Use your transcripts to determine your direct deposit date!

I just learned a cool way to find out your deposit date! If you all know this already, disregard, but it's exciting for me. :)  You can simply pull up your tax transcripts from for the 2013 tax year and look at your cycle code. It will look like this: 20140601 (YYYYWWDD) or similar. The YYYY is obviously the year of deposit, WW is the week of the year it will be deposited, and the DD is the day of the week. The actual IRS explanation of this is here:

Obviously, this link is from last year, but you can at least see how it breaks down. This coming week (first week of Feb is WW 06). Therefore, with the code of 20140601 (that's mine!!), you should expect a direct deposit on Friday, February 7.

I love this info, and maybe it will help you all who are really wondering! Read below to see how the days of the week work out... Good luck. :)



  •  (01-01-2013)
    IMF Daily Processing

    IMF processing will be daily except on weekends. Some transactions post to IMF on a daily basis as opposed to during the weekly cycle.


    In January 2012 with CADE 2 Transition State 1 implementation, IMF began processing and posting all Individual Taxpayer submissions and transactions and remain the system of record.

    IMF Cycle Date is a daily cycle designated by an eight digit number indicating the year, the two digit cycle number and the two digit number indicating the day of the week (YYYYWWDD). The following values for DD are defined:

    01 = Friday

    02 = Monday

    03 = Tuesday

    04 = Wednesday

    05 = Thursday


    This date is the equivalent of the Cycle Date in IDRS and reflects the date the transaction is posted by IMF. See Exhibit 3.30.123-2, Enterprise Computing Center-MTB Posting Cycle Calendar.


    IMF daily transactions directed to daily accounts input in the campus on Monday, August 12, 2013 will have a posting cycle of 20133302.

  • the cycles run fri-thurs so thats showing your cycle end date, meaning your in the cycle to be refunded within that cycle. so from fri 1/31-thurs 2/6.. thats what i understand of it, as I have a cycle date of 20140601
  • Thanks! David :)  Hoping to be able to order my transcripts monday.....I was just accepted 1/30 so I am thinking maybe by next Friday I will have a deposit....I paid upfront this year so no waiting for SBBT
  • Well, I thought I had it figured out and I'd see a deposit date of 2/7. Are you saying it would be any date next week? My cycle date is the same as yours.
  • Mine last year was 20130903, which would have been March 5th, but I got mine on the 4th, which was a Monday, not a tuesday as 03 of the code would have suggested...I also have 20140601 as a cycle code for this year, so I'm thinking maybe sometime this week, maybe not necessarily Friday as the 01 suggests. Idk.
  • On the transcripts there is also a date at the bottom for your refund. (for mine it is 2-24-2014) I did some research (via memory, and my own personal records), and if you go back 17 days from that date, it is when you should see your refund.
  • @dearmsinvincible you might've had a ddd of march 5th and your bank prob released it a day early
  • maybe I am not understand what you are saying. Mine said 20140603. What day would you say that is?
  • I finally can order a transcript this morning and I have the same cycle code 20140603.  What does that mean?  Is that a DD of next Tuesday?
  • Mine is the same, 20140603. I believe that is this coming Tuesday. Seeing as this week's Tuesday has passed.
  • I hope I'm looking at the right's the one that says "cycle posted", correct?
  • 03 means Monday
    Actually this year (2014) the cycle starts on Thursday.
    01= Thursday
    02= Friday
    03= Monday
    04= Tuesday
    05= Wednesday
  • What does 06 mean
  • 06 is the 6th cycle week. Cycle week 6 begins Thursday February 6th and ends Wednesday February 12th.
  • Finally, some progress!!! I am also an earlier filer (accepted the 24th) and I have been stuck at accepted ever since while those filed after me seemed to get DD dates. This has been the most nail biting tax season EVER. Then, this morning, I have some progress! I am able to order a transcript with cycle code 20140605. From my caluclations, my DD will be this coming Wednesday. Woohoo!!!!!!
  • I have a 20140605 transcript cycle as well. I calculated it would be Wednesday as well. YAY
  • I can order an account transcript, not a return transcript whats the difference,, and does that mean its almost processed
  • Im excited for all of us, daddy need to pay some stuff off
  • I have no idea what the difference is between the two, but everyone I seem with a dd date could only receive an account transcript.
  • I think the tax return is just info from your return you sent in it doesnt give you the info about your refund like the account return does i couldnt get mind either and never was able either last year
  • Ok just got DDD 2/11 filed 2/2 accepted same day...transcript yesterday 20140604
  • on my account t transcript it has the same date 20140605, is that good or what
  • Okay so that means us with 20140605 will get a date for Wenesday
  • Where is everyone seeing this code online?  Is it given over the phone?
  • I hope so trex I wish someone would tell us definitely if that's what it means
  • Yes trex that is what it means. We are finally there.
  • its on the transcript
  • so if my account let me specify it again my ACCOUNT TRANSCRIPT, NOT MY RETURN TRANSCRIPT, has a date of 20140605 then we get that next Wednesday.
  • Craig1 YES that is what it means
  • praise jesus, I need it so bad that would be like the last date I needed the money too.  There is a god
  • Craig1 me too. I was like I am about to drown. Then I saw it this morning and I was like wow. I will have mine Thursday because turbo tax has to take their money out. I am so happy
  • I was accepted early and have been waiting and finally this morning I can order my account transcript YAY...I have the same code 20140605..but all the dates on their are either 02/15/2014 or 02/24/2014 I assume we should have all have our return by the 15 at the latest and the 24th is a default date.
  • Mine says the same cycle and refund date of 2/24 so I should get mine on Wed? I am confused.
  • cycle is 20140605
  • I was able to order my transcript by phone yaaayyy so how before I can see a dd
  • Athena you don't know what you are talking about. If you look at your transcript it also says you filed on feb 24th that is not true either. You have to go by the cycle date not the other dates because those are wrong for mine
  • I know the other dates are not exactly accurate! I know to go by the cycle code mine is 20140605 which  equals out to 2/12/2014 but the IRS does tell you to give up to 3 days after that date to receive it because some banks don't process it right away or whatever may happen,that would equal 02/15/2014! I said the 24th is a default date, the reason I said that is because most of the people that have posted about a transcript have said they all have a default date of the 24th. I am sorry if I was not clear or confused any one.
  • Ininfriend are you getting a paper check instead of direct deposit? I have a theory I'm working on that paper checks go out 1 day later than direct deposits. So far all of the direct deposits have been on odd numbers days. Anyone reading this please comment if you are getting a paper check and know your ddd or cycle number. Thanks
  • nope I have it DD'ed...just checked my return and my account and routing number is there and rechecked WMR it still says DDD on 2/11/14
  • I have the same number so I really hope so.
  • Same number being: 20140605
  • now i feel better  at least i know when it coming and have a due date
  • If I were to potentially have any offsets would it be listen on the transcript? If so, which line?
  • I have number 20140605
  • @poetikprncess it will not show an offset but if your WMR updates with DDD it will show if you have an offest. 20140605 will be for a 2/12 DDD
  • Mine is 20140605 I filed 27th accepted the 31st @t 1:32pm and had the 152 topic for a few days and just now I was able to download my return transcripts.... If my cycle code is 20140605 when will my DDD be?
  • Thanks so much @jjd3. Im locked out if WMR. Last time I check it was still processing.
  • @skythelimit160 the DDD for 20140605 is 2/12/14
  • @poetikprncess The offset # is 800-304-3107  it will ask you for your SS#
  • I was able to get my transcript an the cycle says 20140605 but the process date says 2/24/2014. I filed 1/23 an was sent an email on 1/28 saying I was accepted early. The bar on WMR hasn't moved so can anyone tell me when I should recieve my refund?? Im confused by all this
  • mine says 20140601 and still haven't received my refund
  • Thx  @jdj3, is there any possibility that it could hit my account earlier? I've seen a few people say this has happen to them..
  • Mine says 20140601 as well and I haven't gotten anything either. And last night the WMR said "Sent" then this morning I checked it again and it said that there is a delay and to reference 1121 when calling the IRS. I don't understand. I thought that if the transcripts are available and complete that the processing was complete. Can someone please help me figure this out?
  • Yea that's right I got the same code and my dd is weds the 12
  • I called. They say I have debt. No other info. The agency phone number they provided is out of office because of the weekend. I just want to know how much of my refund I am getting. You think WMR would know how much offset is!
  • ok this cycle is code is  20140605..and my dd is for 2/12 awesome just a few more days :)
  • My cycle # from my transcript is 20140601 too and I'm still at one bar on WMR has anyone got a DDD with this cycle #?
  • so u should get your deposit anytime around the the 13th
  • Y it its saying my records doesn't match theirs
  • @robertlovesnatal. Im still on one bar. I was able to order account transcript but not able to order return one yet. I don't know my code.. I had to get mine mailed. I have had tax topic 152 for days. Maybe we will get a DDD tonight or tomorrow night.
  • when I try to order my transcript
  • I ordered my transcripts an my cycle said 20140601 what does this mean plz help I had a dd for 2/6 but it was cancelled
  • My cycle number was the same 20140601, that meant that the ddd date was the 6th. I am still waiting for my dd. Bars went all the way to sent, then next day went to "there is a delay in your refund" and reference 1121 when calling the irs. So, that cycle date isn't always correct, not in this case anyway.
    My transcripts say, Refund Issued - 2/24 then Refund Cancelled - 2/24. Have no clue what the hell is going on! So I would say, Don't depend on that cycle date
  • Anyone that has a DDD of 2/10 let us know if you get it!! The irs had posted something to their site that said anyone with a DDD of 2/6 they were having issues so maybe all will go out tomarrow with the 2/10s!!
  • Did you get yours?
  • Where on the IRS site does it say that?
  • Someone has a link on this page in one of the comments
  • When I try to get my transcripts it gives me a note saying verification of non-filing. I was accepted on 1/31, anyone know what this means?
  • Did anyone get their taxes that had a DD date of today?
  • Accepted Feb 5 still at one bar as of today...........omg what is going on...
  • I was accepted on the 28th, and still on one bar as well.
  • what do you mean by "still at one bar" where are you seeing this?
  • Return received
  • atleast you didnt have the 1121 code...
  • Still nothing. Filed 1/30 accepted 1/31 still one bar code 152. Transcripts still have nothing.
  • can any of you view your account transcripts to view your codes at the bottom or cycle date . Will be on the bottom of your ACCOUNT TRANSCRIPT you can view these online. It will shed some light on whats going on with your return! Be glad to help or decifer for you too !
  • so if my date is 2010702 what date would that be? Please help
  • mine is 20140601 and I don't know either
  • @beekergifl that feb 14th
  • David....are you having any problems getting results from the GA state site?  They usually are very quick and I am not getting any info at all from them...I am in GA as well....
  • I jus got 20140703 what date is that?
  • Ive heard it is 2/17/2014 but that's a  holiday so might be delayed
  • @Roberlovesnatal Yours was supposed to be the last thursday batch the 6th so if you haven't got it your most likely like the rest of them that have a delay..
  • Im a 2/12er and got a dd today at 4am... Thanks everyone for helping me with all the transcrips stuff was it was correct with the cycle codes !! Good luck!  

    Ps. I filled 2/4 and got accepted 2/4
  • did you get your refund yet
  • I have the same cycle date 20140703. I'm still at one bar. Filed on 1/30. Accepted 1/31. Still at one bar. Can someone interpret this cycle date for me?
  • I have the exact same situation. From what I've seen others say, 20140703 corresponds with 2/17, which is a holiday, so we should *hopefully* see it on 2/18.
  • I have a 20140605 and still haven't gotten anything no ddd no updates from wmr nothing. Don't count on the transcript date. I have my state return scheduled for tomorrow.
  • Oh and I don't have any leans. I checked on that.
  • I got accepted 1/28. Still no updates.
  • Diazserjio, well hello fello 1/28'er (:
    Same status as you that would be a ditto for no updates.
  • Thanks. I hope so for the both of us.
  • My cycle number is 20140604 does anyone know what that means
  • You should of received it by now. You don't have a 1121 code do you?
  • Where would that code be
  • On the WMR page under the orange bars I've been told.
  • I have 20140605 and I have not received a ddd...wmr site still says processing....
  • @shellycardenas same here mine was received on 1/28 still no update on the 21st day umma call and raise hell. Lol
  • Guys go to and click on order transcripts online. Create user name and password and then go to 2013 account transcript and scroll to bottom look at your codes will start with code 150, then 806, may have 766 and 768 if you qualified for credits, then goes to either an 846 refund issued or for many we have seen a refund hold code of 570 : if you have that until they manually process that portion of your return that they are reviewing (they also this year are having to manually check offsets first before releasing the refund) as the computer way that normally checks that had or has a glitch on some early filers will need to see a 571, addiotional account action completed code to RELEASE that temporary refund hold (it is ONLY TEMPORARY) then the 846 refund code of 846 follows it on the transcript page and takes your figures of your account to zero instead of it being a credit balance of a - infront until the refund is issued.
  • @garrett mine went 150 to 806 to 570 to 971 it's been there for a while now not sure what's up.
  • that makes no sense at all...what does codes 806,570, and 971 mean?
  • Ok I need some help here. I filed on 2/6 was received the same day. I had the 1 orange bar until about 3 days ago when it all disappeared and I got the your refund is being processed DDD when avaliable. I was able to order my transcripts today I have the cycle date and it is 20140705 If my calcualtions are correct then that should be next Wed. I Have been looking at my transcripts from last year and at the bottom it gives the codes for refund issued on 2012 then I had an offset so it gives that code and takes it to 0. But on 2013 it has the code for refund issued but doesnt take the amount to 0? what is the deal with that does anyone know? From what I am reading if the refund is issued shouldn't have zeroed it out? it reads 846  Refund issued 03/03/2014 $7127.00 is this normal or should I worry that it wont be issued since it is not zeroed?
  • Mines also says 20140705
  • It shows my offset and how much it is and it shows my amount after the offset was taken out.
  • I don't know maybe some fluke lol... I woke up this morning with a DDD of 2/20 whitch is thursday. and the WMR tool says there may have been an offset to my account. I don't owe the IRS It is someone else that is taking it so maybe that is the reason for it not showing yet?? I don't know I am just glad there is a date and I know when I am suppose to get it now.
  • *which
  • I was able to see my return and account transcripts and print them out but my cycle date is 20140705, and my DDD is 2/20/14, but on my transcripts it's not showing any type of offset code, but on the WMR is says tax topic 203. So i'm not sure about that. Glad it looks like everyone is seeing some kind of update. :)
  • diaserjio, AND EVERYONE WITH 570/971 or just 570, or the flip flop of 971/570: READ THIS!!!
    I had the same codes. Calling will get you nowhere until your 21 days are up. It cant help you , and could actually hurt you if someone is in the process of MANUALLY processing or reviewing any portion of your return before they enter in your CODE 571 (release code you need ) to get your next code of 846 refund issued in most cases! 570 IS A REFUND HOLD PROCESSING CODE IN THE IRS PROCESSING MANUAL ) just bolding fyi to draw attention to that comment to help others also if need be... my bolded type on here is NEVER yelling at anyone of my peeps (A Garrett) ....who I am , I am a lady fyi, I love my PEEPS and we are ALL in this together I am here to help you till the end of this mess, not here to ever yell or scold man LIFE IS TOO SHORT LOL!
    THESE ARE ONLY TEMPORARY REFUND HOLD CODES ....they are placing them on most accounts that are any of the early filers and also in peeps submitted even the first week of Feb!!!

    This is ALL caused from the following:
    1) IRS is experiencing a HEAVY backlog and they added an extra security measure in the IVO ANTI FRAUD/ ID THEFT/TAX FRAUD /ERRONEOUS REFUND system that is supposed to protect the IRS and also protect the taxpayer! This system had an unexpected server error in the first weekend they were open and they also had a major computer "glitch" if you want to call it that the first week of Feb while processing many returns!  This caused many returns to have to be "RE-SEQUENCED"....One of the glitches is if the IVO system picks up a trigger code or a red flag it will automatically input a trigger code ... those trigger codes are 1 of 5 codes.
    These red flags DO NOT MEAN YOU DID ANYTHING WRONG ON YOUR RETURN OR THAT SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH IT>>.. It just means it will undergo additional processing step or steps and that is why you are seeing a delay compared to past years getting your refundor a refund update on WMR faster than this year.
    Commonly they LOVE the 971 code series lol) This is a miscellaneous code and can have numerous meanings thus why they commonly use it!
    2) These conditions caused the 1121 codes many have , and they are correcting those on a case by case basis by having to MANUALLY screen the processing step that got missed on those returns.
    3) MANUALLY processing any portion of a tax payors return will cause delays!
    4)They are hopeful they will have these all processed and out the door in 21 days FROM 1/31 and EXCLUDING 2/17 YOU CANT COUNT THAT DAY AS THEY ARE CLOSED IT IS A FEDERAL HOLIDAY)
    5) They froze many refunds with a TEMPORARY freeze code or refund processing hold of 570. It means EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS SO LET THAT HAPPEN!!! "It says Additional account action PENDING"....meaning you will see something else update and occur in a few days on your account transcript so watch and monitor it on the site clicking on ordering your transcripts online
    You can create a user name and password and that allows you to log in and view that each day.
    6) The freeze code is to prevent what happened to the 1121 bunch from happening again. Thus, why they are doing it to so many
    7) your account transcript will either update only ONCE A WEEK "usually end of the week if your 570 code has been there for more than 4 BUSINESS days" it should update around the 5th business day of having that code to a release code of 571 "Account action completed" .
    8) Once the freeze code lifts with a 571 code it will release to refund as it done processing and your account transcript will update and you will see "REFUND ISSUED" with a code 846!
    9) then a day after you see the account transcript update as I have explained above WMR WILL update to give you either your DDD , that they are mailing you a check etc...
  • Here is my question. I have files on 01/18 and got accepted on 01/19 for my federal and 02/02. I have a code of 20140601 with a date of 02/24/2014. I revived my federal on 02/07 (around about). I see no bars, no update on wmr. I am trying to figure out where is my Pennsylvania  state refund? Also, on my transcripts, I don't have any of those hold codes because I'm 23 and all I did was work (lol).
  • I got a ddd of 02/20/2014 then my cycle date says ill get it the 19th what one would be more accurate?
  • The 2/20 is the date wmr gave me when I was approved
  • @ potter: 20140705er here.  I hope it's the 19th.  But I think Federal Holiday on Monday, kind of push everything back.
  • According to my cycle date it says I should get it on 02/20/2014 which was yesterday but wmr still says processing. Any ideas what's going on? I don't see any error codes. Please help
  • My husband had a date of 2014605 and still never got his either!
  • also I just checked his account transcript again and now the march 3 date changed to march 10 2014?
Actually this year (2014) the cycle starts on Thursday.
01= Thursday
02= Friday
03= Monday
04= Tuesday
05= Wednesday
This is why all of us with a transcript of 20140601 have a ddd of February 6th. Hope this helps.
  • I have the exact code on my transcript.Since I have the dreaded code 1121on WMR now, I can only assume that my transcript is now incorrect.
  • I have the same code and I'm still at one bar on WMR
  • Me to
  • Did anyone get their taxes that had a DD date of today?
  • Im a 2/12er and got a dd today at 4am... Thanks everyone for helping..all the transcrips stuff was correct with the cycle codes !! Good luck!  

    Ps. I filled 2/4 and got accepted 2/4
  • filed and accepted on 31st
    WMR say processing
    tried to order transcript yesterday and it a * next to 2013
    but try today and no star I was able to get both account/return transcripts
    cycle date is 20140703
    I think this means Monday but Monday is presidents day is it possible that maybe I can still get it this week or weekend? if not on Tuesday the lastest ????????
    if anybody can help please thanks
  • the 20140601 is not for 2/6 but for 2/13 (I think), which would make next week (presidents day) the 7th week and 03 being monday.
  • Ok mines 20140703 so is that monday but since its a holiday falls to tuesday right?
  • so is mine idk I was hoping this week they have plenty of time, but who knows...guess tuesday
  • I also Have 20140703 So who knows!!
  • @ jchase2006 that monday 2/17 but since its a holiday it will be Tuesday unless the bank postes it early
  • I Have a cycle date of 20140705 but no dd yet
  • I have 20140705 what day is that March 3 I guess????
  • Any answers on your yet?
  • I have 20141305 what date is this ?

If anyone WWR HAS NOT MOVED or updated past the first bar and you DO NOT have A TAKE ACTION NOTICE on WWR , or a code on WWR (other than the generic 152 refund code, that's just a generic code showing your refund options and NOTHING to worry about)....THEN you shouldn't have anything to worry about. The IRS WILL NOTIFY you if there is a problem.

Sadly, yes that means for many of us we have to wait the 21 days FROM 1/31 the official IRS opening day not if you were accepted early and are trying to go by an earlier TT acceptance date. Because although the IRS accepted your return possibly earlier than 1/31 they DID NOT start processing any returns till 1/31.

Also , some and sadly many early accepted returns that were filed and accepted prior to 1/31 have undergone processing delays. The IRS actually had a server go down and also from a computer glitch or error even had some returns erroneously marked as approved, inaccurate DD dates given for 2/6and deposits actually cancelled and stopped . Those do have a 1121 code on WWR with a take action code. Those people YES are getting to speak to IRS agents and getting info because their WWR told them to call. Its not because they said something special or slick to get to talk to a IRS rep or got a nice one etc... They STILL have not all been corrected.

Thus, for those of us that have seen no progress on WWR, we haven't seen many DD dates going out it is because they are behind on processing, WWR is not a reliable source to guarantee that just because you do not have any updates or no DD date that your return still isn't processing or you wont get a DD. There are people that have gotten their refunds and still had just one bar as an example. There per an IRS agent was also a test batch that also had to be competely reprocessed, and some that are delayed.

If you can access your ACCOUNT TRANSCRIPT online can view it you may be processed, it may even have the "coveted cycle date" . Understand that cycle date DOES NOT GUARANTEE you that you will have your DD or refund on that date so don't spend your money ahead of time or count on it. Yes, a cycle date is the cycle date in DRS reflects the date the transaction is posted by IMF , however...I have seen numerous cases (especially last year with refund delays) that cycle codes were generated on transcripts and those days came and went.... and those people still did not have their money by that date. Thus making that date inaccurate. It is not full-proof. We haven't cracked the code yet. It is a date to decifer yes to tell you chances are they have processed your return especially if the * is gone ....Then its a date that gives you some hope of real progress to have you to start to look for your refund on that date but understand if you have a code 570 (a refund freeze code) at the bottom of your account transcript it will take another code (usually a code 571 or a 971 to release it to refund to you.

You may have a cycle date of example 20140701. Meaning in the year 2014 , cycle week 7 (which is from Thurs 2/13-Wed 2/19) . Day 01=Thursday. That if it is 100 fool proof then that individual would have their DD transmitted from the IRS to their bank on 2/13/14. (with some bank delays they could see it maybe not till Fri-or Sat) ....However, there are too many cases where it has been proven that has not been the case. So please understand that the cycle date is NOT A GUARANTEE ok.... (:

I hope everyone that reads this finds this information helpful , as that is all it was intended . I saw post after post now for days and have spent countless hours explaining what I know to several individuals on here and my fingers are about spent so I wanted to send a mass message that maybe can help many instead of a few! GOD BLESS YOU ALL and MAY YOU BE BLESSED WITH THE MONEY YOU HAVE ALL WORKED SO VERY HARD FOR BE RETURNED TO YOU IN A TIMELY MANNER! REFUND GODSPEED!!!!!

  • Ok I had a 570 code on mine and it says additional account action pending but right below that I have a 971 notice issued both with dates 2-24-2014. What does that mean? Did I screw up somehow? I checked the 1800 hotline for any liens and even spoke to my student loans people both say I'm good to go. My status on WMR hasn't changed since 1/28 and is at 1 bar.
  • Nope, you havent screwed up or it wouldn't have even gotten that far.
    570 is a refund hold or freeze , but it is a code that says by it additional account action pending. The pending means just that...that something else is coming. Ideally in a perfect world you hope its a 571 which releases the hold and will say account action completed then it progresses to a refund code of 846 and the refund is issued and processed. Many account transcripts though are updated on past when we see them if we order them before we get our refund . Example if you look at years past you probably would see your processing dates and refund dates actually would be PAST when you really got your money. So many times we don't get to see all the steps it takes till after the fact. So basically there is no need to really worry unless you see your WWR change to a delay code or a take action notice with a code. That is a real refund delay , or notifying you of a processing delay, or a review etc...and those always follow with a letter coming in the mail that buys them more time for processing. Most of the times it is just IRS backlog processing delays and nothing we have to do but wait. NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS > the irs WILL let you know if something is wrong.
  • 971 is a miscellaneous processing code that can mean many things per the processing manuel unfortunately.
  • 971 ususally says "notice issued " fyi..
  • oh and what is your cycle code?
  • Cycle code indicates that I should be receiving a dd tomorrow if all the information I've gathered here is correct.
  • 0605 I believe
  • Im a 2/12er and got a dd today at 4am... Thanks everyone for helping all the transcrips stuff was correct with the cycle codes !! Good luck!  

    Ps. I filled 2/4 and got accepted 2/4

  • I got my update. ddd is feb 18. Because of the holiday.  You could get it sooner. It depends on your bank.
  • what do you mean aren't banks closed on Monday I know the irs is
  • Yes banks closed . holiday
  • I got my taxes back today finally. Yall hang in there
  • That's awesome harold.floyd08! :)
  • Ok I need some help here. I filed on 2/6 was received the same day. I had the 1 orange bar until about 3 days ago when it all disappeared and I got the your refund is being processed DDD when avaliable. I was able to order my transcripts today I have the cycle date and it is 20140705 If my calcualtions are correct then that should be next Wed. I Have been looking at my transcripts from last year and at the bottom it gives the codes for refund issued on 2012 then I had an offset so it gives that code and takes it to 0. But on 2013 it has the code for refund issued but doesnt take the amount to 0? what is the deal with that does anyone know? From what I am reading if the refund is issued shouldn't have zeroed it out? it reads 846  Refund issued 03/03/2014 $7127.00 is this normal or should I worry that it wont be issued since it is not zeroed?
  • Buckhazel, Doll you are perfect good to go doesn't get any prettier than that (:
    You are right it zero's out to account balance 0.00 and gets rid of the - number AT THE TOP right under the title " Any Minus Sign Shown Below Signifies a Credit Amount"
  • Ok got ya.. thank you. Now just waiting on WMR to update. hopefully tonight it will... Thank you guys for all the info. I have been reading in here for days lol just have not commented
  • I have one more question. There was suppose to be an offset to our account this year as well.. but it is not showing on the transcript. Will it show up later or should it be there now?
  • hmmmmm if there was an offset it should have shown...There are codes for offsets. So they might have missed it if it isn't shown as one of your line transactions anywhere.
  • @garret19581 so you re saying that the - with the amount of your refund should read 0 so you have to view your transcript everyday
  • It is not on it anywhere I have 150 Tax return filed, 806 W-2 or 1099 withholding, 766 Credit to account, 766 credit to account, 768 Earned income credit and 846 Refund issued... that is all the codes in the list. I know there is an offset.. I called the number to make sure... it is only a few hundred dollars. But it is not showing
  • Offsets show on your transcript page because it HAS to show 1) where those funds originated from and 2) where they are going and why. Its your only proof it is paid otherwise. They can miss and offset especially if they are having to check manually for offsets as they are having to do on many files due to a computer glitch. Thus, they could have missed it because the computer didn't pick it up if it had to be checked manually.
  • Ok thank you so much. you have been a great help to many people this year. thank you for your answers.
  • Pooh-bear , no you don't have to check your transcripts daily. I did because I like many due to processing delays and backups had a refund hold or freeze code of 570. So I was watching for the release code of 571 after that then the 846 refund code.
    All you need to look for is 846 "refund issued" . The math will take care of itself so don't stress yourself about that. It cant say REFUND ISSUED if the math isn't accurate to give you a refund (:
  • Buckhazel , you are most welcome and God Bless you and may he bless that speedy refund in your hands too ! It gives me great pleasure to help others especially when I saw no movement on my own...Kind of like a support group (:
    We have to help each other out there. Watch each others back so to speak ...Afterall we are the hard working tax payers that earned EVERY PENNEY of this money and we deserve every cent we are entitled to by law and in a timely manner isn't too much to ask ((:
  • I agree 100%... They wouldn't like having to wait on their money lol. God Bless you as well
  • @garrett : if only Turbo Tax employee or the IRS know about 10% of what you know, we would all be better off and not stressing.
  • KVT1!!!! One of my Peeps!!!! Whats up ????? Any news on yours?
    Thank you for your compliment you are too kind! I'm sure they know a ton , just guard it close for some reason, or cannot share or maybe dont want to share as they are worried they might say something wrong then someone hold them liable or something .....or maybe its just a simple they enjoy watching us slowly meltdown on here, slowly lose our freakin minds,  since maybe theres nothing good to watch on tv , they enjoy drama or they enjoy the sick entertainment in some twisted way of watching us all suffer lol.....One things for sure what goes around comes around .....sooner or later with everyone....I'm telling you I am a huge believer in Karma and we will leave it at that LMAO!!!!!!! ((-B
  • @garrett: I think this forum is about to loose me and you as contributor. :-) because I got a cycle code of 20140705 .  But I think you left plenty of info here for anyone that comes later to figure out.  Hope you got yours deposit soon.
  • PS...I am a true believer at the IRS  The newly named department called (Isnt Refunding Soon center)  that they do not like our calls , they should maybe consider the money they might save not having the phone line to ever reach a live person removed since no two people will tell you the same thing half the time you call!!! They take that added revenue, add it to the money also saved by removing the same people paid to answer them and instead install a web forum like a WWR But more interactive , more human and MORE ACCURATE. To where the taxpaper could track the progress by a tracking number . Just like it happens when you ship can track its progress and see its REAL MOVEMENT> So if its stuck too long in one place you can see that and then have the ability to have a web center where people can email a question and get a real trackable documented answer that they would have to OWN and stick to!!! If they do answer the phone they either refuse to look anything up anyway repeat the 21 day blah blah blah and if that same rep says that over and over and over they are losing a ton of frivolous money for nothing! So eliminate what is broken ! ( they tend to  upset and complicate more than they help anyway) by telling you in many cases what it seems to be "the response of the day club"answer or anything to get you off the phone. THIS IS 2014 people! I can go about anywhere and purchase just about anything online and never have to chat with a soul ever and I get a confirmation number when I buy it, a tracking number when it ships and can go and track its movement. If we can do this so easily with a product that actually moves across the US....come on IRS this is 2014 ....electronic is how you want let keep it that way and lets track its progress electronically!
  • YEP! my cycle date just passed 20140701 (yesterday) but my refund says issued as of noon today on my account transcripts . I printed that pretty thing for proof lol! My wwr and I broke up days ago so I don't think we will date am not even going to be surprised if WWR doesn't ever update for mine, and I don't need it to to have my resolve. I know its issued . I did my homework and if you are approved on Friday then the system should have time to pick it up and on the overnight update from Friday night to Sat am it should trigger a DD date of 2/19. So wont even be concerned to chew some butt till 2/20 if wwr never updates lol !
  • @garrett:  20140701 ? you should have received your deposit, like, 2/13/2014 in your account ?
  • I woke up this morning with a DDD of 2/20 which is thursday. and the WMR tool says there may have been an offset to my account. I don't owe the IRS It is someone else that is taking it so maybe that is the reason for it not showing yet??
  • My cycle code is 20140705
  • Feb 19
  • You could owe your state, student loans, child support.  Etc
  • I was able to view my transcript on Wed and had a cycle date of 20140702 which was yesterday 2/14 I had codes 150; 806 and 766. NO 846 and no money yet or change to WMR also no bars.  Any thoughts?
  • Do you have any federal debt that went into default like a student loan? They will take everything then to cover what you owe. Maybe child support from State in which you live and you are delinquent on it ? A tax liability from a previous year? (Example, you got money you wasn't suppose to get and they just now caught it etc?) If none of the mentioned, give it time. Monday is a federal holiday so everything will be pushed back a day. I would start worrying about Thurs.
  • I have a cycle code of 20140604 with a date of 02/24/2014 on my transcripts with codes 150, 766, 768 & 570... But at the 570 code it has 02/24/2014 $0.00... Anybody know whats going on?
  • I finally can see transcripts and this is the cycle code: 20140804 should this be 2/25/14 for DDD?
  • Gracie65 I hope so...because my cycle code is 20140805 which means I will hopefully get mine a day after you!
  • diazsergio@ did you see anychanges yet I have excatly the same date as you 2014605 no ddd and the same codes as you and had a date of march 3 2014 and now  changed to  march 10,2014? just wondering if you had a change yet this many days later?
  • @garrett19581, thank you for your info. I have a cycle code of 20140805, Feb 26. That would be day 20 for me. I also hava code 570. Just Friday, the 20th, when I could finally see my account transcript in the pm.  If I understand you correctly, I should see an updated 571 in four or five business days, that my return is being manually processed because I filed the first week February? My offset amount was right, but the amount it shows so far I am getting refunded is short more than $10K. My schedule C, I think. Do you think maybe they will have the correct amount there by 21 days, next Friday? I am so confused, and so stressed.. I paid for audit defense from tt,  wonder if I should contact them?  Aargh
  • How long did it take your 570 to change to 571 & did they change your amount at all? My was simply a left over 950 dollars from what I owed previously.. That's showing correct. The total amount of what I should be getting after that is about $12k short.
that is correct mind said 20140605 that means weds since i have netspend  possible monday
  • yes i have the same as u so we should see our money weds
  • Mine also says 20140605 so we should get ours feb 12th? May first I thought the number was just the day mine was accepted witch was feb 5th
  • I was updated on WMR and it was correct 20140605 is feb 12th. Yay
  • Wow I just got my update...the 12th! Yaaaaaay...u guys r cool
  • How do I find my refund transcript
  • Irs website search transcript, create an acct/login info & go from there
  • mine says 20140601 I don't get it? I have4 nothing in my account yet. im a 1121er that is getting screwed someone please explain this transcript thing
  • IMF Cycle Date is a daily cycle designated by an eight digit number indicating the year, the two digit cycle number and the two digit number indicating the day of the week (YYYYWWDD). The following values for DD are defined:

    01 = Friday

    02 = Monday

    03 = Tuesday

    04 = Wednesday

    05 = Thursday


    This date is the equivalent of the Cycle Date in IDRS and reflects the date the transaction is posted by IMF. See Exhibit 3.30.123-2, Enterprise Computing Center-MTB Posting Cycle Calendar.


    IMF daily transactions directed to daily accounts input in the campus on Monday, August 12, 2013 will have a posting cycle of 20133302.
  • This is last years date its one day off
  • Did anyone get an update on the DDS this morning
  • Ddd
  • Would I have a status change by now if the irs updated the system already......or do I need to check back at a later time
  • Hi kaylahall42, you should go ahead and check to see if there was any change because it should've updated by now. Good luck.
  • Did anyone get their taxes that had a DD date of today?
  • I have 20140605 nothing has changed on wmr site sill no ddd or change to approved.
  • if you have no refund holds then you should start looking for your refund on the sixth cycle week , on WED 02/12. according to that cycle date as long as you have no freeze code against your refund .
  • how do i get through to talk to an irs agent? It keeps putting me on the recorded refund status
  • I checked on any holds called a 1800 number they said I didn't have anything. Also checked with my student loans they said I was in good standing. My problem is WMR hasn't changed it's still in the first bar yet my transcript states ill receive my refund tomorrow on the 13th.
  • diazserjio you are not alone. That's my situation and I have been inquiring about the same.
  • what is your cycle # from your transcript?
  • Im a 2/12er and got a dd today at 4am... Thanks everyone for helping. all the transcrips stuff was correct with the cycle codes !! Good luck!  

    Ps. I filled 2/4 and got accepted 2/4

Yep I got stuck in the first batch of craziness last year but finally I was able to order my transcripts and within a couple days I had my refund deposited :)

  • Haha! I was stuck in that first batch of craziness, too! This year has been less stressful for sure!
  • I def feel less stressed especially now seeing hundreds of people with dd who filed and were accepted by at least the 28th : )  I filed 1/29 and got accepted 1/30 so hoping by Monday or Tuesday for a dd
  • Did anyone get their taxes that had a DD date of today?
  • Im a 2/12er and got a dd today at 4am... Thanks everyone for helping all the transcrips stuff was correct with the cycle codes !! Good luck!  

    Ps. I filled 2/4 and got accepted 2/4
@dearmsinvincible you might've had a ddd of march 5th and your bank prob released it a day early

    So I am looking at my Transcript and it says 20140603? BUT nothing on the WMR has changed at all other than being processed and then next to the 20140603 it sats Date 2-24-2014. Going by what everyone is saying...when should I have my deposit? On the 24th of Feb.? or is that not correct? I am really confused lol!

    • 06 is the 6th cycle week. Cycle week 6 begins Thursday February 6th and ends Wednesday February 12th. So yours would be the 3rd day of cycle week 6. Monday the 10th
    • You were able to order your transcript today. it does look confusing because I am looking at the example and what you wrote the example does not add up. On Feb 24 is that over the 21 days for you
    • Yep, I was actually able to order finally at 3pm. I wasnt able to order yesterday. I think I am finally getting it lol...From what the responder above said I wil have it around Monday that 10th if all this is correct.
    • Thank You Angel, My brain doesnt function around this stuff lol! Hopefull this is correct. I didnt get anything last year until the end of March!
    • No problem. I've been waiting and stressing too. My ddd is tomorrow but my ex owes back child support so I'm waiting for his too. His transcript just became available today as well with a date code of 20140603.
    • Congratulations joaniedeshields  hopefully I will hear something tomorrow. Yes Angel good info
    • joaniedeshield I was finally able to order my transcript today and was given the exact same info...20140603 with Feb 24 2014.  Maybe we will see a change on WMR in the morning.  Hoping this info is correct and we see our refunds Monday!
    • does anyone know how to get info from submission id?
    • That has to be how it goes because I just got a DD for the 10th and mine was 20140603
    • Just checked my transcript and it says 20140604 filed 2/2- accepted 2/2 wmr as of now 1 bar since 2/3, tt152  since this morning
    • Since you were able to order a transcript, you should be getting a DD date tonight when WMR updates or tomorrow.
      I filed on 1/31 and accepted the same day.  I couldn't order a transcript until 2/5 and got a DD date on 2/6 of "by 2/10/14."

      It appears that they are approving returns pretty fast.  Good luck.
    • I havent been able to order mine, theres been a busy signal all day!! Where did you check your transcript Ininfriend
    • ---create an account
    • Taxhater16 ...I hope so
    • when did you check your transcripts
    • i just tried i get a error technical problem message
    • My brother cycle date from his transcript said 20140603. We were able to get his yesterday and today he got a ddd of Monday. :-)
    • I checked it this morning and also 30 mins ago....just keep on trying...a lot of people trying to access that's probably y
    • I checked this morning and have WMR says by Feb 10.
    • When yall are requesting a transcript are you asking for it to be mailed or emailed to you ?
    • I was able to download mine right from the sight, from a desktop.
    • Coco, Yesterday afternoon, when it said error for me it was because I answered a question wrong. Then I tried 2 hours later and I was good.
    • I just recieved mine cycle code 20140605 thinking that may be next wed the 12th?
    • Yes, that is the 12th
    • For the person that posted that your transcript says 2-24-2014 that's a date. Mine said the same thing until I just looked this morning and my transcripts were available. When they are available look at the cycle code not the date. My cycle code is 20140701 which means Thursday the 13th. 7 is the week in the year and the number 1 is the day which is Thursday or Friday.
    • Correction the following week. Feb 20th not the 13th
    • Ok I'm confused. I see people with the same cycle date as me 0701. I thought that meant 7th week and the 01 is the day which is a Thursday. So if my cycle date is 0701 would I receive my dd on the 13th or the 20th? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    • @comperchio  I have the same cycle code, but why is there another date: 03-03-2014? Did WMR update for you as yet?
      Mine still has that 1 bar
    • It would be the 13th for you
    • Pikkin its a generic date
    • thank you..coming just in time!
    • Thank you @tamekawilliams94
    • 0701 would be Thursday the 13th. Wednesday the 12th is the last day of cycle week 6.
      Hope that helped :-)
    • @angelhologram197 thank you so much. It helps a lot. Have a great weekend. :)
    • Please help I'm so confused! I just checked my transcript and I have cycle # 20140601 what does that mean? I still only have one bar on WMR and I filed 1/26
    • That means your DDD will probably be Thursday 13th
    • i was just updated today now i have 2 bars instead one of one i will get my refund wed but with netspend monday so everyone just calm down you will get your refund just be patience
    • do anyone next to cycle date have an 0.00
    • i have cycle 20140601,......had the dreaded 1121 code with take action(all that bull if you heard about it) your saying my real DDD is the 13th?  thought that cycle # was the 7th?
    • I do. Its weird. WMR says I have offsets but doesn't give me amounts. Just full refund amount. I wonder what the $0.00 means.
    • Did anyone get their taxes that had a DD date of today?
    • it sounds like everyone needs a 10mg. valium. mo too
    • Im a 2/12er and got a dd today at 4am... Thanks everyone for helping all the transcrips stuff was correct with the cycle codes !! Good luck!  

      Ps. I filled 2/4 and got accepted 2/4
    • 20140601  a date of 3/10/2014 is on the transcript not sure why, along with the date of 3/3/14 which is the same date on that CP05 letter. I  filed 1/22/14 accepted 1/27/14 received CP05 letter on 2/25/14 dated 3/3/14. WMR says still processing. TODAY is 3/2/14...any help would be appreciated.
    • They must have froze it have you called them mine is froze until receive a letter confirming my identity.they are auditing slot of people this year I filled 2/3 still didn't get yet my date was 2014607
    • I hope everyone gets their refunds soon, including me. The tax advocates that I've interfaced with have been giving out inaccurate  information.
    • @abramsjcc those TA's are some BS and just NO HELP. I file the exact same tax return every year NEVER any issues, I also file taxes for my coworkers NO co-worker got her refund it was over $8800, we both have 2 dependents...the IRS is screwing with certain folks and TT is no help as far as customer support is concerned. I will be using TAX ACT next year.

    mine is 20140605,so when will i get my direct deposit?

    • weds the 12th
    • thanks
    • I have the same date as you and I would like the answer to that as well. I think that I have it figured out but it a little confusing. I read something on my transcripts about Feb. 24, 2014 so now my brain is starting to fry :-0
    • So is the 12th the day that it should hit my account or the day that they will send it out? I am assuming this is when it will be sent. And will my WMR status update in the morning or does that even matter at this point?
    • it will update after 11pm
    • @aneajohn mine was scheduled for 2/10 deposit but I got mine today. I think they send it out the day after so you can have by the DDD
    • *the day after the WMR DDD is updated
    • I was able to view mine online, it said Cycle Posted: 20140701 Does that mean it's processed & approved?  If so whats the ddd?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks
    • I think yours would be cycle 7 day 1 which would be Thursday Feb 13th
    • @laceyleigh08 Awesome thanks.  So I take it wmr is pretty much mine says still processing
    • Mine still says processing as well but wmr worked for me last year
    • Mines is too and its ticking me off
    • I can only view account transcript and tax one has * by it
    • Wmr just updated and mine finally said approved and sent to bank no later than feb 12th which makes the cycle thing correct..all of you guys should be getting an update too if you can order transcripts Good Luck to all..I know how annoying it is to keep seeing that one orange bar
    • Yo.....I woke up this morning and checked WMR and there is was....APPROVED!!! Like which ever genius figured out how to break down the "secret" code of the IRS should really go into their own tax preparer business. My code on my 2013 transcript was 20140605, and sure enough, my status bar on WMR moved to approved this morning with a DDD of February 12, no later than February 17. I am soooo freakin' happy right now I don't know what to do with myself.
    • Now if Turbo Tax would have only shared this information with all of us, we wouldn't be on here sweating trying to figure out how soon we will receive our money!!! This is awesome ;-)
    • Does anyone know what it means if I have a cycle date of 20140605 but there was no 846 code and no topic code? Does that mean I will still get refund? WMR just says its processing with no status bar?
    • yes  it be updated tonight and you get it on  by the 12th
    • Did anyone get their taxes that had a DD date of today?
    • yeah my sis in law did.
    • mistycharriez you and I are identical, so I am checking to see if you got an update this morning on wmr?  Mine still just says processing with no bars, I still have no 846 code and the 20140605 date
    • Im a 2/12er and got a dd today at 4am... Thanks everyone for helping all the transcrips stuff was correct with the cycle codes !! Good luck!  

      Ps. I filled 2/4 and got accepted 2/4

      Cc. 20140605
    • my code is 20140703. what day is that
    • Mines is 20140703 someone help please
    • I think it's Monday but I'm not sure how to read it
    • 20140703 is Feb 17th but remember that is a US Holiday. I'm guessing will get the money on the Tuesday then. I have the same code BTW.
    • What is my code can anyone help: 20140805
    • @ abramsjcc it was supposed to be yesterday. alot of people with that code have not received anything, someone is saying its a code for people getting reviewed, but i do not think so. Its just taking longer i guess
    • Yesterday I submitted supporting documentation to my tax advisor to send to a department in the IRS. So I wonder if that might have kicked things into gear a little, especially seeing as though today was also the first time that I was able to successfully pull down my transcript.
    • what day did your return get ACCEPTED not the day you filed but when did it get accepted
    • According to the IRS, I was accepted on the 3rd.
    • If you see code you will get a letter I am still waiting for a  letter it was sent out Monday.they never have me a code on wmr I had to call  22 to see what was going on.
    • Day 22
    • What number did you call
    Hi everyone my numbers end in 0605 also...we may get the refund even though it still says refund received???? Like someone else said those darn bars have not moved.

    How did ppl that filed after me get their refund before me?
    • 2/12
    • Cool ....that bar is scary though three if my cowers did there's after and had the bar move and give them dates
    • Wmr just updated my cycle is also 0605 and I just got a ddd of feb 12th
    • Mine say dd feb 12 hope to get it early since i have no fees coming out
    • Did anyone get their taxes that had a DD date of today?
    • Im a 2/12er and got a dd today at 4am... Thanks everyone for helping all the transcrips stuff was correct with the cycle codes !! Good luck!  

      Ps. I filled 2/4 and got accepted 2/4

      Cc. 20140605
    Should remittance have a dollar amount or be zero??
      I filed 2/2/14 after 11am was accepted the same day could not order my return transcripts until after 12AM(Fri-into Sat 2/8/14)was able to order them via the IRS app waited until about 4:21AM Saturday (2/8/14)(hopefully to be updated to the 2nd orange bar ) and I was and have a DDD for 2/12/14! Fingers crossed hope all goes well! And I hope this info helps those who are waiting for updates!

        ok so i am copy pasting this--- 20140605---- is it this coming wed?

        • Yes, the IRS say's by the 12th so I'm assuming it might be in your account earlier. That's my DD as well :)
        • 20140701 What date is that?
        • Feb 13 thats the same as mine as well
        • @ Harold.......when was return accepted
        • Your
        • @Kaylahall42 I submitted on feb 3rd. Accepted Feb 3rd and finally approved today
        • does anyone know why it is telling me  they don't have any information for me to order a transcript
        • @kaylahall42...I was able to finally order my account transcripts but I was only able to have it mailed not seen online. If I try to order  it online it tells me that the information doesn't match or something like that. But I'm just glad I could get any type of transcripts.i know they the actual return transcripts can be ordered after you receive the actual refund. Sorry if this didn't help.
        • @giaalbny and kaylahall42 u can order ur return transcripts after the irs approves ur refund. My status was stuk on tax code 152 for two days and then I check this morning and my refund was approved
        • @harold.floyd08  Mine is stuck on 152 as of now but I'm able to view my tax return/account transcripts.  Cycle states 20140701
        • @mikeyloaiza o ok then u should get urs on the 13th as well. If ur transcript says 20140701 as of today, then ur approved status just mite be on WMR tomorrow
        • @harold.floyd08 I've been on tax topic 152 since the 31st, but today was the first time I was able to order the account transcript. Hopefully I'll have an update in the morning. We shall see. Thanks for the information though. I really appreciate it.
        • Did anyone get their taxes that had a DD date of today?
        • @giaalbny did u order ur transcript?
        • Im a 2/12er and got a dd today at 4am... Thanks everyone for helping all the transcrips stuff was correct with the cycle codes !! Good luck!  

          Ps. I filled 2/4 and got accepted 2/4

          Cc. 20140605
        • @harold.floyd08 I'm just now seeing this...sorry I was able to have the transcript mailed,but not able to see it online. Not sure why though.

        Mines says 20140601 and I did not receive it. It went from approved and DD of 2/6 to delayed 1121. My transcript says 20140601 and another date of 02/24/2014. 

        • same here robin...I think we are going to get it on the 24th
        • mine says the same thing but mine also says: 846 refund issued 02-24-2014, 841 refund cancelled 02-24-2014. So I guess it will be issued then cancelled again. I don't know what's going on!

        i cant find my code can some 1 help me please

        • On your transcripts it will say cycle code somewhere on the left
        • how do I get my transcript?
        • from the irs website. type transcript in the search box

        I filed my taxes on the 7th of Feb 2014 and went to check my transcripts but they were not even generated yet.  I thought that was strange.  I did manage to print off last years info.  I had no idea this was available.  Any other important sites I should be aware of?


          Well everyone, it's been real. My return is pending in my bank account and will be released sometime in the middle of the night. It has been 18 days since I filed. Good luck everyone. If you have made it this far, what is another week?

          • Did you receive any notification from IRS or WMR etc or just appeared?  Just curious as to what we may se or not see etc
          • Mine just appeared...the IRS does not get in touch with you to tell you when you will receive your money
          • thanks muellerma!   guess checking wmr is useless anymore.

          My transcripts cycle number says 20140805, can someone please tell me when my direct deposit date is? Thanks a lot.

          • Yes someone please answer! I have the same date. I might be wrong but I think it means 02/27/2014?
          • It should have been yesterday 02/20/2014,  However I didn't get mine either and am still stuck in the accepted stage.  I read somewhere else to add 4 days to this date.  IDK really hoping to see something this weekend or Monday morning at least have a DDD
          • Yes from what I've read that cycle date should be 2/20/14
          • On the transcript does it say " cycle posted" if code is 20140805..Please help me understand this code and what is my direct deposit date
          • That is Wed. The 26th, Feb.  20140805 cycle date
          • Thank you very much for clearing that up Weaponswife!
          • You're welcome..I have the same one, except I also have the darned refuns freeze code 570.
          • Oh no! well we've waited awhile already whats a few extra days! My "Where's My Refund" bars disappeared this morning! I've read that its a good thing and it usually means its coming soon! just hold in there its coming!
          • Mine disappeared today,  but I still have the 570 code, and it looks like the IRS lowered my refund amount, so I don't know what is going to happen now.
          • They just lowered it for no reason??
          • Ya. I just got off the phone with them. They said to send in an amended return. in the meantime, the hold code is on their until 17 March at the latest. That at least they could tell me why. I had $955 owed from a previous year, which I knew. They transferred that out and they have to wait until it posts to the other account as paid before they will release my refund to be either direct deposited or send a paper check.  So, three weeks for a direct deposit, five weeks for a check. What a pain in the a$$.
          • My refund was SUPPOSED to be 18834, now it is 4871, plus the 955 they transferred to the prior year amount owed, for a total of 5816 (quick math, lol, it could be off a little).
          • Does anyone know if amended returns can be direct deposited or if they send paper checks only for refunds?
          • Don't know but just made a second call for mine and it is on hold due to having to confirm my identity! As soon as I do that they will release. They said they pulled random returns and are making them confirm their identify. As soon you do they release it.
          • I am confused my code was 20140705 that was last week wasn't it?
          • Yes it was Ms.Schrock. Mine was yesterday but ALOT of people aren't getting their refunds, your not alone it looks like the IRS is going to make us wait for our money...
          • The irs checked my account for me because I didn't get a deposit, she also told me that the Feb filers from 2/3 to 2/8 they were getting processed Feb 28. If there was no problem but pretty much by now most of us know there was a problem with our refund because of this new stupid system!
          • So their not processing ours yet? Did she give you a date or how long it will take
          • mine is 20140905 what date is that
          • Next weds. March 5
          • Just checked for shits and giggles and my code 570 changed to code 571 release and code 846 - refund issued!!  WMR still shows tax topic 152. I'm on phone now to see if they're direct depositing or mailing a check.  Two days ago I was told on phone they wouldn't release the 570 hold until 17 March!
          • On hold right now. Call wait time  says 15-30 mins
          • Well lucky you! Keeps the rest of our hopes alive!!

          so do it really come on the date it suggest or is it like a guess

          • I think it comes earlier than the date on your transcript :)
          • Got a dd date of 2/6! :)
          • I cant pull up my transcripts yet maybe tomorrow
          • I got a dd of 2/6 as well n its goin on netspend card will come tonight or tomorrow
          • your hoping =)~
          • SPOKE TO IRS - and they said the refunds will be released to the banks at 6am on Thursday of you have a DDD of Feb 6th :)
          • I am hopin
          • "ITS MY MONEY AND I WANT IT NOW" ... lol
          • P.S. The IRS doesnt control when the money will be sent. the office that controls that is the FMS division of the treasury. they do the ACH credits. =)))
          • Transcript not available yet:(
          • Mine isn't either filed 1/29 accepted 1/30.....grrrr LOL
          • Well maybe the IRS was answering with what the FMS told them :)
          • I just read on another post that someone spoke to a retired IRS rep and she said that when you get the Tax Topic 152 it means that you will be in the next batch of refunds.....not sure if its true but at least it gets me through today LOL until tomorrow :)
          • We shall see if you can order your 2013 transcript you are on your way.....So I have heard.
          • I had a ddd of today and got mine this morning.
          • Was finally able to order my account transcript this morning at 1:00am so I finally know that mine is processed!!  20140605 is the cycle date on the 846 refund issued code :)  no DDD on WMR but at least I know it's done and coming!
          • what does the tracking number on a account transcript mean and it said as of Feb. 24, 2014
          • The 2/24/2014 is a generic date.  I had the same date on my transcript and I received a DD date of 2/10/14.  I filed on 1/31 and was accepted the same date.  The number I had on my transcript was 20140603.  I thought my DD would be for Tuesday since Tuesday = 3 like someone said on another posting, but I'm getting it on Monday.
          • Not sure this gives you yoir refund date but it does let you know that your refund was approved and a date is coming mine was 20140605 so i would guess tuesday or wednesday for our direct deposit
          • Finally, some progress!!! I am also an earlier filer (accepted the 24th) and I have been stuck at accepted ever since while those filed after me seemed to get DD dates. This has been the most nail biting tax season EVER. Then, this morning, I have some progress! I am able to order a transcript with cycle code 20140605. From my caluclations, my DD will be this coming by this Wednesday. Woohoo!!!!!!
          • I know right its been a little stressful so hopefully tomorrow we will find out our
            Actual dd date
          • I'm still waiting!! Filed 1/30 accepted 1/31 grrrrr
          • I can order an account transcript, not a return transcript.  On the account transcript the code is 20140605, so is that my deposit date.  Is it the same for account transcript as it s the return transcript
          • Your account doesnt give the
            Date of your return just lets you know that your refund is done processing
          • it has my refund amount on it so I hope its just as good indicator as the return transcript
          • It gives you a cycle date on your account transcript. 20140605 means dd date will be Wednesday the 12th.
          • Correct
          • seriously, that's awesome are u sure, the account transcript is the same.  I have the same date on my account transcript 20140605
          • why wouldn't u be able to pull up your return transcript, but u can pull up your account transcript
          • Not sure but it didnt let me last year either
          • Return transcript is for fafsa and people who request information on your request. You will be able to get that one yourself after the refund is sent
          • Yay! Was finally able to order my transcript this am :)
          • Craig1 I have the same cycle......there is a a thread on here that shows what it means....I believe it will be wed.........the 6 is the 6th week of 2014 and 5 is either wed or fri.....not 100% sure ...the last number stands for the day of the week it will be deposited......
          • as long as it is coming is all I care about,  it saves my butt if its in by friday
          • @taxhater, 20140603 means Monday. The 03 is the third day of the cycle and the cycle begins on Thursday.
            Everyone else, 20140605 would be Wednesday because Wednesday is the 5th (and last) day of the cycle week.
          • that would be sweet just waiting now
          • I was able to order my transcript by phone does thi mean I will have a due date soon
          • I filed my tax's 1-30-2014 they were accepted 1-31-2014 @12:30 I was able to order my transcripts 2-5-2014 my cycle posted -20140603. I still do not have a DDD when I sign on to where's my refund it just say your return is processing I have had no bars for 2 days!!!! I called the IRS today and they told me there is no problems with my return they could not give me a DDD total BS. Any insight ???!!!
          • Yours will be on Monday, if this is correct.
          • got this off igmr on fb

            if you filed and was accepted 1/31 and earlier these next two days are gonna be very crucial for you.


            you will receive a WMR update after 11 pm tonight for some of you. Saturday night will be for everyone.
            It doesn’t matter who you are or when you filed. Just wait until tonight. – Matty Millz
          • There is a delay in the update for wmr on your tax return if you havent been able to see any bars on wmr so be patient it should fix it tonight or by the weekend
          • Is there a reason why the amount next to the cycle date is $0 ?

            If I were to have an offset would it be indicated on my transcript.  My cycle date is 20140605
          • You can call the offset number tells u right away if u it
          • Hi everyone my numbers end in 0605 also...we may get the refund even though it still says refund received???? Like someone else said those darn bars have not moved.
          • I filed 1/20/14, accepted 1/27/14, been processing every since. Was able to order my account transcript via mail & view it online.... At the time i didnt realize where the cycle date was but im pretty sure it was on there... If i was able to order that... then that means my dd is sometime next week? It won't let me view it again. It's saying "the info you entered does not match our records" but... it started doing this AFTER  i ordered my account transcript. Does this mean good news for me?? I sure as heck hope so!
          • ever*
          • Oh and also when i call to try and order my return transcript... or see if i can order ... its giving me a busy signal... has since bout 2 pm for me. I hope their updating right now & i wake up to good news!
          • How can I order my transcripts via the phone? Thanks in advance.
          • I did mine online (use desktop or laptop)
          • I was able to view mine online, it said Cycle Posted: 20140701 Does that mean it's processed & approved?  If so whats the ddd?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks
          • That's true I got the tax topic 152 and next day I was approved with a ddd for 5 days from then
          • Hi mike. I received the same cycle date 20140701. If I'm correct we will have a dd on Thursday the 13th. Thursday is the start of the new cycle from which I read and so it would be cycle 7 and the 01 is the day in which it's deposited which starts on Thursday. If you find out any different please let me know. :) enjoy your weekend.
          • tartntweet1 is actually correct. It did update after midnight and I woke up this morning with a DDD. My next question is whether or not this money will come before, after, or on that date. To those that have gotten theirs already, has anyone received theirs before or after their DDD?
          • Does not tell you amount of  offset or any other information just that you have "1 debt possibly set to offset"
          • I was only able to order an account transcript days ago but still not able to order return transcript. No DDD yet. Accepted 1/31. I really hope I get one tonight for 2/13. I thought you had to order both to have your return be approved and finished processing??
          • oh, and I cant view mine online. had it mailed.
          • Ok so yesterday I was able to view and download my return transcript and the cycle date is 20140605 and where's my refund status changed to approved and gave me a DDD by 02/12th ...Filed 01/27th and Accepted 01/31st Approved with DDD on 02/08...
          • @hopelessconfu keep trying, that happen to me and at times gave me an error message.. I was finally able to view and download around 10ish last night..And this morning the status changed to approve with DDD of 02/12.
          • Hi skysthelimit160. still can order return transcript :(. still no DDD. have has tax 152 for about 4-5 days. I hope I can order it tomorrow and get a DDD of 2/13 the latest. I'll keep you updated. Glad you got a DDD. How many days after where you able to order your return transcript after you ordered the account one?
          • cant order return transcript*
          • I still can't order my return transcript, but was able to order my account transcript, but had to have it mailed.  But at this point some progress is better than no progress.
          • @hoelessconfu I was accepted on the 31st after 1pm and 2 days later had the 152 topic. I tried to view and download my transcript return for about 3 days but it wasn't until 2/8 that was finally able to do do, after 10pm that was. I believe you should see some update if not tonight after 11pm tomorrow morning.
          • Did anyone get their taxes that had a DD date of today?
          • @skysthelimit. Still no update. My sister in law has the same problem. They must be very backed up.
          • - my dd was 2/12 but i just got it 10min ago :)
          • STARBABEE!!!!!!! WOOOOTTT WHOOOTTT!!! (:
          • Starbabee who did u file with?
          • What would 20140703 be? I just got mine !!
          • Twalke49 that would be 2/17/14  2014 is the year u filed 07 is the 7th week of the year and 03 is the third day of the irs week.. Their week starts on thursdays which would be 01 then friday02 they skip weekends of course and so on!!! good luck!!
          • Twalke,
            that would be 2/17/14 (: GOD SPEED THAT REFUND TO U!!
          • Thanks everyone. I filed on the 31st, and accepted then but haven't had any movement since. I was about to band a team of people together and just go all "Black Ops" on Thanks again.
          • Tell you what ,...My cycle code is the same week as yours so if I see that date come and go and  no money and still no update on WWR and no letter in the mail....first thing Im going to do is check my account transcript for the codes at the bottom to see the trail of movement and then once my 21 days are up, ALL BETS ARE OFF!!!  I will give them "their 21 days"  as I know they are backlogged and many of us are "trying to grade their paper so to speak" before they are even done with it. (meaning we knew they have 21 days, we just go nuts when we see no movement ) and we want our money now !!! I'll be right there with ya to go rouge on all of them at that point lol.
          • I have been waiting forever! Filed and accepted on the 31st. just able to order return transcript tonight.
          • I have the same code 20140703. SO now the questions is.....its a gosh darn holiday, when will be get our refund?
          • Im a 2/12er and got a dd today at 4am... Thanks everyone for helping all the transcrips stuff was correct with the cycle codes !! Good luck!  

            Ps. I filled 2/4 and got accepted 2/4
          • Filed 31st
            Accepted 31st
            WMR processing
            Got transcripts today
            Yesterday it had a star
            Next to it
            Cycle 20140703
          • I was a 2/6er..wmr has code 1121 ever since...finally was able to check my transcripts today, and it says deposit date of the 24th now...we are getting it, just a little late but at least now I know
          • transcripts dont show DDD..does it have a cycle code of that date?
          • Did anyone with cycle CODE 20140605 get deposit or an update or wmr today??? My cycle code is20140605 still as of this morning and that code stood for today's date 2/12.  Where are my 20140605 people? Poetikprincess any update for you today?
          • I have the same no updates on my wmr still on one bar.
          • Me either still nothing
          • As mentioned I got my transcripts last night and it has a DD date of Monday (President's Day) so I can figure Tues, but my WMR hasn't updated at all since they were accepted. Just one bar. I was told so many people check WMR so often, it just causes issues. I can't talk, I do too. If I had a quarter for every time have, I have a double sized refund coming. I filed on the 31st, accepted on the 31st.
          • I have resisted the urge to check wmr and transcripts often . I check each when I get up and again before I go to bed . Did get a update on my state so that has taken away a little stress, in the future I will wait a day or two after the official filing date. Have been in this situation with federal two years in a row. I agree I think when so many people are all checking often to the extinct of getting locked out it's got to be cussing glitches in their system.
          • Lol should have been causing not cussing but there is probably a lot of that going on too.
          • You are still processing is what 2013* means that's all
          • Me either...several of us no update on wwr and the automated says the same. If you can get to a rep to find out good luck if not we just have to wait it out the 21 days. They are extremely backlogged and running behind that much I know one several peoples returns and their cycle dates are passing and no money.
          • Should I be concerned I have a transcript that comes out to Feb 17th for a DD, but the Where's my Refund hasn't updated since the one bar of accepted? When should I expect a change? Thanks
          • mine hasn't shown either and I filed on 2/ usually will show up by now.  At least my state is finally showing...YEAH!!
          • Nope! People accepted 1/26-1/31 still no DD date, no update nothing. 2/4 you have nothing to worry about.
          • I think that pretty much sums it up!
          • Approved 2day ddd 2/18 .. Accepted 2/1.. Filed 1/29.. Transcript was on point.
          • Yeah sasha!
          • Me too
          • As of this morning, still 1 bar on WMR still shows tax topic 152, still have star by 2013 transcript.
          • @garrett19581 thanx for info on transcripts & codes.
          • Kyraj80 mine finally was all good on wmr got my refund yesterday
          • Please help me out.  I have codes: 150,806 and 846 with a cycle code: 20140705.  Can someone tell me when I should expect my return?  I would really appreciate your help.  It is funny cause mine had a *2013 in the return transcript but then I was able to print out my Account transcript.  It is still on the first bar as well.  When can I expect to receive my money?  And what do those codes mean?  Thanks so much!!
          • Also, my taxes were accepted on 2/7/14 and it says that the processing date is 3-3-14.....and then the date next to refund issued is 3-3-14.  This is so confusing....I cannot make heads or tails out of any of this...and when I try to look up what the codes mean, I cannot find anything....HELP!!  Please...
          • The codes are all at the bottom of page 1.  This is just a 1 page is not a full transcript...the full transcript still has *2013 on it.
          • Hi. Code 150 is a tax return filed, code 806 is withholding from W-2, and 846 means your return is finalized and ready to be refunded. They are all nothing to worry about. The 3-3-14 is not your deposit date, the cycle code of is your deposit date. There is a decipher thread on this page WAY up at the top breaking down what the cycle code is date wise. Good luck, it's on it's way.
          • If you cannot access your 2013 transcript, it is NOT ready to refund. I was assuming you was reading that. Once the * goes away, your finished. Mine took one day to get a DD date after the * went away.
          • Thanks for all your help twalke.....I was able to access the account transcript...that is what I got from that is only about a page long....the other transcript still has the * next to it.  But, does the cycle date on the transcript that I have still count or will it be different when the other transcript is ready?
          • Why do my transcript says as of Mar. 3, 2014?
          • Everyone has that date and Apr 15th 2014 as well. You're cycle date is what is important.
          • 20140605 is my code - nothing - i think they all say 3/3/14 but it does say processing date 02/24/14 which contradicts the code?  Am not really sure?
          • my  cycle code is 2014605 and processing date is 02/24/2014. no updates from wmr no notices and I am wondering when will i get my deposit???? I filed on 2/1
          • Mrgonzalez that's my scenario too and from my research that code is last weeks date so I have no clue when we can expect our funds
          • I can finally see my transcripts, I have a 20140804 for cycle date. Is that for 2/25/14 DDD?
          • Well tomorrow is day 21 for me maybe we can find something out?
          • Yes, it is tomorrow, Gracie
          • should there be a amount by side the cycle row?
          • Spoke with an IRS agent that hashed out some interesting information. According to them, as long as an account is ''under review'' irrespective of what codes, dates, etc. is included in a return-transcript, it is deemed irrelevant until further notice. I asked the agent (after confirming this information) "about how long does a typical review actually take?" her response: Typically 30-90 days. She also stated that the "Exam Department'' is responsible for these reviews however, when asked if there was a way to get in touch with this department: she concluded that there isn't even a number for them.

            After questioning the value that one would receive from consulting with a tax advocate-I stated how a flaw in their system is that IRS agents & tax payers have no visibility into the "REVIEW'' process. Although there is a tool for the ''Tax Refund Process'' there needs to be an online application for the actual ''REVIEW'' process as well.
          • Thanks for the update @abramsjcc I got a tax advocate on Friday and faxed my check stubs W2s ID letter from my job to thrm today I hope this speeds up the process. I'm glad they didn't ask for proof of a hardship... Praying for a speedy return!!

          I was able to get my Transcript and i was a early filler and my return shows march the 3 cycle date i was told it was also because anyone over 10,000 is going to be maybe a week longer but at least i know my date.

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