We moved to KS right before 2013 began.  Both of our employers did not update our home addresses from Missouri as directed until mid January-February so we both paid state taxes to MO instead of KS for several paychecks before it was changed.  Now our W-2's show that we paid state income to both KS and MO.  How do I file a MO return that shows we never lived or worked in Missouri so that we can get our money back?

    Your situation is not uncommon, but unfortunately, there is no quick fix.


    The first step will be to obtain a letter from your employer stating that you did not work in Missouri and Missouri taxes were withheld in error.  Then, prepare a Missouri non-resident return claiming no income in Missouri.  This should result in a refund of the entire amount of taxes withheld.  Do not e-file this return.  It will need to be mailed, along with your W-2 and the letter from your employer.  It may take some time before Missouri processes the return and issues a refund to you, so please be patient.


    You will mail the return to:

    Individual Income Tax
    P.O. Box 3222
    Jefferson City, MO 65105-3222


    To prepare the Missouri nonresident return in TurboTax, you will first need to enter that you have income from a state other than Kansas in the Personal Info section.  Then complete the federal section of your return.


    Then prepare Missouri by following these steps:

    1.    Indicate that you are a nonresident on the screen “Your Missouri Residency Status”

    2.    Then proceed through the screens to “Income Allocations”

    3.    Make sure the entry under “Income From Missouri Sources” is zero and “Continue”

    4.    If applicable, confirm that “Missouri Portion” of “Federal Adjustments” is zero and “Continue”

    5.    Continue through the Missouri section

    6.    The MO-NRI is complete


    I hope this answers your question.  If you have additional questions or comments regarding this issue, please feel free to reply to this post for further clarification. Thanks for trusting TurboTax with your tax preparation.

    • I have a sort of similar but different situation. I moved from Connecticut to Wisconsin near the end of June 2013. I started changing my address on work forms early so that no mail would be sent to my CT address once I had moved. As a result, I was taxed for both states during my first week in WI, even though I was no longer a resident of CT. How do I get that money back?
    • Do you mean your W-2 is showing the week’s income as both Connecticut income and Wisconsin income in box 16?   Or, were taxes withheld for both states for that week?
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