.
              Ok so idk if this helps but mines says expecte deposti date for the feb 6th which is today I havent recieved yet. I call sbbt and the said they have sent it to my bank today and told me my amount that was to be deposited so im hoping it will come thru soon

                I filed on the 29th accepted on the 31st through turbo tax. I haven't got a dd date yet just says it was received and not even approved yet. man i hope i get it 

                • I had same dates and no DD date yet.
                • 31st
                • I was accepted on the 29th and still being processed :(
                • Any luck Mike?
                • I was accepted on the 28th.. nothing at all...
                • Accepted 1/31 finally got ddd 2/12 this morning wmr crawled to 2 bars
                • Just to let everyone know, finally I have a date. WMR says 2/12 and to contact them if I don't get it by the 17th. TT has not updated yet and still states 2/21st. I will update when the deposit actually hit my acct. Oh btw I had a acceptance date of 1/31.

                I filed on January 27th, and it was accepted January 29th, still stuck on the one bar....no DDD ...


                yes i file 2-1-14 and got my dd 2-6-14 4 50 pm


                  Did anyone file on 02/03/2014 and has received a dd date or an approval status from wmr?


                  • Wondering the same!
                  • Well I filled on the 2nd and have a DD by Feb 10th
                  • I did and mine is still in accepted status waiting for it to be approved
                  • Update...this morning I called the irs no. to check the status of my refund, it now says that I have a deposit date on 02/11/2014 and if I haven't received the deposit by 02/16/2014 I should call. Hope this helps the filers who've filed on 02/03/2014 like myself.
                  • When did you file ? And did you check wmr website ?? And it says your d&d is 2/11/14??
                  • filed on 2/3/2014 accepted the same day and still says processing.
                  • This is bs irs is screwing a bunch of us go figure
                  • Accepted 1/31 finally wmr crawled to 2 bars ddd 2/12....
                  • Just to let everyone know, finally I have a date. WMR says 2/12 and to contact them if I don't get it by the 17th. TT has not updated yet and still states 2/21st. I will update when the deposit actually hit my acct. Oh btw I had a acceptance date of 1/31.
                  updated: Thursday, February 6 2014, 08:57 PM EST People waiting on tax refunds may be waiting a while longer than usual. The IRS has changed the timeline for refunds and specific dates for receiving checks are no longer given. The IRS says it can take up to 21 days after your return has been accepted. The bigger problem is the threat of the government running out of money because of a fight over the nation's

                  Read More at: http://www.wlos.com/shared/news/features/top-stories/stories/wlos_tax-refund-delays-15020.shtml


                    WMR finally moved to approved, states we will have our dd refund by 2/10, IRS accepted return on 1/30.

                    • When did you check wmr
                    • My direct deposit date is 2/11/14 anyone else with that date?
                    • do you have to keep checking or do you get an email Notification

                    I filed on the 1/21 with TT, got accepted on the 27th-- but got a DDD of FEBRUARY 11th. 

                    I am having fees taken out. Currently, Santa Barbara Bank website claims it has not received my refund. So, therefore, there are who filed AFTER me, got accepted immediately afterward (or thereabouts) and got their refunds before I did. And I was SO happy when I got that stupid email that said my return had been accepted early...

                    • I know what you mean...I'm also wondering this because 2/11 is such a random date especially when others are saying they have a DDD of 2/10! I was unaware the irs had so many deposit dates
                    • There's rumors flying that TT screwed up and others that say it is an IRS issue. I'm inclined to believe it's TT since I haven't even got my state refund and I always get that thing way before my federal.
                    • Has anyone who has a deposit date of 2/11-2/12 gotten anything deposited or has your SBTG info updated? Mine currently says no refund sent from IRS and I'm supposed to get my refund Tuesday!
                    • Although the WMR website says my refund HAS been sent, my info from SBTG states that my refund has not been received. I am going to assume it was sent to STBG Friday, will be processed Monday and in my account by Tuesday morning.

                    To everyone that is having fees taken out of your refund, I did that last year with H&R block and after they received my refund, whoever put my bank information in from H&R block put it in wrong- even though I e-filed and had my banking information down they copied it incorrectly it took an additional 3 weeks they had to mail me my refund.   So pray that's not the case.


                      hey guys, i have a direct deposit date of 2/11 and my brother has one of 2/12...does anyone else who has  those dates have any news or info about their direct deposits? any update from SBTG for those of you with those DDD who got their fees deducted from refund.. im hoping to see mine tomorow morning, i used SBTG my brother didnt...

                      • Did you get the deposit today? If my deposit somes today early it will be later this afternoon after 5pm because my bank is still on te weekend schedile until end of business today... my deposit is for the 12th
                      Last year I went through Turbotax and like other people that filed with other institutions had to wait months before anything even happened. Eventually I was audited for missing information that I didn't know I was missing. After many calls to IRS, IN THE END I RECEIVED NO REFUND last year. This was my first audit ever! This was due to the education credits issues the IRS was having and the earned Income Credit plus I believe home credit etc. The auditing help software that companies offer will NOT help you if IRS decides to audit you. It will happen. If you filed with everything correct, double check it and then file. If you get a refund, congrats! If not then be prepared to reload at your submitted taxes.
                        Mine was receive on 2/3 but it stuck on one bar and haven't move yet and it coming up on my 21 days. I'm confuse
                        • Mines did the same thing now there is no bars and it says I will get deposit information later on with an error code of 152

                        Filed on the 24th accepted on the 28th. still in processing mode with bars removed. it has already been over 21 days. since I owe them you would think that they would process it and take their money. they need more help at the IRS.

                          Yes I learned my lesson about paying upfront. I too have nothing in my account and I've always had the fees taken out and always got my money the day IRS stated. I don't know what the hold up is this year with having fees withheld  I hope sbtpg doesn't screw people with holding the money longer.
                          • To everyone that is having fees taken out of your refund, I did that last year with H&R block and after they received my refund, whoever put my bank information in from H&R block put it in wrong- even though I e-filed and had my banking information down they copied it incorrectly it took an additional 3 weeks they had to mail me my refund.   So pray that's not the case.

                          I got my Federal Acceptance date as 1/28, was approved with a DDD for 2/6, and I'm a netspend customer.  Any luck anyone?

                          • also a netspend customer with the dd 2/6 still nothing yet. Have had my refunds dd'ed this way the last few years and always got it a day or so before the dd the irs has given.
                          • I am in the same boat accepted the 28th... and its 1:54 pm in Nebraska and nothing is in my account.
                          • Same here, but I'm in the CST in FL, and nothing in my account, it's 1:57 pm here..
                          • I wish I could get some answers but just seems unfair. That's Taxes for us. Well @mrsschmitty let me know If you get yours.
                          • Sure will. If you get anything give me a holler...lol..
                          • well I just exceeded my daily attempts at the IRS website. I am now blocked will not be able to use this website for 24 hours. thank you very much IRS from the loyal taxpayers of New Jersey
                          • Yep, I got locked out about an hour ago, also..lol.. It's irritating.
                          • I didn't know you could get locked out LOL good thing you guys brought it up. This is my tax refund support group hahaha ANXIETY
                          • Yes, it says you have exceeded your attempts for the day, come back in 24 hours. I know the anxiety, for me it's more irritating, that information isn't being updated regularly..
                          • Well they said they will only update the system once a day around the evening...
                          • My problem is my husband is also checking..lol.. So it's gotten multiple attempts from us, so we got locked out. Oh well, hopefully we will get it on Monday.
                          • but if we haven't heard by now then we're probably not getting it Monday or Tuesday. We might get our DDD on Monday
                          • our DDD dates on Monday or Tuesday.
                          • Who knows, I've seen where people have gotten their DD and WMR wasn't updated at all, still stuck on processing.
                          • really don't get my hopes up!  lol
                          • lol, I know, I don't want to get my hopes up either.... It seems like if I would have waited to file, say like the first of the week, like the 2nd or 3rd, I'd be getting our DD by Monday, but since I filed early (01/24) I have no friggen idea when I am getting our DD..
                          • Its true  some peoples bar is not updating yet they have gotten the refund. A bit cruel but I am hoping I get mine tomorrow still somehow haha. Ill just bet on Monday though.
                          • lol, yeah I would love to wake up in the morning and see a nice DD.
                          • The IRS is open on the weekends and I know that they process taxes. But I don't think they do direct deposits on the weekend that's wishful thinking.
                          • I'm figuring one day next week. Hopefully Monday, but we shall see.
                          • Any news ?
                          • The only news I have gotten, is that my wine was finally chilled. That's it, you?
                          • I could use a Margarita, but that's it. So disappointing
                          • :( Hopefully Monday, hun....
                          • mines says I  will have mine buy the 21st and I filed the 28
                          • My return was accepted 1/27 and today I got a DDD of 2/14 I went threw turbo tax and have 3 dependent filling married joint return. Went threw turbo tax and made my fee upfront. Am half way there :)
                          • I was accepted the 29 and got finally 10 days later got a DDD of the 12th,  year is not like the others. I don't see myself using TurboTax again. It's never taken this long.
                          • @Diana I just got my DDD today too. the 12th
                          • Yeah I finally got a ddd for the 12th. Don't know if it was tt or the irs but its way to slow this year.
                          • Finally!!!! accepted 1/31 this morning
                            Wmr crawled to 2bar ddd 2/12
                          • Hopefully we get it early Monday or Tuesday
                          • I hope so too!!! this has been ridiculous. we should of gotten Friday
                          • This has been a crazy season... I'm still stuck on one bar and processing my return, refund within 21 days.. blah blah blah....
                          • Just to let everyone know, finally I have a date. WMR says 2/12 and to contact them if I don't get it by the 17th. TT has not updated yet and still states 2/21st. I will update when the deposit actually hit my acct. Oh btw I had a acceptance date of 1/31.
                          • Any way we would possibly get deposits tomorrow on Sunday!?
                          • My DDD is 2/11 just an fyi
                          • i got mine on sunday last year
                          • at night
                          • mrsschmitty did u hear anything yet
                          • Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has any insight...I have a DDD of 2/11 so this Tuesday...has anyone with a 2/11 DDD gotten their refund yet?! Also I deposited it to a green dot card, do you think I might be able to expect it early (like Monday)?!
                          • Hey toddius, you got it Sunday night? What bank?
                          • Finally!!!! I just got my DDD for Feb 13th!
                          • yay Congrads so you'll get it on the 11th depending on your bank
                          • I hope so. We bank with USAA and they do not hold ACH deposit's. I love them, so as soon as they get it, I'll get it. I'm hoping tomorrow, but we shall see..lol..
                          • ive got it on sunday using the netspend card
                          • last year hoping the same this year looks like everybody is getting there refund 2 days before ddd
                          • my ddd is the 12th and i hope i get it monday morning i had no fees taking out and netspend is pretty good about releasing the money as soon as it comes. Need it bad so hoping its here tomorrow morning
                          • hey guys, i have a direct deposit date of 2/11 and my brother has one of 2/12...does anyone else who has  those dates have any news or info about their direct deposits? any update from SBTG for those of you with those DDD who got their fees deducted from refund.. im hoping to see mine tomorow morning, i used SBTG my brother didnt...
                          • I'm glad you finally got Your  DDD! well I'm hoping to get it early but I won't hold my breath. My sister filed on the 31st and got her state and federal yesterday.... I shouldn't have filed early!
                          • just got my refund had a ddd of 2/12/14 got my refund 2/9/14 and it was on a netspend card got it 10:51pm
                          • irs is kicking but this year filed the feb. 3rd accepted the 3rd and got approved on feb 8th got refund the next day awesome thank u
                          • CHASE SUCKS WHEN IT COME TO DD
                          • I've been waiting since January 28th....Hopefully, when I wake up tomorrow, I have a nice DD from the IRS, but I'm not holding my breath. I only just got our DDD today, for the 13th.
                          • Ill check my chase account around 2:30am.hopefully I get my dd
                          • Hope you get your deposit!! Good luck. :)
                          • hey guys...still nothing as of right now (12:12 am) hopefully i can wake up with something nice in my bank account :D
                          • Let check around 3am
                          • They do deposit money on sundays cause last year and this year ive got mine on Sunday and dont go by the TT website mine still says accepted and I got it at 10:51pm on 2/9/14 with a DDD of 2/12/14. TT website never updated. Good Luck Everybody wasnt expecting mine but got it fast way to go IRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                          • Has anyone who got the DDD of the 12th get their money?
                          • read the post i said i did
                          • i have a date of the 12th but no money today yet, Bank of America will be on the weekend schedule until 5pm... will update through the day when i get it....if i get it lol... IT SEEMS WE WILL GET OUR STATE REFUND BEFORE THE FEDERAL AT THIS RATE....that happened to a friend of mine.
                          • Got refund 2/9/14 and my DDD was for 2/12/14
                          • wow so hopefully i will get my refund later today
                          • I used turbo tax and have a DdD of 2/12 on my netspend card hopefully I get it today has anyone else got theres
                          • I've checked mine over night and then again this morning. I have no DD yet. I'm going to call USAA to see if they have any pending DD, but they normally don't hold them.
                          • toddius, received his refund last night on his netspend card he said, his DDD was also for the 12th.
                          • Did you have your fees taken out ?
                          • Who has had their fees taken out and still got their two days early?
                          • I have the DDD of the 12th and still haven't got my money yet
                          • I had fees taken out and didn't get my money today. DDD of the 12th
                          • I had No fee's and have not received my refund yet.
                          • do anyone with a DD of the 12th see any updates with SBBT?
                          • still nothing
                          • Does anyone have a number or website for SSBT? My neighbor filed and had her fee's withheld from her return, and she was trying to look and see if they have received her refund or at least the status. TIA... And I called me bank this morning, the lady said that my bank will update sometime this afternoon or evening, and if I have a deposit from over the weekend or today, it will show then. I bank with USAA
                          • @mrsschmitty - https://cisc.sbtpg.com/index.aspx or google SBTPG
                          • Thanks!
                          • hey guys just want to update everyone real quickly...i have a DD date of 2/11 and i just checked the SBTG website and my funds were recieved by them and sent to my bank (green dot account)..hopefully i will see those funds later today! does anyone here have experience with SBTG and Green Dot...do they usually get the deposit and post it same day? maybe later today?
                          • I filed 1/27 accepted 1/29 and got my DDD for the 12th REALLY. So far nothing received not even by the bank. SLOW YEAR FOR EARLY FILERS!
                          • I wish I would have waited to file, looks like they got it sooner than me.
                          • I hear ya! It's extremely slow this year! I filed 01/24 accepted 01/28, and just got a DDD of 02/13... this is insane! My neighbor filed the 25th, accepted the 18th, and she hasn't even gotten a DDD yet, WMR still says processing. I got my date yesterday.
                          • I am kicking myself now, for filing early, if we would have waited til after 01/31, we would have already had our refund.
                          • exactly, its really unfair.
                          • My bank says they have not yet received it.
                          • my bank too. ( nothing ) grrrrr.
                          • Looks like those with a Feb 11th DDD is getting their funds today or tonight.  I have a DDD of Feb 12th and I called my bank and they don't see any incoming deposits.  So it'll probably come tomorrow.
                          • hopefully @rendel22
                          • SBTG just released my funds to my bank at about 10:30 (green dot) should I expect to see the deposit in my bank later today
                          • Yep, my bank also. They said they wont update til this evening, so I'll check later on tonight. I hope it goes in tonight or is there in the morning.
                            @cewalt020, I don't know when your funds will become available, if I were you, I would just checking periodically .
                          • SBTG hasn't even received anything for me :( SO FUSTRATING
                          • :( I'm sorry.. I hope you get yours really soon!
                          • I know, my moving plans are on pause until I receive my returns. WISH YOU LUCK AS WELL,
                          • Thank you! This sure has been a wonky season!
                          • No refund today ..... Will chk tomorrow. I really believe that everything is a day behind, not just that those issue with the 6th deposits sent on the 7th.....will update in AM if anything changed.
                          • I haven't gotten our either. I'm crossing my fingers for tomorrow! I keep checking my account every hour or so, to see if the deposit comes in.
                          • I have a 2/12 ddd and the SBTP agent said they should receive it tomorrow and then it will take 24-48 hours to reach my bank. Hopefully it takes shorter.
                          • I too have a DD of the 12 and nothing and bank still says nothing received:( coooommmeeee oooonnnnn! I filed 2 weeks ago!
                          • I hear ya! It's been 2 weeks here also, I'm praying for tomorrow!
                          • I really hope I get my money tommow. it's going to snow hard Thursday and I need new tires for my car!!!! I can't beleive I still haven't gotten it yet!!
                          • Dang, meea10, I surely thought you would have yours today!
                          • no nothing yet!!!
                          • Mine is already at SBTG and I have a DDD of tomorrow!
                          • Nothing yet here either, and I'm getting highly PO'ed..
                          • Hope you get it!!
                          • I better get it tomorrow or I'm going to be all over this message board damning TT and the IRS. I filed my taxes three weeks ago. tomorrow morning I better have my money or I'm going to turn into such a monster!!!!
                          • I've been holding myself back..lol... I filed on the friggen 24th! Come on now, this is crazy!
                          • you'll know if I don't get money because I'm going to incredible Hulk TurboTax.
                          • LMAO! Hopefully we will all get our money tomorrow!
                          • I really hope so
                          • I just checked our bank, and still nothing. I called them today, and they said they update ACH deposits all day, and as soon as it is sent the the bank, they will release it to me. I'm going to check one more time before I go to bed, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
                          • Anybody with a ddd 2/12 ..have receive their state refund yet???
                          • I am not certain. I do not have a state return.
                          • Did u get  ur state refund yet.?? And federal give u a.ddd 2/12
                          • I do not have a State return, I live in FL and FL does not have State income taxes, if you are replying to me.. :) My federal return DDD is 02/13
                          • I was excepted 1/24 n no ddd yet called irs,n they said no matter when u filed they still didnt prossess ne returns till the,31 the test run was,just to check the system not prossess returns thought i was already 16 days in n they said i have to  wait to call bk till the,21st  :-( u guys have ur deposits for today so hopefully ill get mine this,week
                          • Update... once again my dates were 1/30 approved 1/31..... Sunday I finally got a DD of 2/12..... today I winally see that SBBT has my funds..... hope to get them tonight after 5pm or tomorrow morning.....BTW WMR still on second bar... it has not updated to "sent" same as TT it still states 2/21
                          • I still have no deposit. :( I've been checking my bank, as they said they update all day long for ACH deposit's and they won't hold my refund. I'm crossing fingers, eyes, and toes we get our refund sometime today. Crossing everything for everyone else as well!!
                          • @meea10, did you get your refund today? I sure hope so, but I secretly want to see you go Incredible Hulk.. ;)
                          • Did you check SBBT to see if they have your money yet?
                          • I didn't have fee's, I did the free Military Edition, so I didn't go threw SBBT.
                          • Oh ok .... keep me posted, it seems fees or not we are on the same schedule.. Like I said, I will post when I finally get my deposit. Did you check the status of your state check? my friend got her State before she got her fed.
                          • Are you receiving a direct deposit through the bank or some kind of card?
                          • I will keep you posted. We live in FL, so we do not have a State return here. I've been doing taxes for years as my profession, and this has been the wonkiest year for refunds, besides last year when we were dealing with the forms delays, but those were actually announced.
                          • Me either I'm so pissed off right now. I am so sick of this I have been waiting since I was excepted on the 29th. at this point I'm not even sure who to be upset about TurboTax for my bank
                          • DD through my Bank.
                          • I'm so irritated! My other neighbor filed her taxes last Wednesday, and she just got her refund today! WTF! The other neighbor filed her's on 01/25, and she is still sitting at processing!
                          • It has to be the IRS. I filed with TT, one neighbor filed with TaxSlayer, one with Jackson Hewitt, and the other with Block. My brother did TT and he had his refund over the weekend, and we filed it on the 3rd. Myself, and 2 of my neighbors both filed on either 01/24, 01/25, 01/28. 2 of us were accepted on 01/28, and the one who filed on the 28th was accepted the 29th. Every other person who we know who filed after 01/31, has gotten their refund, or has gotten dates and only sat at processing for a couple of days.  My poor neighbor who filed day after me, is STILL sitting on processing.... There are just to many Tax Payers using to many different companies, but yet experiencing the same thing for me to put all the blame on TT. I'm chalking this one up to, yet again, the IRS.
                          • I had a DDD for 2/11 (which I received) but I do not have my state refund (KS) which is very strange. I have ALWAYS got my state refund within days but this time it is going on 2 weeks.
                          • I am saving my real anger that little blue Demon for tonight when I check and see that it's still not there. I am so angry and frustrated with this whole situation. I did my taxes way early and I should not have had to waited this long to get my income tax return. this was so ridiculously irresponsible not even email or anything telling us if there was going to be a delay
                          • I whole heartedly agree, meea10!
                          • I agree as well there should have been some notice but that would probably required them to A) admit fault and/or B) offer a discount on their fees or some other mea culpa. I can't help but think this is retribution for the class action lawsuit they got nailed with last  year. lol
                          • There might be a delay in state. I always get my mass refund in 4 days,but this year they didn't accept efile returns until 2/7 because of the new healthcare laws. I just checked and mass has already sent my money dd.
                          • Yeah, they never admit fault,.. ever....
                          • why would admit fault when other fake commercials tell us about fast speedy service guaranteed maximum refund possible. But they should be worried giving it to us period. jerks!!!!!!!! I wish you could see my angry face!!!!
                          • I bet, hun. I am just dumbfounded...
                          • The blame is the IRS... this is why im sitting with someone to make sure i get more money in my checks to heck wit getting a large refund.... im tired of giving the govmt. a interest free loan....
                          • Times have been hard for EVERYONE and this money is needed to pay bills and stash for later on this year because times are still hard... Not to mention fix up cars or just plain 'ole buy something you just freakin want because you didnt have the money to get it before....
                          • Finally finally sbbt got my.money from irs took their fees out and already  sent my.money .I.should getigetit fisrt thing in morning ..he  yeah..good luck you all
                          • Thats good u guys are gettin ur dd i was excepted 1/24 still prossessing  :-( im so irritated with the irs for mkim us think filing early would b to our advantage
                          • I too am still waiting, My sister filed 2/1 and for
                            her DD state and fed into her account 2/8 Sat morning! She went through H&R in person.
                          • https://cisc.sbtpg.com/index.aspx the site is saying they sent the funds to my bank WHEW finally!!!!! Hopefully by the morning I have the $ too. Make sure u check this site out for new people on this, it is more accurate than the one on TT.
                          • Glad ya'll are getting your refunds! I'm still very impatiently waiting for mine to hit my  bank... It isn't going to any 3rd party vender or anything, I had no fees, I just honestly don't understand this mess.. And YES @Feliciakeitt, we do need the money to pay off bills, fix our truck, and buy something we freaken want!.. LOL... We paid our taxes all year, and I had extra coming out of my check, to make sure we wouldn't owe anything, so I want my friggen money!
                          • It just hit my bank account , everyone check. Mrsschmitty yours should be tomorrow for sure.
                          • Yay, for you diana.pantja6!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just checked mine and still nothing. I'll keep an eye on it this evening. I'm crossing my fingers for tonight or tomorrow morning!
                          • omfg I still haven't gotten anything. I'm going crazy.
                          • Mine hit a 2:05 PST good luck everyone netspend card by the way here
                          • I haven't either meea10! It's irritating.
                          • I can't believe I still haven't gotten anything yet
                          • Ditto meea10! I keep checking my bank.. not a daggone thing! And sadly there is not a person I can call at this point to get irate with, and even when I can call, with my experience with the IRS,it does NO good... Hence, why they are called The IRS = THEIRS.... jerks!
                          • I havent heard a thing either.Accepted 1/26, no DD yet and can't get a transcript.  Doesn't make sense.  I think mine went to the overseas center!!!!
                          • HAHAHAHA, Jan404.. That made me giggle.. .. The funny thing is, almost half of the time I have had to call the IRS for a client of mine, they have been foreigners answering the phone. So, maybe ours just did go to the Overseas location.
                          • completely discussed with the situation. worst off is that I paid TurboTax to do this to me
                          • I'm praying we get ours tomorrow meea10! now I'll be happy that I've finally gotten my return, but it has been nice "meeting" and getting to gripe with yall. :)
                          • I'm glad I could make someone laugh even though we don't have much to laugh about right now.  Have you all received a DDD?  I can't even get that.  When did you get accepted?
                          • except on the 29th my DDD is set for tomorrow. But everyone else is getting there was yesterday or today.
                          • I was accepted on 01/28, I got my DDD this past Sunday of a DDD for 02/13. This is just crazy...
                          • I was accepted on 2/03. On the 2/08 I received a DD of 2/12. It is just now 12:45 am cst and I just got my refund direct deposit. Good Luck everyone! I have no complaints except that I wish my refund was more...LOL
                          • I GOT MY REFUND THIS MORNING!!!! VERY HAPPY :0
                          • YAY!!!!!!!!! I got mine as well this morning!
                          • My ddd was set for today, the 12th, and still nothing...it hasn't been deposited nor has it been released to sbbt. Yet. I'm hoping for a miracle that it will be in my personal bank account by tomorrow morning because I need that money for something specific that was supposed to happen tomorrow. Yay for those that already have theirs.
                          • Filed on 2/3...accepted on 2/3... WRM still says processing.  Used TT Military Edition.  Direct Deposit to my bank not a card or anything.  My bank will not hold it, they release funds as soon as they come in.  Hoping that WRM is just not updating properly and we will have our money soon.
                          • Jan404 when where u excepted? Im seein just about everyone iv seen since iv been following this post has a refund or at least a dddiwas exceptec 1/24 n stillno dd but sbbt say a messege sayin the,irs didnt deppsit funds in the expected 9 to 16 days they thought it would,b the 9 th n says could b delayed a week wondering y others have those n not even a ddd  :-(
                          • *have theres n us not even a ddd i ment stupid phone
                          • I got accepted on 1/26, no DDD, not able to get transcript. Ridiculous!
                          • Mine was accepted on the 24th and  finally had ddd on Sunday for the 13th I had fees taken out and  SBBT website says they have received my refund and it was sent to my bank at around noon yesterday my bank still shows no deposit so hopefully after 3 am as I am in Florida and am 3 hours ahead of TT bank
                          • Seriously rediculous accepted 1/24 still prossessing
                          • I got accepted the 28 th and nothing no bar movement no transcript. I think I'm calling today I only had a 1040 and a education tax credit I haven't waited this long for a return in years
                          • Has anyone received a ddd that filed on 2/3
                          • I was accepted on January 31 and today I just received a dd date for February 18..the irs is slow this year, they must really be checking stuff.
                          • Thanks for the answer, this is my first year preparing my own taxes and dealing with Turbo Tax I thought I may have submitted something wrong. Thanks! That has made me have a little sigh of relief.
                          • You are welcome! I have used Turbo Tax for 4 years and I have never had a problem. If your return was accepted you are good.....Honestly, last year I had my money in a few days.This is the longest my return has ever took....Some people who filed after me on this blog claim to have already gotten their money...Who knows yours might come before mines.....Don't worry.
                          • I am having total anxiety over this.I keep going back and making sure I did it right . Nothing still today :(
                          • Yea nothing today either but when it come it will be greatly needed!!!
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