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how do i get my ip pin

  • I got locked out the website because I moved and the address on my tax return from 2012 I don't live there anymore and I tried it and it didn't work. But when I moved I had the postal service forward my mail and I got a letter stating they were putting an ID theft on my tax return last year at my new address but I didn't use that address to file my taxes....The IRS gave me a temp pin.....I'm going to wait 24hrs to try my other address. This is so crazy because I never reported ID theft on my information.
  • Lost it
  • Need it for taxes
  • @mperla66 I got accepted today if you need one contact irs and they will give u an ip pin if you need it
  • Need it for taxes
  • I contacted the IRS.....was told first time filer, didn't need it and it wouldn't delay my return......WRONG! BECAUSE I CANT EVEN GET IT ACCEPTED BECAUSE I DID NOT PUT IP PIN!
  • How soon after the IRS gave you another IP PIN was your taxes accepted? Mine had been rejected twice because the IP PIN that was entered is incorrect according to the IRS. I received the IP PIN from the irs website but they still won't accept it. Should I call to get a replacement IP PIN?
  • @bjohnson6066
  • Mine have still not been accepted! Could not get one on the website because "my information didn't match what they have on file," which idk what they have on file because I have NEVER FILED BEFORE.....this is my first time. You may can get one if you call & explain your situation, but I was told I didn't need one being a first time filer & it wouldn't delay my return.......but so far I cannot even get my return accepted! (My states been accepted, but not my federal?
    The # is 800-908-4490. Option 7. Then extension 245.
    Good luck.

Hello  lizmom49, I will be happy to help you.

To Receive E-File Pin From The IRS:


Follow the link above and fill in the appropriate information.

Things they will ask for include:

  1. SSN
  2. First and Last Name
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Address
  5. Filing Status

Thank you for using TurboTax, if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

  • shady8091 , you are one of the few who comes here and give solid and good information. you really save me a headache with that ip pin link. Thank you very much ......
  • confusing and frustrating; 10 hours unsuccessful effort to get my IP PIN. Now I inderstand signing up for the Obama Care website challenges. My identity can be established in several ways, why this paranoid overabundance of caution.
  • www.irs.gov/getanippin open the link and just fellow the instruction to get you IP PIN
  • ethan-_83 www.irs.gov/getanippin open the link and just fellow the instruction to get you IP PIN
  • Ive tried this and it tells me information I'm entering doesn't match what they have on file.......and I have no idea what they have because I've NEVER filed before. Even called IRS and still rejected!
I am not trying to get efile pin.....my return has been rejected because I did not enter IP PIN. (identity protection personal identification number). Only 3 states involved, GA, FL, district of Columbia.....according to IRS.Also according g to them, if you're a first time filer you don't need this and it will not delay your taxes.....NOT TRUE......I CANNOT EVEN GET MINE ACCEPTED BC OF NOT HAVING THIS NUMBER!!!!  HELP!!!!!
  • open this link www.irs.gov/getanippin   and fellow the instruction and see if you can get your IP PIN  cos for u know u been assigned one.
  • I've tried this, but it tells me my information doesn't have what they've got......which I have no idea what they have because I'm a first time filer. I called the IRS and was told to resend it because I didn't need an IP PIN since I was a first time filer....and was told it wouldn't delay my return, but it won't even accept it!!!! Rejected it again! So I have no idea what to do now.

i am coloado need ip pin because of idenity theft 


    See this article if you need an Identity Theft Pin:


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