Has anyone been able to order a transcript yet for 2013 from the IRS?

  • Filed 1/30. Accepted 1/31. was able to order my account transcript yesterday morning (2/7) by phone. Still unable to order return transcript (2/8). Cant log in to see account transcript online. receive various error codes. different one seems like every time until I get locked out for the day. Have locked myself out everyday for 4 days now. no DDD. Does anyone out there know what it means when you can order the account transcript but not the return transcript for more then 24 hours? Have experienced the same thing? or have ideas on what this may mean, or why its taking so long for me to get a DDD when they are now starting to issue them for people that were accepted after 2/3
  • Me too, I was able to see my transcript and see the processing code and now it dont have information that matches also i dont have a ddd date
  • I tried to go back and look at mine today but I was unable too. You should be able to go the the wheres my refund, (It was 3am when I checked) and it should be changed to refund approved and it should give you a date. Most of us are getting the 12th. Good luck!
  • On thursday I was able to see all my transcripts and now I cant log on. I STILL HAVE DONT HAVE A DDR , WMR says my refund is processing and being reviewed WTH IS going on. My buddy filed the same day as me and his WMR is approved for a ddd 2/10/2014
  • I filed on the 24th it was accepted on the 28th and just got approved yesterday. I think that us that filed early were used as guinea pigs for whatever testing they were doing. There are different transcript on that page and I opened every 2013 transcript that was available. From what I've seen today, noone is able to get on it today. Maybe because they are woring on it, I don't know. Check after 3am, I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll have some answers!!!
  • Thank you so much on your transcript did it have a TC 846 anywhere mine didn't have it
  • I know its the code for overpayment and I can't remember if I had that or not. I'm going to try to log back into my transcripts and see.
  • Please do TC846 is for refund issued by 2/24/2014
  • Just tried to check wmr and it said wmr is currently unavailable...
  • The wmr is back up now. Macc You should see your bar changed and a refund date of 2/12 soon. Mine also said 2/24. I think thats just a generic date they use for everybody.
  • Is there any way I can find out when my tax return was actually accepted. I have been giving 2 dates of Jan. 30 and Jan. 31 on TurboTax website...so I'm trying to figure out which date is the correct one..
  • I just logged on now I have a ddd date for 2/13 yes!!!!!!!!! I realized that when. The orange bar is gone your return is in review for anything you owe my refund was reduced for money I owed to irs but I still get the rest I should of got my money last week but since I got refund reduced it took a week longer

Was anyone else locked out the IRS transcript page?

  • i just tried and it says it can not verify my identity
  • I had to do it twice for it to verify me. Try it again.
  • the system is having technical difficulties, try to order by mail over the phone it will let you at the 800 number
  • What is the 1800 number? And will it give me more details?
  • 18009089946 ... good luck getting through though! I've been getting locked out for days now... excpet the past day it's been giving me a "technical difficulties" message now. I don't know if that means anything or not. Hopefully their getting close to being done processing my return. Itd be about dang time. Accepted on 01/27/14. Was able to order account transcript by mail but only using my old address from when i was married (now divcorced) .. so it seems as thought it wasnt updated. Idk though. I've also been calling the tax transcript number i posted above and all im getting is a busy signal. Let me know if u get through.
  • It keeps telling me my info is wrong. . . But I'm able to order them by mail.
  • Anyone get deposit on netspend card yet?

transcript website is a joke and locks you out every day. cant verify my identity, but I can order transcripts by mail. Stupid joke.

  • Right! And then not updating the refund information, but it'll change your address and all other nonsense not relevant to your refund.
  • I have been trying to order transcripts for 2 days and it's still saying can't verify my identity...smh
  • I don't whats going ton with that. I still can't access the system either. My password wouldn't work so I changed it and it still wouldn't work.
  • Me too for 4 days but as of now I can log on to both and I have a ddd they are just processing and don't want you to have access till it's approve you should check tomorrow around 6am

Filed on 1/22 got accepted for my fed return on 1/28 that evening. Was able to order my transcripts yesterday nite...what does that mean?

  • @mamiluvu, have you checked the IRS wheres my refund site to see if you have a dd yet?
  • @mamiluvu that means they have acknowledged and are processing your return :) and yes checked wmr no dd dates will be given until jan 31 for most of us
  • I was accepted on the 24th and I have not been able to order my 2013 transcript.  I highly doubt you were able to order yours, and all most all others have said they cannot order theirs either.  Please make sure you put correct information on this site.
  • Apparently your mad because you werent able to order yours. I ask people what does it mean because im able too. So you can direct your smart comments elsewhere. We're too grown to repond in such messy manner. My info is correct. .thank you to the others who responded politely:))
  • WOW thats amazing.  As I called the IRS customer service just this morning and asked them if I could order my 2013 transcript or if ANY ONE can at this point and she said and I quote, "The revisions in the system are not allowing anyone to order transcripts for 2013 for at least 24 to 48 hours".  So my comments are not smartass, they are accurate.  Once again on this site, blog or whatever it is, people put out false or misleading information to either give others hope, or just to screw with their heads.    Have a great day MAMILUVU
  • Perhaps its not false information, I was just able to view my transcripts as well.
  • Just ordered mine also
  • I just ordered mines, What does that mean
  • process should be done.
  • My mom is able to order hers even though she filed after I did. Does that mean hers will be here tomorrow?
  • I just checked on Where's My Refund on Irs Website and its still on the first orange bar, Refund Received
  • I was able to order my transcript today as well thats a good sign RIGHT??
  • Accepted on the 28th and was able to order transcript today 2/1. Hopefully wont be long.
  • I file 29th and was accepted 29th. I just ordered my transcript for 2013........so does this mean that they have checked everything out and now i'm just waiting on a refund date?
  • if so im surprised of how fast this went......I just knew id be waiting forever LOL
  • I was able to order an account transcript. I filed Jan 30.2014 got accepted 2/2  still one bar, so hopefully soon. Could not order return transcript but could order account one. Only have one bar still on WMR.
  • I was able to order my account one this morning, couldn't order Tax Return one yet, filed 1/30, accepted 1/31. When ur able to order the Tax return one it means U were approved.
  • Call and order ur return transcripts i could only order account transcripts on line but i was able to order return over the phone.
  • just ordered return transcript, filed and accepted on the 31st
  • What's the number??
  • I ordered mine online, then just to be nosey checked "wheres my refund" and called the 1-800 number and no information available as if I never filed... Now just waiting on a deposit
As of 10 min ago still have not been able to order transcripts . But was able to get as far as processing as of 1/29 .
  • taxes were received on the 29th and was just able to order my tax transcripts
  • return was accepted the 31st, just now been able to request a 2013 account transcript, wouldn't let me order a return transcript, why is that?
  • It wont let me order a return transcript but let me order a account i dont know why it wont let me order both
  • I was able to order my account transcript but not my refund one. When you select the meaning of the transcript it tells you what they mean -

    Tax Return Transcripts show most line items from your tax return (Form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ) as it was originally filed, including any accompanying forms and schedules. This transcript does not reflect any changes you, your representative or the IRS made after you filed your return. In many cases, a Return Transcript will meet the requirements of lending institutions offering mortgages and student loans.

    Tax Account Transcripts provide any adjustments either you or we made after you filed your return. This transcript shows basic data, including marital status, type of return filed, adjusted gross income and taxable income.

    If you account going to be offset that why you can only order the Tax Account because they adjust your refund.
  • I was able to only order my account transcripts as well and not the return transcript. Maybe it means we aren't done processing. Hopefully over the weekend we will update and have a due date of the 13th.
  • Estefany418...I was able to order my account transcripts but not returns as well. But the refund on the account transcript amount is the same as what my returns said when I filed. And said the refund date is 2/24.
  • Call in to order if u call in u can order return transcripts
  • Ive tried to create an account online to view my transcript but it keeps saying technical  problems but I was able to order it by mail. Ive checked the SBBT website and today it tells me information with my social security # cant be found, but yesterday I was able to show me.This is really getting aggervating
  • it really doesnt matter alot of people with  DDD got screwed today. all DD with be pushed back more than likely. we got an code 1121.

    here is aittle info i found:
    I have the same reference code. I have never had this happen. I do not use SBBT or NetSpend, my money goes directly into my checking account. I spoke with an IRS rep and was told that there was a batch that got pulled for review, for what he could not say. He did say that I should expect to see a DDD show up on WMR by Monday morning. He said it should only delay things by about a week. I said "So what I'm getting is, there was a glitch in the DD system and some who had a DDD of 2/6/2014 didn't have their funds released on the correct date. So now we have to wait for next week's direct deposti release to get our refund? Rather than the IRS putting something like that on WMR, they gave us all this Review Code so they don't have to answer our questions" His response, "You are correct" He was very friendly and I felt that he wanted to be helpful but his hands were tied because they have all been given generic answers to give us.
  • i was just able to order my 2013 return transcript
  • I was finally able to get my refund transcript is that a good sign?
  • Of all the other statements I have read from people, it means IRS has approved and means deposit soon
  • @LostSheppard0408 that was the best information given today, so the next DD date should be 2/13
  • so is it the return transcript or the account transcript that lets me know that the ddd is coming soon?
  • I was able to order tax account transcripts but not my tax return transcripts, I wonder why...
  • THE RETURN transcript is the one you need, if it wont let you it means you haven't finished processing just yet
  • Call an order return transcripts it will let u do it over the phone
  • estefany418 your always able to order your account transcript, doesn't mean your going to be offset. It said adjustments after the return was filed. If no adjustments.

file on the 27th got accepted on the 29th. I got my transcript request and it show code 846 refund issued 2-24-14. Does that mean it will direct deposit on that day or earlier?

  • Alot of other people said that they always got there earlier then the date on the transcript
  • Where did you find the code on your transcript
  • Mine shows a code 846 and a date of 2/24 as well but Im wondering if that is a generic date or actual date we will receive refund
  • did you order it online and also what do you select to order the transcript
  • I order the transcript online. I think the refund will be early that the transcript said itself.
  • I ordered online
  • which one do I select when I order online what type of transcript
  • which year am I suppose to be able to order 2012 or 2013 because 2013 has a star by it
  • What refund transcript year am I suppose to select 2012 or 2013
  • Because if it its 2012 I was able to order it.
  • I remember last year when I was able to order my transcript right after that mine status on wmr was still on the orange bar and shortly after that I got my return. The status didn't change until the money was already in my accopunt
  • @auburnfanz07, where is the code on the transcript. I can't find a code or refund date. just shows received date of April 15, 2014. Just curious!!! Thanks!!!
  • It is under transactions. It has code then transaction explanation. The code says 846 and explanation says refund
  • @christystevens90 you need to order your 2013 tax record not 2012
  • So if I'm able to order my 2013 transcript is that a good thing
  • I was able to order my transcripts and just a little after 1am I got this message

    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 6, 2014.

    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 11, 2014, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

    Please Note:

    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
  • Just checked WMR.....Second status APPROVED!!!  Got a DD of next Thursday....

I was able to order mine this morning but the IRS website still has me as having my return received.  It has not moved from there.  What does it mean?

  • They only update wmr once a day usually over night pretty late. Don't rely on wmr. It never moved from processing last year and I checked it a month later
  • same here was able to get my 2013 transcript today
  • Wax finly able order transcript with the irs 800 number today i assume wouldnt be able to order if not done but of curse still no dd date Iam so confsed

I have not been able to order mine as of just a few minutes ago and I am still stuck in the first position on WMR.  But I am glad to hear some are getting through.

  • im in ohio not sure I that matters but I was able to order today and I was accepted on 29th.......so hopefully you will be able to soon but im not even sure what that means I you can order your transcript
  • I was able to order mine as well and I got accepted on the 29th as well. Im in Texas
  • If I can't create an account to view my transcripts online does that mean my return hasn't been processed or am I just doing something wrong?it locked me out for 24 hours because it states it cannot verify my identity but I put everything correct.
  • Just checked WMR.....Second status APPROVED!!!  Got a DD of next Thursday....
  • When did you file yours
  • I got the same message as you
  • last week
  • Me too yay filed on the 16 got approved on the 26
  • My mom has a date of the 6th for hers.
  • Got a date guys! WMR updated and gave me a ddd Feb 6th
  • Hey I just got my DDD For the 6th...yayyyy:))
  • I got a dd date also February 6th. Filed on 29 and accepted on 29
  • Got my got for the six too

not yet..i filed 1/9 rejected 1/24 fixed and refiled 1/27 and accepted 1/29/2014...checked to order transcript 1/30/2014 am was unable...will keep trying and will keep  posted if u will do the same :)


    I was able to view my transcripts this morning
    Filed 1/14 accepted 1/26
    Wmr still on first bar
    Sbbt still hasn't received refund yet either

    Just trying to patiently wait lol
    • did you order your transcript online and also what did you select
    • My transcript says received date April 15, 2014, but I choose for other reasons
    • @christystevens90, What was you suppose to select? I have selected for 3 different reasons and it shows a received date of April 15, 2014
    • Everyone the reason it says 4/15/2014 is because that is the filing deadline.
    • Yes I ordered mine online and I selected the first one on the right hand side for 2013 I forget exactly what it said sorry . Being able to view your 2013 transcripts is a good thing . That means your refund has been processed and you should be receiving it shortly . The date says 2-24-14 for a lot of people I've seen so far but we will most likely get it way before that date
    • I selected income verification just because I plan on getting a car but I was able to view and my received date says 4/15/14 but im sure that's just a general date since its so early
    • Okay I see where account transcript , says refund issued February 24, 2014
    • @flossy15 I compared my transcript from previous year 2012 and the refund issued dates say February 25, 2013 for my 2012 return and for my 2013 return is says February 24, 2014. Well, I'm guessing we should get it on February 5th, 2014
    • @Meka60 My transcript say Feb 24th as well
    • If I can't create an account to view my transcripts online does that mean my return hasn't been processed or am I just doing something wrong?it locked me out for 24 hours because it states it cannot verify my identity but I put everything correct.
    • Just checked WMR.....Second status APPROVED!!!  Got a DD of next Thursday....
    • just checked WMR, second status approved, DD of February 6, 2014
    • Kanela2003 try to order by mail.....you probably did answer a security question correct by accident.....
    • If it let's you order to mail then your good they just locked you out to veiw online
    • A transcript is not available for the year you have requested ,anyone get that message
    • @estefany418 It's saying that because your refund has not finish being process. Once completed, you will be able to get see your transcript
    • @estefany418 It's saying that because your refund has not finish being process. Once completed, you will be able to get see your transcript
    • @estefany418 It's saying that because your refund has not finish being process. Once completed, you will be able to get see your transcript
    • @estefany418 It's saying that because your refund has not finish being process. Once completed, you will be able to get see your transcript
    • @estefany418 Sorry for duplicate messages, my phone got stuck
    • So once you can order your return transcript, your return has been approved?
    • I was able to order return transcripts this morning, WMR has not moved past processing.  Filed and accepted 1/31/14.
    • My brother was finally able to order his transcripts. He was accepted on 1/28. Once I was able to order my transcripts on 2/1 I got a DD of 2/6. So I guess the next DD date will be 2/13
    • I was able to order my transcripts 2/5, WMR bar on APPROVED on 2/6 and DDD says by 2/10.
    • why can I Order my account transcripts and not my return transcripts?
    • Alot of people say that means they aren't done processing ur return when U can't order ur tax return transcripts, I'm in the same boat. Angela880
    • when I try to order the account transcript it says no return was filed. its almost as If they do not have my return.
    • It said the same thing to me that there was no return filed what's goin on???????????
    • I got accepted on 1/29 this has never happened
    • If you cant order your RETURN transcript it means your return is still not finished processing. I was told this today by an IRS rep directly.  If you can order your Account Transcript don't panic or be alarmed if it comes in the mail and is a verification of nonfiling at the bottom and only has like a 2/24 date on it. (making it appear or seem as if there is NO RECORD of me filing any 2013 return! To my understanding what I have been told by TT rep I personally spoke with today after waiting over 30 minutes to speak with them about reading just that on my ACCOUNT Transcript,  I was assured that my acceptance date of 1/28 was a real acceptance as they get the ID number that was then provided to me from the IRS. Also naturally, they do have the correct refund amount I am to receive on WWR so that validates they HAD to receive it in my eyes. Now, what they do with it from there is anyones guess lol! I like all of you JUST want an update. Just give me a DD date. That's all we want Dear Lord WE ALL PRAY , just that date....
    • I also , have NEVER had this happen and have used TT faithfully for 11 years and always efiled my return and always requested DD too. In ALL my years past, true this has never happened. But I always received my refund within the 21 days benchmark or less. (or naturally I wouldn't have been such a loyal turbotax customer. I also wanted to share as to maybe share some relief (as it did give me some relief after last year and the year prior delays from the IRS in filing). I had documented on a call with an IRS rep then that an average return takes anywhere from 3-8 days to process. Only after the processing stage then and only then will you get your DD date. Also remember in talking to the IRS rep today and the TT employee myself BOTH clarified ANY and ALL dates that your return was listed as "ACCEPTED" by Turbo tax (mine was 1/28) ...that due to the IRS delay in opening they WERE NOT PROCESSING ANY RETURNS UNTIL 1/31) ..so therefore I couldn't count any of the dates prior to 1/31 as any of the days it has sat with "no movement"...I know this doesn't fix or take away from the problem at hand but it does put things in a little better perspective. (:
    • UPDATE: I filed and was accepted 1/31/14.  I got the 152 notice I think around 2/4/14.  I was able to order return transcripts 2/7/14 and woke up this morning 2/8/14 to a DD of 2/12/14.  I am glad.  I hope this helps others.
    • Thanks that is GREAT NEWS! Happy for you! I was able to order my return transcript only this am and couldn't for the past 3 days. I am praying now for that WWR update for me too hopefully tomorrow???
    • Crossing my fingers for you!  Hopefully your DD will be there in the morning!  I checked about 5am PST and it was updated.  :)
    • GREAT ! Thanks SO MUCH and God Bless you!

    I was finally able to get onto the main screen of the transcripts today, however no matter what year I click on it is giving me a Proxy Error, anyone else having this problem or know why I may be having this problem?

    • yes meeee to, i keep getting the same error and i check that the transcript is for educational purpose and it tells me which to download and I click the 2013 was available for download so is that a good sign or nah?
    • this happened to me as well, I think its a good thing that it even showed up
    • yeah, me to its like if i hover the mouse over it Im allowed to click on it so I wonder when will a DDD date come
    • when was your return accepted
    • Dont know I didnt file with turbo I filed with a preparer
    • I know a lot of people where given DDD dates for 2/6 and they were wrong. I'm not trusting WMF right now lol
    • My return was accepted on 01/30/2014
    • yes. there system is having technical difficulties
    • OK THANKS!!! I was wondering
    • Thought I would let everyone know it seems to be up and working now!!!!
    • Thanks
    • My transcript says dd. 2/24/14 at least it's a date...maybe now I can sleep again hope everyone gets dateeck it account transcript g should have a date I was accepted 1/28 and today first time able order account transcript....finally some answers
    • Mine was just done today and my transcript has a refund date of 2/28 also. I have a feeling thats just a generic date. I hope we get them soon. I don't have any plans for it but "It's my money ,...and I WANT it now.....lol
    • My Transcript had a date of 2/24/2013 with a Cycle of 20140605 and code 840.... I just checked the WMR and it shows that I will receive it by 2/15/2014
    • I went back on the IRS website and now My refund has been approved with a refund date of 2/12!!!! i think when you get your transcript it triggers a response......I'm just glad I have an answer now.
    • That's great to know.
    • I see people talking about the transcripts all the time. In terms of getting my refund, is there a difference between the Tax Account transcript and the Tax Return one? I was able to order the account one yesterday, but as of this morning I still cannot get the tax return one.
    • when you able to  order a return one means, they are finished processing it and will see a DD soon
    • Thanks. I guess they really still haven't done mine yet *sighs*
    • Keep your chin up TheSpiralKing! I TOO was exactly where you were. Staring at the WWR with no update for 11 days. Just stuck on that first bar with code 152 showing the different refund options when you click on it. STILL couldn't order my RETURN transcript all all online or by phone yesterday or the day before that. Yesterday the only progress I saw was I was able to order my ACCOUNT transcript by phone but not the important one THE RETURN TRANSCIPT ( because that means you have completed at least the processing stage of your return once you can order a 2013 RETURN TRANSCRIPT). Today , online I still couldn't get past the error code on the site of reference number 123 and to call the help desk. But I tried the 800 number to order the transcripts and SUCCESS THIS AM! I was able to order them ! Now I just wait for a DD date!

    I was barely able to order online transcript just now.


      I was able to view my transcrpts with no issue but its odd it shows Refund sent 2/24/14 refund Cancelled 2/24/14 shows that i filed 2/24/14.

      My return was actually accepted 1/24 DD date of 2/6 showed money was sent then showed DD was cancelled now transcripts have every date as 2/24 im confused.

      I was able to order them again with no problem. However i was issued a partial refund today.
      • Can you order the account transcript again?  I too had the 2/24 date also saying cancelled, im going to try to reorder it hopefully it will say something different.
      • I just tried to reorder transcripts... the system will not let me in.
      • I received a partial refund too and I'm trying to figure out when I will get the rest of my money......

      Yes I have been for almost a week.  It tells me that it doesn't recognize me after inputting all the correct data and answering all questions.  Filed on 3/12/14 accepted 3/12/14.

      • Filed & Accepted 03/18 was able to order my account transcript but not able to view it. Wmr says still processing. Do yu hve a ddd.??
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