how long does it take to get your refund back

  • Indiana tax refund track
  • Ok to replay.... sent taxes (state and federal) on the 2/3 and accepted the same day, on the 2/6 was able to veiw in wmr. On 2/8 recieved DDD for the 2/12. Check state on 2/11 ( stated that I would receive it in 30 days) check account with BOA and both where i my account by 0600 (georgia time).....
  • What tax site did you use because you said you didn't use turbo tax??
  • What does it mean when you can see your transcript?  Will I get my refund soon?
  • @ rcurry Freetaxusa
  • how long and when will i receive my state refund
  • If your status is still in "accepted" and there is an issue before it is "processed", will the IRS post something on WMR that they found an error?
  • Why has my US Marine who is stationed in Okinawa Japan not received his refund yet (filed and accepted on Jan 26th)? But both my other stateside kids received theirs in less than a week???

Hello gommertp745,

After your return has been accepted by the IRS, you can track your federal tax refund using the IRS Where's My Refund? site.

Last year, 9 out of 10 taxpayers received their federal tax refund in less than 21 days, and we expect the same this year. I hope that answers your question.

Does that answer your question?
  • Dear Turbo Tax Employee: I am sorry to state that TT employees have all the same answer, in fact soon as a tax filer is able to order his or her tax return transcript their personal taxes have been successfully completed by the "Internal Revenue Service". in addition, it;s less than a week that he or she will see their refund (depending on how he or she chooses to receive their refund, but if he or she chooses the electronic route, then it will be deposited quicker). I am not tax expert. but I do have a 'Masters Degree" (in Criminal Justice and Applied Law) which means I had to study tax laws as well. Let me just state the differ" You posted the same generic message as the IRS, so this information isn't helpful or clarifies when he or she will receive their refund.
  • I will agree with the above statement. I have been using tt for many years.. If the tax filer elects electronic filing you do receive one refund within one week and one within 10 days. Again i am not an employee of tt i am only a consumer. Yes there is a generic message from tt and from IRS along with state. ( i also have a degree in law) again only a consumer.
  • So when they say u stuff was accepted does that mean that everything was ok with my taxes an I should get my refund with 7- 21 right
  • Well it's been ten days got me and I have not got my deposits so u can't say it will be there bc if that's the case it would be in my account got accepted the 29th and the irs web is still showing one bar like it is for Amoy of people using turbo!?
  • @ heathergoolsby, your so right. My refund hit early this morning (2/12) andon wmr site, it's still at 2 bar, and my state is still staying it should be here in 30 days.........
  • I'm so lost woke up this morning check the site and now all the bars are gone and says my return is still being processed! Filed the 17th accepted TT said the 24 but IRS says 4.
  • All my bars vanished on 2/13 and still processing too
  • mine just did that too
  • anything new on yours?
  • Just an update. I can't find the thread I commented on. I efiled on 2/3/14 got a DDD by 2/20/14 got mine a few minutes ago. I am with chase and it had to go through their bank. My track my refund disappeared from TT around 8pm CST and it's 2:43am CST yes I  up from sneezing lovely allergies. Good luck y'all be patient. I know we all want our money and we get anxious when it's almost time but TT hasn't done me wrong as of yet!!!
  • is my first time doing taxes and my irs orange bars vanished too and is still in processing am scared to not have my taxes and my firs time haaaa
  • I filed my federal and state on January 20th, turbo tax said it was accepted by irs on the 27th, I was given ddd of feb 6th by the irs, feb 6 came and I checked the irs site and my bars disappeared and I was given a 1121 code and a number to call, I called the number the rep said it is still being processed and to give it up until the 20th, well I still don't have my refund and it is the 21st, every number i call I just get the automated system. I was able to get my transcripts yesterday and it says feb 24,2014 refund issued, then feb 24, 2014 refund cancelled, then march 10, 2014 refund issued, I don't have any tax audits, I don't owe any money, my return was a basic return so I am now beyond frustrated, am I gonna have to wait until march 10 for my refund thats another 3 weeks away. This was my first year using turbo tax, and I will not use turo tax again, this is just ridiculous.
  • Mine was accepted on the 27th, every time I check WMR it still says its processing, I went online and ordered a transcript but didn't write down the DD date, I immediately tried to log back in and every time I do it says Ive locked up my account and I have to wait 24 hours. I just tried to have one ordered by mail and says it cannot verify my address.  So I have no clue whats up with the IRS. I called earlier today and the wait time was like 30 minutes.  Of course I still don't have my refund yet.  Maybe with the holiday last Monday it pushed it back a day, so Ill wait and see.
  • I finally got it to order my transcripts by snail mail but I didn't see a dd.
  • 21 days and still waitin smh
  • my ddd is ////////2/26/2014 but I had a offset so don't know how its going to take file 1/5/2014
  • Me too the same thing whit me
  • Oh well me too. $130
I filed and was accepted on 2/3, got my DD date of 2/13 yesterday.
  • Yes! As soon as he or she file's a completed tax return (or able to obtain his or her's tax transcript), then the return has been completed, the cycle starts from accepted, to approved and finally sent to the individuals, partners or couple's banking institution. It;s wonderful news you will soon at least receive your long awaited tax refund~

Mine was acceppted Jan 29th and thats when I efiled direct depoist and I will recieve mine on the Feb 13th diresct deposit. I hope this helps

  • How do you know it will be the 13th, I don't get a date from the IRS site.
  • you can go to the irs website using your personal information you may also go to the state website and track (where is my refund) you have to wait a few days after received. ////if your return states received and then approved your refund will be deposited right away
  • I did that it just say that it has been received but is been processed I should get my refund 21 days after the IRS have received it that's it.
  • check every day mine said the same then it went to processed next day 2 days later email saying it will deposited next day. mine wasn't suppose to be here tell the 21st, came the 10th. Hope that helps.
  • When you request your 2013 tax transcript and it tells you they are mailing it to your address on file, that is a good sign that your taxes are done and your refund is on it's way very soon.
  • How long after you order ur account transcript do you receive direct deposit??
  • I would say within a few days to a week

i filed and got accpeted on the 28th WMR site still says they are processing.. how long does it take for them to process

  • Try ordering you're tax account & tax transcript for 2013, if you're successful of ordering the tax transcript (2013) then you're return has been fully processed & you're refund will be in your account less than 1 week... Try this first go to, keep us posted....
  • I called the IRS to see whats the hold up and I learned they received my taxes Feb 4th,  5 days AFTER Turbo Tax said that they were accepted on Jan 30th!!!  Turbo Tax also said my state taxes were accepted on the 7th but they said they have had my taxes since the 4th! COMPLETE RUBBISH from TT. If you have not had much change in your status, 152, no bars or DDD ect. I would call and find out when they accepted them so you know where you really stand. I was getting worried because people who filed after me had DDD and progress on WMR and I had nothing, when in actuality, they were accepted before I was.
  • Still no change- I'm going to call again today. Hopefully I get someone who actually looks up my info instead of ignoring my questions and telling me they can't help when they don't even know if there is an issue.
  • @bjm313 please let us know what you find out!
  • I talked to someone today an the told my the website is not always update
  • I just got off the phone with IRS- the only real info I received was that they won't even look at the refund unless its AFTER 2/20 because they are going by the date they technically opened for business (1/31) and processing is random. After reading a gazillion posts, I see only a few people actually talked to a rep who gave probably more info than they were supposed to. 99.9% of the reps won't even look and that is their protocol. Bottom line- if you can't order your transcripts or there is no difference in the online tool, the wait is on and don't bother calling unless its been 21 days since the date received (or 2/20 if return was received before 1/31). It's so frustrating to be depending on something that you can't even get info on.
  • What does it mean if you can order your 2013 tax transcripts?
  • @ cherylgilbert40 Do you know for sure that if your 2013 transcripts are able to be ordered then your taxes are approved and processed?
  • Yes you are processed and in the clear if you can order the 2013 return.
  • I was able to bring up my 2013 tax transcript but could not get it to open!!! Now I have been trying to get to it again and the site says I have entered the wrong information (which means the want the info for 2012) so I am locked out for now!!!! What is the deal?????
  • at least you know you are done!! I entered the current years info and was locked out too. I haven't got to  enter last years info to test the theory.
  • ok so i was finally able to log into the transcripts but this is what wont allow me to click on record of account transcript and when i click on return transcript pulls up like a form letter that reads...."We received a requested dated 2/11/14 for verification of non filing of returns for above tax period. We have no record of a filed Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ using the above social sercurity #. You can consider this letter a verification of non-filing."

    What the hell does this mean??? Is it that my transcript still isnt ready because I know for a FACT that i did file my federal because the irs accepted it i just dont have a due date...someone please help and tell me what this means???? PLEASEEEEEE
  • Hi love--it means that (even though IRS has received your return) the processing stage has not been completed..wait a couple days and then go in and try to view your transcript for 2013 online..when you get to the screen for return/transcripts, if you see "2013*", then it is still being processed..if you do not see an asterisk, and can click on 2013 and view your transcript, it is complete and you will be getting a dd date the next day or so...your return will most likely be issued within a week from the date you are able to view/order your return online...hope this helps!  God bless..
  • thank you...i hope it happens soon!!!
  • it will...hold on..mine took what seemed like forever also, but after about 10 days from acceptance, I had a dd date...praying for you, stay encouraged...
  • thanks again...all the extra prayers are greatly appreciated and needed~!
  • what number did you call because i still cant talk to a auctual person
  • mine was also accepted 1/31 and still says processing my state said succeed to agency 2/7 and nothing yet they are both still processing it seems like a lot of people are having this problem and its really ticking people off if nothing by in the morning then I will be calling the irs
  • Good luck- maybe you will get one of the .01% of the reps who will actually give you info. Most wont even take your information and just tell you to call if you don't have it by Feb 20. They will only say its processing and that if there's a problem you will be notified. Please let us know if you actually do get helped! It's always a plus to have more info as to what's going on.
  • I filed Fed and state and was accepted 2/2 I still have no dd for federal but today I checked state and it said we are done processing and your refund will be dd in 4 to 7 business day's. Does it really take that long ?
  • Mine was acceppted on the 01/28 and is in my bank I recieved it one day before they told me I would
    Kathy Pence
  • Mine says approved as of this morning...Finally! The expected date to be in my account is the 14th. Has anyone not received the refund on the expected day they give you?
  • I still have nothing and cant even order my transcript.  Accepted on the 24th!
  • I filed the 15th of Jan n accepted on the 25th...mine is still processing n I have * next 2013 when I tried to view my transcript. My 3 daughters received their refunds n they filed after me.
  • Has anyone received a random email from TT about a certificate for audits? If so, does getting this email have anything to do with the progress of my return? I filed 2/1, accepted 2/2, i can order ONLY my account transcripts via snail mail. Im locked out of everything now, so any news about that email would be so helpful. I think i remember reading something about it a few days ago...
  • About the transcript... I had to enter last years info and it does have an * next to 2013 for return transcript. But I can click on it and download my return. What does this mean? Is it almost done processing if I can download it?
  • @ melissacostello8...i would love to know the answer to ur question because when i click on 2013 there is a * next to it and it doesnt pull up my return!
  • @cherylgilbert40....there isn't an * by 2013 when I pulled my transcript up. But the problem I'm seeing on my Account Transcript is the processing date is showing March 3, 2014. Why is that, when I filed on 1/30 & what does that mean? That will be over 21 days if I wait until that date before my refund is approved & money deposited.
  • @cherylgilbert40....never mind I had a friend to check their dates on their transcript and it has the same processing date & he has received his refund.
  • Well went to look at the site this morning praying for a DD but now all bars are gone and now just tells me that my refund is still being processed!
  • when did you file snowflake9281?
    I filed 1/30 accepted as of tt same day.. my bars where gone for a week and still are..was just able to view my transcript this morning around 1015 am
  • I e-filed 2/7 and could not order my transcript until today 2/14
  • i was able to order transcript this morning also. is that a good news?
  • That's awesome
  • Really? So did u get yours. Wmr still saying processing
  • For me, Thursday was the first day I could order the transcript then this morning my refund was approved and had my date by 2/20
  • After the transcript is available the refund is right behind it.
  • Congrat! Is today I was able to order transcript. Keep me posted if u don't mind please.
  • But what does your wmr saying?
  • I finally got my dd for 2/20/14 it's very true after ordering transcripts dates are being issued so relieved!!
  • so when was you able to order your transcript?
  • Last week done remember think wends or thursday
  • i see. thanks for the info!
  • I was able to pull my transcripts as well as of today. Wmr says I should receive my dd by the 21st is that accurate. Reading all of these posts I'm kind of put off a little with how turbo tax works. I opted for the netspend card and for them to take fees from my return reading these forums it seems like the money goes first to their bank and them they dd it into yours is that correct?
  • People please stop giving advice unless you work directly in the IRS office processing returns and/or updating WMR. All the information posted is so ambiguous. DDD's, transcripts, filing dates, who filed when and where, who has received what when, etc. It is so misleading and frustrating to the consumer.
  • @Nini, yes, that is accurate. If you wanted TT to pull your fees from your refund, then your refund will first go to sbbt bank, and sbbt is really.good about depositing your netspend card the same day. You will more than likely get ur funds on Wed, a few days early:) go ahead and get ur hopes up, this is accurate information. :))
  • Thank you :)  could you answer another question I have an offset but my return is more than my offset they will take the offset and deposit te remainder right?
  • Ok, it depends on the offset. You should have codes and info on wmr explaining what was taken out. If you got a dd from wmr but no notice of an offset, then chances are it was not taken out this year. If It was taken out, yes they will absolutely send you the rest of your refund. Do you notice any codes on wmr? Or any new explanations? There is also the offset hotline that you can call and see if they notice your offset. But, if your offset is from oweing the irs, then it may not be told on the hotline. The number is 18003043107.
  • I chose not to go through the net spend or the SBTBank because it took longer last year.
  • It's for child support I know I owe it. But my refund is way more than my actual arrearage. They already took like 400$ for something I'm not sure what and the only other thing it states is that it could be further offset. But I only owe a portion because I have paid almost all of it off.
  • I know that no one can take more than you actually owe. They gave me a dd date as of today though. Last year I didn't even get a dd date Bc the intercepted the entire return.
  • When it is reduced due to an offset, it always always states that it can be reduced further. Its just a way to save their own rear. So is it possible the 400 is all u owed for arrears? Either way, yes you will get the rest of your money with no problems. Good for you being almost paid off.on arrears. Most cant say that lol.
  • Lol we are on common grounds it wasn't done to hurt me.... He usually send the money back because now we have joint custody. But either way I was jut confused Bc last year when they took it it def said 0.00 lol now it has a big balance minus the 400$. I dunno maybe if so then terrific lol. Thanks I appreciate it
  • Your welcome. I dont think you have anything to worry about:) they would have taken it out before giving u a dd more than likely. Good luck on everything and keep me posted on ur outcome:)
  • Will do :))
  • now after i was able to view my transcript, i dont have any bare on wmr
  • did u get it yet?
  • I still have not gotten mine my ddd is tomorrow though so I'm praying if it's not there later then tomorrow at some point i will have mine in my account
  • I'm still waiting myself.
  • When is your ddd
  • My wmr don't even have a bar. But when I order my transcript it gave me 20140705. Some said it is this friday
  • I got my date from wmr some people get theirs earlier than that and others don't I'm probably worrying over nothing. As long as I have it by tomorrow I'll a happy camper lol I'll let u know if I get mine and u as well
  • Thanks fingers cross:-)
  • Yea same here. someone also told me to check sbbt after three because thats when their deposit showed up. my sister whos ddd was tuesday and paid fees up front her deposit didnt show in wells fargo until 6pm. so im going to check after three and if nothing ill wait until tomorrow.
  • I'm sure it will be there.
  • I filed on 2/11 and it was accepted the same day for federal and for state.   Still is says processing in wmr with no dd.    help! Is this normal for it to go this long?
  • It finally hit sbbt how long until it's on the netspend card?
  • Tried to to order my transcripts and it wouldn't let and had a asterisk.    Filed on 2/11 and accepted the same day.  Still says being processed.  So frustrated!  I am worried that something is wrong!
  • It's been 11 days for me and I efiled and was accepted on 2/ bars are gone and can't access transcript 2/24 will be two weeks and still nothing
  • I did find out yesterday from an IRS agent, that some are taking about 21 BUSINESS days to process, so if you filed on the 30-31 of Jan you will not get a refund until 3rd of March. Pretty much most of us who filed early are being punished she said.  Those are the ones they are going over with a fine tooth comb.
Mine was accepted on January 31rst and I received my refund today 2/10.  (My Arizona state was accepted 2/2 and was received 2/7)
  • I have not got mines yet an they accepted it on the January 30 so what should I do now
  • Mine was accepted by IRS on 1/26. Still no updated info, can't order transcripts. Was an easy return with no EIC. Irs2go app kept telling me to call IRS. Tried calling IRS and the rep I talked to wouldn't even take my info - even after I told her the app advised me to. All she said was she couldn't help me. This is so frustrating.
  • Has anyone received a random email from TT about a certificate for audits? If so, does getting this email have anything to do with the progress of my return? I filed 2/1, accepted 2/2, i can order ONLY my account transcripts via snail mail. Im locked out of everything now, so any news about that email would be so helpful. I think i remember reading something about it a few days ago...
My return was excepted on the 29th and it is still processing on the where's my refund website
  • Your not alone.  I too was excepted on the 29th and it's still processing, 14 days and counting.  From what I've been reading, the IRS didn't start processing until Jan 31st, and since they began it's been totally random.  In other words you could have been accepted late Jan and someone who was accepted beginning of Feb could get their refund before you, when you filed doesn't seem to make a difference, it's luck of the draw.
  • your right @ must be the luck of the draw because my sister filed last week and got a DDD of 2/10 and she got hers back Saturday...yet Im still impatiently waiting!!!!
  • right I had people file a week after me and already have dd,s .And I don't!!! it's scaring
  • I had people file the same day as me and already received there's its kind of scaring me also yet we all must wait till ours becomes the lucky pick.... my state is still processing also :(
  • Update: accepted 1/29 and finally got approved. DDD of 2/14, miracles do happen.
  • Does anyone know if they issue DDD more than once a day...already looked today but still hoping it can change?
  • Has anyone received a random email from TT about a certificate for audits? If so, does getting this email have anything to do with the progress of my return? I filed 2/1, accepted 2/2, i can order ONLY my account transcripts via snail mail. Im locked out of everything now, so any news about that email would be so helpful. I think i remember reading something about it a few days ago...

i filed on 2\3 and accepted the same day, refund was ava to check in irs system by the 6th, and receive a refund date on the 8th. refund should be dd by 12th. (did not use tt this yr)

  • What site did you use?
  • @rcurry, as far as during my taxes or my info on taxes?
  • As far as doing your taxes.
  • I filed on the 3rd and got accepted same day , still no dd..
  • I usee free tax usa
  • im waiting on my DD surpose to hit my account today (2/12) but still nothing as of yet and It's 0149 in georgia. My state return just showed up in the system, and it stated that my state should be in my account within 30 days (odd) because I usaullly get my state before my federal taxes..... willl keep u guys posted
  • I still haven't got an email stating hen I will receive it. An my track refund button doesn't work! What does that mean ?? Last year I got an email within 8 days I got accepted on the the 3rd of February, still no nothing I can't track anything. What's up turbo tax
  • Has anyone received a random email from TT about a certificate for audits? If so, does getting this email have anything to do with the progress of my return? I filed 2/1, accepted 2/2, i can order ONLY my account transcripts via snail mail. Im locked out of everything now, so any news about that email would be so helpful. I think i remember reading something about it a few days ago...

Has anyone gotten a message like this "Your e-filed return has been received. You can expect your refund within 7 to 21 days from the date of filing if your return is complete and free of errors. The Department may need to hold and review your return to ensure accuracy and validity. This may result in a delay of your refund."


Just wondering, have not gotten an exact date.



  • Mine was accepted on Jan. 29th and it still says this on the site...We have received your tax return and it is being processed.
    You should get your refund within 21 days from the date we received your tax return.
  • That what mines is say to
  • Mine too
    AND I got my state back today.
    I did mine on the 10th of Jan and it was Accepted on the 26th, no update in the IRS Website either
  • So do u think I would gey my state first because I haven't got nothing yet
  • the 21 days is an generic answer once your return says approved if your filed electronic deposit. you will receive your refund much sooner. I am not an employee of tt i am just an consumer who has been tt for many years. again it is a generic statement of 21 days .... i hope that helps. i generally receive the first refund before two weeks..
  • Yes thank u so much
  • Jan 26th, same issue!!! Will never use turbo tax again!!!
  • Accepted on the 24th! Still processing! Hate doing the wondering game of when it will come.
  • Accepted on the 24th as well and still processing!
  • Yes mines is to
  • kdrum83 just checked and Im still processing to! Can't order transcripts either.
  • I can't order transcripts's such bull. >:(
  • Yes it is tried it yesterday to
  • At least I'm not alone so makes me feel a little better.  I'm giving it till Friday before I really start to act crazy.
  • Yes me to because the website is just say processing
  • And I cant even try and compare dates from when I will get my state refund! Illinois is broke.  They have my return but don't even know a day when they will start their processing.
  • I filed on 2/2 & i got my state return today but no federal return yet?? I never had this happen before never got my state before my federal kinda weird???
  • I always get my state first
  • same deal accepted on the 24 th and still processing
  • The same thing happened last year. Has nothing to do with turbo tax, anyone filling before the start date (1-31-14) will have a delay of about two weeks or so for them to check to make sure it's not computer fraud.  Happened to me last year, filed two days before open, but filed my wife's 3 days after open and mine took 3 extra weeks. So you all didn't do anything wrong, just their "policy" for preseason filings.
  • i filed mine on 2/3 and still waiting cant get my transcript and IRS website is saying processing. praying i get some kind of date by Friday because everyone who filed after me at work is getting there's Thursday.
  • I filed my taxes on the 28th and it gace me a date after a week of the 12th it hit my bank today one day early
  • And if you get your state first then usally your federal comes the following weekend usually thats how it always has been for me except this year I oewed the state 0
  • Thanks for sharing and congrats on getting your refund! This further proves my point of the selection process being completely random this year.
  • @acbuchanan24, probably random every year? if you look at these message boards from a year ago they look almost identical, which I thought was kind of interesting.  This year was my turn to be at the bottom of the pile I guess b/c it took 14 days just to get approved, when I've always had my money in a week to 10 days TOPS.
  • Has anyone received a random email from TT about a certificate for audits? If so, does getting this email have anything to do with the progress of my return? I filed 2/1, accepted 2/2, i can order ONLY my account transcripts via snail mail. Im locked out of everything now, so any news about that email would be so helpful. I think i remember reading something about it a few days ago...
  • If they are saying they might hold it yes will be delayed they are going to check it, nothing to worry about they random choose tax's to be checked by a person not a computer you should still get it in the 21 days if no errors are found.

I got accept on 1/31/14 5:34pm and I still have no ddd.  Starting to get worried:(

  • im in the same boat..accepted same day, early on..and no DDD date..still didnt get my state taxes back yet either...
  • I called the IRS to see whats the hold up and I learned they received my taxes Feb 4th,  5 days AFTER Turbo Tax said that they were accepted on Jan 30th!!!  Turbo Tax also said my state taxes were accepted on the 7th but they said they have had my taxes since the 4th! COMPLETE RUBBISH from TT. If you have not had much change in your status, 152, no bars or DDD ect. I would call and find out when they accepted them so you know where you really stand. I was getting worried because people who filed after me had DDD and progress on WMR and I had nothing, when in actuality, they were accepted before I was.
  • im so confused as well...I was accepted on January 28th and I still dont have a DDD...I know many people that filed way after me and have already received their refund!!! What should I do??? Im getting worried......
  • like I said, call and see when you were acepted. TT most likely lied to you as well
  • What's the number?
  • What's the number???
  • 1-800-829-1040 there's a lot of prompts to get you through to someone but I think I hit 1,2,1 then ss#, then 1,1,5,2. Just listen to the questions and make sure you don't hit the prompt that's for refund status or ordering transcripts. Sorry if the prompts I gave are wrong- I should have wrote them down
  • This is the number for identity protection specialized unit, BUT if you tell them you are trying to order you transcript but can't (that's what their department handles) they will tell you, if you can or cant have this years transcript yet and if you can't they will say its because your still processing and  then you can ask them when it was received. If you can have it your obviously done. They wont be able to give you much other info about your taxes. I was on hold about 7 minutes. 1-800-908-4490
  • Has anyone received a random email from TT about a certificate for audits? If so, does getting this email have anything to do with the progress of my return? I filed 2/1, accepted 2/2, i can order ONLY my account transcripts via snail mail. Im locked out of everything now, so any news about that email would be so helpful. I think i remember reading something about it a few days ago...
  • what number should i call, because all the numbers i have called i have never got to talk to an auctual person. and following the prompts will not direct me to live assistance
  • 800-829-1040. You want info on your personal taxes and when you get to the prompt that says if you have not heard your topic you will be directed to someone.
  • Sorry to budge in on this question but it says my state refund won't be processed til 3/14 and it was accepted on 2/7. That's another whole month. Can anyone tell me why this is? Did they make a mistake and meant 2/14? My fed is also just stuck at one bar and it's been a week.
  • Oh man I'm starting to get worried! I filed on 2/4/14 and was accepted the same day off top! I haven't received my taxes back nor have the website been much help! Its still stating that my return is being processed, how long does it take to process. And once its accepted does that mean its automatically approved?
  • Please do not worry I filed 1/28 accepted 1/29 I went from processing to approved on 2/15 with a DD for 2/20 and I actually received mines on my net spend card at 7pm 2/19 so yours is coming it's just a waiting game and I know it is a headache and makes your patients over rate as long as you don't owe then u have no worrys trust me I was in your shoes and the feeling is mutual@deboraha
  • I have a dd of 2/21 I also have a netspend card I don't see anything on sbbt saying they received my refund. So I don't know. If it's not there tomorrow then that's going to be a huge problem
  • @ninni give it time cuz When I checked yesterday morning mines wasn't there yet either then I checked again around 3:00 and sure enough they have received it then around 7 in The evening I just so happen to call my Card it was there and I didn't receive a email nor a text message from net spend and still haven't
  • Sbbt has not received my refund sorry
  • It's showing sbbt received refund around 7 so it should be on the netspend card by the morning right

I E-Filed 2/7/2014 late in the evening and the IRS accepted 30 minutes later.  Today is 2/12/14 and have not heard anything yet.

  • Same here .... several family members and I filed  2/5/2013 and  still nothing...what's really going on
  • My WMR status changed today.  My refund disappeared and the irs said when a date will be provided when available. I called them about this and the agent said the new info is their glitch I am just fine but he would not look up my information saying it's only 8 days since I e-filed. Call back in 21 days.  I'm confused.
  • I filed 2/6 and accepted same day still nothing wmr hasn't changed, called irs she said there's nothing wrong still processing. I'm worried too!
  • Went from having bars to no bars this morning just saying my refund is still being processed!
  • Update...I was able to order my transcript today.  Does anyone know how long to get North Dakota state refund? I am a first timer.
  • accepted 02/06 no dd date though
  • I was accepted on 2/07 and for my state refund it says it will be processed by 3/14/14. What kinda bs is that? Can anyone tell me why this is? That's a whole month.
  • It took us the batch of 1/31 2 weeks just to get a I have read dont quote me .. seems they are behind a week or two
  • Accepted on 02/06 got a refund date yesterday of by 2/20 :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
  • Did anybody who filed on 2/6 get their refund yet?
  • I filed on the 26 and nothing still.
  • I filed on 2/5 and it still says processing.
  • I filed 1/9 accepted 1/24 still nothing.  Went from one bar to a date will be provided when available.
  • me 2 this really suck turbotax
  • Turbotax was amazing last yr. I filed 2/4 of this yr and accepted same day! I've received my netspend card and everything but yet the is still saying its being processed. I'm suppose to receive by the 25th. Ugh come on
  • i still dont have any bar but i was able to order my transcript since last friday.
  • I see people getting their money one to two days early I have the netspend card and sbbt days they haven't received my refund so if it's not there tomorrow then I dunno what to do. My dd date is the 21, I'm getting worried
  • Do not worry give time my DDR was for today and when I checked sbtpg yesterday morning mines wasn't received yet either then I checked around 3:00 and sure enough it was there then I called my net spend card around 7:00 in the evening my money was on there with no notification from.netspend and I still haven't got an email nor text as of  this very moment so trust me you Will have it some time today
  • I'm actualy lost right now. Wmr won't even give me a day?
  • So I'll check this afternoon I hope they receive it.
  • The refund bank that the IRs sunt my money to was sbtpg now correct me if I'm wrong because when I Tried sbbt they ask me for my account number which didn't have then she told me sbtpg is a difrrent refund bank for net spend if you have a net Spend card here's the over I called 1-800-717-7228 it's automatic you Will do the dame steps as on wmr but they asking for your zip code showed on your return
  • Well they still say 10-21 days but I have ddd for tomorrow, I'm probably just over eager is all I'm sure if it's not there today it will be tomorrow
  • I'll just check in the later part of the afternoon fingers crossed it will be in there to sbbt
I filed my taxes on feb-3 got my federal return on feb-11. But still haven't gotten my state taxes. I checked the website. Turbo says accepted but the goverment site says still processing. How much longer?!
  • If I may ask, what state are you in...I'm waiting for my state federal, but still says processing for state...always gotten state before this long...HELP
  • I'm in oregon
  • here....anybody else know anything about sc state processing?
  • mine too im in md
  • I efiled on the same day and they told me the 20th.
  • Anybody know what da HECK is goin on with state refunds??? I got fed, but called SC today and they said it could be another 7-10 days?!!! From what I'm reading, it seems that a lot of state refunds have yet to be sent out...if anyone out there can shed some light, please would be much appreciated! God bless..
  • I'm in SC also and I'm still waiting on both state and federal
  • Wow...I'm new to SC, does it usually take this long for them to send out refunds?? I pray that this week brings good news to all of us still waiting for state refunds..
  • Mine federal got accepted on 2/4/2013 and I still haven't received it yet it says their still processing it wats up with that
I filed mine and my parents on the 5th. Got accepted the same day. Took like a week to get DDD. But I have one for 2-21-14 and my parents are 2-20-14. I was getting nervous like some of you. I've been there before. Waiting and needing your money for whatever your reasons may be. It's your business and your money. I've read some of these comments on people not depending on that money. It's yours. If the government would pay Americans properly then there would be no need to have EITC. And let's not get on how the government said (these taxes that eat over half of our pay) were temporary. Sure. Well enough of my rant. Just wanted to give someone some hope since I found some solace in comments that I was stalking (lol) while waiting on my info. Thanks to all that posted and for the information.
  • Did you receive refund for 2/20? I have the same date but nothing was deposited into my account today :((
I filed on 1/18 accepted on 1/29 got a refund date of 2/12 I received it 2/11,but my mother filed2/02 and my brother 1/31 and their's are still processing. Hope this helps.

    mine was accepted 1/31 and is still processing 2/17


    i efiled on feb 2nd got accepted on the 3rd and says ddd feb 21st but still i processing thru the irs wat does this mean lol?


      I have received my ddd for tomorrow the 13th. My questions is will it be in my bank on that day or SSBT. In previous years when I would use a local tax payer it would be in MY bank on that day! Anyone has any answers?

        I filed Mine jan 29th got my DD 2-12-14 (today) and it's already in my bank ! On time. Federal &state
        Wow you got yours back fast did them on 3rd and received the 11th I did mine the 29th and still haven't even gotten mine there still processing and this sucks my car fling apart my little girls bday next week everything is just not going as planned :-/
        • I did direct deposit. if you bank through US Bank they have a thing where you can borrow up to 500 but its like a $20 for every hundred(better then other places) and when ever something is directly deposited in your account that's $100 it'll pay the fee off
        • I get impatient sometimes and my plans are always someone else's time frame not mine.  I really cannot complain about the IRS, once my husband lost his job and we were desperate. We called the irs and told them of our hardship.  They helped us and we received our refund in 4 days.
        • what is this this was in my transcript description .....The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.

        does anyone know a number i can call for the irs every number ive been given is an automatic recording i was approved for my refund on the 9th and they were going to direct deposit the money but i just went to the bank and they sent my refund back.. has this happened to anyone? and what do i do help pls thankyou

        Eric I am in he same both what happens is ur bank rejected it and it was sent back to irs and the have to re process it and will send u a paper check via mail it will take up to five weeks three for processing and two for mailing I hope this was helpful
          I field  mine on 2/2/14 and it was accepted the same day but in the IRS the bars not ther  and it still in processing is my first year doing my taxes ...

            I had my taxes in by 2/3 and was said that they would be derect deposited by 2/23 and I still have not received them yet?

              My return was files and accepted on Feb. 27, 2014. Turbo tax said I could expect my DD by March 20th. Does it take 3 weeks? Has anyone received an estimated date (3 weeks out) and received their return earlier? Thanks!
                Did anyone recive there taxes with the 3/10/2014 on there transcript PLEASE HELP!!!!!
                  Yes thank you
                  • I filed my return on February 3rd (2014), and my status didn't change until 2/20/14 (it never took more than 7-10 days before!).  But it just changed today saying I will have it by the 24th.  But I got my state return on the 18th of February.

                    Hope it helps...they're finally getting them out!
                  • We filed on 2-11. Still processing with no dates as of yet.  Come on!
                  • file 2/9 and still in process. Getting frustrated
                  • I'm gettin worried I filed 2/5  and still nothing.. can't even order transcripts.
                  • in the IRS web is still preccess but in turbo tax it said after the 23 of feb my refund will be deliverd  i field on 2/2/14
                  • I filed on 2/2/14 and the federal hit today.  State hit end of last week (WI).
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