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WALMART MONEY CARD HAS A DEPOSIT LIMIT OF $7500. I was told that anything above that WALMART MONEY CARD WILL REJECT!! not sure if this is true..

Wondering if anyone else has heard this or was told this?

  • I just called Walmart Money Card and they accept direct deposits up to $10,000. However, they have a cash deposit (i.e. going into Walmart and having money put on your card) limit of $2,999.
  • Why does the Walmart page say 7500 ? Or did they raise it for tax season?
  • I called a few minutes ago, they raised the limit to $10,00 for tax season. After that it goes back down to $7,500. Praise Jesus or whoever you believe in I was freakin out
  • I just spoke with walmart money card and i was told that because it is tax season they raise the limit to 10,000. Which made me feel much better. Hope this helps with ur ?
  • Thank god
Untrue.... my refund was over that last year and it went through just fine
  • Do you think I can deposit my refund into my girlfriend wal Mart account even thou I'm not on her stuff
  • Not unless u guys are filing together, that is per the irs. The will only deposit a refund to an account in the name of the filer or there spouse or a joint account. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. If u decide however to get ur own account i would suggest getting the preferred  card it doesnt cost anything to load cash to it and the amount needed to forgo the monthly fee is half that of one of the regular cards. At my walmart the preferred cards cost $4 but it pays for its self after just 2 reloads being that u are not charged to reload it.

Good Luck trying to get them to raise the limit.  I have had a Walmart money card for over three years and never had a problem with it.  I never heard that there was a limit to the amount you could have deposited for a tax refund until after I filed my refund.   And mine is over the 10,000.00.   I called Walmart money card and asked, told it would be rejected.  I asked to speak to a supervisor and all i heard was click.  the phone was hung up.  I called back and all I got was we are so sorry, we cant raise the limit even for a day ( that was what the IRS agent told me to do).  I asked for the corporate office and was told  sorry we can not give that number out.   Really are you kidding me?   you cant give out a number for a someone over your head.   I have opened an account with Chase since this all started but not in time to have that account for my refund to go to.  My husband is a truck driver and that is why we used the Walmart card,  and as soon as he gets home, I will add him to the account, change his direct deposit and I will not for any reason step one foot into a Walmart store to buy even a pack gum.    Oh yeah their so sorry but Walmart will reject it and it will return to the IRS within two days,  so you can have a paper check mailed out sooner.   Believe it or not that was suppose to make me happy.    

  • If you would like to speak to someone that you can actually understand what they are trying to say, here is the number to the corporate office: 1866-652-4611
Per-fax@sbtpg.com> wrote:

We disbursed your Refund Transfer balance to you via ACH direct deposit to the bank account number you provided on your agreement and the funds were returned to us by the receiving bank.  When we received the returned funds, we printed you a cashier’s check in the amount of your refund transfer balance minus a $20.00 reprocessing fee and mailed it to the address on your tax return.  Please log on to our website at www.sbtpg.com to determine the disbursement date of the check.  Please allow at least 10 business days for the check to arrive by regular mail. 

This was the reply I got. Now I did call Walmart money card service they told me there was no rejection and if it was rejected they would note the account from the back office. So if it was not rejected then what the hell is going on? And they just made an extra $20 my tax refund was under $5000

    I've tried my best to make sense out of everything I've been told about the limits.  On the phone with customer service they mentioned a $7500 limit, but I don't know what they meant by that because I had a balance that exceeded that at one point.  So maybe that is the maximum deposit and not the maximum card balance.  In the store I was told that the maximum balance is either $10k or $14k, I can't remember for sure.  I do know for a fact that the maximum card balance for in store reloads is $3000 and I think the maximum daily cash reload in store is $1000.  I don't know why they have all these goofy confusing limitations anyway, but basically if you want to deposit a check or cash in store the balance on your card can't exceed $3000, if the check is direct deposit then the balance should be able to go up to $10k or $14k as long as the check doesn't exceed $7500.


      I used a KPF Prepaid Visa card and it didn't tell me that there was a $5,000.00 limit daily. My refund is 6,500 and they told me it would be rejected. I asked them why they did a promotion to add an extra $20 to my account if I had my refund deposited if there was a limit to the deposit amount. They told me there was nothing they could do even though it clearly states on the card information that they CAN raise the limit at THEIR discretion. So basically they just don't want to. I even asked if they could accept the 5,000 and send the rest back to be sent as a check.Still got a no. Needless to say my money was supposed to be deposited this morning after already waiting 3 weeks after I filed, now I have to wait until it goes back to the IRS and see how long it takes them to issue me a paper check.

      • I have a walmart money card. My direct deposit was rejected yesterday so we are in the same boat. Now what
      • when i called the irs they said if the card limit is reached and it rejects it, it will send it back to the IRS and it could take up to 4 weeks to get a check. I called my card to see if they can up the limit and of course they said no. Did your WMR bar move showing sent even though it was rejected? Mine still shows approved due to be sent today so I don't even know if it got rejected or what. Frustrating!!
      Any luck yet? I'm in the same boat. Wish I would've known.
        Send EMAIL  and call to see if they will raise the limit.
        • I have been since I found out and they keep insisting that the limit will remain $7500 until they get the go ahead to raise limit. As of right now they have not so more than likely my refund will be rejected and send back to turbo tax bank. who will then issue me a check!!! I am very frustrated
        • @tish.1212..,, Do you happen to know how long WalmartMoneyCard will issue out the tax refund? For instance, IRS will deposit my refund on 2/6 into my Walmart card, how long does it take for Walmart to approve it? Yesterday, I spoke with a representative through Walmart and was told 8-14 days....seriously?? I think it's ridiculous...I just need to know if it's true as this year is my first year depositing it into WalmartCard.
        • It should post immediately but if your refund is more than 7500 they may reject it I guess me and you both will be sitting on eggshells @gaohershey this was my first AND last year!!!!
        • @tenikabillingsle...thanks for the info. OMG! I'm totally not looking forward to it soon then...Agree with you this will be my last year!
        • It's suppose to be immediately but I received another email today stating they have not been given the go ahead to increase the deposit limit. I too have a DD date of 2/6.. Never again will I use Walmart money card! Also walmarts limit to cash a check is $7500.
        • Dang. ...I'm so shocked still trying to keep hope alive....its gonna be a loooooong day tomorrow. ...I will keep you updated @tish1212
        • Fingers and toes crossed that we get the deposit, I will update as well!
        • Well tomorrow is the deposit date, gosh I hope it is accepted and deposited!!
        • Hang tight tish im speaking with some one who spoke with a sup who was told a not can be put on her acct......keep check the forum I will update you
        • Call the number on the back of the card she just spoke with a sup. There Im calling now 18779374098
        • I spoke with an agent, I wrote down her agent number and she said to keep watching my account to see if I have a deposit.. that they still have not gotten the go ahead to increase the deposit limit!
          wht the heck just tell me if the deposit will be accepted or not... I have not gotten my state (OK) back yet either, it stating its processing...
        • No deposit so far, SBTG has not received any deposit from the IRS...
        • Well its coming no issues with walmart depositing the entire check
        • mine was sent to walmart money card so we will see if they truly are going to accept it or reject it.. will post soon as I find out..must have just been sent, I checked like an hour ago and it wasnt there.
        • SBTG says that the IRS deposited late and I should get my refund tomorrow!
        • Keep us updated tomo
        • Did walmart money card raise the limit?
        • I know there's people that comment on here and have no clue what they're talking about but I was facing Tue same is of being over the 7500 limit for the Walmart money card. I just got of the phone with a live person that told me the limit has been raised to 10,000
        • That's good to know! whew..... I have been stressing about it because they were saying we will reject if over the $7500 limit.. I had emailed, called and everything but finally just gave up. good to know they did raise the limit to $10,000.
        • I don't know what to believe, a live person told me $7500...some say one thing and some say another, I'm so confused right now
        • me too @jhuckaby, guess we will see.
        • The limit has been raised mine was over and I got it
        • how much if you dont mind me asking and what was your dd?
        • Thank goodness, I still haven't got mine... Fingers crossed
        • Was your ddd the 6th?
        • Just an update. I got my refund this morning at 6am it was over 8600 and Walmart Monet card DID NOT reject it.
        • I got my deposit this morning too!!! YAY walmart did not reject it was $7800...
        • for people worried about tax refunds on the Walmart money card it has ALWAYS been $10,000 for taxes. I have used the card for 5 years. They have other limits for other things but taxes is and always will be $10,000. Also, for the people with the withdraw questions, take your card with your taxes on it to any walmart customer service counter and tell them you want to cash out $400.. you can do this 7 times and an 8th time for $200 for a total of $3,000 per day. Hope this helps.
        • ok im curious bc sbtt said they sent on 2/7 to my walmart card when is it gonna hit it hasn't hit yet someone please help me
        • I'm in the same situation I have not received mine but sbtpg is saying it was sent out 2/7 my ddd is 2/10 so maybe today fingers crossed
        • I used ready debit and they rejected my refund..not able to take deposits over5000..so now I have to wait for a check..how long is the wait?
        • Is ready debit a type of Walmart card?
        • I wonder what time walmart money cards update dd
        • a paper ck is gonna take about 4 weeks bc the irs has to get ur deposit back first then change it to a ck
        • Was told by sbtpg rep that my check was mailed 2/10 and that i should be receiving it in 3-5 business days..hope shes right 4-6 weeks is too Long...same info on sbbt website also
        • No I bought it from dollar general
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