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TurboTax FAQ

Minnesota 2013: Itemized Deductions Phase-Out

Minnesota taxpayers, who file itemized deductions on their federal return, may have to pay state tax on part of their federal deductions depending on their income.

Minnesota customers, who meet a certain income level and itemized their deductions, may have an incorrect 2013 Minnesota tax return.

TurboTax has fixed this issue.

How to tell if you may be impacted

 You may be affected if ALL of the following are true:

  • You did not electronically file your 2013 Minnesota return AND
  • You printed and mailed your 2013 Minnesota income tax return prior to January 31,2014 AND
  • Your Minnesota Adjusted Gross Income (see MN Schedule M1SA, line 2) is greater than $178,150 ($89,075 if you’re married and filed separate returns) AND
  • Your MN Schedule M1SA, line 1 (medical and dental expenses) is blank.

If you are affected, you may have underpaid your state tax. Your Minnesota return may not be including an addition to income for the phase-out amount of your itemized deductions. You will need to amend your Minnesota tax return.

Please return to this article after February 14, 2014 for step-by-step instructions for amending your Minnesota tax return.