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TurboTax FAQ
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TurboTax 2013 for Mac Desktop Crashes and Disappears on Launch

We have received reports of TurboTax 2013 for Mac Desktop crashing on launch after downloading updates or downloading and installing a state file.


You may be able to just launch (if not crashing on launch), update, then restart the TurboTax application.

If you are crashing on launch, then you will need to clean out a couple of folders, then relaunch and update.

To remove TurboTax from your computer, you'll need administrative rights. Then, follow these steps:

  1. In the Finder, select Go > Go To Folder.
  2. Enter ~/Library and click Go.
  3. Remove the following files and folders:
    Note: ~/Library represents the Library folder in the current user's home folder and instances of XX refer the 2-digit tax year.
    1. ~/Library/Application Support/TurboTax 20XX
    2. ~/Library/Caches/com.intuit.TurboTax.20XX
    3. ~/Library/Caches/TurboTax 20XX
  4. Empty the Trash. (Be sure there is nothing in the Trash that you may still want. If you get any errors deleting the above folders out of the trash and restart your Mac)
  5. Start TurboTax from the Applications folder (or wherever you "installed it") and let it run the updates.
  6. To really make sure everything is working smoothly, please restart TurboTax again.

Here is a link to an article around how to completely remove TurboTax and all associated files.