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It is now 2/1/14, has anyone received there tax refund or a DDD yet?

  • my return was accepted on Jan. 29th and I finally have a date of Feb 6th from wmr.....can't remember if I received it before the date last year
  • i just checked my deposit is already there.must have cleared last night.i didnt check this morning
  • When was your DDD laury?
WMR has finally given a DD!!! Feb 6th
  • I just looked at mines and I have no dd
  • Mine too :) yay!!!!
  • What day did y'all get accd
  • I got accepted January 26
  • It just told me the jan 6
  • Lebyron, call the 1800 number instead. The message had changed which is what made me go to wmr
  • I got accepted on jan. 24th
  • Feb 6th here too!
  • I got accepted the 28th.
  • Nothing but turbotax say the 6
  • I have been with JR for so many years but seriously thinking about switching to TT next year
  • *JH crazy auto correct
  • Feb 6th. Whoo hoo!
  • Where do u see a ddd at?
  • On turbotax
  • I saw it on under where's my refund. Fingers crossed for you brother.
  • I actually saw mine on WMR. Also the automated 18008291954 message stated the DDD
  • wmr
  • Refund Approved by IRS DD Date of Feb 6!!
  • Mine is still processing:( happy for all of you who got ddd!
  • When was yours accepted?
  • When was your refund accepted?
  • Accepted on 01/27/14
    Estimated DD 2/6/14 per WMR
  • I Filled on Jan. 14, and was accepted on jan. 26. The WMR still says only accepted. I am happy for you all that have already received their dd date, but I dont understand why I have not.
  • Accepted jan 30 and still no DDD yet as of this morning :( ..... Wish they would hurry .. This time of year makes me so impatient lol
  • I have DD of Feb 6th also :)
  • When did u file and get accepted
  • Hey I feel the same way lol they need to hurry
  • Submitted on 1/26 and Accepted on 1/29 and no refund status yet.  Should I be worried of audit?
  • Well I filed mines on 1/8/2014 TT state irs accepted it on the 9th and wmr state I should have my refund on 2/5/2014
  • I filed on 1/13, accepted 1/26 in the afternoon, & still says processing :( hope to see something tomorrow
  • Got my DD for feb 6th!
  • hello.. ANY and ALL help would be appreciated .. I am freaking out.. like ZANEX leval lol,.. I got accepted on the 26th and everyone has DDD I have still processing,, plus when I go to order transcripts for this year it says I never filed?? My sister was accepted the 31st and got A DDD last night for 2-6 .. WTH
    please help anyone , even if you are in my same shoes would be nice to know!!!
  • i got ddd for the 6th also, could it come earlier ?
  • Christina, if you can't order your transcripts from 2013 that only means it is still processing.  Hang in there.  It will probably change soon
  • i just checked my deposit is already there.must have cleared last night.i didnt check this morning
Now that most of us have our refunds approved and have a DDD, it would be a blessing to get our money first thing Monday morning! As we all know that from previous tax years some ppl got their refund b4 their actual DDD!!

    Just checked and received the date of February 6. I filed on the 27th of January and it got accepted on the 29th of January. 

    I was accepted early 1/26/2014 and have not received a ddd yet but today I was able to order my transcripts which shows my refund amount. I am taking this as a great sign and hope to get my refund soon. WMR shows processing still (one orange bar) I have heard due to  all the identity theft and hacking crap the irs is not giving actual refund dates this year. I will update as I get info or DDD

    • how do u order transcripts?
    • Go to the website and click request transcripts.
    • i found out how but it just shows a letter stating they dont have record of me filling as of now  :(
    • Then that means your return has not finished processing. I would wait and try again next week. When did you file/get accepted?
    • filed the 4th got accepted 24th
    • IDK. Hopefully you will get an update soon. Some ppl have said the same thing but WMR isn't always accurate.
    • yea i had money in my account last yr before it even said approved
    • I wouldn't worry yet. I am sure your refund has been processed or at least is being processed. I would check wmr Monday after 12 and see if It has updated
    • k thanks  :)
    • YW :) I will update if I get a ddd or any other pertinent info
    • Thanks and I will do the same, I also ask anyone responding to this forum to do the same!
    • I just found this online! Check it out

      2014 Tax Refund Schedule Chart

      Date Taxes Filed Direct Depost Paper Check
      Jan 28 and Feb 3,   2014 Feb 13, 2014 Feb 21, 2014
      Feb 4 and Feb 10,   2014 Feb 21, 2014 Feb 24, 2014
      Feb 11 and Feb 17,   2014 Feb 28, 2014 Mar 3, 2014
      Feb 18 and Feb 24,   2014 Mar 7, 2014 Mar 10, 2014
      Feb 25 and Mar 3,   2014 Mar 14, 2014 Mar 17, 2014
      Mar 4 and Mar 10,   2014 Mar 21, 2014 Mar 24, 2014
      Mar 11 and Mar 17,   2014 Mar 28, 2014 Mar 31, 2014
      Mar 18 and Mar 24,   2014 Apr 4, 2014 Apr 7, 2014
      Mar 25 and Mar 31,   2014 Apr 11, 2014 Apr 14, 2014
      Apr 1 and Apr 7,   2014 Apr 18, 2014 Apr 21, 2014
      Apr 8 and Apr 14,   2014 Apr 25, 2014 Apr 28, 2014
      Apr 15 and Apr 21,   2014 May 2, 2014 May 5, 2014
      Apr 22 and Apr 28,   2014 May 9, 2014 May 12, 2014
    • Thanks, but this information is not accurate...the IRS has taken extra security measures this year and going forward to prevent fraud and identity theft by given a general expectancy of 21 days and by providing a DDD that only the taxpayer can see and know individually!
    • so the transcript i would want is the one   that says Return Transcript right? jw bc i am able to view it n there are three diffrent ones that show 2013 transcript ) Record of Account Transcript , Account Transcript i am able to see all transcript info for thes three but not this one ( the other is Wage & Income Transcript but it states they have nothing on file for this one yet)
    • Mines tooo!!!! Why is that
    • That chart is inaccurate!!
    • It's not and how would you know ??? Are u the IRS
    • No I'm not the IRS and I know because I talk to an IRS agent yesterday, but on the contrary to your sarcastic ignorance if I was I would definitely make you wait!! Lol n smh at the ignorance of ppl btw don't comment anymore on this forum that I created!!
    • And if you talked to the IRS agent what did they say mid know it all???
    • Pass it along instead acting lost!!!
    • Just to let u know I have no time for ignorance and btw I have reported you and your post to Turbo Tax! Goodnight and GOD bless you!!
    • So what IDK LOL!!! Do what you please and I will do the same
    • I filed the 17th accepted on the 25th ddd of the 6th
    • i just checked my deposit is already there.must have cleared last night.i didnt check this morning

    NO -- Does anyone have 2 orange bars under "Where's my refund"?

    • Yes!!
    •  a dd for 2/6
    • Yes
    • U guys are luckey
    • If i filed 2/1 an was excepted when will i get a dd
    • I have ddd of Feb 6th also
    • @skyla1201 probably by end of next week you should have ur refund. My friend filed 2 days before me and she got her refund yesterday.
    • Yes. Dd Feb 6th
    • Hope we get our return tomorrow
    • me too!!!
    • Sound good
    • Hopefully the ones that didnt get their DDD today hopefully we get it at 12 or 1am
    • Yea they are upgrading as we speak so hope to here something soon
    • Whrn did you file and did you have tt take out there fee
    • 29th and yes
    • Can you update that on turbotax. Select I received my refund so ppl can start seeing that ppl are getting refunds. According to tt 0% of ppl have got they money yet but my friend got hers on Sat but she didn't use tt
    • accepted on the 28th and no update had tt take out their fee and nothing yet wmr is still in processing...
      how often do the irs update their systems?
    • It says every morning between 12-3
    • But I was accepted 2/1/14 nothing on wmr site but tax topic 152 but when I call it say they have received and is processing so a matter of time
    Filed the 18th & accepted the 24th...still one orange bar & i cannot order transcripts:( seems like the people who where accepted the past few days can order theirs? Not feeling so lucky to have been accepted early:/
    • I was able to order my transcripts but I still have only 1 orange bar!
    • I now like what's going on
    • Site is down..will try to order tomm..fingers crossed! Good luck everyone:)
    • Site is down..will try to order tomm..fingers crossed! Good luck everyone:)
    • Ok I'm going to try now but do they update and approve returns for payment on the weekend???
    • yes there new system stays on working 24 hours aday
    • peoples status will change by morning time,just go to sleep
    • lol chelsey
    • Cool thanks for the information
    • As of 12:30 AM, Mine has moved to the second bar, and has a DDD of Feb 6th.  So things did up date sometime today.  I guess things are in motion. Good luck to you all!
    • Same here. DD of feb 6th
    • I just looked at mins and have no ddd
    • Same here by Feb.6th if not check with your bank on or after the 11th!! God is awesome to those who are worthy of him and have patience!!! Whoo hoo!!
    • Amen!!!  I got mine to yes god is good :)
    • I don't have a ddd date and was accepted on the the 28 th so upset
    • Me either one thing says accepted on 29 other says 30 so idk and no DDD yet here
    • Me either hopefully we know somn tomm
    • Hope you all see something soon, the wait is the worst part
    • Accepted 25th ddd of the 6th
    • i just checked my deposit is already there.must have cleared last night.i didnt check this morning

    I'm highly aggravated I filed on the 15th with direct deposit and I checked "Where's my refund and it says that is will be mailed to me by Feb 10th" Turbo Tax messed up again!! Two times in a row so I will NEVER use them again!!!

    • That's what I'm saying turbotax system say the 6 and wmr doesn't have a date how is that possible wouldnt wmr have the imfo before them
    • Turbotax doesnt have a status for me yet! Wmr says its going to get mailed when I applied for Direct deposit. Turbo tax is known for messing up so im not surprised that they are telling you something different.
    • What should I do who to go by???
    • Go by Where's my refund status! Turbo Tax just make estimates of what they think the irs will do.
    • Wmr don't have a date yet
    • check tomorrow at 1 a.m that's when they will update it again!
    • it telling me the same thing that it will be mailed in 4 weeks when I selected direct deposit......smh
    • Refund Approved by IRS DD Date of Feb 6!!
    • My return was accepted before my sisters and she has a DD date and I don't
    • Don't worry I don't either the system doesn't like me
    • @mickey TurboTax has been having this problem for a couple of years now. When TT filed our taxes they somehow missed our banking information when its on the application. Once you call Irs they'll tell you that they didn't get the banking information. All we can do is check back on the 6th to see if it says refund sent then it will take between 4-7 days for us to receive it by mail.
    • @chele check again after 1a.m, that's when they update daily.
    • hey ALL any and ALL replies please,. I got accepted on the 26th and STILL no DDD and I also cannot order transcripte I need foe says I dod not even file this year BUT my sister was accepted on the31st and she has a DDD of 2-6 already ? ANyone please shed some LIGHT before I go POSTAL foreal ;
    • Accepted jan 30 no DDD yet
    • Still no update here either filed 1/3 accepted 1/24
    • @aashlinikole....are you able to order ur transcritps for this year yet? when I go to order mine it brings up an officail looking letter saying ::: we have gotten a request on 2-2-2014 for ur 2013 transcripts,,  we have NO RECORD of you filing for this year?/ I am freaking out and confused ??
    • i have ddd for the 6th . got approved today , is it possible for my dd to come earlier than the date given ?
    • i filed 1/14 got accepted the 24th ..
    • dmarie1123 I believe it will be here before 2/6 but cant guarantee
    • Hopefully the ones that didnt get their DDD today hopefully we get it at 12 or 1am
    I too was accepted early this year 1/24/14 to be exact, I filed on 1/3/14. I have been in the received and processing bar since then! Hopefully after this system update on WMR that started at 9pm and ends at 12am, we will get good news on a DDD!
    • I now but do the system approve Ethel refunds on the weekend
    • What is an Ethel refund?
    • Sorry correction "I now but do the system approve refunds on the weekend???"
    • They said that the IRS is working 7 days a week through the refund tax time
    • So the system is always updating
    • i just checked my deposit is already there.must have cleared last night.i didnt check this morning
    Hello everyone!  I now have two orange bars and a date of Feb 6th as a ddd. Hope that helps
    • Me too so happy
    • I hope so I need all mines now
    • Hopefully the ones that didnt get their DDD today hopefully we get it at 12 or 1am
    • i just checked my deposit is already there.must have cleared last night.i didnt check this morning
    recieved an approved message by irs and after last nights update, 2 orange bars and it says dd by feb. 3rd. AWSOME....
    • Lucky lucky !! Great to hear !!
    • When did you file?
    • does wmr update daily
    • I think they up date all the time .... Cuz people are putting up their DDD dates at different times . I do know they said IRS is running 24/7 through income tax return time . Prolly everyone updates when it updates no certain time
    • anyone update on wmr in past hour
    • Not on me . I filed 29th accepted 30th and still just processing  ... Maybe soon
    • my 2013 transcript isn't available  yet
    • Me either said error and that I couldn't try again for 24 hrs idk something about incorrect info on it prolly cuz I moved so I have different address from last year ugh hate this waiting  game
    • Hopefully the ones that didnt get their DDD today hopefully we get it at 12 or 1am
    • @25yeartaxpro were you ddd correct did u receive it
    • well i called 8003043107 and no offset and still no change in status ... filed on 24th accepted on 28th and nothing yet...sbbt set up but no dd date? im not even sure if this online calender for deposits is right
    • Me too!  Got accepted on 29th but no DD date.
    • Maybe it's updating now ... Just went there and the WMR site is unavailable at this time
    • mine says processing  as it has been since accepted
    • I have a bankruptcy case in progress.  Not sure if this will affect my refund.  Anyone here can help?
    • wmr says processing ...dang it ..well ???????
    • mine says still processing after the site was down this morning and it didnt change for me:( accepted on 24th from florida
    • Did u receive your refund today? U said the third rite?
    • i just checked my deposit is already there.must have cleared last night.i didnt check this morning
    • Im in the same boat got accepted on the 28 and still nothing only one bar

    unfortently no  :( just playing the waiting game!

      Have a ddd of Feb 6th! Did my taxes on 24th and got accepted on the 28th!! Hope everyone here has one soon!
      The system is updating now so we should have some news in the AM AND I WAS accepted on the 26 we should get our DDD TOMORROW
        Hopefully the ones that didnt get their DDD today hopefully we get it at 12 or 1am

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