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Ordering Transcripts, have * next to 2013

If you have an * asterisk next to your tax year 2013 when you go to order your transcripts, does that mean your taxes haven't processed yet?

  • What does this mean
  • Once you are able to order your transcript from http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Get-Transcript that means that your taxes have been processed and your refund will be issued soon. Sometimes people are able to order their transcripts before the information on WMR is updated. Just another way to check if the taxes have been fully processed.
  • Don't provide a reason you are requesting a transcript. Just select the year "2013" underneath the Return Transcript option. NOTE: An asterisk next to the year indicates that the IRS does not have or does not yet have record of a transcript on file for you. If you recently filed a
    return, check back later to see whether a transcript is available at that time.    

    I found this and wanted to share some info. I was worried too, we just have to be patient.
  • so if you can pull up the 2013 but do not have an asterisk next to 2013 is that a good thing?
  • Yes
  • an asterisk means you do not have a transcript. It means that your return has not been processed
  • ok wasn't sure, I am unable to pull my transcript up but it does give the option of 2013, with out the asterisk though.
  • i still have the asterisk. I think I'm going to have a problem.
  • I was accepted on the 31st. According to TT it was accepted around 8pm. But I think I should be able to access my transcript if everything was going ok.
  • I am worried too! I also have the 2013* and that means that we are not processed and I tried to call and got nowhere! Spoke with rep 0270281 "Miss Travers" , she said she COULDNT EVEN LOOK UP my account info until after it nis processed and that takes 21 days. She also was quite snippy that she didn't care that what I had from Turbo Tax stating it was "accepted early" and "accepted " on 1/28 that maybe that agency accepted it then but nothing happened. Meaning it didn't start processing until 1/31, and she reiterated that "we didn't start PROCESSING any returns until 1/31. And that I needed to count 21 calendar days from 1/31 and nothing else! And I could call back then.
    NO HELP!!!!! So sick of them telling so many people different stuff! THATS what is making everyone so bug nuts lol!
  • That would make total sense if people who filed 2/1, 2/2 etc weren't already getting their deposits or dates.  A lot of them got their money today.  Seems like calling them is useless.
  • I would agree completely tiffanie79! It WAS useless to call in. Her answer though does explain why the people filing 2/1, 2/2 etc and already getting DD dates, and refunds are moving "faster" than we are though (the ones "accepted prior to the IRS 1/31 "acceptance and beginning true processing dates" .... it completely levels the playing to field to us being on the same count as anyone filing 2/1 then , as we cant count ANY of the days that we have been stressing over as really processing , or nothing happening with our returns or refunds if truly they didn't start the "count " of processing days until after 1/31. I did notice on the green highlighted turbo tax calendar that we are provided if you count the 21 days it too is consistent with that IRS rep. Counts none of the 21 days on the 31st or any day prior. So maybe this info will help others not stress so much that it IS coming, be patient...try to keep busy doing other things to keep your mind off of it and it will come! Keep the faith! A watched pot never boils I guess (:
  • i can pull up my 2013 account transcript but not my return transcript. Does anyone know what that means?
  • when were you accepted ?
  • On the 26th, and still on the first bar.
  • I filed on the 27th, got accepted on the 29th, was able to view my 2013 return transcript this morning (up to last night I had an *) No updates on WMR yet....keeping my fingers crossed.
  • same here.
  • i was able to order my 2013 transcript thru the mail but when i tried to download it the system said it was unable to verify my identity.
  • Mine had an 2013* this morning but I was able to get it after 8pm
  • @jfrank7938 me too
  • I can pull up my account transcript is that a good thing please help??!!
  • So I went to IRS.gov and try to order my transcripts online- it does show an asterisk next to 2013- I am able to order an account transcript for 2013 but when I view it online it was pretty much blank- it stated that I have not filed yet. Now this is raising eyebrows for me so I called IRS hotline- talk to a Ms Flattery that went through a series of Identity q's w/ me and finally advised me that there is an offset and how I want to pay that.  I told them I was hoping that they would take it out of my refund since I just rcvd the debt letter a week ago.  She tells me she is going to note the account saying that I ok'd this and advise me to check the WMR website again and that it is updated daily which is false.  But for those that are showing one bar- processing- tax topic 152 for over a wk and unable to order transcript, I say give'em a call.  Good luck! Keep us posted!
  • My orange bar disappeared yesterday still not there so I called the offset line since they are the only ones that can look up your account. She said I didn't have a offset but there was a problem with my return. So I was transferred. I had to verify my identity. She said its happening more this year than last. If you are an earlier filer you may want to call. I was accepted on 1/24 and nothing!
  • I also can pull my account transcript but not my return....
  • @christy Where you able to see anything on your account transcript?  Mine was blank... so weird-  it pretty looked like it was even touched by the IRS.  But you are right alot of refunds are sitting there waiting for their identity to be verified from what I am hearing/reading.  Do you show topic 152?
  • I couldn't order them online only through the mail. Every time I keep trying I get an error. I am guessing they will be blank. I read on another thread theirs was also. So frustrating. Have you called to see if you have the same problem I do?
  • At one time I had 152 topic. Now I have nothing. No bar, no topic.. Just says still processing :( If I wouldn't have called I wouldn't have known. The 2nd guy I talked to didn't want to look into it and I begged him. Telling him I was transferred over because there was something wrong. He said he gets the same information I do. Finally he checked and told me what happened. I said see If I would have listened to you I wouldn't have known because the wmr website didn't tell me anything. He said have a great Mrs Green!!! LOL some of those people there are awful to talk to.
  • @carl.potter20  I was able to order through mail as well and via online but when I pulled it up to see it, it's showing blanks on all subject lines- like AGI, Wages, Taxable Income etc etc.  To pull it up online you have to pull up your 2012 refund and enter the info identical to what you filed... Trust me I tried several times til I got in.  But as I was saying the 2013* means you haven't filed and thats when I called IRS directly and had to verify my identity along w/ them telling me I have an offset but no other feedback was giving besides she was going to note the account that I ok'd to have the offset taken from my refund.
  • Sorry dkeo05...Carl Potter is me. Im his sister. I did his taxes for him and was still logged in as him. Ugh!
  • @carl.potter20 Did they tell you why it wasn't progressing?  It's so annoying... I don't want to be left in the dark while every around me is a DDD.  If I need to fix something they should just let you know. Lame!
  • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Too funny!
  • So you had to verify your identity too?
  • They told me it was because it was pulled until I verified myself... Ugh I was told it was released today. 4-6 more weeks. Im beyond mad. Its making me crazy!!!!
  • Yep I had to verify my identity as well.  All I was told that she noted my account that ok'd for the offset to be taken out of my refund... I'm like genius, don't you do that anyways.  Idk it is very frustrating!
  • Hello everyone I need some answers I filedd feb 1 accaccepted feb 3 wmr no bars just says still processing, I pulled up my refund and account transcripts on the 10. Checked wmr again 10 mins ago no bars (we received your return and is being processed) can someone please give me some advice on whats going on. Btw state approved my refund ddd feb 19 also am in nyc filed single
  • Ok, my husband and I had our return accepted on 1/31.  We filed via Tax Act just like we have for several years.  Since this past Friday on WMR, we have been getting the message that our return is still being processed and that a refund date will be provided when available.  Below that, it has topic 152.  The orange bar is gone and it hasn't updated in 5 days.  A few minutes ago, I went on the IRS web site to check for our transcript and next to 2013, it has an asterisk (*2013), so that means that our return hasn't even been processed yet.  I'm SO frustrated!!!!  We know several people who filed their taxes AFTER we did and some already have their deposit dates by now and a couple have already gotten their money.  Would it be a good idea to call the IRS tomorrow if we still don't have any updates, or should I give it a few more days before calling?  Our return isn't that complicated.  We have no dependents and no other credits.  All that I claim is business use of our home since I work from home full-time, which I have done for almost 10 years and that has never caused a delay, so I have no idea what could be going on with our return.  We already received our state return this past Friday.  I'm getting really frustrated.  I don't remember it ever taking this long to at least get a deposit date.  This is unreal!
  • @jwemt81 give them a quick ring- I did and they said I needed to verify my identity so maybe they'll have some info for you that you can try to clear so the processing is much smoother for you. Gluck.
  • My orange bar disappeared Monday when I checked. I had to do the ID verify. That was Tuesday. I still don't have an orange bar or an update.
  • @dkeo05 - Do you have your orange bar back? I talked to the IRS guy again yesterday and he said by today it should be back
  • @christy- Yes I have the orange bar and showing processing- with the generic you should rcv your refund in 21 days and tax topic 152.  Couldn't go into transcript this time though.  I could before now it's saying cannot verify my identity... I don't even know anymore :(
  • I called again today and she said I just have to wait.
I have tried to order transcripts and kept getting an error message.  Just tried again and it said one has already been ordered within last 2 weeks. Does that mean it went though and my taxes are done?
  • Your best bet would be to sign up to view them online.  You can click 2013 and see if there is actually a transcript.
  • I just did and it said a technical problem has occurred. Does that mean it's a no go? :(
  • No, their site is having tech problems today.
  • I would almost bet since you are getting the message one has been ordered your good to go, because had there been no transcript it would let you keep trying to order until successful.
  • I sure hope so!! I had been checking with our old address because it said the records didn't match. It just let me check with our new address.
  • I filed and was accepted on 1/31.  This morning the * was gone and I could order a transcript.  I viewed it online and it has the code another poster mentioned on this site - 20140603.  Since some people that are getting their DD on 2/6 have a code of 20140601 on their transcript and the person said the 1 means Monday, then I guess the 3 means Tuesday.

    Hopefully WMR updates tonight or tomorrow with a DD date.
  • Mine still has an asterisk next to it so that means they are still processing g
  • There was no asterisk by it. I can't look at the online request though. It gives an error message. I just tried the mail one again and it said already ordered. I am confused.
  • I got accept on the 26th one bar with 152 can't order transcript I tried even going to mailing they saying non not available this year I don't know what's going on are we in some type of review
  • How often is the online transcript updated
  • I think it is updated just like WMR - once a day.  Yesterday the * was still near the 2013 and today it was gone.
  • My transcript also has the * symbol off and can now view it but it's bothering me because the code 846 says revived date 2-24-2014 does that mean I'll receive them then? That's longer than the 21 day processing.
  • From what I have been reading you should receive it before then.
  • ACCEPTED 1/24 STILL unable to order transcrpt but my boyfriend filed and accepted 1/31 can now order them. this is stupid!!
  • I can't order still either. Accepted 1-28.
  • This is ridiculous!
  • I guess we wait another week. And what about all of those people saying that the IRS is doing deposits daily this year and last, and others saying they are doing them W and F? BS if you ask me. Seems like they are doing deposits the same way they have been for years.
  • I don't know how true it is, a lot of rumors are going around.  Someone said look at the letter you get when you click 2013*.  If the city is Mephis or Philly those hubs are running slow.  Again it could be a rumor I don't know how much truth their is to it.  

    Also the strangest thing is going on with mine.  I moved in August.  When I signed up online I had to sign up with my old address.  However at the top of all of my account transcripts from prior years is has my new address.  Something had to be entered somewhere for them to have that address.  I still have no 2013 transcripts though.
  • Great! Mine says Memphis! Grrrrrr!
  • Mine says Philly :(
  • I got a deposit date of February 10th!! Whew!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all of you guys. Hope you get good news today!
  • Tiffanie,
    We moved in July and I had to use my old address to check too. It kept saying the info didn't match their records. Sometime yesterday it didn't match with my old address, so I had to enter my new address. I guess that's when this year's info was finally entered. I hope yours gets straightened out today!!
  • Mines say Philly. Accepted 1/28 still processing
  • I was accepted the 29th wmr just says accepted, but i can order transcripts. What does that mean? When can i expect my refund or a ddd date?
  • Ok I can order tax account transcript but not federal transcript. I tried viewing online and have for *2013. Wmr still says accepted and I was accepted 1/24. What is going on? ?
  • @ tiffanie79 - mine is memphis... ugh!! so this must mean i will be waiting a bit longer and I live in Georgia
  • Did you get yours? The same thing happen to me yesterday. Now I have to enter my new address but still no change
Accepted 1/28 still processing still can not order transcript. What the hell going on?
  • Filed 1/27 accepted 1/29 no transcripts either.  Kind of disappointing.
  • Can anyone order transcripts if so is the code 846 accurate the date received
  • I had to order my transcript by mail. it went through so I guess I will check WMR tomorrow because as of now I was still processing...
  • Kee kee 2012 did u get a dd date?
  • anybody get an update on WMR. That thing hasn't since I got accepted...whats going on!
  • Just checked and still no update for us.  We were accepted on the 31st.  We've been waiting almost 2 weeks now with no updates.  :(  I'm going to call the IRS tomorrow if we haven't gotten a deposit date by then.
  • Still nothing on mine either.. Been accepted as jan 30.. No updates :(
  • Xstill nothing for us either no update they said just wait till the 21st
  • Called the IRS today they were rude and gave me no info....they told me even though my return was accepted on January 24th that's I still have to count 21 days from the 31st and they couldn't give me any info until then which is next Friday the 21st!! The irs agent also said the only way they can give info before the 21 days is if you receive a letter from the irs or a code on the WMR site!! I have neither one so I couldn't get any answers but I will say the lady I spoke with was very rude an hung up on me as I was asking a question!!! I'm sick of this I just want my refund ugh hopefully it will come this week!! Praying for everyone who is having to go through this!!
  • Don't feel bad....they hung up on me too :/
  • Also she said code 152 means nothing its just telling you basic refund info!!
  • I feel like we are stuck in an early filers vortex... no answers just sitting in the dark! Were you guys able to order transcripts at least?
  • This sucks. I guess were all having the same problem. I can order all of my transcripts but no 846 code on them. SO I am waiting...tick tock..
  • I am able to view both my transcripts online.
  • This is absolutely infuriating.  Whenever we owe the IRS money, they are very quick to want it from us, but when it's the other way around and they owe us money, they take their sweet old time getting it to us.  This is our money that we worked hard for all year, NOT THEIRS, and they need to give us WAY more information than they are as to when we can all expect our money!  I'm getting so sick of this!
  • @dkeo05 I was able to order transcripts. This morning I couldn't an now I can. You might want to try :)
  • Does it have the 846 code on them?
  • I was able to order my transcript after 3 weeks OS that a good thing plz help

From other sites I have been reading, this is the explanation of the cycle code on refund transcripts:

the last two digits mean the day of the week, and here are the codes for this year:

01 - Thursday

02 - Friday

03 - Monday

04 - Tuesday

05 - Wednesday

My transcript says 20140605, and going by what I've read from what other's are saying, I should get my direct deposit on Wednesday. I don't know exactly what days the IRS are doing DD, but I do have a friend that has a DD of Monday, February 10

My transcript also has the * symbol off and can now view it but it's bothering me because the code 846 says revived date 2-24-2014 does that mean I'll receive them then? That's longer than the 21 day processing.
  • From what I have read on other posts that 2-24-2014 date is the paper check mailing date. DD date is the cycle date. For instance my cycle date says 20140605. Year 2014 week 06 day of the week 05. Irs weeks are sat - fri. Sat is day 1 of the week. This is all stuff I learned reading posts on here while panicking about my return taking so long. I was in the jan 24 early acceptance group. Finally got update yesterday. DDD should be this wedbesday.
  • Lol wedbesday
  • Idk I try not to study all these things because everybody has their own version of how the IRS works. I just want my mooola!!!
  • I did not receive my refund today so I am assuming the cycle dates are not correct because I have the same cycle date 20140605 did you receive yours?
  • I'm in the same cycle group of 20140605. I have been at the generic "processing" screen for over 5 days now. I ordered my return transcripts yesterday, and was also able to view them online. I really some WMR updates for me soon, as well as all the other 20140605'ers that haven't received anything yet.
  • I had same cycle date.. No refund. Are u missing the 846 code on your transcripts too?
  • yes I am, please let me know if you hear anything I was told if I did not receive my refund next friday call the monday after.
  • Ok I will keep you updated. This is some crap.. IRS sucks
  • same cycle date 20140605, NO 846 code, no update at all this morning on wmr!  I had the same received/processing message since last Friday. No bars and my transcript is still the same as of this morning too
  • Same here... Idk when the stupid online system updates anymore...
  • Everyone that works for the IRS are they even doing anything besides answering the phone and telling people a bunch of B.S. That system has not updated since the first batch of people who got their refunds the 1st week in February.  And they say its every 24 hrs...oh REALLY!!!!
  • Yep.. I have had this status for 10 days now.. And no effin update today either.. Ugh
  • But mine says it is processing when I use WMR. But I have that same asterisk??? While using the Get Transcripts on the IRS webpage.
  • I have the same thing I thought I was doing something wrong also. But last year I got mine around the 25-28 I didn't even know it was on there
  • So I am going to keep checking
  • Okay, I guess I will check again on Monday. I think a lot of people will start getting the info they want at the beginning of next week.
  • Minds have the samething is it bad thing it's saying non filling
  • mine too, accepted on the 24th of january, says processing still on wmr but transcripts not available because of the * or not filed yet
  • It says not filed for the transcripts because your taxes (and mine) haven't fully processed/been entered into the system. Once they are then it will change.
  • why if we were accepted early are people filing after us getting their refunds?
  • No idea. Quite frustrating though as none of my information has changed since last year.
  • I agree. my job is the same, my dependents are the same. I wish I had not been in the 'chosen' few and accepted early. It seems to have bitten us in the rear end. I did get an audit defense certificate from turbotax yesterday out of the blue which after researching happens when they get an update from the irs that my return was accepted so they will get their fees etc, I also have access to my deposit account at sbtpg which didnt exist before yesterday too.Its got a zero balance but shows the fees that will be deducted from my return. I hope these are all all good omens.
  • I agree. I still can't order my transcripts tonight.
  • I still can't order them either.  I just tried and the * is still by the date 2013.  Hopefully soon - a DD of next week.
  • This doesn't make any since I am like everyone else I look forward to this time of the year to help me get on my feet. Last year I files way at the beginning of January and I didn't get my taxes back until the end of February. Ppl I know that file before me using tax act are getting their refund back on tomorrow. I filed the 15 mine got accepted like the 25 or earlier and I haven't heard anything. So I am just getting to continue to pray. Everything is overdue.....So hopefully we know something next week. But last year I was able to order my transcript other right after my money was in my account for days before I even knew.
  • "When I went to order my transcript it stated that I had no refund on file for 2013... I filed on 1/28/14 and accepted on 1/29/14... Still only one bar I figured I should of got another bar this morning but I didn't... Can someone pls tell me what to expect ? "
  • Harrisj, how were you trying to order your transcript? Online or by phone? Were you requesting the RETURN transcript or the Account Transcript? Be glad to help you!
  • Return
  • Online
  • And which transcript should I be tryna request if you don't mind me asking
  • It sounds like you were viewing your ACCOUNT transcript. Until your return has completed processing it is common that your Account transcript when you view it online will say" no return filed" . That is ONLY because you haven't completed All the stages of the processing stage of your return. The EXACT same thing happened to myself when trying online and reading my account transcript. If you haven't completed processing the 2013 in most cases will have an * by the 2013 like this 2013*.. The RETURN transcript is the one you want anyway. The account transcript wont tell you whether or not you have completed processing , or whether or not you are getting your refund and cycle dates, refund amounts etc... and most of the details of your return. Whereas, the RETURN transcript will once you have completed processing. Even if you cant see what you need to online. Try ordering your RETURN transcript BY PHONE. It is 1-800-908-9946. Listen to the prompts. They also explain the difference between the Return Transcript and the Account transcript. Option 2 is what you want , which is requesting your return transcript. It will have you enter the year you want and you enter 2013. If it says you cannot order your 2013 return transcript at this time. It means you haven't completed processing , wait till tonight late and try again. Worst case if tonight it wont let you try about 9 am tomorrow and it should finally let you. Then after you successfully order them, approx. 24 hours later WWR updates with a DD date for most people! good luck to you! Hope you find this info helpful.
  • I called the number you gave garrett19581 and it says that I cannot order a 2013 transcript but I can order an account transcript!! I filled January 10th and was accepted on January 24th should I be worried? And WMR is still at ons bar!!
  • Biggmikeink try today i can order mine now but couldnt las night
  • Darealmzthomas59 I still can order them as of right now I'm getting pissed excuse my language I just want some answers!!
  • Darealmzthomas59 when were you accepted? I was on 1/24 I finally called the offset number today just to see and I found out I was pulled to verify my identity. You might want to try that. Im extremely frustrated....
  • I meant that to go to biggmikeink   -
    when were you accepted? I was on 1/24 I finally called the offset number today just to see and I found out I was pulled to verify my identity. You might want to try that. Im extremely frustrated.... Sorry about that! This is making me nuts!
  • Christy I filled on Jaunuary 10th and was accepted on January 24th still at one bar on where's my refund and it has topic 152 amd cannot order transcprit!!
  • That's what happened to me too. But you still have an orange bar so I would think that good. My bar disappeared. I would call anyways if you have a hour to waste. The offset number is 1-866-897-3315 they can at least tell you if there is something wrong. Call and tell them you want to check and see if you have an offset. Then if they say there is a problem you can call the verify line 1-800-830-5084
  • I was told they just opened the lines to verify identity yesterday and it has been crazy busy. More people are being pulled this year than last.!
  • Thanks christy for all of your help I hope I'm ok to I really need my refund back as I'm sure all of you do to!! I hope they get this fixed soon and we can all get our refunds back fast!! Is there a number that I can call to verify my identity?
  • Christy I just re-read what you posted and found the number I'm calling now
  • @christy I haven't filled a tax return in like 5 years because I wasn't working but now I filled one so I don't think I would have to verify but it wouldn't let me online so I don't know guess I will call 2marrow thanks again for all of your help
  • IS IT everyone with the code 152 on wmr? I filed & was accepted on Feb 5th & still nothing. When I ck my transcripts online theres an asterisk by my return & n/a under my acct one.. should I call ?
  • Just means it hasn't processed yet
  • @biggmikeink Your welcome and I hope it works out for you!
  • Verification is a pain. I had to verify mine. My husband andni had to send in a copy of our driver's licenses via snail mail and some kimd of written letter and had to wait.... till freakin' July for our tax return.  They snail mailed the check to, no dd. :/
  • @boval06 wow I really hope that's not what's going on with my return I was accepted on the 24th an still haven't gotten a DD date I'm getting worried but they are letting people verify over the phone this year so I hope that's all I have to do!! Praying for everyone in my situation!!!! Calling the IRS 2marrow
I got mine also around that time but some one I know they filed after me with taxact and they are getting theirs on the 6th
    Has anyone gotten reference code 110 when trying to order transcripts?
    • Their site is having problems.  After I log in and get the error, I go back to the main page, click to log in again and it lets me on my page.  Nothing on my page has changed :(

    Filed 1/31 and Approved 1/31, I had one bar until this morning, when it moved to two bars and gave me a DD date of 2/12, which was a relief, as I was NOT able to process my Return Transcript request due to what seemed like an overload on the IRS site. The TurboTax mobile app I installed on my phone is still saying I have an estimated date of February 20th.  I think it's best to go with the WMR information, as it's coming directly from the IRS. 

    • "When I went to order my transcript it stated that I had no refund on file for 2013... I filed on 1/28/14 and accepted on 1/29/14... Still only one bar I figured I should of got another bar this morning but I didn't... Can someone pls tell me what to expect ? "
    • HarrisJ, did you try to order it by phone or just online when you got that info? If you tried online did you have a 2013* ? (by the RETURN TRANSCRIPT?) Finally, were you trying to request your account transcript for 2013 or return transcript?
    • Have the same issue...when looking at my account transcript online...it is has nothing but zeros on it and states I have not filed a return for 2013. Filed with TT 1/16, accepted 1/29, only 1 bar on WMR
    • Same here... filed with TT on 1/24, accepted 1/28 and not able to order return transcript by phone or online. I'm still on one bar on WMR! This is driving me nuts. We have so much to do with that money! I pray we receive next week. God knows we really, I mean, REALLY need it!
    • Same here I filled on January 10th and was accepted on January 24th!!! I can't get my transcript online by mail or over the phone but I could order my account transcript!! And I had to use my old address to even get that far!! I'm still at one bar on WMR with no DD date this is driving me crazy!!
    • Deevah, I can totally relate, I filed on 1/28, accepted 1/29, and I checked so much everyday until I literally was locked out from checking it, I was able to order my transcripts online thinking 3 days ago, the next day I woke up and had my 2nd bar and my DD date as Wednesday the 12th. I have called our utility company, etc and put everything off until the end of this month praying to God we would get it before then or we would be cut off on everything as I have failing health. Thing is, I filed the 2nd of Feb. for my son's mother in law and my son and daughter in law and they are already getting their return the 12th also but my son's mother in law got hers today, it didn't even take her but 5 days to get hers to the bank, weird I know, hang in there as that online and phone ordering transcripts can be annoying because I think so many people are calling. It would always tell me they were having technical difficulties. Will say a prayer you get updated soon. None of us has received our states yet, just says processing and in all our years of filing we always got our state first.
    • What is the phone number to get transcrpits by phone

    I filed on 01/3/14, my return was accepted on 01/24/14 yet I still do not have a DDD.  On turbo tax it says by 02/21/14 but the irs site shows still processing with no bars showing.  I try to order my transcripts for 2013 and it says a return hasn't been filed yet!!  What is going on?  I see people that have filed after me and got a return back already!

    • Same here except I filled on the 10th of january and was accepted on january 24th!! Still no DD date and only one bar on WMR!! I also cant get my transcrips!! I have seen a lot of other people who filled before the 31st with our exact same issues!! So I don't know what's going on but I hope we get approved and get our refunds this week good luck!!
    • Same here! I was accepted on 1/24. Yesterday I still had one bar today the orange bar is gone completely but still says processing. I cant order transcripts either. Do you guys still have the orange bar?
    • I was the same accepted 1/24 filed 1/3 i can order my transcripts today
    • Your lucky! I called today and mine was pulled to verify my identity!  Ugh. Released but 4-6 more weeks. Im so mad
    • Wow @christy why did they do that to u? I was getting worried!!!
    • I don't know! They are pulling them randomly, I just want to cry. I filed early thinking this wouldn't happen
    • Guess we got punished for filing early
    • Next year I will just wait. Last year I had issues because of my school. Its always something
    • @Christy we probably got pulled because our taxes this yr probably had a significant change from all the other refunds file is what I'm guessing.  Ex: my income doubled this year and I'm claiming 4 kids vs 3 that I do every year- they ask me to provide the dob on my kids, and switch from single to HOH so that might be it.  Well at least thats what I'm telling myself :)
    • @dkeo05 nothing really changed for me. I am tired of dealing with it. It stresses me out. I just checked WMR and I still don't have an orange bar....UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • I can't get a live rep so I don't know whats going on. I was accepted 1/24 and no update to wmr. I order a transcript online (i think because they said I would get it 5-10 business days) but I'm not sure that it means that they are really available or if that is a standard message. This is so frustrating
    • Well it seems as if the   24th of jan is Unlucky cause same here  file 3rd of jan on birthday Accepted 24th still one bar and still processing have until 20th of Feb
    • I filed 2/4 said mine was accepted. WMR bar is still only at accepted. I know people that filed after me and already got DD today. I tried to order my transcript and there is a * saying that I haven't filed. What is going on?! I was really counting on my tax return to come quickly like every other year. UGH! Oh and a number where you can talk to someone is 1800-829-0922
    • Im in the same boat got accepted on the 28th of jan and still have one orange bar topic 152 and i can only order account transcripts :'(
    • Hey guys I feel the pain trust me.  As I was telling @Christy I didn't see and progress,  I order my transcript via mail it said it will be mailed out- I couldn't view online until I pulled out my 2012 taxes- You have to enter it in exactly as it shows on tax bar on your 2012 return- I was then able to view my transcripts- 2013 * not avail for refund but 2013 account is avail to view but blank.  * means you haven't file- called IRS hotline got some lady on the phone she verified asked me a series of questions to verify my identity then proceeded to tell me it's still processing as of the 28th but I have an amount offset and how would I like to pay for it.  I told her to deduct it from my refund- She said she'll note the account but no other feedback besides check WMR its updated daily. which is complete crock because my friends rcvd their refunds w/o the bar even moving the slightest bit.  So over it! But I'm still on one bar- processing- generic 21 days to complete- plus 152 tax topic- :(
    • I still have no bar and no update even after being verified. Seriously it is so stressful! Im going to stop looking and if my deposit ever shows up then it will be an early Christmas gift for me. I cant take it. I cant continue to call these people over and over and hold 45 minutes every time. UGH!!!! Every year
    • mzins85-  I checked and got the exact same thing as you. I dont know whats wrong . I'm in GA we have had some bad weather but its over with now so seem like something should ve changed by now I filed and was accepted on 02/03/2014.

    I was accepted 1/30, with no ddd, however today I was finally able to order my 2013 tax transcript when i wasn't able to yesterday. So hopefully this means I will soon be approved!

    • I filed and was accepted on 1/31.  This morning the * was gone and I was able to view my transcript online.  WMR still has 1 bar and processing.  Hopefully WMR will update tomorrow with a DD date.  The code in my transcript is 20140603.   There was another posting on this site where somebody explained the code and the last number of the code meant the day of the week.  The number 3 = Tuesday.  I'm am really curious now if my DD date will be 2/11.  Last year I got my DD on a Tuesday.  Hoping to see a change in WMR tomorrow morning.
    • I went to check on my transcript and it had 2013* by it and when I clicked on it a pop up came up and said we have no record of you filing? :( But I have been accepted since 1/28 and my WMR shows one bar and processing?????
    • The * 2013 means your still processing. Once completed the * would be gone. Are you able to order Account Transcript?
    • I was able to order my account transcript as of 10 minutes ago but cant order a return transcript yet
    • Yes I can view my Account Transcript. I just got off the phone with the IRS telling her I got a pop up that said they have no proof of receiving my taxes when I did the return transcript and she said that was because it wasn't done processing but they have received them.
    • ME TOO!!! This happened to me yesterday and to say the least it FREAKED me out! I just tried to order them online and it said they were having technical difficulties so I am going to try now over the phone. I will update everyone , on those results here shortly. My info if this helps you is this. Filed 1/25, accepted federal 1/28, state accepted 2/6 and I am not progressing on WWR for 10 days now. Just shows acceptance and my refund amount and that it is processing and the typical 152 message showing the refund choices you can receive if you click on tax topic 152, but nothing more than I should receive my refund in 21 days. I have used TT for 11 years faithfully and something HAS to be wrong here! Too many people that were accepted 1/26-1/28 are not having ANY movement! PLEASE SOMEONE FROM TURBO TAX CAN YOU HELP US to reassure us that our returns WERE transmitted in their entirety and complete, nothing missing and put our minds at ease??? PLEASE ????
    • I finally was able to order my account transcript by mail but not my return one I don't know what's going on
    • What's the transcript number to order over phone
    • I have always used turbo tax for 5+ years, let me say I doubt I will be using it next year, they never have a clear answer or want to respond and when they do it is the same answer.
    • try it again, this morning I could only order my account transcript but now I can order both.  Hope this helps.
    • I can't even get on the transcripts page, keeps saying some technical difficulties crap
    • Keep trying it'll go through.
    • I keep trying to check the sbbt website but it's saying system error anybody know if I'm doing something wrong? Or if that just means my refund isn't there yet
    • The IRS website is having many, many technical difficulties. I can NOT check or request by mail my transcripts via online. I was able to finally request my transcripts TODAY by phone 1 800 908 9946, which made me really happy! I am still only 1 bar on WMR. My refund was accepted 1.31 at 10:15am.
    • @redfairy were you able to order the return transcript or the account transcript?
    • Filed 1/29, accepted 1/30, after I was able to order my transcripts on 2/4,  I was approved the next day 2/5 and  i received my ddd of 2/10. Today, 2/7, the sbbt site says my refund was sent to my bank (Wells Fargo). Wells Fargo posts dd's on weekends, so hopefully I will receive it Saturday. Just a quick timeline of my process to give you guys an idea/
    • I filed on the 15th got accepted the 29th and still have been unable to order my transcripts by phone or online. Last year I used turbo tax this year I used taxact. People I know who filed after me have gotten their refund yesterday
    • if your refund wasn't there yet, it would state "Bank has not received your tax refund"..so i just think the website is having some technical difficulties :/
    • ****on the SBBT site
    • i keep trying to get online and it says my info is incorrect. However, I was just able to order both transcripts by phone.. yahoo...but I want to see it online!
    • the phone system tells me that the transcript is not available
    • Wow been trying since 9am to get into the transcripts page and it's still saying technical difficulties!! ugh!!!
    • does anyone get this every time you go to the page?  Icon indicating error message. The information you entered does not match our records. Please verify your information and try again.
    • I just tried the phones system and it said you should receive your transcripts by mail in 5-7 days but I'm not sure if I ordered the correct one. Not sure if that helps, I'm just confused and frustrated at this point.
    • if you try calling you should be able to get both.. But it will not let you repeat the order for the one you already asked for.
    • Ok ty
    • @roshawnsylvester I was able to order my return transcripts FINALLY by mail. I have been able to see my account transcripts when the website is working for the last 3 days.
    • when I log in to see my account transcript it says that no return has been filed... I think I have a problem...
    • @timavery93  I get that error message every time I try during the day.  Around 11pm MT I can actually log in. It has to be the website getting hit with everyone that is sooo frustrated with how the IRS is not giving out information to us!
    • and I was accepted on the 31st
    • @roshawnsylvester What time was your tax return accepted on the 1/31? I have heard that if you were accepted after 11am that you be in a different batch then those accepted by 11am.
    • I think it was after 11am. im pretty sure it was. but I know people who filed after me and have a ddd already.
    • trying to order transcripts cant even get to the page it gives me a code of 123 whats this mean? is there site down?
    • I'm in the same boat @raelynntaghon, can't get on and I'm clueless what 123 is
    • Did anyone figure out code 123?
    • What does it mean if you can order the transcripts? Does it mean I'll get funds soon? Or just a ddd?
    • I think it means a ddd soon.
    • I've heard getting a DDD soon and some other people they got their refund before WMR even updated via online,  once they could order their transcripts. Once you can order you transcripts it means you refund has been processed.
    • redfairy20... i sure hope we see an update tomorrow. have you been able to order your transcript if so which one... i was able to order the account but not the return transcript.
    • Filed on the 17th of January accepted on the 26th. Tried to get my transcripts but it says no return was filed. Wmr still saying processing. I know too many people who filed and got accepted after I did. And received dd 2/7. Wtf is going on?
    • filed 24th accepted the 29th wmr just says accepted but now my transcripts have a weird cycle date of 0605...whatever that means
    • How is everyone getting on the transcripts page? I've been getting a technical difficulties message all day
    • If u have a cycle date ur processed and cycle date is dd cycle date so now whenever the irs decides to give the 3rd ddd you should be one who is updated to second bar and given a ddd on wmr
    • Got accepted 1/28, just got updated to 2nd bar DD Wednesday the 12th, had business, EIC and it wasn't updated until just now, good luck everyone!!! oh and also I had a *2013 next to my transcript 2 days ago so hang in there, light is coming at the end of the tunnel :)
    • I now have a ddd of 2/12. Good luck everyone it's coming.
    • Me too yay!!! It's coming everyone just hold on
    • i got a date!!! it is 2/12 as well. All my worrying is over!!
    • When were you guys accepted?
    • I was accepted 1/29 able to order my transcripts 2/7 and WMR was updated 2/8 scheduled for DDD 2/12
    • still no ddd and the irs wmr site still says processing. what does this mean. i filed on the 17th and was accdepted on the 26th.. super frustrated
    • the wmr site is having problems with updating data and is running slow so don't rely on that site too much
    • This is true my friend rcvd his tax return yesterday and WMR is still showing processing w/ one bar... This is lame.  To top it off IRS employees are telling you it's updating daily, are you kidding me right now! Sheesh!

      Sincerly accepted 01/28 still processing- allow 21 days- tax topic 152
    • taxhater16 did you get your refund today according to the cycle dates, are they correct?
    • I hate tax season.....
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