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what is california's renter's credit

I have lived in Georgia and Kansas during all of 2013, does this qualify me for the California's Renter's Credit?
  • No.  The California Renter's Tax Credit requires that the property is the taxpayer's principal residence and that the property rented is located in California.


Thank you for contacting us regarding your question on California Renter's Credit. This credit is  nonrefundable and if you paid rent for at least six months in 2013 on your principal residence located in California, you may qualify to claim this credit.  Please refer to CA Franchise Tax Board Home Page at and look for form 540 instruction for qualification.  Thank you for from Turbo Tax.

  • Does the renter's credit only apply to someone that is renting? Or could someone paying a mortgage qualify for this credit as well?
  • The Renter's Credit applies only to a taxpayer who pays rent on their principal residence.  It does not apply to the owner of property.
  • Thank you.
  • Turbo Tax does not offer this form in itemized .. or standard filing..
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  • .. too late.. not going to file this year using Turbo Tax

A more appropriate link is to the California Franchise Tax Board's web page specifically about the California Renter's Tax Credit and the qualifications.  Please see:

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