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my return was accepted on 1/28/2014 when should i expect to recieve direct deposit for my taxes?

  • ok How many days do I wait til I recieve my approval
  • Mines was accepted on the 27th and I checked WMR this morning at 340am (2/02/2014) and I have a scheduled dd date for 2/6/14. So excited!!!!
  • My friend just said her date was 2-6-14 and she was accepted on the 24
  • Mine is the same 2/6 hopefully it comes a couple days before like last year
  • I was accepted on 1/28 and should get my federal on or before 2/6/14.
  • I was approved on the 26th but WMR has said the same thing since the 31st..."return accepted". Now the anxious waiting game is getting a little frustrating lol.
  • Got accepted on 26th just checked IRS website it's approved should get it by the 6th no later than the 11th!!
  • Did you check it early this morning and again just now? or was this the first time checking website? fasletto?
  • I THINK I CAN HELP. I was also accepted late last night. I also have a refund date of feb 6, 2014. My cycle date on my transcript shows 20140601. That matches up with Monday (tomorrow) even though it says for thursday. I checked last years tax refund cycle date and it was 20140504 which matches up for thursday, January 31st, 2013...which is when I recieved my DD last year....not to get anyones hopes up, but I think if you have 20140601 cycle date it looks like it will come through monday.
  • @null - I just created my IRS profile and viewed my transcript for 2013 and sure enough it has a cycle date of 20140601. Guess I'll find out tomorrow if what you're saying is accurate...can't wait to find out!!!
  • Okay i was wrong...the cycle is 01=friday through 05=monday, BUT this is also what I found.
    IMF Refund Payment Date -The IMF Refund Payment Date will be computed by IMF for both Direct Deposit and Paper Check refunds and will be listed on the refund transaction TC 846 in fields:



    IMF computes this field as the posted cycle date PLUS four business days for Direct Deposit refunds; posted cycle date PLUS six business days for Paper Check refunds.

    That being said....that puts 20140601  as Friday February 7th, but THEY ARE ADDING 4 DAYS...WHICH STill MEANS FROM WHAT I CAN GATHER A DEPOSIT ON MONDAY.  Just a theory guys, dont wan to get eveyrone excited.
  • thursday 6th* ops
    here is a chart i found which should help!!!!!!
  • In the grand scheme of things, doesn't really matter if it drops tomorrow or Friday, it's going to pay off one of my credit cards. Still, the sooner the better.
  • How do you find your "cycle date"?
  • It seems that my refund was received on 1/29/2014...but it has not been accepted...could there be something wrong with my  tax return?  I am really scared...I need to pay my car by 2/10 or it will be repossessed...Unemployed and struggling...Praying!
  • @thickscorpiolova - I wish you the best of the luck - Best of advice is to make sure you at a least accepted and then call the bank that is holding you car note and explain your circumstances. They can see and verify with you that you are receiving a tax return and you can work with them to avoid the repossessing
  • Soo I filed my return on the 31st for direct deposit I don't kno much about it but it says its accepted but to be exspecting it around the 20th…do you think its really going to take that lonf for direct deposit/
  • Mine was also accepted on the 29th and I have not received a date yet either.. When I checked turbo tax it says the 20th. Hopefully we will receive a date tomorrow or we might have missed the cut off date for this week and that means next week!
  • I were accepted on feb1 and calendar said to expect a federal return on feb 22nd but my state return wasn't accepted yet
  • Im not for sure, but I think that it means you can receive it ANYTIME between now, and the 20
  • Mine was received on jan 25 and accepted on jan 28 but I still don't have a dd date and other ppl that accepted after me has a dd is something wrong????
  • Same here! Received 1/25, accepted 1/28 , and still no dd date!
    Wmr still on first bar, with topic 152.
  • Go here: It works like Where's My Refund, but more accurate. It will let you know if the bank (not your bank, but the one it is transferred to before it hits your bank) has received the money from the IRS
  • That site does not work
  • What do you mean it doesn't work? Did you file electronically through Turbo Tax? Are you expecting direct deposit? The link works (I just clicked on it). Is it not accepting your information? Could you be a little clearer, because the site works fine.
  • I typed in my correct information and it says No record was found based on the SSN, Refund Amount and Filing Status you provided. Please check your inputs and try again!
  • I honestly don't know why it's not working for you. Again, it's only if you used Turbo Tax and you are receiving direct deposit...otherwise it won't work.

    Mine says:

    The Bank has not received your IRS refund.

    Income Tax Refund Status

    To find out when your refund is expected to fund, visit the IRS site at and click on “Where’s My Refund”. You can also check on the status of your refund by calling the IRS at (800) 829-1954. The Bank will process your refund as soon as it is received.

    Refund Deductions

    The following items have been, or will be, deducted from your refund (Bank Refund Processing Fee is only paid when the corresponding Federal or State refund is received).

    Item Amount
    Tax Preparation Fee: $74.98
    Bank Refund Processing Fee: $29.99
    Total Refund Deductions: $104.97

    Summary Information

    Item Amount
    Total Amount Received By Bank: $0.00
    Total Amount Paid On Your Behalf: $0.00
    Total Amount Paid To You: $0.00
  • Yes mines says the same thing hers said. But could it be that I used the free turbotax?! Bc yes I used turbotax and yes I'm expecting a dd... So idk y it says no record found using the info you gave us.
  • @mebriadaly - How are you getting your refund back? Don't understand how this works, even if you used TT, if you are just getting the IRS to DD straight into your bank account.
  • Maybe the bank was notified that a refund was coming, but the IRS hasn't dispersed it yet. Note* If you saved your tax information, or printed it, you should see the following paragraph on a form called "The Citizens Banking Company Refund Processing Agreement (’Agreement’)" Paragraph number 4 reads (in part):

    BANK must receive an acknowledgement from the IRS that your return has been electronically filed and
    accepted for processing before the Deposit Account can be opened.
  • Yep @irisnicolejohnso I used the free TT and I filed electronically and used DD not sure what the hell is going on
  • Me either but I'm still confident that it'll be here tomo so ima just sit back and wait @maria
  • I think that link only works if you're having fees taken out of your refund.  If you paid for your preparation when it was filed, it won't go through the Santa Barbara bank.
  • lol right I just did it IT DONT WORK IT WONT EVEN LET U PUT UR INFO IN
  • My apologies to all. I didn't know about the fee thing in regards to Santa Barbara bank. I did not pay mine up front and I didn't realize that it only goes to this bank if you are having the fees taken out of your return. I didn't mean to mislead anyone.
  • It worked for me
    Thanks :-)
  • Same here, my state tax was accepted though ? have you received a depo date ?
  • Its ok @mebriandaly you were just trying to give us all some peace of mind and be helpful - thank you for that :)
  • if you used the free version it should be direct deposited  into your account from irs
  • 2014 IRS e-file Refund Cycle Chart

    Jan 28 and Feb 3, 2014 Feb 13, 2014 Feb 21, 2014
    Feb 4 and Feb 10, 2014 Feb 21, 2014 Feb 24, 2014
    Feb 11 and Feb 17, 2014 Feb 28, 2014 Mar 3, 2014
    Feb 18 and Feb 24, 2014 Mar 7, 2014 Mar 10, 2014
    Feb 25 and Mar 3, 2014 Mar 14, 2014 Mar 17, 2014
    Mar 4 and Mar 10, 2014 Mar 21, 2014 Mar 24, 2014
    Mar 11 and Mar 17, 2014 Mar 28, 2014 Mar 31, 2014
    Mar 18 and Mar 24, 2014 Apr 4, 2014 Apr 7, 2014
    Mar 25 and Mar 31, 2014 Apr 11, 2014 Apr 14, 2014
    Apr 1 and Apr 7, 2014 Apr 18, 2014 Apr 21, 2014
    Apr 8 and Apr 14, 2014 Apr 25, 2014 Apr 28, 2014
    Apr 15 and Apr 21, 2014 May 2, 2014 May 5, 2014
    Apr 22 and Apr 28, 2014 May 9, 2014 May 12, 2014
  • this is the Federal refund chart
  • I bank with PNC Bank and I just checked and my Federal Return was just direct deposited!  They are always quick with direct deposits.
  • greg... did you have fees deducted from your refund?
  • No, I paid for the fees with my credit card.  It's cheaper that way I think.
  • did you go through sbbt bank
  • Sbbt still not showing dd been received, has anyone seen an amount deposited?
  • on the turbo tax facebook page a lot of the netspend people are taking screen shots of their direct deposit
  • Now im even more pissed I have a netspend card my dd is set up to go to and I haven't gotten paid the sbbt bank shows no deposit but the irs site says deposited wtf!!!!!
  • if the irs sends me a email saying it has been accepted does that mean im getting my money nothing has changed since it was getting nervous that something might be wrong? i just want to be sure that im getting my money
  • i was accepted on the 24 nothing has change still only 1 bar
  • Filed 1/25 gt accepted 1/28 still no ddd date n everybody around me getting they now n they filed 3 or 4 fa it s after me
  • @javonberry mine says the same thing with sbbt so what should we do
  • i checked my account and saw nothing ugh this is fustrating
  • I saw nothing on my acct & it's going thru metabank. Some say wait until at least 1am pst. So idk I'm not sure what's going on but my money has always been on my card on time. I would like to know if anyone has gotten theirs to also show proof on here. Thanks!
  • Update* WMR said today that my return was approved. I have a DD date of 2/10
  • good for you what time did you check the wmr site....
  • im still at 1 bar its getting annoying because i was accepted on the 24th
  • There is NO IRS refund chart this year, they are saying 21 days. This chart is one that was made up using previous years direct deposits. I even seen a Turbo Tax employee post a link to that chart and when you clicked the link it was NOT from the IRS. I am still in processing limbo and I was accepted on 1/29/14!
  • I was accepted the 28th still no deposit date just says by the 20th is it me or does it seem like people accepted on the 28th are going to b waiting longer than everyone else?
  • Mines say dd if 02/10...check it at 6am today
  • Checked this morning and my DD was in my account. Thanks Navy Federal !
  • @kahlien05 it seems that way I was accepted on the 28th around 2:30pm and I have one lonely orange bar
  • I was accepted on the 28th as well and mines been approved since the 3rd and I have a date for the 6th but I didn't receive nothin today. I used tt and dd. Idk wut to do.


    Taxpayers please be aware that there has been a slight delay in IRS funding!


    If the IRS website indicates that your refund will be available February 6th, funds will not be available until February 7th due to the IRS releasing funds one day later than expected. Taxpayers expecting their refund on the 6th by direct deposit will now likely receive their refund on the 7th. Please be assured that Tax Products Group will disburse funds immediately as they are received from the IRS.
  • accepted 1/28, now wmr says dd date of 2/10
  • @cin19 where did you find this interesting information?
  • I was also accepted on the 28th (filed on 23rd).  Still nothing more than "it's being processed".  I'm beginning to wonder if the computer monster ate the returns accepted on the 28th.  My return was very straight forward, exactly like last year except a different amount.
  • letting its customers know about IRS delay not their delay
  • I accepted on 29th still on one bar
  • Everytime I try this link it gives me an error message, but several people have posted this same link. I wonder why I can't access their site?
  • Mine was supposed to be here today, and that website said it was deposited today but yet nothing..
  • Do you have any idea why it is showing I paid a tax prepare fee? I used the free Federal edition and on my order form from TT it shows I only have a fee for state and for paying the fee from my return.
  • I was accepted on 1/26 and I filed on the 19th and I still have yet to receive a dd. the WMR on just says received and not approved. Is anyone else having the same issue?
  • This the first time I used TT I hope it wasn't a mistake. My w-2 was simple to go by
  • I just spoke to someone in the account department and I was told that my return wasn't accepted until the 28th not the 24th like my email from Turbo Tax said. She also said that it's just still processing didn't say anything was wrong with it.
  • @tiffanysnell what number did you call, I can't seem to get through to a live person!
  • @sldrive1 have you tried going to it on your computer. when I would try to go on there with my phone it would give me an error page but on my laptop it would work.
  • I bet you logged in as single but you field as head of household
  • @lewis-rhonda2 that was the problem , thanks
  • I also tried this site and it does not work
  • Awesome! When did you file & when were you accepted?
  • were do u check to see ur dd date?
  • I still don't have a ddd and I was the irs accepted mine on the 24th
  • I filed on the 18th accepted on the 26th and mine is still processing, this is soo backwards and stinks.
  • I called 1-800-829-1040 ask for the account department.
  • Not sure if you already received an answer to your question yet but once the IRS receives your tax refund-it is suppose to update to "accepted" or "rejected" w/in 24 to 48hours...If you are still only seeing that your refund was "received"..I would most definately follow up w/ Turbotax &/or the IRS to find out what the issue is....Also, hope your car company will work with you...believe me-I have been there and no the dread of having to wait for your money and hoping that your creditors will, too.
  • My situation is exactly like yours. lets see whats common between me and you. please respond if you have any similarities.
    1-tax return over 5k?
    2-married filed jointly?
    4-donated to a church?
  • Mine in 5388 head house and yes kids. Accepted on the 28th still 1 bar. It's 7:21 am PST
  • I don't know about everyone else but I am getting beyond pissed that I was accepted on the 28th and I haven't had any progress.  I am trying to get a live person on the phone right now!
  • Please keep us informed I am at work and can't call.
  • IF  turbo tax said you were accepted early, its not necessarily true.  The lady at the IRS I just spoke was so nice and helpful.  She said while turbox tax and other software might have sent them early, unless you were in the test batch you didn't technically get accepted early.  She said mine along with many others were not accepted until the 31st  or a few days later when they actually started processing soo.... it looks like maybe others weren't really ahead of us in line.  I have been trying to order tax transcripts online but keep getting an error message, and if you can order your tax return transcripts then they have been processed.  SO while I was on the phone I asked her about my transcripts so she looked up to see if she could order them for me and she was able to on her end.  I told her when I looked online tuesday it said verification of non filing and she said she was able to order on her that means I should be getting a DDD soon I hope!
  • i talk to a lady too and he look in to our tax form and she saw a error while submitting it we got accepted she said on 29th not the TT stated that IRS accepted it on 28th. and that error when we submitt was causing us a delay for 7 days, she said that its not our fault it was how it was submitted.. aim so not happy, but she gave me a projected DDD om 2/15.. what is that mean that they will finally giving us return  on that date or still no clue.. anybody help?
  • i am hoping to see mine by the 13th, i have had out of town plans for weeks now and would like that extra money. patience is hard lol
  • me too i was told that the error when we submit  cos us in 7 days delay that soo not cool and she can see about projected ddd on 2/15 but that is sat???
  • they may have projected it but that might mean earlier. just from the first 2 batches ive seen looks like they are going to dd on mondays and thursday.
  • Iam crossing my fingers on that, can you update yours @jenniferarnold if u finally have a update on your ddd. ill do the same
  • As of this morning I had nothing but yes, I will let you know when I get something!
  • I talked to someone at the irs, tt informed me that I was accepted on the 30th the irs spokesman I talked to said it was not sent to processing till the 3rd, and it is still in processing. so its a toss up of when I will actually get a dd date. I hope you all the luck, I know I need some
  • What phone number can you call to speak to a live person?
  • I was on the phone on hold for 45 min
  • I'm in the same boat accepted since the 1/28 and still nothing.
  • I have a married filed jointly, kids, under 5000, and no church donations.
  • responding to victor's post. anybody else having issues
  • As of this morning I had 2 bars with DD of Monday the 10th at 3:10pm today I got my direct deposit to netspend. I do believe they are doing it every day. ..good luck
  • TT said I was accepted on the 30th I was approved yesterday got a ddd of monday the 10th was hoping for early deposit but dont seem to look that way
  • My return was accepted on 1/28.  I just checked a few minutes ago and I finally have the 2nd bar with a direct deposit date of 2/12.  This is 3 days after I needed to have the money but at least I FINALLY have a direct deposit date.
  • same here 2/12 date as of this am
  • ugh.......still no change for me!!
  • I was accepted 1/28 I just received my second bar this morning. I have a dd date of 2/12.
  • I was accepted 1/28, I received my dd date of 2/12.  Do you think we will get the refund earlier?
  • Mine has been accepted also. With a dd "by" 2-12. I'm really hoping it'll be before that tho!! (Like last year)
  • I am really hoping i see a change in the morning since I file on the 25th and turbo tax says it was accepted the 28 but i know that is not correct since i talked to the irs.  If I don't see an update by monday i an afraid it will be next week before i see mine.......
  • Guys you should read this....looks like there may a bug with some of our tax returns that were submitted 1/26-1/28
  • well still no change for me as of this morning 2/9
  • ive abt had it with the irs...just give me my money
  • Any changes anyone? Still in approved status with a ddd of 2/12.
  • I was giving 21 days from today date to received my refund and I sent my tax off on Feb 7th
Ok everyone....let me do the best I can to calm everyone's nerves a bit. Whether you use TaxAct, TurboTax, or any other means all of this information below pertains to you. So here it goes...

If you filed "early" and received notification that you refund was "accepted" by the IRS then sit back, relax, and know it is coming soon. Here is what the IRS does. Actual movement of your approved return didnt begin until yesterday, Jan. 31st. However, to test the strength of their anti-fraud systems, the government DID go ahead and process a few thousand returns prior to the opening date of Jan. 31st. This DOES NOT mean your return will be sent early, but it DOES mean that you will be one of he first to receice your refund. The IRS is working seven days a week to begin the tax season, and the first day that refunds will go out is Wednesday, February 5th. Now...does that mean that in Feb. 5th you will wake up and have your return? No. Last year I actually got it a few days BEFORE. The IRS had sent my refund electronically to my bank on Monday morning...authorized it to be given on that Wednesday, but my bank went ahead and just processed it on that Monday, instead. sum up...if you have already received the approvsl from the IRS please know ITS COMING. And dont rely too much on the "Wheres My Refund" page to determine status...often times it is delayed and not accurate. Hope this helps!!
  • Thank you this was really helpful
  • if the wheres my refund tool says accepted does that mean they received it or does that mean theres nothing wrong with it and they've accepted it, and what are the different stages on the status bar and what do they mean?
  • My status went from accepted and one orange bar back to processing what does that indicate? I was accepted 1/26/14 originally
  • The irs updates there system every 24 hours so it may be slow with updates
  • Awesome answer Mike! Thanks for the advice!
  • Nice answer Mike.. ty
  • Thanks, very helpful!
  • Thanks Mike this truly helps to ease the tension of not knowing. Be well! =)
  • takes about 6 working days ...last year i filed on a thursday night and was in my bank account the following long as you don't have issues it will be prompt
  • bsowen is that 6 calendar days or business days that you are referencing? I guess it really doesn't matter at this point like Mike said it is on the way. Hopefully by the 5th or at least the 7th!
  • 6 business days but i already been approved for federal 2 hours ago so my money should be in there by next  friday ...irs must be working 7 days a week
  • H&R block is telling me the irs excepted my return on the 29th but the wheres my refund tool says It has no information on my refund I must wait 24 hoes after recieving an acknowledgment email which I never recieve at all from the irs only H&R block
  • Mine shows for dd on 2/6 hope everyone else gets theres approved soon. This is straight from wmr on irs website. Hopefully comes early like last year
  • Approved...2/6 is the dd date!!!
  • The ones that saying approved what date did y'all get accepted?
  • From what I've seen people that got accepted between 1/24-1/28 got a date of 2/6
  • Falsetto I was accepted on the 28th at 2:33pm according to turbo tax. I also have the  by 2/6 date. Stalking my bank account now starts :)
  • seems to be different for everyone. I was approved on the 26th but i only have one status bar still filled in on WMR and nothing has changed. Grrrrr...
  • Okay everyone, my return was accepted on January 26th and yesterday my refund change to approved over night and had given me a date of Febuary 6Th for the refund to be deposited to my acct. But last year they gave me a date and it was in my acct a few days(one or two) early.

    Good luck everyone!
  • I was accepted on the 27th and it still says accepted on the wmr bar
  • Hello everyone I just reeived the same upate so the wait is finally over and we can now patiently wait for the deposit to take place. I am happy for those of you who was finally updated with good news. The struggle is soon to past and our refunds will be in our accounts. Amen and thank God! =)
  • Thanks mattgrandy144 mine say the same thing!
  • @Mike and constance-I was accepted on Jan 30,and I have one bar too!I wonder if its slow updating or what?It bothers me that everyone else but a few that ive seen have direct deposit dates!Hopefully tmrw!
  • I received an acceptance date of 01/28 and nothing has updated yet.  I received an acceptance from my state on 01/26, approved 01/28 and it was in my bank yesterday, 02/01
  • Correction, 02/01
  • I received acceptance date of 01/28 and as of today when I checked "Where's My Refund" through the IRS it now reads "Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 6, 2014." From what I have seen of receiving monthly checks from the government for the past year and a half they do direct deposits 2 business days (if there are holidays or weekends in-between they will send sooner, example due date falls on  Monday and the Friday before is a holiday they will send it to your bank on Wednesday) before the date you are to have it (date promised).  I did have an Ace Elite card and received my money by noon on the day it was sent out, not having to wait till promised date. I now have Bluebird as of this month, the date for my deposit is set for Monday and I received it yesterday. ***AGAIN*** ALL INFORMATION I AM GIVING YOU AFTER QUOTED INFO IS ON MONTHLY CHECKS NOT ON TAX REFUNDS*** I am just assuming it will be close to the same. I will let you all know when I actually get it, knowing last year I kept looking for someone to comeback with an answer and never did!!
  • Mine was accepted 1/24. I've never had a problem with the irs. Haven't gotten dd yet. But the acceptance confirms it's on it's way right?
  • Mine was accepted 1/29... my WMR doesn't give any specific return date
  • Mine was accepted 1/29. Still no dd date
  • I filed on 1/27, was accepted on 1/29, and have a dd date of "by February 6th."
  • I filed on 1/27, was accepted on 1/29, and have a dd date of "by" February 6th.
  • I received an acceptance notification on 1/ long until I should receive a DD date?  When should I get nervous?
  • I am wondering the same thing by bfs was accepted the 24th of Jan and mine the 27th should i be worried about there being something wrong? because I dont have the DDD like everyone else seems to have im nervous
  • Really ,my said for the state refund approved for 2/1/14 I hope it's there by Tuesday
  • I got accepted on the 24th still no ddd I wonder why
  • My friend got accepted on the 30 no ddd
  • I got accepted on the 24th and no ddd either.  My friend was accepted on the 26th and has a ddd already!
  • Did anyone have a update on wmf last night? I was accepted 1/30 and wmf still says processing... maybe Tuesday?
  • I was accepted 31st and still nothing.  I'm wondering if they are having difficulties updating WMR. Anyone else accepted the 31st and still nothing?
  • I was accepted on the 24th....still no DD DATE???????really,  whats going on,  why do people who filed after us have a DD already
  • I'm in the same boat. Accepted 1/25 & no DD yet.... :(
  • Mine was on the 28th still no dd date
  • Accepted 1/30 no dd yet. Ive read that if was accepted by 1/31 ur dd will be 2/5 anyone else familiar with this
  • My return was accepted 1/24 and I do not have a DD yet either.  This happened last year to me.  Many people that filed AFTER me got their refunds and I was still waiting.  Who really knows how they are picking people?
  • I call the irs they couldn't give me a transcript for this year neither
  • i also called the irs, because when i went to check my transcript after filling in all the requested info t said the info i inputted did not match the current tax return on file, does this mean maybe i will get a dd tomorrow?
  • I had the same issue. Someone please let us know what this means
  • I had the same issue called spoke with someone and he said there was no transcript yet for this year....mine was accepted on the 27th he said it was received the 28th and no DDD yet hopefully this week sometime.
  • My anxiety is through the roof. The same thing with me. My taxes were accepted 1/29 STILL no DDD... What's up with that??
  • Same thing for me! TT accepted the 30th and only one bar on WMR. Not sure what is going on?!
  • Same here. I did mines and my nephew taxes 1/27 , both accepted 1/29, he has a ddd 2/6... im still on the 1st bar on wmr and cant order transcripts
  • Mines were accepted 1/27 but its still on the first bar, my daughter was accepted on 1/30 and her DD is 2/6. Stressed to say the least!
  • Me too, mines was accepted 1/24. My sister's was accepted 1/26, she has DD date of 2/6, she went through Jackson Hewitt
  • I did mine on 1/24 accepted 1/28 and still no ddd... This waiting is killing me!!
  • I heard the same thing!!!! Still no date for me tho! Good luck
  • I filed on the 29th accepted on the 30th havent been approved yet.
  • I was accepted on the 24th and I still don't have a DD yet either.
  • I filed on the 30th & IRS accepted 31st..still in processing with no actual date in sight..does anyone else have similar issue but have a Due Date??
  • I e-filed with TT onJan 25th,was accepted by the IRS on 1/28 and on WMR im still on the 1st orange bar with no DD yet. I tried setting up a profile to get my transcripts and it says the info i entered doesnt match up with hoping i get mine on the 6th too
  • Last year I filed 1/26& it was accepted1/27 but I didnt get it in the bank until 2/ based on years prior using TurboTax & direct deposit took 8-9 days from accepted by the IRS to post in bank..based on the past 2 years of this if there are no issues I should receive it at the bank by 2/8 or 2/9..I pray you all get yours ASAP as well..please keep me up to date for those who filed & were accepted 1/30 to 2/4 bc this will give me a date range for mine until IRS post their exact Due Date for me..thanks
  • This year I filed on 1/30 & it was accepted 1/31 but its still processing...
  • Ive used TT since 2007 and i usually get my refund btwn 7-10 days after being accepted. I hope the same is true this year. Im really trying not be anxious and just give it to GOD!
  • Me too I was accepted the 31st but still no dd. I just hope this is year is not like last year,
  • Nothing for me either
  • Amen
  • Lele0524. Mine is the exact same way. It's the first time I have ever used Tt so I am just a bit nervous.
  • If they were going to deny/reject it then it would be done when it is initially transmitted BEFORE they post it as accepted.  Otherwise they will amend it themselves and send you  letter of explanation.
  • If my status changes in any way I will inform you guys so please do the same in return..God Bless & hold your head..
  • Yah, my taxes were filed via TT online on 01/26/2014 and Federal was accepted on 01/28/2014 (as of 02/04/2014 no DD and on the IRS page it only shows accepted, NOT showing approved yet), State was accepted on 02/01/2014 (already processed but no DD).  I preferred it when they gave us a date table to go by instead of wondering.
  • Just spoke to a rep at the Ohio taxation dept.  He said if there is ever an offset needed that those offset amounts are usually done on Wednesday nights to transfer those funds to the Attorney Generals office for the offset payment.  Then between that Thursday evening and Fri, payment processing/deposit/mails would be done for the remainder of the refund.  From that date it would be 2-7 business days based on how your bank recives and processes EFT transfers.  Hope this helps for Ohio residents and partial residents.
  • I still only have one bar on WMR but it's changed some. Before I was not able to see tax too 152, now I can and it says my refund is being processed so hopefully in the next day or so I will hear something? Anyone know if this is a good sign?
  • Recommendation... Call them!
  • i dont think by adding 4 days they mean early i think adding 4 days out which would be feb 10 and it says feb 6 no later then feb 11 so that makes more sense if anyone got there refund today i would love to know as im waiting as well and the size of the refund dosent matter unless your a millionaire :} mine was a lot bigger then my bf and hes is still waiting for a dd
  • @miryag1 will they notify you if there is an offset?  I would assume so, but still doesn't hurt to ask.
  • Just talked to Indiana Taxation dept rep and she said they aren't even showing anything on file that my taxes were submitted to them.  She said they usually see the submission at least within 48 hours from the time it was efiled.  If you are still showing no status update from pending then i sugegst contacting them to verify to see if you need to contact TT to resubmit it.
  • @jinxie4 - they will, but you can find out yourself by calling the Treasury Offset Hotline @(800) 304-3107. If that says you have an offset, you do..if not, then you certainly do not (with the caveat that it could change on a daily basis, but doesn't usually. Most offsets have already been sent to the IRS by now.
  • thanks!  going to call season is always so stressful!
  • Why is it stressful? You file, most of the stuff the program(s) do for you, and then you wait a week, maybe two. Im old enough to remember when you'd do your return, and it might be closer to March or April before you got a physical check mailed to you.
  • its still stressful!  I remember those days too, they were even more stressful!  LOL! I filed on the 16th this year, but it seems like every year the irs makes up more reason's to delay your refund or screw up the system...stressful...that and my job always takes a hit!  People think its our fault they can't do their taxes or get a refund!  Um...we sent your info, the rest is the feds, not us! lol!
  • What is met. Cuz I was accepted the 31 but don't have a date yet
  • What is wmr
  • I was accepted 30th still no ddd and 1 bar on wmr
  • I thought I would have a dd of feb 5th for being accepted 30th
  • Wmr: where's my refund. IRS website
  • mine was accepted on the 28th of January and I still have one status bar also with no DD date.  If everyone would go over Mike's reply again, I think it would help.  I wish I had been one of the lucky ones to get mine on the 6th of Feb. Never that lucky.
  • Accepted 28th and still no ddd.
  • I just talked to a rep at the IRS, she said that the IRS only processes returns on Wednesdays. I am confused though if that is true. I know that she works for the IRS, but if that is true than how have other people alread received dd dates. Tomorrow is the 5 and that is what the dd date says on the IRS web site. I dont know. I guess we well have to see.
  • What number did you dial and what prompts did you follow? I cant get pass the automated sytem
  • I totally have full 100 percent trust in Turbo Tax. I will never use anything else
  • A factor when trying to get a feel for how long you will have to bite your nails like the night before Christmas, I BELIEVE, has to do with complexity of your return. I KNOW from yearss past, like in January 2012, the government put into act (put back into act) a deduction. The IRS was not prepared, so if you qualified and filed for this, it took a bit longer to do your return because the IRS did not have software, which had to be designed then. To add, if you qualify for all of the child tax/care credits, have other forms added like mortgage interest, a 1099-t (School Tuition,) among others like EIC, etc, the IRS may still zoom through most returns only checking calculations, but it still takes a bit longer. Returns ARE also systematically pulled and thoroughly reviewed, much like pulling them out of a hat. The 1040 EZ'r will GENERALLY likely be seeing their returns sooner than me, but I'd rather have all of the write-offs to fatten my refund than get it back a couple days sooner. BTW, I usually get my refund before it budges from "ACCEPTED."
  • Has anybody actually got an APPROVED bar today 2/4?  I am beginning to believe that they only update the WMR once a week or the something happened to all of the returns that got accpeted on the 24th.  I called today when the WMR was down for a while and was told several different stories.  The first one was the it was technical because a lot of people were trying to call in, then I was told it maybe updating (which according to another rep the ONLY do at overnight, then she said evening).  The last rep who told me it maybe updating said that if you call in multiple times, that you could receive some incorrect information example like they do not have your refund, etc.  I am not calling back in until Thursday to see if the funds were actually sent to my bank.  If they only process or update on Wednesday that may start making sense.  Also do not call the IRS they will tell you nada they cannot see your return until it is past 21 days.  Good luck everybody, I know we all need money.  Please post if your status changed today.
  • In my experience with TT, WMR always updated on a Wednesday night with a refund date of Friday. I'm assuming the same thing this year. Filed on the 29th accepted on the 30th.
  • Yeah the irs only does direct deposits once a week. This past Sunday, Feb 2, is when people received the first ddd of 2/ other ddd's have been assigned since then. If you are not in the 2/6 group, I don't think you'll see your refund until next week. Patience is tough through this ordeal!
  • Last year I got my DD on Tuesday at I do not believe that its only Fridays. ..everyone needs to stop calling. ..I think tomorrow we will have good news....the reason its telling you that they don't have your refund is probably you're going and checking it too much...good luck everyone
  • I don't get all the clearly says on WMR home page that it updates once every 24 hours. It also says not to call until it has been 21 days.
  • Where's my refund
  • So if there were any problems they would have notified me??  I was accepted 2/29....but have no Dr as of today 2/5!  Don't mind waiting if nothing is wrong.
  • *dd not Dr....sorry
  • It is not true that if there were issues they would have let you know before it's accepted. Acceptance only means that there weren't any obvious issues. They will look at it more closely once it is accepted. If there are issues or concerns, they will send you a letter. Last year this happened to me. I pray that none of us have that issue this year.
  • I filed on 1/29 accepted th 30th, been checking wmr and sbbt every day. This morning i have a ddd of 2/10/14. I'm assuming this is the next ddd for those not getting it today. Fingers crossed for early deposits!
  • I have a dd date 2/6 but the money wasn't deposited today. Anyone know if it takes longer to be depositet
  • I was accepted on 01/23 and no DD yet. Not happy.
  • Mine was accepted jan 28 says that wmr dd date wtf??? I bank with Chase
  • i was accepted 01/26 and on 2/3/14 it said dd was gonna be today (2/6/14) still nothing yet. same on my boyfriends return; anyone know if there is a delay?
  • Accepted 1/26, DDD today (2/6), Santa Barbara Bank (Turbotax Bank) rec'd the refund in full today and is scheduled to send my portion tomorrow (2/7)
  • no due date for me either, accpeted 1/24, I talked to a rep and she asked if I had a 4 digit code and when I told her no, all I see if topic 152 at bottom, she said that is good that it is processing.  will wait and see if it updates this weekend.
  • I also got a DD date of Feb.10 as well.  I e-filed on Jan.29th and was accepted on Jan.30.  Hopefully everyone here will get their refund soon!


    Taxpayers please be aware that there has been a slight delay in IRS funding!


    If the IRS website indicates that your refund will be available February 6th, funds will not be available until February 7th due to the IRS releasing funds one day later than expected. Taxpayers expecting their refund on the 6th by direct deposit will now likely receive their refund on the 7th. Please be assured that Tax Products Group will disburse funds immediately as they are received from the IRS.
  • i was supposed to get my refund today 2-6 and......... received nothing yet
  • On the sbbt site
  • I was accepted 29th still no change
  • I was accepted on 1/27 the bar has not moved to second orange bar yet and no dd date any clue why
  • What is sbbt?
  • From what I am seeing, I think that message only relates to ppl who used the SBBT route because I have read of LOTS of ppl who had a DD date of today and received their money today - in every instance they had the IRS deposit money in their personal account directly because they paid for the fees up front.
  • And lots that didn't
  • That IMPORTANT INFORMATION only applies if you're having the fees deducted by SBBT.
  • Your wrong... IRS delay not SBBT dalay
  • IRS Direct Deposit day is today. But for those of us who had fees for filing taken out of the refund now have to wait for that bank to dd our refund because they were sent today. By past knowledge, usualy a day. One year I did wait till Monday.
  • Judging by the number of people getting their DD today, I'd say SBBT is posting that to keep people from bugging them.  I don't think the IRS has issued a statement of any delay.
  • Even people WITHOUT having fees taken out and going directly to bank has a delay! SBBT and other finance
    institutions do not post such information UNLESS they get it directly from
    the IRS. Read it carefully... IRS delay! Is it really that hard to believe? I called on the payment info
    line because I owe a small amount to IRS, the nice lady told me a secret....The IRS did not start PROCESSING returns returns until late in day on FEB.1st. Regardless of if you were accepted, you didnt get processed unless you
    were in the TEST batch. She stated there were TWO delays. Then we talked about our dogs and kids and how long her day has been. I was accepted on the 29th and still on first bar.
  • I don't think it really matters whose delay at this point (though I am on the wagon of SBBT causing the issues). The reason I think that is that is sure is awful strange that no other information such as this is listed anywhere else on the internet or other banking institutions. I mean, of course they are gonna blame it on IRS. Thing is, since the IRS is a government agency, they are compelled to make announcements such as this themselves and I have not seen anything. But like I said, it is what it is...whoever is at fault they are at fault but there is nothing that can be done about it really.
  • lol..yes, it's hard to believe it's an IRS delay when I can find absolutely nothing about it online and my bank knows nothing of it either.  The only VERIFIABLE information concerning a delay came from Turbo Tax.  The IRS was late transmitting the refunds Wednesday night.  The IRS has not issued a statement yet.  I have a feeling SBBT is covering their rears on this.  And, the fact that the IRS didn't start processing returns immediately was no big secret.  We've known that for at least a month or more.
  • I had no fees deducted from my return and still no money. I checked WMR and it said "There is a delay in processing your tax return and your expected refund date may have changed." Has anyone else had this message? I'm hoping I'll get my return this morning when my bank opens at 730am. Otherwise I'll have to call the IRS with the reference # and figure it out.
  • That sucks. Did you originally have an actual refund date before today on WMR and it change to this?
  • While it is for last year, this probably still applies since it is general information

Hi Chris

Once the IRS accepts your efile then your refund will be deposited between 10 to 21days.

Hope this was helpful,Bea

Thanks for choosing TT

  • thanks this was very helpful
  • Your very welcome. HAPPY TAX SEASON
  • Bea my refund.was accepted on the 28 why is the code 152 not showing.on mines like it on my friends. Does that mean.something is wrong been.aduit
  • Hi Sheshe49 I looked up code 152 and this simply states your refund options. Did you select direct deposit?
  • Should I worry if I submitted my return on 1/27 and I haven't heard anything yet? Others are getting accepted.
  • Yes but it don't have that at the bottom but has it on my friends
  • Yed
  • You can wait until the 31st to see if something changes

    OR yo can call the Refund Hotline at 800-829-1924. Provide the automated system with your Social Security number, the whole-dollar amount of the refund and your filing status. The automated system will update you with the status of your refund if that information is available.


    You can call 800-829-1040 and speak with an operator. Give the operator your Social Security number, filing status and refund amount
    Let me know what they advise you, Bea
  • is there going to be a delay for education credits and EIC credits, like last year?
  • According to the tax tables if your refund was sent and accepted before January 31 you will receive direct deposit on February 5, 2014
  • Turbo tax said that the IRS approved my tax return. went to the irs tool and it said that it was only received?
  • malibubabii22

    Where are you getting this information?
  • From turbo tax. I got a text from them saying that your refund was accepted by the IRS but when i check the "Where is my refund" tool from the IRS is just says processing.
  • thats the same message that im getting this is my first time filing electronically and its kind of stressful and confusing!
  • when i go on the irs website and go to wheres my refund it tells me to check back in 24 hours after i get confirmation that my taxes were accepted well i got a confirmation monday 1/27/2014 so yes im confused its beyond 24 hours
  • I think different people are interpreting
    the same info in different ways. Turbo tax has only advised that the IRS has successfully accepted some tax returns. TurboTax has not given anyone info that their return has been approved or deposit dates. The IRS does not open for business until 01/31/2014. The IRS has made a blanket or general statement on WMR TOOL that a return may have been accepted or is being processed. The IRS has not given any direct deposit dates to anyone. Hopefully when they open tomorrow their site will give more definitive info on deposit dates. Seems like people are going BONKERS over very general info ahead of time. Everyone is waiting and we shall see what happens when they officially kick off tax season on 01/31/2014...Good luck everybody!
  • Its my money and I want it NOW!! lol
  • Sooo funny!! I know how that can be. Just hold your horses, its coming. I really hope that the people who were accepted early gets their money first in line. I am one of them. My return was accepted in the 25th.
  • They accepted mines on 21st and anyone accepted by 30th should receive on 5th
  • That would be awesome, however did the IRS give you this date of the 5th? Im just thinking thats why so many people are frustrated and confused because of dates being thrown around when the "IRS" has not quoted any dates yet.
  • What I have is a projected date given to me by my mother who works at H & R block in another state. But guessing no matter state  should all be the same right. Remember they said projected no guarantee
  • The irs has a deposit schedule up. Just Google irs direct deposit schedule for 2014
  • Yes that is what I was talking about the tax table said if taxes were filed before 31 and u have direct deposit then u would have them back on February 5 like I originally said
  • That's what I'm going off of the tax table they have the whole 2014 Direct deposit schedule up
  • i am interested to see if anyones return will be deposited tonight at midnight anyone think thats a possible idea?
  • it would be awesome if they were deposited tonight!
  • anything is possible :) Good Luck to us all
  • i seen people posting that they were excepted early last year an they recieved there return on the 31 of january
  • accepted*
  • lol please hurry up
  • I can't wait ugh
  • It can take up to 72 hrs to show on WMR also if you look on the bottom right hand corner of that homepage it tells you the last time WMR was updated @ 1:35am est it still says Jan.2 last update
  • So if TurboTax says my refund was accepted does the IRS have to accept it too?
  • They have to approve it. Which is the 2nd step on WMR.
  • I don't remember my acceptance date last year...but Im 100% sure I got my deposit on 2/1/ that was only two days after the tax season initially began....
  • last year i got accepted on january 25th and received my money on january 31st.. i was on the test run last year too..
  • I was also accepted on the 24th and WMR online and over the phone states they have my refund but have not yet approved it. SBBT has an account created for me, but the funds have not yet been deposited by the IRS. If it doesn't change by 5pm today, I don't expect it to change until Monday.
  • Check it tomorrow they do two updates on Friday on at 5pm to 8 pm and one at midnight to 3am if you check status between those time it will say system is updating. Hopefully all of us will receive our funds soon much needed by all.
  • I hope so too!!!!  =)
  • will show you the schedule
  • Lol
  • I did receive a DD date for the 6th this morning!
  • So did I finally! =)
  • Seems like almost everyone that got accepted 1/24-1/28 has a DDD of Feb 6. I got accepted on the 1/30 so hopefully I know something by tomorrow, haha fingers crossed :)
  • I was accepted on the 26th but still no DDD :(
  • Accepted the 24th no ddd
  • me either no dod either.. :(
  • From what I understand it depends on the amount of your refund and larger refunds are taking longer to get dd dates.
  • My friend got accepted 20 minutes ahead of me and has a refund of over 6000 and mine is just a little over 1000 and she has her dd date already and I don't :/
  • That's not true.. my sis got way more than me like by 4000, and she received a dd already! Something is wrong.. Somebody is saying that it's a glitch in the system for the ones that have filed and got accepted on the 24th!! I don't know how true...
  • what glitch....where did you see this
  • Did my taxes on the 17th, accepted by the IRS on the 25th. Went on WMR and still on first bar (processing) as of 2pm 2/3/14. 8(
  • (Continued comment from above).......and my refund is only 1937.00. I do have education credits, but that shouldn't matter because many had the same and have a DD date for the 6th.
  • I have a question. I got accepted on 1/31. Why everytime I check WMR it says it has no information available about my refund or it says Im entering incorrect info?
  • Bea,

    Is that from the time they technically "accept" the return or once it is transmitted to them from TT and shows "accepted" via YOUR site?  Your information and the IRS information is a bit different so can you please clarify?  I am wondering because your site shows my federal and OHIO were accepted but on their sites it shows that they have only received them (well OHIO later updated to being in process of payment however federal STILL has NOT been accepted as your site suggests).  Is this just a technicality of theirs?
  • I was accepted on 1/24 ... WMR and the WMR call center says its still processing and no DD yet... What is going on?
  • I was accepted on 1/25 and still no further updates. Anyone with itemized deductions of charity, mortgage interest,  and child credit been approved and ddd yet?
  • You are impatient? Good grief-they aren't sending a text. Millions of tax returns and calculations are happening. Some people will get theirs before others. It used to take months, now it takes days.
  • The it's refund table says anyone accepted before 31st direct deposit date is 2/5 and paper check mailed on 2/7.....THAT'S why a lot are mad!
  • It says anyone APPROVED, not just accepted.
  • I was approved this morning with a ddd of 2/10. I filed on 1/30 and was accepted on 1/30.


    Taxpayers please be aware that there has been a slight delay in IRS funding!


    If the IRS website indicates that your refund will be available February 6th, funds will not be available until February 7th due to the IRS releasing funds one day later than expected. Taxpayers expecting their refund on the 6th by direct deposit will now likely receive their refund on the 7th. Please be assured that Tax Products Group will disburse funds immediately as they are received from the IRS.

I found this posted around this board and I think it helps everyone with the question of when they should expect their money: 

***** How WMR Really Works *****

Here is a little light about how the WMR updates work as far as the BAR goes. (The tax topics are updated instantly if you have problem with your return such as offsets, errors, reviews, audits, etc) 

1st. Bar – Updates as soon as the IRS Acknowledges your Return 

2nd Bar Updates when DDD has not only been approved but your bank has been notified of an upcoming ACH tracking number and receipt number and amount to be deposited ( DDD = =latest possible date for you to withdrawal money from your bank) 

3rd Bar updates a few days after themoney hits your bank, and the IRS has received ACH receipt from your bank. These statuses are not real time about the money like I mentioned. 

Look more about if you have a Tax Topic other than 152 at this point, if you only see Tax Topic 152 then get some rest, you are approved and your money will hit the bank around the same time you get that 2nd bar (1 or 2 days later at the most if you have SBBT as a middle-man) even then your money will be to you before the DDD says! 

Thats how it has always happened for not only my return, but the other 20 returns I file for others also. You will beat yourself up over this stuff for no reason. its not worth it. Quit locking yourself out of WMR you are more updated with statuses from your bank and SBBT than you will be with WMR’s progress bar. Mainly watch for your Tax Topic to change from 152 – if that happens it will mean a problem, but if you were in the test batch you would have already noticed that change by now.

  • Best comment ive seen on Tt a.d ive been reading these posts almost everyday for the past week. Thanks cverosky!
  • I know everyone is really wanting to get their money as soon as possible, but the fact remains that the IRS is currently processing hundreds of thousands of tax returns. Remember, there are quite a few Americans that are required to file tax return.

    If you want another work around: Create a IRS Account and search for Order Transcripts, there you can see if you 2013 tax return has been processed and approved probably before the WMR Bar is updated. Once you verify you are who you say you are, you have access to your transcripts from years past. If it show a record of no-filing for 2013, then you return is still in the pipeline waiting to get final approval.
  • Thank you CVEROSK8)Y extremely helpful information provided.
  • @tgrfan1 -- Nearly half of everyone on here is like you, only has one bar on the WMR meter, has been accepted, has tax topic 152, and wondering what the heck they have not been approved and waiting this week for the $$$. To add further insult, you are seeing others, similar to your same tax situation already approved and ready to get $$$, I am in the same boat, I personally submitted by tax return (using deluxe) on 1/26, approved on 1/28, amount around $2100 expected to be refunded with credits only coming from extra withholding I took at work and mortgage interest / property taxes, etc.

    IMHO, I would say you are fine. In terms of your federal tax return, think of the following: Imagine Turbo Tax and all the other tax service providers taking all the returns in this January, probably millions upon millions, then all the sudden in the last week in essence "dumping" it on the IRS.   Not Only that, put imagine at the same all US Corporations and Businesses sending in W-3s (how they report your income) and 1099s, all financial institutions sending out interest paid, Health Savings Accounts, Colleges, etc...........  Right now, the IRS is getting flooded with all this information.

    So be patience, wait a day or two and check the status. In terms of your state, they usually are not exclusive. All LA is worried about is their portion of your paycheck.
  • I'm wondering the same thing.  I got accepted on the 24th still showing that bar and topic 152 shows up below it.  My transcript is showing a star as non filed??  Not sure what all of this means.
  • @ mistymccorvey1 - I still have the star to as well, it simply means that the tax return for 2013 has not been approved. The transcripts are the approved acceptance of your return as is (meaning the IRS agrees with your figures), so they will not put anything on their that they have not approved.

    I recommend checking the WMR tool once every morning when you wake up to see what is going on. If nothing has chance by Friday, then I would start reaching out to IRS to figure out what is going on.
  • I was accepted by the irs on the 29th, with one bar and tax topic 152. Then in Sunday morning when I check it now only says I must wait 4 weeks after mailing my return to check. I filed electronically! Is something wrong?!
  • Do they update their info every night, because I have read where they only do it once a week?  All of this is crazy.
  • mjjw18- Does is say this... We cannot provide any information about your refund.
    Please allow at least 4 weeks from the date you mailed your return to get information about your refund.
    this is what mine says and says Tax Topic 152.....
  • Yes that's what it says and give a phone number. When I call the number (like it says) they tell me they have no idea what I'm talking about
  • no topic 152 does not mean there is a problem. they give that to every one who is still processing mine said it as well now i have a dd date of the 6th
  • 152 doesnt mean theres a problem its just explaing the form of payment you want to receive
  • Mine did not say tax topic 152 last night but today it does. Is that a good sign?
  • If it says that it cannot provide any information or it doesn't match that means you're checking it too many times. Everything is fine...
  • What does the 152 mean. I do not see it anywhere
  • 152 is just a topic that shows up on the WMR that explains your direct deposit options.  Check back after tomorrow, i think that it is only updating once a week.  From what I have been reading and hearing nobody has received a DDD since Sunday.  My friend works at a tax office and they were told that refunds can be any day between Monday and Friday.  Also was told not to rely on WMR too much, if you check into it a lot you can receive incorrect information example you checked it and your return was accepted, check again and they cannot find it.  Some people actually have their refund before the whole process shows up.  The WMR has been down at least 3 times today and the IRS cannot give an answer as to why, technical problems, updates.  Just wait until tomorrow afternoon.
  • Thanks svorsky guy.. Very helpful best I've read also... Better than tt reps...
  • I actually feel a lil more comfortable now...
  • I have NO bar and it says it's still being processed with topic 152 below it, is there something wrong? I did add a new dependent to this years tax return. That was my only change. But the child had been claimed before, just not last year.
  • I also deduct an extra $25 per week from my federal thru the year, so my refund is larger than it should be if I had not done that. But I do that every year.
  • @aparks0709 - Why in the world would you do that? Let the government borrow money interest free? If you have the discipline to do that, why not put the $25 a week in like a mutual fund or other account that draws interest? Even a little bit is better than what you are doing, plus you get the added benefit of the government holding onto your money.
  • That's the thing, I don't have the discipline to do it naturally, I will spend it or withdraw it early thru the year if it is sitting somewhere that I have access to it! It's always worked for me! And I know I will always get it back! So I just do it... probably not logical but I don't know any  other way to save and not be able to touch it!
  • I understand where you are coming from, but just wanted to point out that there are plenty of bank products that can be automatically deducted like that...I would check into don't wanna give the govt more money to hold on to than they need. With the way they spend money, one day you might not get it back!
  • I have check my email this afternoon and notice I have over 150+ responses to the original question, from what I am briefly reading is that people are worry about not getting approved. however, to help everyone, I found another tidbit of information.

    The person (not me) who posted this earlier actually spoke to an IRS agent this morning (2/5/14)  and got the following:

    Per IRS rep: NOONE HAS SEEN A DEPOSIT!!! The only people that are getting a deposit on 2/6 are those that were chosen as part of the test batch. If you did not receive a dd then your tax refund went along with everyone else's on 1/31 the first day of tax season. WMR is constantly down but people should start seeing updates between now and Friday. Starting next week deposits will be made Monday-Friday. If you have a dd date of 2/6 then you will get your money. This is what was told to me this morning hope it helps.

    As I stated before, everyone needs to have patience. I know that we all would enjoy the money; however, it seems everyone is getting worked up for no reason. I think by Monday of next week we will see progress.
  • Also, another tidbit of personal advice. I work in the HR department as a HR generalist and the payroll we do in done in house by a group of accountants. The W-3s (in essence, a copy of W-2s that the employer turns in) are usually not due till the end of THIS month.

    Furthermore, do you truly believe that all companies comply with that deadline? Companies, like other citizens, either don't file or file late!

    So, how is IRS verifying your tax return when most of the data it needs (w-2 statements from employers, bank interest statements, mortgage service statements, college loan interest statements, etc etc etc) is probably not even there yet? It only uses the data it has on hand to verify and flags if something is wrong. Alot of times, you will receive notices later in the year once all data is enter to notify you of errors.

    So everyone PLEASE relax! Dont worry if Tax Topic 152 appears or disappears or the bar is stuck at one or
    you wont get it because you applied for a credit. Remember, we are talking about the government here, and will the IRS has made strides to improve the overall process, they are no where close to being 100% efficient.
  • I have a question... I filed early, and used my total gross earnings instead of my taxable earnings (dumb I know). So I stated while filing taxes that I made about $2000 more than what my W-2 says. Will the IRS reject it? I know I need to ammed.
  • I should definitely try something different, you could be right I may never get it back! lol
  • Fore everyone who has not gotten a refund yet or a DDD Date, if you go over to or better yet their facebook page, you will see alot of people who got accepted on 1/26-1/30 and have not made it pass the 1st bar!
  • Thanks great info
  • What's this tax topic 152 everyone's talking about and where do I find it??
  • Hey, quick question. I had two jobs in 2013, only about 5 weeks each on them. I claimed two allowances when filling out the paper work for both jobs, one because at the time I only had one part time job (they were not overlapping jobs,) and two because no one can claim me as a dependent. (Something like that) And when I e-filed my returns, I believe it says that I claimed one allowance. Will this cause any problems for me? I used turbo tax so they should have checked for errors, no? Also, somehow the website got me two different credits. For a total refund of 540$ which is much more than I expected. I e-filed it on 1/31 and it is still on the first bar, refund received. Please any response will help me.
  • how accurate is this chart?
  • im starting to believe the IRS is the ONLY accurate source for valid info!
  • I don't think they use a refund chart anymore. So I wouldn't base anything off that.
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    OK, February 1 is the very earliest you could get your money from the IRS.

    Common questions
    Why do some refunds take longer than others?
    What's the earliest I can get my money?
    How can I track my refund?
    Updates from the IRS
    Important details about refunds in 2013

    I just got this email like 2 mins ago..wanted to share with you guys!
  • Hi

    Im not sure if they use a chart but I just recieved an email a few mins ago from TT telling me to track my refund. It said I could get it on 02012014..I cant sign into WMR so Im thinking that maybe the IRS system is updating to possibly send out the refunds for early filers. Got my fingers crossed!
  • If you go on the TT refund tracker, it says same for me too. So I am assuming some deposits will be made tomorrow, I hope!!!
  • Yes. Im just now getting access to the TT tracker tool. I think the IRS has cranked up their system finally.
  • I sure hope so. If TT is saying tomorrow is the earliest, then, idk lol maybe since they got  rid of the cycle charts, they are just gonna drop deposits randomly, so identity thieves won't know refunds should be going out. I don't see why a TT tool would say hey, the earliest the moneys gonna come is tomorrow.
  • Yes. I have heard alot about identity theft with tax returns. If so, that great to throw off the crooks. Its a shame that people can work all year and expect to get a refund only to have it stolen. People are struggling to make it. Besides it would take the IRS forever to reissue funds that was stolen in that manner. Praying that it comes tomorrow for everyone involved.
  • Me too. I understand they have to take certain measures to protect against it. But on the other hand, they're killing people with anxiety. This is my first year filing so I know I have to take what everyone says with a grain of salt and not believe everything I can find on the internet. I just hope they are able to get some refunds out soon. I was accepted early and still have no clue if that is going to be in my advantage or not. But I got accepted, so that's one less bump in the road I guess.
  • Did anyone get their refund or dd date yet?
  • Not me I was wondering the same thing if anyone got a date yet even
  • I know I'm really impatient waiting here. Lol
  • I filed on 1/27, was accepted on 1/29, and have a dd date of "by" February 6th.
  • Same here. Received my date on Saturday (2/1/2014) and it says I will receive my refund "by" Feb. 6th. When I spoke with my bank they said that what they have noticed is that refunds are starting to get deposited now (2/3/2014) but the IRS has dated them for the 6th so that is when the bank is releasing the funds. Not sure how true this will stand for others but I have had the same credit union for 20 years and they have NEVER told me incorrect information. However, keep in mind, ALL banks are different. Just because that is when MY bank is releasing the funds does not mean that is when ALL banks are releasing the funds! :-)

turbo tax sent me a confirmation email saying my returns were accepted on jan 29. but the irs where's my refund says it has received my return but not approved. how is this so?

  • Accepted means the IRS has accepted and now has your tax return. After it is reviewed by the IRS for errors and if none are found, it will then move to approved.
  • not to be annoying but do you know about how long that takes...seeing as I was accepted early?
  • I don't think anyone has went past accepted. I was accepted on the 26th, no updates as far as I can see.
  • well that's good and bad! ill check again overnight and give you guys an update
  • Well it's only opening day, regardless of anyone who got accepted early. I am expecting some answers by Monday morning, I would think. Patience!!! I will also update if anything changes.
  • I have filed with Turbo Tax for 7 years now, and typically it updates from accepted to approved with 48 hoirs of processing. Not counting weekends of course. But since we were accepted early, I was hoping for sooner.  :)
  • Just checked.WMR and my refund hasn't been approved yet.  I dont expect any changes until Monday at this point....
  • I was accepted 1/26/14 haven't been approved yet
  • lol  Sad, but true
  • Lol but it's fine they gotta give it to us eventually. They accepted us early just to see how outrage we going to act.
  • Where do you go to see if you have been approved or accepted or whatever?
  • Log on the TT website. If you submitted your return, there should be a status by your federal and state.
  • Mmm thanks but I e filed tonight with a local spot. I came across this site looking for answers. My spot said the IRS is telling them not to give estimate date of refund. Didn't like hearing that
  • I am thinking we are not gonna get the answers we are all looking for. I just wonder why Turbo Tax says the earliest to expect my refund is tomorrow. This is all so new to me, first time going through this, it's stressful lol
  • It is ugh well thanks for the feed back keep us posted
  • I normally file around this time every year and I  get it back on like the 13th or either 14th of feb.
  • If you look at the chart from TT that shows the earliest we can get our refund is tomorrow, Sundays are also highlighted. I seriously doubt money will be deposited on the weekend, but fingers crossed the money will be in my bank account in the morning.
  • Please keep us posted!
  • Well that seems more realistic. I can live with that hoping for at least the state next week?
  • I sure hope we all see some cash soon. Wonder if the early acceptance means an earlier refund. I'm due to have my daughter the 13th, really hoping that money comes before she does. I am probably one of the most impatient people you could find lol but people gotta realize they opened today, and as much as we'd all like some answers or money, to just give it time. Anyone know if they'll work through the weekend since they opened on a Friday?
  • We files on the 18th in California and got our state back on the 23rd our federal was accepted on the 26th ,haven't heard much yet but we do have a Santa Barbara account set up. So we could sit and ponder lol
  • The IRS is working Saturdays and sundays Msimms
  • Ty
  • I filed on the 27th not expecting it to do anything until the 31st but on the next day (the28th) I got an email saying it was accepted and the irs website says it's been received. All I got from turbo tax who I filed with was to expect my return by feb. 30th but an irs website cycle chart I found said I could receive it as early as the fifth.  I'm planning on relocating with my refund so I need a definite date if that's possible.  If anyone gets to the refund approved status please post.
  • Yes let us know if anyone's refund gets approved!!
  • According to the IRS most refunds are deposited on wen. And Thursdays the bank processing refunds can take two to three days to clear.  The IRS websites say the 5 th and the 13 th as refund dates. The early acceptance is just the IRS saying they have your refund and it is now being processed but no refunds will start to be processed until the 30 th of January.  Which means are taxes are sitting in a pile to be processed through.  There first drop date is stayed as the 5 th which will be for those refunds approved and accepted prior to the 31 st of January !! I hope this helps you all out
  • Does any one know if you have to do state to get a federal refund?
  • I filed on the 14th and got accepted on the 24th.. I keep checking the WMR and the irs to go app and it keeps telling me it's being processed and to expect it  in less then 21 days with an estimated refund date of Feb. 20th.. idk what to think just want my money!!! Lol
  • I filed on the 19th and was accepted the 26th. Mine says the same thing...don't worry, if u went direct deposit u should have Ur $$ my the 5th..
  • Where does the IRS website say 5th and 13th as refund dates?? And @ nighcrystal2, I haven't heard of a single person getting it yet.
  • I filed on the 31st later that night it said it was accepted.  So what is my next step?
  • I filed with TurboTax on January 7th and the IRS accepted mine on January 24th. Mine says the samething as everyone else. It is estimated from now to the next 21 days but I will have it before February 21st. So I guess for the most part, we will all get paid the same day. The cycle chart says as long as you are accepted by 11am between January 24th and 31st direct deposits will be sent January 5th. So best guess is we will all have our money this week after Wednesday.
  • You wait lol sorry
  • Geez louise
  • I hate it too :/
  • @loren.johnson ..... it does say between 1-24 and 1-31 and I believe the 24th is the earliest any of us got accepted, so maybe there is some truth to it?
  • IDK if I trust that cycle chart but my return was accepted on the 27th so if I get my refund deposit on the 5th I will be one happy got-my-tax-refund-early-boy, lol.
  • So I got accepted on the 28th and turbo tax still shows accepted. I got a text saying it was and to check my email but I got no email and wheres my refund says I didn'tenter my info correctly.. in other words they cant find me.. anyone else have this happen?
  • Yea that happened to me too but I did get a email and a text...but wen i check wmr i get that same problem that u gettn...
  • I filed on January 24. Got accepted on January 28. Yesterday I got on email from turbotax saying to login to there website to see my refund date. All I get is a highlighted calendar February 1-20. Estimated refund dates. I have direct deposit. Wonder when I'm going to receive my refund .
  • Yeah mine got accepted on the 29th so hopefully I will get mine direct deposit on the 5th no later than the 10th of February!  Lol I'll keep y'all posted!
  • accepted means irs is reviewing and looking over tax return
  • The earliest DDD is the 6th. That's when the first 'cycle' is. But, it says "by" the 6th...not "on" the 6th. SO, it could be sooner. As for me, filed with TT 1/17/2014, Accepted by IRS on 1/28/2014, Approved by IRS on 2/1/2014 with a DDD "by" 2/6/2014
  • I think the Irs is just having more hiccups!! This might be the reason it's conflicting reports. There isnt any chart for this year. We have to ride this thing out! Its never been perfect as you all know. Hope for the best but expect the worst that way anything in between will elate you
  •  this one says something different
  • that is for 2010-2011 every year is differant
  • Haha the IRS is totally trolling us.
  • Haha the IRS is totally trolling us.
  • They work 7 days a week for the first 2 months to care for back log and then after that they dwindle off
  • My taxes were accepted on the29th I'm married but filed separately my wife's were accepted on the 28th her refund has been approved and is scheduled to be deposited tomorrow on the 6th my refund is yet to be approved.
  • mine said were supposed to be deposited by the 6th as well (I filed by the 20th). Well today is the 6th and no refund!! Ive never had a year where it is not in there by the date they give me. I then go to and get an error message when trying to recheck (technical issues it says) so I call the 800 number and it says due to a brief technical issue they cannot answer my call at this time. I recheck yet again and works now and date still says the 6th. Anyone know whats going on?????
  • Is the tax prep fee coming out of yr refund?
  • Yes the dd amount that TT charges and the amount for my state
  • My federal return got accepted on Feb. 1st 2014. Checked on WMR, and says still processing...
  • my return was accepted on the 28th  it was was showing on the first bar but now i see no bar it just says still processing
    and no refund date available  started to worry it has never taken the full 21 days has anyone  still in the almost 21 days status or just me please help started to worry thinking that i might be audited
  • I was accepted on 1/30/2014 and still under processing. A few people that had the same issue were updated us!!!

I just got to Refund Approved this morning.

Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by Febuary 6, 2014.

If your refund is not credited to your account by Febuary 11, 2014, check with your bank to see if it was received

Exact wording from Where's my refund page. Good luck guys :)

  • Thanks when was yours accepted?
  • When did you file your taxes I filled January 28 still no updates
  • you filed 1/28, but when did you get accepted?
  • I filed 1/24 got accepted on 1/28 at 2:33 pm according to turbo tax email.
  • I was accepted the 29 so was daughter ten minutes later than me I got no update she has a dd date of by February 6
  • accepted 27th approved for the 6th
  • I was accepted on the 26th and had my DD for 2/6 this morning
  • I was accepted on the 24th and still no response why? I am afraid that something could be wrong?
  • Did my taxes on the 17th, accepted by the IRS on the 25th. Went on WMR and still on first bar (processing) as of 2pm 2/3/14and my refund is only 1937.00.  I do have education credits, but that shouldn't matter because many had the same and have a DD date for the 6th.
  • Did anyone receive there's today? My DD was 02.06.14 but I have not received it.
  • So was mine.  I didn't get it either.
  • I didn't get mine either
  • Mines said the 6th as well and nothing :(
  • Nothing here either maybe midnight tonight?
  • Me either.  My coworker recieved hers today though.
  • Mine also said I would receive it today, but I haven't gotten it.
  • Mine went thru to turbo taxes bank Santa Barbra and now I'm waiting for them to send it to my bank you can check if they have reccived it by going to sbbtral and enter your social and tax info hope this helps
  • Mine is exactly the same as this and I haven't received a thing it has said the sixth for over a week and today is the 6th yet nothing has been updated or sent to my bank or SBBT I am really beginning to get concerned! Don't know what is going on.


    Taxpayers please be aware that there has been a slight delay in IRS funding!


    If the IRS website indicates that your refund will be available February 6th, funds will not be available until February 7th due to the IRS releasing funds one day later than expected. Taxpayers expecting their refund on the 6th by direct deposit will now likely receive their refund on the 7th. Please be assured that Tax Products Group will disburse funds immediately as they are received from the IRS.
  • Cin19, do you work for Tax Products Group?
  • No, I do taxes. I found this on their site
  • It would probably be more helpful if you posted the actual link from where you received this information.
  • That works...just saying I know how ppl are on the site and they are not gonna believe it unless it comes straight from the horses mouth so to speak. Not sure why it seems to have upset you that I mentioned it.
  • :) sorry no not upset , I meant "happy" being coy, sorry

I know the Where's My Refund option on can be frustrating. Despite what it says, it is NOT updated regularly. I know this because last year I received my return by direct deposit before Where's My Refund status was changed to "SENT". Check your account daily. Also, if you filed electronically through TurboTax, you can use this link to check your refund. It works the same as Where's My Refund EXCEPT, it's the bank that the money is sent to before being transferred to your account via direct other words...the go between. This is the additional charge of $29.99 that comes out of your return. Anyway, the bank updates as soon as they receive the funds from the IRS. Hope this is helpful!

  • Same thing happened to me last year.
  • Just so we are not giving incorrect information here. Isn't that only if you signed up to have TT take the return fee out of your return? And/Or are getting money deposited on the NetSpend card? I would not imagine that those of us that paid up front for the return fee and are getting the money directly deposited to our accounts would go through SBBT. In fact, I am almost sure of it.
  • If you paid upfront and no fees are coming out you will no go through SBBT. I don't have any fees being taken and have a DDD of 02/06, according to WMR, but I still have nothing.
  • That site don't work I get a error service application crap
  • Same thing happened to me

I got approved and date for Feb. 6 . Last year it was deposit on the day they gave.

  • Last year mine was also deposited on the date they gave.
  • me too.
  • me 2 now that im looking over my bank statements!! i dont know why I get caught up with all this extra crap..
  • LOL SexyBritt!! I'm doing the same thing too- I have one teeny offset apparently according to the offset department, and so I'm freaking out because our DD date is supposed to be tomorrow. Does that mean they SEND the DD tomorrow or it should be in the account tomorrow (2/6)???????????
  • Did anyone receive there's today? My DD was 02.06.14 but I have not received it.
  • I wonder if they do direct deposits all day?
  • I haven't received mine.  I went through SBBT for the whole deduct fees thing, called them and they said they haven't received it yet.
  • I just checked SBBT and they recieved it and says that it will be disbursed the next business day.
  • Neither have I.... what time will we get it?
  • The next business day after today would be tomorrow.
I was accepted on 1/28 filed 1/25 and received a DDD 2/6 my Question is turbo tax using Santa Barbara bank this year?
  • me too and yes they are
  • For the first time ever I received a topic 151. Haven't done anything different then previous years we have eic and 1 child tax credit. I look on my transcripts and it says refund processed as just the amount of my federal then above it it shows the credits for each of the eic and child tax credit. By experience is the irs just reviewing and hanging up my eic and tax credit and will refund my federal amount since it shows as processed?
  • if you look up topic 151 on the irs web, it is your appeal rights. It basically means that you had a judgement on you that they have taken. meaning you were offset.
  • Atleast that is what I read. I had this also last year. At the time I did not know what ir ment either. Then I had realized that my taxes were offset for my student loans. Its basically money that you owe to a debt collector.
  • I do not know what tax topic 151 has anything to do with; however, if you are not sure if you have an offset or are worried about it, all you have to do is call the Treasury Offset Hotline @ (800) 304-3107 . It is a simple automated system and will tell you if you indeed have one. As someone who has in the past had an offset, I can say that if it says you do you do and there is nothing you can really do about it but if it says "As of today, no records were found..." then there is no offset. Hope that helps a little.
  • OK, I went to check WMR again and I did not have tax topic 151 and now I do, so I actually read it. I am not sure anyone has anything to worry about regarding that, it simply answers the question "How does a refund work?" essentially. It is just very basic information and since I did not have it before but now I do, I can only assume that it pops up maybe at a different point in the process, so if anything it is a sign that things are moving forward. I think the enormity of the amount of data the IRS receives at one time is lost on some people. This is a massive undertaking and we should all be glad that somehow the government has made it as efficient as it is. All things considered, it could be a LOT worse - anyone remember the days before e-File and DD? lol
  • it is now Tuesday the 4th....Received my State tax deposited in my bank this Morning...I'm in Ohio, but still no DD on Federal??????I was accepted on the 24th of January and the wwr site still is on first Bar????? anyone else in the same so much for filing early and getting accepted early???????  NOT
  • Is Ohio depositing refunds everyday?
  • not sure
  • Im not in ohio but indiana. Has anyone received their information about their state from Indiana. I filled on the 14 and was accepted on the 26. I still have only one bar. Only accepted for federal and still pending on state.
My return was accepted on 1/28/14 I just got a deposit date of 2/6/14 on Saturday when The system updated.  As soon as they send it to turbotax's bank and they take their fees I hope to get my refund by Friday at the latest but I'm not sure how long their bank will hold it before releasing it to me.
  • Im wondering the same thing
  • That is my question as well.  I also have a direct deposit date for the 6th.  I was hoping to find an answer to how long their bank takes to process the payment and deposit into our bank, but I have not seen anything on this yet.
  • You should see it in urban bank on the 6th. If your fee is being taken out you should see something tomorrow on sbbt.Hope this helps.
  • I haven't seen anything on the SBBT website yet as of 8:04 am CT on 2/5. Do they update later in the day or hasn't the IRS sent any refunds yet?
  • It's 10am EST on 2/6 and I haven't received my dd yet with dd date of 2/6.  Called SBBT and they haven't received mine yet.  I asked if they even received any IRS deposit today and they told me they couldn't give me that information.  They did say that they get deposits throughout the day, every day from the IRS.  (I know this is contrary to the once a week DD dates that the IRS provides).  They advised that I check their site throughout the day.
  • The IRS does not provide a once a week DD date which is evident by the fact that some on this thread have stated they have a DDD for today, some for tomorrow, and many others starting to come in who have one for Monday. They do (and have always done in the recent past) direct deposits every day.

    And for those of you who got the fees taken out of your refund, think about what is happening here. All of your refunds have to be deposited to SBBT first, then the fees are taken out, then a second deposit has to be made into your own bank account. This generally would not happen on the same day s banks generally work deposits on a 1 business day schedule. I have a feeling that all of you who went the SBBT route will see your refunds tomorrow and not today. And on top of that didn't you all have to pay an additional fee of 29.99 for this process (meaning, the prep fee PLUS this extra 30? and you are going to get it a day later? That really sucks..SBBT makes a KILLING during tax season.)


    Taxpayers please be aware that there has been a slight delay in IRS funding!


    If the IRS website indicates that your refund will be available February 6th, funds will not be available until February 7th due to the IRS releasing funds one day later than expected. Taxpayers expecting their refund on the 6th by direct deposit will now likely receive their refund on the 7th. Please be assured that Tax Products Group will disburse funds immediately as they are received from the IRS.

Maybe this will help some....I have a relative who works for H&R Block (I know that's bad).  I finally got a hold of her to get some insight.  She said that the IRS starting pulling returns to text the system, so even though you got pulled early, your actual processing start time is 1/31, most refunds are sent 8-14 days after that.  The IRS normally does refunds in the order that they pulled the returns, but that really doesn't mean anything.  If there was a problem, you should get and email or the WMR will say something other then Topic 152.  (review, audit, etc.)  She said that she has seen over the years that the process once a week, so in HER opinion, the WMR probably hasn't been updated since the past weekend.  Nobody has had any changes since 2/2.  She checked with h&r block bank and they have not received anything from the IRS as of yet. 

  • ok so nothing to worry about then correct?
  • That's what I was beginning to think, if they were actually updating every night people would be getting dad other than the sixth. My fingers are crossed for having an answer this weekend.
  • When I checked the irs app it said my dd had been deposited but nothing in the Santa Barbara bank yet anyone else have this issue?
  • When did u check it
  • Meaning when did you check the irs app
  • Just before I got off work around 4pm pst
  • Around 4pm pst


    Taxpayers please be aware that there has been a slight delay in IRS funding!


    If the IRS website indicates that your refund will be available February 6th, funds will not be available until February 7th due to the IRS releasing funds one day later than expected. Taxpayers expecting their refund on the 6th by direct deposit will now likely receive their refund on the 7th. Please be assured that Tax Products Group will disburse funds immediately as they are received from the IRS.

It is now Tuesday the 4th....Received my State tax deposited in my bank this Morning...I'm in Ohio, but still no DD on Federal??????I was accepted on the 24th of January and the wwr site still is on first Bar????? anyone else in the same so much for filing early and getting accepted early???????  NOT

  • I filed on the 25th got accepted on the 27th still no DD date my state hasn't been accepted yet but that's NY....annoying. Last year this time my federal deposit was already on it's way.
  • What was your DD date for Ohio?  I checked yesterday and nothing, today it says within 7 days.  Still no dd for fed, filed 1/16 accepted 1/30
  • I am in OHIO as well and in regards to federal being accepted on the 24th, 28th or 31st, ust sopke to a rep in the federal side and she said that although there were early queued taxes, NONE (and she emphasized NONE) have been processed or "accepted" until Jan 31st.  I don't know if the earlier DD's are due to refund size/exemptions but it is my understanding that those things are what are holding up some peoples DD's. FEDERAL only updates their info. once every 24 hours.

    As for OHIO DD's it is based on 7-10 from the date it is acknowledged/accepted by the state of OHIO.  Mine was accepted as of 02/02/2014 and was told by a rep there that once they take their offset amount that it will be processed for payment which will be Thursday or Friday (possibly won't clear til Mon).  I hadn't gotten anything from thier auto mated site other than a message saying, "We have not yet processed your taxes".  I checked this morning and now they are saying that there was a tax offsett and i will receive a letter in 7-10 days explaining the offset which really isn't a big deal considering it was such a small amount.  Anyhow, I think OHIO updates daily.
  • I was accepted on the 29th for State taxes and yesterday web site said will be sent out on the 4th and this morning it was in my account (ohio)
  • This is great!  At least I know the state is coming, that's a bit of a release, and really, I'm only going to put the money in savings for summer vacation, so I don't know why I'm stressed, except for the fact that nothing is consistent!
  • I filed on 01/24 got accepted on 1/28 still no movement on wmr bar. last year I got accepted on 2/1 said my money would be in my account by 2/13 but it came on 2/10 so par for the course.
  • I filed on 1\18 accepted on the 26th and I still have no DD date, my sister in law filed the 28th accepted on the 29th and she is getting hers 2\7. Looks to me like the ones you were accepted first would be getting theirs first but this is the government we are dealing and they never make good sense.
  • Amanda...did your sister receive her direct deposit date as 2/7? So far the only ddd's are for 2/6, so she would be the first. There are always people who file after you but will get their refunds first, it's not fair but that's how it is.
  • Yes for 2\7 and she was notified Sunday??
  • From what I've read everyone that has a ddd so far were notified/upgraded on Sunday and so far all were 2/6. But you're the first 2/7 and that would mean the IRS is doing direct deposits more than once a week. Have you seen any other ddd's besides 2/6 and your sisters?
  • I received my 2/6 ddd this past Sat morning.  My boyfriend still has nothing but a "processing" message on WMR.  We filed the same day, weeks ago.
  • I also go my State Return this morning!  Hoping to have my federal return tomorrow or Friday at the latest.  My State and Federal were both accepted on 1/28/14 and my DDD was scheduled for 2/6/14,
  • What state, Greg?
  • Ohio.  Actually I just checked my account online and my federal return and my paycheck just showed up.  I bank with PNC Bank and that's pretty typical for them to direct deposit just before midnight
  • Has anyone? Who got their dd date for 2/6 today have y'all got money yet? I haven't I bank with Wells Fargo please post if y'all did please
  • No dd.  Same dd date... going through SBBT with the whole fee deduct thing.


    Taxpayers please be aware that there has been a slight delay in IRS funding!


    If the IRS website indicates that your refund will be available February 6th, funds will not be available until February 7th due to the IRS releasing funds one day later than expected. Taxpayers expecting their refund on the 6th by direct deposit will now likely receive their refund on the 7th. Please be assured that Tax Products Group will disburse funds immediately as they are received from the IRS.
  • Im in Ohio too mine was supposed to be sent today but thanks to SBBT nothing has been sent or received yet WMR says it should be sent by now  and the bar has been moved to sent either, I was a early accepted and now I am really beginning to get upset and I feel like its either SBBT or the problems that IRS is encountering with there system!
  • My mother in law and I have DD for today, she has received hers but I have not. IRS still shows approved but not sent. Ideas??
  • IRS DELAY read above
  • ANYBODY GET A REFUND WHOSE WMR BAR IS STILL SHOWING PROCESSING..JUST CURIOUS.  I got accpeted on the 24th and still no change in mine, Some people have a DDD of the 10th now, when I called and managed to get a human at the IRS she said that if the was a problem you should see a 4 digit code at the bottom anything else like the 152 code, it is still just processing.
  • I really think anyone that wasaacceptef the 28th is having delays.. Mine was accepted on that date too n still processing. This is crazy i just want my money lol
  • Same here. I was accepted on 29th and still on first bar
    Also have 5 others accepted 24, 26th, 29th and 30th with no change. I know Irs is delayed with
    sending out the first round of deposits. I talked to Irs and she said nobody except the test batch
    started processing until late on the 1st. Also said that even though we received a ACCEPTED status,
    that they didnt even start processing until the 1st. Only a select few in the test
    batch have the deposits going out. She also said there have been TWO big delays at starting.
    On another post, lady called IRS and they said even though here email from TT said accepted on the
    26th, they are showing her accepted on the 31st!
  • I hate hearing all this diff info they should be processing them in the order in which received.. Im hoping to see an update by this weekend at the latest... If something was wrong id haveething other then 152 topic on wmr right?
  • Well I got my d.d this morning instead of the 10th.  All I can say that's the quickest I ever received it.  Filed the 2/0314..accepted an hour later buy irs.  Got message been accepted 02/06 and should receive it on or by feb 10th.  Guess their new system is working great.  Last year,  it took two weeks to get mine
  • I meant approved not accepted
  • aphrodite1973 when did you file?
  • Wow...I'm still sitting at one bar and filed on 1/17 and was accepted on 1/25. Anyone else in this situation still? I thought for sure that I'd see an update today but no luck. Just the good ol' topic 152 and one bar.
  • @tdfamily..i filed on 02/03/14 and accepted by irs a hour later. checked for the first time yesterday(02/06/14) and it said approved and d.d of feb 10th but as i said in previous posts. I have a credit union and they always release the funds as soon as they get it. my son i did on 01/31/14 and he had a d.d of feb 10th also but he hasn't checked his account yet because he is in school(and havent told him yet). waiting for the text message from him soon. he also has a credit union
  • I am at one bar still, too Swoosh. Accepted on the 26th and havent heard a peep since.
  • Filed on the 17th...IRS Accepted on the 25th....Still on 1 Bar, Processing.....grrrr!

My mom had a DD date of Feb 6th, checked her account on the 5th and it was already in her account. The IRS site and TT site both show it is still in process but she has already gotten it so that shows it is not always up to date!

    The IRS receives returns, processes returns, then approves returns.  The processing time varies depending on the complexity of the return and how busy the IRS is (i.e. how many other returns are ahead of yours).

    • So I went to the app on my phone in I so that my tax return was received in they also saying it's being processed what do that mean someone please tell me something asap.
    • It just means there still processing, checking for error
    • So why they say that we received your tax return in its being processed I should receive my return within 21 days
    • They are processing (working on) your return and generally 9 out of 10 returns are issued within 21 days. It doesn't get much simpler than that.
    • my return still says processing not seeing no bar anymore it was showing the 3 steps of accepted then approved and then sent all i see now is still processing and no available date one will be provided when it is available what does that mean anyone should i worry
    I did my return on the 17th, Got approved on the 25th now turbo tax said I will receive my refund between now and the 20th I'm so impatient lol hopefully I get it earlier than that!
    • I efile my taxes on the 24th and the irs haven't accepted my refund yet. Should I be Worry?
    • Did u check your status today?
    • I got it yesterday
    • I checked my status today on, turbotax my refund app, irs2go app and the sbbt website. All I get is refund processing and an error page for sbbt. I even checked my bank account this morning and no money yet. Grrr I hate the waiting game
    • Yay! Congrats to you. Still waiting on mine
    • You got your refund
    • nighcrystal2 when did you file and when did you get accepted?
    • I don't think anyone received a refund yesterday. Unless there is a miracle it looks like the 5th
    • Exactly lol
    • Filed in the 23 and got accepted on the 28
    • No no refund yet but got the tt accepted letter yesterday
    • Wow. Lucky you! Still waiting on mine. Did you ever get an "approved" status on wmr tool? I'm still "processing"
    • Because of the economy you would think the irs would release funds asap so that it can start to stimulate again. Who knows anything can happen,but a for sure thing is that the irs is not certain on any dates for DD lol.
    • Whoops my bad lol I thought you had already received your refund from your previous comment ! Sorry!
    • AGREE with you cocomoes
    • The irs tools keeps telling me to make sure my info is correct
    • I am waiting for mine to be approved. It was accepted early.. But I also have a dependent
      and college credit. :/
    • I am waiting for mine to be approved. It was accepted early.. But I also have a dependent
      and college credit. :/
    • You see, I have always filed with turbotax. And, the past two years that I've filed it's been direct deposit to my net spend card. And my return was deposited before or on the 31st of January and I've always filed early as well. But, this year I'm not using my net spend card. It's going dd to my bank account. So I guess this time I really have to wait
    • Did u make sure u are putting in the correct refund amount in the irs website?
    • Yes everything is correct
    • They have a number on the website to help you track the refund..or their system detected a red flag with your info and u might have to refile once they let u know what the problem is..same thing happened to me couple years's just a longer wait
    • It's says cannot provide any information on my tax refund
    • I suggest you call..that most likely mean something's not right & they want u to fix it before they approve it to be sent out to u..
    • 800-829-1924 is the Refund Hotline number hope this helps!
    • The ,800 number for tt said it was approved on the 28th of Jan andI'll probably receive within the next 21 days
    • No info can be provided because they are seriously slammed right now. Nothing has been updated yet.
    • yes I checked it today
    • irs refund holine # Refund Hotline (800) 829-1954
    • Went and downloaded a transcript . It showed a refund processed for just my fed withholding. Showed eic as well as child tax credits with a minus jn front of it which means it is a credit. It looks like the eic may be holding some of us up. For the last 3 years we have filed the same exact way including this year. So basically it seems that the addition of eic,child tax credit and withholding has not come together yet... Few more days is what it looks like.. Can anybody else take a look at their transcript and give some input if theirs says the same?
      it will give the amount of eic with a minus in front of it.
      then another amount for child tax credit with a minus in front of it.
      lastly it will say refund processed. Which Iis only your federal withholding amount. Add all 3 and it should equal your complete refund amount.
    • Everything on my transcripts have been processed except my refund.
    • Does any one know the number to irs
    • So does your refund amount include just your federal or does it include eic and child tax credits too?
    • mine and my brother just went from ACCEPTED TO APPROVED. I filed 11th (Freetaxusa) Got accepted 29th and just got approved in the last hour. Got a ddd of February 6.
    • I received a DD date of Feb. 6 also
    • i did too! do people usually get it before the dd date?
    • I dnt no am new to this that's why am asking
    • Mine also says feb actually says your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank BY february 6th on the irs2go app. My cycle date was showing for monday...maybe ill even get it before thursday
    • My DD date is Feb 6 too!
    • where did you get your DD from when i check WMR i still get Received and i was accepted on the 24th
    • My DDD Feb. 6 and I was accepted on the 24th and just approved this morning. Straight from actually states BY Feb.6, 2014.
    • @Rylee it depends on ur bank. Like I have a prepaid Netspend card so mines always come like 3 days early
    • @ imgitztyre-mine was accepted on the 29th,but still on one bar,no approval!I wonder if they work on sundays and we'll get update 2-nite!
    • I have netspend as well if mines was accepted on da 31st when will it change to approve
    • i can't get through on the IRS website. it keeps saying my info isn't right! so i'm hoping it will be there the 5th. mine were accepted 1/29/12
    • I was accepted the 28th and still only show one bar (processing). I wonder if it is delayed because I have a refund offset they are supposed to take out of my refund
    • still processing  wtf accepted on the 30th
    • how do you know what the cycle date is
    • I have offset too maybe that's why it's taking so long
    • You're just checking it too often.
    Mine was accepted jan 27th. I still have only one bar. I cannot order my transcript. Perhaps it's because I file self employment? Anyone else file self employment? Or maybe it's just because I've used a new address this year...I don't know!?!
    • I filed a self employment for the first time this year and mine still hasn't been approved. I was accepted the 28th
    • If anything changes for me, I'll be sure to post! Please do the same!!
    • Not self-employed but i filed on 1-15-14 and I was accepted on the 1-26-14 @4:30pm and i don't have a DD and I can't order transcript either.
    • thanks for all  the feedback hopefully I  will have a direct deposit datesoon
    • From what I have heard EIC and child tax credits are holding up taxes and making return dates later.  Any truth to this?
    • no @joel.livgni i had both credits and have a refund date of 2/6
    • Wonder why I didn't.  Approved the 26th.  Guess I won't have a date of 2/6.
    • I think the irs is slower with larger refunds. My sisters return got accepted 2 days after mine, and was approved this morning. I'm still waiting. Her refund was a good bit smaller than mine though.
    • I filed self employment and was accepted on the 26th I have since been approved and have I dd of 2/6
    • I also filed self employment 1/16 was accepted the 26th as well I have a deposit date of 2/6
    • I filed self employment on the 1/31 and it's still being processed anyone that filed the 1/31 has been approved ?
    • I filed self employment as well. Accepted on 1/26 & mine is still being processed (as of 2/3).  (on a sidenote: My fiance was accepted on 1/31 & has a dd of 2/6, but he didn't file self employment.) I was starting to worry why I don't have a dd date (or been approved) yet, but I @ least feel better knowing I'm not the only one! :-)
    • i filed self employment as well mine was accepted on the 24 dd date of feb 6th

    Did anyone use the SnapTax app to submit their 1040?  I submitted on 1/22 was accepted on 1/28 with no DD date as of today 2/3 

    Just curious (and impatient of course lol)

    • I use tt, I really think irs was close on yesterday. I went to Facebook I got my refund and I didn't see anyone who got accepted yesterday. I also check yahoo answers and tt and found the same thing. I think the wheels will start turning again today.
    • still waiting processing all the taxes they took out my checks I need my money
    • Snap
      Tax is the name of the app that is Turbo Tax I was wondering if anyone else used snaptax

    Alright, so I have been paying attention to the flow of my return, and here is the information that I know thus far. The info was gained by studying TT, WMR, and the IRS Transcript Website.

    Filed with Turbo Tax on 1/30/2014

    Was accepted by the IRS late on 1/30/2014.

    Since that date, WMR was on 1 bar stating "We have received your tax return and it is being processed, you should get your refund within 21 days...etc. etc." Up until yesterday, I did not have Tax Topic 152, Refund Information listed. Additionally, when I went to check my transcript, there was no transcript yet available for 2013. It simply had the year with an * next to it and it would only display "Proof of Tax Return Not Filed" or something to that effect.

    Yesterday, 2/4/2014, WMR was still on 1 bar but now Tax Topic 152 does show up there. Yesterday I still had no transcript available.

    Today, 2/5/2014, I checked WMR and it is still in processing, displaying Tax Topic 152 link. However, when I went to check my transcripts again, it actually exists now. When I click on the year 2013 under return transcript section, I get a new window that displays my actual 2013 transcript, which does include the appropriate and expected return amount, which is around 5k.

    Points to note, I did file EIC and Child Tax Credit, standard deduction for married filing joint, 3 children dependents, my wife and myself. No education credits or any other deductions other than listed above.

    Here is the strange thing though - On the transcript web page, you can also open a file entitled "Record Of Account" transcript. I did so and was presented with some interesting information. It says Refund Issued : 02-24-2014. This is strange because this is 25 days after I was accepted (significantly beyond the 10-21 day window) and it is on a Monday. I am not sure this should be taken literally though. Here is why: 

    1.) Why, if it is processed and has no errors, why would they hold it so long (I would think they wouldn't)

    2.) The rest of the dates are really strange as well and not accurate, like so:

    Tax Return Filed - 20140603(cycle) 02-24-2014 (date)

    W-2 or 1099 Witholding - 04-15-2014

    Credit to your account - 04-15-2014

    Earned Income Credit - 04-15-2014

    Refund Issued - 02-24-2014

    What does this mean? I have no idea and I am only speculating here. Without seeing any other transcripts I can only guess but I am hoping this is just some weird (and misleading) information and that since my return has obviously been processed and it looks to be approved, then tomorrow I might get updated WMR status. I hope it doesn't actually take until February 24th though. I mean, I absolutely can use the money but don't generally stress about it because it is a government agency and it is what it is, nothing I can do to change when I get it. Hopefully someone who has a DDD for tomorrow can get their transcript and share their findings as I did to see if there is the same discrepancy as well.

    • I have a similar situation w/the filing, acceptance & Topic 152 link. How do you get to the IRS  transcript site?
    • I am seeing EXACTLY the same thing as you on my transcripts and my refund has been approved with a DDD of 2/6. The only difference between mine and yours is that my cycle date is 20140601 and I already have a est. DD date. Those are the ONLY differences. Mine also says on the transcript "Refund Issued 2-24-2014".
    • Mines said the sender thing on my transcript except my cycle was 20140601. But then they updated wmr and said dd of feb. 6. I think it's just generic. Good luck
    • i believe (but not 100% sure) but it believe those are just the dates they have to review and/r time limits tax season closes on April 15 so that's what that date is i would assume the Feb 24 date is the last day of that cycle as i got that date as well. i dont know for sure i but was wondering to so i went back and looked over my prior years and those dates are similar to these different years of course but it makes sense for that year based on when i filed i believe the account activity transcript will update the refund date to releft the day they deposit it
    • reflect lol
    • porterjbbleb just go to the irs website search transcripts and click on get transcript you can either view them on line or have them mailed or both thats how i do it
    • Yeah, I was pretty sure that the dates were not what they appear to be so to speak...I would be lucky for sure to get it tomorrow, but hopefully WMR will be updated tomorrow since it has passed this step. At least I can see the forward progress of the return thus far.

      Also, here is the direct link to the transcript request site:
    • Update..WMR updated this morning with a refund date of Monday, February 10th.

    i filed mine on the 17th and the just got the second bar yesterday saying mine will be despoited by the 6th!! 

      I got my expected date today of Feb. 6 :)
      • when where you accepted? I think some that have been accepted on 24th are still in limbo..
      • Can you only be accepted once a day? Or is it all through the day they can change your status on WMR? The reason I ask is, if it is only once a day they update, there is no reason to check more than once every 24hrs?
      • @alliebeth131 They update it at nigh time when all the regional centers start syncing the data / check back in the morning
      • Has anyone had any changes to the orange bar seeing as its February 5 ? Or any DD?
      • a lady posted her aunt works for H&R block and nobody has seen an update since this weekend 2/2 and its been like this for years she said so everyone else will see  something this weekend. Im in the same boat, was accepted on 1/24 and still processing. If you don't see the 152 at the bottom then you should be worried
      • Mine was accepted the 24th and still processing.....
      • My coworker received his approval on 02/04 and DD on 02/07.
      • got dd of 2/6 but still no money anyone knows whats going on?
      • @d.mcnair - Did you pay for your TT preparation with your return (i.e. they take the money out?) or did you pay for it up front?
      • @shelzmike i allow them to take funds out of my return any idea when turbo tax bank will release my funds?
      • So basically, since you are doing that there needs to be 2 direct deposits made for the refund to get to you. First, the IRS deposits to SBBT, then SBBT has to take their fees and whatnot, then they have to turn around and DD that into your personal bank account. In my experience banks will only do this turn around 1 business day at a time so more than likely the IRS did their part to SBBT today and then SBBT will probably deposit tomorrow. Probably in the fine print somewhere that no one really reads.
      • most of the time it is later in the evening or next business day, don't know for sure, but that is what I have seen in the past.
      • And this could be happening...though this is from a prior year, their practices would still probably be the same:


        Taxpayers please be aware that there has been a slight delay in IRS funding!


        If the IRS website indicates that your refund will be available February 6th, funds will not be available until February 7th due to the IRS releasing funds one day later than expected. Taxpayers expecting their refund on the 6th by direct deposit will now likely receive their refund on the 7th. Please be assured that Tax Products Group will disburse funds immediately as they are received from the IRS.
      filed 1/25/14 accepted 1/28/14 and still on first bar, no transcript, no DDD. Plz tell me someone who's having the same problem has got an answer!
      • I got the same issue...filed on the 17th accepted on the 26th...still one bar
      • It will update, I filed on 1/30 got accepted 1/31 and my DD is 2/10. But it just updated this morning, I had only one bar for awhile.
      • posted above same boat, was told if there was a problem, that there would be a 4 digit code on WMR, if not then it is just processing.  Check again this weekend, they should update then.  I know I need mine, daughter popped her knee out last night and have to take to an orthopedic doctor and that costs a lot.
      • Im in same boat accepted 1/28 and still nothing!!!!! Ugh
      • I am in the same boat accepted the 28th and no more progress.
      • filed on the 17th, accepted by the IRS on the 25th...still processing for me as well. :/
      • Accepted on the 26th and still no changes to mine, as well. I have three kids so I got EITC and CTC. Could this be part of it?
      • Maybe cuz i was accepted 1/28 and still no progress yet.. I filed HOH this yr tho instead of married i hope thats not holding it up. And i got the EIC and the additional child tax credit. This waiting is killing me lol
      • Same Boat... Accepted 1/30 and nothing... still says Processing... WTF.. last year i got it a week after being accepted... still waiting on my DDD.. hopefully by the 13th??
      • Don't think EIC or CTC has anything to do with it. I had a all of that, married filing joint, dependants, etc. And i have a DDD of 2-10
      • 1/30 still nothing.. then i see other folks that filed after get theirs first :( truly fustrating
      • Filed on the 17th...Accepted on the 25th.....Still 1 Bar, Processing.....Grrrrrr!
      • Once again if you can go to irs2go on a phone app go to tax records request return transcript and it tells you in 5 to 10 days your money is on its way. the irs website is over loaded. if you get a 4 digit code call the irs that means your tax is wrong.
      • can you view the return transcript online? it shows that mine is available now but i cant open it..... it keeps saying theres an error with there site...... i filed 2/1
      • If you can download your tax transcript it will show you your ddd. Have a nice day  p.s i am still waiting like the rest of us.  my transcript are on there way but i cant view them online.
      • site is down if you can get it sit back and we wait. No worries my friend
      • i was just wondering if it was down or just my computer but thanks for the update
      • well it just now let me see my transcript im in batch 20140605
      • i am locked out i cant download mine
      • Yup one bar :-/
      • it just updated this am to 2 bars for me 2/12
      • Finally 2/12 have a great 1 everyone.
      • FINALLY FINALLY got a date of 2/12/12 today!!!
      • me too!
      I just got my direct deposit date of Feb 6. I filed on the 5 and was accepted the 24. Hope this helps.
      • I just got my dd date as well for 2/6/2014! My status was updated when I checked this morning at 7am
      Last year I received it on the date they said it would be sent to the bank. They should release it to ACH before that day, so it will clear every processing cycle it  goes through before it reach your bank for processing and it also depend on your bank and how they process ACH-direct deposit. Every bank processing is not the same.
        We all have to be patient I mysellf going through the same situation understand. We all have gotten accepted that's good news ! The IRS just started filing 4 day's ago let's give them a little more time. It's coming soon
          I got accepted by turbo tax the 30th and just last night my tax topic 152 showed up for me and it says my refund is being processed and still one bar. Yesterday it did not say tax topic 152. Is that a good sign or no? Should I still worry? Because I am!
          • Same here... What does that mean?
          • they put that up for everyone its just information to help you understand and be patient lol if there was a issue with your return a different topic would pop up like 151then start to worry so if they are giving you topic 152 take it as a good sigh
          • True! This morning I woke up with a dd date of 2/10/14! Thank God! I am relieved!
          • live in Philadelphia, PA and I filed on 2/3 and got accepted the same day like 1 hour later. I filed EIC,HOH, etc. I just checked the IRS2 go app on my phone and I now have a ddd of 2/11/2014.
          • U suck lol. Im in MS same thing as you and I got accepted 1/31/14 and still nothing but Tax Topic 152. Its not fair :(

          My federal return was accepted on the 1.27.14 and I am still at the 'Processing" stage .  Its nerve-wrecking when that WMR  bar doesnt move to approved and actually give a DD date

          • Yes its very nerve wrecking!! Mine was accepted too on the 28th and still is being processed...ugh!!!
          • accepted on the 25th and still being processed.
          • Mine was accepted 1/28 n still no dd..
          • Accepted 1/28/14 nothing no dddd *2013 tax transcript I am just exhausted! Anyone else?
          • Same here accepted the same date n still nothing this is ridiculous
          • Same here and accepted on the 25th.
          • 1/30/14 Still nothing... and I see all these folks with 2/2 and 2/3 getting theres today :( fustrating
          • I just checked mine again today and I finally got a DDD of 2/12/14 FINALLY!!
          • has anyone got a dd deposit date yet for the 20th i filed my son for return after mine and his date was the 12th mine was showing still processing the wmr bar is gone and it says still processing anyone seeing that this is so frustrating and says an available date when one will be provided what does that mean plz tell me some one else is seeing that one bar gone it shows on the wmr site  i hate this

          I filed the 30th got a text saying it was accepted the 31st. On the irs website it is saying the same processing... but my boyfriend filed a few days before and his dd is feb.6th. does anyone know when the next cycle is? how long does it take to recieve a check once mailed out?

          My federal was accepted on February 2. Has anyone with the same acceptance date have any updates or estimated DD's yet?

          This is my first year doing them myself. So I'm very nervous/anxious. 

          • So, I just checked and see that it is now showing the Topic 152 that I've seen a lot of people talking about. Getting really excited that my DD is just around the corner!
          • I was also just able to see a copy of my 2013 tax return! So those who were accepted around the same time as me, go take a look!
          • If you can see your 2013 tax return your good to go find you cycle code and you should know your ddd
          • How do you check to see if your can see them
          • Submitted mine on 31 accepted on 1/31.(little to fast)(weird).received the topic 152 yesterday,but think that's just information,,,,
            (Nothing letting u know you'll receive dd soon)Has anyone got any updates.
            Has anyone been accepted that soon?but no dd.
          • Yes, I completed my federal taxes on 1/31, it was accepted 1/31 and this morning the WMR shows approved and DD date is 2/10.
          • Same as mine accepted 2/2/14 DD 2/10 any way I could get it sooner maybe this friday.
          • I just checked WMR about an hour ago and now have a DD of 2/10/14! Keeping my fingers crossed it comes a bit sooner. Will be keeping an eye on SBB&T to see when they get the funds.
          • I got a DD of 2/06 which is today but no refund!! When I track it through Santa Barbara a msg comes up saying it will be tomorrow because of irs delays??
          • Mine was accepted 1/31 but no ddd yet....considering those with the ddd of 2/6 had their refunds delayed due to IRS mistake, you'll probably be lucky to get your refund on the 10th. But at least you know your ddd unlike lots of us who filed before 2/2 and still know nothing. It would be nice if the IRS could make a mistake that benefits us instead of penalizing us. Sorry, just starting to get bitter. I maybe wrong but the beginning of every tax season for the last few years seems to be plagued with problems with the IRS . Next year I'll wait til the middle of Feb to file and let them iron out all the unexpected delays...
          • I agree I will never file early this is the first and last time. I thought we were going to wait in a line? Then be sent to IRS on the 31st  not be accepted early and left in early filer limbo hell. Or I would have just waited to file.
          My return was accepted on 1/29. Saturday it was still in accepted status on Sunday there was a message on irs2go and irsngov that my return was accepted on 2/6 and dd on 2/6,no later than 2/11.
          • have the same dd. Did u get your refund yet?
          • Still no refund and today 2/6 is my ddd


            Taxpayers please be aware that there has been a slight delay in IRS funding!


            If the IRS website indicates that your refund will be available February 6th, funds will not be available until February 7th due to the IRS releasing funds one day later than expected. Taxpayers expecting their refund on the 6th by direct deposit will now likely receive their refund on the 7th. Please be assured that Tax Products Group will disburse funds immediately as they are received from the IRS.
          • I see the same message but when I track it through Santa Barbara they show that they have already processed it so what is going on????
          • Santa Barbara won't let me log on it keeps giving me an error. I was really depending on this refund so I can get my bills paid ugh!! I pray I get an answer soon like having it direct deposited by tomorrow.
          • I live in Philadelphia, PA and I filed on 2/3 and got accepted the same day like 1 hour later. I filed Child and Dependent Care Credit , Earned Income Tax Credit and Head of household, etc. I just checked the IRS2 go app on my phone and I now have a ddd of 2/11/2014.

          I was given a dd date of Feb 6th. Have not received my refund and according to the Bank turbo tax uses when we chose to pay our filing fees with our refund they haven't received it either.

          • I have this same problem. Any idea why?
          • Me three. I've checked everything it could have been on my end and nothing. My bank is not even showing it as coming but my payroll deposit for tomorrow is showing.


            Taxpayers please be aware that there has been a slight delay in IRS funding!


            If the IRS website indicates that your refund will be available February 6th, funds will not be available until February 7th due to the IRS releasing funds one day later than expected. Taxpayers expecting their refund on the 6th by direct deposit will now likely receive their refund on the 7th. Please be assured that Tax Products Group will disburse funds immediately as they are received from the IRS.
          • @cin19 where did you find this interesting information?
          • Which website did that ifo come off? I was supposed to get mine today aswell and still nothing
          • SBBT site, there is a IRS delay
          • I knew there was going to be a delay
          • Thanks cin19.....seems there's always delays by the IRS at the beginning of every tax season! Well...delays with sending out refunds, but no delays in collecting our money!
          • Does anyone know if this is going to be the same issue with state taxes as well. I am in NC and its the same issue accepted but no dd date. Anyone in NC can help provide a better understanding of this thanks!

          just checked the irs site. didnt expect anything but still processing or dreaded topic 152. But t my surprise i'm getting a d.d on feb 10th. and so is my son. i efiled his on 1/31/14 and mine on 02/03/14. We both got approved by irs and its been d.d on feb 10th but i have a credit union so it will probably be here tomorrow..not counting my blessings though. this whole week as been going bad for me

          • When did you check it prior to 10 minutes age? Yesterday or today?
            Just wondering if its updating throughout the day
          • 1o minutes before I got back on here.  First time checking it.. Didn't expect a d.d sooo soon…
          • I don't understand why ppl are worried about topic 152? It means nothing other than the fact your return is indeed processing.

          ok so my return was accepted on jan 25th and i got a DD of 2/6.  Well just like you all my money has yet to deposit, well upon calling the IRS they told me that my account would need the full 21 days to finish processing, and also an additional two weeks for any additional processing. My funds have not been sent  to SBTPG as of 715pm cst. Do you all think my refund will deposit tomorrow? Can the IRS take back a refund after approving it to process it for additional time after it has already been applied a DDD? SOMEONE HELP MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

          • For starters, try to relax. What the IRS is telling you it's just fluff and script. They won't take the deposit back once it is made. I am guessing you had TT take the fees out of your refund? If so, read the respones from today and it will make u feel better. If you had a dd date of today, then more than likely you will get it tomorrow
          • mine was approved and had a ddd for 2/06..  then all of sudden yesterday it said it needed further processing.. so I called and was told i was one of the ones selected to take a closer look at and it can take up to 5 more weeks for processing..
          • Oh wow, that sucks. Probably won't take the full 5 more weeks but still...was it a random sampling do you know or was there something specific about yours that caused some sort of flag?
          I have done several tax returns for family and friends starting on Jan 30th.  Mostly all  the returns has gotten their return today (02/07/14) some  also got their returns yesterday (02/06/2014).  I myself sent out my tax return and it is still being processed.  I am assuming that everything is in order and correct. I should receive my return by Wednesday (02/12/2014 - 02/14/2014), if all is well.

            My taxes were approve, the second bar on the federal where's my return.  Now I have to wait until Feb 12 before they deposit it in the bank. My state PA processed my state tax and it is on its way.  To where I don't know.  The federal is going to a third party bank, then to me, but what about the state? Any answers.

              I was notified via "WMRefund (iPhone app)" that my return was transfered to my bank on feb11th. however, i've yet to see a credit. is this cause for alarm?