IRS transcript code related ?

file on the 27th got accepted on the 29th. I got my transcript request and it show code 846 refund issued 2-24-14. Does that mean it will direct deposit on that day or earlier?

  • By e-filing your return and choosing direct deposit, you've chosen the fastest way to get your refund. Last year, 9 out of 10 taxpayers received their refund in less than 21 days. The same is expected this year.
  • Not true! Still waiting 16 days later!
  • Dear TT Employee - can you tell me a real answer as to where exactly my refund is and when I can expect it?
  • I dont get it. I am in default on student loans. My husbandfiled a 8379 form on 11th of feb. We get a notice in mail yesterday with the 846 code on it with a day of 2/24/2014. I called irs to make sure I wasn't reading it in error. She tells me to disregard the notice and its going to take 8 additional weeks starting yesterday for my husband to get back his refund. Hullo trying to relocate people!

Cycle code 20140701 - cycle code 20140702, 03, 04, and 05 here is your answers!

Cycle week 7 begins on Thursday 2/13/14 and continues through Wednesday 2/19/2014.

the first 4 numbers is 2014 (the year)

The second 2 are the "cycle week posted by IVO system" -07

The final 2 numbers are the code for the day of the week.



(you skip weekends)




  • Mine says 20140703 so does that mean I will have a DD of Feb 17?
  • Yes but most likely you will see it the 14th or 15th
  • I hope so!!!! thats my code too
  • Monday is a holiday so if your bank does not deposit early it would be Tuesday....Good Luck Do you have the 846 code on your transcripts? Meaning refund issued
  • I do not see that code...
  • I dont either on mine and my cycle on all my transcripts is 20140605 ( 2/12) So I am so stressed I only have 2 codes 150 and 806. From what I am reading the 846 code means everything is finalized and your refund is scheduled to be sent.
  • oh no!!..uugg...but the codes would not change on the transcript , would they...they..well mine is dated with todays today is the day I could download it and could view it.....
  • I'm not sure but it would be wonderful for someone to respond to that question. I have not seen an update to WMR in days and I was able to order my transcripts by phone last Thursday so I have been just sitting here waiting for any information.
  • so you dont have any other codes : 570 or 971 codes...they can be delayed a week..I heard..
  • No not at all just the 2 codes under transaction history:

    150- Tax Return Filed    Cycle 20140605
    806- W2 or 1099 withholding

    No other codes
  • lets hope your bank sees a pending deposit tomorrow..I'm concerned as well...I have to say there are a few ppl here with the same cycle code you have...they have nothing either...which to me means..I will have the same depressing..further stressful feeling
  • I do indeed have that 846 code!...I do!!
  • Oh wonderful!  Did you just log back in a view new transcripts or was it always there.
  • I logged back in...either I was looking in wrong area...or ..heck, idk..but its there..its on the left side..line items..on account transcript
  • What's 846 mean
  • Refund issued!
  • But mine isn't in my account the bank told me it's not pending either :(
  • Im sorry :(......I now have a ddd of 2/18      and mine was accepted on long time
  • This information was so helpful . Thanks for explaing it so well!!!!!!  You have given me hope :-D - cycle o7 -DDD Feb 19 846 code - Will keep my fingers crossed.
  • I still don't have bars on WMR or am able to order my return transcript, but I can view my account transcript and have 20140705  code and the 846 code with amount refunded!  So that means by next wed I will finally be able to afford to get the contacts and glasses I desperately need!! Thank you so much for the explanation! :D
  • By which code do you see the 20140705 cycle date? Mine has it next to Return  fFiled but there is no cycle date next to the 846 code.
  • cycle is 20140705 with an 846 code and refund date of 03/03.    Does that mean my direct depsit will be 03/03 ?
  • No Maureen that means your DD will be 2-18 congrats! My cycle date was 20140703 and I got a DD of 2-17 and my money was posted in SBBT this morning!!
  • I thought the 17th was a banking holiday..same cycle code ash..mine has dd of by the 18th..Im checking my SBBT now
  • my sbbt acct is paid too..its also @ $800 less!! now this has never happened before..ever!! friggin irs
  • I'm sorry I meant mine was 2-18 hers was 2-19 lol my bad! Dang that sucks mine had the correct amount thank goodness! Do you think we could get it tomorrow since its a Saturday?
  • maybe...I cannot believe they kept all that $ Im just really mad!...LOL...
  • I would be calling them and finding out why that is alot of money!
  • Once I have my refund..I will ....actually thinking of taking it into H& know how they do that free review...take advantage of that..this year has just caused me tooo much stress!
  • Ok... I just got my transcripts. It took days for that to happen because I moved this year and the system didn't recognize my address. So when it did "know who I was" I knew it was a good sign!

    Mine says 846 Refund Issued
    Cycle Date/ 20140705
    So that means Weds the 19th then right??

    BTW....still nothing on WMR/ I have been pending since 1/28!!
  • That's the same thing as mine! Checked Santa Barbara bank and trust and doesn't show any funds pending
  • Just a heads up, anyone with a DDD of 2/18, I woke up today with my money sitting in my account.
  • really..I will check
  • me too....its there..well finally this is done!!
  • My cycle code is 20140605 and I have yet to see anything.  My transcript says Received Date 4/15/14 WTF??
  • I was trying figure that out too my say the same 20140801 and then it say -3455 bye my refund I don't under stand the transcript
  • deb.null, Don't pay any attention to the 4/15, that's just the deadline to have your taxes filed. Are you able to get your transcripts, have you checked WMR? If look at your account transcript, look towards the middle and see if you have a 846 code (refund issued). My cycle code was 20140701, which was 2/13 well It didn't go through, I was able to get my transcripts, but 846 code wasn't there. Then on 2/14 I looked again and 846 was there, I lost all my bars on WMR. So I was like what the crap. I checked WMR yesterday 2/17, my bars were back and I had a DD for 2/21, FINALLY!  So you will have to see that 846 code. Any more questions just let me know.
  • Thank you @crowders76!!  SO I should try to pull my transcript again tomorrow and look for the 846 code?  That is some good news!!!  Crowders76 when did you file/accepted?  I'm in the batch that filed 1/28, accepted 1/31.  Definitely let us know if that DD doesn't happen lol and i will keep checking my transcript - i should look at the account transcript, correct?
  • @crowders76 my bars have been gone since the first week of feb. My cycle date was for 2/12 but nothing was there and I don't see the code anywhere I just have
    That's it :(
  • deb, I know trust me, I filed mine on the 6th got accepted the same day, 3 days later my bars were gone. Those are the same codes I had, which those are the normal codes nothing bad. Did you have any education credits?
  • No, did not have any education credits, just head of household, 3 dependants nothing fancy LOL.  Still getting that generic message on WMR we have received your return and it is being processed.  IRS said 21 days will be up this Friday.
  • I would keep checking, because I have read through different posts, that they have seen there money go in and not update WMR or anything.
  • Now when I try to pull my transcript it says Technical Difficulties
    A technical problem has occurred. Please close this window and return to the main page.
  • My cycle # is 20140801 and the code number is see is 150 crowders76 can you tell me anything on this PLEASE??
  • 2014 of course is the year 08 is the 8th week, the week goes from Thursday-Wednesday, 01 is Thursday so it would be  02/20. The 150 code is nothing but a filing code. Do you have any other codes on your account transcript?
  • yes 570 what does that means crowders76
  • My cycle date is 20140601 can some one help me please
  • It appears our cycle dates mean diddly squat as mine is 20140605 which if i understand correctly was last thursday and I still have no orange bars, no DD, nothing on WMR and my transcript shows that cycle date and processing 2/24/14 yet my 21 days are up this Friday
  • crowders have you received any positive news?
  • @deb I'm praying that it will somehow magically appear in sbbt tmr... Lol I seriously don't know who to call anymore I think I've called all the irs numbers haha
  • I've called the IRS like I'm a stalker and now I'm stalking TT for answers - course nothing from anyone
  • joys I got thru to Turbo Tax who told me my return was accepted 1/21 (mind you i didn't file it w/TT until 1/28) and to call the IRS - are you effin kidding me?  I'm about to punch someone in the throat
  • oh and I'm being transferred AGAIN - it's almost to the point where it is just funny - it's such a joke
  • So NOW they told me my return was accept 1/29/14 and could be up to 21 days blah blah blah and to call the IRS and they will refund my TT fee in 4-6 wks - Shaking my head.
  • oh and I should check the WMR website - really?!  Really?!  hellur why do you think I am calling you TT
  • I know right?!!! I hate those stupid answers it's like duhhh don't you think I've done all those things already and can't find the answer so that's why I'm calling YOU?!! It's so dumb...
  • Last years return I had the exact same codes but 846 under it and some other code but right now it's stuck on 150, 806, 766, 768 ugh
  • Me too joys - EXACT same scenario with the codes, all same and missing my 846 and just stuck.
  • If what I read on a different post is true- that some 06 codes were delayed a week then that means we will be getting ours tomorrow and I'm soooo hoping that is the case!
  • IF I wake up tomorrow morning and my deposit is in my account, I will shit a golden nugget and wipe with a 100 dollar bill - ok maybe not but I'm at the breaking point LOL
  • Well at least we're not alone in this because I think I would be even more worried if that were the case.. I just want know why it hasn't been sent. They obviously finished our returns but just haven't approved the funds but there is nothing that's causing the delay (offset, etc) so wth is going on?!
  • In all seriousness I did read that as well about the codes being delayed a wk so praying by thursday
  • Hahahaha
  • Exactly and that's what I told the TT people tonight on the phone - don't act like I am the ONLY person calling you or that you have no idea what I am talking about - do they even read the forums???  Am crossing my fingers joys that tomorrow we have our funds.  Like I've said before it's not even about getting the $, I am just tired of getting the run around
  • Yes I really hope it's not something somebody made up to try to make ppl feel better but Friday will be 21 days and if there's nothing then I will probably start to panic...
  • Yea it's both for me! I need that to pay for school at the end of March! I just want the assurance of where they are in processing my return because as of right now they can't give me any info and it's so frustrating!
  • Can anyone tell me when should I recieve my refund my cycle code is 20140601 and on my transcripts it states 846 refund issuyued? Please explain
  • Im sorry 846 refund issued 3-10-2014
  • yes if you are able to see code 846 on your transcript and a date next to it that means you will get your refund on or before that time even though it might not change on WMR but if you do not see that code on transcript page then we just have to keep waiting.
  • Is there a chance I will recieve it this week I have seen a lot of discussion about receiving it on Friday
  • Cycle code 20140803 can someone tell me what this means... Thanks :)
  • cycle code says 20140801 what does this mean?
  • bobbyg907, your cycle is 2/20/2014. 2014 is the year, 08 is week 8, which the weeks go from Thursday-Wednesday and 01 is Thursday. Also keep in mind that it may not go in on that day, mine didn't, mine was for 2/13, didn't see 846 until 2/14, WMR updated on the 17th, with a DD for 2/21.  Check your account transcript and look for code 846 (refund issued) if you see that code you can expect it within 4 or 5 days.
  • @Crowders76 thanks but I checked SBBT n they have it
  • I have cycle code 20140705 which is apparently TODAY but no 846 or other activity!
  • Is SBBT, Turbo Tax's bank and how do you check with them to see if they have the funds?
  • @crowders - is where i went to check - it says IRS received my refund but their bank has not.  I still have cycle date of 20140605 (last week) still no 846 on transcript and of course nothing on WMR etc.
  • I HAVE CYCLE 20140601
  • I have taken the advice to order my transcripts after reading the previous threads on a majority of refunds being delayed. Now that I have access online after setting up my account on the IRS website, I reviewed my transcript and it reads the code 846 with a cycle date of 20140805. After reading the feedback on this community blog, I can conclude that I will be receiving my refund on Wednesday 2/26. The 08 is the cycle which it runs from Thursday 2/20 to Wednesday 2/26 and the 05 stands for the day of the week which is Wednesday.
  • I was able to read mine today but my cycle week 20140705 but I have not recieved anything yet? Am I reading it right ?
  • well my cycle is 2014705 and my return is still processing, I requested my account transcript on 2/17 and received it on 2/22.. I am patiently waiting I guess
  • I guess everyone has given up on this year or either receive there refund.. no new updates.. Me personally I'm tired of calling the irs getting the run around.. I guess its just the waiting game..
  • Mine still says it's scheduled to be mailed 2/28. No new news
  • I havent received mine yet. Got that stupid 570 code... but only one thank God. I visit like all the time now. I never look on here because it's a forum that people comment on with tax issues like us... that updates with new comments whenver ppl comment (gotta refresh page though). And nobody hardly ever post on here anymore. That site is my savior!!!!
  • did u ever recieve your refund on 2/26
  • No, but from what I gather I will receive it on 3/10 since that is the date next to all of my $$ on my transcript.  The 570 codes have $0.00 amounts.   The 806 has the refund amount stated. I looked at prior return transcripts and it looks to be dead on accordingly to the dates noted next to the refund amounts.
  • what if i have codes of 150 , 766 , 768 , 768 ,826 , 971 , 846 and next to 846 it has a date of march 17 2014 would i have to wait that long til refund is issued ?
  • cycle date of 20140905
  • I received my refund on 2/26 as it was noted on the transcript. The ACH transaction showed on 2/20 as pending. The total days that took from filing to processing to receiving the deposit was 10 days although the IRS had provided me with a date of 3/10/14.
  • thanks for the info
  • my cycle date is 20141004 what can i expect??
  • my cycle date is 20141205, does it mean I should expect something next week?

I have code 150 with cycle 20140605 date 2/24/14




570- additional account action pending..... $0.00

971-notice issued...2/24/14...$0.00

What does it mean? obviously i didnt receive my refund, but is it late? what do i do?

  • @Jordanamarri23, i have the exact same question on those codes.
  • I hear ya I'm waiting too
  • your codes are in reverse so IDK this your transcript as of today?
    971 is a miscellaneous computer generated code so it can have many meanings ...because yours are in reverse I have seen the 570 commonly go on AFTER credits like you have above....with the govt fraud security measures they scrutinize a lot of times peoples qualifications for these credits many times it is satisfied by just an extra review in the 21 days and your refund might take the 21 days but it usually comes. Are you close to your 21 days
  • Actually my codes are in this order: 150, 806, 766, 768, 971 & 570.
    I spoke with them and my 21days is no earlier than 2/21, which is the generic 21 days from when they started processing returns.
  • I have no credits I have three codes total 150 846 and 806 what's it mean
  • poohbear55 150 is tax filed 806 is your w-2 withholdings amount, and 846 means refund issue. You will more than likely get an update on wmr tonight with a ddd.
  • NO CODE on WWR is GOOD! Its good that you have unchanged the generic message ! If something was bad at this point they would update that status to a code to call. The irs will notify you if there is a problem either online or by mail. Those codes AFTER credits is typically the IVO security system triggering those for them to take a little longer processing to make sure you truly qualify and can claim those codes. Once they are done then they should code 846 refund issued. Or you typically WONT SEE an 846 ahead of time unless you check it every day and can actually see your DD date or money first so don't worry kit will come may take you the 21 days but it should come!
  • I'm sure it will eventually :(
  • I already got an update on wmr it says all three bars and sent and the dd has been for 2/12 I haven't gotten it yet I'm confused
  • its just playing catch up give it till midnight
  • has anyone with cycle 20140605 still not get any updates on WMR or SBBT. Only have codes 150 and 766
  • I have that cycle date with 150 and 806 codes and nothing on WMR or Hotline. My IRS tax code 152 has disappeared too.
  • Code: 150, Return filed and tax assessed .    Code: 806, Withholding credit,
  • 766   child support
  • more on code 766....766 in IRS is a Credit Reference Number. However, this is the section of Advance EIC where the credit has increased and after he has paid what he is supposed to, the credit will decrease and then the reference code will be 767.
  • since there is no more advanced u owe child sup?...this is all I could find
  • no i dont have any children. mine says code 766 credit to your account.
  • some kind of offset credit...then.
  • 766 in a normal credit you guys would have qualified for credit to account is just the way they log credits can increase your refund.
  • still no updates anywhere. No funds received by SBBT. nothing on WMR no changes to transcripts. what is going on? any thoughts Garrett?
  • Yeah I just heard due to some snow or ice storm they are closed today however there are processing centers in texas etc not sure wth our returns are at exactly while its processing. So don't expect any updates tonight probably or today /:
  • I just checked mime too and my transcript is complete. (return transcript) the account transcript hasn't moved since I originally printed it 2/9 (sunday) so that means its still processing and in reviews. ugggggggg
  • They only update WWR for DD dates on certain days , it updates every night for acceptances only and they are closed Monday.
  • The overnight WWR updates for DD updates are on Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Saturday (overnight updates only)
  • Garrett19581..did IRS tell you, that you were in review,  or WMR
  • NO not the irs not the wwr . My wwr just likes to flash the same message. I found a very interesting fun fact out from a TT employee that I am super pissed that I am having to find this out now , as Im sure others would LOVE to know it too and it is that the WWR updates EVERY night only for acceptances. It updates for DD only 4 times a week. As the govt is presently doing 4 deposits per week. These updates for DDD are NIGHTLY example WED night is wed night into Thursday am , next update is Thursday night, then Friday night then Saturday night.
    Been LOVELY to know this sooner!!!!!
  • sweetaliv, no a great guy on the thread I started days ago called code 570 and 971 or something like that named John you can see his very helpful post on there....he explains his connections and has connections with a few retired IRS reps that confirmed the info I had been stating about code 570 and code 971 but some have a code 971 FIRST then the code 570 (like myself). I have seen ZERO updates to my transcript which is complete up to that point as of Sunday 2/9. He said code 570 is a hold yes but it can be for many reasons and if you have a 570 and  it is FOLLOWED by a 971 (notice sent) it means you will be getting a letter most likely as they need some more info to continue to process your file. And you are in review. And it can take another 4-6 weeks . I and several others have a 971 FIRST then the 570 ....either way it means you will take longer on the processing part as you are stuck in the reviews department. Once they complete the review then it can progress so that's where I heard that from
  • Garrett19581...talked to another rep today & was told I was manually picked for a review, which could extend my refund up to two weeks longer, and as of today, she doesn't see any extra info needed. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed, that they can figure it out among the IRS review dept.
  • Wht umber did you call to speak to someone mines saying it was sent to my bank on the 2/12 bank says no they haven't received it and the wmr shows sent I'm beyond frustrated...mine should be here by now
  • Manually picked probably for further review isn't picking on your return in most cases. When the 1121 incident went down that entire cycle batch had to now go through a manual review since the computer skipped 1of the 3 critical steps of the return processing process before a refund is approved for issue. If they ever have to do any part of the process to your return manually it doesn't mean you did something wrong or to panic in most cases or 99 percent of the time...your money will come....It may be delayed by a week or two because they are not used to doing anything manually that a computer normally did for them if that is a step that they have to pick up. Also it means if yours had to have something further reviewed or done manually then there is a good chance there were others in your same cycle code and then that just bottle-necks up the whole process for everyone as in a domino effect. Make sense. Bottomline until you see your WWR update to a CODE or a TAKE ACTION notice or you truly receive a letter in the mail you really need not be concerned I can assure you, it just means one of 2 things 1) it will take the entire 21 days before they ISSUE your refund...."key words and verbage there people"....they quote...we ISSUE 9 out of 10 taxpayer refunds in 21 days or less" .....ISSUE not received by.....
    2) it means because they had to manually do a part of your tax return by hand , no matter what the reason, REVIEW or additional work of any kind it means most of the time they need no other info or action from you at this time but your patience, they will I promise you send you a letter asking for more info if they need more info of any sort to continue to process your return, otherwise then your refund will probably be delayed past your cycle code by a week or two but that's in English all we need to do is have a "come to Jesus meeting with ourselves to dig deep to find the "non drive thru window, microwave speedy process our society has become so accustomed to with everything out there training our brains and habits to more speed and have it your way. Sadly the IRS doesn't have that "have it your way" fast food selection to processing our refunds lol!
    he who has the gold makes the rules...and that would be them lol!
  • SBBT shows they have been refund is 800$ less..I am soooo effing P>O>..dont even care to know why right now...should have my dd by tues for sure..then I will deal with those asshats.....waited since the 31st for this BS!!...owed no taxes! qualified EIC..single mom, 1 kid..make very little...what should have been 4300..went to I just get 2700..LMFAO
  • every yr I get 4300..nothing has changed on my end...whatever...thieving goverment
  • @garrett19581..update, I think the reps really don't know what they are saying. You talk to one rep, then the next one contradict what the previous rep told you, SUPER FUNNY!!!! So as per the last rep I talked to, I'm not under review, it's just taking longer to process my return, lol. He also asked me why I didn't file in 08/09, told him the same thing I told the rep on Tuesday, I was a stay at home mom, at that time.. By the way he didn't see anything wrong with my return, lol. I can't stop laughing, I know it's not funny, BUT IT IS!!! Reason being the IRS reps are suppose to be able to answer any questions we may have, they're suppose to be knowledgeable of the tax laws & codes, guess not, Jokes on me!!! So as of Feb 14, 2014 I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT IS THE REAL STORY BEHIND MY RETURN!!!! I've decided to not call them any futher, really it's useless they only want to keep you guessing.  Just going to ride my 21 days out, then see what happens after that. on the bright side, still nothing has changed on WMR, sill one bar & topic 152.
  • Sweetliv, awww darling those as&*%&@! Don't tell us anything rather than make crap up.
    The facts I know are this:
    Some early filers had to be resequenced because of a computer glitch and server error
    Thus, causing the confusion on the TT acceptance dates and the IRS acceptance dates.
    This caused about a week delay just for that as that is having to redo one of 3 very critical steps to process any return and issue the refund.
    When this happened they also had to process those returns and several manually .
    This also caused several returns to have to be manually checked for offsets manually before they would release the refund.
    Thus, now I hope you can see why sooooo soooo many 570 refund holds.
    Some of the 570 refund holds were triggered falsly by the IVO system after the IVO system flagged it and assigned in many cases a 971 code. That 971 code triggered for many the 570 code.
    Another fact. The 1121 ALL were stopped manually and frozen manually with 570 codes as that whole batch missed 1 of the 3 parts of the normal processing steps completely.
    Thus, why the IRS felt it necessary to actually cancel refunds and place holds until all the remaining ones can BE MANUALLY ckecked for offsets, and manually checked ONLY on the portion they skipped. Once they all clear individually each will see their 571 , account action completed code show on their transcripts right under the present account refund hold the 570. Once you see the 571 that is your ONLY GOAL at this point is to see that appear on your transcripts to officicially release that refund and return to allow the tax payor to be issued the refund code 846 refund issued. Then your DD date will follow usually within 24 hours . That is IF WWR WOULD STOP HAVING FITS!!!!
    You can have your refund issued and actually see it in your account without ever having to see the 846 code as transcripts can have a delay on them on whats uploaded etc.
    However if you are stuck at a 570. Your uploaded nothing changes till you see the 571 or there are a few similar codes....code to release the hold
  • Hi everyone I see that every have a 570 or 571 but I don't have them codes anywhere on my transcript is that a bad thing
  • all I know is I had no weird codes....yet a 30 yr old student loan of 200$...nabbed 800$ out of my refund...accepted 31st..pending to dd by 18th....-$800...this yr is bad...
  • Accepted 1/28/14 finally can view my return showing cycle date 20140705 so guess getting dd on wed 2/19 :) finally some hope
  • what does 801 mean people
  • @garrett my cycle date was 20140605 which should have been 2/12/14 but I didn't receive any refund and sbbt said they haven't received it either.. I checked my transcript again today and it says processing date 2-24-2014 so does that mean I will get it then? That would be a couple days past my 21 days :(
  • @joycustomjems - same as mine, i anticipate no later than 3/3/14 and i only say that b/c on my transcript that is the date that the IRS will have to pay out "interest" on my refund and I can only assume the IRS will not pay out interest LOL.  Really just a crapshoot for all of us - Mine is 20140605 w/a processing date of 02/24/14 as well.  Still no bars.
  • @deb i never heard of them having to pay interest could you tell me about that? Did you go through sbbt as wel and do you see any weird codes on your transcript?
  • I may have mislead that statement, they're def not going to pay us interestLOL there is a date at which interest would start accruing of 3/3/14 it was my assumption that we'd have them by that date, prior to interest accruing.
  • Lol oh ok.. I'm really hoping I see code 846 tmr on my transcript!
  • What is code 846?
  • oh refund issued duh LOL where would that show up?
  • On your transcript at the bottom but I'm only showing 4 codes right now- ugh this is getting real close to my 21 days!! Lol
  • My cycle number is 20140801 code 570 what does this mean?? Pleaase let me know..
  • Do you still only show 4 codes @joycustomjems on your transcript? This is a list of the codes
  • yes I do does 570 means you are under review?
  • I have on my account the following
    Code.   Amount
    150      $2058
    766.    -$1581
    768.    -$5378
    570.      $0
    971.      $0
    My original refund is $4895 but with all these info I just dont know, so what's my refund now, please help. Thank you
  • The negatives are good, they are "overpayments/refund" amounts
  • Looks like that would put your refund around $4901
  • So after all the reading, is there a concrete answer as to what is TC 971 $0.00 is? I filed early but I have a very simple return and no addition tax credit or dependents.
  • yes refund amount should calculate to around 4901...add the negatives and subtract the positive to get your refund.
  • 150 tax return filed 20140605 2-24-2014 $2,204

    971 notice issued 2-17-2014 $0

    766 credit to your account 04-15-2014 -$1,725

    768 earned income credit 4-15-2014 -$6,044

    826 credit transferred out to $5,565

    971 noticed issued 2-24-2014 $0.00

  • Well the 826 means they took that amount from you for some type of offset; 971 means a letter was sent out to you to explain why they took that amount from you.
  • i was looking at my account transcripts and says processing date march 3rd any information on this . I have looked everyone no luck on what it means  I filed 1/31
  • cycle date 20140705.   I have no codes or anything
  • 150 tax returned filed 70209-431-17579-4 cyle20140705  date 03-03-2014 amount 0.00.   I am just sick over this crap.
  • [PDF]Transaction Codes Pocket Guide - Internal Revenue Service
    Processing (ADP) must contain a Transaction Code ... transaction on the Master File, to permit compilation of reports ..... 540. I. Deceased Taxpayer. 542. I. Correction to TC 540. Processed in Error ... Additional Liability Pending/or. Credit Hold.

Hello BigCaliState,

Thank you for asking your question here on TurboTax AnswerXchange. I believe you are asking when you will be receiving your refund.

By e-filing your return and choosing direct deposit, you've chosen the fastest way to get your refund. Last year, 9 out of 10 taxpayers received their refund in less than 21 days. The same is expected this year.

You may check on your refund directly with the IRS via this Link:

I hope I have answered your question. Feel free to contact us with any other questions or
concerns. Remember we are here to help!

Thank you for contacting us at TurboTax AnswerXchange.

Have a wonderful day.


  • That was awfully vague, I mean awfully dan, he is asking about our transcripts, 2/24/14 would be at least 3 days past the 21 day window, I feel I should work for turbo tax, sheesh
  • I order a  transcript online and I don't see a code or refund date. I see date April 15, 2014 received date, that's it
  • meka60 you need to order a record of account or account transcript and it will be under transactions (middle of page) it should have transaction codes and transaction explanation code should be 846 and reason should say refund issued. You should also see a date of 2/24 but that is a generic date.
  • @kittykatie92  Unfortunately, all they can do is give vague answers, they know you want a direct answer, but what happens is if he was to say oh that means that you will get it such and such date  then it doesnt happen, someone calls in very angry and upset that whatever was supposed to happen didnt happen. Vagueness is a way to say just be patient, I dont know when its coming just that it is supposed to come. Thats why the IRS stopped doing the tax calenders.
  • That was not the point of the question asked, which you MISREAD also, he was asking why his transcript says a refund issued ON feb 24, but no worries, cuz obviously very few can read fully on here
  • There's no reason to be ugly on here! We are all in the same boat waiting on refunds so we should be able to act as civil human beings!! Nobody knows why it shows 2/24/2014 but we do know it is a generic date a lot of people are getting. I would imagine that people would get their refunds sooner but at this time none of us honestly knows so all we can do is be patient and wait.
  • Just to clarify who my post was directed too. and @ BigCali unfortunately no one can give you a solid date at this time, because no one knows for certain. All that can be said is most returns, once accepted can expect a refund within 7-10 business days (generally m-f), and if you do not receive one after 21 days, you should call the IRS to find out what is holding things up.
  • for 2012 my refund date was Feb 18th, but I received it on JAN 31st.. This year mine also says Feb 24.. Fingers crossed its way off again ;)
  • I just noticed both of my transcripts from last year and this year have the same date on refund 2/25/2013-2014 I got mine last year on Feb 7th hoping I get mine earlier this year tho momma needs a new car!
  • If I can't create an account to view transcripts does that mean my refund is not processed!my account was locked because it kept saying unable to verify identity. But I know I put right information every time and now it locked me out. I received text that irs accepted my return on1/28.
  • It may be because the site is down try again in the morning.
  • Okay so when you complete steps to create account does it automatically show your transcript for 2013 or do you have to pick from 2013 or previous years? I did not get past the creating account process so I do not know!thanks
  • I got the same date and the same code on my transcript. Mine from last year also said the 18th. I can't remember the exact date I got my money. I just remembered randomly checking my account, not expecting to see any money in it and there it was. So be patient. I am willing to bet we will be seeing refunds in the next week. :)
  • I  want to give a update to everyone. I just check the where my refund today. It show my refund has been authorized. I should received it by Feb 6th. Thanks again everyone.
  • I was just about to post the same thing. I JUST got a date as of 2/2/2014 at 2:15 AM EST, my deposit date is 2/6/2014! :)
  • Same here!!
  • I filed on 2/1/14 @11:45am and got a text same day @9pm that the IRS accepted my refund when did you all file?
  • I filed on 2/1/14 @11:45am and got a text same day @9pm that the IRS accepted my refund but it says I can expect my refund within 21 days... when did you all file?
  • I filed on 2/1/14 @11:45am and got a text same day @9pm that the IRS accepted my refund but it says I can expect my refund within 21 days... when did you all file?
  • You and me both, kitty!
  • I got the same date but not the 846 code on there??do you have to have the 846 code?
  • Yes TT HAS NOOOOOOOOO CLUE as to what they are doing...It's really sad when you call and have to explain what transcripts are to them....They avoid the question and give you a generic well scripted one....Tax experts????
  • 2/12er and got money today 9;00 east
  • Has anyone else had problems with WMR not updating all? I'm able to view all my transcripts, my cycle date was 20140701 which was for 2/13, but I didn't have the 846 code, which means refund issued until 2/14. So I thought I would for sure see and update after that 846 code came up. If you see the 846 code it does mean it was approved RIGHT? So is it possible to get your refund and WMR never update at all?
  • 846 is issued....mine was 20140703..WMR only says approved..dd of 18th..$ in my bank this am
  • Omg they approved my money it should be in mine account on February 20th
  • Mine was also approved this am too! It says by the 20th so the earliest would be a Tuesday deposit! Im just happy to have a date!!! Lol
  • @bromwife congrats........I filed on the 31th and I got accepted on the February 1th  and approved today the 15th I am so happy....last year I didn't get  my money until July 3rd...
  • I am telling people from experience if your bar is gone get a tax advocate to check it out because mine bar was gone last year and I had to get a tax advocate just to get mine money and I didn't get it until July not saying that can happen to any of u but I know a couple ppl that use tax advocate and they was able to release they for them

From the IRS IRM:

846 Refund issued Refund of Overpayment Debits the tax module for the amount of overpaid tax (plus applicable interest) to be refunded to the taxpayer

There is a full list of all the transcript codes in an easy to read format:

  • so if they said 846   refund issues and the amount:  that is the amount they will reimburse you?
  • Idk I thought when it said refund sent it would be in my bank but it's not :(
  • 846 means that its being sent. For example, I seen 846 on my transcripts on 2/14 and couple days later WMR was approved and said it will deposit 2/21.
  • On my transcript I have code 150 then 806 the 570 next to 570 it says additional account action pending, 3-10-14 amount 0.00. What's that mean? Help please also my cycle code is 20140803 which is Monday feb 24th 2014.
  • I also have 570 and a cycle date of 20140805 I don't have a 971 but called today and was told I would have to mail in my w2s and call back in 45 days ... This has been a horrible tax process this filing season I have never had any issue with my return and have been filing since 2005!

To Big CaliState.....I actually got the same thing when I look at my transcript. I filed 1/31 and accepted by the irs when I checked the next morning on 2/1. Not sure what it means. I still am showing only 1 bar on the WMR. To have a DD of 2/24 would seem to be awful late for 21 day processing

  • Just ordered my transcript 15 minutes ago. Filed on the 30th and accepted same day. Transcript has code 846 with a cycle date of 20140603 and deposit date of 2/24/2014. Still have 1 bar on WMR.
  • I have that same cycle date no refund dd
  • So, I just checked WMR and got a DD of 2/10/14. Sounds like you and I are in the same boat. Did yours change today as well?
  • DD of 2/10/2014
  • Has any 2/6 dd person got theirs?
  • Yes got mine this morning
  • Does the account transcript show that info?
  • i have a bunch of codes...mine says 150 for tax return filed with a date of 2/24/14 ammt 0 and then 3 other codes which are 806, 766, & 766 with 4/15/14 date and 3 ammts which add up to my refund ammt. This is too difficult to understand but I hope I'm not waiting on feb 24th to come for it to be processed. There is another area I noticed that says return due date april 15 and processing date feb I hope they process sooner!!
  • This is bs my friend text me n said her hub got a dd of the 11th this am n his taxes were just approved mon. Wth!
  • Mine ,too. Im so annoyed at how stealthy they are doing things this year...
  • Kenyamom09....di u get ur DD yet? I am not really sure what all the transript stuff means. all i know is mine said Feb 24th processing date.....when I ordered my transcript, i couldnt view it the same day. So, I tried again the next day and was able to view it then. The date of feb 24th worried me. So, then I looked at my 2012 transcript which had the date of Feb 25th. Last year i got my taxes back on Feb 17th. So, if processing date was Feb 25th last year and I got it 8 days before that then I though that it would be the same thing this year. So, I ordered my transcript Tuesday and I was able to view it Wednesday this week. Thursday morning I went from one bar to 2 bars with a DD of 2/10/14. So, the processing date of Feb 24th yes means something but not sure what it means. I think it obviously menas that you will get the refund 7 days or so before that processing date given
  • Im assuming it will be updated on tom. I read someone called the irs n they said if your not able to pull up or submit for an transcript you haven't been processed or possibly under review.
  • @kenyamom09, I also read that somewhere as well. I do know that people are saying you should go according to your cycle date instead of the other date that they give you. Last year's tax transcript showed processed date of 2/18; however, I received mine on the sixth. My cycle date for this year says that I should receive it on the 12th, so fingers crossed!!!!
  • Yes!!!! B.C I WAnt my money lol
  • My account transcript has a refund issued date of 2/24/13 with code 846. What does this mean? Does everyone have the same info on their transcripts?
  • John u will get yours on wen the 12th
  • The 846 code is the same as my 20140605 code which means 2014 the year i filed 06 the week i will receive the refund and 05 the day of the week my refund will be dd on... The irs days are like this

    Confusing huh?  The irs will issue your dd that day. If your bank dont hold it to take out the funds if you had a specialist do your taxes you will get it that day!!!
  • Look below i explain that u will get your the 12th
  • Thank you, I appreciate it!! I wonder why WMR is still on received and not approved? Are transcripts more reliable than WMR?
  • Yes i would say so. My wmr wont even give me any info just say no info is available.  The transcripts cant lie its basically a legal document. And when u said it had a date of 2/24/14 so does mine its the 21 day mark and its just a generic date that auto generates. My wmr has literally not worked for 3 years lol
  • I compared my last year taxes and got it the exact day it said.. They are very accurate.. You being able to log in and see your transcript let alone means that your return is complete!
  • That's so annoying it doesn't work! I'm just nervous to assume I'm getting my refund on the 12th because we have a trip to Vegas planned and paid for 2/11-2/13. But then we found a house we are buying and have to come up with our down payment so obviously we shouldn't go on our trip if we are saving....but if I can guarantee we are getting refund then, we can still go! Haha
  • Great, thank you!
  • Im nervous too! Im getting married next month and need my taxes for that! Well when the 12th comes around ill let u know if i got mine or vise versa!!
  • Good luck, and congrats!
  • I got my DD now set for the 12th. Thank God the wait is finally over!!! Good luck everyone..... ;))
  • I got a DD of 2/12 with  Topic 203 so IDK
  • Offset for child support
  • I don't have kids, just a loan lol
  • @Kenyamom09, that's great...Mine was just approved for the 12th as well, which lines up with the transcript cycle date...I guess the cycle date thing is true.
  • wmr no longer has bars for me...says we have recvd your return and it is being processed....what does that mean now!?!?
  • What does it mean if you have a cycle date 20140605 but no 846 code and no topic code?
  • Mistycharriez I have the same issue NO 846 code but the 20140605 date. Can't figure out why so hopefully we will have an update tomorrow. What other codes did you have yours?
  • what other codes do you have? 846 is the REFUND code so you want to see that one for sure ! It will usually say 846 Refund issued the the date then the amount
  • Garrett19581 I have 150,766,768. I know what all those stand for . I know what the 846 means too and have seen it on my other transcripts but I can't understand why it's NOT on this was one. According to the system I have  no offsets.
  • Garrett19581 do you have cycle date 20140605?
  • nope my cycle date is 20140701 whatever the heck that means!
  • do either of you have code 971? I cant figure out what the heck that code means!!!
    It says notice issued by it but then 0.00
  • I don't have any offsets either but I also have the dreaded 570 don't want that one!
  • Whats the 570 code?
  • It says code (570 additional account action pending) by it then a future date of 03-03-2014...and I was told by a few on here its a refund delay/ or refund hold because like it says they still have addtional account action pending on your account or return.  So until they remove the 570 code you wont cycle for a DD date to my understanding. So with that said then Im confused why I even have a cycle code at all...unless the cycle codes really don't mean anything as far as getting your refund issued to you. My cycle code is 20140701.
    I just know last year and the year before if you got code 570 you didn't get your refund ontime as it was delayed!
  • sweetaliv, Do you have that code or code 971or both?
  • @garrett19581..Neither,  I can't even pull mine up online, I've been only able to order the account by mail. I set up an online account,  but it kept telling me, my information is wrong. So I just said heck with it.
  • Garrett19581 I don't have a 971 or a 570.
  • GOOD! Im glad you don't ....extra codes cant be good unless they are the refund codes (:
    God Bless you and may you have your DD and money as expected!
  • sweetaliv, Yeah heck with it! It will just make you a crazy sick mess trying to decifer it like it has me, and I don't wish that on anyone! Wishing you blessings and good luck for getting your money as expected! God Bless!
  • Thanks you too:)
  • Thanks garrett19581 & God Bless you too
  • Code 971 has alot of topics, just be ready to received something in the mail if you didn't already
  • Does any with DDD 2/12 have refund release date of 2/24 on transcripts
  • Yea the 2/24 is the 21 day mark it auto generates in case they do take longer
  • I hope we get ours 2/12 my code is 20140605 so i hope!
  • my code is also 20140605 and I have 2/24 on my transcipts, but no solid DDD on wmr.
  • I have 20140605 and 2/24 on my transcipts also but no ddd on wmr for 2/12
  • Same here! Wmr dont work for me
  • does your transcript display code 846?
  • The 846 is like the same it mean return
  • Mizztiff25 mine doesnt't I talk to a few others who had the 20140605 but not the 846 code and seeing as though that code means refund issued... I would like to see that one lol!
  • Mizztiff25 does your have the 846 code?
  • I'm I the same boat. Cycle 20140605 but no code 846
  • The 20150605 code is the exact date! Its the same as 846 i rather have 20140605 then the 846 code
  • akelley89 really?  I am asking because I read on another blog that one is the date it's being received and the other is the code saying the amount that was actually issued and that you needed to see both. My prior year transcripts had both a cycle date and that code.
  • Oh my last years didnt say the 846 code unless i overlooked it? I cant log back on to view my transcripts.. And i cant reach anyone on the phone every number i try its just automated
  • 2/12er and received money today
  • Did any of the " 20140605 no code 846 " people get updates on WMR this morning? I didn't.
  • cycle date 20140605 no update on WMR still at one bar? Return transcript avail for viewing and ordering. Really hope i get the DDD on 2/12 tomorrow. DOes anyone else have any changes???
  • view your 2013 ACCOUNT TRANSCRIPT codes at the bottom ....what are your codes as of today?
  • Kyra, try to view your account transcript for 2013 on the click on the order your transcript online and you can create a user id and it will let you view them (:
    It will show you your codes at the bottom with your cycle date. Look at your codes and write them down in order from first to last and let me know if you need me to help you decifer.
    yes, refund code is 846.
  • Garrett19581. I have viewed my transcripts everyday for past three days lol. My codes are 150,766,768 that's it's no 846. I have no 570 or 971 and that's as of today. Are you still showing a 570? I never had that one only the ones I mentioned aboved.
  • you should be fine! Do not worry! The refund processing code will appear by account transcripts are can be updated several times before 4/15! You want to see a negative number as that signals the overpayment or huge credit to your account and triggers the refund department to refund the taxpayer and then they will input the refund code 846 with the verbage refund issued.. 766 is just a credit and mostly says credit to your account by that code, 971 is a miscellaneous code and can be used for many things it doesn't need to ever be on a transcript, so no worries there either. (:
  • Kyra, and per your cycle date you should expect your refund tomorrow girl! Yeah you!!! Let us know when you get it so we can wooot wooot! (: God Bless you and GOd SPEED that refund!!!
  • garrett19581 how long do we have to wait for code 570 to disappear or do we need to call the irs?
  • @garrett19581 you seem so knowledgeable in this whole tax thing...I viewed my transcript on 02/12 and I have code 570 & 971 with a date of 20140605 which should have been a DDD of 02/12/2014 but of course I got nothing & the WMR is till showing received/processing and the message code 152... I have a few questions that I hope that you will be able to shed some light on...1st: How long does a refund normally stay in "further review" status? 2nd: Can it change at anytime? 3rd: Am I just totally doomed being in this situation by having these codes on my transcript? I am so frustrated at this point because I am not doing anything fraudulent, deceptive, or shady and cannot figure out what has triggered this (although I have nothing to hide.). I just want the money that I am suppose to get as it is rightfully mine. Please advise.
  • Any updates? My wmr STILL HAS NO bars as of this morning
  • None for me men's still got all with a dep of 2/12 and still no dd in my bank

mine says 20140703 when will I get my refund?

  • I have the same code, I believe it's for monday, the 17th.
  • well the seventh week is this week.  03 + Monday so im confused.
  • I believe it reads the 7th week of 2014 on 03 which= Monday the 10th  Maybe this date is the day it was processed?
  • ill post again when i get my deposit date, then we'll know for sure.
  • has it been since you filed?
  • so will I.  I would imagine our wmr will update soon.  still on 1 bar though!!!  The 17th is a Holiday so we would get it the 18th.
  • I filed on 1/31.
  • Accepted 10am est on 1/31
  • Oo3rex, yours took some time, now I don't feel as bad.
  • filed 1/25 accepted 1/28 DD , no update on WWR. just one bar. Automated line says the same generic message the 21 day one... so no don't feel bad (:
  • still haven't gotten your dd date either!!
  • no darling I feel like Im the leader of the 570, 971 transcript code club lol! Trust me that isn't a club you want any part of (: lol,
  • Lol, if its a bad club, no thank you, but if it's I'm getting my money soon, then I'll join
  • No its a bad club refund freeze until we find out why..processing delays,  further would know if it effected you by seeing the codes at the bottom of your transcript page for 2013. a code 570 or 971 would be present
  • I have no funky codes..Monday the 17th is a Holiday...Tuesday is fine with me...
  • YEAH suncatcher your good then (:
  • fun..bills..oral surgery ...enough to float a month or so...resign from my awful job, spend that valuable time looking for fun stuff...sure is yesterday!..holding on!!
  • Mine says the same 20140703... so defin by the 17th? Or can it possibly come before by some odd chance? lol
  • @garrett19581...I still can't view my transcript,  online..Do you think they would put the code on the bottom of WMR, plus I talked to the IRS today & they didn't mention anything. I know this is a dumb question, but whats a review & why would they freeze someones account without telling them why. I'm very green when it comes to taxes
  • lol tbode...Ive heard 03 is a sat...a wed...a mon...Garrett seems to be pretty I am going with his 03 being a Monday...since thats a holiday...then tues the 17th...
  • lol Ok gotcha appreciate the response! : )
  • Sample=20140605 is Thursday+4 business days=Wednesday 2/12 as your anticipated DDD
    20140602 = monday 2/3
    20140603 = tuesday 2/4
    20140604 = wednesday 2/5
    20140605 = thursday 2/6
    20140701 = friday 2/7

    20114702= monday 2/10
    20114703= tuesday 2/11
    20114704= wednesday 2/12
    20114705= thursday 2/13
    20114706= friday 2/14

    Yep now I found something different! lol
  • LMBO!!! see what I mean..This is getting entertaining and amusing..isnt it??.. hehe :)
  • lol... yes! ughhh and refustrating.
  • totally..I am never banking on my refund..ever again!!...This yr is a mess
  • I hear you! To be very honest I have read so many different stories on here I don't know what to believe anymore :)
  • since I elected to have TT deduct my tax prep fees..I am watching their bank...when they get paid on my account..then I will too....ya, I hear ya...alot of conflicting info..we are all searching for hope :)
  • Got my deposit date this morning, Feb 18th. The code on my transcript was 20140703.
  • Mines 20140605 nothing yet
  • Yes I also checked and it now says  "Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank BY February 18, 2014."
  • Me too!!!!!! by the 18th
  • info can be pretty accurate when it WANTS to be lol!
  • Garrett1985, so if i have the same 570 & 971 codes, what does that generally mean? should i be worried? would the IRS tell me more?
  • Where do you see the 846 code?  Maybe I am view the wrong transcript?
  • The transcript codes will be under transactions on lower left side
  • Ok my codes there are 150 cycle 20140605 date 2-24-14
    Code 806 date 4-15-14
    Code 766 date 4-15-14
    Code 768 date 4-15-14
  • @deb.null those are my exact same codes! But what do they mean because our cycle dates says we should have gotten it 2/12/14 I wonder if that means we will get it next Monday?
  • I'm also reading in some posts that a lot  of people's refunds are delayed by a week but idk if that's the case with ours
  • @joyscustomjems did your bars disappear too on WMR?  it's very frustrating.  I wonder if our bars will reappear or WMR will update or if we will just wake up one day to our DD
  • deb.null and joyscustomjems those are my codes also.  150- is return filed 806- w2 withholding amount 766-credit form additional child tax credit and 768-credit from EITC
  • Mine have been completely gone for almost two weeks! It just says "we have recieved your refund and is processing" but I know they're done with it because I can check my transcript and when I called the guy told me everything seemed fine with my return and I asked why it wasn't sent on my cycle date and all he had to say was "it might be backed up because we can only deposit certain amounts a day and you should get it by next week" which was no help at all...I also used sbbt and I heard they sometimes hold refunds for a couple days but they haven't recieved anything either...ugh I hate this!
  • Yup that's what mine says too. What is sbbt?  We used TT
  • @kyra80 what is your cycle date? Was it the same as ours?
  • I used TT as well but I'm having the fees taken out of my refund which means it goes to the bank TT uses which is SBBT...did you pay the fees and still haven't gotten yours?! That's crazy..I thought that might have been what was holding mine up...
  • OH!!!    YES!!  We are having fees taken out of our refund also!  I never thought about that!!  Soooooo TT has  to friggin know what is going on!
  • That's what I'm saying! I'm never ever doing that again or filing that frustrating that ppl who filed after me has already gotten their refund
  • I have codes 846 refund sent 2/24 then cancelled 841 2/24 now says 570 3/3...???? Any idea what this is?
  • I am in the same boat I don't even see 846 stuff
  • Still no updates here - no orange bars, no DD date, nothing.  TT says my refund was accepted on 1/28, IRS of course says 1/31/14 - transcript cycle code is last week - no bars on my WMR just generic processing message (I've had this message since 2/4/14)  I honestly did not intend to "file early" when TT said the IRS didn't accept until 1/31/14 - i did not anticipate them sending our taxes early.  My friend who filed the day after me got her return last week.  Turbo Tax is what is pi$$ing me off - I mean tell us something!  OBVIOUSLY they read these boards, obviously they've been notified of the situation and yet nothing they leave us all in the dark.  My 21 days won't be up until this Friday, I am able to order transcripts etc., but like i said my cycle code is last week.
  • @jaded we are in the exact same boat! I agree with you 100%! I read that some people with the code 06 (for last week) got delayed a week so that means we should be getting our tomorrow! If it reaches my 21 days and I got get it then idk what to do... Nobody seems to know anything when I call except for "it's still processing" but if that were the case then how come I can check transcripts??
  • *ours * don't

    Lol typed too fast
  • So I guess we wait, again until tomorrow LOL - I just don't get it.  One person said they were in our situation had no bars, no DD date and woke up and money was in account.  I have no idea.  It really makes me not want to use turbo tax again and we've been using them forever - just the lack of information and the generic answers - next time I will pay the extra and go to a CPA in person.  I can't imagine TT being "OK" with all of their money being delayed.
  • I agree deb! It's almost like our refund is in limbo somewhere lol I just checked my transcript again hoping they added the 846 code but what are we supposed to do if by Friday it doesn't come and that's the 21 day mark?! How about TT gives us the amount of our refunds and irs can send it to them whenever hahaha jk ugh this is stressful!
  • Pulled my transcript again, no 846 code - still have cycle code from last week and this friday is my 21 day mark too.  It is very stressful, and not because i am in dying need of MY money but for the simple fact that I can't get any answers to anything.
  • Yes I know! If someone were to know what's going on and not give a different answer every time then that would make me feel better. But nobody knows! I'm worried because people who filed after I did have already all recieved theirs and that just doesn't make any sense to me at all.
  • deb, If you've been over 21 days then the IRS will tell you what's going on. What codes do you have on your transcript, or do you have any on your WMR?
  • soulbeach69, 570 means there was a freeze put on there for something. I would call and find out what it was for. If you see a 971 code, means there was a noticed issued, If you see 826 code, that means you owed back taxes or owed for something and they transferred that amount to cover that debt.
  • No codes on WMR.  Transcript is this:
    150 Cycle 20140605 Date 02-24-14
    That's it
  • if I have a 20140801 what day is that

Although there is a DD of 2/12 on WMR, the transcript code is 0605.  That is actually Thursday (the 13th).  0703 is next Tuesday.

Keep in mind that Monday, the 17th, is a federal holiday--banks too.  So payments being posted may delay a day.  Then, there is always YOUR bank's hold time.

For some reason, some banks will show a "Funds Available" fast from all kinds of sources, yet hold funds from DD of taxes.  I have one bank that clearly states that, yet my credit union does not.  So getting "paid" and getting access to the money MAY be different days.

  • my credit union told me they dont see it as pending for tomorrow my dd was today the 12 but the code is 0605 but they tell me its not pending idk what to think
  • My code is 20140605 and i got mine 2/12 at 4am..
  • the bars on the wmr says refund sent still nothing in my bank bars are all the way across idk what to think
  • You might want to check with your bank, because the wmr doesn't usually update to that status until after you have received your refund.
  • They were rude to me yesterday idk what to do

Has anyone else had any problems with WMF not updating at all? I am able to get all my transcripts and also have code 846 which is refund issued, so I thought that I would for sure see an update on WMR, but still just says processing with no bar. But, if you have the 846 code it has to be done processing RIGHT? My cycle date was 20140701 which was 2/13, but the 846 code didn't show up until 2/14.


    971 code means you had an auto freeze that was released

    • 971 means a letter is being sent to you

    I checked my account transcript a couple of days ago and it had an processing date of 2-24-14, when I checked it today it has the same processing date but it also has code 826 which is the amount they took from my taxes that we owe them and it now has a refund issued date of 3-10-14.. So hopefully that is the date that I get my refund or sooner. I checked wmr and it still says the same your account is processing. I was accepted on 2-01-14 and just now getting updates on my account transcript. I am able to view my return transcript as well. Hope this helps anyone that is going through the same thing.

    • What was your cycle number?
    • danarrajohnson - EXACT same thing on mine!!  Looks like our returns are now starting to finally process - I think we will see the refunds prior to that but I'm just glad we have a date now!!  My WMR hasn't updated either, same generic message about processing.  Maybe we will just wake up one morning and have our money LOL
    • My initial cycle code was 20140605 (last week I thnk) no new cycle code is on my transcript but it says refund issued with code 846 and 3/10 date
    • Same here, no new cycle code, but at least some movement. Code 971 notice issued 3/10/2014 and 846 refund issued 3/10/2014 Cycle number 20140605
    • Any news is good news!!  Not sure what the 3/10 date is all about guess we will find out, for now at least we have a date!!
    • Amen to that!
    • did you call the IRS or anything or did it just "happen".  Mine was at dead standstill until I called yesterday and wham woke up this AM w the 846 refund issued!
    • same here.....cycle code was 20140605, file and acceptance date was 2/1, processing date of 2/24, and now I have a 846 refund code on my trancripts with a 3/10 date. I did a paper check so I'm hoping that 2/24 is the date they are sending out the check and I don't have to wait until 3/10 for them to mail it. I should have done DD.
    • same exact thing here nextlovel - it is so strange
    • I called today and they gave me the "21 day routine" although today make 21. I noticed it before I tried to call though. I did call call last week so perhaps that sped it up, actually got a decent agent to speak to then.
    • @ deb, my best guess is that the check is being cut 2/24 and it should arrive in my hands no later than 3/10
    • Did anyone call the irs today?? What did they say?? I been at work all day.. any new updates I have two 570 codes now with 3/10/14 by them anyone knows what this means???
    • @ Antrelle 1- The 2 570 codes means that you have a hold on your account for manual review. It only takes one 570 code but last night for some reason many of us received the again with a 0.00 and a date next to it. My is 3/10/2014.
    •'s updated today, the check is being mailed out on 2/'s about time :-) Good luck to everyone else!!
    • No I didn't call I just check it periodically and when I did it was there.... Yes
    • Good news ladies I just check the wmr site and I now have my bars back and it says that it was approved and it should be sent to my bank by 2-26-14 for us that have direct deposit
    • Me too danarr!  Everything updated today bars came back and finally a DD date of 2/26/14!!
    • nothing new for me :...( but 2 570 codes now...
    • 150 Tax return filed 20140804 03-10-2014 $0.00 76211-434-04152-4
      806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2014 -766 Credit to your account 04-15-2014 570 Additional account action pending 03-10-2014 $0.00 570 Additional account action pending 03-10-2014 $0.00
    • Any new updates?
    • Ronald, I have the same dates!  I hope this doesn't mean 4/15 for our deposit.  Could it really take that long?  This is crazy!
    Hey Cali, lot of internet rumors and tax jumbo and vague non helpful responses being made, I've heard 19 days before the 24th, could be rumor but that's an awfully big rumor
    • Not sure if this helps, but code 846 is a tax credit refund transaction code, means your gettin it soon I would imagine
    • I have that code too! Just got my transcript a couple minutes ago.
    • @lavoybkl, where did you find that code
    • on the first or second page under "code explanation of transaction" >>I didnt save my record to get exacts, sorry. Also last year my due date for DD was feb 18th but i got it on Jan 31st.. This year my DD is Feb 24th. Im thinking by the 5th should be the actual date?
    • I would agree with you about next week
    • I have that code but the date is 2-24-14, I dont understand?????
    • mine is 2-24-14, last year mine was something like that too.. But I received mine on jan 31st last year, so it was way off
    • I still have one bar bar but in my acct transcript for 2013 it say refund issued 2/24/2014 does that mean I'm ok,and will get a refund or does everyone get one of those codes and then they do your taxes?
    • Yesterday I checked IRS .com  and  my DDD is 2/10 and today it says 203 offset I called the number and it said call us department of education and I call and no one is there what does this mean how can it go from approved with a direct deposit date of 2/10 to offset need some help?
    • Yesterday I checked IRS .com  and  my DDD is 2/10 and today it says 203 offset I called the number and it said call us department of education and I call and no one is there what does this mean how can it go from approved with a direct deposit date of 2/10 to offset need some help?
    • Try calling this automatic offset number to see if you have any debts -800 -304-3107...hope this helps.
    • I called them and they told me to call  department of education I'm freaking out I really need my refund :'(
    • Hello Everybody. My DD was for 2/10 and I got my deposit last night in my account so very excited! next I will say, do no use Liberty Tax EVER! Lastly to JESSICAWOJCIK01......I went through the same thing 5 years ago.... Once you owe the dept of education there is no stopping them. You could have possibly stopped it months ago by calling the dept of ed and applying for a deferment which would stop the billing for so many months....that may have done the job idk. All I know is the dept of ed took my whole income taxes for 2 years in a row. I knew I needed to pay it off bc I couldn't get back to school without that. So it was very bitter sweet. I was not happy about taking my refund but relieved it was over with.
    • TO PEEPERS 126.... I had the same thing and the same date.... so I assume you prob got your refund yesterday or today bc I did. My transcripts said same code and date and I had same DD and got my deposit late yesterday!
    • You will prob get urs wend the 12th like me... The 2/24/14 is a generic date the 21days mark they are supossed to have it by. Can u access your return transcripts instead of your account transcripts?? What is your cycle posted number mine is 20140605 if urs is the same it means dd of wends. The 12 th!!
    • I have the 20140605 date but not a 846 code. Do you have to have that code?
    • No having the 20140605 code is better that your exact dd date which is wends the 12th!! The 846 code is basically the same thing but since you able to even see your code that means your return has been finished processing next step is the DD.. And don't rely on the WMR phone number or website because they have been wrong for me for three years and it still says they don't have any information on my return when mine is already done!
    • You can call 800-304-3107 and use the automated system to see if they are taking money out of your return and why.

      they are taking my school loan out of mine, I wish you well!
    • does anyone know if you owe taxes for an adjustment from a prior years taxes and it's going to be withdrawn from this years refund - will this automated line for the treasury offset program recognize it and tell me? reason I ask is I owe it, it's supposed to come out but I just called and it told me there is nothing owed - so i'm hoping it got paid and now i'll get my refund soon or maybe it doesn't include back taxes?
    • mrnmrspo I am in the same boat. I do also, I called also, and was told the same. I have a payment arrangement with them but the letter they send out with payment arrangement says they will apply refunds to the balance owed ( my balance is small), so I am confused as too if they will take it out or not. Did you order your transcipts? I was told an offset would show. There is no offset on mine. I have a ddd but no 846 code. Many have mentioned seeing that code and it stands for refund issued. So I am wondering if my offset has something to do with not seeing that code.
    • hmmmm - I had ordered it yesterday - today I cant do anything. I get errors all over the place. However, I had error code 150 and then 806 and 766....I researched the 150 and I think that could be with the offset but I'm not sure. When did you file and when were you accepted? can you view bars on wmr also? I have no bars....I cant order transcripts and I cant do anything with the automated line - it's like i'm a big error today lol
    • maybe our owed taxes has been paid already and its ready for the remainder to be refunded to us? I don't know why the automated line would say nothing found under our social....
    • Yes I had the same ones 150, 806,766 and 768. I was able to get both transcripts today or late last night. My Wmr had a bar yesterday but nothing today. Today it just says "we have received your refund and it is being processed, but no bars at all
    • I filed 1/31 and was accepted 2/1.
    • Mrnmrspo did you get any updates today on wmr? My still just gives message processing and no bars
    • Because if you owe for student loans then they have put a hold on your account and they are going to take whatever you owe them
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