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Where is box "d" control number on my W2?

    Hello frannywells2,

     Form W-2 Box d is a Control Number. It is usually located below the Employer's Name and Address.

    Box D: Is a Control Number. This is a code that identifies this unique Form W-2 document in your employer's records. This number is assigned by the company's payroll processing software. NOTE: Not all W-2's (or employer) will include a Box-D. If you choose, you do not have to enter anything from Box D. I hope this helps you. Thanks, have a great day!

    • How come your form has three lines, EIN, then control number, if no entry, refuses to go forward. States this number is required. What now?
    • My Employee states she cannot e-file without the control number. I did not create one when generating my W-2s. What should I do now?
    • Same as above...and the app charges before it tells you there is an issue!!! Please respond.  I will continue to look on other threads.
    • i dont have a control number/ box d on my w-2 and the app will not file without it.  How to work around this problem?
    • How come your form has three lines, EIN, then control number, if no entry, refuses to go forward. States this number is required. What now?
    • I had the same problem. My employer elects not to have a control number. But when I took a photo of my W-2, it put a blank space in the control number field. When TurboTax ask for that control number, there actually is a blank space there. Just hit your backspace kep and press enter. It should allow you to move on without the control number. That's what I did. Good luck!
    • That totally worked! Thanks
    • theres no control number on my guess i cant file my taxes on this website. kind of pointless....wont let me continue you guys need to fix this or somthing...
    • The control number is just used as verification for importing a W-2. Just enter your W-2 manually.
    • The control number is an employer option.  Not all employers use them.  Usually a business will use a payroll company to issue W-2's - some of those require a control number and will put that number on the W-2 and others require yiu to enter the box 1 amount from the W-2 instead.

      Some employers do not use a payroll company and issue their own W-2's.
      It might be that your employer does not make their W-2 available electronically.   Many business do not.

       In that case you must manually enter the information from your W-2 - a simple process that takes about a minute.
    • how do you do this simple process? btw, this has not changed as far as i can tell for the past 4+ years. maybe its time to address this issue a little bit more turbotax.
    • What is there to address?   If your employer does not want to pay extra for a service to make their W-2's available online, or to supply a control number, speak to your employer.    Simply leave the EIN blank on the first screen and hit "continue".
    • What I am saying is that on the first screen it simply asks for you to input box b. once you get to the next page it will say that "this field is required" when you leave box d empty. It seems you need to then hit "skip import" and put in all the info yourself. this is fine but it would just be helpful for TT to put a side box explaining this so people aren't so confused.
    • I believe that depends if the EIN that you first entered matches a valid EIN one of 4 things should happen:

      1) It is a valid EIN where the employers name and address is available but nothing else, then that information will be populated on the entry screen, but you must input the rest.

      2) It is a valid EIN and the employer subscribes to a payroll service that uses the box 1 amount a a verification, then you will be asked the box 1 amount  which must match before importing.

      3) Same as 2 but the service used the box d control number instead of box 1.

      4) Nothing about that EIN is in the system so you go directly to the W-2 data entry screen.

      If #3 is happening then, it would appear that the W-2 is available for import but the box d control number is missing from your W-2.     That is probably a problem with the W-2 or the payroll company that made it available online but specified that a control number was necessary for verification but neglected to provide one.   Or else they actually wanted the box 1 amount but specified box d instead.   Perhaps your employer will report this tom the payroll company that does their W-2's so that it can be corrected.
    • I tried the back space and hit enter this would not work on my turbo tax, what else can I do, this is stupid???
    • You are tagging onto a year old question that no longer applies to the 2014 versions.

      PLEASE ask a NEW question using the "Have a NEW question?" box at the right side of this screen, and supply all the details.

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