How do I clear my tax return & start over. I have already paid for it,Torbo Tax deluxe, and it will not let me clear the form?


    Good Day Joe.mammen,

    Starting over is easy; click Tools on the left side of your screen, and then choose Clear your 2013 return and start over.

    However, never clear your return to start a new return for someone else! Otherwise you’ll overwrite (replace) your tax return info with theirs, which means you won’t be able to retrieve a copy of your return in the future.

    Instead, after you finish your return, sign out and start a new return for that person, Create a new user ID and password combination for them. This ensures that your own tax return stays intact.

    Thank you for choosing TurboTax.  Have an Excellent Day!!! :)

    • Read the question damn it! I said I already paid for it & it will not let me clear it from Tools and start over since I have already paid. I have not filed it though.
    • I guess I misunderstood.  Let me try again.  Are you using the online or Desktop version?
    • Sorry that I did not tell you I was using the on line version.
    • No problem.  We are mixing computers and taxes together, 2 things that seem to frustrate people the most.  Another question to make sure I understand, when you go and log back into the account, can you change your answers?
    • Yes, I can make changes; except when I revisit state and local tax refunds, it does not show previous entries for the periodic taxes I paid, only lets me add a new entry. How do I see them?
    • Unfortunately after doing some research, there is no true "Wipe Everything" and let me start over option after you have paid for the product.  It could be that once you have paid and committed to the product it leaves your info in so that you don't accidentally wipe everything out and TurboTax get's that as a complaint.  Why it's not letting you bring back the state and local entries is a different situation, you may have to re-enter those.  I hope that clarifies things.
    • I have evidently re-entered them too many times already as the state amount is too high. I just want a refund, but when I call it says push 1 to be put in call & turbo tax will call me back and they don't. Tried 3 times to get help and 2 times to get a refund. I will use TaxAct, even though I have used TurboTax for as long as I can remember.
    • Meant push 1 to be put in queue to be called back in order call came in.
    • I'm sorry to hear that, I have been told they are backed up on calls, I'm sure they will call you back when they get a chance.
    • Not likely, they would say the queue was currently a 11 minute wait for incident call or to get my refund they said the queue was 30 minutes and I have been waiting days.
    • Sorry to hear that.
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