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where do i find employer contributions to HSA

    HSA Employer contributions (those made through your employer) are on your W2 form in box 12, code letter W.
    • box 12 only shows full amount of contribution. I contributed approx. half of that amount. they did not contribute that whole amount.
    • They deposited the whole amount, that's what employer contribution means.
    • IM sorry but you are incorrect. I contributed 1500 and my employer contributed 1500 total 3000. This came from MY ERNINGS WHAT I WORKED FOR they didnt give me ####. I contributed that amount.
    • The box gives a total I was looking for employer contributions.
    • Why am I incorrect? Did the employer deposit $3000 or did you write the check to the HSA bank?
      The entire $3000 must be reported as the total shown. For tax purposes, the employer part and your part are treated exactly the same.
    • I may as well had written a check It came from my earnings. I asked for employer contribution not how much was deposited.
    • "I asked for employer contribution not how much was deposited"
      They are the same, $3000.
    • I see ..... Thank u for your input good nite

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