1040x Amended Tax Form

I received an email that 1040X is available but when I come to the website, it says it is in fact NOT available.  Can you advise?
  • I received an email stating the form 1040x was availble but, when i log on to the website, it says it is "NOT AVAILBLE" till 02062014. Please advise.
  • Yes, same here... What gives????
  • Same here, why did they send the email?
  • I owe the IRS; do I send payment with copy of our e-filing 2013 Tax Return now and file the amend later once the form is available online?
  • Turbo forgot to cover the part where I sent estimated tax payments to the state and IRS. Now 2 hours after I e-filed I have to amend. Got to look for a new service. I paid $111 for nothing. Just sorry my former prep site is no longer available. They were easy and flawless and did my business and personal state and fed for $40.
  • @pioneerteam - I have a similar problem.  TurboTax imported all the info from my W2 and 1099R, which were both included on my "checklist".  I finished my return and submitted it, and when I printed it out, they left off my 1099R income!  I thought my refund seemed a little high, but I double checked all my figures and it was all there.  Now I have to file an amendment.  I'm also concerned that this might delay my refund - Will they send me the higher amount, half of which I'll have to send back with the Amendment (that would be OK if its sent within the original time they promised)? Or will the IRS catch the mistake, make an adjustment and send me the correct amount (also OK with me!)?  Or, will they catch the mistake, delay the process and put a hold on my refund until I correct the mistake? They've accepted my return, but I'm on pins & needles waiting to find out what's going to happen!  Not very happy with the changes TurboTax made this year.  It definitely wasn't as "simple" as it was in past years. I'm thinking that next year I'll just E-file with the IRS directly and skip the middle man! That way, if there's a mistake, its on me.

Hi - If you need to Amend 2013 return, the experience (form 1040X) will be live on 2/6/14.  With the IRS opening for e-file on 1/31/14, we did not want customers to accidentally activate the Amend form, when just trying to file the original 2013 return.  If you need to Amend prior year returns, like 2012 or 2011, that functionality is available.  Please come back anytime after 2/6, and I think you will find the experience very easy to Amend.  Thank you, Linda 

  • So if we need to amend our returns for 2013 do we need to wait for the 1040x or just print off what we have corrected and send them to the irs?
  • my amended form is saying "DO NOT FILE FORM NOT FINAL' What should I do?
  • Ok...but where is the form located on the site and can all this process be done online because I saw something about mailing it in? Another question is after I amend my taxes does this take more time for my to get my return? Thanks in advance!
  • Hi - Prior to amending your Federal and State returns need to show "Accepted" as the e-file status.  You should see an Amend link close to your e-file status - down below I think.  You simply click there and are asked a few questions.  Amending your return will NOT slow down your refund from your original return.  And yes, sorry, you will need to print and mail the Amended return as IRS does not accept e-file for Amend.  Does that answer your questions.
  • Print what ? The 1040x form ? Does it get generated based on the correction made ? I saw no link with form 1040x. The 1040x I saw on the IRS website is not on here
  • Hi - The Amend (form 1040x) will be live on 2/6/14.  After you complete the changes, TurboTax will provide you with instructions to print and mail.  It is at the end of the Amend experience.  So come back this Friday, and you can Amend.  Thank you
  • when I do the error check it stay I am missing a form and it says it is the 1042X, but I have no amend what should I do
  • sorry, but friday is the 7th.  and another rep on here said it will be up tomorrow.  thats three different dates being given...
  • Hi, if I found out that I now owe after correcting my tax info, should I wait for the tax amendment to officially be processed before making a payment?
  • Not necessarily. I would include payment for the appropriate amount with your amended return when you file it, or if you cannot pay it right away, at least file the proper form asking for an extension.
  • Derek, my reason for amending is because I claimed my two kids but their mom should've.  When can she file?  Does she have to wait until my amended return is accepted?  Thank you for your help.
  • You're welcome.
    She can file whenever she wants, and is ready to file. She does not have to wait for your return to be corrected - that would be penalizing her for a mistake made by someone else, which would be an undue burden on her.
  • will turbo tax charge for amendments?
  • I do not believe so. I have the cd of TurboTax Home and Business, and was not charged anything for the original filing or for completing the amended federal return. (I am in FL, and we do not have state income tax, so I cannot answer whether you are charged anything if you prepare an amended state return.)
  • Thank you.  I guess my question is should she wait to avoid any flags going up because of the kids SS #'s being entered twice?  In other words should she wait until they've officially been removed from my return before submitting them on hers?  Just to avoid any questions from the IRS.  or is it irrelevant?  Thanks again.
  • How do I access the 1040x form? It says it's available but I can't seem to find it
  • I amended my 2013 on 1/30/2013 after my original return was accepted. I did receive a notice that that option would not be available until after 2/6. I returned on 2/7 to "amend" my return and the program tried to amend what I had already amended and showed no change.  When I print my amended return, the 1040 shows the amended return, but the 1040X shows no change.  What do I do?  Your program will not allow us to contact anyone.  45min+ wait times for chat.  I'm in limbo
  • I amended my 2012 taxes and received the message from Turbo Tax to print and mail my amended return, however it printed as a 1040A instead of 1040X. And I already paid for this. What do I do? This should be a 1040X - Turbo Tax error, not user.
  • It's 2/10 I've exported my return to my desktop but I still am not getting the option to amend my 2013 report online, but it does in fact give me the option to amend 2012 and back

Your original refund, if you e-filed and requested direct deposit, will be processed within 21 days. Provided that your original return was accepted, you will receive a refund for the amount you claimed. Based on the instructions for the 1040X (http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i1040x.pdf), it takes 8-12 weeks for your Amended return to be processed. (The 1040X cannot be e-filed - it must be printed and mailed.)

Yes, TurboTax is delaying the form 1040X from being available. You can go to http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f1040x.pdf right now and print the 1040X and complete it yourself if you wish. (The form can be complicated, though, depending on what exactly you are correcting, so it is advisable to wait until you can complete the form in TurboTax. This will also allow TurboTax to import accurate information for use in filing your 2014 federal taxes.)

If your amended return indicates that you should receive less of a refund than you claimed on your original filing, you will need to pay the overage back. Per the instructions for form 1040X, "You can pay by check, money order, credit or debit card or the EFTPS."
You can include a check or money order and place it inside the envelope with the amended return when you file it, but do not physically attach it to the 1040X forms. If you wish to pay by credit or debit card, go to http://www.irs.gov/uac/Pay-Taxes-by-Credit-or-Debit-Card to select an authorized payment processing company, who can take the payment over the phone or online (please note that there is a processing fee assessed by the payment processing companies for using a credit or debit card).
* The IRS will NOT just pull money out of your account, even if your original refund was direct deposited. You will need to initiate a refund for the appropriate amount to the IRS using the methods as explained above.

  • Thank you!
  • Yes, thank you very much!  Very thorough and precise response.  Much appreciated.
  • Derek, I began my amended return online before 2/6. I printed out my 1040X and 1040 after 2/6 and the 1040 shows NO Change and the 1040 shows the changes I made after my original was accepted. the 1040X amounts do not jive with the new 1040 amounts.  I believe the problem is because I started the amended return too early and when I went back after the 2/6, the 1040x captured the new amounts as if they were the original amounts.

    I talked with customer service today and they told me to go in the system as if I were starting a new 2013 and see if I can pull in the 2013 information.  The system will not let me do this.  How can I reset the system?
  • It's 2/10 and I still am not getting the option to amend my 2013 report online. But it does in fact give me the option to amend 2012 and back.
So if the 1040x for 2013 not available until 2/6, why did I get an email on 2/3 stating it is?
  • I got one of those emails too.
  • Me too....than I spend an hour with a "pro" who ask me the same thing over and over again.....they were cluless
  • i received the same notification. the site says its still not ready.
  • Me three. How annoying.
  • Agree
  • I received the same email.
  • I did too!!
  • I received this email as well. I was hoping I could get my amend done today. *sigh*
  • Hi - Please know that processing your Amend will NOT hold up your original filing.  So your refund will be sent to you as normal.  When you Amend, you will not to print and mail the Amended return.  The IRS will process your Amended return later in the year.  Thank you.
  • So after I amend to add on another tax form I left off you are saying it will take a couple months to come back
  • How long do u have to wait for the amendment when you got a w2 late
  • Once you mail in your amended return, it won't be processed for 1-2 months.  So it will take that long, if not longer to get any more money that you could be receiving.
  • If amending and additional money is owed to you, does it come in a form of a check?
  • What time will the amendment form but on ready to go.
  • i still cannot access the amendment form, i thought it would be ready today ?
  • The form IS available now in TurboTax - I completed the 1040X this afternoon around 4-5 pm EST. Make sure you check for updates.

    @ronald7107 - Yes, if you are owed (more) money after completing your 1040X, you will receive a check in the mail for the appropriate amount.
  • that's strange i just checked and am still receiving the same message
  • why isn't the form up yet like what time are they waiting for its is 02/06/14 pm est rite now like wtf
  • You must be using the online version of TurboTax, as I have the software/CD version and completed my amended return about 4-5 pm ET on 2/5/14. Someone mentioned on here that they were told it would be available on 2/6, so perhaps that's for the online version.
  • BTW guys the 1040X appears to be available now, i just completed it 30 mins ago online. My last question though is what other documents do i mail with it, do i mail all W2's, 1098's, etc or in my case just the missing 1098 T form that is reason for the amending?
  • When you completed the 1040X process in TurboTax and went to the print option, there should have been a choice to select something along the lines of 'Print only forms required for filing'. I would choose that option, and mail those forms in, minus their instruction page(s) at the beginning and the electronic postmark page at the end. On the instructions form that printed with my 1040X, it says to "be sure to attach all forms or schedules that changed". Truth be told, all amended returns are reviewed by a human, so if you include unnecessary forms it's not as big of a deal as not including everything you should have. If you don't send them everything they need, you'll just get a letter in the mail telling you that they need more information and they'll tell you what else they want you to submit.
  • It's 2/10 and I still am not getting the option to amend my 2013 report online. But it does in fact give me the option to amend 2012 and back.

Hi - If you need to Amend, please know that your refund will NOT be delayed from your original filing.  When you Amend, you will need to print and mail the Amended return, so the IRS will not process the Amendment for a couple of months.  You can Amend at anytime.  Thank you.

  • This is so needlessly confusing. So you're saying we get the refund from what we've originally filed and THEN once the form for amending is available, we need to mail it to the IRS and wait for that return? And that there is no electronic amending option?
  • that is correct,  u understand it
  • Okay. So since my amendment means a lower refund is due, does that mean that the IRS will deposit what I originally filed, and then at some point get around to demanding some of that money back, rather than just refunding the amended amount to start with?
  • id like to know the answer to that also.  and may i add that it is very frustrating that the form to amend is not available yet.  and the reason given is ridiculous
  • I agree completely. Very frustrating that it is not available. This is causing serious issues for me and I really do not think I will use your product again just because of these hassles. I need to know if I am going to eventually have the IRS pulling money out of my account since it will be a lower return? Is it possible to just mail a check with my amends once the refund has hit my account? The lack of information here is very frustrating.
  • this thread makes it sound as if turbo tax is responsible for the amending form not being available yet.  however, another rep told me that the IRS has not made it available yet.  so idk.
  • The form is available on the IRS website.  I downloaded it Sunday night when TurboTax told me I'd have to wait until 2/6
  • You will get what was originally the refund amount.  If your amended amount is lower than that, then yes, you need to pay back the difference to the IRS.  The 1040x forms are available on the IRS website BUT if you wait until tomorrow, turbo tax will also attach all of the forms needed to send in with the amended return.
  • Can the amended return be efiled?
  • Amendments cannot be efiled. you have to mail in the paper form.
  • Okay, thanks. Do you know how I'd go about paying the IRS the extra money back? Do I send a check somewhere?
  • when you print out your amended return, there will be instructions and an address to mail payment
  • Form 1040X was created in December 2013 by the IRS and has been available for download from www.irs.gov since 1/02/14. The instructions for Form 1040X were made available for download on 1/24/14.
  • I tried to do the amendment form, and made all the changes in turbotax, but now it just says I have nothing to file at this time. I thought I was supposed to be able to print out the amendment form + worksheets I need to send in?
  • What exactly are you amending?
  • I didnt know that I was getting a 1099g in the mail for getting a grant when i bought my house. So i already filed b4 i got it.
  • thanks all for the support
  • @jessabelle18, First I would suggest that you have downloaded any updates to the software, if you're using the software version. Then make sure you are following the Amended return flow in TurboTax. I have heard that a lot of people end up going through the flow as if they are just making some changes without actually clicking the Amend button at the beginning. If you are certain that you are using the Amend option (you'll know because it automatically resets your refund due/taxes owed display to $0), I would go back through and carefully review each step to make sure you've entered all information correctly and answered all the questions. If you are adding a 1099-G, you are required by the IRS to report that, so it will give you a 1040X to file regardless of whether it increases or decreases your refund or tax owed, or even if it has no effect on the amount. If - after all this - you are still getting a message that you have nothing to file, I would call TurboTax support. Hope this helps.
  • I was having a problem with the online amending process yesterday (february 6). I also got the message saying "You have nothing to file at this time". It is now working and I was able to print out the automatically filled out 1040x form, so go on and retry to amend online!  =D
  • I just tried and it still tells me I have nothing to file
  • Thanks everyone for the help!  I did exactkly what you said. Got it amended and in the mail. They walked me right through it and told me how much I now owed to the gov. It was a lot easier than expected!
  • jessabelle18, I received original refund, then needed to correct something, and I definitely used Amend option, refund due/tax reset to display $0. This is normal, right? I only corrected Social Security number of dependent, so it didn't affect refund amounts, and still displays $0.  I just want to make sure it's as expected for mailing amended.

It is 2/8 and I don't yet see the ability to amend - any update on when this will be available?

  • If you've amended and are just waiting for the 1040x to be available. Will it show up when you go to print your amended return?
  • i restarted the process.. it was just easier for me that way and it didnt actually take much longer. Then it will have everything on the form for you and ready to print. Even tells you where to mail it.
  • Similar to Melania, it worked for me by clicking the amend button again. At first I would click amend on the main page and had no luck. I got a message saying you have have nothing to file at the end of the amend process. Then I clicked a link to amend on that same page (where I got that message).

It showed up for me after I clicked on the amend button again (even though I amended about a week ago when the 1040x was not available).  Just go thru the process again and once you get to the end, it'll tell you to print the document.  This document will have the 1040X included with directions for filing by mail.

  • I've amended mine and each time I log in so I can print the 1040X and mail it, it shows my old return amount.  I run through the "amend your return" selections and still it shows the old amount on the summary page (#1) when you view to print.  The 1040 is still 1040, not 1040X.
  • This is the message I get: "You have nothing to file at this time".  I look at my return and it does NOT show 1040X. I went through the entire process and still it does not work.

I am trying to amend my 2013 taxes.  My refund was deposited, they were already accepted but when I click on the amend tab it gives me the pop-up that "you must make sure all taxes and files have been accepted"...and no other options.  How do I amend them if the option is not being made available for me?

  • I wish I could remember all the steps that online support and I had to go through.  You need to call customer care and have them walk you through it.  NONE of the suggestions on the "support" section worked and neither did the emails from customer care.  I had to go through and make changes.  You have to revert back to your original refund.  If when you amend it does not show $0 coming back to you or being owed by you, it does not amend.  
    Because I was having so many problems they gave me a full refund.  Good luck.

I am having the same problem.  This program is worthless.  Ill never use Turbotax again


    I amended my return on my laptop that would not print.  I am now on my desktop and cannot find it.  How do I get back to my amendment?

    • Same problem. I amended mine but did not print a copy for myself. When I log back in now it only shows my original tax forms. Can't find what I amended and already filed anywhere. How do you get that back?

    I got an email stating that the 1040X was available when infact, it wasn't.  Even when supplying said email to the turbotax person, they absolutely refused to believe that I got said email until they were blue in the face.

    And now I'm being audited.


    will Turbotax charge on Amend Tax Return?

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