How long will it take to receive my tax refund?

  • I filed taxes on 30th of Jan IRS APPROVED 31ST I ordered transcript yesterday got a DD of Feb 12 im in Texas
  • What exactly is a transcript? I filed mine on the 29 got approved n sent to the irs but it's still not done with irs n no DD...just you will receive your refund within 21 days from the day the irs received it! What's that mean anyone know and has anyone used turbo tax and gotten there refund yet? I'm in. fL
  • Go to the middle section you will see request transcript.  Click on it and select by mail. If it lets u request one then everything has been processed.  A transcript is you tax info that alot of places use when u are trying to purchase something.  A car, house etc
  • Which type of transcript is it do I choose acc or return
  • I filed on the 5th of febuary and have not got a response yet
  • I filed the 5th also and haven't received a word yet either
  • I got excepted January 3 and received my check on mail today January 18. I hope this helps for u guys

"The 2014 filing season will begin January 31, 2014. We will begin accepting and processing returns and refunds on that date. There is no advantage to filing on paper before the opening date and you will receive your refund much faster by using e-file with direct deposit. Once the filing season begins, the IRS expects to issue more than 9 out of 10 refunds in less than 21 days."

  • my return was accepted on January 31,2014 and I still don't have my federal return, and I did direct deposit. Checking where's my refund still says processing.
  • Im having the same problem on the same date I got accepted and it says processing. why?
  • See if yall can order return transcripts means your almost done
  • I can order my transcript and my cycle code says I'll get my refund tomorrow. My WMR still says processing?? Anyone have any advice. I do not have access to a computer. Only I phone so I can't check the bank web site!
  • how do you order transcripts
  • Go to irs site right side says transcripts or use the search bar
  • I was accepted on the 2 nd and was able to order my transcripts on the 10th but wen I check war it still says processing has anyone else had this problem?
  • I have been having the same problem as well. I checked the IRS website, and they still said my Refund is being processed. This has been since Feb 8. I am wondering How long is it going to take for the IRS to process my Return.
  • I have the same problem
  • my return has said that it was deposited into my account sence the eleventh even tho i used the debit card opion but todays the 20th and i have not received it yet also its been excepted seance the 31st
  • does anyone know what this delay is and how long it is supposed to take?? i cant find out anything!
  • I was accepted on the 4th and still have the "processing" message.  No transcripts either.
  • mine was accepted the 28th, it still says processing under the WMR, the little grid is nolong showing, turbo tax says i should have it before the 21st, which is tomorrow, i have yet to recieve it. when i went to do a transcript, it kept saying to call a #. how do i know if something is wrong with my refund!! i have never waited this long!
  • I was reading different forums on here and I've had the problem that I was accepted on the 2 nd and still on first bar of processing and I ordered my transcripts on the 10th and still no ddd so I looked at my transcripts today and there where some different codes on it so I checked on here in the forums and saw someone had said they talked to the irs and that a number of people who filed there returns didn't process right in the system it had skipped a couple steps so that pretty much screwed up everything for some of us, so I'm assuming I'm one of those people since I was told that if u can order both your transcripts that your done . Does anyone else e have a 502 code or something like that ?
  • accepted on the 1/31. got fed refund and week ago. Still waiting on State
  • I filed on 02/02 accepted the same day, however I have no orange bars and my is saying still processing.  This is terrible.
  • i called the IRS, and after being on hold for 45mins, the guy told me mine was sent to back office for review, but it is still processing. he said they are pulling alot of them this year for review because of all the nationwide idenity theft and some other stuff. he said unless you get a letter in the mail stating they need further info, i should have  a DD by APRIL 4th! he guy then says to me "well i hope you didnt need the $$ now!"
  • are you serious????
  • @jujujuwie I am in the same boat as you.  My daughter has started this forum group on facebook called NO ORANGE BARS"  A couple of people states when they called IRS and what they says.  If you would like to join please send me your email address for an invite.
  • I filed and was accepted on 2/4/14.  As of Friday, 2/21/14 I was able to see and order my transcripts.  As of Sunday morning my orange bars disappeared and I have a generic message about my return being processed yada yada.  The cycle code on my transcipt was for 2/26/14; however, I know I have an offset and I had an offset code on my transcript with a 0.00 amount.  I have heard that once your transcripts are able to be viewed and your cycle date given that an offset will not hold up your refund.  We will see.   Have my fingers crossed for a DD on Wednesday but have doubts.
  • i filed on Jan 30, and was accepted on Jan 31.  I have already received my state refund, but today is February 28 and i still have NOT received my federal refund!!! i e-filed and did the Net Spend thing.  I am starting to get pissed!!!! When will my refund be available??

I got my state. I put in on first day 1/31 accepted that day as well took tow weeks to get fed and almost a month to get states. Be patient it will come.

    Lol you guys are funny I just got mine today and it said on my script Feb 24 but seems like it was sooner if u guys check it online its easier then ordering them and if ur still waiting be patient if u filed early ur backed up and if u filed after the 31st u have to wait
      I filed my taxes on March 31 and it was accepted on April 1. My refund hit the bank on April 7. Amazing
      • I have filed it on 13 March but not yet received my fedral refund, have received state refund within 7 days... how to follow up on thi?
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